The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 20, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XIL No. 69. Gettysburg, Pa^ Saturday, December 2'Jfh, 1913. Price Two Cents. WE HAVE TM AS G I F T S I .- . . FOR . . . MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ' * And o»r LARGE ADVERTISEMENT oa the last page uiav help you decide. . . ntTO conn CUD : Oiinn;0 ndiiOiinr bt i o dBUu ruK rp$J^ (ALL ARTICLE-? SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE, OR FUNDED AFTER X-MAS) MONEY RE- ECKERT'S STORE, "On the Square* WALTER'S THEATRE KALEM 3 REEL FEATL'RE TO-NWMT THE INVADERS Kalcns A stirring Western feature in 3 Parts. A vivid Portra.yal.of the OR, ECKEN80BE TAKEN BY DEATH -- I -- | -- .. .. i -- --__ Brief Illness Results in the Death of;Eraiaitsfaurg Bid Sues far Three! Say it Causes High Cost of .Living; WOi Increase Weight Limit and En-i Correspondents send in Many well Knawa Lies! D".ntist. Was] Tbausand Bailers Damages for and Many Disputes. Filthy instltii.· large Zones. Some ChangesInl of Intsrestng Hews iron O^_-- U A A _ D JKWIIM «...»Ttf^ I «·»·***·* * D»M«*H.)V nt OaV^t n» *f*A 4*r**« i?*»4»» O»V -*T_^_ f * _ ^ . ._. Jt ^it_ j^-- ll"__t. f*--.L.--.-vl " f^Wf * tf f* * _ *" * t _ If _ f\tt I fH ft" TF*^. ·%.. KETI PARCEL CHANGES Bora Near Bonneauvilie. Leaves; . Wife and Nine Children. i Breach of Promise ana Sets Six Hundred. Late Proposal. After a brief illness, Dr. Charles Edward Eckenrode died at 9:20 Fri- 3£iss Carolina Hiitsburg, was on from their tiGR Sa^-s Another. High School! Effect Ihe First of the Year, Others! Respective Towns. Personals Debaters Busy. i not Until Later. and Many Brief Hems. day evening at his home on West given a verdict of $»X)0 by a jury at High street, just a few minutes after ] Frederick against Pelix A. Stoiiffer, three of his sons, hurriedly summoned ! of Emraitsburg, whom she sued for v.-hen his condition became critical,; 33,000 for breach of promise to marry, reached his beds-tie. He -was agc-d 09 j Miss Saunders claimed that Stoufier Saunders, of Em- Geitysb'jrg's curb market \vas blam- ; T-.vo official orders, widening the Friday afternoon e d for the hisjn cost of iliing, it ! scope of the parcel post, are expected years, 8 months and 9 days. " Dr. Eckenrode was taken · promised to marry her in 1911. with I For six years, according to 'Rustler War" of i; adopted from Joha JJoyd's famous novel- This th i'linic story L- bas_-! upon Oieofdie most drapjatic incidents in the Kiitorv of rh» Vest. r 1 foaght in -'The Hole in the \Vail"' esaatrv, \Vym:n«j ( Feature) CARLYLE BLACK\V£LL Our Fourth Reel Will Be -TRILL! ES -- Pjth-iplay Comedy SPECIAL FOL'R REELS TO-X1CHT SPECIAL The Rustier Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. THE GARDEN AUDITORIUM Skating Wednesday and Saturday." Dancing, College Orchestra, Every Thursday. P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH VITAGRAPH KALEM THE LAW AND HLS SON JBiograpb One father refa=es to believe his son gailcles=, while the other, fally realizing die weakness of his son. struggles to save hint from farther disgrace. DADDY'S SOLDIER BOY Vitagrapb Ee stands true to his ilajr and believes his father the noblest of them ail- tie never knew his father's shortcomings and died happy in the ideals he \vorsbipuea. THE COUNTERFEITER'S CONFEDERATE Kaiem Two sisters meet afrer twenty year;, ia a counterfeiters den. One is a · "counterfeiter', tht 1 oiitor aa heiress. The blood-tie asserts itself when the ' former jiues'isplwr life to Save that of her ; sister's sweethearE. The parts of rise two sisters are j-laycd by the sacneaetresr f " C03HXG NEXT TUESDAY"- , * : HOME S^VEET HOME'' LUBLX SPECIAL IN TWO'REELS ' ' three of them,! Mr. Stouner's contention, however, enrode, of Phila-1 is that so many of his alleged fiancee-*s congestion of the lungs about a week j plaintiff's testimony, Miss Saunders, ago. On Thursday evening he was I who is 28, and Mr. Stouifer who is 20 feeling better, arose and seemed to be i and owns several thieshing machines much improved. A short time after- j and a saw-aiill, ''kept company" so ward he sustained a stroke of paraly- {faithfully tha'c ail of Miss_ Saunders" sis and gradually sank. His children] male acquaintances were afraid to pay living away from town were notified i her attention. of his condition and three James and John Eckei fJeiphia. and Joseph Eckenrode, of j male friends paid her such devoted Brooklyn, arrived here on the 9:05! attention ihat- he v.-as unwilling- to train Friday evening, getting home j marry her. but a short time before their father j The evidence tentk-d to show that died. i after Stoaffer had promised marriage Dr. 'Eckenrode had been a resident j to Miss Saunders, hs went West, dis- ci Gettysburg sines 1SSI, practicing | posing of all his personal property ba- dentistry at his late residence during i fore he went- _ that time. He v.-as o. son of Aloysius: Miss Saunders" father ies'-ified that and Xancy Eckenroce and was born j he had heard Stotifrer propose mar- at Bonneauville en April 10. IS44, re- I riage to his daughter as hs, 3ir. Saun- siding on the farm near Bonneauvllle | tiers, lay in bed In an adjoining room, until he moved to Gettysburg. He v.-as "1 am like an owl," said Mr. Ra devout member of St. Francis Xavier church. Dr. Eckenrode leaves his wife whose "1 am like an owl, sa r. aun- fers ir. response to a c-estion from Siouffer's lawyer regarding his habits jf s!ear?inr and Trakins:. The hour at aiaiden name was Mary S\vinJerrnan. j vblch the propGS£.i,is alleged to have Her home was in Westminster where j l-een made was aboii; half past elever they were irarrid. Xine children are j ac r.Ight. . '.ivuig, Joseph Eckenrode, cf Brook-! ._,. . , -, "311, New York: William Eckearode. of Show Starts 0:15. Admission 5c to all. For Your Christmas Clothes SELIGI-IAN. the leading tailor, will £.fror£ you the mess satisfaelic-:- Onr stock of Winter fabrics is exception- all", fine, in .cheviots and worsteds of Ihe Quality Shdp WILL M. SELIGJnAN The Cash TaSor a 5 ii K O D A K S I F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S j Everything needed by the Amateur Phc-tographer | our entire stock is of the srardard =j E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the'factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | ful attention to the development of films. § Mall and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. is H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E 1 J. H. HUBER. Dru^ist. f Reduction : Sale Of ali unsold Winter Overcoats, Suit and Trouser Materials. Come Early to Get a B A R G A I N . ; . : : : J. D. L I P P Y t a i l o r FOUNTMN DALE t ountam pale--A forest; fire alleged to be Skhy, a cause for quar- i at t he local post cilice. The one, effect- rels, and an injustice to regularly es- ; ; V e January 1, changes the weight lim- tablished grocers, in a debate at the ] i t from 20 to 50 pounds in the first, High School building Friday afternoon j and second zones, and from 11 io 20 in %vhich the question for argument \ pounds in the o'lher zones, and the was ''Resolved tha? the Curb Market j otner, to be inaugurated March 16, YORK SPRINGS York Springs--Norman Meals and Livingstca Wolford were the guests of J. D. Goehenour and family, of Huntingdon, township, severs! days recently. .-.!Charles W. Hoopert is recovering from an attack of grip. During Ms is a Benefit to the People of Gettys- 1 permits mailing of books, which have ] Hsness Miss Emma Wierman has been burg". The negative side won. One of i - neen considered third class mail in the | driving his bread route. the speakers opposing the .ijarket said, j DasCj but which after the change will j John Dicks and sister, Miss Martha, ·lass 1 °* near Hampton, were the guests of ;,. ln ' Thomas G. Xeely Esq. one day last -The market is a LeceS: to the j be sent by parcel post as forth class j fanners but not 'to the people of Get-! r.aii, and at a much cheaper raze than j tvsbtirg. Bow many of the women of l a c present. j With the new orders trill come a ^ Baymoad Starry is home from the home and TJUtting on i change In zones, including additional! a kni'.ersitj. 1 Prof. H. Milton Roth, of Gettysburg, County Superintendent, is taking advantage of fine weather and roads and is visiting the schools in this section. ; _. i - - t · i T- -., -n . . . , . - Harrv Howe, a son of Mr. and Mrs. the 'farmers. The market regulations From 20 to i.0 ocuncs 1:1 tne first , ,, - 1 ,, . -- - o · . ,,, . 0 _ i A, E- Howe, ox Huntingdon townsmc, «,-^**.x*^ ¥*^a T^»G.T"/ s .rs"i n r c m-^in*/" ?n l^r**"** ! ?~n* ^rf-^nnfi "."infitr ?*rtff · ^f\»*i i i rn '*t ~ town enjoy dressing to go down town, i With tr.e new orders will corae a then, coming back work clothes again to get breakfast j territory to be covered under certain for their husbands? The grocers carry \ rates. A table is now being prepared just as good vegetables and we get j giving the proposed changes. The citv vegetables from them before our j weight changes effective en and after own country produce is brought" in by | Jan. I, are as follows: prohibit, the buying in large j and secon arket men. so I oounds in icond zones, and from 11 to 20 ar.tities from the market men. so j pounds in the third, fourth, nfth, ';he*- must get their vegetables from sixth, seventh and eighth zones. The the cities- At" the marker the women changes in. the weight limit have been fuss, take things from each other, and 3uy nasty One v.-oman sat on a orate of srraivbsrries so no one else could get them. anticipated for a long tuue, but the order placing books on the parcel post schedule came as a big and agreeable ^urpiise. Publishers are now making "Th° raa-e'c is direetlv responsioife their shipments principally ay expic-ss for the high cost of living in Getnr.-s- j because to mail books requires greai Hera the farmers get together axpenditares. scuntains, "car the home cf llr. i vv'arren. Ohio; John. James and Roberr Eekenrode. cf Philadelphia; Leo Eckenrode, of Pittsburgh; Edward Silnon aine on prid ,._ evenia tefcanrode, of Omaha. Nebraska: nor ; ced fcv Mr Ba£]e ,. The « re , v£s Fannie Eckenrcde. a Sister cf Charky.. ^i^g^ by 3: Bailey and ^ at Staunton, Virginia; Miss Anna * · " ' - - Eekeurede, ac home. He also leaves one brother and ttvc sisters. -John TV. Eckenrode. of Lancaster; Mrs. Mary Eindlaub. of York Springs: and Mrs. Flora Golden, of York. - The funeral will be held on Monday morning at 10:4-5 from St. Francis Xavier church. Rev. Fr. JEJoyle will conduct the service. SURPRISE PARTY Lee Bailey Given Surprise Party at his Home at Fountain Dale- Ciine. befera much damage v.-as done. Lst"Si!rabeta.' Erick. cf \Vaynes- ooro. spent several, days s.^ the hocie rf ^Ir. an-d Mrs. Edward llickley. The teachers' meeting at "Weeping [ Willow on Friday evening was well attended. J. F. Siayba^gK^^nd' Rev. Wi!son Huir.raeibaagh were Saturday visit- crs at tha home of Eev. D. C. Eyler. The srone crasher at Glacrhiil Station is r,o\v at worlr grinding s'cone for roofing and getVlng IE ready for shtoment. A very pleasant surprise was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey in honor of their son. Lee. who expects to go to Baltimore in the near future, j TOOK HIS LIFE Popular Cashier of Mercersbarg Bank Commits Suicide- Frank C. Brewer, cashier cf the Those present were: Cora Harbaugh. j Fj - r£ - c x^tlonai Bank, of Mercersburg. Carrie Snuff, Zelia Currens. tffie | ^.-^ f o u n j de ad in his room at an Ciine, Simon Ciine. Joseph Carson. esr i v Rour F r ;d 3 v morninsr, with biocd Xettie iJnebaugh, Luther Allemor.g. Uull'trickling from the "arteries of Flora Mar Andrew, Edythe Tressler, j both wr ; st s and his throat.-which h-. liable Cline.._Anna Tcessler, Akna | : 1£d gashed deeply with a razor, tha: iJnebaugh. timer Bigham, Bruce| vvas i-^ n g on the floor in a pool "of Wills, Frank Birely, Clarence Ciine. j blood." He was discovered bv the i.^id John Condon. Carrol Linebaugh. Har- j ^-t, 0 passe{ 5 - t hrough 'the room at -'· a. ^^_ TV-»_-- TT'iX? _ TST" -V"_1"»:_ S~*t*-- _ I ^ ^^, . i±e was well Known in Gettysourg. No cause for the tragic ace of self- . ry Warren, Effie Warren, Xellie Ciine, , Linebaugh. Margaret ICint. Hazel Kipe, Carrol Benchoir. jlerril Brown. Mr. and Sirs. Bailey-, Lee Bailey, Lola Wills. Esther Kipe. Earl Andrew, Eva Tressler, Nona Tressrer, Frank Eyler. Xewton ilcCaraey. John Wetzel. V«"in- ifred Brou-B, Owen ilickley. Wiiiiain Benchoff. Raleigh sert- Stine- Lewis Dv- DID NOT COME innicted death is assigned, other than worry over the condition of his aged mother, who, for the past several days- has been seriously ill--so much so ths-'c the death of her son has not as yet been communicated to her. He complained of a- pain in the back of his neck, but remained at the bank tili everything was balanced up. and was in good spirits Thursday night. ine presenz rate icr BOOKS is one con; for every two ounces. The ns~» order v.-ill permit shipment of books in ~0-peur.d lets at parcel pest rales. The :;e-.v schedules will also iiiciude lowe: races for packages weighing niorf 3han four ounces in the third, fourth pfth end sbcth zones. In the Third zone the rate will bt sb: cents for the SrsT: pound and twc .·ants for each additional pound: in the fourth zone, seven cents for the firsi -jouad and four-cents for, each addi- Eionaf pound; in the " -fifth zone, eight cents for the firs'c pound and six cant; for each additional pound; in the sio:l l zcne. nine cents for the first pound and eieht cents for each addinonal ourg. agrea to put up their prices. They ·rouldr.'t do char -if fhey peddled their .zpoos from .door .Vo door; .-f ha .reajor- '·-{r'r ^~ ou'- '"'ecc^e* urc -ss^sSibtls. btii -chare £--e 2,.fe;v-excravagant'Oaes whc re any prices-the .sia-rketj sien'ask and then 'the resti niusu *do f£, - t?o, if thsr want, the goods. The market-is z. nuisance and no benefit to Gettys_burg." Another speaker on'-'the negative side said "One day the Square is used for stabling teams, the next for selling food. It; is Si'chy. A distinguished -Is-.tor has said our Square is 'a disc-race to the town". Fanners bring- ir ^aods that they have gathered a day before and some times several days iievious. We do not always get fresh '.roods at marKe; and it is not ia:r Tc- our regularly established grocers to ouw them against such conipetition." Those who favored the market declared that if there were no such institution the zruckers would sell three fourths of their vegetables ar=d fruitF ;o tee groceries where it would ''decrease in quality and increase in tries'', while the curb market allows ·t; all to b2 sold in two hours. "Farmers would rather pay double the present, stall rent than go back to the old system."' The aifirmarive side laid' in real estate, from raecial envphssis on the way the Car~:s!e and Chambersburg street resi- ients used to get the pick of the bes; things before the people in other parVs 3ver sav* ic. The;.* also said the niarnet iect garden truck from being shipped NEW TRUST COMPANY Financial Institution for York County Chartered by State. A charter was granted at Harris- urg Friday to the Hanover Trus' y which is capitalized at §125,- was taken to the Carlisle hospital oc Saturday afternoon by his physician, Dr. E. W. Cashsian, suffering wish appendicitis. An operation, was pec- formed by Dr. A. R. Allen and tits young man is said to be getring along ver3" nicely. Samuel Davis is rapidly recovering from his recent attack of appendicitis Jliss Evelyn Myers, who had hsr home with I\Ir. and ilrs. Charles IT, Miller, at JRo-nd Hill, has gone io I'hiindelphia where she will take uo a ourse In trained nursing. ' ""'Daniel Raffensperger, who left Clear Springs 22. years ago for AbileSs, -" Kansas, where he is- a successful farmer, is the guest of Harry Haar b£ Lariniore township this week- Els' son. from Plattstone, North Dakota, is with him. - · · Charles G. Hershey, of .Pittsburgh, is spending a few days here with bis oafents. "" "" · _I1^ ,. '~~ littlestown^Chester- Shelly/ of parrisbrtrg,"spent severai days during: this,week'with Mrs. liydia'f-Feeser asi family.l x 3rrs- Shelly,- jraa-Iigg^been visiting-ihe family of her O ads^ 'for y and that, by keeping it home, the Noted Suffragist Leader Failed to Appear at Convention. j PLAY ENJOYED Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, who was booked to speak at the afternoon ses- \ sion of the Frais Growers* convention on Friday, failed to appear- Dr."Shaw sent word that she coald not occupy Friday Evening's Offering at Walter's Theatre 3Iost Satisfactory. .-"= '-"*· For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. Fresh Daily.*. CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM PILLED DATES 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N "The Shepherd of the Hills" at Walters Theatre Friday evening proved , to be one of the best offerings this the last period on the program and the j season . A jne^n, sized hoKSe enioved telegram, telling her that arrange- j the drama -h oroilgMy . Tho ^1 of ments would be made so that she j the play is generally familiar and it could return to Philadelphia when she 1 ^^ inVe rpreted by a" thoroughly corn- desired, failed to reach her in time- A 1 Ge j en r large number of persons were disap- I * nointed. cost of living was reduced. The ar.- novance of men selling marketing from door to door was also farough't out. The debaters wiio opposed che inar- kec were Nellie Earner and Lillian Kissinger, while those who favored it were Ralph Rebert and Clair Hoofnagle. The judges" decision was two rlf to one in favor of the young Sadies arguments. The judges ·)00. The certificate of incorporation rt-as approved by Governor Tener- The corporation is formed for the purpose of the insurance of owners of real estate, mortgages, and others loss fay reasoi. of defective titles. Hens, and inccm- 3rancas. The officers are: president 3. D. Ehrhart; vice president, H. ii 3tokes: secretary, Ivl. O. Sr.ilth; trecs- arer. L- II. HofFaker. The company has several locations in view and the new financial institution will be opened early in the new year. GOOD SUGGESTION Something to be Considered at Local Federal Building. The new post office building- at Han- o\-er is now being occupied. The Record-Herald cf that towis says that Charles Dougfierty, Clyde CJaire Sowers. The debate was held as a the program of a C'over Leaf Society | ! ' entei-tainment which included, amon; -*-er» J r rs- i srass rai'ings are needed on the steps *Brean'"and '· as e ' ! ^ er b" pc*sor.s are afraid of felling 1 j and the ascent will likely become very ;ks, returned to --1 with M£.-SEelly Wednesday"inbfniag,. Misses ilary Smith end Sara Gran visited John Sanders and family, near town, las';, Sunday. 3£iss Clara Starr returned to her home Tuesday morning, after a visit with the family of her sister, Mrs. Charles Stock at Gettysburg- Mr, and ilrs. Daniel Grouse, o f , near Gettysburg, spent several days during 'chis week with the family of their daughter, ilrs. Harry Feeser/at. tha edge of town. Mrs. William H. Colehouse returned to her home last Monday afternoon after a. visit, with the family of her daughter, ilrs. E. A. Eell, at Potfcs=- town. Harry Caler and wife, and Mrs. Henry, of York, ar.d William Slifer and wife of Brushtown, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J- P. Sianb. other numbers, music by the High r o McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown--Dr. and Mrs. V. H. Lil!\- were in Gettysburg on Wednesday. Misses Pauline and Eva Eline have returned from a few days' visit to their sister. Miss Mary Eline, in York. winter is a SSHTSM-I M f SrS _ J °" n Rice ' Le ° Kritchea lat wiil bear consideration a' i Anshor.y icpper-ana i.eo 3IilIer, of vn new oost oSce. The Gettvs- j M " St ylary ' s Colle S e ' Enmitsbnig; School orchestra, an oration, Lorra Weaver: duet, ?Iary and Nannie Rudisiil: recitation. Gilbert Seen: oration. ^ ., . , r - _ Georg-e bacns; p:ar.o solo, bar.a ca^d: recita'ciori, Gladys Ott; duet. Margaret Mir.ter Wi'.liaai ZincrsBC: ths society paper, Iienrsotta Iler?h; piano duet. Caroline Blochar and Rath Bender. Mrs. McCles.Ti presented io Marlar. Plank, a book of recipes, the gift of burg building v.-ill likely Le ready for occupancy about February :!rst s cer- ^airjly not later than March first- The -,,_ ^.rge isarble slabs on the first floor. They are expected any day. i LADIES' cape gloves. Special val- -v irs: Helen Keith to the r-upi! having j ,,-_! ces- Browr.s and tans at Sl.OO SHOT WILD GOOSE over Friday After-neon. Free Pittenturf shot a wild ng Rock Creek Friday af« * n nave arrived in town to spend " the Christmas holidays at their parental homes. '. Born to 3ir. and Mrs. Vergil Weaver, Wednesday, Dec- 17--a son. There will be no more pool contests until after Xew Year. Then several very interesting games will be pulled George P. Bender sold his family mare, "Maude", to Wiiliara Huff, ^a j Kanover horse dealer, and;the animal I was shipped to Xorfolk, Vat T. WHAT more Tiseful gift than a piir · pair. Dougherty and lalies' kid gloves. Black and colors, i tis Prices ?1.00, S1^5, §1.50. Extra values. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement 1 Sl.OO ?sr ;he hast recor i ; n t ho domestic science -TM-~ ^"^ ^'^ .. _ adve"- 1 ! -"'-^ measure*! oa FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as nexv. Call at No. SOS Baltimore street---advertisement 1 ROOMS for rent 117 Carlisle street. --advertisement 1 BIGLERVJLLE poultry show. All entries for exhibiting poultry mus'c be mailed by Saturday. December 20th.-- advertisement 1 " i course. j LADIES" black si'k ho?e. Special value at 50 cents ar.d SI.00 per pair. Bnxed in fancy boxes. Dougherty and tip. It v.-j thirtv. is or.e of a flock SUIT CASE: our $3.00 fiber suit- ca?c- i? a wonder. Worth $5.00 Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement . 1 Hartley.--advertisement rip t i 1 EXTRA values in ladies" of about · srloves. Black ar.d colors. $1.00 j pair. Dougherty Hartley.--ii 1 asemer.t 1 ladies' black i kid per Express Com- open Sunday. Wag-on v.-ill cali or shipments accepted at office in time for the TflE United Scates pane's cfScc will be advertisement 4:30 train.- 1 SPECIAL value in silk hose at 50c per pair. Dougherty j BE ^ ar _ d ^ ^^ ^^^ fa ,-. is and Itartley.--aavertisement i j week for the big poultry show.--ad- verliseir.eut 1 OKDEK for your Christmas dinner "-0 .ov-, turkeys, chickens, geeso, guinsas, REDUCTION sale of winter suks, squabs. Rice Produce Company, Rc-b- overcoats and trouser materials. J. D. ert"3 old stand.---advertisement 1 Lippy, tailor.--advertisement 1^. IV ®

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