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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1818
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TT7r Vr'TI - . - !;r if .' I LJL MX LJ ' JJ 1113 71 - in " " w . - IJL - S - NUMBER 4916 "r Sale, frtigU or Charter, n.. ri Miim? briar &A1L0R BOY. . . - 9 n - ' r Rvtman. matter : now ready to re - StiTcvrsn 175 tons, and wUI carry about Pit Market wharf, orto D. BETHUN'E CO. - h2 WCH.ilip. tar WlLMlXQTUJf, JV. C. The tchr ADELINE, PelegTopper, imrvster. will be dispatched unmeUaUly. l ot u - eigut or passage apply to . R.GILLESPIE, " '.' . . 112 Front - it Wbo offers fcr sale, .180 bbls tar, and a parcel of W. O. hhd ... staves, received by said vessel Alfo WO bbls tupf. Richmond fbur SS hhd Richmond and Petersburg tobacco ' SO tierces rice 21 Mies upland cotton 55 hhdi molasses 200 bags coffee . II 1 ..I mikilM nnrl wine, in hhds and qr. - Madeira . do , i' - 1 Claret wine, in botes of 1 dozen each. It knvaa cotton laces Ao invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of snuff poxes, slates, state pencils, marnies, jewcucrj, violins, ladies' work Vexes, cologne water, kc. - Feb It ' - FOR AilaTr.KDAM, Tl, lum h brie - MARGARET, can funk. h mtiaidemhl nart nf tier ' r!goenK,.gd, and will be dispatcned without lelsy. or ireigni or passage, appiv w fie vIS No. 74 Wailiin'jtnn - stieet, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf ' Wo. 78 Washington tteet. For FREIGHT or, 1 he last sailing tenr. Orvur.w, uur - T - lhen 1100 bbU has made buttwovoy - ires, and is now in read it. ess to receive a car - . . i i . d:. ..... go. ror terms appiy on uuaru, i rui - iii wharf ; or to C. G. & f HOWLVXO. feb 26 77 Washington - street For - a.i I? - or AIA H i v Tir valilub e t.ilt aaiiim W f All TKF.SS. cantain lla:ris. .it Flv - miirket uhart, two years old, burthen 184 tons, will alow upward of 300 hhds. is in all respects h excellent order, and will be ready vj re ceive a cargo iu two davs. Apply to N. k D. T .UOiT. fob 26 64 .South - sireei. FOR HAhf. A4 ltli. sH.i t.lUU Or - THK SUlMCWiKU, . A SLOOP, now building of the best vlol materials, about 100 tout; umbers of live locuit and cedar; phmk Jerwy white oak, built on purpose tor the Ali'a nv trade. ' ,,. . A SLOOP pf 60 ton cali:ulued for vl4anJ trade where dis(ialh, burthen, and I'lt euv draft of water is required. A pcrwuiia SCHUUXKK, ft 4U tnu , will draw but liUle W4tr, wan a lee - .board through the rentre of her keel, and is expected to nil very AIks a SHIP of 360 ton, calculated wtfcjv for a Liverpool or Lnmlnn trader, ((hat JgJcan be finished It tuil the purchater. 1 Uy" 6 pars, timber and pUiiK A lib, timber tawed to bills for bourn buildini; . nov6 U CMAKIJ'.S BtlQWNNR. ... . ton bolt, i'mtflU or t ha ttr, JHRv The good brig Pi. A.N I EK, lh7 ton J5iburtben one year old, Mows 1500 bbls 4vry tast sailing vessel and in completeord' r receive a carjo. Apply on bord west side fiurKng - slip, or to L. & C. GttlSWOLD, . ch 5 Ii6 "with - st. or ynu, freight tr (,'liarttr, A new pilot boat sciionnfr. about 1"20 tons burthen, bailt in the best manner. ui per fastened.nnd in complete order to receivt a cargo. Apply to U. L. 4 G. GKISWOLD, fnh 3 M ouii - Mrret. For .taie, rrachtor charter, A oew pilut built schooner, about 120 tons burthen, built rathe best man - nr ul good material, aud copper fastened, k rsry fast stiilin; ve l, aud may be sent to tea atimall ixpensf - Wpply to H. L. . G. GR.ISWOLD, mch 3 86 youth - st. r . . Fir &Vi FA Sf.V.1 H, vK The parket ship RISIN.3 T TE - , jjXiThos. Swinburn, master, now loa.Uug at Fine - street wharf, will meet with immediate dis patch, having a considerable part of her cargo gaged. For freight of about SW0 bbls. or pas - ttge, having elegant accommodations, apply on soard, orto GRISWOLDS Si COATES, nhT 68South - M. JJ puncheons Jamaica Rum. jtwt arrived knd landing Irnm the t.rig David Kichards, from FaiQiouth, (Jam.) and iwr al - by A. D. DUFF. C9 WaJungton - street. .Who has for stile in store, L. P.Teneriffe Wine, fl'Hsley bran )) in quarter caks, imported July, 1H 1 6 Do do inlDidi. and qr. catks, do Annuel do Do do in pipes, hhds. and qr. cask, do September do 30 pipes 100 h'ldn and 280 qr. catks doenti - . lied to debenture i 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, Iron the Cai c4 Good 11' pe, and euli - tled to debenture Fort and old l.ivbon wines, in assorted casks : 39 boxes of claret wine 132 do jrrave wine and one cask cardwire. feb7tf - JJ Q. casts colaieimr wine 130 qr ca,Ws aud 500 half do drv Malaga do 6 dr and 14 h.ilf do swet Malaga 130 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 tnlcs Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 60 do piloting do (letter 14 hhds English gla ware, consisting ol wines and tumblers assorted 100 boxrs anchovies and 50 do oliret 1 bos Freutb kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do t - nrravings 9 aes felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian rag 600 marble mortar 23 ca.!S marble slabs, veined and statuary, assorted tizet 6 boirs N aples shaving soap 1 dn watch glasses 3 ces manua in Hikes 100 bile, Calcutta good, consisting of oauas, putkah and rallipatty cossahs , . tiiHiIjiorfi.chnniocollygouauua, luckij ipore nan rxyj'pore j 'unh, jmliore tuid mow rn mUm .do , otec and frvcteoy rooials for sale by' ' CHAS. L. OfiDEM, and mrhO ABKM.OGDF.N, 37 hu . , VU BACCO & FLOUR 6sii B7CrTlo do. ... Jb J tf,t S - MET." RON !fe CLEEMAN, M - No. 78 Wabina - t. MOLASSES tVR&.iLK. . Hhds molasses, now lamlingfroa brig Agnes, from MaUbzas. Apply to isnr mrvion Feb 33 3.) r ront'st. I'LA&IEK K r - AiUo. A CON ST AM supply of ground plaster of pans, in barrels, suitable for the souther mnrbet. Orders len wiiu yi alter Wesien. no. 174 r rout - street, comer of Uuninir - 10, will be promptly attended to JOILX BYtllS, , r oui ci jiarriwon - ireci, ucru'iuvsr. Jan 19 If 1 UKOtVM, stone eeal engraver and jewel - J. . ler, No. 160 Broadway. . Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, tic engraved ou stone. A uandmmt nworfment of fine cold teals. chains, aud other jewellery. ' . Ladies' seals engraved With coats of anas, mcttos, nod fancy devices. . , Dianaouda, auielby - ls, crystal;, fcc. bought in the rough or cut ti any form. Book of heraldry kept with upwards of 60.000 names. Jaa 7 3m HI. MP, LK1, PAlNIs, &c. ttuwia hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet leid, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 carks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead ' 60 hales India twine Englmh - nil a - id seine twine 3 cak Prussian blue, 5 casks rermillion 3 hhd verdigris 50 caki Freurh yellow ochre Dry white and rr - d lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCUERMERHORX & SON'S, 2 13 Water - street. . Alo, 300 anchors, of Hunt's make, fiom 40 to S500 - rt. ; . Cat'h s and cordage, of all sizes, Lett quality, with the uiu assortment of ship chandlery. Feb II tf 21 C't'J'i'. bstles !riino Alabama cotton, landing from chr :a - iau 20 b .les V w - Orl"an cotton per bri Fi - 5 hhd Kentucky tob o i o . nancier IS STORE, ' 20 tons clear Si Petersburg)! hemp Rusiia duck, Germtui sleei, roil blimjtone 13 nes tumblers 30 boxrt Castile soap Writing and wrappiug paper 1 case Leghorn hats, .No. $0 a 40 AU, just received, ICOOi'' lb Havana couVo, in hhd. ant A f. w hhds of rectified pure soil it, made from molasics rum. For sale liy , Jt.tES lrtVOt.F.jr. Feb 23 a7 front - st. LIS K.N , I MAP! rto, he Ltl C. rjt'YliA.M,b - ve jutt received per brig . 1'ocahoutas, (oin l'uloin, t.nd tfijp 'lh - m.'ts Wilnon, from Greenock, for sale by the patktige - 13 fics 4 - 4 Irish Linens S do. 7 - 8 do' lo 5 rlo 3 - 4 btown Linens and Lawns t do do Mark tio 3 do birds r.yr Diapers 1 do table to 7 bote 5 - 4 Irish Slieelings 2 do 9 - 8 do 'tout do 2 d Lone lwna ' - 7 bates DroKbedas fc Ducks 6 da l.intn BedtHki. Aim, A general Hssnrtmcnt ofthe above articles, opt ned for retail tales, at 61 Ma!den - nnc, on vi Itivnrehb) terin. feb ?5 tl' Bt MUAZK i' l'S, assorted colours do all black do twilled, assorted colonic, juct f ceired Fortale by OTIS i SWAN, ' mch 3 . 157 Pcarl - st. wlLI.AKY LAND PATf.NTij. FOR SAi.E, an unieltibd Iotnf70 land patents, located in the Illinois Territory, and bought directly from 'he Soldiers. Apply to ISAAC R. ST. JOHN, mil 10 tf No. 39 Wall - street. y - L !l,V MADEIRA V.SE. - 8pior old bi - O cily Madeira v'ine, imiwirted in tfili, tor sl bv TUCKER k LA UK IK?, n.h 13 4 Ninth - str t. O I ELL - J by mb 11 io' bu'iolci rwedUh tnl, for tale hurd k sr. wall, . 65 Sooth - it. t'A rt.ii H A Ml ,!. AH INSKEEP, No. 3 Courtland - street, in order toclose the concern, offers for tale at very redu. ed prices, his remaining stocks of Pa - lr Hangings, comprising ao elegentastortzoent lor city ami country sales, rnh 13 Iw LjUlt Al.E the Establishment No. 20 Nas - r sati - street. N D. t tl tt season of the year peculiar ad antaget may be deri ed from it. Apply to R. HM.L, mil' 14 .It or on the premise. "X'll', FORhs 1' TIIKK. - , ic. (CT BENJAMIN' PRINCE Co have lor ale M thtir INur - 1 mrv. In.liiniv I :Alttr ft. l W2i - M"' New Yo'.k 'heir usual anu jfjfjjVUVv.f.Tys eaienmve variety oi curopean Himfl ' n" Amem anroit and Orna - IS nirntal Trees. Also, a larae col - H lection ol valuable Mirubt and Plants ; they bsve eieral thou etJaJtje - fO' . sand inoculated Peach trees, io i are in 1 1t roest healthy state tod free from any distemper, great attention has heea paid to preserve them t'roin the yellows, which hat destroyed so many trees of that kind throughout the United Male. Catalogm or which may r h id of .Missrs HULL C BOWNE, No. 146 rVarl - tKet, New Y'.rU. or at their Norsery. tbders forwarded to either place will be mine tliatt - ly attuwled to, and tbe tret, He. carefully and securely .Jird, to as to be sent to any part of tin - United tittitet, with the greatest safety, and delivered at Crane wharf; New - York, by water irt e ol freight. Also, for sale as ohnv, 1000 beautiful Balm oi Gilead or Silver Fis Tree, they are almost tore to live when transplanted. 07 - At Uie great lost of Peach Trees by die - e.itf, have detered many front pianline; them, direction! will he given to those who purchase tliein, whii h if attended to, will enable them to preserve their treet in a benlthy state, and to have Peaches in at great plenty as in former years. N.U. Peach trees inoculated on A'mond or Plum stock, is no preventative against trm dis eitc, which the Pennsylvania Agricultural Hocie - tr. cull 'he fellows. h 14 DfcC6t F1WIT and FURKST IRKK8. fO" JAMES BLOOUGOOD 'laii 'mBie i ) niv rtnr8ij r lusning. iu - near ew " . a large itortmeut of tbe roost appro rd European aad American sorts of Apple, Pear, sjnerry. Plumb, Peach, Apricot, JWU - rite and Q lince Treet, witli an assort UK ni ti Foret Trees. ' - A very Ure aisortment of Peach Trees, perfectly hal'li;, aud ol vigorous growths ; rOa - loguet of wmch may be had of . - THUMAS BIXOlGCOD, Iht. Ji Front - ttreet. W here orders leK will he rm'tir - niarly attended to, and treesvtnrefuliy parked and delivered tree ot freight, nt :ran t hart. New York. tt7 Printed dircti(iuswill hefumihel Uve srtio purcliase pea h trees, wnkh, if attended to, will enable thera to preserve a large propovtioti of their ttMs in a healthy state, and to have peaches in as great plenty at formerly TUES DA Y, MARCH 17, 181 C. FOR SALF:, ' A very profitable FARM. oM10 acres, two thirds unriir cultivation, Uie residua woodland, situate on the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Stab n laland side and a short ride Irom the steam boat ferry landing. it civet n verv extensive view ol ttie Dav and en v irons of NeW - York, within the Narrows, and of sandv and lite eeettRKor nrnenect is eifualled by none, 'i'be title it unquestionable. I wo tbirds ol the purchase money may remain secured opnn the land. Apply to A. V.l). fountain on the premises, orto V. A. SEKLV, 113 Greenwicb - streeL TO LET, a eonvenieit new 2 story house, adjoining the above, withaghrdesi and about asj acre ol land. For terras apply u above. ., ; Bih 3 eodtf UtM'Kt.h HUA KU LG. ,s FRANKLIN MOIIVK Tliia new, spaciotrs and aplendiil lltiilding, situated in Broad way, the great and fashionable Ktrect dividing; the centre or tlie city, at the corner of Uev tt. will be opened by the sitbiicriber on Hie 1st of May next, for the reception ot itoardere. It it fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience ami ele gance, by any private dwelling1 in the city. It occupies the roost eligible aituotion, being central, in view ot the fark hikI City - llull t the upper apartments overlooking; the whoje town, commanding a view uf the adjacent country for a circumference ot M miles, including; the Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour i and it u believed that no House in Uie country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit uation ; and no exn nse having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for tlie purpose, in every respect, it will oiler to Indies utid gentlemen, and families visiting the city, 'lie most genteel, plean..iv and retired a partmen's. The choicest of Wineand Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will oe spartu.tu maketiie entertainment plea sant, r:ire and excellent This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel lloardinj Mlta. HE.MJKKbON. fi h94 D&Ctf MiLITARV tiOuNTY LANDS. 1 'PilC t - ub - c iber will pat the hiehett tirice in 1 cash to die lnte solrlrert for Ihcir bounty lands. WAHSWUIUH. No. 26 Watrr street. N. B. J. D. W. pmpoMiit; to leave ihrcity for inn Illinois territory, request nil irinrts ivnoem - i.lnveil him to bbtai:i tfcsir intt u', t j call and take up the same, ir tin ive tlinh Ir.r them. Will take any Kgency butincss lo the I 111 'Territory, relative to Soldiers claims, lie. Apply as Hliove. mrb 1" D&C Swt 1,11) IX OHIO. npilE miliseriber odors far tale the fulluw - JL injr valusble lands in the state of Oiiio, psrt nf the United tatrs military tract, viz : 4WJ acres in the county of iviw.ire, nenig the 3d section of the 3l township of the 17th range, lying about 14 miles north of Columbus, the teat of Government, and 5 mile north east of Wortltington.' This tract lies between Alttim ami Walnut Creek, very near the tor mcr, and it intersected by the staU - road from Columbus to Lake Erie. , 3600 acres in the county of Knox, btuitR part of the 4th section of the 5th townaiiip, of the 15th range, and lies on tlie north fork of Licking - , aSoul IU miles northwest of Newark and Granville, 12 ntilet touiltwest of Mdurit Vernon, 10' miles northeatt of Beiksliire, anil about 36 milea nort'.icatt of ColumbUs! The state road front which to Mount - Vernon pat - set through the runt fur est corner of i he tract. The; lands are nf excellent quality, in a part of the ttate which it setting very fast, tnd tlie title beings from the United States to the subscriber and tuxes regularly paid. Will be warranted free of all incuiubrai'ce. Perth Amboy f s. j.) i JAMES PARKER. March 12,1818. J mil 13 DlawC2 - w6w For ooie, or Exchargt for property in the ,v city. A FARM containing 60 acres, pleasantly situated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village of Newburgli T he land is of an exc llent quality, and with tlie excetition ot a f acres, hat been seeded with tim .thy and clover for mowing ; it it well watered by a small brook that never fails the place aiiotimls with frtnt nf the cho cest kin. I and, in great va riety t the buildings are a house, bam and o - tlier necewary out bous. t ; in point uf pi cut - antness or situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded by anv place on tbe Hudson rivtr. The rapid growth of the village of '.cwburgb it generally known, the village is no - bounded oy the farm on the north, and the first extension noi tb (which will probably take place in the course of a few years) brings it immediately on to the farm t the advantages ol such an event speak for ihemselvet. Also, within 2 miles of the farm, 50 acres of wood land ; the ood is about 20 years growth and the land is well covered with it i this it a valtiabje acquisition to tlie farm on the river. 'Also farm in Connecticut, in the town of Guilford, at Sac hemshrad harbor, containing between 60 and 70 acres. Tbe land is ofau excellent quality, and the greatest part it in ti oiothy grass. It is bounded on three sides by the sea, which affords ample sources of manure, and saves mu.b fencing. There is on the place a house, barn and out - buildiugs, sufficient for all pnrpoeof the farm. for terms of the Newburgh property, apply to Messrs. J. k T Powel, nt that place; and for th Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at tiuillord ; or for both, to the subscriber in New York, at No. 181 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, mch 6 D2aw4wClaw4w lO LET, L.SlD And possession given on the lint of May, the noose No. 43 Broadway, together with a brick Are - proof stable and store in the rear fronting on Ntw - strvtt. Also, the adjoining house INo. 50. I be soap manufactory in the rear, lo ha removed on the 1st of April - For terms apply to . JOHN SLIDKLL fcCO. inch 1 1 No .10 Hrwidwav. IU l.l.T, So. 80 Wadl - strtet. Apply eh!9 tf Tbe store tt oV store. - Tt 20 LET, ufi And immediate posaession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, tocethcr with U ta Me and Coach llou.e in the rear on firidee - st. The iiremists are in complete repair' ssnd have erery convenience neretsary lor the ac coiumo dation nt a laanly. f or particulars nppiy to ocl T " uri - iuisH. fT ' OR SAI.K OR TO LFASK, 4Jiil Lots in the 6. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: saaay ttl itbtcharenn regulated and pe.vd streets. No money win tw rvuirea bouct ten years, u somi, nteresjt excepted. - tiuusiua. Several two and thn e story hornet, on which a rreat i srt of tbe mmey rmnfn mnrlgacn. - L.A . J I. S l I ftLU liVVIV. An eicellrotstnad for bisn - , with ten acres of land. pteassnHf ntqated, vtrth a wharC store - hnve and bsra. - COTTON and WOOLEN MANtl AU TORI, Near Nw - Havn. ahh 40 acres of land, and a ever faihng stream. apsi whsrb 20 taili osay be erected. wlh a tuflitiency or tcati - r lor earn. . jaa 13 tf I I - tl . I II IXXI II . I I II II V "k li t. A r U 1 II I'X II TT' II II. fcJ - - l II . Ul , MM V iJ " ' M ' LJ ' 1 ' ' m Ml LI lf 4 i V T il . FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, On accoiDmodatini terms, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoining tbt navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, Jan 9 tf . Brooklyn. 7'fl t.lf.T. fSlTI From Uie first of .Mav pext. a three atory brick house in ( ich - street, between Liberty and t.'ourtlaiklt - streets. Inquire at 7 Cireenwicli - strcet. - nih 8 tf ' FOKSALF, The two - story brick front lloue and Let No. 33 CheTry - rtreet For term, kc. apidy at 76 Pearl - Jtrect. mar 3 A convenient 2 story brirkr - Hit HOUSE aud LOT, No. 29 Ann - rn - be prrpiie there is also a comfortable back building, with 3 rooms having fire - places, and t oilier apartments ; and in the rear ol the whole, is a car peoter's shop, al out 60 feet in length. This lot, which is XU tret I inch in widtb, an J I lit) bet in depth, would be very suitable lor a manufacturer, a carpenter, n livery - stable keeper, or any btisinrss that rcquirrs a good de:il of room. For term', apply at No. 17 llurhug - shp. Feb 27 if rfSSi iA.S7r.AL. al GRr.t.AH ICH. V !!irl ' To be U t, the house and crounds Imiiting on tireenwich L;ine, belonging lo Ih: estate ol tne late saiuuel .Muhgan, and at ireeiit occu nin.t hv Mr. David Elv. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE, uminer inr nam, iooi oi iv. .vioore - streei, or oi T. PRINtiLK, in the Bank ol New - York. feh28tf Ftif: I'JiuuF S'J'jRr.. ti'itl I o let ami otHst.ion lirt oi iwny next. the luurttory fire proof ttoro, No. 34 rionth - st. between l.oi utirk nnrl uin slips. Knipnre ol tne mibsciilii r, No. 1 Murray, or 4a CliHinlier - street. ' iro 9 it S. D CltAlti. The sulfcnber will letue or sell the lot and heme in which he now lives in Lati tens - street It is a pretty comfortable house lor a smai: moderate manly, huving a stone Kite nen and cellar, two rooms on each floor and a bed chamber in the garret. Across the rear of the notisc there is a pleasant piara, built scarcely three year ;igo It has a neat little garden niton I 00 feet deep, nd a rmall stable, leading to which there is a gangway from the street Apply to A. 1). Duff, No. 69 Washington - street. Fh2f J AMES TII.LARV. rOK bAl.L, REAL rRorF H TV IN THK (IIV Ol Sf.W - IOIIf. jrJJJ. A BRICK HOUSE aud Lot No. II 5IS51 fiowerv - STABLEin the rear - toceth - cr n ub the LOT, 44 ictt .'rout, 42 fett rear, and If 5 fret on em h tide. ' HOUSE nnd LO f No. 37 Vcsey - street ; and House and Lol No 39 Vesey - slrect. A BOND ond MORTGAGE lor 100 doll.irs. to and do . - for 760 do do and . do V ' . for, do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The"in'erst has always been punctually pniil. Forxiartieuiara inouiie ut tliithce of 61T.PHEN V, LAMOINE, ; doc 10 ff No. 27 Wrill - trvrt.i 8st - vxK bAt.r:, I3 Seven acres nf land in Wett - ChetUr, 12 I t miles irom this dty. On In preBiites r . vlivllinr - lionii. harHftTld fowl hoUe. la tliriny yotjag erciitirtl nf grafind iruit, a s;ardii with upa.ragt beds, slirui.Dcy ol gooseorry. I'tirrnnts and strawberries, with awellol neve - f dlirg mire toft water, well calculated for dit - tilling. Thertages pass every day to .New - York; a vesstl twice tsnk; rx - uig only a quarter ol a mile irom the landine. Enqiiireof UbiNKV Cllt.AVt..3, .' 158 Broadway. Also forsale, a good tornfnntial light wagsort, calculated for one or two horses ; to he seen at Sundi iJ's Livery Stables, liroa.lwuy, near llet - ter - streef I'.nqni'e as nbovc. nihlltf' Huu,StuUc, Gurdt.ii, ke.ut, i The suhicrilr wni et or lease, lor a trrni nfvears. bis house at Gieenwiih. It is plea santly situated on tlie banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a targe family. For terms, apply to DIVTE HLTUUNE, ; A VALLAKI.K f AK.VI, FOR SALE, in the town of Fluhin, tuuen: county, Long Inland, tuatel ou Bay ide, 14 miles from New York, and 2 1 - 2 from Flushinr landm; from whence packet noils and stages daily ply to and Irom New - York. - Said farm contaius about IVU acres, ouol wno d is wood l:tod of various kinds ol timber and thrif - y growth, With two apple orchards, one old, the other not more than 20 yrt old, and con tains 250 gralted trees, all in full bearing and ol the choicest kinds of fruit and great variety there is about 20 grafted pear trees, just in the prime of Mile, coutnting in part o! the choicest kinds of vergaJues, bt. Germaint, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 English cherr) - trees, whit h are just beginning to bear. the rtmainiter suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in substantial fence and on der eood improvement. The mansion bouse is 30 by, 44 feet, built in modern style, of the best materials and finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cedar, and is situated on an emi nence, commanJUif an extensive view of the bay and adjacent country. . Tbe court - yard and garden coutaius a great variety of Iruit - treet and shr.ibberv, ataratii beds, etrawberriet ra henries, gooseberries, and currants in abundance. Attached is a large tram, sheds, carriage home, crib, heu hou;c, tmnke hou;e, anil many other useful and convenient building, all new and in good repair.' The premises belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combines oumcroot advantages, of which it is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will pnrcha - e without first viewinr the premises. - r or particulars ana terms, wmcn win oe accommodating, appiy to the sulcribers, on the premies, who wUi give an indisputable title to them. fcLIZAUtTH CORNLLU Kiccutrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - SUle, Flnjhing, Feb. 23. 1818. . S Feb3 - 1l, ft 7TJ LET, . sif.ili ' The store tisvl cellar under the main WuiKimg of tbe house No. ti Pearl - street, and a three story fire - proof ttortj in the rear, now iw cupied by the subsenher ; pomession to te pv - en en the lt of May next. Also, bis stable and coach - hopse, tituatej on Gold - street, in the rear nf his afnrcnaid premises, pos sesiotvof which can ha had immediately. tb tr . John i. tiuivtn. frvv, ' TO LKI, . A Tavern and More in 1 lushing, at p re in .i uccnuied bv Mr. Win. Shaw. Apply to wfi 6 tf T. until".". S3 to I. FT, A counting bouse on the lower door, Ho. 23 south ttr - et. A larre new fire proof store in uovemeon' - lane, next duor to VVtr - rtnt. Apply to IL.CKC.1L i.siRir.o, . mh II 29 Soulh - streeL TO LET. 'rt. - V.:L. Ol... IU M QlAAP.ll Apply U T. ? J. 8VOIU. ft I . . '" ' ' ' - ' ' N0 - ,j2 FINK - hTRKKT. Ulf BUII.DI. GS. Twoofficesin Law Buildinss No. 3. to lie rented. Apply ontiie premiM. to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq.or at No. 69 Broadway. inx - wir , W LtT, From tlie first of May netf. a front count ing room on the second floor, t.getlier with the upper hilts. Enquire No. 167 Pewl ttree t .Int4 tr A 'III 1.1 .T. fii The thrtmtorv brick dwetlintr. S7 Nor. fout - stret - - Enqnire of ' ' COXt.VO.NTAUDF.VF.RT, Feb 13 ' Qfl Wall - st. 7 LKV, . A fwostorv hru. with alint . rwl Al acicsof land, situate about two and a half miles urn ciiy , onpoaiifl nie arsenal. To a person hImi is In tbe habit of attending market and would cultivate lite laad as an - earlv vmtable garden, it is an object. RantSOO.dollars. Ap ply at j u mail way. nili6lt . i'OUi, From the first Mav next, the store no. 79 south street. For terms, apnlv to L. LKFPKRTS, Jun. ! fel) 7 ' 28 William street. fEtA. ' TO Lt.T, tasj The following Houses, yix: 'llirliouse No. t5 Jolm - ttreet Tlie bouse No. 97 do The house and store No. S95 Prarl - ttreet Thehousennd store No. 131 Cherry - street The house No. 211 Courtland - street. Apply to JA.Vir.3 W. MIAVY, fob 2 1 I No. 6 Knwery l - Rla. 'JO Lr.'T, MniS Those two' fire proof dwelling Hoiisr.t, No. 74 and 76 Mod sfrot - f, about t n n hititcs walk Irom the Coffee House. They will lie put in conip'ele repair, ano well calculated for gen feel lumiliet. Apply at No. 137 VTaterttreet. n.h 1 1 tl , tjiLf.Hlil.K rnvl Fnr sale, the Dover Iron Mnnufarttiriiic trfibblishnient, in tlie county of Morris, and state orNew - Jerscy consisting m a rolling and slitting Mill, iu good repair, which works two pair uf rollers and cutters, shenis, kr. all at the tatr - j time ! a valuable forge with two fires and one hammer fn good repair ; a stork of coal and ore nn hand, sufficient lo make filly toot of iron 1 a good taw mill ; a cut nnil factory in good repair. siiriK:ieni in employ nnrry rem, ana may tie ex tended to employ one hondrtd more : n bradrit ting machine and a steel furnace in good t convenient in ll. works is a store ana a nuinrier ul'lioiiset lor the accommodation ol lumihet, and excellent stniihnir for teams that may he nice sary lo keep for the use of the establishment i al so. orchards, pasture and meadow lots, ittmie dialely adjoinitig the works, nitn timber land in any qiinntity, not (xneding two thousand five hnndred nrres, wiihinthrer miles of saitl works. The rreat vein ofiron bre. rommencinc al the oof ed suck n sunny mine, runs more than f miles through Ibis trnct, ami three mines are now opeb, from which the forges are supplied with ore, aad iiioie may be opened ami ore raised to snppu wnikt to any extent i the miiiet ure within two miles of said works, and icond roads, so thai the ore can be raised and delivered al Hits forge kl two aim a iiMiinoiiar per ton. I ne anove op scrttM a worm are tituaten on Rorkawav River, about eitrtit mit' - t In.fn - rislown. twenty five tnilet from Klirabelb I'nwn, aiMlatyu tbe sniue distance newam, with good turnpike roadt k - adieg from said works , each t lace, in a pleastnt healthy sit oat inn, and in a trood neialiborhowl. lliere beins two Presbv. teriun C within lour miles, and a friends' rhreting htu within two mjlet ( said place. 'Thiv stiinri tor collect ii.g bur iron lor Uie slitting' mill is very corumnii(liiig,JIeru being nearly oae - nnnrrre! lorge ores in ine county ; most oi them are on tlie streams tnnve Hover, nnd the iron, in ning toNew - York market, ran fonve - uienlly past llinsewurkt..rtt lint mill freouenlly mar tout of bar iron have been slit , and bundled into nail and spike rods in a day, and upwards of one nunnreu inns ot nans nave neen maue in a rear. A large amount ol goods may be sold at this plm e in cxcliangt for bur f rem, pr - curing sup plies, rc. izc. Theie are valuable scites botlia - bnye tt - below on this which more woiks may be erected. ' . - ALSO, "l That valuable w II known farm. Iving in the township ol Randoltih, about two miles Iron Do ver, aud six miles ftom Mr rislown. and .witliio one quarter of mileol Uie Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about three buudred acres, aiioutone rourth part of which is excellent nieadow,,om ftiu'th pa. t plough and pa.tare land, and the n nsninder timber. A considerable purl of the tim - tier is ol the original growth, and is suitable lor sawiug, Ihe other .part is thrifty young limber. inm nnen to twenty years grawin. ifa re are oo said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, id fine order, eight to sixteen j ears old, the mott of Utem of grafted fruit, and mure than halt of them Hanson apples, so lamons, lor cider, . Tlie meadows are flat and free f rom ttone, thrown which runs two lively streams ol water, and nearly Ihe whole may lie watered. One of tltese streams it sufficient for a ris' - null or oilier works there ate sw mills, a grist - mill, a foiling milt and nil noil, on the same stream. Oft said farm are two valuable tritet for waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and rait a considerable pond, with twelve or ulleen feet bead. - Below this (be water can lie taken into a rate, .ami In lets .than tweuty chains, on good firm ground, is more thtn iwent leet fall. In this way Uie water can b worked twice over with tlie expanse of only one dam. There it on laid farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hoojied vith iron, sufficient lo hold twelve hundred barrels of cider.' Connected to the' cider workt is the still - hoesx, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is ' compteb i without pumping, . I'be water for condensing (he spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within sit rods of the at ill house, and has stiflicirnt bead to run into the cisterns. .The buiMiupt consist ot two smalt frame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 26 fi - et wide,, under A part oj which i a rood cellar t there are alto bay bouse, cow thtdt, te.", - ' . Valuable property at Longwood, in Die town - ship of Jeflerson, six miles I rota Dover, on tne main branch of Rockaway lUver, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer ; abundance of water the whole year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, and for otteea yean patt hat made at much iron at any two fires ... ' . fi. .... .. 1 1. ...... l.;t.. .,i in inc ;wnij. ik: tir - wiiiiiii mui a part of the road lurspikrd. The several tracts ronaectod with this establishment amount alto gether to about lbrteeoh.rracres,thegrraf r nrt timber, to make durable tupply oi coeJ forthelorge. lirMurdintely afjoinirig l ie forge it very valuable plots tnd meadow Und tufScieM ro - tnree farms or one nunureu w ie .. i . - k..... i.kU several eood M.1UW F, .I. u... - .T , L bestoe several K"o dwelhnrs for the families that may De ewpsujea Tb wble or any part of thit very vahsnhte property will be sold at tach puces and credit as will ai.ike it wnrthv U atfenlroa of any person wiliine to puclias. For further inlormatioa enquire of - JACOB LOtl, stwover. . ISRAEL CAN FIELD, at Morrisjewn. BLACK WKLL ft M' ARLA.V, al N. York. (eh I .V :V - t 70 LEASH, for term of wwrt. L'i3 Tbebooseand h.t No. 20 Cedar atteet. roniartilnglix rooms with fire places, betide tlr kitclieo, pantnes, vauitt. ac. and a well of good water. for sale, rh mesptrM term, eleven Testy, of me lot 4so. jyj miirTar - snrrexa, in uie orcoimiK1! of Wilham Patters nt, oa traat from the tpisco - paivnarcnoaet. upni. inquire or J. VY. tt ST. K JWULI.HiV, ffbtidtf Mo. 44 Ptoe - frect. f H SAi K . T At l By Messrs. I(LLL( KK x KtitnT. at .lie Tontine ton". llouse.on the I8lk day of inBrvo.iiwani. at iz O'clock, the house and lot oi around, the late rwidVuce ol Doctor Aic!i - bnld Bruce, dt ceased, situated nt tlie corner of Greenwich and Liliertystnets, with the office apperthiniiiK to it in Liherty - ttieet. Tbe bouse and office are in complete repair, and may be examined by pertont ib tirous of pun basing, between the hours of twelve and two, every day belore the title. I liOO dollars of the purchase money may. remain on mortgage. For further particulars apply af the auction room. mh3dt. f - RANCFS KPUCr.. SB 'JO . From the lit of Mav iwxt. the lower counting room of No 54 South - street. ' .. ALSO, . . The upper counting room, No. 71 Snufh - it. ' Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. leb 13 . 67 Front ttreiot lUt.t.t jtt biavMLt - h.ii L, I'be house and sroundt bHoneing to the estato of John thaw, situated on theekMh avr - nue. On tbe premises nie an excellent ili nl.le house, stubb - , coach and ice house, with 'rxsrr tiling else requisite lor suth an ettablrtho ent. It is presumed any other ucsrription is umier,sa rj , m iiioh ineiim - o vo relit will view tt pho e. Also, trie large hie proof store in ti e rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street j Where thVr is tor sale sume old Madera ir.e, by the D - vij - bn. r vi lurioer parucuiars, apply " ANN M. UlAW,' Jnn 29 .11 IVa.l - ItLAL t.ilAI I. FOR oaL.. I wo 2 - slorv brick houses and lots.' situa ted Nos. 37 & 39 Vesey - street. . - Abo, a house and lot No. 11 Powery, near Chatham - square, 44 fretlmnt by 125 deep.' All oo accommodating: term. For particular ply at No. X!2Greeuwich - st. jan 15 . tf 'lo LEf, A Inrre convenient modern bsilt hnusc. couch house arid improvements, (with or without a extensive kitchen gariksn mitt hack lot) from tlie nrtt oi mat next ; situated on (be corner of the Frst Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and Allen streets, and about one mile from the t ity Hull. Ihe situation is elevuted aud healthy, and in every n snect suitable for a genteel family. On Ihe premises it a well ol oioit excellent water. A i ply to Cornelius Dubois, Feh2tf No 'Mi Froeil tt rr - t. 86. A house of two stories, with pTazxa in fr .ut, tin good repair; containing about, thirty foil' acres, situate on Throgi Neck, and neat tu the farm or Alnian namrunnd the wind ratiac hiuhly improved, and confuinint; ft rival variety oi the best cheri h t, apples, peamnnd prftthet. lUKreat eDuiKt nc aud in mil lieuriua - - tlua .nd - IDining waters affording ample t Upuet ,l Job shell and scale, widen at ft small e( a.c Jfiay be led irom a creek to the upland, and , drtuiped iu a nond lor daily ure it tniiCkcrtl tin. I bat fishery licfi.g altnattai lied thereto, and vilirri at niir draught ol a smhll seine have been taken mai bere - l whirh tokl thenext duv tr rxe hem ii d and twenty slnlarstn rmHit of prosiiect, oriinii wiiu pruin mi mr n nu siirin rinnnu mtianc irom new - link anoni lonrireo rritP s. Alto, lour lots a bind otar tie - ftltovn two .ly ing mi the ffound, coiituinirg Hirt) live arret, aud hounded on two mil t with waUTS - - Und of an excellent quality, with an orchard of lour hundred opple treet, including Ik he - wrvsj for 1a - hri'U'e i jnd lor rj der, die Virginian rrah, Ei Irtish hugluecnth, white ryre,cwrsit - - , nix wheip und white stmr, - with tighty ( berry trcvtt'.nt black tartarian rrciiinweiidud by Forsyth being - orm. In Iron! ot (he lots turn taken bat, black hh, perch, inuljol l, king - fish, pluii e, soles, uiim. k - ere I, porgy, pike, so.eit, whituif;, eels, and occasionally ihecpthead and shad, with weak - fir), find manhadden In vast abundance ; bedt of oyster, suierior in qualify to any marketed In the 4 ity, ie very near Uieir shores, with rraht and hir;i whilst Ihe adjoining hay and rrvekt in the winter teaios abound in lilack ducks and broad bills, and l owe timet are seen the canvass hack and wild geese the laud afiurdiug woodcock, quail aud suipe. . The Situation cannot fail to please jrt every ivtpcct ; and ihe land rosy alwayi be kept in high order, af a triffirut expense by t. rtge and salt meadows attached thereto, and sea wrtd dri ven on Mi mores. . . Also, two other lots, one cont lining ten and Ilia other nlteen arret. These loti cnmwaitd an ex - trntive viewof land and water are altogether suitable for small rural retieatti soil nl the best qualify; and contuin about one hundred und fitly cbeiry.treet, best sorts, and four bundled niple nee, most approved tor tame ana rvner. nit in full bearine, and lo rm h of 0 Ms Witt 'on at - ttM hed ft - e arret of tail meadow if wiilnv Also a lot, euntftiiiintf till r threw - acres i nhdat eight in wood. . This tot is about foNrtrs - a ante Irom the nly, and ( 'rum the cbun.ft of Ue town of W etichrtler... Ii (he aboit woutnlr ie not disHiied of f.ef ore Wednesday, the firtt of A - pril next, tbe same on thM day will I' told at politic auction, at the Tontine Coffee I fou, at twelve o'clock, i4i accommodating 1 'n,' srs'to payments, in both rases. For lurtliet vniotmn - t,s.iplv to FKEDKKK K lK FUfSTf.K, .4 itioao tin, t, or near me. - vemists, - to tne subscrilier, - ii ?4t Apv - ; riiiLtr i. uivtu i VALUABLE PKOPEK'Iti The subscriber effers tbrsaleft valuable fsnw, 73 mile from Ntw - York, lylaf ? tsides south of roughkeepsif , oo the pott - roast, writllin I 4 ofa mile at the molt en the hilt ol ' vV appfc - ger's - Creek.'and in th neighrKrboodat svml landiagt from which ilenpt sail weak If . . t cmi - tains 1 10 acres of tarsi, Orrtdt land, with k yowa orrhardnf g rafted fruit, Wood tttOirstnt ft 411, and all in good fence. The bottte contain fe ral rounM, has a good barn, and 'all in acrlbsnl repair. Iu tittiMica aeinf onaa elevated - pfain, renders the place ant only healthy, but present from the dwelling a delightful Inland rro - et. Also, asmther lot of 40 acr h abovt, atxl hottsxlKl sowlberly. br Itsa tails f Wappiager's.Cr - Mk. - ' 1 he land it fcrtiU, In - celltnt Once, and nf easy ruftivafion.'. What renders this property valasbla, ks that it way ha made a plate of celebrity. Iher it already - rccted on th tVllt a law.null of grtal capacHy, a carding mill, which enjoy tha cost oat ol laa neihborhocl, beside several .Mart ulea.sor ftories. uoot copied. .Tha whole tore af laa creek tan h diverted with ft little exacts ttsts to dri v a rang of mills on a 1 vei (dot of tnarl iot be. low th falls, aad aaraaiM by tuueary navieationi where CactoriMafevery dVscnplSBtu with vry fac ility of powet aad trsMjurtatioa CM ntwtructea.'' i : .. - ,: r J - ... - - Akk. ft nW - smlL of tbt) first rlaai. j'lha mill - oouae is large, with 4 ma of burr steal, and calculated for 0, With new mm binary for m. n tilarhi.... m.K.l ti Mrtek am l. V . 1 v i.; rn..n Imm U .U l.Ji tbe mill. Connected with the mill is ft Jarre 'TIZS Z store hogs for storing wheat and fldur. With tne mill Will b sold S3 arret of excellent Imvl, on whuh I situated Bv dwelling ho0 - e ft kirg r - m, buy home, nrrlage hotrt coca crib - , hovels, c. a cooper t Shop r - J - t later? for 30 bands. Two of the hoae at new and well calculated for gentael families Tney'romrDtrrt a view of tbe nver. with ft heantirul oin - vala landvapa formed by the ateaoJerine; of Use creek; immediately in front. ' , There art few pNce which cts t esany acromnnlting qualification for lb mechanic or firmer. .. - - If not told at rtivnt nl bfir Trresdiy 'ba 21st April, it will oa thai day b ofcred at a BO tion. ' '' - ' ' ' For terms, Ac. apply to PET it R VESJER, No. 25 0avr - ftret. - " ' XbX9 . - . ABaAHAM MKITJW ti 'ii: r '. t . I ' f ' .i"r - 1 11 v: in . i: 1 t 1 . 3 Nl r .

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