The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBEUARY 20 · 1937 . A SATISFACTION OF TENANTS MEANS STEADY INCOME FHA Considers Livability of Large-Scale .·**' Projects. WASHINGTON, D. C. -- Planning for the continued satisfaction of tenants in order to obtain a sustained income for large-scale housing projects is deemed o£ major importance by the Federal Housing administration when considering the insurability of'a loan on such a development according to Eugene H. Klaber, Assistan Director of Large-Scale Housing division, Federal Housing administration. The security of an insured mortgage loan on such a developmen depends upon the constant and sustained income over the entin Jife of the mortgage, Mr. Klabe. says, rather than upon the financial competency of an individual Therefore "the tenant be pleased' requirement necessitates compe tent planning to produce the en viroment and structures that wil assure continuous income. The essentials that mean ; satis fled tenants, become basic require ments, by. the Federal Housing ad ministration, for large-scale hous ing projects financed under the National Housing act, which arc. outlined by Mr. Klaber in the cur- EPAIR I70W, U S E O U R L I B E R A L F I N A N C E P L A N Everything pointf to higKcr pricey. TliatV the reason it'* wiVc to make all neceisary home repairs at once. The new low-rate \ V e y c r h a c u i c r financing plaa makcj the money matter simple. MUJ M O N T H L Y P A Y M E N T S W I T H ALL DEJMIS A R R A N G E D FOR YOU Webster Lumber incorporated. Phone 808 Large Dining Room When this house was planned, provisions were made tor a large dining room, because the owner entertained frequently at dinners and luncheons. Four windows, in the room allow for plenty of sunlight, and the size of the room permits servants to pass freely when serving a number of guests. Construction or purchase of homes.may be financed under the insured mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration, which permits for the insuring of' a mortgage for up to SO per cent of the appraised value of a new home . Foundations Vary in Sections of Country rent issue of the Insured Mortgage Portfolio. The neighborhood, he says, is the first factor to be considered. Satisfied tenants require the products furnished by public utilities, adequate." transportation, accessible schools, shopping centers and recreational grounds. Structures should be so placed on the sites to take advantage of open spaces to provide good views for all rooms, and there must be a maximum of air and sunlight for each dwelling unit, with a mini- "Availibility of Materials anc Price Also to be Considered. What type of foundation to mild for a home built under the insured mortgage system is a question which should be determined by the local conditions, the availability of materials and the price that the builder can afford to pay. There are many materials that may be used and are ap- rnum of waste space. .Closets must proved by the Federal Housing · · :e adequate and the fittings and Ixtures of: a durable- type rather han of a current variety, of, gad- ;ets wanted today and discarded :omorrow. These 'features, combined with ---- -- - ------- , -- ------- V-M ,nw. , sone, rc, concree units, or competent, reputable sponsorship cast concrete are the common ma- and sound construction, according ' " ~ o Mr. Klaber, will provide a de- 'elopment which will attract and told its income-- the tenants. Moving Near Des Moines. ORCHARD--A number of women went to a farewell party Thursday afternoon- for Mrs. Ole Cnudson, IV 2 'miles south of town. »Irs. Knudson and son, Clyde, and wo daughters will move soon to a farm near Des Moines. SHEPHERD'S PAINT WALLPAPER 16 FIRST STRCEt MASON CITY, IOWA THIS BUNGALOW FOR SALE See this 3-bedroom home just completed at 246 Ninth Street S E La ]*f r . TM oms ' better arranged. Breakfast nook. Full basement. More and better arrayed cupboard and closet space. Gas heat. Tub and shower baths. Paved lot 66x132. Price 53,300. House alone S2.800. This house built out of Mason City, with coal furnace, for 53.800 M. M. MOEN COMANY 818 South President, Phone 837 MANLEY LAND COMPANY A Perfect Setting . . . for Your Windows! How Tine your Curlains and Drapes will look when we have skillfully Dry Cleaned them. House cleaning cares vanish when you let,us take charge of them. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS -- LAUNDERERS ~ FURR1IRS LET US ESTIMATE . . . . Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel 8 Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 , , , f ° r h o u . s e s °" ' t L P rh" mol : t f, age l n ~ f the . Cholcf : ° £ the P 1 " 0 ' pective owner is varied. Where cellars are to be includ- stone, brick, concrete units, or ;erials, while in some sections ot the country terra-cotta tiles are used. Any of these will serve in places where the soil is reasonably ree from water, but where bad vater conditions exist a cast oundation is to be preferred. Except where soil has unusual veight-bearing qualities, lootings hould be laid under all lounda- ion walls. Where they ave.laid hey should extend beyond each 'ace of the wall fov a distance equal to one-half the thickness o£ he footing; any excess width is of little or no value. For. instance, with a footing eight inches deep, a four inch projection on each side of the foundation wall is all that Is needed. To put eight inches on each side is just a waste of material. Where bad soil conditions are encountered, it is sometimes necessary to lay spread footings which are pyramidal in form with either sloping sides or steps. Where'soft spots appear only at certain places under a wall, they may have spread footings as described, or reinforcement may be placed in the portion of the footing covering these spots. Do not skimp on the foundation; unless that stands solid the whole superstructure will be affected. Household Effects · RUGS ® DRAPES · CURTAINS · FURNITURE Can Be Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW PHONE 788 HEALTH SERVICE, FHA COOPERATE, SET STANDARDS Two Departments Establish Definite Rules for Basic Services. D. C. -- Becog- nizing the vital need for adequate pure-water supply and sanitary methods of domestic sewage disposal as requirements 'of decent living, the federal housing administration, in co-operation with the .United States public health service and the health departments of every state in the .union, has established definite standards covering these basic services, Administrator Stewart McDonald announced Saturday. Pioneering in this co-operative movement, the housing administration in its effort to improve housing conditions now .assures home purchasers under the insured mortgage system that insurance approval is only granted on such projects when every precaution has been taken to provide pure-water supply and to safeguard health in every respect. Must Comply. After months of active effort, arrangements have been completed whereby all sites having no access to public water and sewage facilities which are to be developed under the housing adminis- tratior's insured mortgage system must comply either with the requirements of the state health department or with the standards of the United States public health service. All 'such properties must be inspected by qualified health officials before mortgage insurance will be allowed, Mr. McDonald explained. "For many years in the past," he explained, "it had been the custom to sell cheap sites for low- priced homes in areas having no public water supply or sewers, and it was left to individual purchasers to obtain these necessary services. This resulted in the erection of thousands of homes in urban communities that had to depend upon shallow, poorly constructed wells for their water supply and upon unsanitary cesspools or outhouses lor sewage disposal. Water supply from, such sources and disposal of sewage by such means was a constant meanace to nealth and to property values. Inspection Required. "Under the standards set- up by the housing administration, no subdivision or housing development which lacks public water mains or sewers will be approved until the quality, quantity, a n d source of the water supply meets the 'standards of the administration and have been inspected and certified as satisfactory by t h e public health authority having jurisdiction. A careful inspection and certificate of approval is 'also required where public sewer mains are lacking. Standards governing water supply and sewage disposal in every case have been approved by the various state health departments." Where public water or sevvcr mains are reasonably available, Mr. McDonald explained, it is required that developers extend these services to · their tracts. Wherever it is feasible, private or c o m m u n i t y water systems In which the lot owners have an interest are required. Have Real Lever. "Both the United States public health service and the various s t a t e h e a l t h departments have been enthusiastic over this phase of federal housing administration activity. They feel (hat for the first time they have a real lever at their disposal to force careless and unscrupulous developers to provide sanitary and decent water and sewage facilities. ·"When it is considered that to date between 4,000 and 5,000 subdivisions have been inspected by housing administration officials, with the considerations of suitable water-supply and sewage- disposal facilities strongly in mind, it can clearly be seen to what extent this far-reaching policy has been of benefit to the general public health." Given Farewell Farty. BUFFALO CENTER--A large group of neighbors and friends gathered at the George Liveica home 7 miles southeast of town for a farewell party Thursday night. The Livercas have been residents in the Buffalo Center vicinity many years and are moving to a farm near Crystal Lake. TV Attractive Built-in Features A'dd Space and Convenience in Your Home with New Built-in Features , . . CUPBOARDS, CLOSETS, DRAWERS, BOOKSHELVES MASON CITY MILLWORK CO. Phone 155 Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. Modern Home Lighting Provides for Everyone's Comfort In this charming living room, cove lighting at the cc.ilinsr combines with lamps and wall fixtures to provide proper seeing conditions for every member of the family. By JEAN PRENTICE When homes were lighted with candles and gas jets, there was some excuse for glare spots and dark corners. Today, with the cost of electricity coming down all the time, and with the improvement in electric light bulbs and lamp designs, there is no reason for any family to cheat their eyes of the light they really need. Proper home lighting today supplies light for seeing as well as decoration, providing for the eye tasks of every member of the family. Dark shades are definitely a thing of the past, and puny little colored bulbs are being con- tined to fixtures that are used only for decorative purposes. In general, the new lamps have greater height for better spread and utilization of light; their shades have white linings for greater efficiency and increased quantities of useful light, their shades are open at the top to contribute larger amounts of illumination throughout the room. These virtues combine to help achieve softness in lighting result. Perhaps most noteworthy of the features of these new lamps is the diffusing glass bowl, which provides better quality and control of light, permitting some of the light to go downward to the book, newspaper or sewing, and the remainder upward into the room where it helps to illuminate the area surrounding the chair, desk, or divan. ' . Cove lighting is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in new homes. Here the light comes from a cove or trough built around the ' ceiling, with concealed bulbs . shedding a soft radiance throughout the room. When combined with appropriate floor and table lamps, a lighting flexibility that assures maximum eye-comfort and convenience is obtained. No room can rightfully call itself a living room--in the fullest sense of the term--unless every chair has a lamp either directly beside or nearby it. For perfect comfort depends upon the ability to see without eycstrain. and good seeing is impossible without good lighting. FHA PROGRAM IS MUNICIPAL AID Collection of Taxes Simple When Mortgage Is _ Insured. PORTLAND, Maine.--The Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing administration, which provides for the- budgeting of taxes, lias proved helpful to towns and cities, according to William J. Largay, president of the Maine Association of Tax Assessors. Tax assessors and other city authorities have had difficulty in collecting taxes in lump sums, Mr. Largay said. Although some communities have offered discounts for cash or advance payments, most communities have had long lists of delinquent taxpayers, he said. Mr. Largay points out t h a t under the insured mortgage system the home owner deposits one- twelfth of the annual tax with the bank each month, and the institution i^ able to pay the municipality the amount in full the day it is due. Sliding Doors for Kitchen Cabinets Sliding doors on kitchen or pantry cabinets are nice, as they do not project when opened. However, unless they are properly mounted they are apt to stick and cause a good deal of annoyance. They can be hung on ball-bearing hardware, which makes them very easy to operate. It is better to hang them in groups of three, so that more than half the total opening can be exposed at one time. It is difficult to get large platters through a narrow opening. FREE ESTIMATE If you want to know what your Plumbing- or Heating job will cosl, have Pulh give you a free estimate. J. C. Put h Co. 202'/i North Federal Ave. Electric Motor Repairing: By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 306 2nd S. W. Phone 977 ADVICE NEEDED ON ILLUMINATION General Rules Lack Value in Determination of Unit Needed. Where the services of a lighting engineer or architect are not retained for planning store illumination, the advice of an expert from the local electric company or of a lighting dealer or contractor should be obtained. General rules are of little value in determining the type of lighting units to be used. There arc efficient, glareless, attractive lighting fixtures of all kinds on the market to choose from, and the best for particular requirements should be recommended by an experienced lighting man who has made a study of the merchant's premises and understands his problems. The installation of modern lighting and fixtures may be ZORIC Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE 22 Do you want to say a lot lor a little? We have a glorious assortment ol blooms, all grown in our own ^greenhouse. "Say It Will Flowers" Kemble's Greenhouse Main Offlm | Dnwutotvn Slnra JlnS S. Ffrt. Avp. 7 IV. SUlf SI. rhini! ss I riione 116 done through the Federal Housing administration program. 150 Attend Dinner. BURT -- The annual birthday dinner was held at the Presbyterian church Thursday evening, attended by about 150. The chief feature of the 1 entertainment was a dramatization of James Whitcomb Hiley's poem, "That Old Sweetheart of Mine," under the direction of the Rev. Joseph Doms. WHEN YOU Use · BUILD · REPAIR · REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement · For Beauty · Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices. GUi Floor First National Bank Bide- EXTRA EXPENSE IS JUSTIFIED FOR GOOD PLUMBING Price Should Correspond to General Cost Range of House. While the cost at plumbing fixtures should correspond to the general cost range of the house when constructed under the .insured mortgage system of the federal housing administration, it is one of the places where extras are justifiable if there are to be any at all. A built-in tub is almost a necessity in any house, no matter hoxv low the cost of the house. As a matter of fact, although there is a difference in price between the built-in tub and the old-fashioned type on legs, it is doubtful if the actual cost installed is much if any, greater. With the built-in type, the wall finish back o f ' t h e tub and the floor finish under it are both omitted, and their cost may well equal or exceed the additional cost of the tub. But even if it costs more, the saying in care and trouble that a built-in tub gives is worth a much greater difference than exists between the costs o£ the two fixtures. The toilet may be a wash-down type, which is the least expensive, or it may be a syphon-jet type, which is the most expensive. The diference is almost entirely a matter of quietness of operation. I£ this means much, the difference in expense will be justified. As for the lavatory, there is not so much justification for selecting an expensive type, for the inexpensive one will serve as well. The main difference is that of material. The cheaper grades are made of enameled iron, and, while this is perfectly serviceable, it does not wear quite as well as the more expensive porcelain. However, with reasonable care and ths use of proper cleaning materials, an enameled fixture is quite satisfactory. THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 30.1 2nd S. W. Mason City. la. Netu Fairbanks-Morse W A S H E R S New type agitator moves one- fourth, more water per minute. Washes faster. Washes better. Yet saves wear on clothes. Oversize porcelain tub, largo heavy duty wringer. Operates so quietly you'd aay it wasn't running. See this marvelous now washer today. C H A P I N - O ' N E I L INCORPORATED 302 S. MONROE PHONE 1606 T A X E S This Next- Month Is Tax Month If you need funds for this purpose, call at the ... First National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ;yjyi J K-r*tXVX'Mxtixr*c* *^r**T ^^^'^^^asaaa^asagj^^^^ja^^ m*' «WW» T T ' ' ; j=r--aae-Kragfc.tov^gf5

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