The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 15
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MARCH 10 mm 1931 WfASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTB 15 RAILROADS ABLE Anticipated Shw-tage Send Hog Buyers Out Early; Prices Gain. CHICAGO, liarcli': 10. 6?)_Nor jnal trading- conditions were estab Jisned in the stockyards before 1 th opening: of the market today, Wit the railroads functioning so we that aU.shipments a total' of 67 carloads, were in before 8 : o'cloc1c. The anticipated shortage'of hog orot. out all buying interests earl and in the first rush for %h , weights prices climbed another 15S 25c above the average'establishe yesterday. Shippers went-as high a. $8.15@8.25 for/ the best on -'aa\ weighing 180 to 200 Ibs., while 24 pound medium -weight.butchers- sol · at 58.00. The run of 19,000 ' wa larger, in fact, than last .Tuesday's but. the two day total of 57,100 wa. 11,000 smaller than for the.sam last week, and there was ; a . rea shortage yesterday. -'··:.'·- ' · · ' . Cattle supplies' exceeded expecta tions, running- of 900 head, and with thatf. number" from which to select buyers at . otic tended to take their time in pur chasing. Only,, steady prices wer ;paid in the early trading, commo steers selling, at $8:00 ' and tradini was slow. Better'qutletfor beef ant a^raflual improvement in .trade con ditipns were expected to hold th market at itp present higher'jeyel without danger of severe cutting- altho fat cows were not in quite'th same demand as .steers.. Well-finished western lambs tha . came by train made up the bulk o -today's; s upply'and of the 27,000 on hand packers had 9,239 on 'direc .. billing, which 'made the outlook fo the rest of a little dark. Nativi lambs from nearby points were har to find, as roads were : still too risk} for much trucking;.either direct!to market or to trains. Hogg closed steady at early advance-or weights below 240 Ibs.; some bids on heavi cr kinds 25-400 lower. Cattle finished mostl 25c lower and. sheep steady to strong. Local Hogs MASON CITY, . March 10--Bes sorted lights, 180 to'230 : lbs., $7.30 best medium weight butchers, 24( - to 260 Ibs., $7.10; best heavy butch ( ers, 270 to 300 Ibs.,' $6.90;, best ·$ .prime heavy butchers 310 to 350 · ' Ibs ?fa 70, best packing sows 300 to 350, Ibs , $5 90 best heavy sows 360 to 400 Ibs $5 80 CHICAGO UtVESTOCK , CHICAGO March 10 }F -- U S depart ment'of. agriculture^ HOGS 18,000; 3,000 direct; mostly iS-2Sc. luetier'tlian yesterday; light weights active up most;- heavies slow: tap $8.33; bulk 16(J 220 .Ibs. S8.10(5S.25; r240-310 Ibe. i7.30©8 pigs $7.5058; packing.' BOWS 46.35(^0.60 IJght light, ' good and choice -140-180 Iba JB@8.25; light- weight 160-200 Ibs. $8.10® 8.35; medium weight 200-250 Ibs. S7.75SJ 8.30; lieavy weight 250-350 Ibs. $7.3057.90 packing i sows, medium and good, 275-EOI Iby. 56,25016.75; slaughter pJgs, good and choice 100-130 Iba. J7.505'8. CATTLE 9,000; calves 2,000; fed steers an dyearlings 'weak to 25C lower; .very HttU done and 'most early sales 25c oCt; mghl iinlEhed weighty bullocks up to $11.25 bu :most early-sales' $7@9; light weight yearling hclfc'rs in brea'd demand but kinds scaling .over no Ibs. wenK; cows about steady, scarce; nulls steady but vealers mostly 50c lower' to big packers. . Slaughter ^cattle and vealers, stc«rs good and choice 600-000 , Ibs. , J8.75@ll.25; 900 1100 Ibs. S8.75@ll.50; 1100-1300" Ibs. $3.00 ®11.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. V S9.25@11.50: com mon and medium 600-1300 Ibs. SO. 25®9. 00; heifers good and choice 550-850 Ibs. 57.25® 9.73; : common and medium : common cows good and choice $5,00@6.50; commoi and medium . S3.75S'5.00; low cutter and cutter'I3.00@4.0p; hulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) ' ?4:25©5.75; cutter to medium $3.50((M.SO: vealers (milk; fed' good and choice 37.25(ip9100; medium 56.0C iffT.25; cull and common S1.6q@6.00; stocker .and feeder cattle.* steers good and choice 500-1050'lhs. 57.0008.25; common and medium {5.0087.00. -SHEEP 27,000; early market about sieady; tendency lower on. *Inbetween 'grade ' lamba feeders very dull; several loads choice -lambs ja.OOtT9.25; to outsiders; fat ewes S4.00© 5.00; slaughter sheep and Iambs, -lambs 9( Iba. down good and choice 'S8.7E®9.3B; medium $7.75@8.75; 91-100 Ibs. medium to choice S7.50SJ9.25; all weights common S6.25 fliT.75; ewes 80-150 Ibs. medium to choice S3.50SS5.00; all weights cull and common *2.QO®-1.00; feeding lambs 60-75 Ibs. -S7.75 @S-35. ' ' _OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, March 10. UPr--V. -a.'..depart. ment of agriculture-- ' ' "HOGS 15.000; slow; light hogs about fllcady; medium and strong weleht butchers 10-25c. mostly 15-20c lower; 170-220 Ibs S7.35jS7.50; lop S7.SO; 220-270 Jo.' butchers S7.25@7.40; 270400 .Ibs.. S7@7.2S; packing sows $6.25j6.40; average cost Mbndav $7.37, weight 264. CATTLP; 6,500 including 500 calves; fed tlcers and yearlings slow, steady to wealt; she stock steady; bulls and vealers steady to slrong; stackers and feeders scarce, steady; fed steers and yearlings 57Q9; few loads weighty steers and medium weights - $9.35?10;' heifers' mosUy $6:25SP7,25, some , held Higher; bulk beef cows S4.23©5.50;.cut- tor grades S3.254;; medium bulls S3.7SS. 4.25: heavy, beef Dulls S4#4.50;. few around - 1,500 ]ba. S5£i5.50: practical' top Dealer* · J7.5Q;' few $8. , .' ·-. .' ' '·- : · SHEEP 13,500; Jambs opening 1 about steady; sheep and feeders 'scarce, steady; early bulk fed wooled lambs SS.25fr8.5G- top $8.60; some held above; best ewes S4.50 SIOUX CITV I.IVKSTOCK.' SIOUX CITY, March 10. (M--U. S. department .of agriculture--, CATT1.K 3,500, calves 200; beef sleors . and yearlings uneven; .light yearlings fairly ,active, steady; others steady to weak; other sleers weak to shade lower; .other classes' little changed;' two/loads, choice. 1,-m in. 'bullocks $10.25; choice long yearlings held above S10; bulk S7.2538.50; few red heifers -$7-50 down; most co'ws fi.25r[v5.25; scatter- ine salea stackers $7.25 down. ' ITOGS 11,500; Including ISO billed thru; slow, steady to lOc higher for 170-210 16. butchers; 300-350 Ibs. steady; other weights dull; packing sows.' strong to ]5e higher; . 170-100 Ib. butchers largely $7.25©7.50. few 57.55; extreme top $7.60; bidding" to 57.SO for 100-210 !b. averages; few 300-350 Ib. butchers $7@7-25; . packing sows mostly J8.40Jf6.50; few heavy roughs 'down to SIIKEP -1.500, fat, Iambs opening lOc higher to shippers: few decks 78-83 Ib. fed wooled offerings $8.60; other classes nuotcd sleady. . . SOUTH ST. PAUI, LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 10. /n--U. S. department of agriculture-- ' vCATTr.F, 1,600; all classes In vp.ry light supply but- edge off trailo with undertone weak; two cars medium weight steers e a r l y IS.HO; part. load heavies considered salable . - a r o u n d SO; 'bulk ordinary s h o r t ' f e d s $7.75 down; she stock Blow, barely steady; beef ^«ows JifflS; helpers J5.253«.fio; cutters , , weak; Improved quality considered: gooi ISwnl 3 · qholce ; w ? 11 ? Wf.throwoula J1.50 ' ' Hoas.g.gog;,. strong to loc higher than JTonday;,,better 150-210 Ib.. weights $7.25ffi 7.80; .top $7.60; other medium-and .heavy butchers mostly $7@7.25; bulk pigs anc i SU}'? h ' 3 57 - 6 °: 90 *' s 55.7508 or better. SHEKP. 1,000; run light: few odd sales fat lamba weak to, lower but'most offerings held steady cr.upwards to 58.60: throw- outs S6®7.50; good to choice natives S7.75® 8.25; fat natives J304.25; choice kinds absent; several loads feeding lambs i7@7.50, *' .KANSAS CITY HVESTOCk. · ' . " ' K A N S A S CITY, March io: un-^U. 9. de- partmeht-of agriculture--;· · - - - JIOGS 3,ooo; 70 direct; "fairly' active mostly lo-20c hlghsr than Monday's average; top $7.80 on choice 180-220 Ibs. good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7@7.50: 160-160 Ibs. $7.1507.80; 180-200 ' Iba. S7.40@7.80- 200-220 !bs. S7.45S17.80; 22Q-250 Iba. I7.40SP 7.80; 250-230 Ibs. $7.25@7.65; 290-350 Ibs 570-7.40; packing- sows 275-500 Ibs. SG® ·8.75;-.stock, pigs,; good and choice 70-130 Ibs. *6.75@7.25. ' · CATTLE 6,000;; calves. 1,100; fed steers steady to easier; other classes steady to strong: top heavy steers $10.10. Steers, 'good and- choice 006-800 Iba. 87,75® 10.50; 000.1100^ Ibs. $8fi10.75;.1100-1300 Ibs. S8-ip 10.75; 1300-1500 Ibs. S8'.25®10.75; common and medium 600 lb. up SB®8: .heifers, good and choice' 550-850 Ibs." $0.75@9; common and medium'550-850 Ibs. $4.25®6.75; cows, good; and choice '·$4.75^6.50;-.common' and medium.'!54{f4.75; low cutter, 'arid cutter $2.75@4; vealers. (milk fed)',, medium' to choice 55©8; cull and common-53.50 05- stocker and feeder -steers, 'good and choice (all weights) S6.75@8.76: common and medium (all' weights)· $4.25@6.75.' - SHEEP 11.006; k|llln K classes steady: top led Iambs ?8,50; !ambs,'good and choice 90 Ibs. down $7.7B3'8.-50; medium 90 Ibs.'down .56:7507.75; common, all weights SS.2S® 0.75; medium to choice 91-100' Ibs. 56.75[i 8.25;. ewes, choice 150 Ibs. down IJVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 10.--Estimated receipts if hogs,* 19,000; cattle, 7,000; sheep, 20,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 10. l/n--Representative sales as selected by the U. S. department of agriculture--· - . · "'-· . ·' - CATTLE. - . . - . :.Sleers--' . Heifers-IB 1514 11.2A- 59 609 g.35 22 , 1284 10.25 31 ' 713- S.OO 27 1077 10.00 27 ' 782 7,25 37 : 1603 9.85 12 802 6.00 20 1701 0.75 Cows-28 -1009 . B.50 11 1014 6.25 22 ,1110 9.00 10 1254 5.35 17 · 1232 8.00 .10 988 - 4.15 21 ; 1040 8.00. '8 891 3.ia 23 S94 .t.BIl . ' - 1063 7.40 25 1014 6.00 13 .751 6.50 14 ' 757 5.75 ' SfTBEP. Native Lambs-- . Fed Westerns-125 , 86 ' 9.35 200 83 ,9.35 130 ,'. 81 0.25 BOO - 02 9.25 115 . 84 ' . . 9.15 650 · 90 ' 9.00 139 80 9.10,fi25 98 S.75 220 .78 , 9.00 98 105 8.59 ·113 07 8.«0 Fat Ewes-80 . 100 8.T5 10 . 114 5.00 »5 : 106 8.65 226 150 4.75 232 75 . . 8.30 33 137 4.SQ 98 8.25 7 160 4.25 12r 74 8.00 2 180 4.00 281 70 7.75 32 114 7 0 sr 740 fil 60 6.50. , .'HOGS. g'gy-- Lights-- _ ^~* 3-tz 1 L ' '7.35 "SOTM'" "Id? 8~Z5 63 sir 7.50 63 -·'· -.191 8.35 56 312 7.25 59 . 184 8.25 « 288 7.65 77 ' 175 8.1? 5* .284 7.40 37 ' 162 8.15 27 265 7.65 Light Lights-63 251 7.6(1 68 155 8.25 Mediums-- 63 147 8 10 79 247 7.90 22 .142 8.10 63 239 7.85 17 133 T.91I 84 234 8:03 SB 221 8.In T2 213 8.20 57 205 8.25 · Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Tuesday- DBS M01NES--1,300; I3c tb'25c higher; prlnm u B hts S6.85«F7.25; prime mediums 56.75e?7.25; '. prime heavies $G.50ffS7: co'ocl pacltcrs S5.65Q6.15. , w - o u n y j , gooti OTTUMWA--Firm. to higher; 120-150 IbJ. ^L 11 ^ 1 TM lb . B - *°- 8 °: "0-220 ib 3 . 57.25; - - --·- -vi ·««·! -iwu-uuu iuj. ^u, i u , agu» 350 Ibs. $6.45; over .350 Ibs. J6.15; good packers ^5.80; fair packers J4 V .80. \VA.TK23!L,p(V--Prime hog's 180-220 Ibs SO.85SS7.15; 220-250 Ibs. S6.75©7.05- 250290. Ibs. le.OSS'B.85;. 200-320 Ibs. JS.404j 6.70; good pcakers SR.(i5@6 . , ORDAR RAPIDS--Prime hoes: Mediums 56.a55f7.15; heavies $6.7Gfl?6.95: lights *« nnffi-.T IB,; jacKors *5.75®6.25. · ' COMBINED ' HOd HEOEIPTS. DBS MOINES, March 10. (/B--U. S. department ot agriculture-"Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in In- erior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 11,300 compared with 0,800 a week ago. Very uneven,' prices ranging from, steady o 25c higher, mostly 10-25C higher; today's idvance accelerating marketing In most sec- Ions; bulk o( 170-220 pound,.weights 57.15® '.40; 210-300 pound weights mostly 10:75® 7 .15; big .weight butchers down to' 56.BO. Quotations for good and choice: Light Igllts, 140-160 Ibs.' $3.50©7.30; light velghts, 1GO-180 ]bg. S7@7.40; -180-200 Iba. !75i7.45; medium "weights 200-220' Ibs. S73f 7.45; 220-250 Ibj. $7®7,40; heavy weights. 250-290 Ibs. 56.7i5e7.25; 280-350 Ibs. J6.SO Ci7. : · Good packing sows- 275-350 Ibs. S5.8L 1.25;, 350-425' Ibs. S5.653'8r 425-550 Ibs. ,5.33®3.75. ': : ' . GRAINS TUMBLE i IN LATE TRADE Selling of Corn Broadens Out After Advarice in ; : Early Hours. , ; CHICAGO, March 10. tff 1 )-- Grain prices tumbled back late today,, led b y. co TM- .Selling of corn broadened out-after an early advance, and buying -proved · inadequate to absorb tie Increase, largely the result of attempts to realize profits. Wheat, gave way with corn and on talk that before the new wheat crop commenced to move great efforts would be needed to get rid of old stocks to relieve the situation. , lower; wheat oft; oats unchoneed in VMms "nchanleaTo 47° ' bean expected. ^i,,r,. "nCAGO CASH GRAIN. ·CHICAGO, March 10. f^D-- Wheat bard 3c; No.'l mixed 77%c. «?. 0r Jr N "i 3 mlx£d 6 °©60Hc; No. 4 mixed DVC, wo. 2 yellow OS^flSKc; No. 2 yellow (old) 65Kc: No. 3 yellow 60®61Vjc- No 4 yetow 50®60c;. No. 5 yellow 57© 50C. Oats No. 2-white 31K.C. .Timothy seed $S.7i®9. .-Clover- seed- 512.50JP20 ' ' Ijird B.05; ribs 11.50; bellies 11 50 3 MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 10.-...... 22c 430 . ... \ \ ; 40c Shelled corn, No. 4 Eat 'corn . : . . . .'. . GrainFutures May CORN-Mar. old. .. new.. oU... new.. July ....;. Sept. WHEAT-- . Mar. old... new.. old. .. new.. TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March-10. High ' Low -6314 .61% -.6314.' .62 ' .^ , July Hept OATS-- '·· Mar. old.. May old new. July Sept. ..... RYE-- . · . Mar.. old.,. May; old.. ·JSIjfe'-.-.-H Sept.' .68% .08 ",t .79% .79 !k -'31% .82% - ·64 54 .04% . .40H M^-4H6--ii- .42« ' Mar, ...... May\ July · . BELLIES-May July . 0.00 9.15 .,.11.72 11.30 .05 .68% .66',! .7811 .79% -81% -82 *t .63% .^63 54 .29 M ·31 »i .32 .32 H -32?4 8.95 9.10 11.15 11.25 lift-Close -SIT; .62 .04 .65 Market Notes . By HCKER TAPE ^ GRAIN OPEN IIO6 SUTURES.. ' . CHICAGO. March 10. 'Wl-- Hog futures: Of/ering medium hogs to: arrive tomorrow at 8.25, bidding. $8; bidding 58.25 for lights .nd 57.75'/or heavies." , . Grade · · , . - . ' Offered Bid LIGHTS-, .-"'--:: . ' . . ' · ·.. ' ,-. Tarch ..'..;..... ;.8.7S · "8.00 April -..,-:-.'. -:8.75 8.on lay (llrst half) 5.25 8.75 fay (last half) ....,-.-.,".'..0.00 , ept :.....9.25 8.7S 1EPIUMS-- Iprll ; ........9.00 ·lay ,.' 9.00 8.40 ept. ....' .' 8.75 iEAVIES-- lay 8.00 ept. ·' ..'... 8.7S MISCELLANEOUS roTATO MARKET' · . ', CHICAGO, March 10. UP)--United States epartment of agriculture-Potatoes 125; an track 266; total U. 8. hlpments 778; about steady; trading fair; acked .per cwt., Wisconsin* round 'whites 1.3001.35; . few *1.40@1.45; Minnesota ound whites $1.20^1.30; Idaho russets No. J1.60@J.60; occasional fancy higher, com- nerclala il.40; No. 3 mostly SI.30; Colo- McClures 51.7001.75; fair Quality J1.40 " · ' SUNNEAPOLTS FT.OUB / ifINNEAPOLIS, March 10. nt--Flour un- hanged. Shipment* 34,441. Bran S17.00© T.50. standard middling! 516.50^17.00. NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK, March 10. utv-Knw augur gncr at 3.25c spots duty paid. Raw futures . midday 2 to 3 points net higher. Re-' ned unchanged to 4.40e. HAV MARKET CHICAGO, March 10. (At--Hay 8 cars, nchangcd. (.·;. CORN-Mar., old.'... n e w . . . May old new. July .' Sept WHEAT-Mar. old new... old.r.. n e w . . . July Sept. ., OATS-Mar. old, .. . h e w . . . old ne\v... July Sept. RYE-- . ilar. old,... new... May old new... July ...' Sept.. LARD-Mar May July BELLIES-May ... July CHICAGO, March 10. Close Close Ycs'd'y. May May Yr. Ago. -. .T7',4 .'.' .SIN · i ! .8314 ' .. .B3--1 .. 1.06% .. I.11 '.', 1.05K .. 1.07U . ."."' .42% .'- .4211 ..;.«* ·'·', -.62U .';' .62 u · '.'. .e4Vi .. .67V1 ..10.22 ..10.37 . .10.62 -.13.20 . .13.37 · 62H .6251 .64% -79 'A .83 .81% .83 .61 .32 Vt '.32 Vi .32* .37% -40% · 4lV. .42=; 8,95 9?17 11.72 11.75 .79 M. .79 y. .81V- .827,, .637 ;.63 .20% .31* .32', .32V .32 % - 9.95 8. 07 9.12 11.25 11.30 UP-Open Today .03 .61 H .06U · 67H -6*74 .79% .79% '.81« .82% .641.4 .63% .29% .32% .40% 8.95 8.95 0.10 11.72 11.25 OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA, March 10. (.T)-- Wheat-- Hard 0 ' -i' 1 O. 4, 63 ' ' " l l l e f°' TM . . -- -- ° : No ' 2 6DV4c : northern spring c; ye "° w 4 Oats -- ^Not quoted. 3 ' SONNEAPOtlS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 10. im-- Wheat-155 cars compared to 111 a year ago. Cash No. 1 northern and No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 73*4(j77«c' f? : .J,-«k hart Montana 14 per cent protein 73',-sC; to arrive 70«@71i4c; No. 1 nm- ««VfflS?!? 70 5J® 7 '« c i No ' 2 »'m»«r dunim 6S'41f71?4c; No. 1 red durum 63Vlfi- May 78!4c; July'68T4c: September 63* £ y Corn-- No. 3 yellow 51%®54c pats-- No.. 3-whlte 26H@27»ic. Barley-- 31@53c. - , ' Rye-- No.' 1, 34'A«(l37;ic " Flax-- No. 1, KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CI*TY,' Marcll 10. (/H-- Wheat-00 cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 69V4@7254 = ; ' N o . . 3 nominally 68V4® 71c; No. 2-jhard 60 J4 © 70C ; ; No. 3, e!2c£ 69c; No. 2 red 73c; No. 3, T2c. ; · ' ° af * w Corn-- 39 care; Ic higher to 4c lower; No. ,! vh "!,? 7 ' /4c! N °- 3 ' 5'/4@56«c: No. 2 yellow 57'4c; No. 3, 65©56«c: No. 2 mixed nominally MtfjBSc; No. 3, S2@53'4c. Oats-- 2 cars; unchanged; No. 2, white nominally 32'A@33c; No. 3, 32c. Rye-- Nominally 1 43B-4344C. Barley -- Nominally ' TOLEDO SEEDS. ' TOLEDO, March 10. UP) -- Seed unchanged. HIDES Qnotatlons Furnished by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest, ' Horse hides ---- ..... ...S1.50-S2.00 Cured beef hides ' ........ . Green beet hides . . ____ '.'... .. NEW VORK POUI/TRY. NEW YORK. March 10. (/PK- Poultry- Alive, f i r m : fowls, by fretuht 2032.1c: by exfreui 2 0 2 MVKSTOCK FORECAST. .CHICAGO, March 10. (/T)--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 8,000: hots 17,000; »hecp 12,000. ,H precedents bold, it Is reasonable to look, for additional, 1 but more Irregular and less emphatic,. Improvement In th« stock market during the next few months. Thts"ls the conclusion'reached by ' James H. Ollphant ani company which has · reviewed, the trend ot prices following six bear markets dating back to 1803. Upon these occasions In the post when the slatos of tha- market ma presumably comparable to that existing now. . the recovery from the bottom was fitful and slow, the firm finds. Aftw the Initial rebound within the first three months there .was appreciably less progress during the three .months following In lour of th six Instances. · · · . . : . . . . TM CONCLUSIONS DBAWN , FROM OTHER DEPRESSIONS, *· Tic .recovery amounted.' to 19.4 per' cent In the three, months following tha low point ot 1821 and in three months the recovery totaled 11.6 per cent. In 1917 the IoV a l tl)ree months recovery amounted to 18.4 per cent and the second three months 3.6 per cent; In 19U the market gained 11 4 per cent In the, first threo from the low point and In the following threo month!' iwrloa It recovered 17.7 per cent; fn Ion, a recovery of 12.6 per'cent was followed by a gain of 7.9 per cent. In 1607 the Initial recovery of 11.6 per cent was exceeded us It -was In 1914, the following threo monthi turning In a gain, of 25.7 per cent. In 1903 the first three mouths' recovery of 11 3 per cent was followed by a 3.7 per cent Kaln Assuming for the sake of argument Uiat the lows for this bear- market were made In December last year, the recovery since haa been fully up to expectations based- on the precedent*, the firm points out. - In a little over two -months from ' Bee. ·'ia to Feb. 24 the rise In the averages was 23 per cem - In about, one week, short of three months to last Saturday this rise was 16 BEYNOL'DS 'TOBACCO GROOMED FOB ADVANCE , The street heard that R. J. Reynolds Tobacco was being. groomed for an upward move on the belief that the new cellophane wrapper-was having s favorable effect on .clgaret sacs. Cerro de Pascb was bought by interests who believe the company will benefit by the anticipated Increase In silver xS"*' wB ^ ery on a-«nt Increase In silver acids about 15 cents a share to the company s earnings, it was calculated. United States Steel's monthly statement of unfilled orders Is to be released at noon today and iit,£ c 'i era ^, 1e " !£ la tllat a dc «i«!"e will be reported. The copper shares displayed. BKE- °'ig tendencies, .reflecting the shading of ces for the metal. United States Steel ilch has been receiving the best o f ' a u p ~i iv, B 5, owci1 , H . Mc change on the day. One of the financial, services Is estimating steel's earnings at 60 cents a common share for the "^J' quarter and w a share for the entire MARKET DISCOUNTS UNFAVORABLE REPORTS Altho It is difficult to tell Just how far fiL«Ki C mnrl! , ! , t has discounted the unfavorable news items, which, are coming to «ght, tiere can be little doubt but what tout years earnings have long been taken into account marketwlse. Any number o f p S o ? annual statements during the last few -weeks have provided the basis for tresh buying of the shares, rather than liquidation. Yeflet- day, for example, Goodrich sained y, point £ie e "is whIl'e OU Bmn a ! ement ' h °*"»B a der, which also wound up . the. year In red figures, did not appear on the tape.' LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER HE VIEW -- Contradicting. , factors held in o narrow range until lato in when pressure,- Induced by' sud- "iceffrlo- their , rather heavy. The government .report show ing farm reserves of 30,000.000 trinrn th.n last year had little effect cllher at home or. abroad, but a recapitulation ot tho vlsiblJ W?h y rV n ^hT "T 1 A °^- « lc - M Compared wiui requirements necessary before the new fdT SH? io ', mpresa ^ trade ^' th Idea that the volume would be greatly I " ' In e M e d h , , h 8 - e B a b l l t y ' o f ln° creased buying by lEurope, .as construed by Broomhall, had only temporary effect early Crop comment from tho winter wheat belt d\f?n, 0rab , 1 ' ! ' Wlth a B0 "" al "now cover OOBN-- The government -report on farm reserves was construed as bullish and. liken n connection with the light receipt, aha the steady cash market, gave cora a sharp vanc ' OB the momIn B . The advance b,TMln by " D " lnE ^alnst. offers and buying was not sufficient to absorb It Suno frTM^ M° dlaappc!lr aUor-ether In the e transactions and the market closed heavy, with a n B aJns eliminated, altho net chMges were, only fractional. Booking* as «l 1 f PP' nE MI " w «° only moderauT uggest trading position, awaiting' dcveiop- Sool d i^Vf aC "? n o£ »neat. Live?pool due i®%a lower. BULLS ACTIVE ON THEIR BEST BETS Favorite Shares Are Bid Up Vigorously; Utilities Take Lead. NEW YORK, March 10. UP)-Bulls continued to advertise their sentiments with electrically illuminated displays of stock market activity today. . Shares of the United Corp. Electric Power group were bid up vigorously, ia response to the formal announcement of the long reported power hookup between . New York Edison and Niagara Hudson. A broad assortment of industrials led by American Can,-was carried higher. Consolidated Gas, which controls New York Edison, rose more than 4. points to the best level of 1931; American Can gained nearly as much. United Corp. rose a, fraction , t . t ., a ?ew; top for the year. Issues gaining a point or two included u. S. Steel, American Telephone American Water Works, Northern American, 'United Gas Improvement; Public Service of N. J., Pacific Gas, Bethlehem Steel, Borg Warner, Electric Autolite, Murray National Dairy, Calumet and Arizona, Woolworth, Kroger, Sears Macy,' American Tobacco B, anc Johns Manville. International Silve moved .up 6. Rails and oils held backhand Warner Bros, and Check er Cab sank to new lows. Mack Truck eased on further reduction of its dividend. Altho the market failed to lose it highly professional flavor, and bull continued to . find their campaign decidedly uphill work, professiona traders were inclined to the view that the upside was relatively th more promising. Among the more encouraging items in the days budget of news was ' the favorable reception ac corded the large offerings of bonds amounting to nearly ?200,000,000. Money continued firm, reflecting treasury withdrawals to meet sol dier bonus checks, and other influ ences. Call money renewed at 2 pei cent, the first time 'a' higher re newal rate' than -1% had been posted since Jan. 2, when loans re newed at 3. After midday, however outside the funds were offered at Y, STOCK UST Curb Market NEW .YORK. March 10. UD--The cur T 1 , 1 ? 1 !. 1 *""" llrm 'o^y ln quiet trading Activity centered in tho utilities, whef small advances, prevailed, which stimulate come buying Interest in Industrials and SPC. dallies. Oils continued to sag. Mo t°.n^ and aviation shares were acai supported. Douglas Afrcraft squeczeil to i new hlghTor tho, year ana there wns grad ual Improvement In Ford of Canada "A" and Slulz. Crocker Wheeler traded at hlth er levels. Mead- Johnson continued active, but ruled around the previous close. Humble Oil, whlcl yesterday touched tile lowest price In severa years,' waa quiet. Vacuum was offered In fair-sized amounts, dipping more than a point, hut tapered off later when the group assumed a heavy tone. United corporation warranls turned over in. volume with tho strength of t h e slock rising a point to a new 1931 peak. Middle west Utilities, which earned J1.12 a snare last year compared with $1.01 In 1020, held around its year's high. Call money renewed on tho curb at per cent. PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 10 -- Caah Quotations by EL O. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) .. ... I6c POULTEX *E 3 13c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs 14 C Lright hens ...lie 31d cocks, heavy . " g c Ducks ....;;i2 C Geese 7c Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade igc Eggs, cash ,. 16c Butter, Plymouth sg c Butter, Clear Lake 32 C Butter, State Brand- !!s4c Butter, dairy "''280 Potatoes ......35c and'40c"a'peck CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, March 10. OT^-Butter 13.004 llrm; creamers-,., extras (02 score) 28?ic *££*%',, ^ B0 sco , ra ..J-FJO.W 'SS-Xc; , extr, « 26(3)27c; (86-87 acorc) Eges 20.045; steady; extra lira la '"·'· graded first PRODUCT: CHICAGO, March m (,T--BKK future* closed:, storage packed firsts, March 22^c; ora fic packed Clrate, April 23-%c: relrlcer- .or standards, Nov. 26%c, , 1 U , ttc /.,. futurea clo ' ed: Fre3 ' 1 standards. Iprll ,28"/lc; fresh standards, May 2S'4c : fresh standards, June 28Hc; storage standards. March 26c; storage afancJards, Nov 31 Tic. . ^Potato futures closed: Idaho russets, April CHICAGO rODLTBX. CHICAGO, March. 10. (^pi--Poultry .live. 1 car, 4 trucks; firm; fow!» 20«@ '2c; broilers HS-2 pounds 35c; rooaters ICc; urkeys 25e; ducka 23c; eceae He. KANSAS CITV TP.ODtJCE KANSAS CITr, March JO. LT)--Produco unchanged. r NE1V YORK TttODUCE. NEW YORK. March io'. (--EBBS 41,, 78; jlrm. Mixed colors, regular packed, loscly selected heavy. 24-}i ©25c; extra 24® 414c; extra first 23c: first 22c; seconds OV4«|21',ic; m e d i u m ' r l m U i 20®20^4c; rc- rtgeralor seconds 18®18Kc; medium limb! A(^17c; nearby hennery hmwn, extras 2414 ®25c:,entra (Irats 2323V4C. Butter 18,010; fjrm. Creamery, higher han extra 20'.4f«30c; extra (02 score) 2tJu; Bond Market NEW YORK, March 10. f/T)--Cross currents marked tiio bond mo^rHct today, aomo groups continuing to gain while others were heavy. \ 'Offerings of S7S.OOO.OOO 'of New York Central railroad bonds, $80,000,000. of Pennsylvania railroad bonds and tho $60,000,000 ·Issue of the Port of New York authority diverted considerable attention to the market for new Issues. 'Overaubac rip lion of the New York Central issue waa announced at noon nnft the reception of tho other Issue was reported as favorable. Public utility obligations gave the raoat satisfactory performance. An exception to the rlslnp tre,ntl was the 5 per cent debenture of American and Forelfjn Power which lost more than 2 points. American Telephone 5s of IOGO, International Telephone debenture 4!£s and fls,' and Postal Telegraph 5s were fractionally higher. Issues of the United States government were dull. AUho foreign bonds were more active their trend was uncertain. French 7s of 1Q4E) were under selling pressure and Jost about a point. German 5}£s were active ana appreciated fractionally. The 7 per cent bonds of the department of Totlma attracted attention by selling off iind then Jumping to a new 1931 high at 76. Bonds with stock privileges and railroad and Industrial obligations moved tack and forth uncertainly. , CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 10. (A*)--United Stales government bonds closed: ' Liberty 3%s 301.23, First ittn 102,22. Fourth 4 H B J03.22. Treasury 4#s ill.ID. APPl^S STARTED REVOLUTION VVOUUP THEY NEED THE HELP OF THE. NOKTHEKN SPIES? FRANK u CAEiaoLU JR. TOLEOo OHIO, PEAR NOAH" IP WASHIM67N IS ISO MILES PiaoM ^,Y. IS BALT/MOffiB 1 ? Boeo O NOAM NEW YORK, March 10. (JFi-- By THE ASSOCIATED PBESS Air Reduo . 100 Kennecott S9W Al Oh i Dye 150 Kresce 47*4 A Ills Chal Mfg 38 Kro E er 31T4 Am Can }25!4 Lthlall Port C 17H Am Coml Al lliX, Llgg 4 My B 88? Am For Pow 46% Loe«, fl " ^ y ' Am Inll 2354 loose Wiles 02«' Am Loco 27W iorlllard 17% 4m POW 4 L ESii Ixiuls G t E A 34 Am Had St San 20V, ilactt 40*' anuRoll Mill 2SX Math. Alkali 25% Am Smo Ret S3ft May B s 3714 Am Steel Fdrs 27H McK Rob 14 Am Bug Ret 52% Mex Sea Oil 17 A T i T 198W Mid Cont Oil 13 Am Tob B 120 M K T 2°% Am Wai Wlis 72^ Mo Pac 35 Anaconda 39^4 Mont Ward 26H Arm of 111 B 2 Nash 37^. Atl.Sel 10}; Nat Else 80?, Auburn 191 Nat Cash R A 3SV- Aviation Corp 5?1 Nat Dairy 4714 B t.o 80 Nat Pow 4 I, 41% Barnsdall A 1214 Nat Tea 22 Bendlx Av 22V, N Y Central 117% Beth St 64 NY NH H 91. Gordon 7.1^ Nor i w 205H Borg Warn 29 No Am 86W Brlggs 20S No Pac 541,4 Burr Add 2BH p ac O *. B B3% Cal Hecla 10!t Packard I0]f, Can Dry 37% Para Pub 43% Can-Pac 42V, Pathe 2 Case . y t Pcnlck Ford ,43% Cerro de Pasco 27 Penn 6(m Ches ft O 43 Phil Pet 11% Chic Gt W 6% Pills Fl 35^ Chic Gt W p[d 23W Proc Gam 71 C 4 N W 39 Pub Serv N J 89 C K- I ft p | el Pullman M Chrysler 2451 Radio ' 24V^ Coca Cola 104 Radio 1C o 21}; Col Fuel lr 28(4-Rent Rand l.iy, Sol G- B 42% Reo g»i Col Grapho 13% Rep St! 21« Com] Solv 1B4S Rcy Tob B 4914 Comwllh So 11% Roy Dulch 38 H Cangoleum 10 Et L San F 40 Consol Gas 105 Bears n 595; Contl Can SB VI Shell U Contl Ins . 49-jj Simmons 1914 Contl Mot i 4% Sinclair Corn Prod I 83^1 Skclly Cudahy 47 Bo Pnc 103V. Curtlan Wr D',i So Pr Sug 10'A Drug Inc 7394 Bo Rail st Du Pont I"8% Bland Brds 10 Eastman ;172 St G E 8S El Pow t L 10BV St Oil Cal 4554 g ric 33 St Oil N J 4554 felt y, st Oil N Y 23 i ox Film A 34 . Stew Warn 20% Freeport Tex .37% Stone Web 47 Genl, El 5254 stude - 23 Gen Foods 55% Superior Oil 1 Gen Motors 4414 Tex Corp 32 Gen Pub Set 21% Tex Gulf Sul B214 Sllletto 30(4 Tim Roll B 57 J"?! 1 8% Union Carb «7i 3uld Dust 38T* Unit AlVc 3oij 3oodrtch 1914 Unit Clg - - - Uoodyear 48«, Unit Corp Grab Paige 4% Unit G B ,T|« Granby 20 »i U S Ind Ale 72 G N.R pfd 65 ij U S Jlub 17 s. "y,, 1 . 0 cit 2iv i u a s TM»" 24 Gt W Sugar 9 % - u s Bteel 14,5 Grun c« ut P igt A 30 7T4 Vanadium SBK 9«, Wabash 18 ,, . 54 Ward Bnk A 2474 Hudson . =3 warn PIx ' KUPP 11% W Mary 1 j C ?, nt i 76 We3t A T Ind Ref 4 West E Hfg Inl Comb Eng 3 Willys Ov f n f «?? rv B6 " Woolworth [ " t N I * Can 18i4 WrtBley I T t T 38 Yi-n Tr Johns Manv 74 Kelvicator ' 14^ Halm Hartman B Houaton 12 61 78 Young S t W 27 CHICAGO Ccn Pub Ser 18=4 Cities Service, t n ^ Or mites Alrc Qrlgauy-Grunow Insult 0t lav Kell Switch Llbby McNeil ^ Majestic H'hold 0 Mid-West Utll 25 M-W I/t 6 pfd 100 Nat Leather 351 6VV 11% STOCKS. N W Bano ' Quaker data Kath. Pack ', Std Dredging Bteinlte' - · ' ' Swift Co Swift Intl Unit Gas V a Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 33H 163 "4 20 M, 5 SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 - NEW YORK STOCKS A P P C 11% Hous O N 11% Am Bk N 58 Inland Steel 6S Am Beet S 3% Kelv Corp 14 Yt. Am Bk S, 35% Lambert C 84}i Am Cr F 36 Llq Car C 62 Am Sum T 9i Math AlkaIl-25M, Am Tob 118 McK Rob 14 Arm C B 2 Nev Cons C 13% As Dry Gds 26% Pathe,Excg-e 2^ Baldwin Lo 25 Pills Flour 35% Briggs M C 20% Oi! Co 9% Best Co 42V* Pur Bak C 49H Bush Term 27% Reo Grnd O 1% Putte C Z 2 Reo Motors 8% Calif Pack 44% St Jo Lead 28 U Com Credit 22 Schulto R S 5% Com Solv 19% So Cal 1 Edi 53% Cont Motors 4% Stand Brnd 19% Cont Oil 10 Superior O 1% !reamofW33% Telau Corp 21* Cud Pack 47 Tobac Prd 2% Cur Wgh p- 7% Vanadium 69% Davi Chcm 19% West Myld 15% Fisk Rubber- % Wrig Jr Co 78 Her Choo C 95% \ NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Am Fr Pr 28% Humble .Oil 57 A m G s E 1 8 0 % Niag-Hudl5% Am Sup Pr 17% Nds-Bm-Pd 20% Ark Nat Gas 5% No Am Avi 8% As G El 22% Penn Corp 714 Can Marconi 3% So W Dairy 2 Con Au Mdse Vi S O Ind 321 Deforest Rn 5% S O Ky 22 Durant Mo 2% Trans Air T 6 Eisler El 4 United Gas 10% El Bd S 57% U L P A 32% Fd M.of C 27% Utll P L, 13Va Fd M of E IT'jh Vacuum Oil 57% Fox Th A 4% CHICAGO STOCKS Au Au Co 191 H-Cart Co 11 Ben Av Cp 22% Morg Lttho 7% Bg-Wn Cp 29 NatI Leather % Butler Bros 6% Quak Oata 163 YJ. Con Chi Cp 9 Unit Corp 8 Chi Invest 3% U S Gyp 43% Cord Co ' lOVs - U I Corp 9 " Gt Lks Airc 3% U S R T 3iy A Grigs-Grun 6\i MINNEAPOLIS STOCK Fat B S Cp 22% MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES Flax .- 155 to 160 3 KILLED AND 2 HURT IN CRASH Fatal Takeoff of Airplane Reported by Oklahoma Farmer. OKMULGBB, Okla.i March 10. UP! --Clark Sell reported three persons were killed and two injured today in an airplane crash near his farm three miles south of Mounds, Okla. Information received here said the three dead were a Mrs. Reed of Mounds and her two sons. The pilot of the ship was J. R. Hays of Wewoka, OWa. He suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital at Sapulpa. The name of tho fourth passenger had not been learned.' Sell said the plane had landed on his farm late yesterday and that the occupants remained overnight at his home. The crash occurred, he said, as the plane was taking off. Progress: Developing a car that will, do 245 miles an hour, thus necessitating the development of a motorcycle that will do 275.--Kes- slnger's Review. Maybe white-collar crooks are smarter than common bandits, but t never takes a bandit six months ,o clean out a bank.--Hewanee Star- Courier. Correct this sentence: "My opin- ons are products of reason," said the man, "and aren't affected by the state of my pocketbook."--MIdtvcst Review. Alas! When the week-end covers L little more territory, you won't e able to tell which end it is.-Cedar Rapids Gazette. BOARD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR SEPTEMBER SESSION .November 3, 1030, Eighth Day Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisor Gibson and Root present. Minutes · of last meeting read and approved. Board allowed claims against the county. The following reports were approved: Superintendent of Schools for October, 1930, sheriff for third quarter 1930, Justice of Peace Coughlon for second quarter, 1930, Constable Fred Brown for third quarter 1930. The following resolution was adopted by the board: Whereas lot 1, block 25, Swale- dale, Iowa, was assessed ?75 taxable value in 1929, and Whereas, the said assessment cov : ered the house thereon, and Whereas the said house was moved from the a aid lot to the W% of'SW SB Sec 4-91-21 and was there assessed In 1930 as new buildings. / Now Therefore be it Resolved that the taxable value on Lot 1 Block 25 be reduced to $11 taxable value for the year 1930. The vote on the above resolution resulted as follows: Ayes, Supervisors Gibson and Root. Nays none. The Board authorized a refund be- becauee of an erroneous assessment on Lot 9 Bloclt 8 College Addition to Mason City, said assessmen being for the year 1929. Board authorized the cancellation of the 1930 road poll tax of L. G Miller, Lake township, on affidavit of a physician of physical disability Board adjourned Sine Die. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor, F. G. ROOT, Chairman. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, November 10, 1930, First Day Board met in regular session. Supervisors Gibson and Root present. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. Board allowed claims against the county. Board adopted a resolution authorizing improvement certificates in the matter of Secondary Road District No. 27 in the aggregate sum of $689.35. The Board canvassed the returns of the General Election of November 4th, 1930. The following resolution was adoped by the Board: Whereas, the Board of Supervisors did heretofore suspend the 1923 tax assessed against Lot 3 in the subdivision of Lot 33, Emsley and Adams subdivision of the NW SE Section 9-96-20, and Whereas, it is deemed for the bent ntcrest of the public and the petitioner that the said tax be cancelled and remitted. Now therefore be it resolved by ;he Board that the said 1923 tax on the said Lot be and the same is hereby cancelled and remitted under authority of Section 6851, Code of Iowa, 1927. . The vote on the above resolution resulted as follows: Ayes, Supervisors Gibson and Root. Nays, none. RESOLUTION Whereas, in accordance with the jrovisions o£ the Secondary Road aw as passed by the 43rd General Assembly, the township clerk of ,he various townships In the county did turn In to the County Treasurer ail road and drainage funds in 'their hands as of January 1, 1930, and Whereas; the said sum in the aggregate amounted to $10,937.62 after all billa against the various townships were paid, which sum was credited to the Road Maintenance Fund, and Whereas, in accordance with the irovisions of the said Secondary load law the various .townships :urned over road machinery to the county at an appraised value of $14,076.93, in the aggregate, the ayment for which, as by law pro- 'ided, was made by doing constriie- ion road work In addition to the work laid out in the annual con- tructlon . program on tyie local roads, and Whereas, the said items of $10,- i37.62 and $13,087.93 are proper charges against the Road Malntcn- nco Fund. Now therefore be it Resolved by he Board of Supervisors of Cerro lordo county, Iowa, that it Is here- y ordered that a transfer of $24,14.55 be made from the Road Maintenance Fund to the Local Con- true tion Fund. The vote on the resolution was as follows: Ayes, Supervisor;) Gibson and Root. Nays none. Resolu- tion declared adopted this 10th day of November, 1930. ' Board adjourned to meet November 12, 1930. Attest; ARTHUR HARRIS, 1 Auditor. F. G. ROOT, Chairman. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, November 12, 1930. 1 Second Day .Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisors Gibson and Root present. Minutes of the last meeting readland approved., Board adopted' a resolution ap- tointing C..R. Wood, Jr., C. B. Geist ^nd W. : H. Skene as Commissioners to reclassify and apportion outstanding repair costs in the matter of Drainage District No.-16, Bdard met in Joint Session with the Floyd County Board in^ the matter of accepting the report of ths commissioners in the matter of the reclassificatlon of Joint Drainage District No. 6 FJoyd County and No. 56 Cerro Gordp County. Board adopted a resolution purchasing /and authorizing the payment for tax sale certificates No. C7099 and C7100 said certificates being purchased for and in' behalf of Drainage District No. 87. Board adjourned to meet November 17, 1930. Attest: ~~ ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor. F. G. ROOT, Chairman. · REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, November "17, 1930. 1 Third Day Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisors Gibson and Root present. Minutes of last meeting ~ead and approved. On affidavit of a physician of the physical disability of Ctiarlea H. Zobel, Clear Lake, Iowa, tho Board authorized the cancellation of his 1918 and 1920 road poll tax in Clear Lake township and also authorized a refund of the 1921 arid 1922 road poll tax with penalty which has been paid by a held warrant. On affidavit of the local Board of Review of- the erroneous assessment made in 1929 on the W.V6 of tho south 22 feet of Lot 4 Block 23 Paul Felt's plat of Mason City, the Board reduced the taxable value to $200 in accordance with the recommendation contained in the affidavit. Board remitted and cancelled tho 1920, 1927, 1928 and 1929 taxes assessed against Lots 3 and 4 Block 9 West Haven addition to Mason Gity, Iowa, belonging to Maude Sutherland. RESOLUTION 1 Whereas, the Board of Supervisors have heretofore suspended the regular taxes for the year 1922 assessed against Lots 3 and 4- and against tho west half of Lots 1 and 2 Block 1 Mumford's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, und . ;,Whereas, It is deemed best and wise to cancel and remit a portion of the said tax. · M Now Therefore '-Be St 'Resolved-. that upon the payment of JSOiOOUo the County Treasurer, the'; re. mainder of the said 1922 tax shall be deemed cancelled and remitted. The vote on the above resolution was as follows: Ayes, Supervisors Gibson and Root. Nays none. Resolution declared adoptee! this 17th day of November, 1930. Board adjourned to meet November 24, 1930. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS, Auditor F. G. ROOT, Chairman. REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION, November 24, 1930, Fourth Day Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisors Gibson and Root present. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. On affidavit of Dr. Barbour of the physical disability of William Mehlberg. Clear Lake, Iowa, the Board cancelled the 1929 and 1930 road poll tax. On affidavit of the nonowoership of a dog In 1930, the Board author- zed the cancellation of the 1930 dog iox assessed against Virgil Warren, Fourth Ward, Mason .City, Iowa. '.' Board entered Into a compromise agreement with ' the interested parties of the Leamau Auto Co., (now out of business) through their ittorney, Remley Glass, whereby -he Board authorized the County, Treasurer to accept the sum of F160.00 fn full and complete settlement of the 1920 personal taxes and penalties assessed against the said company. The following resolution was offered by Supervisor Gibson: Whereas, the County Engineer has ' n accordance with the provisions of Section 4609, Code of Iowa, 1927, made his recommendation and filed a report and survey recommending a partial change in the course of 3-oad No. 209 in order to eliminate l dangerous corner which corner la the northeast corner of the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 11-96-22, and Whereas, the Board deem It best ind wise to change the course of the said highway as set out In tha engineer's report. .Now Therefore, be it Resolved/ -hat the said change shall be mad? n accordance with the Engineer's recommendation, and that the County Auditor is hereby ordered to serve notice as provided In Section 4611, Code of Iowa, 1927 and to take such further action as is la neces- s-nry to comply with the provision of Section 4608 to 4621 inclusive, Code of Iowa, 1927, as may be necessary to complete the acquisition of the land required to complete the alteration of the said highway. On motion of Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Root the above resolution was adopted. Supervisors Gibson and Root voting Aye. Nays none. Board adjourned to meet December 1, 1930. Attest: ARTHUR JHARRIS, Auditor, F. G. ROOT, Chairman. JKGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION,' December 1, 1930, Fifth Day Board met pursuant to adjournment. Supervisors Gibson and Root (CONTINUED ON PAGE 16)

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