The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 16, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1818
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FORK ETEMNG POST. iNUMBEll 4915 MONDAY, MARCH 16, l I G. THE N E W for Sale, Freig'tt or ChurU.; The fast sailin? brie SAILOR BOY, ,J. RoQman, master ; now ready to re ceive a cargo ; 17a tons, una will curry aooui 00 casks flaxseed. Apply on board, east side Ej Market wharf, or to 1 D. BETHUNE k CO. mi2 tor WIlJtiJ.VQTOX, A, t. i The scbr A DELI. N F., Ftlrg Tupper, L master, will be dispatched immediately. Forlreight or passage apply to R. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Front - st. Who offer for sale, 180 bbU Ur, aud a parcel of W. O. bhd staves, received by said v essel Also 200 bbls supf. Richmood flour 55 bhd Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice; 81 biles upland cotton 65 hh.l molasses; 200 bag coffee Red and white port wine, in hhds and qr. Madeira do do asks Claret wine, in boscs of 1 dozen each A mall IiMm mtto.i laces An invoice of Dutch iroods. consisting of snuff boxes, slates, slate pencils, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies work boxes, cologne water, kc. Feb2i FOR, Tho .iim. K liriic VI ARI iAkl'.T. I HI) ..;. ha. fi.i,iil.rull. nurt nf her Ciiifco engaged, anil will be dip'itrned without delay. or treigm or oassagc, uppiy to No. 74 Wmhin tin tiect, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No 72 Washington street. For FREIGHT vr CH I HT f Hm f".t ituiliiiL" :ehr. SALEM, bur - 'lmn lliKI Kill. has l.iale but'.wovor - JtUltfV - - - - , - ages, and is niw in readiness to receive : cargo. For term apply on board, at Pine - street wharf or to G. C & S HOWLANii. feh 26 V Washiugton - street. For .... . - CiV r .... i.. li. i .. i:... u.. . i r . I lie vamaoie ihsi Bailing K tiLLXKSS. captain Harris, M Fhvnarkel wbaif. two v. urs old. burthen IS4 tons, will stow upwards of Si JO hhds. U in all respects in excellent order. aa;l - A'lll be ready to re - ceive a cargo in two dav. Apply to N. i 1) l LvOiT, feb 26 64 .Vou'h - street. FUR oWi,', Wl I UK Attl' - ',iliU Ot THR SUH&CRItiER, A oLOUr, new building of 'he best jJrp materia u, about 1J0 'm; limbers of live 3JJflo.uc, locust awl crJ:tr ; bottom plank Jci - ry white oak, built o:i i - urose for the Albany trade. A swiur oi iti) tons, calculated Kr avany trade where dist a i h, Imrlhcn, and caty dralt of water is reqmreil. A periagna St - HOt) KR, ol 40 ton - , vS4iw'" Jraw 1)1,1 llllle wal"rt wilh B ,rc - Xjjiboard through the centre of her keel. auU s expected to sail very fust. .. Also, a SHIP of 360 low, calculated iivyfor a Liverpool or London trader, (that Jaaagga0311 be Aoiicd to suit the purchaser.) . j - Spars, timber and plank. Alio, limber awed to bills for bouse building. ' .oo tl ' CH4RLK3 BROWNXE. - tor Salt, freight ur Charter i The good brig i.AH J L.K, U - l tout fiihurthen. one Tear old. stows 1500 bids r"fc a - Kr fast sailing tnsel and to complete ordr v receivo a cargo. Apply on bo - .ru west tme Burling - ilip, or to N. L. &C. GUISWOLD, mch S Ufi onlh - t. tor BRI.tji'i V& The brig NYMPH, 1 70 tom burthen. lT ir ' a C"1 rate ve.'cel, sails fat and hnc good accommodation!! ; expected to tail in six stays. For passage only, apply to jN.L.fcU.GRISWOLD, mch 5 06 oiith - st. . For Sate, Frtuthl or Charier, vuVi A new pilot bout vchonner, about liO V i" - '"" r - uruien, iMiilt in tne het manner, cui'per lastejird,and in complete order to receive acariro. Apply to . L. It O. GR IS WOLD, mh 3 HO rtontti - Mreel. RSv A nxMi i.itnt luial hnill arhnnnnp. ulmiil , ..w. .. .......... , .120 ton burthen, built in the heat man - nrr nft. mnd. nmtrriuln. - anfl rntmpr Atftenril. a very fat sniling v!el, and may bo sent to sea at small i xyeajc pply to N.L. &G.GRISW01.D, mch 3 liC South - it. FrS.iy.1NXJlH, h The packet fhip RISING STATES. ,Tlm. Swiuburn, master, now loading at l'iue trect wharf, will meet with immediate dis patch, having a considerable part of her cargo enged. For freight of about 200 bbls. or passage, having tlegaut accommodations, apply on Doaru, or to GRI3W0LDS & COATES, mh 7 6 South - t. CLt RUM, Ac. Ov" puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrived and lauiiing from the brig David Richards, from i aitnouta, (Jam.) and lor sale by A. D. DUFF. 69 Washington - street, ivu I,.. f. ..... . iiw iinn iui atiiv; eii'if, . V. P.Tcncrific Wine, M'nsley brand) inq'far - icrcaK, imponeu Joiy, ioid Do do inhhdr ami nr. casks, do August do Do do in pis, hhds.. and qr. caskc, do Sep - irmoer nr 'JO pipe, KHI htulj and 280 qr. caks doenti Hi d to di'hentiire 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, Ironi the Cape ol Good Hope, and eiiti - tied to debenture 1'ort and old l.ivbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret n ine 132 do grave wine and one cask curdwire. feb 7 tf I !t Mt, OIL, fjitKh.,. M.JJ Qr. cashs rolmenar wine 120 qr ca.k and srio half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga ISO boxes Florence oil, 12 bott1c each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Fcelscup aud .r0 do printing dn letter 14 hhds r.nlihglasware, consisting ol wines and tu niblcrs assorted 100 boxes audi, nil? and aO do olives I box French kid gl.ives 1 do ostrich fcMhers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 ca,n frit hat, 1 do hip do 40 tnle Ilalnn r.ig," 500 marble mortars 23 caes marble slabs, veined and statuarj, 5 hnxe Naples (having soap ' do walcl. glasses . J t",s inatina in flakes W Its Calcutta gno l, consisting of Ui Ij rre,choaioo:ly,j' lu.iina, l itkiporV and anojjapore t . jui'apore and mow C'"xks, wh t... red aud blue gillahs lr,. ovum - ami fr......UT inmnK for fH ) y mch 6 iJPP MOL.1SSES FOR S.HLE. mUU Hhds molanscs, now landing from brig Agnes, from Matanzas. Apply to ISAAU r AUK A HI J, Fb 23 35 Front - st. I '..AS I trt OF f A.ilo. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of paris, in barrels, suitable for the southern market. Orders left with Walter Mexsen, No. 174 Froat street, corner of Rurlinar - siip, will be promptly attended to JOHN BYLR5, r hii oi Jiamsua - iireti, itorin - mver. Jan 19 tf ' O m hlidt old Virginia tobacco .OS do Dew crop do do 66 bids fine Hour 15 do oiiJdling do. For sale by V SQUEi, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wa - hington - st r01 bROW'N, stonn teal eugraver audjewel - JL . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coat of arms, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fiue sold seals, chains and other jewellery. Ladies seals engraved with coats of arms, oiottns, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, &c. bought in the rnuh or cut ti.auy form. Books of heralJry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. Jan 7 3m HKMP, LKD, PAINTS, Sic. Ru.sia hi nip, iii lots to suit pun hascrs bit roll bhert lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 cavkii bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine F.ugli h Mil and seine twine 3 rai'ks i'ruasiau blue, 5 caiki Vermillion 3 hliJs vrrdigris 50 cak. Frnni li yellow ochre Dry white and n - d kad 20 tin For tale hr PETER SCHERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - street. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 t. Cables and cordage, of all sizrs, host qualily, with the U'lial aijonuicnt of ship chandlery. Feb 1 1 tf . COFtt'.r., otG. - ZM, Ac. O O bags fine green c lfce 30 half iind quarter boxes Spanish argars, superior quality ' 4 bbls ?t. J:go sugar ' 10 hhds New - Orleans do 200 lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Coit m R - im Jut received and for sale by U. G. S. HOWL AND, feb 27 77 IN asliinuton - street. '?1 VOTtO., tOiS.iCCO, AC. bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from si hr 'aau 20 b - - K New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tob - u cu uancicr in yroiiE, 20 tons clean Ht. I'etcrslmih hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. SO a 40 Also, jest received,. - ' ' - . . f ICOOO lb Havana coffee, in hhds. Rnd ,. , ... A few hhij of recdfifld pure spirit, made from molasses rum. For sale by JAMES D'WOLF.jr. Feb 23 57 Kroolnrt. LINENS, DlAPKRS, Hr. I & C.SUYDAM,hivejitrcceivedperbrig IJ. Prx - ahontas, l"nn Diibltn, and ship 'Jlm - dhi Wilson, from Greenock, for sale by Uie package 13 ruses 4 - 4 Irish Linens 2 do 7 - 8 da do A do 3 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 . do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 do 9 - 8 do stout do 2 do Long Lawns 7 bait s Droghedas & Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. Also, A generil assortment ofhr above articles, opened for retail sales, at 6 1 Maiden - lane, on very lavnral'b terms. feb 5 tf OIL ti CANDLKS. RIPLEY fc V ELD, 192 Front - street, hnve constantly on Imnrt. at wholesale and n tail, winter and summer strainpd Spermaceti Oil. Also, Tallow Mould Candles of superior quality, from Wmehip's Factory, Charleston, Mass. feh 19 B'J.MUAZE I' I 4, assorted colours do all blt.rk do twilled, assorteJ colour, just receive! For sale by OTIS 4 SWAN, mch 3 157 Pearl - st. iMILI'l ARY l.tMJ PAT. NTS. FOR SALF an umele ltd lot of 70 land paten's, located in the Illinois Territory, and bought directly from 'be Soldiers. Appfv to Isaac r. st. John, n.h 10 tf No 39 Wall - tre - 1. A'V.VG GOOJN. ,17" & T. PIUEoT, X .. 401 Broadway, he V V tween Fulton and Dey streets, huve just opened an assortment of tne follow ing spring ur - tit les, vis : Canton Crape1 lldiifs. 4 - 4 squnre Merino and Silk shawls and Hdkfs. Black andcolnr'd Canton (.'rnp a - d Concans White and black and assorted "utin Levantines, plain aid finr d; Florences BomOhiutts and Bomoaiins ; Tbiille Thread '.aces, Edgings and Footings Irish Linens. Furniture Clunts Iliiib'His of different kiuls, Gloves, &c ic Compriirg a general nssnrtniPiitof lanry and taple Hry E'mkIs nib 10 I 1 I AM r AC 1 UKr.D I OhACCO UJh fcey ivx I t!;tli g Irom 'liesehr. Wcyinoutli and Native fnm Richiiiorid vis 113 kets branded Jno. Endert, 8 h u d' o. 1 7 do do do 1 - 2 pouti'l rnlls do P. Miller At Co. 8 . d - No. I do J G. Fife 8 hni.ds No .V 2 do R Cantor do do . 15 60 72 108 54 Fors i do d do do d) It by do I). R. Ro do . 1.1, k 3 do J.U P. Lahby hand CORNS. DL BOIP ml 5 Kt CtLUl HS, ii mI)ZE:T:, HA i S, Aav ' 4 cases London Sujierfme Cloths 2 do do ('as .,iih res 2 do'Cass'inere h - iwi 2 i ale Pi lisse C - i' - t ! 2 do Yorkshire s(icrMne Cloths 4 do Blarn. H .m'.i m tts 10 caes men's best line London Hats 10 do do Wool flat 10 blids. best London Glue. For .le by I. OAKF.T. n.r. I) lw 51 Wt:i:.ii t - eet. oKILY ;DV,IR V. INF - ftpipes Id ri it ci'y Madtira '.Vine, im mrled l"li, fo sa'etv TUCKER A Lt'l.l nib 13 2 - oulb ,t - it. s KIX - 26 bun 'l.. - m., li - h f,.r ! bv IH'P.Dfc - WI.I, mh 13 6"i s - 'oniii - t. PAPFR H.s'Glf.js - All INSKEFP. ... 3 C iirt' .n,I .tw. in o'i'eri icb tbeco.n - . eff - rsfi. ri' at ryreVji e.1 pri e, bi r - n. laiiig l il of V - Ml !! . . - r . AHf.ra.r.' am l. - r .. f .....rfra.n I, I . .1. I I. y tlllvl - ' uut - IJ vajes mh 11 lw 1 Bhii lw Wiiun;tori - tt. (it.ATEf.t. BOARDLW. FRANKLIN HOUE This new, spacious and. splendid Building, situated in Broadway, the ureal arul fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the comer of Dev st. win oe openea dj the mbdenber on the 1st oi ftiay next, lor the reception of Boarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in man ner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in thf city. It occupie the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park xnd City - Hall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view nf the adjacent country for a of 50 miles, including tlii Hook, Uie Nan ows, and the Harbour i and it is believed that no House in the country excel Is it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no expt use having been spared bv the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiling the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a - parlmen'.si. The choicest of Wine and Liquors u .ll be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make the entertainment pleasant, rare mt excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding MRS. HENDERSON. feh 24 UiiCtf FRUIT and FUHZsT 1 REF.S. 05 - JAMES BLOODGOOD has f r sale at ) his Nursery, nt Flushing, (L I near New - York, a large assortment of the mosi approved European ami Amerkun sorts of Apple, Pear, Cherry, Plumb, Peach, Apricot, Nectarine and Quince i rees, with an asiortment of Forest Tiees. A very largeortment of Peach Trees, perfectly healih, awi ot vigorous growths ; catalogues of which mav be had of THOMAS BLOODGOOD, No. 206 Front street. Where orders lelt will be particularly attended to, and trees carefully packed and delivered free of ireight, at Crane Wliarl, New York. 17 - Printed directions will be fiiriii'hed those who purchase peach trees, which, if attended to, will enable tliein to preserve a large proportion of tlieir trees in a healthy state, and to have peaches in as great plenty as formerly. mh 1H dic2w MILITARY BOUNTY LA.MJS. E Subscriber will pav the highest price in cash to the late soldiers for their bounty lands. JAMES U. WADSWORTH No. 26 Water - street N. B. J. D. W purposing to leave the city lor the Illinois Territory, requests an uiose wno mi - ployed h - ui to obtain their patents, to cull and take 1111 the saibe, or receive Cash lor them. Will lane uriy agency business to the Illinois Territory', relative to Soldiers claims, &c. Apply as above. mih H D.VC 3wt i?! For ale, or Kxtluuge Jar fropirty nt Uie m - . . r'l'' A PRM containing 61J acres, pleasantly s tinted on the llndwiii river, and adjoining the village of VewbiKgh The land is of an exc Uent quality, and with tlie exception ol a few acre - ., has been .ceded with timothy and clover for mow nig i it is w ell watered by a small b.x k that never tails the pi .ceaoouniis with i'run of the cbo cest kin - .l and in j;reat va riety the: buildings are a bouse, burn and o liter necessary out hous. - s: 1:1 point of pleas aut.ies "of situation aud extensive prwptci, it is not exceeded by any piaceoii thelliuUiit rivi r. The rapid rrowth of the village of Newbuitrh is generally known, - he Villae l now - bounded by the laini on the north, and ttie fiist extersio - i no - tii (which will probablv take place in the course of a few years) brings it immediately on to the farm the advantage ol such an event spe.,kfor themselves. Uo, within 2 milts of the fa m, 50 acres of wood land ; the ood is about 'i0 years growth and the land is well covered with it ; this is a valuable acquisition to the farm on the river. Abo, a farm in Connecticut, in the town of Guillord, at 6'achemsliead harber, containing between 60 aud 70 acres. The land is of au excellent quality , and the greatest part is in timothy grass. It is bounded on three side by the - e, whii h afford: ample sources of manure, ,nd saves muc h fencing.' 'I here is on the place a hou. - e, bam and xiul - build.ngs, sulficieut foi all purposes of the farm. For terms of tbt Newburgh property, apply to Messrs. J.fcT I'nwcl, at that place; ami for the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, a1 Guilford ; or for both, to the subscriber in New. York, at No. 181 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL. mch C !)2aw4wClsiw4w TO LET. ! And possession jiteii on the first of May, the now No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof (table and store in th rear fronting on New - streel. Also the adjoir.ii. house No. 60. The snaj. manufactory 111 the rear, to be removed ou the 1st of A pril For teniiS Apply to JOHN SEIDELL & CO. oirh 1 1 No. 50 l'ro?diay. H iu ili Fnm the 1st May next, tbt ti.ree - story liri'k ivinre IH I ourtUuJ - street, with 01 wuhout the stable in the rear Ap y to J. 4 R RENWU K, Fib 2 06 Wa - hington - ff.. iSI; T he store No. 20 Wall - street. - Apply at me store. irb 19 if WTtT, i3X Ard iromeniste possession given, 0:c house No. Pearl - ttrcrt. tneetlur with the sta ble and tiiii:ti Houm? in the rear on Bridee - M. Hie premises are in complete repair and huve every t.uv nience ne'essary lor the arcoiiiin'i Hation 01 1, family. Fur partit ulars ii. plv to - .ci m L. BRAlilsH. 3S 1 O LET, UiJ; The new brick Stoi e no. G2 St ne - st. Apply Ftb !o I 6t J SiYUK ORDS. 14 ISA tor SAI.h RTO LK.iSK, iTTT L - Uin the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many .i tot li are nri r iil ill d arid paved streets No in m - - v will b - t qunetl uader ten years, il sola, inti ie - t exci p'c - .l. Hot SFS. S eral twoaed Tir.e story houses, on which a g!e,.t part ff . ni' iii - t ri tu.. in on mortgage. LA Dl'.tr AT RED HOOK. An ext.cM - .n! Msnd tor hu.iie, wi'h ten acres ofl.uid. .'i a - .i.iiy situ ited, wild a wharf, storehouse at A ia: o. C'on WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Nea' N. w - llare. , wilh tOn res ..f land, rind a oc ilin .in. tif n which! mills msy be ere. te l, with a utticifiM v 01 water ftfeb." o.v at No. 2 Greenwich strn t. ji. S I ti iVT - I'J l,EAr I'rti nf .nut, '""'' ' So a Cedar strMt, 1 oiiiainui? SIX r" - in w:'lifi't plai rs, tv - i.i4 the kite, eri, p.'i!i - i - , vaa ts. Ac. antl awell oig.i d w"'i.r. , - .' 'S i - tioexpired term, rleen ys - 'S. of the lot Ni til I jr - a' ttret. tn tlie mcurmtino Wt'i - ! I'tttr rs o, on lea inun the t pi co - iai Ci.i."fi'.u J t - E'prit. Inqnir. of 1 j. w. fc w. c:.;an, I1OZ3 OU o. SJ - S 1 snc - s.rcct. FOR SALEORTO LEASE. ItujjtjJ On accommodating terms, a number el water and budding lots, mar and adjoining ths navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, enquire of SAMUEL EVANS'S, jan 22 If Brooklyn. ' TO hF.l, From the first of May next, three sloiy brick bouse in Greenw ich - street, between Liberty and Court land t - Htreets. Inqu re at 137 Greenu icli - slj eet mh tf tVH SALE, I he two - story brick bout House and Lot No. J3 Cherry - streetFor terms, Sic. apply at 0 rcarl - ttrert. mar 3 IOK A convenient 2 - tory brik - ot HOUSE aud LOT, No. 29 Ann - street. On 'be premises there is aiM a comfortable back building, with 3 rooms haviug lire - places, aud 2 other apartments ; and iu the rear of the whole, is a carpenter's shop, about 50 feet in length. This lot, which is 28 feet 1 inch in width, and 180 feet in depth, would be very suitable for manufactur er, a carpenter, a livcry - stame Keeper, or any business mat requires a got'tl deal ol room. tor terms, apply at No. 17 Burhng - sbp. Feb 27 tf Kt.biUt.JVCK at UUt.hJVH ICU. To be let, the house aud grounds fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of the late Samuel .Milligao, and at present uccu Died bv Mr. Davitl For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEK, loiuner merchant, loot ol J. Moore - street, or ol T. PRINT. LL, in the Bank ufNew - York. tch28tf sVlWi. FIHR I'RoOF A'JjRh. IJJj) To let and possession first of Mny next, the lour story tire proof store, No. 34 Soulh - st. between Cocnties and Old slips. Kmpiire ol I lit subscriber, INo. 1 Murray,or 45 Chamber - street, feh 9 tl S. 11 CRAIG. The subscriber will lea. - e or sell the lot and house in which he now lives in refill street It is a pretty comfortable house lor a small moderate lanuly, having a stone kitchen and cellar, two rooms on each floor and a bed clmmber in tbo garict. Across the rear of the house there is a pleasant piara, built scarcely three years ago It has a neat little garden about utl leet deep, nd a small Mable, leading to w hich there is a gangway from the street Apply to A. 11. Dull, no. tin Washington - street. Feb 2 tf J AMES TH.LARY. r OR SALE, R KAI. PROFF.RTV IN THK I ITV OF NEW - YORK, i A BRIt K HOUSE and Lot No. II "1 er with 1 lie LOT, 44 leet front, 42 fett rear, unit I leet on each uttc. HOUSE and l.O T No. 37 Vt sey - street , and House nnd Lot No 39 Vsev - stre.ct. A BOND mid MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollars, do and do lor 7jO do do and do for 4.i0 do On vnlunble property in the t ily of New York. The inu n st lias always been punctually paid. r or particulars iiiiiui'e at tii nmieol o 1 t - riir..' P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. 87 Wall street. drTT'l tvR &.1LE, sifuil Seven acres of land in West - Chester, 14 1 - 4 wilts Irom this city. On toe premises are a good dwelling - hiiife. harnnnd lowl nou, s tlitluv y..un orchard of grafted iruil, agnirien villi (.npjragus beds, sliru' bery ol goorela - rry 1 un juts ar.d strawberries, Willi a well ol never l .tiing cine soil water, well rak:uluted lor dis - tiUiiitU U he't.iges p.tseter day to New - York; .'i w ae twice awe a ;iietin; only a quarter 01 a mile Irom the landing. I.i q..ire ol HENRK CHEAVENS, 158 Broadway. Also for sale, good substantial nlit waggon, cab tiluted lor one orlwo horses; to be seen nt Sandford's Lively Slabies, Broadway, nenr Hes - b - r - street. I'.rqiiire in above. mhlltf Huttfe, Stable, iiurdni, Kc. at Irrienuirh, IO LET iJJ5 The subscriber will let or Irase, for 0 lei 111 of years, his house at tireenwtch. i isi lev atitlt situated on the hanks nl'the Hudson, and 1 .ili nlaled to kceomniodate a larL - e Imuilv. r or terms, apply to D1Y1E BE I HUNE, Jan Ji Mi sva 1 sireei. JSt A VALUABLE r ARM, wTnjj FOR SALE, in the town ol f lu'hm - , tui ens cotiuly, Lonn - bland, situated on Bay - .ilr, 14 miles from New. Vork, nod 2 I 5? Ii - oui Flushing landing; Irom whrnce packet Ivaats and stage duily ply to and from New - York. - ilnd farm coutains about 1 .0 acre, 60 ol wlu h 1. - wood land of various kinds of timber and tin illy growth, with two apple orchards, one old, the other not more than 20 year old, nnd con tain' 250 graded trees, all in full bearing and til' ihe tin icet kinds of fruit and great variety ; ihcrc is about 20 grafted pear trees, just in the jitinie of ble, consisting .11 part ol the choicest kinds of 1 er gabies, Si. Germain, nnd pooud cars, aud 8 or 10 Enghso cherry - trees, which re just beginning to bear. Ihe remainder is - uilably dividi .! into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in siibsiautial lent e and under pood improvement. ! he mansion hou - e ;r 30 I y 14 leel, built in modern style, ol the best ni'crial', and fi .ifhed Ihi - oiighoiit, with a good ki' chin and cellar, and is tituale - l on an omi - Tirm i, c.ixm.ndiug an cxlrn - ive view of the (.ay and - idjari nt ountrt. The courl - ami anleii 1 oii'aiu a great t anety of iiud - trceaaiid hibl bri't, asparfigus beds, strawbt rries rasji. Iierrie - , gunsei - eriies, and currants in aliund ince. Att ith' d is a large ham, hrdr, carriage house, crib; h' n house, smoke hou - e, and many other useful and convenuut buildings, all new and in ixhI rrpair. The preniiiS s belong to Charier Cornell, Esq. late of Flnshii g, d - ceard, and . o.ntiiiKs uuineio'i - ailvantaes, of whk li it is deemed uoiiecessriry to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will pun hase without first viewin? the premises. For particular and erms, whfh will he arcooimod - itiic applv to the siilcrihrrs, on the premises, who will give an indi'putablc title to them. ELIZABETH CORNELL, . Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALU Executor. Bav - Fid Flo'hing, 1 Fih. S3, 1818 Feb 23 - 1 m suiij I he store and cellar under the mam Wuildirg of Me house No. 2) Pearl - street, and a lures rtory ure - prool store 111 ih rear, now n cuped by the subscriber; iioeion 10 be giv en on be ll of May next. Aso. hi stable and coach - hoose. siluntrd on Gold - street, in the rear o'his aforesnii) premises, po - sessiotof whii b can h had immediately. etvj tf JOHN I. sffML TO LET, ;';' A Tavern and Store in Flushing, at pre - sti.t o - rupied by Mr. Win. Shaw. Apply to mh tl 1. sjirjitwo. fy. . TO LET, ILl - f A new two st.rv bouse in Chamber - st. oiioi. n Ujk most utolern style ; the firl story wiUi ohotaiiV and folding' rlo - irs. and elegant marbs - twuitle chirony pieces ; finished bed - rimiia tlie garret: v.'Blts in Iron t andresrt rilrt and n excellent well ol water S wilh eve rv otvcoteri' Uil at gi nleel family ran dsssirt ; bui't in a i - articlat it - rtMT inr. the nwrr lo - qiunr - t IHf OD. ruWLER,. Bihldlflr Xi. 63 l - JLibetty - itmt. rrt 1 Ji nuu. m - us. TwooOkesin Law Buildings No. 3, to be rented. A ply on tlie premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or ut Mo. 59 Broadway len dtl l l.t.T, A convenient 2 - story House, in Leon - TU LF.T, From the first of May next, a front count lit room on the trnmd door, together with the npper lolls t.nqnrc No. 167 l'ett,l strm t jnn 54 tr I O LET. I'he three story brick dwelling. 27 Nor - folk - street Enquire nf COX &JWONTAUDF.VERT, Feb 13 !6 'Vall - st. TO I.E. I, A two story house, with a barn and five at ies 01 land, situate about two and a half miles Irom the city, opposite the arsenal. To n person wno is in llie iiHtut ol attending market and would cultivate tlie land as an early vegetable garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollar Ap ply at J Broadway. mh 0 tl TO LE V, From the first May next, the store no. ?y couth - street. For terms apply to L. I.EFFF.KTS, Jun feb 7 28 W illiam street TO LET, , The following Houses, viz: Hit - house No. 95 John - street The house No. 87 do The house and store No 395 Pear - street The house and store No I tl Cherry - street I'he bouse No. 28 Cntirtlard - slreet. Appl to JAMES W. SHAW, feb 21 No. 5 Bowery. ffift , JO LET, Those two fire proof dwelling House, No 1 4 and 76 Mott street, about ten minutes walk from the Coffee House. Th' y will be put iu comp'ele repait, and well rslctilaicd for gen leel familie. Apply at No. 137 Water trt. mh 1 1 tl E.tLLARl.t. I'IU I EHI. For sale, the Dover Iron Manuiacturing Lhiublisliineut, in the county ol Morris, and stale of New - Jersey ; tonsisting 01 a rolling nnd slitting Mill, in good repair, which work two pair of roller and cutlers, sheius. Air. all nt Ihe same time 5 a valuable forge with two fin s nnd one hammer in good repair ; a slock of coat aud rue on hand, sinliciei.t to make lilty t"i,s of Iron ; u good saw null ; 11 cut nail fat lory in good ;epnir, sufficient to 1 in ploy Hurt men, and limy be extended lo employ one biitidnd more a brad cut - ling nine line and a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the works is a store and a number I houses for the uccoimudtlinn nt families, and xcellent stabling lor teams thai mny be neces sary to keep lor thr. use of theetalilislimrnt ; al so, on hards pasture and mt'rdnw lots, immediately adioinmg the works, wiin timber land in any quantity, not 1 xi leiuii two thousand tier hundred acres, wnlim tjiree niilrs of said woiks. M e great vein of iron nrr, rommencinz at llie noted . - nt kasnnny mine, f un more than 2 miles II. rough tins tract, and three mine nre now open, Irom which the forges uie supplied withore, and more mav he onened and ore raised to smailv work to any extent ; the mine nre within two tulle of saiii works, and good roads, so that (he ore can be railed and di Tivertd at the forge at two and a hutf dollar per ton. 1 he above detcrieed works are sitsnted on Rorkaway River, about eight miles frotn Mot - ristown, twenty five mile from Elizabeth Town, and about the si, me distance irons Newark, with good turnpike roads lending fr.m said works lo eacn place, in a plntsnnt lienltliy situation, ami in a goon ncicniKininm, niere being two I'resfty - terian Chiircdcs within four miles, mala frirndV lursting house within two miles of said place. This stand lor collecting bar iron for (he slit ting null is very commanding, there being nearly one hundred (urge lire in the County ; most ol them are on the stream above Hover, and (be iron, 111 going to Nuw - Yoik market, can conveniently pass those work. At Ibis mill irenuenll.y lour ton? ol bar iron have been slit and bundled into nail nnd spike rods in a day. and upwards of one huiidrt d ton nt nail have been made in year. A large amount ol good may be sold nt this place in exrh inge for bar curing sup (lie, dr.. A;c. There are valuable K ites both a liove k below on this lrbcl,ou which mors works may bet reeled. ALSO, That valuable well known farm, lying in tlie township of Randolph, n bout two miles Irom Do - vr.r, and six mile Imm Morristown, nnd within ore quarter 01 a mileol the Union tnmpike road, near Pleasant vallty, call) d the Distillery Farm, containing About three hundred arres, about one fourth purl ol whnhis excellent meadow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, ami tire re - moii di r tinil - er. A considerable pari of the timber i of the original cruwth, mid is suitable lor sawing, the other part is thrifty young liuilwr. from liileen In twenty yenrsgrowlh There are. m said larm upwards ol six hundred apple trees, 10 line order, eight tosixteen year old, the mint of Utem 01 graded fruit, mid more than halt' or lliem Hanson nppli s, so lamotit for cider. I'he meadows are and free from stone, through which runs Inn li vr ty streams ol water, and nearly the whole mny l e wittered. One of these stra.nm i sufficient lor a grist - mill or other wnrjts ; there are saw mill', "a gust mill, a lulling null and oil mill, on the same stream. On said lanu nre two valuable scites f r water - wotlr, a convenient 1 leap place lo erect a short dam, .vnd raiea consider lile pond, wilh twelve or filteon ftet head. Below ibis the water csn be taken into a race, nod iu less than twenty chains, n good Gnu ground, is more than twenty lie full. In tins way the water can he woiked twice over with the exH use ol only one dam There is nr. said farm an extensive cider mill with font ptfssc and risteras, housed and well hooped wi'h iron, sufficient to hold twelve hundred hnritls of cider. Connected to the tider works i ihe 'till - housc, to conveniently situated IhM the whole 0M - r.dion 11 lompletid withoat pumping, Tho water for condensing tlie spirits 1 supplied from a never lulling siirii'g, willun six rods of the tiil bc.use, and has sufficient head to run into the cisterns. T be buildings consist ol I wo small Irame dwelling, one good frame burn, 54 leet lo'ie by "z.6 feet wide, under a part 01 v I. a li is a good cellar ; tbere are alio bay house, cow studs, tic. Valuable proicrtyat Loigwootl, in the township of Jeflerson, six utile Irom Dover, 011 bit: mam branch of Rorkaway River, consisting of a very valuable forge, wilh two fire and em hammer ; abundance of water the whole year, a Lrjje pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen venrspasl has made as much iron a any two (Ires in llie county. Theurr - 1 within lour nv'e. an" a phrt of tlie road luropiked. I'he several tract connected wilh Hits eVttbli'hmeiil amount allo - geiher to sibout fourteen hui d - ed at re, the greater part timber, to make a durable supply 01 roal forthelorge Immt dint'b Adjoliiiiig the lorge n verv valuable plow and tneidow land snfklent In. turee farms of one hundred acres each, with tioti., orchard and lifirns, beside several good dwrllmgs for thnt may be employed in working the lorge. The whole or any pa - 1 of this very valnahle property will lie sold at sn: b prices and credit ss will make il wor'ri the attention of any ierin wishi'ig to pu'chsse. for furttier information eeqiiireof JAt tiu i.tJ - h.T. at Dover. ISRAEL CANFltLD, at Morrrstown. BLACKW ELLtt M' ARE A.N. at N. York ebWDVCtf in Or T. A r - ottntiiur bouse on the lower flurir. o i'J r - outh stret. A large new fire proof store in Corernetir - lane, next door to Wster - s'reet. Arwil to TUCKER A LAU .l K - i, nihil 29 tSoutb - itrtet. 1 By Messrs. Ul.F.KCKs.K A B'HnV. at tin - Tontine Coffee I loose, ..n the Ibib 1'. nC :iiarci,,in - iant, at II o'i I.m k. i,t mum. unit lot ofgniuid. the Uie rcid. in r ofll ic'or Arrtd - bald Urm e, di ceased, siiu.itol ht tl'erortier of Gninwii'b and Li'a ny - in et, with tt e 1 tTice "si""! ieiifiiii. in riinu - ill JUn IH - l Kp betwein the hours oftwelve and 'wo, every tlay lielure the sale. 1 1500 dollars of the pun hnse morn j tnay remain on inorluge. I or ptirliruiHrs ap ply at 'lie auction mom. inn - Jrtl. r It A l - r Is t ! I I r.. TO 1 From the 1st ol May mzi. ths lower counting room ol No M Soulh - Mreet. Al.fO, Th; upper coenting room; No 71 Sotith - st. App v to JAMES D'WOI.F, Jr. leb 13 f,l Front street . iO i.t. J A l HIA 'V.y l. 1 , l ALE, 51 I be boose aed gtnunds bt U n. mg to tne estate of John Shaw, situaledon, k te nor. On the premise are an en ellen' ilrulle. house, stable, coach and ire bouse, wilh evrs 7t thing else retiutsite lor such an establishment. is presumed any other description 1 tiniief - eisa - r, as those inclined loimt will view llie plate. Also, the laige lite proof store in lb retii of hi ues II anil 13 Pearl itreel ; where thue is lor tale S' m eld Madera W ine. by the Demijohn. r or lurtner particular, i piy to ANN M. SHAW, Jan 29 II Pearl st. ret. 11I.AL r.slAlr. 1'UU SILL. I wo 2 - stort brick houses and loll, situa ted No. 37 k 39 Very - street. Also, a house aud bit No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 fret Ir nt by 125 drt p. All on accommodating terms. For partit ulars ap ply at No. 332 Grtcnwic h - st. jan 15 tf tfrff IOI.EI, lAr.isi . A large convenient modern built bouse. com h house nnd imprnsc im - nts, (with or without nil extci sive kitcliiu g.irdt - n m.a docB lot ti .m ihe (Irs ot May next ; situated ou the rorntr of the Fist Avenue and First strn t. Dear thr corner of North nod Alb n streets, and bbout one mile from the I ity Mall. I he situation is el valetl ami lienllhy , und in every rs:siiect suitable ' for a genteel irtiiuly. On the premises is a well ot most excellent water. Ai ply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Febftf .ii Jt, Frr.t.i street. ' Wsi liM it . . ' " .. .l,li .s 4 i.i .1 a nouse 01 iwo stones, wim ihhim in li'oiiLon kihmI repair ; containing uhoiit thirty (0111 ui ft, tiliiale 011 TbrogsNet It, and rem to Ihe h - nn 01 Abilah llauiuiftiul the lano U atf high'y iniprnvt'd, and oiit.iiiiiug a gust v,n ty ol the lirst cbt rries, iiples, ptkts an I ita ho. in treat Kiiuiiil.ince and 111 mil hearing - llie un joining waters atlordmg ample supplies of fish, shell and scale, which al a sinsll i iptn c n ay he led irons a rt.rk tj the upland, ard detained 111 ind lor daily use a wackvrtl and bnsa lishtry being ulso attached thereto, and whereat one draught ol a suodl u.uih have been Inkeji mai ker' l wlm It sold tlie next day lor one' bun - , dred and twenty dollars in point l prosj tn I, healih and proht tins tile is no w Itere excei netf distance irom rvew - iorK a roin muni in tones. Also, lour lotsol land neat tb' ntiove - - tWij ly ing on the Sound conlattiieg lerty five urns, and bounded on two side with wait rs Inml of an ext ellen' quality, wilh an on lnrd ol lour hundred tipple lie, s, including Use best oit lor table uc ; and lor cyder, the Virginian crab, Eng - lif h hagloe t rub, white st) re, eoccagee, t"x w help and white sour, wi'b 1 ighty thury tree - the black fnrf trimi recioimeuded by I orsyili being one. In frnnt oi thee lots are taken ha - , bint k tisli, perch, inullett, kif g filu pl.iir , sijjes, mm k - erel, poigy. ti4ie, saieil, whiting, eels, anr1 occasionally 'lieeiishesd and shad, with weak - fish nnd mnnhaddeo in vast sbiimlauce ; beds ol oysters, siineiior in duality to any mark led in the cily. be very n ar tlieir shore, with crab and 1 leins. winist trie aciji'liiing buy end cnrK in urn wieier si ssor. atinund in tim k duck nnd broad bills, nnd some time nre seen the canvass back aud wild gi - esi. the laud nfliirding woodcock, quail and sniiie. The situation cannot fail to iileose in every lesjieet ; and the hind may always lie' kept in iiign older, nt a trilling rxeiie iy seoge nnd salt meadows attached theieto, and sea weed dri ven on lis shore. Also, two other lots, one eontnining ten ar.d the other fi'tct n acres Thuse lots command nn ex tensive view t.f land nnd waters are altigeiher suitable lormalJ rural ret eat; sol. l the but quality ; nnd contain about one hundred fc tl fi ljr cherry tress, best sorts, nud four bundled H pie trees, most approved for table and cyder, all la full hearing ,, and to snt h of the M will be 0tJ toclicd fte acres of salt meadow if wanted. Abis n lot, cnriiHiiiing finy three acres 1 about eight in wood. This lot is a I out fourteen mile Irom the rit), nnd one from Ihe thun b ol tha town o; W'estcbt sli r. i the above property is not - lisposi d of lielore Wednesday, Ihe first ol A pril next, the same on that day will li. told ut public uucfion, at the Tontine ColTic House, at twelve o'clock, en arrommodating terms, a to) payments, in both cases. For further too million, ply to FREDERICK DE I KY8IT R, Ksg. No. 24 Broad street, or near the prt mires. to the suOw - nlar, leliSttApl I. LIVINGSTON. Mm v aluable pkopeiu l. urt' The subscriber offers lor sale a valuable f .11 10, i3 miles from New - York, lying 7 miles south of I'oiighkrepsie, on trie pmt - road, within 14 ol a mile ol the mills nn the lall ol V pio - ger't - Creek, and iu the neighborhood of several landing from whit h sloops sad weekly. It coo tain 1 10 acre of level, lertile land, with a young orchard of graft, d fruit, wood suOiotnt fcr ful. and all in good lence. I he bouse contains several rooms, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation being on an elevated I latOe' renders Ihe iace not only heHllhy, lit prex ot from llie tlwclling a delightful inland prwpect.. Also, another tof 40 seres, contiguous loth alvive, and bounded southerly by Ihe falls of Wappiiigrr' - Creek. T he landis fertile, in excellent k nee, and of easy cultivation. What renders Ibis property valuable, ts, that it nay bo made a place of celebrity. There is already re ted ou the fall a saw - oull of great capacity, a catdiiij null, whiih enjoy the custom ot ths) neiirhliorhnoil, liesides .st veral other scjle for factories, unoccupied. The whole (orre of tha creek tan be diverted with a little exiience to as to dn ve a range 0 mills on a level plot of ground just below the falls, ami accessible by an easy navigation; where factories of every desrntioo, with every .facility of powsr and trausporlalkx. can tiecou'trucUd. Also, a flour - mill, rf the fint tlass. 1 hsj mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones. and calculated for 6, With nrw mashioery for manufacturing wheat, Sic. with au elevator lor raising grain from veesels into the upper kft of the mill. Connected with tbe mill rs a large store house for storing wheat and flour. ' vv itu the null will be sold 53 acre of excellent land, on which is situated five dwelling bou - es, a large bam, hay house, carriage house, corn crib., hovels, Ac. a cooper' shop ralcolaisv' lor 20 bauds. Two of the house are stew and well calculated tor genteel families : They cooseand a view of tha river, wi'.h a beautiful intervals land - cape sormrd by the mramleruig of Use cretk immediately in front. There are lew place which as, iate so saaoj accommodating quahCcatsons tor the taerthant, mechanic or larruer. If not sold al nrivate sale before Tuesday th 2lt April, it will on thai day be offered at aoc - . tion. ' F 'erms ftr. appy to PETER Mr.PICR,' No. 2i Hearer - street. rbW ABRAHAM MEc.CR. t K Mi . 7 a:

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