The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 16, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1818
Page 4
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Meber f tb Society of SOCIAL T th .fj ' f . . t l . f Dartmouth Colk - e. ' 1 .HiiTDC a a in - niuiof h of the la late V - ... - rt...titth Cnllem. it has been mf r.Tc.tion ?obom belong Ubranr . . nmnnntion u understood o( .. mVdVto di.rribU, the bock, .a tiaid the BH!DeIl Ol WU wvci.J '"lufTmbers, therefore, of said Society are nortted 10 IICTia Uieeuilg lira, , ?onegV WEDNESDAY, the 13th da; of college. determine aid Mar wbat T7 - a: - i. II ,.. thai , nmnrt v and lo acton such business at may regularly come before wem. Sol Sapiential nunquam oddicet" ah 10 rrt - The following rate of dutie established M llf CHJK MJ ..... - " . ,...i..ol latha Viwnrh Cnnnnl At t Cayenne, oy tne srencn govermucin. ave New open Lwuiwwwww - v , Tork, by bis Excellency the Minuter of Fore Foreigo Flagi, (importation) On lalt pivi i - .jDainM,m n4 9 franci for Horn i pci vein, ou.wwivim - boat 58 cent) additioaai, on every 60 toll warns - .AAII ' . I. i"i Altlil 4. for aoout lirz ids. netj , - gooui vi ci j - t: i , - .;.. 1 ivr r - nt. ftrlva scniniun mimiiiui vu "t. . r : , , lorem. (Exportation) - on all kind of produce lo per cent. French Flag, (importation On salt provi sions i per tens , kkju - - r . . " ... L"nnrtat,nni on nronucs o lion H per u - 1 ::nM I! nu rani every aesenjm w r ;. , . , , In case his majesty the king of France should deem proper to moony me sou mi u, uuti, l,i intentions will be made known ix lanntbi nievioui T. "O w 1 J wr.STERN CANAL COMPANY. (tr A dividend of five and a half percent, on tbeCapital Stock of taid Company, will be paid to the Stockholder, on the lit of April. Apply to Bnreut fileecker. Esq. Albany, or 220 VVif - iiam - atreeti By order of the director!. THOMAS EDDY, Treaiurer, mh 18 1m For JtElV - ORLEAXS. . Xifv The new and fast tailing tchr FA ljjiVOURITE, capt. Fuher, having a part of her cargo engaged, will meet witb itnmeuiaie dupatch. tor Ireiht or panage, appiy beard east aide of Peck - lip, or to HAYDOCK & JENK1N5, 151 South - rt, Who hare lor tale. Clean St Petemburg hemp, (Belfatt't cargo,) and Kentucky hempen yarn, of an excellent quality, in loU to suit pnrcluuert. 100 coili cordage, naaorted lixet 50 tiercel prime new rice 12 cailu Bordeaux claret, entitled to de benture 200 boxes new spermaceti candles of Rod man') & Swain's brand 8000 gallons winter itrained oil 1000 do full strained oil 1000 lbs whalebone in slab mb 16 1i For LIVERPOOL, The well known ship IMPORTER, .James Korers. master, copper - fasten . and coppered half her caren beincr enra ged, she will be dispatched immediately. For freight or passage, apply to the master on .Doara,orto CHARLES HALL, mil 16 tf No. 1 Beaver - st For Freight or Charter, Jk The fine new brig ELIZA, E. Grubv, XaJfainuter, 208 tons or 1800 bbls. bur then, and in complete order for a voyage. rot terms, apply to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, snh IS 77 Washington - street. For SAVAJfHAH, The fast sailing packet ship RISING ISTATES, Swinbum, master, being d - lained, will positively tail to - morrow, (webther permitting Can Uke a utue more ireigtn ana accoaimodate Mreral passengers, if application ii made immediately on board, at Pine - st. whar or to GRIoWOLDa C COATES, mh 10 w eouin - st. ftr Alexandria, Oeorgtvwnmd rFoA' uurfon CVv. The fine new schr. VALORIUS, R. Taylor, master now loading at pier no. 10, E. R. and will tail on Wednesday next For freight or passage, apply on board, or to UIV1E HKTHUNE. S CU. mh 16 92 Coffee - House - slip For HA V HE. vHt The ship ELIZABETH. Morris A ifcilaras master now loading, and will sail in all next week, f or freight or passage, appiy on Doara, at pier no. 7, iv. n or io DIViE BETHUNE h CO. mh 16 91 C. H. Slip, For Hate, Freight or Charter, The well known ship MARIA - THE - .RES A. Wm. Skiddr, master, built in this city of live - oak, locust and cedar: lately coppered and pat in complete order for an India vsrage is ballasted, and could proceed without uuay. I or luriner particulars appiy io F. DEPAU, or . G. G. 8. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washingtoo - st TOHN B MURRAY ft SONS offer for sale. J in lots to suit purchasers, at No. 113 Pearl - txraei, 100 or. casks sherry wine, old and fit for fami Ir nse 600 cases superior margaux claret, vintage of ou cases oia nocn I mil r i . , . . a m i ia niu noiiiea orown iioui, i noien eaca 10 do asserted apothecaries glvssware 1 case silver eyed needles S do nine SO cum containing an assortment of Hard ware, liiinry and saddlery 5 casks card - wire. No. SO a 33 SO cases English sheathing copper, 28, 30, 3t zu ioos oia saoie iron i oi. a j - c I ; i l.i. a a v o cn uigurn octagon aim am iron 6 do Banca and Spanish block tin 7 do pig and bar lead. mh 16 tw FLOUR. 200 bbls of Floor, landing from brig Mount Hope, from Richmond, fat sale 7 v. n o. (JKA1U, mh 16 84 Front - street. U LATE. 100 sooares .f Hooaick slate, most U ly large sites and ofgood quality, for sale by HLIini LATLKTI, rah 18 1w 163 Pearl - ttreet Priinh.i.f. KHnrs. A HANDSOME assortment of white andcol'd fx. Prunelle Shoes, rust received and for sale 7 WARREN HAIGHT At CO. o. 197 Broadway, third door above Dey - st mh 16 3t 'TOBACCO 60 hhds Gawnria Tobacco of su A peri or quality, landing from Brig Nancy, tale at 67 South street. ' o IS CAM BRELENG ft PEARSON. s 9AP 150 boxes first quality brown soap, jw icceirea, lornn or JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, W3t 75 Wall - street. PHR labscribert offer for sale the cargo of the r?? Sye Molasses, now landiag on G - G - 8. HOWLAND, 77 Washingtotv - ttreet T uruj tajunnu salt. "Jwbscribers are authorised to contract T.. , , cfgoes of salt, deliverable en We? at in nr Bilu " America will be ramrod secnrVTi5 Porten of the article will TUCKER LAURIES, 29 Sooth - street mhlS ClS0cXUGAbale,.nUr nhl - If. ft D. TALC0TT. ed TCIFTEENhhd.. and pipes of Gin, of the JL Cranston Distillery, superior quality. 35 bale Horse Hides landing from on board the sleops Maria, and Eliza - Ann, at Crane - wharf, for sale by C. W. TALBOT, mh IS 55 Pine - at. I 1NSEED OIL. lOhtiUs. 6 tierces and 22 JLi barrels, for sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, mh!6 t I A THEELBARROWS. Ate 25 Wheelbar - V V 3000 gunny bags rows i nnas anu z oaies uonaon ssine iwiae 5000 lbs. Calcutta twine 250 casks cut nails, assorted sizes 50 do wrought do 50 bales Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap paper Also, hollow ware, shoe thread, whips, brush' es. &c. lor sale oy CEBRA ft CUMING, 76 Pearl - st, mh 16 FOR S.1LE, A PEW, in the eight isle of Trinity Church, x jl Appiy aixto.yo vrsii - street. mh 16 4t TO LET. One or two larre Rooms on the second flour, witb genteel board. Apply at No. 38 Beakman - street mb 16 3t( l TO LET. S - . - J And possession given on the first of May eat, the spacious and well known stand, the union noiei, no. e winiam - street. r or par ticulars enquire of Mr. Vanderbilt, No. 67, op - posite. mh 16 tf FOR HALE, A new two storr House. No. 143 Cham ber - street, finished in the modern stvle. with marble mantle pieces he. Possession given on oroeiore loe isi aiay, apply atzKS JJuane - st mn id iw AMERICAN QUARTERLY REVIEW. "TNDER the above title the subscriber offers U to the enlightened citizens of tlte United States, proposals for pristine a new work at the cuyoi TBsningion. ii win issue irom me pres in numbers ; each number to appear at the end of three months ; and it will cnolaio, in four numbers, a sufficient quantity of matter to make two semi - annual volumes of five hundred pages each. irte once will re nveuoi arsa vear. nava on the delivery of the third number. The type win oe good, ana ine size oi toe page octavo. The complexion of the work wilfbe political and literary. It will contain notices of events. both foreiro and domestic t and orieinal reviews ui Aioencaa ana curopcuu proaucuous oi uisrd ture ana science. Two leadiog considerations have produced a strong conviction of the propriety, and, indeed, of the necessity, of tins undertaking: 1. The mind of man is so constructed that be must cither rive to, or receive from, those with whom be communicates, the law of opinion, which coniti lutes the rule of human action ; and the incidents of every dav unequivocally demonstrate, that in literature, and even in politics,, the citiiens of the I'nited btates are, with respect to Europe, and particularly with regard to Great Britain, more in the habit ofr - tirtne than of giving this law. On this point it is only necessary to rel'tr to the fact of the republication in this country, with a large share of public patronage, of the r.ainnurgn and London Quarterly Reviews. 2. A community which receives its intellectual impressions from a foreign people, is, to the extent of those impressions, subordinate to that people. 1 be pride, the prosperity of America, are in terested in re - acting intellectually upon Europe. muiu, urn wen urn uiBuuiaciurcs, in we uniwa States, has been too lone and too entirely depend ent on the European section of the globe. It is, in the one case as well as in the other, our duty to endeavour to extricate ourselves from so de grading a situation. We have among us rich faculties of iotellect, and all they require is a vigorous cultivation. 1 he nrst number or the American Quarterly Review will appear in April. 1818 : amonc other articles, it will contain 1. A Review of the Memoirs of General James Wilkinson. S. A Review of Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry. 3. A history of the proceedings and debates of the first session of the fifteenth congress. Meanwhile subscriptions are respectfully soli cited, and will be thankfully received. r. tutitt. ffr C. WILEY I CO. have been appointed ageuts for this work in New - York, and solicit subscriptions lor it at their store ro. 3 War - street. ' mh 16 IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT. A DISCUSSION on Imprisonment for Debt, as the practice exists in the state of New - York, br Howard. Dries 37 1 - 2 cents : iust pub lished at No. 3 Wail - street, by mh 16 C. WILEY ft CO. BOXIANA, or the art of pugilism, taught and displayed scientifically, to the gentlemen of New - York, in the back room of the Union - Hotel, No. 68 William - street, by George Benson, esq. late of Drury - Lane theatre, London. Gentle men wishing to learn that much admired art of self - defence, can nave the pleasure of knowing the terms, which are moderate, by applying at above. Hoars of attendance and tuition, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 2 P. M. from half past 3 till 5; and from 7 till 9. mh II lwt MADAM DEL AGE has the honour of informing the ladies of this city, and parti cularly her customers, that she expects to receive by the first arrival aa handsome assortment of spring and Italian o l kaw mats. mn io iw RISE OF TICKETS. ON Tuesday week Tickets in the Millford and Owego Road Lottery will be advanced toxzdoiiars. CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 Prize of 70,000 Dollars 1 do 55,000 do 2 do' 10,000 do ' S do 5.0U0 do Present orice of tickets and shares. Whole Tickets, $30 1 Quarters $7 50 naives, is l Mgnms, 3 75 I or the above sptewdid prises adventurers are ia vi wo to apply to Who has told snore Drtzet io h nrrsent Msdi cal Science Lottery than any other vender of ucaeis in oroaaway. mn in FLAG ft BAXDANXA HDKES. Aff psscos flag randkseciuWui, very hand - t:vw some patterns 600 bandannas, 80 lungees. For sal by GOODHUE ft CO. mh 14 5t 44SouthtL i OTTON YARN. - 1000 lbs. Cotton Yam, no IS and 16. Twist and Fi inc. for tale At No. 8 Fletcher - street mh14 71 nuATLVU ktRJXUXO rAPER. t Ht Reams royal printing paper 100 do medium do do 200 do foolscap writing do 300 do letter do various qualities 40 groc press papers. For sale by COLLINS ft HANNAY, mh14 Iw No. 230 Pearl - st. DEMIJOHNS. 500 lemijohns, chaining about 4 noons each, vary stronc and well covered, for sale by u. u. u a. hvwIaAhu, mh 14 77 WasbiBftoa street snOTTON ft TOBACCO 25 bales Sea - lsl - and Cotton, and 33 bods, first quality Georgia Tobacco, bading and for sale by CAUL, AL.LLI, 8 Pioe - rtreet IN STORE. 34 baluSca Istasd, and for sxk u abore. bk!3 ' SHIP ARISTONEXES, Will be sold at auction by W. F. Pell It Co. on Wednesday next at 10 o'clock, at tie Tontine Coffee - house. The ship Aristo - menes, burthen 350 tons, is 7 years old, well KMina in tails and rigging, and will be sold to the nignest Didder to close a concern. mh 14 For GREEAOCK, The fast sailing thin MARY AU - uvsiA, Porter, masters will com mence loading: on Tuesday 17th inst and be dispatched on the 25if of Die present month. r or freight or passage, apply to the master on Doara ai rine - st. wnart, or to DUNHAM ft AUCHINCLOSS, mh 14 Iw 150 Pearl street For JXErVRY. The good, fast aailine - shin MIRROR, to sail in 3 days. For freieht or pas sage, having tine accommodations apply on uoaro, west siae Huriing - slip, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mh 14 66 South - street. For A'ErV - ORLEAAi. The good fast sailing ship LAGUIRA has half ber cargo engaged, and will be despatched in a few days. For freight or passage, having large accommodations, apply on ooaru, weal nue nuriing - shp, or to L.AILL.A W, UIKAULT ft CO. or N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mh 14 86 South - street. For BOSTOSf. The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, i has one half of her cargo on board, and will sail on 1 uesday. for frei;lit. apply on board, or to JOS. OSBOKN. mh 14 For - ORLEANS, . The rood; fast sailing - brie FIN AN' C1ER, built in Philadelphia, and of the nrst class, is now ready to take in cargo. rur ircigui or passage, apply 10 jushua ioyv.s ic SONS, 105 Kront - t. corner of Jtnes - lane, WHO RAVE FOR SALE 26 tons St. Petersburg clean hemp 39 bales prime upland cotton, mh 13 3t . Wanted to charter. A good VESSEL that will carry COO DDIs, lor a voyage to Bermuda. Imme diate dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIES, mh 13 29 South street. For MOBILE ft BL.iKF.LEY, The substantial and fatt sailirg new scbr. ANN - MARIA. Caul. Wright, 102 un, navuix two thirds ol her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with despatch, f or the remainder of tier freight or pasiage, having good accommodations for cabin and steerage passen gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 K. River, or to i t lttta lihrlKlUK. mh 12 99 Cocnties - slip, IIOBERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Front - st. oners for sale 400 barrels Virginia Flour Ts uufi'""'eu'u R,chmond Tobacco 18 do Peterthurgh Tobacco 21 hales Upland Cotton 35 tierces andi D . 20 half tiercei Kice 150 bags St. Domingo,) nn(r 64 do green Havana, Coffi;e 5 tons Lignumvitai Port, Claret and Madeira Wine, in hhdi. and quarter casks nonzred rort Wine, incases of3dnzen each. r H i r tiK oi'OK i u. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 bushels corn on freight. mh 12 7RE3n FRUIT. 50 boxes Oranges and 50 M. do Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouvemeurs lane. SUPERFINE LEGHORN 3 cases avera J g'ig No. 40 lor sale hy LEONARD C. PARSONS, ft CO. mh 13 24R Pearl - street. , HEJS'itEREU TALLOW ti HIUES. A FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh 11 tr SUUAK.z'Jli hluls prime New - Urleaos bu - O gar, landing at pier No. 13, E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be sold on Die wharf. Apply to CHAS. L. OGDEN, and mh14 ABR. OGDEN. 141 COTTON, bales prime Upland Cotton, per scbr. Mary. Pamela, 55 bales do do do per sloop Kegale 18 bales do do do per briz Nancy. Landing this day and for sale by umawuLus atuA i to, 68 South - street I1T STORE, 112 tierces Rice 54 bales Upland ) Cotton, for sale in 4 bales New - Orleans) lots to suit suit pur chasers. Apply as above. mh 14 IXTUSCOVADO SUGAR, ftc 104 bhds It A prime Muscovado Sugar, landing at Do ver - street wharf, from schooner William, from Havana, for sale by STEVENS k MACTIER, 157 South - street IN STORE, 60 boxes White Havana Sugar 3 hhds and 8 bbls. St. Kills do 15 pipes L. P. Teoeriffe Wine 40 qr. casks Colmenar do 30 pipes Catalonia do 5 pipes Bordeaux Brandy 8000 large German Goat Skins 130 tons Campeechy Logwood, mh 1 1 6t CHINA SALES. r ixHE entire cargo of the ship London Trader, - BU irom canton, will De sola at public auc tion in Philadelphia, at the stores of Wm. Wain, on Monday 16U March, consisting of imperial 1 - i I HT J TEAS, fresh and of sa - Young Hyon and f P""fWj. Hyson Skin J Long company nankeens Short do, Blue do China war in boxes, assorted 980'cases manilla sugar, and an assortment of Canton crapes and nlk goods. mh 1 1 5t TEAS ft SUGAR FUST landed 50 chests hyson skin tea, J I'hoenix cartro. . 15 hogsheads Havana muscovado sugars lor sale on reasonable terms by G. ft T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Wsshingtnn - street. WHITE JEANS. FRENCH CRAPES ftc ic C. NICHOLS, 132 Pearl - street, have just xf received 2 cases fine White Jeans do do Striped do do do Black French Crapes do do do Canton do do do SilkHdkfs. do do assorted Sewing Silks do 4 - 4 Irish Lioros ) .... i,u..j do 5 - 4 do Sheetings T,rr do Marseilles Quilting do Steam - Loom Shirting trunks fine assorted Prints t bales Russia Sheeting which they offer for sale at a small advance. mh 14 Iw LV1 ADRASS GOAT SKINS. 8000 Madras Goat Skins, largo site and in good order, for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South - street snh 14 NANKEENS 1000 were Company's long yellow Naakeeoa, entitled to debenture, for sai by ,,,,, gab 14 to Sosrth - street KewaffftfiB and castapdaicd'A. mail - stage. TRUES TIMES A WEEK. rsjsig. r EAVES Newburgh eve - At, fm, 3 JL Li ry Sunday, Tuesday, ayaud Thursday mornings, at mmwm il1" althre o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, by ., i.iw ..ami - , vvwie.iuu, inuuiit i icaiam, viixui Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ilhica, and Geneva, toCanandaigua. Returning leaves Canandaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Neubiirgli, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following morning. may be expected that at all lim$ vhen the Mteam - bnatM alter their duyi of runnwg, tliut thu line mil alter to at to meet them The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of Mav, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the I5lli lKcemher, until the fifteenth of .March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can lcai'e N York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages i good horses, and careful'and experienced drivers - Every auen - tionwillbe paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. OTJ" FARE from Newburgh toCanandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to A uburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, ftc. , BAGGAGE, as usual, a the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh.l E. C. St John, Mount Pleasant, i L. & R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Gere, Itluca, Samuel Greeoliff, Geneva, Oliver i'belps, Laming, mh 14 d6in i mm . rtt . y Proprie ty NORTH RIVER STEAM BOATS. ffr - The public it refiiect - luiiy inionncd mat me rara - gon will leave new - York, on Monday next the 16tli March, at y o'clock, A M. mh II SELECT BOARDING bCHOOL INHERE are at present five vacancies in the .1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rhuipsburgh, xonheri, weti - cntitier County. His system of education is such at to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for Collide nrthc Counting linuse within a reasonable time. Ilis school is select, the numbe r oi I'upilt limited, and the treatment of the most lilierul kind. Die following branches of useful and polite Ii Teraliire are taught, vi : Greek, History, Latin, French, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, ueography, MntheiHatics, ftc. It i presumed that few Institution of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they rpgarii instruction in generul literature, iu moral and reiigtous principles, or in correct and gentleman ly deportment. The I'ursonnge in which the Pupils are accommodated, is commodious, reti - ( and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles i to which there is always a direct and easy communication. For further particulars application may tie made io Bishop Hnbart T. 8. Clarkson, Esq - C M'Evers. Esa. Dr. Wilton, Columbia College C. D. Colden,Esq. T, A. Emmet, Esq, nli 12 Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq A. acliermeriiom, Esq D2mClw t - HOARD. T7"ANTED,in the upper part of the town Tl in a respectable family, accomodations or a ueniieman, Lany, child and servant two unfurnished rooms will he necessary, cnminuni eating with each other a sleeping place will alto oe required lor me servanr, and board with the family. Any person having these accommoda lions, as high upas the Hudson Square, not lower uown man r uiton - sireei, west tideol uroadway, . : ,1 ..I I I f . . ' rt - inn neii w auuress iv. u. u. ui lavs omee. mh 12 tf BOARDING ft LODGING. A GENTLEMAN and his wife, and two or J. V three gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and lodging in a very convenient and pleamnt situation, but a short dixtance from the City - Hall. They may he suited with two or three rooms on the second floor and two on the third. Application to be mad at this office, mh 13 4t PIANO FORTES. RMEETZ, 10 Maiden - lane, has just ree'd per ship Washington, from London, an assortment of piano - fortes, from the manufactory of Astor among which are very elegant cabinet pianos, with harp pedals, of superior ... i - ii . . i. i - ... .i wiirKinaiiMiip, wen wuruiy uic aiccncion Ol those who wish to supply themselves with a good instrument. Also for sale, piano - fortes, of Tompkinson's anu liroadwood's make Uinuon, and Evrard's Paris, together with harps, and an assortment of the newest music, mh IS dlwfteod3w COJEORa OF OLD AGE. qHISday is published hy T. ic J. SWORDS, J. 160 Pearl street, price 75 rents, in extra boards, THE COMFORTS OF OLD AGE with biographical illustrations, by Sir Thomas Bernard, Baronet. Lentor tt meliorjit aetedenti tenata. mh 14 FRUIT, FOREST TREES, Ic. "Tp (Er BENJAMIN PRINCE It Vi lo. have lor sale su llietr nur. serr, Flushing Landing, f L. I. near New - York, tlieir usual and . extensive variety of European Atrt frt and Amencan F ruit and Orna - aaJL.! If mental Trees. Also, a large col lection of valuable Shrubs and Plants : they have several thou. sand inoculated Peach trees. which are io the most healthy state and free from any distemper, great attention has heea paid to preserve them irom we yellows, which has destroyed so many trees of that kind throughout the United State. Catalogues of which may he had of Messrs. HULL, ft BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street New - York, or at tlieir Nursery. Orders forwarded to either place will be imme diately attended In, and the trees, ftc. carefully and securely packed, so as to be sent to any part ol the United States, with the greatest sal'e - : i i i - . i ' i e i v - - L. ly, anu uciivereu ni 'ruue wuari, .icwiviif bv water tree of freight. Also, for sale as above, 1000 beautiful Balm of uilead or silver rir i rees, tney are almost sure to live when transplanted. Crr As the great loss ol reach i rees by ais ease, have detered many irom planting tnrm, directions will be given to those who purchase them, which if attended to, will enable them to preserve tlieir tree in a healthy stale, and to have Peaches in as great plenty as io former year. N. B. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or Plum stocks, is no preventative against the dis ease, which the Pennsylvania Agricultural Socie - ty, call the yellows. snh 14 DfcC6t TO BUILDERS ft FARMERS. , A quantity of Building Stone lor sale, aiso a Quarry, of the first rate building Stone, with every facility for working extensively, and iMR.nrrt.n. Ihm UIM IB fc t - OnttACtM for the seasoa, with or without a dwelling and the farm on which it is situated, being a few mile up the North River For particulars enquire of Mr. nofi. bl.ANCHE. at his diftilh"y, Crosby - street, between Broome and Spring - ilmt ma ii ji" r r .m& GRAND BALL AT HASHlJWTOJf - HALL. M' R. BERAULT bas the honor to inform the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that bis - annual grand hall will take place on Thursday evening the Zbth nut in the Washing ton - Hall saloon. In the courte ot'the evening, i ballet dance, and several other fancy dances, will bo performed by Mr. Berault's pupils, at follows : 1 Eutrnnca of a grand march, by 20 young la dies. 2 Corpt tie ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 1 young ladies 4 Pas reul, by I young lady 5 The h;iwl dance, by a young miss 6 Gavotte de Vestris, by 6 young ladies 7 Tho shautrure, hy 2 young ladies R Corpt de ballet, by 'S) young ladies 9 The alleuiand, by 2 young ladies 10 l)e deux, by two ouiig ladies 1 1 t'as seul, with the tambourine, by a young auy 12 The three graces, by 3 young ladies 13 Pas reul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corpt dc ballet, by 20 youog ladiss 16 A grand niarcli, to conclude Willi, by 20 young ladiet. The ball to begin prccierly at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. 17 Ticket, one dollar each, to be had at Mr. Berault's, No. 31 Courtlamll - street, and at Washington - Hall. mh 12 2w" TO LET, Tliat convenient and elegant House. corner ol llroadway and llroome - slreet. ALSO. A neat house with a large garden, fronting Broadway, between Itlercker and Princes - st. Apply No. 4 Bowling - green, mh 14 2w To HE HOLD AT AUCTION. FMAN ft GLAi - 8. on Sati day, the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock, io iron i oi me j onur ionee limine, The lloute and Lot No. 1 William - ttreet at present in the occupation oftliesuhKriherituate a i ine corner oi vv iiuaiu - sirrei ana sione - sireei, The lot is ill feet deep on William - street, ', feet 1 1 mrhei on Stone - street, and 4U lett lour inches deep from William - street, at the north wardly cud of the lot. The suhirrilier some time ago had an intrn' Hon oi converting the houne into stores , andoli tinned plans and estimates for that purpose, lie had e.fli:rs from ropec tulile mechanic t to niake five stores on the lot by some additional building, and alterations of the r sent buildings, for ten thousand dollars, or to pull all the present build ings down, and to erect, with the attittanre of the present materials, uve stores lor III teen thousand dollars, i'luns and elevation of theie store, as they were prepared to be built, may he seen at the auctioneers. Seventeen thousand dollnrs of the purchase money may remain on mortgage, l ive thousand dollnrs will lie required on exe cution of the deeds, and the residue in two, four aud six months. mhUtds C. D. COLDEN. TO LET, For one or more yean, n 2 - story brick HO USE, in Stuj vetant - f treet, nearly opmaite St Mark's Church, containing 8 rooms, a large kitchen, servants' room, cellar, pantries, ftc. in complete order for the reception of a genteel family ; with a garden and yard of about 2 1 - 2 acres of land, containing a variety of the finest fruit trees, asparagus, mid hot heels, tic. together with a wood - house, carriage house and slaliles. Kent will be reasonable, and possession can be had on the first day of April. Apply, between IU ana z otiotb, on ine premises, io :nicholA9 h;biuivmabt. mh 14 6t Imii i Q JO LET, The stores and collar room of those 3 story houses No. 10 and 12 on Broad - street ; and a new two story house No. 8 on New street im mediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - street, fit lor a geuwei laniuy, ueingnew. Also, good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlrm, with two and a half acres of Ground, near Alanbatianviiie. Apply io CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - st. mh 12 tf Y TO LET, UikJl The lloute No. 78 Broad - street, with the otlice, store - houw, and stables contiguous, and appertaining thereto. TO LEASE, For a term of years, in lots or parcels, that part of Rose Hill situate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on me 31, xin, uin, zoui, zfin, zhui, and xyth streets, which belongs to Mrs. Ann Ko gers. tor particulars apply to MMLI! A. HAnil.lU.y, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Bullrings MERCHANTS HOTEL, To be let, those elegant and spacious braidings. No 41 and 43 Wall - street, formerly occupied by Mr. Solomon I). Gibson, either together or seperate. Possession will be given , - . , . i r . . e . a . immeuiaieiy, or on mc nrsi oi my nci. Apply on the premises. mn lit FOR HALE, The lease of the House and Lot No, Barclay - street, 34 years unexpired, subject to a srround rent off 1 50 per annum. The houie is two stories high, tilled in with brick ) two rooms on the Art floor, four on the second, and two bed rooms in the garret ; a pantry and wood cellar, a crood cistern in the yard, ami a gang way lead ing thereto. Also, a small liable in the rear of taia ioi, dnuuire ai no, iui n mci - iuni, 'i . ay ,oi 1 IF ... , mh 10 lw AT AUCTION, BY HON EH and TOWN, Tomorrow. 12 o'clock, at the T. C. H. the large well built three story brick house and lot no. IU4 ureenwicn - tireei. inc nousc is 27 feet 4 Inches front and rear, and 60 feet deep, containing 10 rooms, 7 of which have fire nlaces. and an excellent spacious kitchen. The rooms on the first floor communicate by folding doors. There is a good cistern in the yard, containing about 30 hhds tlie lot is about 106 feet deep. Alto, the lot on the rear, fronting oo Washington - street containing in front and rear about 20 feet and in depth about 79 feet - Pes session will be given on the first of May, or ear lier if required. A map of the above described property is exhi bited in the Tontine Cufiee House. mh 13 dfft FOR SALE AT AUCTION, illlOn Tuesday, March 17th, at 12 o'clock at the i online Coffee House, tho following very valuable property : The three story brick bouse and lot No. IS I Broadway, between Der and Corllandt - street, beins 25 feet 3 inches in Iront and rear, by 103 feat deep, a first rate situation for buuuets Also, the lot and tenements at in norm - w. mir nf Catharine find Cherry - street, being 22 feet 3 inches in front by 9B deep, dirscUy opposite the market. . . Also, the house and lot No. 498 Gr.nwich - ..tret25fe.tbylG0d.ep. Two lots in Wasningion - prraH West - street under a len of years u inspired from May next t pi per no. For Also, 6 lots lotne viuagvw""'" ,:. .Iam viilir sTif mh 13 dldf Master in Chancery. If'. - ?! The Assembly Room, with the adjoin inTnartmenta. in Kos' Buildings, No. 14ri Fulton - tietoxt to the corner of Broadway. - Th. nremises are well cakslated for a larre (chool, for public meetings oi societies ; the large room being apwaras ot ou icei in wngui, una boot 29 leet ia breadth, with a 14 fe t ceiling. The whole, as to situation and size, is welt cal co la ted for as auctioa estabUshuent fit furniture and other sales. The above will be rented for any term not ex rdinsr seven vear from the 1st oil Mav next fcpqoire oitnesiDicnDcrio. w'i' rv "IVr" nahiscif i, i., biij - ij. be e to MARBLE FOR BUILDING, ic. . THE proprietors of the southern marble qua - lies, near KingVBridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the King't - Bridge Marble tmd Lime - i or d, foot of Beach - street oo the Hudton river, an extensive stock of marble lor buijdiug, of the following Ue - H'npuons, vis : Athlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimuey - Piecas Facings Columns WaUrlabl Step Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lima of me hut quality. A constant supply of the above material may be calculated Uou ; and those dc;irous c f purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 1 1 At the Yard. TO CREDITORS. WAKE Notice that I have applied to the court L of common pleas ol Luserne County, 1'eijn. for the benefit of the laws for the relief of Insolvent debtors, and that the said court has appoint - ed Monday, the sixth day of April next, at ten o'clock, A. M. to hear me aud my rruditort, at the court house in Wilkt.sbarre, in the county aforesaid. Wilkesl.arre, Pa. Feb. 23, I8IH. mho law3w ANTHONY BROWER. STREET MANURE. ft7 - The contracts which are to be entered in to lor the street manure, will commence on tho lit of May next, for 1 or 2 years, to he mentioned in the sealed proposals l and the streets are to ne swept and cleaned, from me l si oi march to the 1st ol January, in every year. f ehzl MECHANICS BANK, nr? The stockholders are hereby notified that an electii Vi for thirteen Directors will be held on lh first TuotJay in April next, and that tho poll will be opened at tb Hanking Ilout in Wall - street at 10 o'clock A. M. and cloud at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of the President and Directors. mrhS W. FISH.Cath'r. COPARTNERSHIP. (ry The subscriber have formed a connexion in business as Stock and Exchange Brokers, under the firm of LIVINGSTON ft TRACY, clfice No. 29 Wall - street, lately occupied by Davenport ft Tracy. VALENTINE N. LIVINGSTON, HENRY D. TRACY, mh 4 2w CIKCUS, ANTHONY - STREET. On Tuesday next 17tb March. Mr. STANISLAS, being unable from the contracted alateol'liis nppartments, in Mechanic Hall, from displaying nil those wonders, which received so much nppiause in r.urope, nas lasen the circus for a few even iocs, in order to brine forward the celebrated and so much admired Ne plus Ultra, or Conjuror of While Magic. This surprising, mid incomprehensible, experiment, ha excited public admiration in F.urnpe, and the Exhibitor hoiics it will meet with tlmt applause in tliis ci ty, which wns so liberally bestowed io franco anil England. Mr. S. had the honor of presenting this surprising rlitrovcry for the Grit lime in Ilil2. before the Empress at Vienna havine conveyed his Pocket Handkerchief and Watch the distance of 2 miles, without leaving her presence, it created general satialnctlon throughout the Court, and struck so forcibly oa the minds of thntc present, that they gave him the appellation of the Wonder of the .lge.,, For further particulars tee hills ol the day. Mr. Alcstaywr, Interpreter to the performance. , I ioos open ai o o'clock t - unnins rise at i. Tickets, Box $ upper boxes 75 ctt; pit 50 rents children half price mn v in , ST. PATRICKS SOCIETY. ft7 - The friendly Sons of St Patrick will cel ebrate the anniversary of (his Society on Toes - nay, the nin instant, at me Dank t,unee House. Duiuer on the tame precisely, ai o'clock, I . M. J. MONTGOMERY, Bec'ry. mh 13 3t NOTICE. (Mr About the20thof Sept. Inst, three men drought into the New - Inlet, in the town of Hempstead, bn Long Island, a small fishint boat On of them stated that the boat wa'ralled the Humming Bird, of Portland, (M.) and htlongid to him : that they were Ihca n their passage Irom Philadelphia to Newport (R. I.) aud hud put in on account of some demure which the bout had sustained, and from a want of provisions. The men lett the boat, with a Athing net on bo. rd of her, in the possession of the subscriber, and promised to call lor them on their return from New - York. On examining the stern nf the boat her name appears to be the Meteor, of llrulul This circumstance, tajs - ther with (lie fact, that the men above - mentioned have not cnlled lor the boat induces the subscriber to beli'.ve that she did not belong to them, or cither nf thtm. Tie owner of the boat and net can obtain potieition of them by calling on the subscriber rroving property, and paying the esense. SAMUEL FEAMAN. Hempftead, (L.I) March II, 1818. h 13 2w State of Ne to - York Comptroller! i'Jftee. ilr - Public notice is hereby given to the hold ers of the seven per cent stock ol this state, that aii instalment of twenty per centum ol the original amount of th:it stock, equal to four seo - leenths ol the present amount, will be paid off on the first day of April next or at any time there after when demanded. Payment will he made at the Bank ol New - York, in the city of New York, Io the - stockhold ers rrsiding in the southern district of tins state and out of the state, ana io an nmers ai ine new York State Bank, in the city of Albany. It is required that the certilu ales itued lor lb ttock should he exhibited to the bank where sucb payments are made. The interest on the said instalment win raa after the said first day of April next. Dated at Albany, march 9th, I8IH. . r - ....r - i ...... If ll Ti fy .. AKin u. .iri.i I I iv r., isompiT. men 13 dtAI NOTICE. rrj The co - partnerhip between the subscri bers, being ditaolved by its owu limitation, Edward N. Cox, takes oo himself the settlement of its concerns. EDWARD N. COX, JAMES L. MONTAUDEVERT. - James L. Montiiudcvert and Jonathan Otis walker, continue acoiuniiiu iiirconni, at Port au Prince, fSt. Domingo) under the firm of Montaudevertalker A : ( n jAn. it, mwiiv.'.....s JONA. OTIS WALKER. mh 13 lw 111)4 111) A I..OI G ING. fllWOor three respectsoic pcr - .on may nc I Immediately accommodai erl with spa ...... ... . c cious moms and board ng, on moderate terms, with a prii a' f 'milv. They have taken a fine house from the 1st May next, in a, heslthy and pleasant situation, on tue west ide of he city, in which they can accommo date three or four persons w th elegant airy , . . . f . e - room and ooa uing. aawiacuiry rcicrvncc will be eiven and required. 'I he address of the advertiser is left at the office of this pa per. mh 14 W QTO Lf.T, To a small private family, who would willing to take a gentleman and ais w i'e, at a Mbrral price, as boarders, tho l. e n, 143 Greenwich - street with tnt exception of t two lower rooms, occupied omce. Pj iy nsa - bove. " ' ' lw KIRK ft MERCEl. No. 82 Wall - surety bar for r ie, a Vindication, by Cadwai - laisr D. Colden. of th im Bt - t Right grant - I by th rtate of New - Y.nk, - the foroi u .l.. i.,i r Mr Ouar. adilreisd 10 vtr. Colden. mb 14 tV)K SALE ibeEUb.ilirontNa20a - 1 sau - strett . . ' i:. as? n !: season oi l"c .drsntage. may be derived from it om it. pyij i K, HILL. ton tpriaV . mh 14 3t

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