The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 16, 1818 · Page 5
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 5

New York, New York
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Monday, March 16, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. - IS CHANCER Y. - ' H (wnmiiK of a decretal order of thi honor 1 hie court, will be raid at public auction, tf the Tontine Vott - e House, in toe city ol Mf York, wlrrth direction ol the utocritier, one 1 of the musters of thit court, on Tuesday, the 241b day ol' March intt at twelve o'clock in the forenoon of that rfur. till tnat certain piece, or parcel Viand, situate at Greenwich, In Ihe 8th waid of the a aid tit j ol ixcw - iork; beginning on the . weitideofGrenwiib - rtrcet, forty fonr feet ten im he, northerly, from the corner formed by the intersection of H.iinQiond ai.d Greenwich - ttreett; thence wetlerly on right angle with Greenwich - attest otioul eighty five fert, be the tame more . or I (it, until it strikes a line of forty - three feet, in . the rear of the laid ground i thence northwesterly until it strikes a corner about twenty seven , leet six inches, be the time niorecr l m i theme easterly twenty four feet, tlience northwutcrly , thirty three feet ix inrhe t thence eatterlv fit'y three feet ; thence again easterly thirty two fei t four inrhe. to Greenwich - street ; thenre southerly, along Greenwich - street, neveiity he (eel three im.hrs, t the place of twinning. Together with all and lingular, the edifices, buildings " righto, members. Inredit.imentt and appurtennn Cet ihrrenntn befnogiug or appertaining. , On the above property are ererted two substantial frame houses, each about twenty live feet front and rear, and thirty tw fret deep, and abo a work - bop. Dated New - Yo - k, M ircti , II8 , V, . ' il. W ESTER VELT, Master in Chancery N. 6. A map or tketch nllhe above may be teen by applying at my cflke, No. I Nassau treet. mh 2 InwSwdlw MCHAMhH Y. State o.Vcm - York, i. IN puitiianreof a decretal outer Ihia honorable court, will he (old at public auction, at the 'loiitini Coffee Ileum - , in the city of New : York, i the direction of the tnhsrriher, at One ol the masters ol tlna couil.on i iinrtday, the twenty third day ol April next, i.t twelve o'clock at ikioii, ail lhoe tra Is pieces or par eels Ol hud, ait'inti d, lying and being in the town til Poujhkcejsie. in tin: county of Dub lit ss, which iii ;in iii!entiire of mortgage, executed by Ji I d H Gay to Robert Kearney, bearing date . on toe twentieih ua) of January, in the yearont thousand eight hundred and ..seventeen, are de - , scribed, in the word following, to wit : " all that certuiii pice or parcel of land, with the nppur - lenancet inerounio belonging, situate, lying an beina iu the town and county aforetaid. be ginning at the nortbeait corner ol tbe land of - Mnthnis Cooke, joining the rati side of the road leading frntn Hackiusark to (lie courthouse, . i i... - i i... - u.m i 1 i. mem v uciiik imc imiii oi p.iiu jtjni i.inb i.uomu. 't anuth leventy five degrees earn, twelve chains 1 aixty entht links, to (he northeaat corner of the mid Ian I of Cooke, where a tlnne in placed in the earth, on which it engraven the figure four ; ihi nme loins the land ol the .u l l.utheraiul John B : thence along Ihtir land north fit teen drgrr - i eirt, eight ihainii ixteti link ; along their land north torty in degrees wot, Uvc chiiiDi thirty ail linki, to aimulinenp of Hi inei and thence aloa their land north ux degree w't, one thorn naty two iinkn, to the ouihe.'tit comer ( Hie h.nd of Uaiiit I Hevaui i , then, e along the land of t JI Hcvaui north einh ty cidt degreti well, twelve cbaina fixly ix link, to the cull fide ufthe roud aJorciaid j unci ' Iht nce aiding the tail aide of the ftfure'ttid road, . annlh ! ven degree fifteen minute a caul, ten ch on thirty four link, to the place of hexinning; tfrtiiining tixden airt .mil three irche id land AIo, nli I. mt certain tiait, piei e orimr Cil of land, iliinte, fvinn and heing i.itne town a JP.iugl.keeiKli ,&od i a urtoftlie I arm bruicry . belonging t'i Jh.uiiiiiSwHrlW'!it.di''; - .tL'.l,hegiii hin at a hrge lono.ui the )ld lUmlowii roud. ajiil rain timu tiieuce along the land ol thr at'orc - f aid Johu H. Gaj, iinrn twelve degihel tilleen - minute enM, ten hnm i venty two links a whiir - onU - tump; thence n irlh nix .tegretsleini, two l ain sixiv one links t" n "v i'inp wlnte. OuM I'ling; inennn narin twenty live neim eat, ix cliBiiis evenly nix link ; li ence north twenty Hirec dcrreei and ten iiiinuti t ent'. n ill 'in; nord. Unity one degree forty fjte niii.ule nil, liair ciiaint ; thenen h irlh lorly cue degtici ur'y five miriute eait, one chain and ninety link ; thenre eal one chain and eiuhtv one liukt ; th - me north thirty live degree and lid. en minutes eat, six thulrm eight link; them e ncrtli eighty two degree went, nine chains In the road ccnimanlv railed Henry H i fieri' road i thence along , id toad outb Ihiitv tliirty four dtgreei thirty ru'iiute, weit three chnilK thirty euhl links tlifaee douth ten de greet we(, ten chain seventy links ; thence south sixty eight degree west, two chain seventy four linas ; thence south thirty six de grees west, two chains ; thence south I'irty two degrees west, lour i icons ; tlience s utli nmhtren degrees west, live hams ; thenre south n de. greei and thirty iniliiilei wet, three chains twenty seven links ; thence south twenty degrees thirty iiiinules cl, four chains thirty lour links ; thence south tw - .ity degrees west, two h - iu - . ; then on a dir - i t line to the place of beginning ; Co - itan.iiig tw - jnty three aeres and thirteen per. Also, all that certain trucl, piece or tarcel of laud, situate, lying and hi ing in I'ough - i:eisie to mi afores aid, nnd hounded and di scribed a fil ows : beginning at a s;ene set in the croui fe.'idi round tnirkcd I. U at tho east side of the mad nit from the court - house to Hjckinsack. and at I'ie northeast corner of the farm oi Aaron Law, and is the south et corner of the imnii ses lioehy granted ; then nlc - ng the east side of the aloresniil road north nineteen degree and fifteen minute east, four chains and fniy links ; then al ng the land ol Uarmhas Swnrtwnut north twentv seven degrees eat, ttvnihains; thin a - Inn; - the land ofJacoh - rliuigh south sixty ni e degrees and liilc - en minutes east, seven rh .ia ; ihcn alnn ' the land oi the said Jaro! Van h - rhutgh, Matthias Cooke, and the heirs of ) - K t Samuel Cooke, north sixti en degrees and forty live minutes east, ten ri.ains and ninety three links; then alon - the land ol the aforesaid heirs of ti.uiiiiel C inke, dec e i'i d, nrth twrlv. degrees tas', lliree chains nnd eiglity eight links. Uicn again along the land 'Alaioi - Hid north I r - ty five drgnc and lil'lcen minutes west, fixe chains and thirty link, to n of stones, live links nor'h ol an elm tree, m.trbedon I hi suns. at the north side of a small slough ; thence north two d grees and thirty minute east, alone the laud lait mentioned u ore,iid and land in posses sion - u James i - im - irt tilleen mains anil twenty ciiht links to a flat rN'k at tla - nor h side uf thr PitLiiitown road, and is tla; southpast corner ol land in possession oi J.hinnes Swartwnut ; thcirr north twelve degrees and forty five iiuiiiiiei east, nine chains anJ flit v live links, to a large while oak tree marked; thenre north seven di gtees and foitv - tive minutes east, torre chain ; tie - re north twenty five degree east, n chains ami 'or iy five links, to a whi'oak sapling, lop - re l and mark' U ; inenre north Iwe'ilv - tliree ue g - ei eat, mi chain, to a walnut tre , marked ; th nre north thirty one degn es and lortj - livt miiii'es east, four chain; thence n - rth foitr - one decrees and forty - five minutes eBt, one cnain anM ui'V - iour links ; thence cast one chain aadcu - hty eight links to a hl.iek oak tref ma k - ed ; thru' e uorth thirty five der c anJ filt. en mincti east, seven chain and torty seven liks; them north Inrty - llvc degiec east, two . bain and :orty links s them north ixty two degrees an l hi - ty minutes eat, r,i e chain and ninety links : tl - ei,. e nu'tli Unit y eight di gr. es and thu'e miiintet east, two chains mid forty - three Itnic - . ti a ne set in ti e ground mark! - .! I IJ, and s tti - m rth eal rorner rfihr l;u,d ,n pis MSion of the aforesaid Jolcumr w:,rwr.ut it. Ttie eleven last mention,.! ........ k!l u;i in ili. - f u side pf lan.t iose - ed hy Jo ba iiirs Swarlwnui Hrore.orf - thnr h Rr - d ' ".d o . I ri'tinn .Wcorr - I,, soutti - eventv - fo.r trees ,a'. Ihirty - twn rhain n - d uieety .".! . i.ipim p o,nn noeen nt - irra . . ...i. ... rhvlc nad eirhty link, to a heap of M ,n. s ; - ti e: r - uiii ferry & gires we.t, on - r.,,:n m,d fe - 'tT tw lu'ks ti a h, - p oi ttn - - ., wt;ii h is the Oo:th - e - i cn.i - er of ft P lsr - d of trt,.r,.( U... fer. ther.rr along the north id. - ofihe lap I lat renti..i..d. north everlt h. d e., ;! fortA fij - ervmnte, wf. thiity one , - ! nnd fi t It k to the north wel coin - r - to. t,pd ni pid tiiv - r : rh - nre nux t'. w..t , ..t t' ll0d OfSSMd Hog - rs. - Uth ol - rlf. - o rMi th'rt , - ,.. w,f. fil1" t urrh: ii,tod l .rl. fj - ve hot - , lo ti!ii.w..,!r.. - . r.l l. - t ,. ","" - i..' - miu v I, il if, e. , - : l'i - n ".' HWBty - ooe rroKt, u ine taaaoi roo , thence alone the land of tl laid law, south thirty - two degrwj and fifteen miiutet sveat, w - l veo batot' autl aeveoteeo imai to '"' ' jrkecj on two iidet, standing in a wet place ; thence again along land of tbe iaid Aaruo Law, soutli twenty - nine degrees and forty five minute east, six i haiu. s tbcuce also alA - g said Law's laad, south thirty - one degrees west, two Chains and thirty - one links to a bom beam sapling marked, standing ou the east bank oi Cas - r's creek s tlience along the land ol the aforesaid Aaron Law, north twenty - cight degrees and thirty minutes west, eight chains to a stone net in the ground on a slate stone hill, and then again along the north side ol the laud of the a - loresaid Aaron Law, north seventy - three degrees and thirty minutes west, twentj - fiie chains and twenty links to tbe place of b ginning ; containing, including the Filkiniown road, one hundred and seventy - nine acres, thtec roods and twenty - six perches but exclusive ol the road one hundred and seventy eight acres, two roods nnd twenty perches, linimded west hy tle road leading to iicckiiira; k, aud the lands ia Miasesion ol Jacob Vaiidertmegh, Matthias Cooke, the heirs of Ihe late Unctor Samuel Cooke, James Simon, and the nlorenaid Jnhiin - neiiwartwnut ; northerly by other lands ol th; aforesaid John Hailey, equire, Hnd land oi Christian Newcomh before mentioned ; east hi the hind of the said Christian Newcouib, Cbarle rfogi rs and Aaron Lnw uforaid ; and south t ) and of the aforesaid Ah'oii Law. the particular figuie and description of winch m.y be seen by : tntP annexed to the ai irt - aid l.aac Kalding's d, ed olthe above dtKrilad premises And ulo one other lot, piece or p ne I ol land, situate, lying and heiug in the town ami county alore saiil, beginning at a heaii ol ktones on Salnion' anil ralnn's Iiih , wlm h is ttie north - east corner ol a lot of wood ,md, nriin r'y sold hy Jamei l.ivinitston unto William Ttrry ; thence aiong the line of said lot, north sixtv - mx degrees west twenty chains and eighty links to a stone u r I. kiel Cofir'f line ; theme alcn said tyoop - I'siii e, nor tli four degrees, cast set eu chains unit torty links to n monument ; thence south se v - nty - seven degrees and tliirty minutes, east to "alnnn's and Salmi's line to a stonn ; thenoe running all their line, south nineteen degrets, west, lo the place ol beginning; coiitaiiiing iwen iy acres, two roods anil tinrty live p - r lies land And also all that certain tract, piece or parcel ol land, situate, lying and heingin rougli Heei'kie town afoiesaid, and bounded nnd de rrihed as lollow - s, to wit : lit ginning at a stake .ma stones standing m the angle where the north line ef the Oiih hess turnpike road inter - cls the west line oi the I arm now In possession ol Jonn II. (Iny aforesaid; and frero thenc runs c.n a course northerly in the Hist hneol said Unyi fnnn sixty - seven links to the south side of tin Kilkilitowu road ; then north seventy - eicbt de trees nest, four chains and thirty - two link then north eighlr - seven r.gree west, lou chain or so far as to inti rset I iht aforesaid north line of the I)utches turnpike road: then in the north line of said turnpike to the place ol beginning ; containing hall an acre ol land, be Hie tame more or lew ; Together with the here h'.aments and uppurtenances then nnlo belong - iggorin any wise appertaining. Dated Man I ad, 101o'. JOII.N 1()WT, mh 4 Inwtds Master in Chancery. Li CIIA.CI.KY. State of .New - York, ss. e'i )N pursuance ol an order ol f I tins honorable court r.iarie a in thit cause. Hie nineteen - h day I of January instant, will lit Uivie bethune, 1 Georget Srriba , sold at puDlic auction ut the 1 online 1oUee louse la Ike city of .New - York, under the di rection ol the subscriber at one ol the matert ol tlsi - hnnorahle court on Wednesday the twenty - lilth day ol March next, at eh ven o'clock in tin - ton noon, the niortgtig d premises mentioned and dea rili (I in the compUinaurs liiil of complaint i: tin cause, whi' h said pn mises are descril - e I is l lo.s viz : ' all that certain tract or parcel oi I ind Mi'ii'c lying and being on the eastwurdly ule of the Oswi - g i river in thr town ol Volney in the county of Onr.ida, now the count)' nf Oswe go, and Mam oi .ew - iorK aloresaid, neing pari ol 'township number seventeen in Scribal patent, and usually Known hy the name ol r red ericksniireh. as the t ime was surveved and lait out in thu jear - ne thousand seven hundred and and ninety - eight, hv llenimnin Wright, beg n - mng at a stake standing on ttie DneK o( ihe t's - wego river, twenty links north of mi Iron - woo - ' tree, thenre on a course north eighty - seven de - g - ees and thirty minute, tnt one bundled and thirty - live chains and ninety links lo slake ten links west m a in ,pie tree, thence nmh twode gree and thirty iiunutes, west eighty t haias an live links to a ftcaeh tree, theni e south eighty seven drones nnd thirtv minutes, west e'lilv ehuint and seventy - five finks to a stake twelve links north of a Hemlock tree, tlience north Iwcnty - cigl.t degrees and thirty minutes, west loiirihaiiit and thin vtlm e links to a Hemlock Ire", thence south eighty - seven degrees and thir ty minutes, west ninelv si ven i hams to the bank of the )wego river, anJ thrnce southerly up tin said rivrr the several courses thereof to the place of beginning, containing on - thousand three bun died and thirty five arret nf land, he the an.e more or less with the nppui tenant es. !)ald the twenty - fourth day of January one thousand eiglil nuiidted andeiliteen AA'.IO.N II. rAI.MF.R, feb 9 MlnwGw Matter in Chancery t ALU Alii. i. I'HOI'r.UTW IN CHA CKHY. Slute nf JVeir York. tt. IN pursuance of a decretal order of the Court ol chancery ot tins s'r.te, w ill l e Sold at puhlic auction, under the direction o tlie suhsrrilicr, al the Tontine C nee - Houe, in theiily of New - York, on the 19th ol" March, inst. at I2o'clok at noon, uli thai . eitan; LO I' OF GROUND with the tenement thereon crer od. "ituated in the first ward of the ciry of New - York, and lin'wn and distinguished a iiiimher ?u' in Whii - street ; boundi d Miuthwestcrly iiifn nl hy Wall - trc - t ; iiortlieasterly in the rear hy property now or late belonging to lohn, derea - cd ; nortlive'.terly i i prrp rfy now or late he longine lo Wynant an ilandt. deceasnl. and southeasterly hy property l,.inn rly heloi, - inj to David Piovost, ile - tanif; rent lining in breadth ii front and rear, lb fiet 9 inches, nnd in length on earli tide adieet 10 inehi s. he the same more or lest ; togedier with the hereditaments and ap - I'uriiiinii' c oicieiu oeioinjing. P. G. I1II.DUE1H, nih 12 dtt Mali r i i t ham - err. I KS. BKOW.N, re.cliolly ret oiuinends to .1 I the Ladies of this City, her met hod to leacinee iih - cvtiemniiral hand writ me whir h has uniiersid r pri - railed in Kokand tor the lat seven years. I hose l.nlie who are di - lrascd with tin ir prr - jent mode ol w riling, let it tie ever xi iinp. - rtact. will, in tt lve lesson write w ith nealii.. and dexterity without the trniiMc nf nil ing III - ir paper nr Hie use ol lines. Ladies wailed upon at their own reidcii( e, iind rholt attend ed on applicuuon lo mbm. KitowA, SiiFront - tt. TERMS. Sytematical writing, twelve lessons, J10 R mil hand do. for ihtldrrn, pi r quarter, 8 Pen mnkipg. taught in one lesson, 1 mh 4 Sw V, i I'll L A BOUT Ihe 14th ol Dectiuher last, a penon with a lot ol Carp, liter's Tool and a Skiff I5i - .il, was ipprt Ih n - 'ed at the Newark Lue Dork, which In - was cthrring for sale. From Hie roiiicion oi the man httle or n i doubt remain that the tools and skiff were stolen property ins i - it, gitc i:oii..k linn iih - owner or owner oiid r.ron - rty r an have it ngniu by applying lo ICIl AliOUC - tUMAN, at said dock, . V pro - wag the same and paving charges. And if no pr. ii appears in a reasonable time, they wiil o ii as n.e law direr it. Newrark, ),.c. wJt Hl7. mh I I2w" Tf IlIK PUBLIC. ,ll!.sutirritersarr ready to rnntrart to fur - I iii - h alinof any ipi intify of Marl le, from then q i - .rry t Ki gt riiL - e. The marble i si niiar in colour ai.. siitH - ri..r in quality to that of - .h. nm "niirvm u:,i, i rootrncl. - d en tie g. t ut t . - tiii nt av .;ZP n,i ,li,B..n ' n. ui: e f .r e - y p. of building, nd - iu,(t v d. in .o,1 . i.,. rngli r prp,a; f ,r t'.e - nl - iTg. - cr - .r,:,. ;! (c - order, nt 11 n. lnr .e. rate ami .,1 ., 'br Potu Ml orders miy be A: V. Bid TON'S cm. .. N Sr. B 'aii 'at Mr GIDEON Tl't Ks R' Vakil" iT5tWr - - SPRIXV - STREF.T XOTICE, , TvTul'ICE U hereby given to all penont in. J.1 terested, that tlie Commissioners of Estimate and Asaesament, appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New - York, to perform certain dirties relative to the enlarging of Spring - street, between Thompson, street and Wooster - street, in the eight ward of the said city, liave con pletecl their estimate and assessment, an well of the loss and damage kusuiued over and above the benefit and ad vantage received by th owners i f the lands and pemise required for the said enlarging and impioving 8pring - treet as afuresaid, as also (if tbe benefit and advantage received by theownen ami par.ies interested of and in certain lands and premises not required for said improvement And that we the s. id Commissioner) have t!cposited a true copy of Mich es timate and assessment in the Cleiks office of the city of New - York fur the innpection of wbom - oever it may concern and no', ice it hereby further given, that the rrpo t of esti mate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of New - York, at the tJity - llall oi the city of .New - York, on Monday the fourth d..y of Slay next, at 'he opening of the said Court on that day, o: as soon thereafter as counsel can he heard thereon. Dated Ne - York, March 3, 1U18. PET Kit HAWKS, PETER STAf.O, Commissioners JOHN TAR&EK. mh4 l it yVHEATO.N'S 11 tli OINTMENT. 'lHE long and tuccesslul use of this ointment X is a tnthcient recommendation, as it has been found to lie a pleasant, sale and certain te - uietly for that rtitagreeuole disease in ail its tia ges. It is for tale in the city nf .New - York, l) J. A. U W. II. 1'ost, No. 41 William - street; I. U T Clark, No. ti5 Maiden - Lane ; H. H bchieffi lin ti. Co. No. 193 l earl street ; Law rence IL Keese. No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hull I liowne, 146 i'earl ttreet ; K. K L.Murray, 31 J I'earl - street ; J M. Ilradhurst, 314 rearl - strett ; John Pentord. No. 4 Fleti her - itreet : Durvee 4; I'oe, in Ptarl - ttreet; J - hn C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich street; John P. itber, 106 Broad way ; Walter At Seaman, corner ol Clminlier tt and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in tlmrtif may lie procured at most ol tlie urue Mores in this city Also in rinladelptun, oi 8 Wilherell A Sons ; George Hariell . .North Si Ko gers, and almost a I the druggists in the principal townt in tne united rrnies. I.rKEWIAR, WHKATON'S JAUNDICE BITTRR3 may He liad al tne utiove places. lanzvbin Jo Hit (JilitentoJ AU' - l ork. z LKAII IIAWI.KV physician nnd Dentit', would intorm tbe inhahitants of New York that I, e has taken nnolfne at No. 321 Pearl street, where be will extract, clean, Jilt.Ji, It and trt I tfth in tbe moil approvid manner, ilewi alio prt vent tiny irregularity oi tlie secondary leein, ii application is mane in mm in season. He Hatters himself, irom the experience be hat had in his rolcs - mn, that be shall be ublt - to give general sntislaction. Kur character the public are referred to Mr Geo. P. r - hipman, merchant, No. 63 South - street, and Uoctor A. Ives, io. zit? rearl street It' hum it maiifoncern. ft7" This certifies, that Dr. 7a rah Hawlev is a regular tired pliyncian, and in good stamliiig with his hrethren in this place ; tlixt he bat paid particular attention to the art of Dttitistrti, bar studied the hest Kuropean works on the subject, and has given very good satisiartion in this branch to his ciiftoim - r. who are Persons of the first re spectahility in thi i ity. We therefore, with en - ire ronndi n e, n - comniend ir. riawiej to tin 'I'izentol .Vew - Yorl;, asa dentist. Aliens Munson I Ives Smith Jonathan Knight. Professors ol the Medical Institution ol Yale Col - College. New - Haven, Jan 22, 181C; inn .1 3w GKO. GHIi'S MUSIC SC HOOL, NO. 2l' WALL STRF.tT. IS efl. hlihed on his new atai easy sytein nf 1 teaching rninposit - nn tlmro' lia, prelud ng the art ni fingering the piano forte anil singing, Yc. lc - rmt dollars per quarter, hall m ad vance. From 4to7, eaturdnvs. P.M. the academy will he open, for the I r lends ol science mid the amateurs of music to call and inspect the ci.v li - t ment, ai.d tney are reijunled to bring with them tneltrst European work' on music, loena 'le them nci urati ly to appreciate the merits of mis new impioveu systi m ol leaching, ny mhe Zvi ti. GF.IB. UtVIIl - a situation in a situ. ol or private family, a fern tie of reip.rtnhili - ty. who has lieen act uttomed to teach writing, arithmetic, geography, Kr. Any lady in want nl such a person, will find the advertiser worthy ol notice, having Iieen in the nhnve capacity in Kngland, and can produce sntisf.ictory references For particulars enquire ol the printer nf thi paier. fehSI fJH dAl.t, 'IIIE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, l38Ful - L ton - street, near Broadway, consisting "t on ex'ensive and choice colli i (ion of Inttori, travel, voyages, biography, rouiances, novels, tale, plays, n views mazarines, tic. Catalogue may he examined nt the library, which is i pen for subscribers, as usual. uih4 If NOI'ICK. ft The sulis - lihers bavin received a gene ral atsignment ol all fh - estate of John Murray k Sons, lor the benefit nf creditors as exprr?ed in the a'ienment. have authorised Peter Lud low in li(iiiilnte the unsettled a'Count and to n - rrive nny men! ol all nrois aue 10 ine sum nini, or to the individii I uaitner - who will attend to the same at Ins i llice, No. Ill IWI - stieet. WILLIAM H A V A K I ), f.h?l tf HENRY BARCLAY. I.. I .V ulll 1. fVY. Mib.ciilier odert fir sale the follow - L ing valuable lainU in the state cif OIlio, part ef the Uni'ed Stales military tract, vi : 4'KK ci es in the county ot IK - uware, being the ;)d section nf the 3d township of the I. tli ratine, lying about 14 miles north of Columbus the seat ot t overnnieot, ami 5 mile north east nf Wnrthington. This tract lies between Alhim and Walnut f'reek, very near the former, and is intersected by the state road ftim Columbus to like F.rie. , H6D0 acrrt in the county of Knox, being pait of the 4lh section of the 5th lownship, of the 15th range, and In s on the north fork of Licking, about 'JO mi'et northw est of Newark and (,'ranville, 12 miles soiuliw est of Moil t cmnn, 10 miles noi tlieast of Rerkhire, and about 36 rnWcn northeast of Columbus. The state road f:mn which to Mount Vernon pas ses through the northwest corner of thetr.ct 1 tiese lands are 01 excellent quality - in a part of the state which is scttl ne very - fast. and the title l ing - from the L'liiled States to the subscriber and taxes tegiilai ly paid, Will DC warrant eel tree of all n - ciimlnat'ce Perth Amb ) (n 1.) ) J MKS I'ARKKR. Mairli 12 1M18. S mh 1 j Hlaut 2aw6w EDUCATION" A 1 RS. DA U SON latdy frrm the Eastern it I I onlinent rsiec tiutly informs the puhlie. tnat she has opi ne - l a Scluol in Cherry street. No 9, wh - re young Ladies will be car, ful.y in striirted by herell unri da'ht - i, in ntiig. aritl metir, dm wing, hilor, gengrnphr. use ol the gloV, and medic work 111 ail varieties. Mrs. D. het leave to observe lhal her system of teac - lorg (lormed from her own exporH - iH - el gieally facilitates the iniproyement of youth with eas - aial pleasure to thi m'elves. and shvi - s an in - r reduce oriioo ibi ir lime, when , 11. ployed ir. the usual way. Great Md nli - n will ie paid to En;rishGrammar, Iti admg ard Pronum iation. N. 6. ii' in - and Drawing in a surior manner by Miss Dan ton. mh 11 Jw ROARI ING An e'di rly tady aif , man a:. - d bis i ran he areo a gentle mmoditcd with p - .nfnts and Rraidin a private family aiMi rcutial si - intioa, from the first of May next, Apply at this office. 1 oh 6 2w TO COMMENCE ON MOND AT NEXT. ; UNlOfLltH. ; Stean - boat w) ' Olive - branch, fer P - :l - . w delphia, via Brunswick t - miles by land. Price through $4 M. r'ore - caitle or deck iiasseogcrs, $3 50. Tha OLIVE - BRANCH will leave New - York every day at 1 1 o'clock, from the north side of the Battery, and to return Irom uruoswica so as to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. This line has a ccf nertion with the best boats on the D la ware and Chefaieake to Norfolk ; as alro those of tlie North River and Sound; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, ifauy delay. This it a speedy and certainly the most convenient rouT, at the passengers tleep at Trenton or Brunswick, and arrive at a much less expense and in the hours of business at New - York or Philadelphia without fatigue in travelling or the want of sleep, as the distance by land is so mull whereas via the Point and 1'owles Hook it is 5G and t.G miles. Fore - castle passengers, (who diet with the pro pie,) to Hrunswirk, or Amboy, at $1 each. Light freight aud marketing, free. New - York, March 12, 1R18. mh 12 N bMli II DA VIES, Late cooducor o the bu - iness of Mr. Nathaniel nth. OFFERS lor sale at his Manufactory, No. 136 Broadway, as general at d extensive an assortment of perfumery 1 iid fancy artii let as 111 ty he found in this city. Among which are Vegetable transparent shaving liquid, which makes a creamy lather and softens the beard Oil antique lor curling. glossing, strengthening, find perieming the ban, and preventing it from turnicR grty Fine cotmelic cold cream, for removing tcurf, rougbnett, all maimer of emptions, and chap from the skin. . Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice, chemically prepared for preserving the teeth and gums Vegetable rouge, for giving a natural colour to Ihecomplcxion Pearl cosmetic, or face powder, for whitening thekin II ighly improved chemic al cosmetic wnsh ball ior soflning, pietening, and beautifying tbe hi. 1. and nreveiitinsr it Horn chapping Superfine rose, violet, and plain hair powder; warranted to be pure and iiee from adultera tion Almond paale, for washing the skin Almond imwder. lor the same purpose Chemical drntilrice tooth owdef, warranted Balsumic lip salve ot roses, tor giving t - eau - tiful coral red to the lips, curing roughness and chaps, and leaving them smooth and comiona hie Celebrated Albion corn plaster, so well known to be an efficacious remedy for corns Highly improved chemical milk of roses, for preserving me skin, Clearing 11 irom scuri, redness, suuliiirn, and chaps, and for the use of gen tlemen after shaiing Highly improved tweet scented hard and 10ft p - maiiims Pommade de gratse, for strengthening and promoting the grow th ol the hair, uod prevent ing it from coming out ; Chemical abstergent lotion, for me reeiu anu urns Aromatic tooth paste, for whitening and pre serving the teeth and gum 'untied Alpine siiavmg cases, mane on a cue - miral principle ; and h so well known to be su lrior to most other soaps (or softning tbe beani and promoting the operation of shaving n:giny llliprovea vioieifiiaving I'uwoer, woicii is particularly adapted to the use of Travellers, being very poitahle, aud in all respects an excel lent article lor shaving 05" Please be particular and ohserve, that all the foregoing nrticles of N. SMITH DAVIE manufacture, will liavulus name upon mew id copper plate or type. Magnum bonum, ne plus ultra, refined steel, concave, and a variety of common razor, in ca tcs and single; britanr.ia metal and glass sha ving boxes of various sizes, suitable lor shaving enes ; shaving boxes, with glass, brush and toap ; do with glass, brush, soap and hair brueh, and a variety of common shaving loxes ; razor ttropt of various kinds, sizes, ami quality ;tomc very small and In - e suitable for shaving casts; lad.ej' japanned dressing cases, furnished or unfurnished ; gentlemen't morocco and mahogany dressing cases, furnished in a superior style; la diet and gentlemen ran have tbe drawers of portable desks and toilette classes fitted up lor cfres - sine, in a superior st vie ! a handsome assortment nl ladies work boxes ; needle cases completely furnished ,ilh needlesof the best quality; va riety of pocket - books ; thread cafes ; gilt, plated and silk purses : ivory fine combs ol all sizes, some extra superfine ; !" wood tine comb ; tortoise shell, ivory, and horn pocket combs :du rahle ink , salt of lemons ; tongue scrapers , tooth nicks : tooth nick rases and tweezers ; patent pe netrating hair brushes ; by the slightest applica tion, tbey penetrate to me root 01 me u.icae hair, clean - ine from it all prepirabie matter a rising Irom excels or exercise, giving 10 me neao and liair a sensibility of pleasantness not to In expected fr in the common kind of hair biuh - es ; hair brushes ; ctotnes urusiifs ; loom orwi - es ; shaving brushes, with or without catet : nail brushes ; comb hrnshri ; hat brushes, whisker brushes with glass ; plate brushes nnd flesh brush es. These are staple articles, 01 wnicn mere is an assortment on hand, equal, if not superior, to nny in the United State ; a very elegant assort ment of pen and pocket knives ; tine and common scissor - , and scissor casts; fruit knives; a variety of fine fancy boxes nnd snuff hoxes ; hair pin ; bodkins and black pint : pencil cnei and Mark lead ieni lis ; fine swan and silk puffs . powder boxes and powder knives ; a variety ot handsome rut glass miniature bottles, for rhains, nn klares, i c. with silver and gold caps ; sbm - i - ug hot (hs, with volatile salts ; aromatic spirit ol vinegar. ftV" Large dedurtiau made to country store keepers, who will find it much to their advantage tok - en an assortment of thearticlesof N. timitl Davie' manufacture, as they are put up in thi !rt style, and made to suit any climate. Mer - rha - rfs will be supplied wholesale for exporta tion, mil l TO FARMERS. rX'tHE 'ibcriberc - ui funiih the farmers of L the adjacent counter with ground Plaster of Pari iu anv qtiautity, on the shortest notice, in barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Hirrison - tt. N. R. dhessi.s - g hoo.v. FRUME.N I O, N i. I Wall - stivet. just re i . turied ir. - n. Iia'y. has the honr.ur to inform the gentlemen, that be cuts and dies es hair in toe latest sty Is, and in a mat ner f as to ado) t 11 m ine pnii"giomy. tte lia tor talc a iii.ii!ti ty of R AZ'.'R ol tne firt qualify, if they d . iiof p'ea; on trial, the pnrihners aie at lih fy to leturn them. am. reteivi1 tbe money Me h - ys hkeivi - e procured ave'y fine lone, aedetig g. to 11 store ranrs to a very keen cige and h u.d tin y m 1 1 ut he will receive n - i rC Kipence. I hose gentlemen w'10 may pleat - to honor bim wiih their patronagx, uoiv di j - . - im 00 tiie most pamru ar aiid respe cttal a'ter dame. . IJ. (ient'emen wliotuhfcnhe by the quarter w ill have their rors, &c. kept txclu - ively fer ttietuselres. P. s. A good joorofymxa wanted. Apply ai above. . ma tj ti POST COACH L1SE ro PHILADELPHIA 1 wai or rowLK - KooK IMPORTANT TO FAhBKSGERS. No c waection with the port baite line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every convenience for passengers ar.d baggage, on Springs THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from tbe Cooch office, old No. 1 Court band - street, N. York, every morning, Sundaytexreptcd, at 1 - 2 paste o'clock Dy way ot .ewam, iewurinsvicn, irjnic ton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at l'biludel ihta f tie same evening. ' The Steam Boat Line INDUSTRY, wi start from New - York every morning (Sim days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Sttum Bom Afnlanta. from the north side of the Battery ledge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia ni xt day to dine United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on springs. TheU. S. mail coach will start from Ihe coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - street, New York, every day at x o'clock, r. 11 and arrive at riiiltidelptiia ntxt morning aioo'ctocn. uuij 6 oasseneers admitted. For seats in tb above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach. Stage and Steam Boat office, nl the ol No. I Courtlandt - stiuet, the second ofiice from Broadvvav, New - York ; to I5AAO uiiv.ti No. I Washington - street; or lo A. T. GOOD. RICH Ai CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. fir - AII goods 'and baggage at the risk ol the owin - r juftl - rrl t.iu., rvf. - i iv v. N. B Expresses tint to any pari of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 22 j'0T CHAlsL LINK. r O K PHILADELPHIA The POST CH AISE, with every convenience for Passengers and their hiiggnge (through in one day) will leave tne fust t haie omre, 1 10 croau way, opposite the City Hotel every day (Sun dav excepted) at hall pait 6 o'clock in the morn iiii, - . by way ol Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Pas sengers and their baggnge, will leave tlie t. me place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P.M. will proceed before fheMail, and not suect 10 tne inconvenience 01 slopping ai the numerous Post Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, nnd arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. Fare 7 dollars. fjr Ali goods and baggage at the risque ol the owner. JOHN N.CUMM1NC, Newark. JOHN GULICK : SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON K HOW ELE, Philadelphia A". B. Etprrtunrnt to ant part of the I 'm ted Slates, oy I.. b.tKMt - .!. I - en y 1 L. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. ft"7" The public are atsurtd tkal thit line i euual to anv in ihe U. S. for the convenience and i oaiiorl cube traveller. Vith tbe addition ot tin - rriiHid. the nasseueer may rest secure at fi hit 1 aggage and persunt.1 sately ihe roach ne ver In lug left whilst changing at the post cmcei, without a person on tbe box I he wav mail is put in separate bags and changed la the Euro peau style. I he U S. Mail Coach will start from the cooch office, old No. 1 CoiKtland st.eet, New - York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia nextmorning at 6 o'clock; only o passengers admitted in this conch. For teats apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, nt the old Conch and Stage Office, old No I, second like from Broadway in Couttlamlt - street, or to A. T. GOODRICH t Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ltdar - iret, New - York. N. B. AII;oodsand b.ggage at the risk 01 the owners. J. LYON Al SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GLLICK U CO. Kingston. CHE? I ER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses tent to any part ol the Continent by jari20 THOS. WHITFIELD. SOOND Slr.A tl BOAT LINE. ri 'He. hoe nil I commence I on iMondiv, the Uth inst. when the Connecticut, Capt Bunker, will leave New - tola ior Aew - a o'clock, A. M. The Fudon, Capt. Law, will leave New - London forNtw Haven at the same hour; both boat will leave New - Haven at 7 o'clock P. M. on Monday I he Fulton, Captain Law, for New Lord on, and the Connecticut, Captain Bunker, tor Sew York They will continue to run during the season, every Monday, Wednesday un 1 Friday. Notire will be given wl en the Fultoa win commence running a lar at orwich. mh 4 WlL. ii.M fiOOrw.n, N. .0. ,., - ? T comrr of Fulton - street, New Vi"k, having received a large supply of the real J APA N BLACKING, of Day ft Martin, 97 High Hoi born, lyindon, offers tbe same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or homeceosstmptioD, on terms the most liberal and advantageous to purchasers. Thi inestimable composition, with half the u sua! labor, produces a most brilliant jet bl - .ick, lull v equal to the highest japan varuish ; afford (icriiliar nouri - hnient to the leather ; it will not soil the finet linen ; is perfectly free Pom any unpleaant smell ; and will retain its virtues in anv climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence ol this Mai king, it has stood - the tct ami romnwded the most e xtem - ive sale in all quarters of the globe, for upwards of half a ecu - tnnr. Feb 16 NEW iMUSIC. IUST puoiished by WM. DUBOIS, at hi pianoforte and music store, No. I iC Broad av, l.'aham'scelehrated Polscca, arransed at 1 Ro - i.Jo, by Steibelt Ftwrit'e Ventliv Air, arrorged as a rondo b l.nlr.ur ad y O'CarroIl, with variations for the piano lone, vj 1 . rw. nioran. SONGS. O softly sleep my B:i! y Pry The l.a' 1 okn, eric - ii.e iu'er me. is - H all Mr. PhibpjV Sor:gj to be had a hcve. feb 17 A Il;t - UK1.S IN A NFW SIT IF. il I is fer srt ibAW . T up - ward. Spe. int - n m ,y I r v - eo at tt Tom' ine Ccffee iloii'p. the City Holt!, and at hispaiot - tog room, 1K9 Broadway, exactly opposite John surei. ttik3ZW tficralBg pabfir stBow how lo diitia,.. - tween tlungs that d ifler. DOCTOR HORNE, f0rni, member of the facultr e7r,i ' and surgery there,. Veei,7t tv to rtieat "mo .rvll:id' the abuse of MERCURY rath, indiscriminate, and unoui fied use thereof, bas hew native of infinite' W sands ore annually mercurialized out of ern e. The disease we have in view owes ii? 'J1, t:d results chiefly to this source. What . that a young man, the hopes of his country the duliiig ul his parents, should be lavbrfli - way Irom all the prospects and eojoyiinuri!" by the of one unguarded ram, ind by a disease not in its own nature fabd "! which only prove so from neglect or imnrl treatment.'" A gwitleraar, (late Dr iP?Pw lient) now perfect ly hear and vrell. Ia p" under physicians, of general practice, tix . ' sod repeatedly salivabd; when recommendeS Dr. lis (by a gentleman of this citv h;. , M, were carious, and his flesh dropping from ii Lis friends declared be could not potsihlviM?8' t wo months longer. Thousands eIrrWV,'l!, know with what ease and safety Dr. s cates the severttt case, and confirms' theVilt lution. The Doctor's plan (advertising) if. cetsary to guard the public against tlie VbuL mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a bIT vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison. admonished not to tamper with their comiitZ lion, or conceal the disorder, till past re ry ; othershavitig the remains of an old I r" or other impurities of the blood, asweliat ofi er complaints of a delicate nature, in .ifi?. icx. should remember posterity, and do j". to their consciences, by making nnni..c to Dr. H. at hi. ol'd Ld iJfLSSSmSt. i!:ment,No. 64 Water - street, fourboum i of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistancl.1 mil cidfiilattd to prevent disclosure. And fwr. let me claim your serious attention JAememh 1 uperficiaUure is no core at all ; unlest UfyZ .juefsis radically done, you will certainly ,aT ht ilnorder break out again with redoubled in? hgnily, at some future ri" . iwrhapt then will be too late for remedy. Don't you often meet a the streets miserable, mutilated beings, wiUK.ii even a bit 01 nose on their face ! Take warna I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn intt. s'rity heme, universally known in this city. ,ior, Iit04,euaiantee to patients that delicacy and i! re - y hitherto unknown, and having confined tin nractice forvear past, exclusively to thecoreof ilitenscs of the blood system, they may safclvcul. culate on the most decided advantages incos suiting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in twa or three weeks Sfric'turei removed withon' bougies or any otZ er instrument ; and all debilities; likewise til old ulcerations, fistula's Aa. , A plurality of offices are provided, and sot - its - ded that patients are not exposed to each other's observation. Opeu till half past 9 in the eve ring All persons concerned are invited to be fru 11 . ailing, and speaking with Dr. H. which is firs of cost And here the 1 )octor cannot avoid th txpression of gratitude for Enumerable recom - iiiendatloiis, and for the decided preference fit it presumed with just cause) long given him by a .udicious puhlic. N. U. All letter mutt be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 47 1 1 Xh.11 it EH (iUALht.hY JVOH I.Hl'UM - TIOjV. DR. EVAN'S' superior method oCr.uruig certain Disente, itnowuniver - tally ar knowledeed iotliu city ; hi mode of treatment is perrertly mild, safe, ex - (h uiiious. and bis charges reasonable. In every instance he warrants: aesrs, nd will return the pay if h doe not perform agreeable u contract, v There are ninny persons in this citv it. it. biwbvs onserveu. : cinity, laboring under various chronic diseanx such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers,, seroak or kings evil, fistulas, disrates of the ttrusrs bladder and kidnies, old complicated compltitti of a certain nature, bilious and other obstruction!, rheumatism, 4c. which they consider wearable, tbey can certainly lie cured (in general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'b Medical Store, No, 9. Peck - slip, havine liractised in rstiUa hospitals in Europe if years, under tome of tin first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, tat made those obstinate diseases his constant ttudj fortOveur. Oct It - f I H E public it rvspect - X fully informed that the ELEPH NT sw exhibiting at No. t9t liroadway, wilt ponlive - y be removed on or a - 'iout the 1st April Beat I hose (hat with to grauV v ibeir cunositv, viewing ine.wooue.riai workt of nature, will do welt to embrace thit opportunity. Admittance 2i cent. . . mh 3 ti - 1 fty - WHEATON A DA Via, Fancy Chair Manufac turert, No. I53Fullon - ttriet opKsite St. Tauls Church, offer for tale, wholesale and retail, largt ant) elegaat assortment of Curld Msnfe plain painted and ornamest - ed in gold h bronre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Hocking, Sewing, nnd Conversation Chair. Sofm. Settees. .oungees, Music Stools, Hie. Orders from anv part of tha continent executed w ith neatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 - T73 The subscriber having recently retnmed from England with an important improvement o the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method nf informing his friends and the public, that al those who aie so unfortunate as to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by p plyiug at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 82 WM. PURVIS. LEKS ITCH OlJWMEJfT, T7"ARR ANTED an infallible remedy won v v annlication. mar be used witn penev .ifctyon infants a week old, not contain'ng particle ol merctiry.or any dangerous ingmheni whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive smell which attends tha application of ouW remedies. . ., . Tho akve "medic ices are prepared and tow ' LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Mideo - Laas .id told by S. CARLE, cornel of Fultoe aj. atertreets. .. . Denggi'ts and country store - keepers turrh0 on liberal terms. Janl I PRIVATE LODGI GS A smgle fent1 man ctn be accomrhoc. - ited. wi h one or two rooms, after the first or May next, without hoard, the rooms furnished or not, a (rented ami small family, the house 1 nr and pleasant, and in a healthy part of the citr. about ten mino'es waia m m "' " ,,5 F... - fonlur information ux)uire at no. I - Rroa :v feb - J - NEW - YORK: ' PR1XTF.I) .it'D PUBLISHED M1VU.1EL VV!imHAMk CO - ' V - it PlS! - Ti'r 1 v - j 1 vs. - sr. ra 1 OS t.tosi. r.iyiisjtiirTa.,.i1ii 1 "

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