The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1913
Page 5
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:E«£*:^^^ M HOT TIAY 1 1 Vy L^ 1 L^ JTli I \IRMEMpROgBOMSSONMQORS Spanish Aviators Hiiri Explosives on * - Enemy During Battle. Madrid,- 'Dee. IS.--A large ^fcree of Moc'rish tribesmen was routed with y- heavy loss by the Spanisik troops at IjJiBIuley 'Abselaza, Spanish Morocco. £^-5paiusb military aviators threw.the _ Si" Moors into disorder trick showers'of '- 1R? -Effective ^Joveinber 10, 1913. I * '*[ - © ~ ft] \Vhea the order'for t5c general ad- jt'ivance of the Spaal'sU column -was |£'gives the advance guard, discovered ·K? several thousand ?.loorlsli mountain- i * leers concealed ia leh irregularities of | jji'the ground. - H| A flotilla of military aviators "was Wisest up to reconnoitre. By means of ^ s Bag signals the aviators guided the 8:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday Sol ' Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. JL" Daily for Hagerstown, f Waynesboro, Chambersburjj, Hancods, Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkin^ W. Va, 12:25 P. 1L for JJighOeld and intermediate stations. 2:55 P. M- for York, Baltimore a=d Intermediate Points. 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B- aiKT H- Division Points to " Eigbfielc£""~ also ' Hagerstovn, Y.'aynesboro, Chainbersbtrrg and Shippeasbarg- TJie aviators then ascended" to an and intermediate stations. I i t - ' the Moors Tivere is. lie greatest at £J bers. 5~ | Thea came vrhat the dispatch to the § Spanish war office describes as a (B 'veritable rain of bombards, tossed S i o'y^hand by the airmen fcto the icldst y.! of the Moors. §| After this bomardrsieat the Spanish G j infantry charged -.-ith the bayonet and dislodged the Moors from their positions, causing taem to flee in great J£j disorder, leaving large numbers of p j dead and '«.-o-is'led on the field. iji The Spanish troops also lost a con- y \ siderable aursber of men, as the ri3e ® j fire of the Moorish tribesmen was very 9! accurate. 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He hopes to oe-ab:e to sign this measure early nest D/Ol Hnghes. MarHi, Texas. afteV 3 ohvsicians failed- Sirs -fC · 2 s e i e @ -^^^^^ SAVE FOi Ask us to tell you about A t . t r_a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n making saving easy Ticjts Isaied Eicii Dc-po^rorJ.TIth.oiit Cosi. .A small -lepoEit aid you'll have a nice amount for Crrlsimas Shopping. START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME ICL ·The»length of time of the vacation," said 3tr. Tumulcy. "vrili_-,.'ot coarse depesd on the plans jEade.. by congress for its holiday recess./ Tl - ^° KJrelVjihoweTer, that congress jonrn immed^tery after oill is out of The vray 12. This TTouid enable ti get away from, the _ ^^ f .^ three weeks and secure.the sfest ·??' It is admitted he badly needs: * "Just wLere this vacation^. r _ snent nqs act been Snally. decidefe Tfce Presicent and ilrs. considering a. auniber of finally "agree ca the a- the best opportunity rest." - -~ cases. Delav is dangerous. Mr D. J' " ' urea after 3 oh" arah A. Boyd. 23 So. Frederick St.. )e!v.-ein. Ia.."cured giving up ooe. ilrs. El\ina Senders. Decatar, v"ebr., cured after 10 pnys:cians fail- d. Sirs. A. J. Nash, "iilnden. Xebr.. ured. Limbs srsrolien up to the body. Irs. J. Y.'Davidson. Gaiesviils, Wise.. . . . . , .. ured after 6 physiciars failed, ilrs. tdia, Breault. Dugdale. ilinn.. cured ' AFIRE;jIUMPSJO DEATH Man Wh:h Clothes AfTame Leaps Into River From Torpedo Boat. PhQadelpaia, Dec. 19.---Frank Keller, twenty years OIQ. -sras dro-srned he jumped into taeTJeia-firare river at Cramps' shipyard Tritb. his ablaze. Keller ^ras vrorking inside the torpedo boat Parker, which is nearly completed, ween ais clotaing becanse ignited py a lighted candle. He ran to the deck and lumped into the river ·with his clothing in Sames- He did not rise to the surface it is believed that the sacck of plto ing into the cold crater rendered unconscious. His body --as anally recovered. No Graft In U. S. Supplies. Washington. Dec. 13.-- Charges graft ia the purchase of sovernzrt supplies totaling siasy millions of do! lars ^-ere foinid baseless ana errors in the a^crard of contracts ~ere minor according to findings of a special com mission appointed to investigate oy Secretary of the Treasury HcAdoo. Students Meet the Pope. Home, Dec. 19.-- Forty-five stuier-t- of tie American college in Rome Trer pfeseated to the pope by rucssfs^o Thomas F. Kennedy, the rtctcr. TJ pope appeared to be in perfect IieaiL-i GENERAL MARKETS **XX#Ktt«^^ ** The Best Christmas Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardware Store kl 3r " '*'# 3, * A Boys Wagons Nickel Teakettles Nickel Coffcpjfots C; Oil Heating "Stives Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Ware. Driving Lamps Boys Coasirs^and Skates f J -- -* ·T'oodxChoppers «t,nainel Roasters =; Eeeii Entter SaftyT?azor Carving Sets Remington Rifles _ w __________ Hatehets and Sa-vrs Call to see us and exmaine our Jine. " Our prices are low,Quulity the best Knives and Forks . 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SHERIFF'S SALE | In pcrsnrance of a Ttrit o- fieri i"..c;a? isuing out oitne court of common p!5is , of Adams Gonnty. and to me direcii rt. { will be exposed topuhlicsale on Monday. ' the 22r.d "day of December. 191:;, at o'clock in the afternoon at the courthouse; in the borough of Gettysburij, A'iams« county. Pa., the following: Leasehold: on j ihe ab^ve date I "will sell ali the richt: and interest of tliedefendant in tl;-- }i**tei' property on York street, in the borough , _ of Gettjsb^nr- Adams connty. P.I.. ' £g knoxva as the Globe Hotel, £o~ wit:- a'_ §g certain leescholcl gisaranteed bv An«.of -·- ' se Collins, o-scner.Jro G- H. Sipe, defendant., ^ ia and to a lot of srotmd forming on' gg York street, oounded. on the east and j e® ill * * * «j And for the litile people we have Sleds," Express Wagons, Toy Desks, Dolls, j and a bio; line of toys, together with pretty things in the. va;, f Wearing AppareF^ and Sweetmeats without which Christmas for the youngsters would be a failure. · ·? _ ,-ti Do Your Shopping EARLY And Do It HERE. You'll be Pleased. We Pay Highest Cash Prices for Country Produce- I heeves, . Texas York street and to a public alley, -^.»~ iv^=v~n-~..v» ».*,.,,-^~~-,^ of the!llBt. 1P141 and. is subject to *he pavment oi a men- \ thly rental of 3150.00 per mouth. j r " :ed and taken into, execution as ih Adams.Co., Pa. , ·west asd in the rear by public alleys. , ley; the leasehold snteres^;. - .. _ __ · -- " ~ OW/.trVi itij'i til-\^J.l JULV, ^-Vt^UtiVai «l^ t . « . ^ l , * nroperty of G- H. Sipe and to be sJ,d:|i by a*-- - - - -» G. R. Thompson. Snen: SherJiT'-= office, Gettysburg, Pa., y 9.h. 19IS. rt-is si · ! -^ , ., . steers,"'?? 7.C5: stockers ar.d feed ers. S-:.?0 V O 7.40: covrs and hlefers, 53.Sfl 1 S.20: calves. $7-3 11.25. SHEEP r.ieady: lambs lo-wer; na- M^ejiheep, 51.-JO@5.75: yearlings, So.aO ·ti!6.85; ir-mbs, native, $6.40@7.9o. ' - Can Tell AH About It. On© of the peculiar tbings in American life is that those -who bave no finances always know the most about finance.-- Philadelphia Ledger. 't Flit Of! seeking relief frooi the illnesses caused by defective action of the or- - , gans of digestion. Most serious sick- i nesses get their start In troubles of : the stomach, liver, bowels -- troubles , 1 1 quickly, safely, surely relieved by ; ! BEECH AM'S PILLS '_ Sold ereryrvherc. la boxet, 10c. t 25e. 1 lo SHOES BUYERS q«$ Bsligaip Tables ?hoes of 4e!l knSvn fines Ivhich we have dis-conlinued"; W. H Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 38 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now T9 cts and .48. C. B. Kilzmffler EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE, Letters Testamentary on the George W. Lavender, late of Cas Adarf-s County. Penna.. decea? .,_, r.orinwl 10 make itjsraediatt . an«i those persons na\ins cl^ms K sa!«%es«sdtto prescar the same R dtlayfo. · j XEITIE E. BOTVLIE. \ Freiierick. 3Id. ' n^ecutrix of the last "Will and ! T*^=ta:«ent o; Gtx*. W. Lavender, decrd. Or to i ! William Hersn, ES.J.. | j Attorney. Ask your grocer for White Lfly FLOlM It's the Best ,

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