Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1931 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 16
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 10 1931 BOARD PROCEEDINGS (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15) present. Minutes -of last read and, approved. meeting Board allowed claims against the county. , Board ^appointed C. R. "Wood, Jr., C. v .E. Gelst and .John Johnson as Comlssioners in th'e matter of the reclassification of Drainage District No. 100. - ' Board authorized the correction of the classification of a dog assessed to Hary T. Roberta, First Ward, Mason City, for the year, 1930, on affidavit that the said dog was a spayed female instead of a female. The following resolution was adopted by the Board: i Whereas,'under the provisions of Chapter 117, Acts of the 43d General Assembly, the Board has prepared a schedule showing the "several lots and tracts of land to be assessed ^and the amount proposed to be assessed against each of the described properties and the owners thereof, for weed cutting prior thereto during the calendar year 1930. Now Therefore, he it Resolved that the,Board shall and the Boarft does hereby fix $he time of hearing on the proposed assessment to be the 31st day of December 1930 ,at 10 o'clock A. 1 M., and that all objections must ,be made in writing on or before 10 o'clock on the 31st day of December, * 1930, otherwise the assessment shall be made in accordance with the said schedule. 1 The vote on the above resolution was as follows: Ayes, Supervisors Gibson and Root. Nays, none. Resolution declared adopted. Board approved the 1926, 1B27, 1928, 1929 annual reports and the report for the-year of 1930 up to Oct. 1, of Justice of Peace C. E. the November, produced-a ^receipt from the Owen Township JR o a d · Superintendent showing payment or the said 1928 road poll. x Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, That the said 1928 road poll tax of Roy Sharp be canceled from the record. ' On motion of Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Root, the resolution was adopted. ' Whereas, Martin f Hosband, Lincoln Township, was assessed for a dog in the years 1925 and 1926, and, Ashland. Board approved 1930, report of the c»unty superintendent of schools. Board approved the'official bond 'of H. A. Laymen, aeputy sheriff, and .also approved the official bond of T. W. Tompkins as assessor in the city of Clear Lake. _ ' * Compromise Agreement This compromise agreement made and entered into this first 'day of December, 1930, Xvitnesseth: Whereas, A. L. Hotchins, now living at 807 North Delaware avenue, Mason City, Iowa, is indebted to, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, for the 1923 personal taxes assessed in Falls township and a dog tax In the same township for the year 1927, and Whereas, the said person is further indebted to the county for a dog tax in the year 1928 in Plymouth, Iowa, and . /Whereas, it is apparent to the tiniiTi?'-*-** 0 * *-^«*'Raid r taxesLLfe not Whereas, the said Martin Hosband appeared before the board and swore that he neither harbored nor owned a dog during these years. Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, That the said dog taxes be and the same 'are hereby canceled, Resolution Granting to Peoples Gas and Electric' Company Permission to Lay Gas Mains in and Under State Highway Number 18. Whereas, on the fifteenth day of December, A. p., 1930, the Peoples Gas and Electric Company, a corporation duly organized "under the laws of the State of Delaware and its ^principal place of business in, the city of Mason City, Iowa, filed with this board, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 250 of the 1927 Code of Iowa, its written application for permission to lay gas mains in and under State Highway No. 18 within the said county, and, Whereas, after, due investigation and consideration this board finds that in the interest of public welfare and convenience such permission should be granted. v 'Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, That permission be and is hereby granted to the Peoples Gas and Electric Company to lay gas mains in and under State Highway 18 within this county in accordance with the plat attached to said application, which plat is, by reference, made a part of this resolution. Said gas line to be laid in the approximate location, shown on said plat. Be It Further Resolved, That permission to use said highway shall be granted upon the condition that the gas mains sliall be'so constructed and maintained as not to interfere with public travel or file future improvement of said highway, or with the d ralnage .^hereof .either surface or subterranean, and upon the further condition that .the peoples Gas and Electric Company shall be responsible for all damages arising from, the. construction ' or maintenance of said gas mains or arising by reason of the fact that the same are not kept in a proper state of renair. Be It Further Resolved, That said nermisslon;is granted upon the condition that the location of said gas mains may be changed on reasonable motive when it is necessary to do so" in the improvement or maln- 1;enance of the highway. .Bs It Further Resolved, That-said ditioa that, the location of said gas mains may-be changed on ! reasonable notice when it is necessary so to do in the improvement^ or maintenance of the highway. . Be It Further Resolved, That the said gas mains shall be constructed in and under the :said road arid highways' in accordance with the construction specifications submitted to and approved by the Iowa State Highway Commission. Motion by Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Root, that the resolution as read be adopted. Vote being taken resulted in all present voting; aye. Nays, none. Resolution declared adopted, this twenty- second 1930. day- of December, A. D., Board adjourned to meet Dec. 26, 1830.' Attest: F. G. ROOT, Chairman. F. G. ROOT,,'. : Chairman. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED BUDGET AND i APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE Notice is hereby'given that the City Council of the City of Mason City, Iowa, will hold a Public Hearing at the Council Room in the City Hall in the said City at 1:30 P. M., on the 6th day of April, 1931, on the follpw- ing proposed Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the period' of April 1, 1931 to March 31, 1932. ORDINANCE NO.- An ordinance proposing the Budget 'and making appropriations for the expenditures for the City of Mason City, for the fiscal year beginning- April 1, 1931 and ending March 31, 1932. l BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MASON CITY, IOWA: - ., - \ Section 1.: That the Budget is'proposed and estimated revenues in the various funds are hereby, appropriated for the payment.of such expenditures as are property chargeable to such funds, during the fiscal year April 1, 1931 to March -31, 1832, as follows: Section 2. CONSOLIDATED FUND Estimated Receipts Corporation, Grading, Improvement and Sewer Levies, 22 mills $110,000 Police Department fines and forfeitures 15,000 Licenses ... :..,... · 4,000 ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor./ REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION Dee. '26, 1930- -Ninth Day. Board met pursuant'to adjournment.' All members present. Minutes of the last meeting read -and approved. Board proceeded to ' the County Farm, and County Insane Hospital and took the Inventory for the year. Board adjourned to meet Dec. 29 1930. ; ; Attest: '. ARTHUR HARRIS.-Auditor. : REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, December 29, 1930. i ' Tenth Day Board met. pursuant to adjournment. All members present. Minutes; of last meeting s read and approved.- ·.' ·; / A - . -· · . . · · ' . . · '. ./'· ·-,- . · 'A. H. Cummlngs appeared before the Board and requested that the Board employ accountants .to audit the books of G. E. Cress, Sheriff of Cerro Go'rdoCounty, : which request, on motion of Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Pedelty, was denied. Motion carried,', all members voting Aye. ; ' ' There being no/further ^business before the Board, a motion was made' by' Supervisor. Pedelty, seconded , by' Supervisor Gibson, that the Board stand adjourned until December 31, 1930. Motion carried, all members voting Aye. Departmental fees and miscellaneous 5,000 Cigarette licenses .".' , .V.. 6,000 Poll Taxes ...... ; ,.... ;·...'. 8,000 Primary Road Aid ;.. 1,900 Estimated balance, 3-31-31- ·. . 15,500 ' Appropriation* For summer concerts and special days $ 6,000 Balance ....:......-... v .'.:.."... :1,725 Section 18. COMFORT STATION FUND .Receipts From 1% mill levy -. $ 2,500 Estimated balance 3-31-31 ... . 700 Appropriation To' Comfort Station-Commission ...........^ 3,200 Section 11. LIBRARY FUND x · - · ' · · - . · Receipts From 5 mill levy .-..Ti $ 25,000 7 Appropriation To Library-Board .. $ 25,000 Section 12. WATER DEPARTMENT s i'" Receipts ' Sale of water .........;........; .-.....'.,..$ 95,000 Services and Meters .:'.:·.............;.,.. 15,000 Work and material for other departments.. i.0,000 Repayment of loan from Consolidated Fund.. '' 9,000 v Repayment of Fire Equipment Fund...... 4,000 From 3 mill levy '. 13,500 - Estimated balance 3-31-31 .'.../ 26,000 $ 7,725 $ 3,200 A--CORPORATION FUND,, Appropriations n'off' anyTeat' estate; an s r are ' -uncollectible in full? Therefore, Be It Resolved, ·jhat upon the payment of $2.00 to tie County Treasurer that the above pixes be discharged in fulL -. Board adjourned to meet Dec. 12, 1930. -. F. G..ROOT, Attest: v , , Chairman. ^ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION - Dec. 12,, 1930--Sixth Day. ~ ,, £ Board met in joint session with Attest: .·- ' ARTHUR HARRIS, . Auditor.' F. G. ROOT, / : Chairman. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, December 81, 1930. , ' · · · · ' · . Eleventh D a y Board met, pursuant to adjournment. Ali:inembers present. Minutes of last [meeting read and approved. Boarii allowed claims against the county. : . ' . . . ^ . . . . . . Board entered into an agreement with J. K.'Derairig, Trustee, for tha purchase of :road material on or under 1.26 acres in Section 1 ,19-97-22 more(particularly described as' follows, for the sum of $504.00: Begin- LS3 feet west of the northeast corner (1) General Government:. · - , / . Offices of Manager, Clerk, Auditor; Attorney. Assessor and Board of Review .'...,.. $18,000 (2) Police Department: . . . Salaries and wages .$ ,38,500 , Traffic control . . . J . . . 1,500 ' ' Motor patrol ....-..'......./.I... 5,000 r ' Police Station and Jail -......':....:..'. 1,000 Telephone, Telegrams, Signal system.....;. l,iOO 1 New Equipment .····,,· ·· 1,500 Miscellaneous supplies- .. '....: ! 1,400 ' , ' . / ^ -" · . ' i 5 50,000 ' (3) Health Department: ,,.; Salaries of Director, Technician and . inspector .......; .......... $ 5 , 0 0 0 Miscellaneous, supplies and operating expenses .. .'...;·- 800 Detention Hospital operations 1,700 '^Detention Hospital 'Repairs \'.,...-. ' 2,000 $ 9,500 (4) City Hall and Scale House..' 5 2,000 (5) Engineering Department: Salary, and wages ..'..$ 7,200 Miscellaneous supplies 1,800 \ · \ . $ 9,000 (6) New Street Signs . /:......' $ 6,000 . (7) Balance.due Water Department $ 9,000 (8) Miscellaneous: Elections, publications, insurance and other expenses chargeable to the fund. ........$ 5,000 Total Corporation Fund- appropriation B--GRADING FUND .Salaries and wages -.-....,. ".. .$ 25,000 . Maintenance and operation of equipment... "7,000 Maintenance of teams 1,000 Miscellaneous supplies 2,000 $165,400 ?108,500 · : · · - ' . - · Appropriations ' Operation and maintenance -V..$ 75,000 ^ _ Material and labor for services and other de' partments .. 25,000 , Interest on bonded debt 15,500 Bonds .'..·. * , . .-.\ 25,000, Available for extensions and betterments... 32,000 $172,500 Section 1S7-SEWAGE DISPOSAL PLANT BOND FUND Receipts ' ''. From 3 mill levy '. ~ ...$ 15,000 Est. O. D., 3-31-31 ...... \, ·. 265 ,.' · Appropriations Bonds due . .'. :· "..,.....'.......$ 10,000 Interest ...'. . ' 2,900 To Sinking Fund 1,835 Section 14. 'BRIDGE BOND FUND / Receipts From 1 mill levy '.'. .$ ' 5,000 Estimated balance 3-31-31 1,450 C--IMPROVEMENT FUND and Franklin counties In the matter of Joint Drainage District No./ 1 . Franklin County, No. 86, Hancock County, and No. 31, Cerro Gordo County. The joint boards adopted resolutions in the matter of tie acquiring tax sale certificates No. 10,187, 10,188 and 10,189. r Board adjourned to meet Dec: 15, 1930. "* F. G. ROOT, Attest:, ^" .Chairman 7'. ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION Z Dec. IB, 1930--^Seventh Day "/Board -met pursuant to adjournment. All-members present. Minutes of the. last meeting read and approved. ' -The following resolution was offered by Supervisor Gibson: ·'Whereas,, the Board of Supervisors did on'the'twenty-fourth day of November, 1930, approve the recommendation of the County Engineer in/ the 'matter' of alteration Qf a portion of Road No. 209 and did further declare that the-said change be made, and , 'Whereas, the Board have been unable to come to an agreement with the owner of the land to be acquired to''.'effect the proposed change in. said highway, and w Whereas, the County Auditor has served notice as provided by Section: 4611, : Code of Iowa,' 1927, on Caroline Langenberg Fish, the owner of record,'and on Thomas Neilson, the occupant of the SE% of the SEW, of Section 11, Township. 96, Range 22, west of the Fifth P. M.. - and Whereas, the owner of the land'to be acquired has failed to appoint an appraiser as provided by Section 4610, Code of Iowa, 1927, and V Whereas,-no one claiming to be the appointed appraiser of the said land owner has appeared or qualified. -·Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, T^iat the Board of Supervisors shall, and they do hereby appoint T. C. Bowles and C..E. Geist as members at Board of Appraisement who shall appoint a third appraiser. The Board of Appraisers shall ithen proceed to appraise the damages con sequent on the taking oi' the righ of way as set out in and described in the County Engineer's recommendation and survey heretofore filed. On motion of Supervisor Gibson seconded by-Supervisor Pedelty, the above resolution was adopted. All members voting- aye. Nays. none. · Whereas, on the delinquent tax list there appears a 3928 road poJ) tax assessed against Roy Sharp, and Whereas, the said Roy Sharp has way in .accordance, with the ,con-1 struction' specifications submitted to and.approved bv.tne Iowa State Highway Commission. On motion of Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Root, the above resolution, was adopted.. -All members present voting aye. Nays, none. ' ' - Board met In the'matter of Drainage District No. 31 and adopted resolutions in the matter of acquiring/tax sale certificates No. 10,187, 10,188 and 10,189. On motion of Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Pedelty, C. R. Wood,' Jr., C. E. Geist and John Johnson were" appointed commissioners to reclassify Drainage Dis- tricts'No. 29, .101," : 59, \107 and 38. Motion carried; all members present voting aye. to iron pipe, then 35 degrees and 30'minutes left 300 feet, then 136 degrees and 15 minutes left 312.8 feet, then 48'd.egrees and 15 minutes left 251.25 feet to point of beginning. 1 . · '. .' : -' ;·''. , '·· ' : ". -. \ ' Board'entered into' an agreement with.the Cerro. Gordo County Medical Socie ty '· for. i the, · tre atment of poor persons for.the year 1931. IN ;THE ; MATTER: OF CTUNTY TRUNK'ROAD "B" AND COUNTY ROADS NOS. 209 AND 141. And now to'-wit: on, the 31st day of December 1930,' the matter of vacating and relocating and establishing part of county Trunk Road "B" and County Roads No. 209 and 141 comes on for hearing upon report and recommendation of R. E Rober.tspn..County Engineer, of Cer- Ling aye. * i\,uici*juii,^\ji/ui*».jrj uugi. Board adjourned to'meet Dec. 22. ro Gordo County, Iowa. 1930. F. G. ROOT, Attest: Chairman ARTHUR -HARRIS, Auditor. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION Dec. 22, 1930--Eighth Day Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisors Gibson and Root present Minutes of the last meeting- read and approved. Board passed'the following resolution: RESOLUTION, Granting to Missouri Valley Pipe / Line Conipany"Penhlsslon to Lay Gas Mains in and Under Certain Highways in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Whereas^ on the twenty-second day, : pf'December, A. D. 1930, the Missouri Valley Pipe Line Company, a corporation, filed with tliis board, pursuant to the -provisions of Chapter 250 of-the 1927 Code of Iowa. Its written application for permission to lay'gas mains In and under certain highways of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa; and Whereas, after due investigation and , consideration ^hia board finds that in .the interest of public welfare and convenience such permission should be granted. Now , Therefore, Be It Resolved, That permission be, and.the same is hereby granted to the Missouri Valley-Pipe Line Company to lay mains in and under certain highways ·shown to be intersected by the red line on the plat attached to the applicant's application, and which plat is by reference made a part hereof, said gas line to be laid in the approximate , location snown on said plat. Be It Further Resolved, That permission to-use said highways shall he granted upon the condition that the gas mains shall be so construct ".d and matntaJhed as not to inter"ere with public "travel, or the fu- tiire Improvements o£ said highways, of with the iiralnage thereof, either surface or subterranean, and noon the further condition that the Missouri Valley Pipe Line shall b* -esoonslble for. all damages arising f rom' the construction or maintenance of safd pas -mains, or n rising by reason of the fact,that the same ·»re not kept in a proper state of ·enair./ Be It Further Resolved, That said permission is granted upon the con- Be 1 it therefore Resolved tBat R E. Robertson;: County : Engineer, be and is hereby authorized and empowered to make s. survey arid report' on said proposed change r am that he file said report with the County Auditor on or -before January 5, 1931. . · - ' - . ' , ' Motion made by Supervisor Gibson, duly seconded by Supervisor Pedelty, that resolution as read-be adopted. Vote being taken resulted as follows: Ayes, Supervisors Gibson, Pe d el ty arid. Root-: Nays, none Resolution declared adopted this 31st day of December 1930. The following .resolution v. adopted: ' : . ' Whereas, the provisions of Section 4489, Code of Iowa, 1927, have been complied with, Now therefore be It Resolved that the Board of Supervisors do herebj approve the application of J. Max Osbprn and A. Miles Osbo'rn for a school, fund loan in the sum of $1,200.00 and do'hereby, fix the interest rate at 5 per cent per annum. r On motion of Supervisor Gibson seconded by Supervisor Pedelty, th above resolution' was adopted. Al members of the Board voting Aye. Now to-wit on this 31st day o December, 1930, it being ' the day and hour heretofore set for the hear ing of objections to the proposec assessments for the destruction o weeds in the various townships an in towns under five thousand Inhab itants in the county, and Whereas it ap ears that the Boar are without authority as to th bearing on the proposed assess ments in the City of Clear Lake Iowa. . Now-therefore be it Resolved tha all assessments as shown in Ri schedule heretofore filed, exceptln those proposed assessments whic apply to real estate located in th City of Clear Lake, Iowa, be con firmed and levied, and the Count Auditor is hereby instructed spread the same upon the tax list as by law provided. Motion by Supervisor Gibson seconded by Supervisor Pedelt.v that the resolution as read b idopted. The vote resulted as to lows: Ayes, Supervisors Pedelti Gibson and Root. Nays none. Board adjourned Sine Die. f Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS. Ayditor F. G. ROOT, Chairman Interest $ Other expense properly chargeable to the " fund '- - 810 $108,500 $ 35,000 $ 35,000 $ 5,000 4,190 - $ 5,000 --SEWER FUND : (1) Disposal Plant: Salaries and wages .$ 3,000 Light and power '. r.. 2,000 T - . _ . - _ * * . ' -iVXIVl $ 10,000 · Appropriations l Bonds due $ 4,000' Interest .;...,...'..... 1,300 Sinking Fund '. 1,150 Section 15. GENERAL BOND FUND Receipts From 8 mill levy ". .$ 40,000 Estimated balance 3-31-31 · 1,900 Appropriations Bonds due $ 10,000 Interest .. ........ 18,178 Sinking Fund : 13,722 *---Repairs · Miscellaneous supplies (2) Maintenance of sewers v . (3) i Construction E--GENERAL For any legal purpose not falling under the preceding funds, or to supplement any shortage in said funds 5 10,000 6,900 Total Consolidated Fund Section 3. LIGHT FUND Receipt* From 5 mill levy $ 22,500 From 2 mill levy 1,800 Estimated balance 3-31-31 3,500 . * i Appropriation Lighting streets and alleys ' $ 23,000 Balance ....'. ...-. 4,800 Section 4. GARBAGE FUND Receipts : From 2 mill levy ......$ 10,000 .Estimated balance 3-31-31 , 2,950 Appropriations Operation of Incinerator Plant § 2,000 Collection of garbage 5,000 City Dumps 2,200 New Equipment ^2,000 Balance 1,750 $165,400 $ 27,800 $ 27,800 $ 12,950 Section 16. WATEfl BOND . / · Receipts From-3 mill levy ....... .'.. .$15,000 Estimated balance 3-31-31 ... ..- 1,200 ^ Appropriation Sinking Fund .....; '. : . Section 17. POLICE PENSION FUND $172,500 5 14,735 $ 14,735 $· 6,450 $ 6,450 $ 41,900' $ 41,900 Table, Pool Table, or other,like Table or device, there shall be paid license fees of $20.00 per year; ' - . For each and every Card Table or like Table upon which cards, or any other game of a, similar character ' are -played, there. shall be , paid license fees of $10.00 per year. Section 2. No person licensed under this Ordinance shall use or Der- mlt to be used any Gallery, Alley, or Table, or keep open his place of business for. purpose licensed, after 12:00 o'clock p.-m. on any day, and said 'place 1 of i business shall not be open on any Sunday. ~He shall permit no minor to remain in his place of business as a.spectator or otherwise;. he shall permit no instrumental music or singing^ or any form of attraction or entertainment other than the games licensed, to be carried on therein. Section 3. The Mayor, or other public official; authorized- to issue, licenses, shall ;, revoke 'any :/ license · issued in accordance with., the foregoing provisions whenever it ap-. . pears that intoxicating; liquor is' being used or drunk in or about the place, with the knowledge or , consent of the owner ' or .proprietor, or when any other illegal act, whether under ; the Statutes of Iowa or the Ordinance 6i the City of Mason City, Iowa, is being done with the knowledge and consent of the owner or manager; and if -.the place is not being- -conducted in a quiet and -orderly manner^ or' if persons of questionable character are permitted to'he in or about the place, or if said place is not operated as provided by. Section 2 of this. ordinance. Section 4. All ordinances; or parts of ordinance- in conflict -with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. ' This Ordinance stiall be in full force and effect from -arid after its adoption, publication, and recording, as provided by, law. Adopted this' 6th day of March, 1931. - ' , ' E. S. SELBY, . H. M. KNTJDSON, CARL RYE, Councllmen. Attest: . J.' H. McEWEN, City Clerk. ' · NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WELL In District Court, January Term :' 1931. STATE OF, IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. v 4069. To All Whom. It -May Concern: ' 1 $-16,200 $ 16,200 ·From Vz mill levy ......:.:......;;..;..-...'. $ ·Interest on securities ......'.....'.'..-....... Deposits by Policemen"..; Estimated balance.3.-31-31 . Pensions Balance . Appropriations 2,500 450 325 3,000 360 5,915 ARE HEREBY NOTIFD3D, That an instrument of writing purporting to be 'the last Will -and Testament of Helen A. Prescott, deceased, dated Feb. 17, 1923,' having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 6th day of April, 193.1, is fixed for hearing 'proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, , before the District Section 18. FOREMEN'S PENSION FUND 'Receipts 'From % mill levy, . ......... . . . .. ...... ; . . .$ Interest on securities .·.,........,. ....... . Deposits by firemen . ...... .. Estimated balance 3-31-31 $ 6,275 $ 6,275 ... 2,500 745 300 750 Section 5. FERE MAINTENANCE FUND Receipts From 8 mill levy /.. .$40,000 Less est. O. D., 3-31-31 ..... 1,500 Appropriations Salaries and Wages ^ 35,000 Maintenance and operating of equipment... 1,500 Maintenance and operating building 1,200 Genera] supplies v 800 Cf said Court; and at 2 o'clock p. m.,.' of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required^to^ appear, and show. cause, if any they have, why said v instrument should not be probated and allowed ag-ancj for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at .Masoa City, Iowa, March 5, 1931. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court. By-- Margaret Riley, Deputy. Pensions Balance . Appropriation S 4,295 1,1703,125 · ' - - . - . . : - - . " ' "· ' . $ 4,295 Section 19. Effect: That the provisions of this ordinance'declared to be necessary for .the operation of the .various city functions and shall be In effect ten days from and after its passage-and publication. Section 20. HEARING: That the-said Budget will be considered by the .Council for the adoption at the City Hall at 1:30 P. M., April 6, 1931. Section 21. . PUBLICATION: That this ordinance shall be published in the Mason City Globe-Gazette a^ least two weeks prior to said date,of Hearing. · Proposed this 6th day of March, 1931. Section 6. FTRE EQUIPMENT FUND ' Receipts From 1 mill levy \ '!.....' $ Less est. O. D., 3-31-31 5,000 200 Appropriations ' To Water Fund to repay loan of 9-20-29 $ 4,000 · Interest · 85 Balance 715 Section 7. PARK FUND From 2 mill levy . .. . Est_ balance 3-31-31 Receipts 10,000 1,500 , : , Appropriations Salaries and wages ·» $ 6,500 Maintenance and repair 1,000 Miscellaneous supplies '...-.' 1,000 Available for perihanent improvements ,. 3,000 Section 8. BRIDGE FUND Estimated balance, 3-31-31 .. Appropriations Redeck, 14th St. N. E. bridge ; . $ 1,000 Maintenance and repairs 500 Balance 5,500- Section 9. BAND FUND - Receipts From IVi mill levy ....................... $ 7,500 Estimated balance 3-31-31 i , 225 $ 12,950 $ 38,500 $ 38,500 $ 4,800 $ -4,800 $ 11,500 $ 11,500 $ 7,000 $ 7,000 $ 7,725 Attest: . J. H. McEWEN, 'City Clerk. MIER WOLF, H. M. KNUDSON, CARL RYE, Councilmen. Rupture Eats Up Manhood Simple Exercise Works Wondei-s 5,000 Tackete of-New Material Sent Free-^-No Ox-Harness ,' Needed. ORDINANCE NO. 248 ORDINANCE NO. 249 An Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 225; Known as "Zoning Ordinance," by Changing Classification of Certain Property From District "A" to District ','E." j Be It Qrdained by the City Council of the City of Mason City, Iowa: ' ·' . . Section 1. That Ordinance No. 225, known as "Zoning -Ordinance" be, and the same is hereby amended and changed by withdrawing the following wit: described property, to-, Lots Three and Four (3 4'), in Block Two (2), in ger's Addition to Ma«on City, Iowa, except the West Ninety Feet (W 90' of said lots. All of. Lot Eight (8) in' Auditor's Replat of Lo^s One (1) and Two (2) in Block Two (2), . in Kuppinger's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, except the West Forty-four Feet (W 44') thereof, from Zoning District "A,", and placing the same in Zoning District Section 2. All Ordinances and parts .of Ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed. , Section 3. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect ten (10) days from and after its adoption, publication, and recording-, as provided by law. ' Adopted this 6th day of March 1931. E. S. SELBY, H. M. KNUDSON. CARL RYE. Councllmen. Attest: J. H. McEWEN, City Clerk. An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance No. 160 of the' Ordinances of the City of Mason City, Iowa, and Enacting the Following Ordinance Providing for the Regulation and -Licensing of Public Shooting Galleries, Throwing Galleries, Bowling Alleys, Billard Halls and Tables, and Card Tables, or Devices Whereon Games Are Played. Be It the City Council, of the City of" Mnson City, Iowa:' - . ' · , · . ' · ' - · . · ; · " . . : Section 1. Every Public Shooting Gallery, Thowmg. Gallery, Bowling Alley and Billard Hall wherein bil- lard tables, pool tables, or other- tike table or device whereon games are played; and every public place wherein card tables or other tables upon which any'card game of any kind or character- may be played within the. City of Mason City, Towa, and for the privilege of using which, or for playing thereon, or for the use or hire of which any charge fs made, either directly or indirectly, either in money or any, other thing of value; or where any compensation is'accepted, or in consideration of which use anything of benefit to the owner or proprietor thereof is' required to be done, or any purchase made,' shall be sub- 1ect to the " following regulations^ licences', and license fees: For each and every Shooting or Throwing Gallery not Jess than $10.00 nor more than $25.00 per year; For each and every Track or Alley whereon is played games of bowls,' teiv-plns, or games of similar character, there shall be paid license fees of $20.00 per year; For each and every Billiard i '' Put strength into abdominal walls by-easy, simple, brief'exer- cise. Wear comfortable garment- like support that is unlike anything you ever saw. Clean, cool, wonderful. Promote' healing circulation. Don't wear body 'springs and v Ox- Harness. Get your free book and free sample packet of air-breathing substance. No obligation. Tomorrow means never, so write today and get on the road to vim, vigor and health. Address New Science Institute, 435 Mull BIdg., Steubenville, Ohio. ' 1931 Spring Sale IOWA HOLSTEIN BREEDERS' ASSOCIATION Dairy Cattle Congress Grounds WATERLOO Monday, March 16th 't 65 Registered 1 Holstcing' i All-American Breeding Iowa's Best Blood Lines 10 bulls from 'high record dams Females with large official and teat association records. 10 calf club heifers--all show prospects. All animals guaranteed. 60-90 day. retest privilege given. FOR CATALOG ADDRESS F. C: BARNEY, Sect. M., Box E Chapln, Iowa

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