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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Monday, March 16, 1818
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NEW - TORK EVENING Post. MOADAY. MARCH 18. MtmorM s 1 Sptmttt jjorsst. We bm ' re - pubUththe docuaunt which wat pruinUdU congress by Vicente Paios, their agent, but after debate cm tbe objection that it was an improper totertereoce with tbe Executive, it wai determined by Um mw, 127 to 2S, that the pe tition b not received. Ths agent then famished a copy for Um press, and seat it to lbs Wash ington City Gaxette, from which U fc extracted. SPANISH PATRIOTS. (Presented to Congress tbe 0th tat) To Um Penato and House of lUptsetTttUive of the United btate ia congress aesemwea. Th BMOMrial of VlewiU Paiot, of Pora, dtpvt - ed agent of Jm authorities acting ia Um asms of um republics M veeesueia, w - wm - - and Mexico, HMnr4liill a uretanf s m..t .l ini nnaiiintaa anuunusa a Um independent government or boo lb America, having eset to thi free, this enlightened, frisodly and neutral oountrr: and bete convinced Uiat nothinr could tend avr to Um advancement of 9 . . . . .. the great cause, ia wmcn au um menus 01 irw doss, front Um Bay of Au Francisco to Cape Horn, are deeply enraged, than tha conquest of Florida, which would cat off Um medium of in tercoarse between Um Spanish islands and Um United States, and thai paralae Um operations of Um government of Spain, la the important contiguous itlands, hastening thereby lbs fulfil - BMnt of Um ardent desires of those iilandsrs lor . tunancipatioo from the most cruel opprenion j these constituted authorities determined upon the attack of Amelia Island, as the saott direct node of obtaining possession of the contemplated object. Their views were privately made known to many individuals in the United states, wno nad emigrated to this country in consequence of the bloody scenes of Carthagena and other places of Bouia Americas and to many of me auDinaea soldiers of the British and other nations, whose profession was that of arms. They were invited to repair to Amelia - Island, many of them wish ing aa asylum, and others desirous or assisting m the patriot causa, onder promises of satisfaction, proportioned to their grades and merits, bat cau - uoutly avoiding whatever might be conitroed as a violation of the sovereignty of this highly respected republic, and studiously careful to guard against whatever could, in the most remote degree, be considered as infracting Um laws of nations. They met at the place of rendetvous, they attacked, they took, they kept possession of .1 . i r . i' ..i i i tna RiuN as jtueua, wiw owy ue van - jruare. They expected Um arrival of those patriots and foreigners who bad voluntarily ottered to ioin them t bet to the surprise, to Um heart - rending regret of all the Jheadi of this great revolution, Um volunteers were stopped in their egress from Um U. States, and many of them were thrown into prison I These measures, totally tin ex pert ed, changed at eoce Um whole appearance of our views. Instead of being enabled to take pos - Bssswa of Florida, (intended Anally for the United States,) we were confined to Amelia - itlaad ! The chiefs of the expedition were subjected to suspicion, many of the men deserted, and but a lew were left to suitaio Um shock of arms, which was daily threatened by the Spanish troops they remained, however, unappalled i they repelled a formidable attack t but being by the disappointments before mentioned, incapable of active operations, tne abandonment of Um place was contemplated at the time of general Amy's arrival, whose reinforcements enabled the patriots not only to remain masters of the island, wait In In mm ttnniMitatinfi nf fnrrmm tnr nl tartar mi. eraUoos, but they were enabled to It oat sere ral vessels to annoy the Spanish trade. The great importance and consequence of the capture of Amelia bland, as a key to Florida and to the channels or the Bahamas, will be more easily comprehended by a perusal of those intercepted despatches which accompany thit memorial, from Um minister of the treasury of the island of Cuba to the bloody Monllo, whose applies were furnished chiefly from that bland ; and the island derived those supplies from the United States, through the rtoridas. The money requisite for the prosecution of Um war against the independents, was obtained by loan from the inhabitants of Cuba t but these judging correctly, that if the patriots could take and hold Amelia Island, they would proceed to pos - sesi themselves of the rest of Um Floridat, ami finally of Cuba, Ions ready for revolt : and that in the event of a revolution of these, the money lent to their government would be lost, refused tbbse advances on the faith of government that ther bad been accuitomed to make. Thus may the government of the Uuited States now mo Um importance or these primary movenaeats of Um patriots, which were attributed to other causes of a confined, a private, and even of a tmister nature, by writers in the public papers of this country, who imputed mo tives the most diabolical kind to the chiefs of this expedition Thv loaded them with every msultiag epithet, and charged the whole with the artwrnlarilies that were committed by un principled individuals, who had assumed the pa triot flat: to cover their depredations i thus in - Tolving in one common disgrace, those who were duly wsssmlssiansil, and who had acted in conformity to acknowledged laws, with those who had been rnUty of this piratical assumption ! The patriots took many Spanish vessels engaged ia the slave trade, and mot warn into ternandi aa. It would be unworthy the dignity of this inesnorial, to descend to the suspicion that the rjorsons so violent ia these charges, were indi - recUy engaged in this saieraal tradei but the opposition appears to have augmented against Um patriots in proportion to Um injury done thereto. Theea captured stare ships were taken, like nrhsr t ilr because declaredly belonrine to tjMasMaxyi bat Umto is no instance of the cap - tori hareag violated Um laws of this country, to atUorpting the astredactioa of the captured laves into the United States t and if any indivi dual had even attempted eo arregiiiar a proceed log, be would have bean subject to Um lawsi but his disgrace would surely act be imputed to thoM who disclaim any soca act. The documents, now in the hands of Um exe cutive of this gerernment, give the most ample testimony of the regular attention paid to the laws of the United Males by Um patrioU j and your memorialist was in hopes, that these favorable representations would have produced a very different result to the one experienced. j The unfavorable impression made upon Um 1 government of this country, against the persons employed in this enterprisa, appeared to be corroborated by facts appertaining solely to those who, totally disconnected with the patriots, had, without authority, assumed their Sag; and partly under plea that this impression, but especially under the plea of the Floridas haviex been pledg ed to this government, Um officers thereof were directed to take possesion of Amelia Island, which thev did ia a hostile manner, but which - Um patriots refused to defend, under Um convic tion UM roTRwn praewiuc inenuiy hou meats to these who were following its own glorious example i would, upon dne consideration of Um subject, under proper reiresentatioos, re tire nay rrievances to which this exertion of power snirbt have subjected their friends, Um patriots: aad under such consoling sipctationt yoar memorialist bad Um honor of addressing Um chief magistrate of this retjected t Marked No. 1, and printed ia the Gate tie last Tnorsday. . t Address ia the binds of the fiecutiTS. of . . AJUr 'tjeiuot. hawtw. fcr a U.(tJoM very day Way k highly W""? csts which we are engaged) iji - re. of state of the United States) ex eluding all hopes of that reparati of the taje - riMsuetamed, that was expected from agraat and nagaanimous people, whose glorious exam - pUhadaredttMbtoft L..M. . 1 uihi ra mains BOW. in UM lUUll - meat of the duties of your memorialist to the patriots, wtwmlM represents, IhYaaguat seas - Miss, Whom he has the ho - . !L t. uUhm. those evidences of inju ries so gnevoas to the canes of hbertjr and to the rrogrea. of the re volution, which involves ths happiness 1 so many muuoos. I. ihm esnoaition of the rrievances aad suffer ings altoded to, yonr tens m vf - call Um attention of your honorable houses to Um following J It most be advanced fand your memorialist bopee H will be admitted) that Um capture ol Florida would hasten UM crent events of um re - volntaon i and that, tha beinr accomplubed. was Um avowed mtentioa of Um patriots to cade that country to the United States, under such circumstance as might be mutually beneficial. It mutt also be advanced, that they know not of any existing engagement that had been so i - t . i . .1 coociuacu oeiween uiw counuy hn to subject the attack, in any manner, to the suspicion of an implication of hostility to the pro - en gagement or ultimata views of toe repuouc : For the patriots could not suppose a nation, so powerful a the United States, would permit the king otbpsin to keep possession ol a country, virtually theirs, at a compensation for the exten sive spoliations committed on their trade, so long ago: and especially as the governor of Florida is aauy aitposing ol um lanas, leave nouung, Anally, bnt toe sovereignty and the sand - banks : and more especially, as the law of congress on that subject was passed in the year 181 1, which, by the constitution, became effectually null in two years : added to which, a nation, of such political forecast as the United States, knowing that the patriots of the south havmg declared all the American continental possessions of Spain in estate of revolution, could not be expected to leava andocided a question or m much moment as Um possesiion of Florida, if actually theirs, at a time when it was subject to an attack from without, or a revolution from within: and under a conviction that if left to an external attack, it would involve the United States in a contest with the captors, f for Spain bad left it almost da fenceless,) or, virtually, decoying a force to be idly spent, which mirht have been efficiently engaged elsewhere, in the great cause. Under all these circumstances, your memori alist finds it difficult to abstract bis mind from a dilemma which presents itself, and which be iub - mils with great deference. Ulnar the United States did possess Florida, or they did not If they did, why not occupy the tame ana aupuy the American nag r which would have prevented the petrioU from attempt - ing the conquest of a country that bad consum mated its withes. If thev did not possess Flori da, why have they, vi at arm it, taken from the patriots a part thereof, which tber had fairly. and by force of arms, conquered, and kept a - gainst ovary attack from their only declared cue - It is in rain to urea that the patriots were considered as pirates i because it it not the usage nations to accept from piratti terms of capitu lation : and your memorialist ber leava to soli cit your honorable bouses to ponder well upon tbe sensibility of this nation, when Um Danes neuverea opto the English minuter tho vessels captured from that nation by com. Paul Jones. who, became he had been aa English subject, was denominated aad threatened by them as a pirate for the Danes bad not Umb acknowled ged your independeaca. This subject was IboH worthy, at a subseqeeat time, of a formal re presentation thro your minister, Mr. Jefferson, umb at um conn ol Versailles and the injury sustained then, was, till within a short period, made a plea against the restoration of even private property, belonging to the subjects of that crown i and so lasting was tbe impression of that injury, that it has been thought worthy of re - I ..a .a . memorance until uus aay. Even your venerable and respected philosopher, Frauklin. thourh cloathed with ministe rial dignity, was called a hoary - beaded Trai - tort The situation of those whom vour memori list has the the honor to represent, calls for the reminiscence of these circumstances, that your Honorable Houses may judge, by the feelings of those days, of Uie impression which your act are calculated to stamp upon tbe mind or the Patriots, which are pecaliarly a - live to every sentiment emanating from so high and to esteemed a source. 1 he Patnois have not only been deprived of the captured territory, but of all the warlike stores found therein : they have also remain - eu uncompensated lor all their expenditures in the erection of barracks and other neeessarv ... . . . Dutiamgs i uiey have not only been deprived of the captured vessels, but of their cargoes. i ne validity ol these prizes, and of the pro perty taken, has been, by request of Uie Sds, nish agents, subjected to the court of admi ralty or tne united fcUtes lor adjudication i thourh these courts can have no enmnetant jurisdiction over property taken by the cm - . - - - i sensor anoiner power, irom another people, on the high tea : And yet the Court of Ad miralty of Savannah has lately decided againit the Brutus privateer, commissioned by the Mexican government: also against a briir. prise to the Gen. San Martin, under Duetto Ayre's colours, seized on tbe coast. The car. go, too, of a brig, prize to the Mexican Con gress, wrecked on the coast of North Caroli na, has been sold by the collector, and the money deposited in bis office. The Patriots have not only been precluded from recovering debts to a large amount, due tor tne legal sales in the United States of vari out goods, but their liberties are endanrered bjr the threat of creditors, to whom comparatively small debts are due i and at the time that these threats are made, the sufferer of I all these injuries are ordered peremptorily, by Uie officer of the U. Sutes, to quit a territo ry mat on aever oeiongea to tint government, who seem, thereby, to have espoused the cause of our enemies, and to have entered into league against us. All these things, too, are done when the government of this country are acquainted with the reports of the junction of . t, . . ' ie M i . .. wc nuasian ami opanisu necis, wiiose destination is declared to be against the Patriots i and thus (hall we be subjected, while waitinr for the restoration of our property, to the risk ofl havmg our vessel blocksdedm port, thereby baxardmr their Joe with the prize roods, and thus giving advantages to an enemy insatiable m blood i and to whom reconciliation is impos sible t an enemy who may become formidable oy such unexpected interf erences, but whom me ramots would, otherwise, never hesitate vo meet boldly. sn repeating these manifold grievances to your honorable houses, your memorialist looks with confidence, for that dignified and sincere support ol the great republican cause, in which those whom lie represents are so deeolv en. gaged and be reposes in the bosom of your (HcniDuctuiMe representations, depend ing on such a redress of rrievances aa shall comport with the honor, dignity and justice ofl bvl """iui m we unnea stales. VICENTE FAZOS. City of Washington, March 6, lfflS. The document art ia the hands of the eeivmg each latislacttoau toe pauw . lytaacipated, yoaraamml - t has tfc davrw - cetved a letter from the boa. Jolm Adaam, Lalttt Jrm Burtft. The alegtai ahip l' porter, Rogers, arrived within Sandy - Hook yes terday, ia i day froa LiverpooL By ber we bava received from capt Rogers, andourcor Rstwadeatt ia Europe, Glasgow paper to the 2td of January. London to the J7th, Lloyd1. Lists to the tame data, and Liverpool papsrs to the t9th, aU bclusirs. Tbe most import' ant af their contents, it the Prince Regent1! speech to parliament ; which, together with such other extracts at appear to ut can interest Uie American reader, wilt be found in our columns this evening. The Importer's letter - bag, manifest, list of consignees and passengers, are not yet received A pilot - boat was despatched this morning to go dawn to her and bring them up, but bad not re turned when this paper Went to press. Vessels advertised in Gore's Liverpool Adver user of Jan. 29 : Pacific, for If. York, 1st of March Adriana, for Philadelphia I Factor, for do ( Lancaster, fordo j Thorn, for Savannah Atlantic, for N. York j Liverpool Packet, for Boston Hibernia, for N. York) John h .4 dam, tor Norfolk Peter Ellis, for N. Orleans; Re becca Sims, for Philadelphia brig Betsey, for do ; Friendship, for do ; Sea too, for Baltimore ship Triton, for Boston t Milo, for da ; brig Mar garet, for Charleston ; Sally, for do; Sarah, for do; Howard, for do; Robert Burns, for New York ; Columbus, for Boston ; Armata, for Bad timore ; Franklin, for Baltimore ; Scipio, for Norfolk ; Minerva, for N. York ; Halcyon, for Philadelphia; Diana, for Charleston ; Thomas, for N. Orleans ; Thomas Naylor, for N. York ; Lucies, for Virginia ; Octavia, for Charleston ; Chattwortb, for Baltimore ; brig Nepos, for N Orleans ; ship Susan, for Virginia. Advertised in Uie Glasgow Chronicle of Jan. 33 : Ship Fanny, for N. York, 1st February. Tbe sailing of the Fanny had been unavoidably postponed to Uie 1st of February, ia consequence of the badness of Uie weather preventing goods from being sent down to Greenock. Ship Bris tol, for N. York, 15th Feb. Brig Sarah, for do or Philadelphia, as freight may offer, The ship Alexander, Mansfield, bat arrived at Belfast from NYork. Frem Lloyd? t Lift, Jan. 27. Gravesend, Jan. S3. Sailed. Erin. Huttey. lor a xorsc Liverpool, Jan. 22. Arrived. Jane. David' son, from Charleston ; sailed 12th Dec. Jan. 24, Armata, Leeds, Savannah ; sailed 27th Dec. Jan. 25, Alliance, CoWer, NOrleans ; sailed 12th Uec. Harwich. Jan. 25. ' Arrived from tbe river. Erin, Huttey, for N'York. Havre, Jan. u. Arrived, Jjeuxrreret, Hue, Savannah. Bordeaux, Jan. 13. Arrived, Doris, May, Savannah. Jan. 14. Bordeaux Packet. Butmao. NYork. Gibraltar, Dec. 31. Arrived, Mary. Hotrh - kiss, N Orleans. Jan. 2, Independence, Perce val, Boston. LlVF.ltrOOL, Jan. 22. Arrived, John Troushton. G. Ravely. from Charleston; Howard, Lovett, NYork; Friend ship, farter, from Philadelphia ; Berlin, Hew - too, Savannah ; Pocahontas, Howland, Charles ton i Margaret, metiers, do. ; Lucies, Router, do. ' failed, William A Eliza, Baldwin, Virginia. UVF.RPOOL, Jan. 29. The Admiral Griffith, . from Philadel - phia at London.. . The ship Golconda was ready for sea, bound lor Falmouth for orders. The Rebecca, Nimmo, from hence for Dari - en, Georgia, was totally lost on tbe 13th ult offDoboy. A laden merchant bnr ran on board H. M. schooner Picton, at 4 o'clock in the morning of the 9th inst. near Tuskar, and it ia suppos ed foundered with aU on board. The Hunter, , from Wilmington for Bristol is totally lost Ar. The Columbia, Allen, from N York. The Helicon, Wooster, from Savannah. The William Ashton, Baxter, from Norfolk. The George Potter, Foster, from Wilming ton. Tha Margaret, M'Lellan, from Savannah. The Armata, Leeds, from 8avannah. The Jane, Davidson, from Charleston. The Alliance, Col ver, from New - Orleans. Ships Cleared for sea, Jan. 22. Helvidera, Hobson, Maryland; Spartan, Coffin, Aavannah Cavket, Barton, do Euphrates, De Cost, New York. 23d, Vulcan, Reed, Savannah t Betty, Wedge wood, Philadelphia. 27th, Superior, Uurkhart, Pennsylvania. Jan. 27. bailed, Belvidera, Hobson, for Bal timore. Loxdoit, Jan. 27. Price of Stocks. 3 per Cent. Reduced 80 1 - 4 80 79 3 - 4 s 3 ix r Cent Consols 79 1 79 1 - 4 1 - 8 j 5 per Cent Navy Annuities 114 3 - 8 1 - 4 1 - 2. Livsarooi, Jan. 24. Aihet: 1st Pot fresh per cwt. United Sutes 62 63 Amer. 1st Pearl 62 63 ; Cotton, pr. lb. Bd. ueorgia Is. fxL is. 3 l - 2d.; N. Orleans Is. 9d. 2s i Flaxseed, pr. hhd. for crusbinr 80s. i sowing lOi j Rice, pr. cwt - American 37 38s. January 27. Co a if ExcRAftes. The importations thit week have been greater than for some time. Good Wheat in demand i inferior exceedingly dull, at prices somewhat lower. Oats in good demand, at an advance of Sd a 4d. No alter ation in Barley. Flour dull ; American 2s. lower. Wheat pr. 701b. American 13s 6d 14s 6d ; Flour, Amer. pr. bl. 196 lb. sweet U. 8. jfts bus , Canada sweet 46s 48s ; sour 40. LONDON, Jan. 27. Speech of the Lords Commissioners, to both Hon set of Parliament, on Tuesday, January 27, 10IH. My Lords mi Gentlemen, We are commanded by hit Royal Hichness Uie Prince Regent to inform yoa, that it witb great concern that he is obliged to aooousce to you the continuance of his Majesty' lamented loaupomuoo. The Prince Regent it persoaded that vo will deeply participate in the affliction with fchicb bis Royal Highness hat been visited, by Ue calamitous and untimely death of hit beloved and anfy child the Princess Charlotte. Under this awful dispensation of Providence, it has bten a torthins: consolation to tbe Prince Resent't leart to receive from all descriptions of bis Msjs,y's subjects, the most cordial assurances both oltbeir jutt tense of the loss which they have tustaned, ana ol their sympathy with bis parental sorrow and, amidst his own sufferings, hit Royal Biro nest has not been unmindful of the effect ttuch the end event must have on the interests aoj fa tore prospects of tbe kintrdom. We are commanded to acquaint yoa, that Um Prince continues to receive from Foreirn Powers tbe strongest assurances of their friendly dltpo. sion toward this coeatry, and of their deske lo maintain uie general traaqaiiity. His Royal HixhneM has the satisfaction a' be iogabletoasrareyoa. that the confidence itSich be baa invariably felt ia the stability of the ereat sources oi oar aauonaj pros pen it, one aoi seen chsappointed. The improvement which bat takes place a tbe coarse of the last year, in almost every braatb of aur domestic isdottry, aad tha present ttafe of peblic credit, aXTorduig ahuadant proof that tbe ditcttlliu anoer which the country was labour - jag were cateny w am nw r - - o.i .... . .k.. milit not fail to with - draw from the disaffected the principal nansof whtcbUiey naoavaiiea tneaweiTw rr pose of fomenting a spirit of discontent, which LH to rti of insurrection and treason : and his Royal Hlghneae entertains the mott con fident ex peotauoo, mat toe sbic K" - tranquility to which the country is now restored, will be maintained against all attempts to ds - . l. k ik. nafunrinr viffilance Of the Ol - gistracyandby the loyally and good Rose of Gentlemen of the houte of commons. The Prince Regent ha directed the etu m.tPi for the current year to be laid before you Hit Roynl Highnett recommends to yourcon - tinoed attention the tate of the public income and expenditure ; and he it moot happy m being able to acquaint you, that, trnce you were latt ...hhvt in rMrlinment the revenue hat been in a state of progrettive improvement in its most important branches. Mm l.nHa nA rpfltlemen. We are commanded by the Prince Regent to inform you, that he bat concluded treaties wim - ' - - - 1 Tl . .1 tk. imnAlt. Uie courts Ol spam aim x uriuj;ai, w ant snhiect of the abolition of the slave trade. Mi Rnl Uivhruu hu directed that a CODV of the former treaty should be immediately laid before you ; and be win oraer a similar cumum - nication to be made of the latter treaty, as soon as the ratification of it shall have been exchang ed. .... Inlkn nwM.tiAna it has been hit roVSJ men mu ctiHitaynur. at far as circumttaDces wculd permit, to give effect to the recommendations contained ia tbe joint Addresses of the two Houses of Parliament ; and his Royal Highness hat a full reliance on your readiness to adopt such measures as maybe necessary for fulfilling the engagement into which he bas entered lor tnai purpose. Tbe Prince Regent ha commanded ut to direct your particular attention to the deficiency I ' L I i . - . 1 ' . L. ....tin. eF nla wmcn ii u bu lung c&irm in iiic uuiuwi r,mt cet of nublic wenhin heloneine to the EstRblith ed Church, when compared with the increased and increaainr unnu latino of the country. His Royal Hignest most earnestly recommends thit important tuhject to your eariy,ccn'iacr. tion. deenlv imoretted. as he bas no doubt you are, with a jutt sense of the many bleitiogs which thit country, by the favour of Divine Providence, hat enjoyed ; and witb Uie conviction that the religioiit and moral habit! of the people are the most sure and firm foundation of natiouul prosperity. LONDON, Jan. 19 Letten of 29th ult. from Madrid, mention that another complete hoax had been played off on Uie Russian ambanodor. Some time ago we noticed, that in contequsnceof the expected ar rival ot Uie Russian fleet at Cadiz, hit excelled cy had proceeded there, post haste, but tired of waiting, bad again returned to Madrid. Un the morning of Christmas day, his excellency a se cond time took post for Cadiz, in consequence of tbe arrival of an officer from that port, ttaung, that the Rtptian squadron had actually arrived ! It now appears certain, that Uie embargo which took place in Cadis some months ago, was net intended to carry out troops to South America, but to convey the Russian crews back to their homes, in conformity to an article contained in (he bill of tale of the thipt. The count de Palmeln, the Portuguese am bassador at our court is said to have quitted Pa ris on Monday last. The presumed object of hit mission there was to confer with the plenipotentiaries of the high allied powers, respecting tbe differences between Spain and Portugal. His departure is at once gratuitously ascribed, by the Morning Chronicle, to a peremptory refusal, on Uie part of his government, to deliver up the territory or Monte V ideo to opam, until Spain thaU have settled her dispute with her revolted colonies. We are far from believing that Portugal would venture to conduct herself with so little of a conciliatory disposition, after the note which was delivered to her miuister by the allied powers in May last. A few dayt since, a vessel, supposed to belong to Uie United States with a cargo of staves and tobacco, put into Kin ma re River. Officers were on board, but in a short time after, a number of countrymen arrived in two boats, who put the officers below, and proceeded to land and carry on the tobacco, m which they not only succeeded, but alto secreted it in such manner, that notwithstanding a most diligent search was made, not more than about 200 lbs. of the tobacco could be discovered. The captain and crew are not with the vessel, which still remaiot in Uie River Kinmare. In Uie course of tha last year, five hundred and forty thousand barrels of flour were import ed into Liverpool from the United States of America. To this circumstance more perhaps than any other, is to be ascribed the badness of Uie bread, which has been an universal complaint Tbe adulteration of American flour is a notorious fact. It eludes detection, except by cheiui ral process, until its effects are felt in the stomach. Wheat only ought to be admitted from foreign ports. We are informed that Mr. Richard Litherland, our townsman, has invented an improved escape ment to be applied to the pocket watches and chronometers, for which letten patent have been granted him. LONDON, Jan. 26. Flanders mails have arrived. The chamber of commerce at Namur hat addressed a memo rial to Uie ttates general, with a view of obtain' ing tome legislative prohibition of importations. ErLrliih manufactures are not mentioned, though doubtless it is against them that the decree is wished lor. The Chancellor of the Exchequer does not intend to fund any Exchequer Bills, much less take a loan. The whole expenditure, it ia expected, will not exceed 58 millions, and this will be effected principally by a reduction of Uie army to its final peace establishment, and by Uie saving of interest which will be made by reducing the hve and four per cents. The amount of revenue (including every thing.) b estimated at 52 millions, leaving an apparent deficit between receipt and expenditure of six; but it must always be recollected, that out of the expenditure nearly 16 millions will be paid to the Commissioners for the reduction of the debt i and the only doubt is, whether six of these should not be applied to balance the account between expenditure and revenue, leaving the remaining 10 millions, with the accumulation of interest, to the reduction cf the debt LONDON, Jn. 27. Stock again aufTered a decline yesterdty, and all was gloom at the Exchange. At one period they were at 78 1 - 8. There was a report that the French Loan for eleven millions was actually agreed for, and that some of our capitalists were the chief contractors. Of course this report did not tend to revive public confidence. The fictitious price to which the Funds have been carried, while there is an avowed deficit of revenue, alarms every considerate observer, and induces him to seek for better interest and at least equal security elsewhere. A Flanders Mail arrived yesterday. The accounts from Hanover state, that the marriage of the Duke of Cambridge with a Prin cess of Hesse Cassel, is expected to be cele brated at Uassel, about the middle of March, and that his Royal Highness with his consort, will soon afterwards visit England. At a late hour last night we received the Pari paper of Friday last A letter from Count Carra Saint Cyr, dated Cayenne, the loth November, 1817, published officially in The Moniteur, announces the taking possession of French Guiana on Uie 8th of that month. A long detail is given in these Journals of the celebration of the funeral service on Wednes day in memory of Louis XVL The Right Honoutable F. Robinson is ap pointed treasurer oi tne xuvy, and it u ru - nwured, thgt b. ia to hsrc a scat in the Cabi - . mi Um former amount, wa have not naaru, out r readers must remember, that the late Mr. George Rose, in his place in the House ofCom - mens, - vowed to God, that the salary wu too large." We trust that Mr. Robinson, who was present and heard him, hu himself pro posed a reduction. BRIGHTON, Jan. 23. iil. ..,.ii.n.w tha Freeh ambattador, and la Aw . in the list of arrivals. The duke of Wellington is daily expected. PORTSMOUTH, Jan. 25. Arrived tha Shipley, Moncrief, from Batavia, for orders; sailed 12th October, in company with the Morley of London, and an Americas ship and brig bound to Holland. THE ROBBERS AND MONEY TAKEN. Fna ikt RaJlimort Patriot of Fridaxi latt. This morning about 9 o'clock, two persons of suspicious appearance csuea at tne cioinine iore of Messrs. Berteau k Dumas, comer of Water and South - streets, and immediately bargained for a complete suit of clothes for each ; and upon their bills being presented they made a laree show of monev. Arrangemcntt were made tolieep them in waiting until notice was given to a magistrate nil officer, bv whom thev were Immediately ar rested ; upon which they conveyed a package of bills behind the counter. They were taken before Judge Houston, of the U. S. District Court, for examination, which it now going on, half past 1 o'clock. The amount of bills, drafts and checks found upon them is a - Ixnit 20,000, principally of the branches of the United States Bank, south of Bcltimore, and great qututitiet of lottery tickets None of the money recovered belonged to the Baltimore mai! tome drafts we observed, were from Richmond. The two fellows are known journeymen tailors and have been employed in this city. One tayt bit name it Joseph Thompson Hate, aged 32 yeart ; Uie ouier lwis iiare, nit nroiner, oniy 20 years of age. They state they have a brother living in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a brothrr - in - lawby the name of Dorsey,at Kllicott't MilU; and both pretend they have just arrived from Washington. Pistols, a dirk, powder and balls, were found upon them ; and they had on jackets and trow - sers mentioned in Mr. Ludlow's letter, with new coats ovrr them. Their txowsert were dirty and muddy, at might be expected of tl.o - e who had b en travelling on the road. They had on new hats, bought this morning of Mr Jacob Rogers. They will be committed for trial. Oue fellow yet remains at large. They are both small, slender men ; and although tbe eldest bas a bad countenance, we should not suppose them to possess courage enough for tuch a daring enterprise. A perton of moderate strength could eatily manage them both. The measures taken by the Post Office Department have been marked by that promptness and energy which distinguishes all iu operations. An express wasdispatchrdat IS o'clock yesterday, by - Mr. Skinner, to the Pnstmaster.General ; and an answer received at 10 this morning, instructing him to furnish a suitable guard for the mail each wav to send expresses as far at Pittsburgh to the other Lewis flare, hit brother, only distribute band bills in great numbers to cousult with the municipal authorities and merchants us to sthat wat best to be done, and to spare noexprnce in endeavouring; to apprehend the perpetratort of the robbery in tne mean time every tiling nad been done in anticipation of these orders. P. S. 2 o'clock, P. M. The prisoners hare just been put in irons and conducted to prison. We have just heard that the third person concerned in the robbery is apprehended. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Free mans Journal,) Sunday, March 15. t Arrived, ship Faele. bpnflnid, 47 dan from Bordeaux. Sailed from Bordeaux 18th, and the Cordovan 21tt Jan. Vettels left before reported. Tbe ship Ea, Rudd, 31 dayt from Balti more, wat at quarantine. Patsengers, Messrs. J reters, J Andrews, 1' Juiume, r Cottenot, u Gardette, J Greside, M Geay aiid8in the steerage - ' Brig John Howe, Boutquet, 13 dayt from Havana. .Left at Havana 1st inst. brie Naucy. flays for Bait, next day ; ahip Juno, Moffit, of rhitad. discharging, (joining out, met x bngt i American; jgoing id; names, tec. not Known. Brought no list of vessels left. Ship Georgia Packet, Bunce, 8 dayt from inarietioo. Ship Gen. Wade Hampton, Smith, 8 dayt from unaneiton. Ship North Star, Phelps, 3 days from NYork. French brig Petit Charles, Valence, from Bayonne. Schr Junius, Duntoo, 3 dayt from New York. Schr Hilan, Hand, 3 dayt from NTork. Schr Pegasus, Summers, 15daytlrom Nippat, (Cuba) Schr Enterprise, Newtoo, 4 days from NYork. Ships Hantonia, Rollins, Enterprise, Newton, all from N York, are below. Cleared, ship John Bulkley, West, Liverpool ; brig Coneordia, Diederickson, Hamburg. FROM OUR CORRFSPON - DEXT. Office of tbe Charleston Courier,') Sunday March 8. S Arrived, sch. South Ccrolliu, Allen, New - York 4 days. Sch Ambuscade, Skidmore, N York lOdavi Sch Paramount, Crawford, Wilmington, N C 1 day. Left brig Arethusa, Holmes, to sail for NYork in 2 days. Cleared, British brig Haliday, Stewart, Li vet - pool ; French brig; Mercury, Vagriege, itouen. Went to sea yesterday, ship Mary & Susan, Curtis, for India brig Cosmopolite, Camp bell, tor uoraeaux. The Mexican privateers American Libre and .Mexican Contrress from Amelia Island, which had been at anchor off this bar for two or three days, got underway about 2 o'clock on Satur day, and proceeded on a cruise. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Norfolk Herald, ) March 11. I Arrived, British brig Humming Bit d, Dill, 16 days from inoidad. Lelt bng Adelaide, George, to sail lor this port in 3 days, r eb. S3, in lat. 24, long. 68, was chased by a long, yellow, yel low sided top sail schr. ol about 80 tons burthen, shewing English colors, and after firing a gun, finding the could not come up with Uie Humming Bird, gave up tbe chase. Saw on Saturday af ternoon, about 20 miles to tbe eastward of Uie Capes of Virginia, standing in, a bright sided A - merican ship, with a fiddle head, having all her masts carried away by Um board. The pilot boat Ranger, of Hampton, wat in company with her, and, it is believed, had her in tow. Saw also standing in, two long, sharp built, handsome schooners, one of them with raking masts ; did not appear to be Americans. Schr. Ranger, Wood, 60 honrt from N. York. Schr. Superb, Reeve, flats Freeman, who atea at sea tx days since) & from Rotterdam, I J . V 1. 1 . , i . ... wubu ut iw - 1 ura, sou pm us nere in distress. On Uie 4th Feb. in bt. 39, long. 69, while laying to under close reefed topsail, in a tremendous gale from N W was capsized, and had to cut a - way both masts when she righted with four feet water in Uie hold. Feb. 8, in lat. 38, 20, spoke ship Hope of Baltimore, bound to Amsterdam, 3 days out, who politely supplied the i'. with provisions. 10th, in laL 37, long. 67, ip, spoke schr. Susannah, from Norfolk, bound to Gibraltar, out 5 days. 27th, in lat. 36, Ion. 30, sloop Henry, from Rhode Island bound to Guadaloupe who alto supplied the S. with provisions. In lat 36, 50, Swedish thip Drottiog Christina, pel - gren, from Norfolk, bound to Gibraltar, 4 days out. March 4, in lat 38. Ion 75. 10. brir Bets. . 14 days from Havana bound to Boston. The S. sailed in co with the brigs Fanny, Cfarrill, of rortsmnuih, n. H. lor Boston, and Gen. Stark, Coffin, of Newhnrypor.. for Isle of May saw tho latter vessel off Uie English channel 10 days after Capt. Reeve states that he was fallen ia with by the pilot boat Y.wng Hwk, Price, of SU Marys, in the lat, of SuiUYs island, who jotvithstandiog capt. R's solicitations fur succor, couli not be prevailed on to rerder the least assistance, but was tiirrwards boarded bv Uie nik - .t loat Ran. ger, r ,f Hampton, and by her towed into port. sen John, urown, (or a jurburyport; 6 days act. Whether tat iaiary is w cwmiu . in iron Savxttnab, Spoke em the 4th last. Tytee light bearing W distant 4 leagues brig Amu Maria, from New - Orleans, bound to &vannah! out 10 days. ' Col. R. M. Johnson, of Kentucky, and J. C. Spencer, of this state, now UMmbmofcxttrtss, both decline a re - election. The Eastern mail due this morning, had not arrived at 1 o'clock. There are due 2 or 5 mails from Albany. DIED, VtMttftvtlav mnrnin?. after ft liD9rlntainl woovss - j aay aj wvi paWQ ful illness, which she bore with christian pa - uence ana resignation 10 use uivme will, tlij, wife of John Gibson, aged 40 yean. The friodt and acquaintance of tha family are requested to ttnrf har funeral tomorrow afternoon i a . clock, from Wathington - ttreet, opposite thesta. - .mm.mtm eswivhrfxiit flil - tttmP nrifii'tl KrUfUtQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Hippomenes, Bourne, Curracna TAPStg Falmouth, Jam. H Hammond David Richards, Sutton, Schr Jane, Seaman, Aew - Orltaai ARRIVED THIS FOREAVUJ. Ship Importer, Rogers, 42 days from Lir. pool, with dry - goods, &c. to C. Hall, owner, tad others. I tier manueti, witn a list ol consirnees. has not yet been received. 1 Left, Uiip Hiber. nia, Graham, to tad 7th reb. for NYork: Mi. nerva, Sketchley, 10th Feb. do. ; Robert Barm, Coffin, do. do. Sailed in co. ship Superior, fcr Philadelphia ; Hetty, of Portsmouth, (N. R.) for Savannah ; Vulcan, for Savannah i brig Spartan, nf NYork, for do. ; brig Casket, of Bos ton, for do. ; Frederick, of and for Boston ; ship Merchant, for NYork: Euphrates, for do. Feb 5, lat. 47, long. 13, spite ship Union, of London . m i. t . ... l t - i 1 1 weeKi iroui jh'uui j, iiu suppueu ner with provisions. March 3, crossed Uie banks ol Mew. foundland, and si.w, in lat. 43, 30, a large idand of ice. Lat. 41, long. 63, spoke ship Diana, of Whcassett, 4 days from Boston, bound to Liverpool. In lat. 41, long. 35, Uie Importer experi enced a complete hurricane, iu which she lost her fore aad mam topsails. Sclir Juli - Ann, 5 dayt from Baltimore, with flour andgin, to Byrnes Si Trimble, and Hawx - hurst St Co, ARRIVED SINCE OUR LAST, Ship Maria Theresa, Skidd v, 9 dayt from Chtr - lest oil, with rice, to G. G. 61 S. Huvvland, sndF. Depau. On Saturday morning 38 miles S. E. of Sandy Hook, spoke an hcrin. brig from Portland, with 'lumber. l'asenpers, Messrs. Heotborn, Campbell and son, aad H . Burney. French barque L'Hyaciutlie, Babtiste, 83 davs from Dunkirk, with dry goods, gin kc. toj. P. Durand. Was bound to Guadaloupe put In for orders. Spoke nothing. Brig Eagle, Durkee, 24 days from New - Orleans, and 23 days from the Ralir, with molasses, sugar, cotton and toliaco,to S Strotig k Son, Strong k Havens, Hicks, Lawrence &.Co. Howe b Proctor, J B. Lagrave.mid J B. Durand. Spoke in the river, Feb lb, brig Fredonia, Mix, 36 dayt from New - York ; brig Alexander, of Salem, with lost of mainmast, &c. and schr William, Porter, from Marblehrud. all bound up. Left britr Bliss, Bail ey, for N. York, in 10 dayt ; ship Evergreen, for do in 10, and a great number of others not recollected. Off Havana, Feb SI, spoke an armed brig under American colors. Brig Coin. Porter, Doane, 8 dayt from St. Mary's, with live oak limber to H. Eckford The V. S. brig I'nterprixe, tailed for Savannah, the day before. Lett brig Com. Decatur, for N. York, in 4 days. Com. Aury and his fleet, consisting of three vessels, tailed Irom Atnelia on the 3d inst Brig Mount Hope, Smith. 10 days from Richmond. 3 from the Roads, with tobacco and dour, toTrokes. Davidson k Co Wilson &i Thomson, Walsh ai Gallagher, W. i 3. Craig, k TO. Betbune k Co. Passengers, Messrs. Potter, Rhodes k Me Brig Elisa, Greeh, 19 days from St. Jaso v Cuba, with sugar, molasses and cotTe, to O. G. Jr S. 1 lowland, S. L. Sbeltou, and to order. Lett hip Rose in Bloom, Trowbridge, for Gibraltar lttk March ; schr Jolly. Wintlow, for Providence, in 12 days ; brig Charlet Fawcct, Chew, for Pliilad. in S ; brig , Kellogg, just ar from Middlrtown, and a bng from Keunebeck, just ar ; brig Domestic, Barney, for New York in 15 days. A Spsnish Guineaman had been captured off St. Jago by a Patriot privateer. Mr. Skinner, of Albany, who went out passenger in the brig Domestic', from Norfolk, died at St. Jago on theSltt of Feb. Schr. James Monroe, Hipkins, 41) hours from Norfolk, and 34 from the Capes, with flour, flax teed, leather he. to Page k Triplet!, R. Crump, G. Ball, and the matter. Brig Britannia, Watson, for New York was to sail next day. Passengers, Mrs. Barber, Hunt, Dodge, iggiut and Stead. Schr. Lottery, Parks, from Richmond, and 48 hours from the Capes, with Coal, to the Captain. Sloop Fidelia, Rislev, S day from Baltimore, with gin, flour and flaxseed, to J. White It Co. Randolph k Satage, W. Agnew.and J. XV. Scmidt si Co. Sloop Juno, Lamphear, 2 dayt from New - London, with produce to H. Holt. Sloop Eliza Ann, Hull, 2 dayt from Newport, with merchandire to G. W Talbott, and otbers. Sloop Maria, Brown, 2 dayt from Newptrt, with rum, to Burrill k t'ahoone. Sloop Abigail, Fletcher, from New - Haven, b'ad to Richmond. Sloon President, York, 27 dsys from Portlsnd, with platter and ruin, to Ward k Bishop, and IV. k C. Porter. Holmes's Hots, March 10. Arrived brif Sampson. Gill, 10 days from Richmond. Brig William Penn, Coffin, of and for Van tucket, from the Cspe of Good Hope and tha Coast of Africa, 450 bbls. oil, 62 days from tbe Coast and 42 front Ascension. Left no American vessels at either place. Dec. 9, touched at the Island of St Helena for supplies, snd was treated politely. 11th. Ar. sch. Hunter, Rogers, of and for Boston, 70 days from Bilboa. The sch. Rosa - way, Cooper, of and for Plymouth, sailed 3 day previous. Left no American vessels at Bilboa. Jan 27, lat 39 50, N. long 24 39, W. ipoke brig Hero, of and from Boston, for Lisbon. 20 days out Markets at Bilboa, very dull Codfish, $3 per qtl. 60,000 qtls. in port unsold. THEATRE. Last nigbtof Mr. Philippt' engagement. rm u i. - M..l. i :ti V. .rMf - vu iviiniUHj iiinuu .v, villi w y ed, the operatic nieio uraumuc Komwce the DEVlL'rf BRIDGE. Count Belino, Mr. Fhilipps - in which character he will introduce the favorite song of William Tell, or tbe Swiss Patriot, from toe up. ra or" ibe Lake oi Lausanne," codm - sed by Rraham, and tbe favorite Ballad of Tbe Wood Pecker. . To which will be added, Ibe Farce of ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE. . Performance to commence at seven o'cwcJC precisely. The comic psntomime of Mother Goote, or the golden egg, it in rehearsal and will tpeeaiij be produced. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP - . . e iahlttT C7" i he co - partnersnip oereioiare "'" rT between Caleb 5. B rower and George r.Jin - m.. ..4.. ik. An, r Rmi t llmiatl. IS tbl day 'dissolved by mutual cohsenL The coses rat of tbe firm will be settltJ by Caleb. 8. Brower. U. 5. BHUwe.!, G. F. THOMAS. New - York, March 13th, 1818. . n i. . :n - :ll K rar - It. - D. i ne njumoirif dusiiww wiii " t - i ried on b the subK.rioer, at the old astabtasbeu stand no. 3r waier - etreei, wnere " j his line will be attended to with ptmctaalrty saw dispatch. ' A a apprentice wanted to the above botmess. ' CALEB 8. BROWER &h 18 ecd3w I"

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