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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1818
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. 5 .V. MEW - T'JHX EVEKViQ POSt, TCESOAf, MARCH 17. . M Hilary jki ittution $t& tzuimutA. We an . dnuntl th! tb deputy marshal h going on '. collctm;th fiucdcrMd by ih U. 6. court aaartial ia IBM. " Gn. liford, the preai . v dent of the court, Ka trfl Urn far ol lutl morlk, th uuwtr j'rvto at hit door to appli cant who bat been unjustly Howl. Mr. Mor - ru, th Martha), if alo at at, an J in th maaa lima Mr. Foard, hu deputy, i In a i"urse '",c - ...f,,l Mnarimrnl in CollectinC flUM. Some of tb caa art tba ttwst flagrant ubuset of power . that war ever committed under color of l'.w InTmlidi - WallT esf mpt; persons boldicr. coraa. - Bkaiooa tba militia of tba stato J om on a . tBaldtyl0U.8.aarTioaatthaf7t''S torn, who Kara baw beard and regularly dit - BaawoJ art all laed mdicriminatly, wboamr - thi military tribaaal thinks proper. Wul tba cititens of Nw - Yrk tleep amUr such traat - aantr It is time to know whether military or " dvulavwaredomsaaat. Billi hare beta raportad in thesenat of thia ! slat foe stcsrooratief the Franklin Brink, to this city t alia far granting banking privileg to tba '" Coat Company! in thia city, . Th blowing la lha new act patted at the present session of our leeMaturt, amending Ui Insolvent law. lutu amend an act. entitled "wn'tU a mend aa ml, aotitlad " an act for giving ra ., iMfincaaMaflaaotvapcy." Famed March. , lftlR. B it enacted by tba people of tba date ol i ,. New - York, rerresentod'iu tenat and assembly, ' that any Imprisooel dabtor who shall hereafter, tapuriaaaraofthaproTiaioneof tha said section ' of tha act hereby amended, deli irar to tba chan - Cellar, jud or coenmneoner loerein biowu, an ' account of the datU daa and owing by him, shall iocloOahiMMkaoMHUt tbadabU of mortgage ' . faLri - awntcMditer i bat that no penon bar acanTaortfa,JodfaiatoraHharaacnrityof Or upoo any innus, wmbiwi - , gooda or chattel, or any chose in actioa whato - 'ever, either to inch penon or to any other in ' trust for such pertoo, fortecuring tbep.ynieLt ot any ram ofmooey iroia tucn ivprwoBou u - or, ehall not, for tuch Him, raquett au assign aaant m tocn MDiori rwiw, or wuu discharge of iuch debtor a eloretaid, nnlfw inch , perwa, npoa aignina; ra . . 1 ' ahall add tobianaDM, lubacnhad to tha nat, a ', ' declaraiioa m writing, that ba doth rahnquieb , mA i.m na tA tha aotmee or awiaeee, woo : aaay bare been e an) to ba appointed by virtue nf the act hereby amended, nch Judgment, mort - tmn or otbareacuriiy tor wiin ui . eroditonaf tba amid ImpriapaW dabtor aod any ' neb ortgaga, Jodgajert and aacarity to relin - aaiahad, and tha lands tenement, baradita - BHiiM. rnoda and chattel, and cboaaa in action ' aflectad thereby, ihall be trWerred to and reet to tha ajeignee or amignaM of ruch debtor' a ' toto, for the dm and pnrpoeea albrataid. And b It further enacted, That erery creditor of any Imprlaoned debtor, who ahall here - mttam nniv trr relirf fai Dunuanee of the pro - " awkNta at the act hereby amended, shall make application kt the county were auch debtor . ahall ba impruoned and the ciunceuor or o ' ther ofl&eer. to whom anch application i made. ' ahall not make any order fur publication, aa v by tha aaid act ia directed, until he ihall have ' eatiafitetory evidence, by the oath of auch creditor, that inch debtor ia imprisoned in the , county where tueh application u made. ' Ad ha it further enacted. That every ere - ' ditorx who ihalt apply for relief, bv virtue of iba act hereby amended, shall, at the time of taking euca appbaatun, use ana auoecnuc , aa oath that the dabtor, in reference to whom ' anoh application it made, baa not been impria. oned by tba act or procurement of the aaid ' creditor, or of any other person with tha know. ' ledreof the creditor, nb the Intent to apply Cup hia discharre under or by virtue of the said act i and that every creditor who ahall request an assignment to be made of the estate of Mich debtor, by virtue of the aet hereby amended, ahall, m addition to the affidavit required by the aaid it, apeeify tha nature of hia or her demand, whether arisiiw on oougnion, note, oeotant or otherwise, wiihthe general ground of aooh todebtedneaa. And be it farther enact oil. That if any per .eon. toon oath t affidavit to be taken or enade mder or in pursuance of thi act, or of tha act hereby anmdeo, uu wiuuuy ant knowinHy flrm or swear fitbely, the prr aeet to oVcndins; ahall be liable to the same , peine tod penalties as ttoe who are convicted " of wilfuj aid corrupt perjury. . And bo it further enacted. That the fifth . aactiod of the act hereby amended, be and the . aame hi hereby repealed. COMMUNICATION. ! efr. p4CefMay . Sir If yea item thi article written for the beaeot of eeaserchanU, worthy of notice, yeu will pwi it ia the best shape you can for publication aad give ft a place ia your aaeful paper. It is msrelv te ear that a petition oueht to be tot bp to thelerulatur to have a tore allowed on cotton, and Is regulate the tare on lobacoa Mercfcaota complain that the charge in foreign countries are rar burn, when they forget that owe item alone ea cotton is a tare from 4 to 8 per ceaL according to rows or touare baletraud indeed the tsaoler could not complain, at he cmu - p the pnee at nts flagging on ine couoa. la ffaa - ard to mbeocd, tnera Is no regular tare on M,ceaaatremmeeertkorattatosi they weigh the hod aad mark (ha tare en it, then put ia the tobacco When H camot hero the seller ts lit - you i too may take it at the invoice and ha will tdlaw tare tube ft had. Or, if you want it , weighed, ho wOl add ftHbt a hhd., calculating tholthd dryed that Mr, tinea the tobacco was put m it. a that the merchant never know - wtmtheboyti aad it is well known tb&t toau o the bbda (ail short froquenUy lOUiu. aad op. i wards at any rata, bre cooid be no low to any perwjn to have a reeular tare fixed on to - Jmoem. I UuoX Sk ruercnante generally would thank yon for putting them in mia - iof their own tatareet, for it is certain, that n tar on cotton and tobacco would bo very desirable in thi otty. A. 8 - CeaumjriMfien. A TEW OF MANY EVU S. . Taxe. T..e nre neottraxy ti1s ; btt (he . BuvVcr air m this ciij is veryuaitHct, naaiuoi v Tiauanra w'Kuiaguirit iat ' atght Vr ot toruetbr oi 'bitaots.s 'dea ' i . 1 . . m seat aw m a jip, am eiian (imai WT eg o - oearatiagseme, aad nndar - t ia; ethct. The ArtS ssive redraw by ,ratiog, smJer eatn, tb a - , mwi i jt thee? aersou.'i. jta'e . bat actios', the 0co'' im, the flirt bare bo redress. Many indlvt J!s wte are worth upwt of half t . murtoti uan, pew ixs ou tow iMa a I mi h r. MiWarr le'sI caot re'i. ewtof my aoD - . mr. odtter, tnat It h aot right, (hat my neither, Xroed - brfm, who ii tell eoongh to at hit diuiier . offef my iwsd, ae J I - isrrh a pound where I worth ashiuitig, ehould psj only four dJh, yeafsUes,nlhvttopvlTeaiity. of of j to th 4 . FetostaillagThsi a serioW vu, aJCactief the whole coeaanuity, aad daily mcraaetna;. it uow eabra. s aiaaast all the necaesanw ol Ida. Queret V'otiidartthohVtafas'wood - Tarua, and the prohibition ef the sale of osKoakedgaase and ptmitry, eicept m pabHc aaarket, id sees measure remedy these evils . . . Orange - men, ash - men, oyster - men, soap - tat' mm, woodawyera, pedlars, pedlars, begars, i nliiri ma tm eveninsT snadev tnry beset your home, nod deprive yoo of the use of) yoor servants, by kaepinf them cvounually tr - Quere : Would not compelling them to cry their wants, or wares, kt the streets, id ft great nwaiuro remedy Hue evu twine. But this it a ielieaU (object, specially protected by the booorable the corporatioo. r ar be it from my wishes to meddle with it : Ne vertheless, I shall relate a small accident wnicb oorarred to myself n lew days since. In pasting op one of (he streets, where a number of boys were amusing themselves riding down bill I a brre bog being closely pressed by one of the sleigns, suddenly betook tumseir to tbe suae wall, and popping between mv lees, (which are some what bandy, i prostrated me on toe walk. rose with only a sprained wrist and bruised hip, thank ful to etcape so well. V. B. Unless some provivion is shortly made for cleaning the streets, tbe honorable the corporation is hereby is formed that the little pi;gees will ue in danger ol being lost in uie moa. Tor the Airto - lert Evening Poit. To our faithAil friend and benefactor the mon council of the city of flew - York. Btkted Brethren, We sltould be less than bogs, if we were not, one and ail, deeply sensible of tbe kind interest which vour honorable body has been pleas ed to lake in that class of society to which we belong. You nave been the means of rescuing tha whnla We fhoulJ all have been doomed to starve aud rot, probably in the yer streets, through which we are now permitted to roam and Wallow in all meoagen to collect precis In respect to tne lathe luaury of most potresreot filth, but for the fraction of the law relative to private lotteries, tender sympathies of our benevoUnt friends and ia retpect to tbe sale of ticketa of foreign lotto - tfllow - citiseu who now preside over the deti - die of thia lavnraJ mtmrvlt,. It aliall ha lha hniifMHa nf nnr Tulnra livaa In mvinrm no, avail. tuda. baa BnurUhinr ajui anlarrinr nnrh.m.l and bodies as to reader them suitable offering to the goJ of our mutual idolatry. It is however the misery of mortals never to be satisfied. One wish is no sooner erutiiied. than new want, new desire nrhe. Bleuad with tbe freedom of the city, we considered our - (nmm (inia imrn.m a u I I I intail tha filth wa annalvaa anirMuUrWI. In ..n.lsibly bound to Charleston. Jut ui - dm tranoullitv W travanad tha nia from street to street we wallowed wo loved where we pleased But now. mav it please vour honors, those very street have become so over - chamd with mad and mirm. oat .nnr.l.l fed bogs, (the breed, your honor will recollect, WIULD IUU BUL UUnUll UQ ISmTU IMff DMII of the sistorhood, who happen to be in a certain delicate situation, can, in any sort, make their wy throujh them Pine, Cedar aad Liberty streets, where the quarter part of at bar been I bcroUeit and horn, and whnaa etmM rPMhin. atmosphere we have long been accustomed to I inhale with the most extatTc delight, are now li - te rally impasmbla by reason of the heap of I !" mlrv filth that wa hava firom tima ,n lima Am - 1 posited there We are persuaded. mav it nlease yournonors, mat an tius u well meant by your I rTnaii . J?' T V Uvon1 but permit us toremaik la the language of an old proverb, whoso meaning may penetrate wnra m oj no mean auj lor every uung in i uie .nape reason to opum accet. Too much pudding will choke a dog." Itmay be remarked by tome malnant anti - hegite of tba board, that if onr bed i a bed ef filth, e bar made it ourselves It must be ad - l mittlMl that .llrh I. Ika 4 tin . - ..I rour hor. haraT. , ,v,r in this particular No hog can thrive b tuck a I oemirea tango and, permit as to add, that there I I 81 I I . P"1 w Ist r - It - C - tSntLd i" nl ,r cold, which, however, could only be occasion - own beloved oBipring that bs rotlinf in ths mais. I ,, .. ' . ,,' and which yield to our lento sndfan eionhita oiscemed in a btgh protracted note, but did and inviting fragrance, that some of the most I luxurious ot our iratenuty may be tempted to convert tbe very tame into pork again to re ave; me puinu mass, u we may be allowed tbe expression, and it may one day And its way to the table of yeor honorable beard. We therefor trust that your honors will be rraciewlr Dleasad to lend a favorable ear to our petition, and your petilKJoers, after lb manner of their roroectedl patrons, and at in duty bound, will eaL drink. 71.'br wntof yourselves! V I I VOX PORCORUM. From the Richmond Enquirer. LW IkTSLUOKUCK Tha fnllnarin ru i. deemed interesting to those who are to the habit sending hank notee by mail Fisfaback and Ward exhibited their bill in the chancery district court of Richmond, at. the nre - tideot, directon U co. of the bank of Virginia, charging, that being merchant hi Culpepper I county and having ocjion to make a remit - tance to their correspondent m t niiaueipnia, l they, as is customary with merchants not coo ve - nieot to bank, cut So two, four notes of the bank Virginia, three payable at Fredericksburg, I and tbe other ou ra ruenmono, ine amount and I number of which they specify, and enclosed a hall of each not la a letter addressed to their I said correepondeata, which they put in the poet - rr"" rr1 """" " conveyed by mail, but that the said letter and half note never reached their corrstpoodeott, and are lost or aestroyea : i net alter waiting a MdalonofthebrsnVh .rlZ t 0 Surday .vmg, was pformed, for th. burg, for payment of the notes, and offered top"1 lim New - York for many years, the ope - give bond and security lo Indemnify them against gaiostthemoa account of the mid aot, aad produced (ho halve ef theaotet to their poets - aba, all of which, except one, of which they ui uvai uw uuiui lamaiiw n tuinua a - TanToTTe tLT at their office in Fredericktbunr. but .nba nu I ly, and after consulting tbe mother bank, refut - 1 to pay any thinjinor. The prayer of the and tecuritv. c! the defendrntuTshall be decraed pay them the residue of the mooey duo on all note, and for reneral relief. The answer of the president and directors doe not admit that lb complainant were proprietor of the note or sent the halve by fell as uey state, ana can tor pro if ot tbe (Let i and if Droved, thev contend that aa the complainants cut Uie bill in twain themselves, they have rolm uruy destroyed their own e - ovnty and camot no v. - look to the bar.k for paMtimt, hut if tbe co.irt should think diftcr. enMy, ihro they contend that the bank i not to pay tl.e money upon tbe complain - sn'v producing the halves of th said notes i!. 1 tocaue the innocent bolder of the o'h r tlvej night thereby be injured 3. Be - : ui - i. it u.inoi guam luramsT eutpnsc, - ' U1 b imposujle to ide ify the curres - licaduit halt f - tiit Mimhert, date and te ti - of St.,. halve prcduced will fit the same 1 swciinat rms on any otter bill or halve afassu I ar dejerknbin. aa writ aa tKn 111 . .. ' ' ", and tkereibre avgbt not to bind th to further povmeT.t, but that the cnmt.ljuaants 'j, - ht to refund. I The compUinanU by tlie depotitkei of one wiuat Prove, that thev ek - ad h, a ia,,.. directed u they charge, and deposited la the pott office, bu kijf aoiee Carrmpamil 1 swwont wiw ui nau note sumwi bill, but there b no proof that these hatfaotes, I were the halve of tha nous aet forth by the complain ante, or that they agreed in any other particular care in amount. , They klso prove tnat we nau noiea rcw - by tbe bank, correspond in amount witn tnose described in tlie bill. The bank proved by the affidavit of r. Nekervis. aereedto be received aa teatimony, ohat if tbe bank note f the kind In question. ba cut exactly alike, the half or one note wui fit tbe halve of S99 other note, besides it rest irr,.nmdinr hlf. and that the bank cannot discriminate. The Chancellor decreed in conformity with the prayer of tbe bill, from which decree the bank appealed. Judge Roane delivered the Opinion of tbe Court aa follow i The court i of opinion, that the bona fide owner of n bank note, having transmitted one halt' thereof by the mail, which ba been stolen therefrom, or is lost, cannot demand payment from the bank of any part of its amount, in consequence of folding the retained half, merely i but that be is entitled to demand the whole amount of the said note, on satisfying the bank of the verity of the above facts, or establishing them by the judgment of a court of equity and giving, in either case, a satis - fac'ory indemnity, to secure the bank against future loss, from the appearance and setting up the other half of such note. Hut iht - requisite proof does not exist in the cue before uii tne half note on wtuen ine bill i founa ed, not being specifically and satisfactory idcii tified. aa the counterparts of the halves ti an mittrd for want of which proof the decree is to be reversed and the bill dismiaaeu. From Iht AUmtiy Argm, JtforrA IX Lotttriei. A bill is before the legislature ma kin? it the duty rf mannren of lotteries to sub mil the plan ofeath class to the comptroller, for his apiirobatioo, who is to determine the amount raised by eaih dais, and the respective times of drawing the same. It makes it the duty of tba ""i aou uie insurance oi tottery ucaeis. SAVANNAH. March 6. Ttell from Amtll By the United 5latOl' Dr w"r tnrP". captain Kearney, an - cbored yesterday evening at Five Fathom, we thai the buccaneer wury and his crispy - hairea heroe "ft Amelia on Monday last, in company with the fcnterpnie. Ho and his suite w'" 00 board the Mexican Congress, which tosTether with the American Libra, mmr nitan. likewise learn, from the tame source, that "nlortunate affair occurred between midihip - easey and J nornily, belonrmr to tbe Uni - ted States' ibip John Adams. Accompanied by their seconds, they met last Saturdav. on Tverer Wand, m front of Fernandina, and wounded wv..WIY. AlHlfT UKU HI IWIITu IDd w antagonist In 14 noon. On Monday, I"1'" wvr noneo, vrtia thebonon ol war, at St Mry' - FHILADELFIII A. March It. onr bau were brought to our fish market oa Saturday last, and said for a dollar awl a half a THEATRICAL COMMUNICATION, Mr. editor, After the interval that ba elapsed .inc. my . . ... IT, ' aOBicaUoo, you probably did not expect hw irom me again, ououiu you, aowever, deem the remark which I now enclose; not an - .. ..... , ., '.. WOrlh ' p,aC' fa 70Ur ?Mbh Wr' tb'w your service On Mr. PbUipps return from Philadelphia, I . ' . r Q y ib of(o enthusiasm & which he wa welcomed was teen that he wa not free from a slight aot materially impair tbe powen of a voice, and aa execution aevsr before witnessed in this coun - try. He bat now played six nights of bis engage ment, and hia audiences have shewn a delight in his performances undiminished by repetition ; warmest admiren being always those whose launerior taste is acknowledged. Amour those which, though not belonging to theprin - I - .l tnaWrliaemrl It. m mannao msaUawt la 1,1 yea 'rc V3y oa W muuMWAni sea ssteasss, wutveru aaj tha charade r,wa Th Delhtf.i iearomiM," a prcdoction of superior merit, both as to it music and sentiment, aad which be gave to his best manner. As it contained tome high compli ment en British valor, it was, at least, ques tionable bow it would be received by a mitcella neout audience; but the tumult of applause, and QQuImoul encor. Aii raee..d(L topalled all doubts, and certainly reflected the highest honor on the liberality and magnanimity af u American public The tamo was th . . ., - , : . ... l PnlaieIPh'. tha same wdl be the case at Boston, ims it one instance to shew that when we proclaimed in the national charter, eiik.t. ,..i. u .. . . ' "ur m F UrxeruU," the sentiment was uttered with since - rity. ra of Lionel k Clarissa, by Bickerttaffi an ope. :r l , : .r . . .. - 10 closet and lha boards, it perhaps unrivalled oa the English stage. It is a well - written and pie. ,1 wb4C bT no bert part of it. The situation of Lionel aad Clarissa, are bizhly in - uresung, aad the matiment anddenoument of M Prclly moral. The music U prin cipally selected according to the fashion of the dny, from th Italiaa and many of tha aln contain both pleasing melody and good harmony, though not highly seasoned with that coup it theutrt sffoct which draw thuodr of applause to torn modern productions. That of tie present time hat, criLrally speaking, great advan - taget over that of 30 or 40 year ago. Th mo dern English ballad - composers, at the heed of whom standi Moore, have adapted their mekv diee so that th words and music falling together, totidem iUib it, totxdem notit, the former, (the word,,) in the noalh of a good articulate inger, meet the ear with nearly the tea) distinctness that tbey would ia timpU recitation. Thi was not the case with th ballad or law tnliui i mmg of the old meloduts, for the rrtlahUs being ti - toaded by two or avore notee gUmg m tba voice to each, R was nodered nearly iaapoeaible for the most correct musical naasarlalinsj to deliver the word with their true accent. " OA toft not U mt,n by LVaneL in the Si act, may terra at sample. TI pW aad umaniog of tha poetry, which i perfect to a pert of the sceat I dcharetor,y tort by Ui great exton - of the rowel sounds which thesmgrrU cons - IDedtoatooruWtogrretherequUiUtonfftii and (uaatity of sound demanded by tha mta - two and style ef the air.andthus in accent and emphasis are too frequently at variance with tha words. The two propel characters, from which the ptoe derives it nam, were played by mr. PbiUpps and MUe Johnson. In Lionel, Mr. Philippe displayed greater powen a the actor, than he has jet done many character he hat assumed oa our stage, and the audience shewed that such wa th impression he made on them. The highly impasslon - 5d leave - taking scene with Clarissa, where, after the moat vehement self - reproaches, he lean him - telf away from her forever, striking his forehead a ba rushes out in a state of phrenzied despair was one of the "finest exhibitions I ever witnessed in the scenic art. The song of 77u Bevilderti Xatd, wa given in hie sweetest tones, and Wat so effective, that though there wa evidently a woh to spare him a (opetitiun of the t dbrt, the encore, at length, irresistibly bunt frth from every part of the house, and complied with. Barn'.f, in Col. Oldbr - y, aflbrdrd an essential support lo the piece. In persuuating the cha racter, be fire the picture of a hale hearty gal lant old soldier, who forgetting fifty - five, would fain be still the dashing rake of 24, and in the gaily of his heart and scorn of effeminacy, is betrayed into a ludicrous situation of whimsical distress ; and we cannot help laughing both with him at bim. The character was well conceived and happily executed. This actor has superior talents in low comedy, but I take this opportunity to give bim a friendly caution Against suffering his turn for mimic and drollery to degenerate into low buffoonery : let bim beware bow he indulges hi disposition to give point by his manner to broad jests for the purpose of making them broad or. Did he not hear an audible ngn or ditapprc batiou on Saturday eren'.og ? Robtrtten I congratulate Mr. R. on his man. oer of playing Sir John Flowerdale. If he could form au idea what a relief it was to us to see him lay aside those monstrous stilts, on which be is so perpetually mounted, he would never seek to raise himself again by their awkward as sistance. It it time for him to drop his imiuv tione and rely upon his own powen. " He may take my word for it, he will never arrive at any decree of eminence in his profession till be leaves off fin theatrical slang) doubling Cooper. Tbe mischief is that these attempt leads him to.cari cature th object of his admiration. A pompous dcUaiatory monotony equally announces to ui " Th bod capt towers, the pw - cou pa.'ares, are dueorf'd," and that " queen iMrb gallops athwart men's notes as they lie ailet p." This is intolerable, sd0ts especially in a scene of bustle aud passion where every foilow - actor is obliged to twpend and thereby lose th warmth ef his feei ng, who Mr. Robertson tabes hit own time to declaim a passage in measJred tono. lo Pir John Flowerdal b happi'y forgot himself, aad played it in a aahiral and easy manner. This actor baa th great mnrit of being alw lys master of bit part, wfaoat uopending upon the perpetual asdstanea of the prompter. Mr. Simponv, gavo'us the extravagant charac ter of the empty headed fop, in the style, I pre sume, th author himself intended ; but of this I cannot preload to be a good judge, not having seen the original. From certain symptoms, however, that have begun to shew themselves ia Broadway and sometimes at the theatre, it it not easy to my bow long it will be before wa shall see it among tu in full maturity. , Mr. Pritthard hat certainly talents, both na tural and acquired, but he teems not qualified by either, ,to figure as a lover en the boards Hie Harm an was tamo, and even cold ; it had not a feature of the spirited young fellow we find in tbe closet It was hardly fair aot to afford little Dy the shadow of aa apology for running off with him. Where was " th gallant, gay Lo thario f Mitt Jofuuon, though evidently not yet reco vered from a severe illness, exerted herself to th utmost, and sustained tbe arduous part assigned her wkh a degree o.' spirit, hardly to have been expected from her. Her conception of the part wa accurst aad forcible, and the only wanted power to make herself heard, particularly ia the garden scene, to give it complete effect. Ehe received many tokens of approbation. Mri. Darley, in Diana, was very successful in carrying off the Uvely and interesting madcap - She acquitted herself throughout with great satisfaction. On circumstanc in 'hi, lady's the atrical deportment I have long admired. When she draws the plaudits of tha audieqpe, shedoej not lay asido the characterise ptnnnatcs to turn about and return her thanks by a low curtesy, which, too' intended as a mark of respect to the house, is certainly an offence to theatrical pro priety, by destroying Uie illusion of the scene I have known many persons refuse to applaud, from au aprahen!ion that an actor wmld diop the charac .er to return thanks. I, however, ex cept the cue of the opera singer, sinc.t he cannot be supposed to be uocoosckuiof the presence of an audience, and, therefore, is at liberty to make an acknowledgement, if he rhuiet. These rem vks I bare long wished to submit to the con sideration of our theatrical ladies and gentlemen. refer them for anllurity on this point to a pa per oa tbe res, in toe Bee, of Goldsmith. Mr. BaUttin This actrem is, I confess, what of a favorite, but why does the to pre posterously dress her fare entirely out of chaxve - tor, whenever she appears ia the old women ? Ph often detu oy s tbe wit of the author, by the ill - judged wish to seem young and handsome, when it it absolutely necessary to appear both old and ugly, or the author is rendered quite ri - di colon t. If she is willing to personate old wo - 1 men, let her conform to too character la her face at well at walk and dre - e. Mil QelKnger would bo a uteiul actress is the lino of chambermaids and romps, if ah would team to speak to distinctly ae to be understood, aad to that end she mutt speak mors deliberate, ry, a well at more audibly. j I bar bote more particular in ay remarks, ! because m by the) bill lha ptoe it to Uf. pcatod on Wednesday, wi aouHieoas mm for Mr. Pbilippt' benefit. . Jl impamu optamior, FROM OUR COBJIESPOJfDKjrr. Office of the Baltimore American, ) March 16. S Capt Lovett, of the brig Gypsey, arrived at this port yesterday from Palermo, ttales that the new act was to be enforced on tha 1st of Jan. which place Bicily undrthe tamo restrictions . ' V . S.T (with regard to commerce j as rpi im : - fore been the same duty on imports aud ex - norts was to be laid : and it ru rtnde - stood the ama nnrt chanres would be required. The king has been for some time past removing tbe oanuon from Palermo to Naples, where there bad been a large quanttty collected ano urposu - d during Murat and Bonaparte' reign Tbe nannla amwared lo be verr much dissatisfied with tbe protee Juig of the king, and many of them (whr, speke 1B fcxgl ID language; uiu noi besitte to s;ieak their sentarents opeuly, particularly setae of the friars, from who n it was liOder - VxiJ the kin tnieudod to - aue a gre part, it n it ill the land which has evt - r been held by thi in for the support of t..e church it left strong imprestioot, that d this measure is runu ed, serious consequences will be the result Market in Sicily were very dull coffee sell in? at 14 to 19 cents: codfirh 5: rice 8; re fined sugar 18 1 Havana white 14 50 18 ; rum 6". cents per fTn; tobacco do salo. ire market generally we?! storked, a great many vessels h.ivinr Hrr'veti from Entr' ind. &c Touched at 'iibralt ir the 13th anJ sailed I6'b U. S. ihiD Fr?.r.!lin. arrived at Gib - altar I lib in 12 days from Portsmouth (L.) and s - uled 13th forsira Cruz. It was reported at Sicily that one of the E. lu dia company's ships had been spoken in the fe dilerranean bound to Malta, and many of the British merchants in Sicily anticipated an oppor tunity for great business in articles ol her cargo. Flour at Gibraltar, $10, dull, on board; nee, 7 do ; coffee, 18 ; sugar, Havana white, 15 a 15 50; Draril do. II 50 a 13; Martinique do. 9 a 10 j tar, 1 a S 50 ; manufactured tobacco, 11 a It 50 ; Virginia, best, 8 50 a 9 Other articles in proportion, except nth, which had taken a sudden rise from 4 to 7 per qtl. in consequence of a report that all tbe fish in Newfoundland had been consumed by fire ! Pork and beef were id tome demand. Arrived, brig Eliza, Lane, 13 dayt from Ma - tanza. Left. March 1, ships Plater, Holmes, for N York 10 day t Gen Jackson, Taylor, of Bristol, li. i. tor the Mediterranean, unc i ong Factor, Noyet, for X York 12 dayt Itadius, Granger, for Providence. R. I. 12 days ; Ma tilda. Burr. Warren 10 davt s Cleopatra, Bar. ker, Newport, waiting cargo; Pomona, Hedge, Boston, do ; Washington, Knapp, menced loading ; New - Columbus, Collins, War rep, do Three - Sister, Hayward, Savannah, 6 dayt j Clamsa, Blinn, Providence, next day ; sch Superior, Knowlten, Salem, waiting crio ; Caravan, Patten, Porttmouth, N. H. loading ; Mary & Nancy, Dresson, Boston, dischuring ; Milo, Tallman, Bath, dot Comet, Grosner, just ar. March 2, spoke tch Hunger, irom 11:. - vana tor Newport, H I. out 4 day. Expe i - enced blustering weather during the passage, winds prevailing to S. and N. R. Sch Gold Hunter, Burnham, from Boston. Bch Monroe. Mnnrfv. frntn Pnrtlaiul. with platter of pare. The M. bat brought ur part orthe cargo of the brig Gypsey, from Palermo, that ran en Uie Man - of - war - Shoal on the night of the 12th. Ship Montgimtery, Stone, 46 days from Cam - peacliy. Ue't no American vessels. Sen r.liza.Ann, twit, 11 days from St Johns, Porto Rico. British ach Delight, 31 dayt from Kingston Jam. Brig Gypsey, Lovett, from Palermo. Left Messina Dec 4, which time there was no A - mencans in port nor at Palermo on the 29th Nov. The brig Ruthy, Brown, 40 days from Genoa, tmtohed at Gibraltar 14th and sailed in co - for Boston ; the brig Rambler, Crafts, for S O - leans also tailed in co. Jtfarch 7, lat 37 4, long 72 30, spoke ahip Philip, Balton, 48 hours from Balt'more for Liverpool. Left at Gibraltar, brg Uocca Yigris. Con ant, 30 days fiom Leghorn for Canton j ship Messenger, Buffington, of Salem, for llatavia, unc. both waiting to collect dollars, which were 3 per cent premium, scarce and hard to obtain a number of other Americans in port, names nut ascertained, being quarantined whilst ther. There wa a Fortugueae frigate at Gibraltar, watching tbe movement of the Aigeruiee, who were said to be out again the above frigate and a Dutch frigate got under wa with ub, and about thirty tail of mer chantmen of different nations left the Portu guese frigate laying to in the Gut ; the Dutchman came by Cape Spartel ' with us. and then proceeded to the north and westward vessels have had the wjnd continually from the westward in the Mediterranean, during the months of Nov. and Dec. and tlie beginning of Jan. consequently have bad very long passages many vessel were 60 and 70 davsfiom Leehorn and Genoa to Gibraltar the Gypsey was 39 day from Messina, having constant gales from tbe westward, not having had the wind with a point easting in it for more than 12 liourt during the 39 days and then only in light naws. Bch Commerce, Aimstmry, from Boston. Tbe ahip Potomac, Bradford, arrived at Al - exandria on tbe 13th, 100 dayt from Liverpool. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of tlie Freemana Journal, J Philadelphia, March 16 J Arrived, thip Augustus, Oliver, from Buenos Ayres, via St Bart, with specie and aome powder. Capt. O. sailed from Buenos Avres, 1st Jan. Left there, ship Geo Washington, Yarvlsley, of and for Philad. in 20 day, and 8 other Amer can v - ssrR On the 25th Jan. lat 33, long 28, poke brig Levant, Skinner, of Phi - ladelphi 35 layt from Gibraltar, for Canton, all well. Arrived at St. Ban, lath Feb. and left there 27th, big Ceo Jtckson. Tear of and for I'hilad. in 15 days i and 13 other , merican vessels. Soiled in co. with brig Gen Jackson, Eavitfn, fur Glocester, from Surinam, and touched there. Capt. D. forwarded b capt CHhcr, a Tst of 10 American vessels left at Surinam, 8th Feb. . No m. s at Buenos Ayres, Market bad, a well at St. Bart. ffT Yesterday morning, immediately after bearing of tbe arrival of the ship Importer, eapt. Roge: j, at iandy - Heck, I hired a pilot - boat to go down to her, and bring bp ber letter - bags. Jadge of my surprise, when on getting oa board, 1 wM told, that a printer's boat bad already been along - eit e, It taken them away, statin?, that capt Hall, owner of the ship, had sent them ; oa which, capt. Rogers, uuhevilatinjly, gv thorn the bags. This is to caution said printer's boatmen, and their employer, how they again repeat thi liber ty of making use of falsehoods and deceptioo, in order t) obtain the letter - bags of my ship. It u a kind of conduct which I slul tkit pas over a second time. It m not WA 1 1 o'clock this morning that I could fcunt up l!i fj - eigtit - lut ; I than found it at th ofiic of th Commercia Ad rer User. CHARLES HALL. N. B. Not one of the bills of lading have yet come to hand. New - York, March 17, 1818. That s.fwlfwatVmstA sMWlWIsl Ka, asU - a. MTMikti. from thm 7th dav t,( M mLi "7 of Mait?wof fallowing tlifeaset: Uoal 1 1 coovaltioas 4 ; diarrfacea 1 j drooVTM droDtr ia the chetl 1 1 drorxa ia n . l' ' drowaed I dyspepsia i ; fever, Mmitfent?: J rer typhus 1 ; hives or croup j iniamai1Jn: a trne nrain x mniinmaiinn ru inu m I matioo ofth liver t told age 1 1 palsey if riry 1 1 pceumonia typbodca 1 : ilwnn...! uukaj ;d. king' evil I ; small pox 1 ; ttill bom 2 ,v 1 ; tabes mesenteric 5 ; unknown 1 ,lcij DIED. Yesterday morning, after a painful illw. which the bore with christian fortitude M - . . ' u. - kl.. i: - .r,l,. I... E - i:..o. .'"" 9l. . - i iciivivi vrr lair UIBISlcKet TV friend t of tbe deceased and of her IU1 j. J Duuiel Lane, are invited to attend hrx hum! this alti rnon, al 4 o'clock, from her l - .tiTZ? j w , - - ki i i - - . . ... ': Ft. icn:e, ti". i uaiKur - iueei, WltUout forth. jivitHtion. "nl' A lew days since, in the family of Mr Willi, iM'Kim, of Una city, a nepro niao, who it - SU that be was t elte years old when he came (rZ .frica - an 1 lived S yeara aitnaros tiii! death.of King William in 1704 , . . .... which calcolatioa, he wat at least l47yearrL. j.uJim. Enq. At Maiauiii, on the 20th February bit, w. Anthony GKan, a rprrtable plauter . ,iJ nil nrn .. . place, formerly of U.ii ciy. nged 40 years. trgJWtV POSTMARK'S LtST CLEARED, Brig Sea - Island, Wheeler, Harm. Hammond, Fowler, Westlnditi Lawrence L Schr Mary - Jane, Hickman, Norfolk ame,Wolt, Hura . . - it Hwultoa, Terry Co. Alert, Zuill, gt. Croii ... t LCurt"CrommeliaeCo. Belvidere, Johnson, ju.. fniL Sally Ann, Wnglam. ' Rfc ARRIVED fhJ FOREXOUA, Sch Indian Hunter, Seaman. 5 dv, fm Richmond, with flour and tobacco. Sloop Native, Ripley, 9 davt from Bn., with dry goods, sugar, pepper, fish and plu. ter, to P Kemsen, Beer k Woo.lhull, Cambit. leng & Pearson,J On bom Lawrence k Co. Smith It Nkhols, 1'rcadway k Stokes, and the cao - tain. fcloop Rapid, Howes, from Boston, vit n.i. ham, 9 days with fidi and salt, to tlie master. bloop Ladv Hamilton, I'rior. 8 dsvs fmm Richmond, with flour and tobacco. , BELOW. ShipLaconia, Saren, 17dayt from PortiwPl.i ht Domingo. Shin Loreoto, 8 days from Norfolk, to ft Bark. ley. Sloop Helen, 4 days irom Norfolk. ARRIVED LAST EVEMftG. The following are the consignee of goods. by tlie Importer, J. Woodheud, E. Dodgaiun, Thomas Searth, I Wright & tan, Geo. Wrsn, A Thompson, J B Durand, J Varey & to. A S Norwocd, Corp k Tallmadee, C & I DWolf. Crurvs k Fabcotk, Hurd & iewall, D Smith, Jun. W.MankVJ. Heard, W. Cairns, M. Ba - thurst, S Dalgl esh U Co. D L li 1 P. Height, S & J Hudwin.AV W tt T L Chester, I WardeU. J A A Willink, T Duon, LAC Suydam, Ship. nian Si Lord, J. Hacking, Mills, furdy &Co, Tredwell St Kissam, Roger, Winthrop A Co. Hart and Hazro, Irving, t - mith and Holly, J. Thompson and Son, Major and GDlrspie, L Wyrkoif. D Durham & Co. D G Stevens hCo. J Wigham, J & W & Co. H J. ckton, lXiryee & K'.liot, Smith, M'Cali fiCs.S alarw k Brooks, r - igot.mey, Ha den & Co H W Ad - cock U Co It Rainev & Co. Richard fi Taylor, H K Toler & Co. J Gray, P V Ledyard i i - o. j uranain u uo. saltus, . - 'on & to. a. Tt biaa & to. P Lannieur. J. I. Glover. Oif tk Rock, spoke ship Mercury, of Philadelpha m ir in Sell Lady. BarW ck. 9 dsvs from srwrlMl I with fMi and plaster to El ii ah Smith. V ! bch Molly, burners, O days from Kichiaoal with flour and tobacco, to Trokr Davidtn li Ci. fioorman & Johnston, C Dubois. Bern & WoodhtilL and D Betlmne &. Co. Sailed o sloop Mechanic, Smith, for KYork. Lloyd, Jiammy Ib. lhr Aephyr, Uarvey,nw London, is lout off Cromer, crew sail. Sixikc - i, Di - c. S6, Virsiuia, from New York to At - twerp, iu Int. 42, long 50, At Liverpool, 12th, Al lantic, Matlnck, e York. At Dublin, 1m, Dublin PaLket, Mew York. At Cove of Con, Little Belt, Martin, Baltimore. At Cadis, Dei. 19, Sterling, orton, New York, ; iO Castor, Jie ry, do. ; Brutus, (ieUton, New Orleans; JatMi Monroe, Alesandria. At Leghorn, Die. 19, Sin, Lockyer, Philad. ;S0th, Aon, Davit, Bcsum W, Paragon, Austin, do. At Cove of Cork, 5th, Alexander, Wintlow, Virginio. Jan. 23. The Ororgo Little, Soutliwick, fro Ration to RoltenlHin, drassl both her ancbat Helvoct Roads, during the 'gale on the 15th, asi was obliged to cut away her cables, when tst drifted on thore against the mud, where the bf on the 16tb, attended by boats. The Freddies, from Liverpool for Boston, put beckon MoiMlafi dismasted. At Gravesend, Hope, Bangs, Eosios, George, Novel, New - York. Falmoulh, 18h, sN SwiftMire, America Bristol, Sltt, arr. Cbaimret. Dowdall, N. York. At Belfast, 19th, Alex, Ma field, New - York. At Texel, 9th, Vrew EUsabets, Jaosen, Philad. At IMvoert, 10th, Elisabeth, f si - liean, Virginia. At Antwerp, 6th, KingMoa, BtoV elder, Boston ; 10th, Aurora, Wiirren, Bostoa 41 Lisbon, 5th, Criterion, Jenks. Baltimore; 7th, N agara, Bristol, ti. York ; 8th, Juno, Perrit, Balti more. Lloid, SO. At Gravescod, leth, Gslm, Tracy, Boston. At Cowes, 17th, Sir Siduev Snvits, Baltimore. At Bristol, 19th, Andrew Jacksoa, Morton, New - York. At Clyde, 14th, Rorer Stewart, Charleston ; Hope, Pillsbury, Virrinia. - At Deal, 17th, Virginia, Hillman, New - fork. At Lisbon, 2d, Marearet, Mount, BAlt'unore ; Joseph, Chadwell, Philad At Leghorn, Dec. 27, Brssil - lian, Baker, Baltimore; 28th, Adamant, Corrett, Boston. At Naples, Dec. 24, Orient and Naacy, Hughes, Boston. From the Lirerrpol Trait but. Shipped from 21st to 27th Jan. for New - York, 655 ps.' col'd woollens, 655 plain do. 2J70ps. sted, U4i6 pt. and 156.103 vds. cotton stittTs, (7 vd. rarpeting, 5116 yds. 'flannel. Kor Phi pliia, 3050 ps. col d woollens, 8M) ps do. 19T7t p. and - ilKi yus. conoo, ;yii ps. wortteo, iw ilk and wonted, 200 pieces silk and cottoa St 51?ns and 1U0 yd. linen, 1700 do. hose, 600 eta wot sted note, uba yds. blanket mr, iyt pi ww - coating, J010 yds. carpeting, 4X.4I4 yds aassaji 400 lb sewing cotton. BcoUm, t!4 ps. col'd lens, 900 ps. plain do. 12073 ps. and 164,400 y cotton ituff, 433 ps. and 2J00 yd, plain line, 1 U. cotton how, 170 dos. glove, 93 lbs, silk . 1000 yds. carpeting. Baltimore, 400 P - 001 lens, 424 ps. worsted, 5000 ps. cotton iron", blanketine, 600 yds. lace. 874 pt. pUio burn, 8UI dor., cotton hose, 100 gs. hat lining, 100 gs. rottoa ribbon. SAVANNAH, March 8. Arrived, cnooBr Pose - in - Eloom, Wbeaton, (mentioned yesterday,) li diiys from NYoik. . . CHARLESTON, Mar;h 9 Arrived, tchr. Merino, Gorett, Newport, R 1. 14 d iys. - Danish brig Two - Brother, New - York, 4 dty A schooner from Stoninfcton, for Savaonali, paned tbe Bar on Saturday. ' Schr. Snow - B'rd, Perkins Havana, 9 aay. WILMIMGTOS, March 7. Arrived, sb'P Rcmeo, Otiver, from Marliiiqoe. , Schr Unicn, Dennet, froui li 'k Schr Hope and Polly, Soow, from nYora. For Sal', freight or Charter, Th brig RECOVER, Owo. ter, 242 ton i will carry about I I'Uj ; t well found, and a toood gooa v lies at pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JOA. OSBORN, mh 17 58 ftoehVet, ' Far Sole, Freight er Charter, The brig ROBERT, Pepe, 2H9 lout ; wUl carry XfflO bbls ; J"' old ; well found, and a good vessel he t No. 9. Apply to - . JOSEril OSBORHs ahl7 J? South -

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