The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1913
Page 4
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FHE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except ^Sunday. ,... -.* .-,,,, -· - ,J . if nines a»d News Publishing Company' "* C \V. LA VERB HAFER, * Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTIQX Served by carrier In Gettysburg for 25 cents per monrfs. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. .SATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. ^ I* 1 vou Deceive THE TIMES bv mail you can find the date «? to vrHch you are = paid on the pink address label" on your paper. The date will be changed within i " ten davs after vour monev is received at The Times Office. » Entered "August 15, 1904. at Gettysburg. Pa. f as second-class matter, under - - - - Congress March 3. 1879. C - - - - - --- -- -- · -- ..... - " - « ' · ................ BELL PHONE UNITED BfiOKE OSce in Northwest iorner'c-f Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 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Anything that appears in our general news coluums, eocceraing - state or national Dolitisc, is furnished us by The American Press Association, t scecern which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Probibitioa, 01 Socialist papers and which is strictly non-partisan. " " columns are opea to all candidates cf all partier. i -i Poultry Regulator will dp this. It will multiply your poultry profits. Trv it now! ~"By increasing appetite, aiding digesrion and preventing disease, it greatiy increases the egg supply. Pkgs. 25c. 50c, $1.00: 25 Ib. pail at £?. ·jpraffs, Animal Regulator end all Pratts stock and poultry remedies are sold with Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back. Refuse substitutes; vitsist on Pratts - Get-Pratts 160 page ^lL^lsirated, Povliry Book. 4075. FOR SALE BY C. II. WoLf..J3eptysburg. People's JDrug Store, Gettysburg. FUNERAL PARTY HOflf f ' SH-! Speeding Collides With Fala Money bac People's Drsi^ Store. PUBLIC SALE ; of Valuable Real Estate and Personal Property. On SATURDAY. DECEMBER 20,lOi: the undersigned, will sell at publi' s^Ie at "die late residence of Mrs Gsorge Kemp, deceased, in Frankiir Township. Adurns County, near \ 3 . il- Grove. the following personal !ow oroperry. to wit:- Four'beds and beddings, three 0:1- as, two corner cupboards, tlires tables, two chests, dmiiig room table 'walnut). 72 doz cane seated chairs five roekiagfchairs. one half doz. p!aii!-- ooi'con chairs. 20 yds. rag carpet ·ood cook stove, ten p!aie stove, tubs. Salisbury, Msl^ Dec. 19.-- An auto- caobile coataining four persons, en- roiite to a funeral, and urlves at a speed of fifty miles an hour, collided with a telegraph pole oa. the ne\v ce- meut state road, three uiiies frosi t!iis place. As a result of the coilisioa Charles Parker, of AYaaso.,Mi-, tae vlrsver of I rhe car, is at the Peninsula General hospital, haviag fractured his skull and hip. He is not expected to Mrs. Virgil Keara, of Salisbury, WHO sat beside Parker, is also in a serious condition. She was thrown twenty feet from the car. The other occupants of the car were Clarence \Visnbrow, of Saiisbjry, lid., who was Badly gashed about the head, and a Mr. Hitch, of Salisbury, ML, who also escaped witiiojs serioas iajury. The automobile psriy vcs or: their way from Salisbury- to \Vaago, ilii., to attend the fs^ieral of Chrales AViin brow, who was killed a few days a^o. fn makins a turn alter a mile asd a ajilf of straight road ilr. P^r.^er lost control of his machine; collidiES with NEW REVPTION 1PERSONAL NOTES -- *-«-, ·*"* C^j^-r **"··»--·«* sit-*.*TM'* -i*-£M ^*"i5fc»* -.* * ·^*-i s ·/ ^\ f ^i"~' ,. * ^^^ ·»- ,, Jlr - iT£ -^· s ^*i j^r^jEs r Jss«^ , , r* -* * + -** - v _, ,, ff , AND BRIEF ITEMS CoBdocl of ef InsO ; Plot liiiis to Plsea Vasqaaz lotion is Oondeioned. 08018Z in Prssidsoey, USED HYPNOTIC. IFLDBREiVILU TO ATTM 'CfflTliL .1 Centra! Sslsir.g Army to Co- Paragraphs of News Telling of Uie Happcniags in and about To*i People Visiting Here and Those Sojourning Elsewhere. Mr. and Mrs. Keison Myers · and daughter, 'MaybeUe- of BiglerVille, have returned home after spB^ing the week with 3ir. and Mrs- Gporge After a CProbe of -Sbt3V',onihs Report ** -. '±5* ? -~ "^mai! ~i S a telephone pole. The machine was completely wrecked and the telephone pole brolten off. en utensils, car.ned fruit, vinegar. ap9 plea. DOtatoes, corn, barrels, towels, i table'cloths, napkins, q'-iilts, comforts 1 oiiiows, shovels, axes, saws, wedges.! chains. £c.: also let of chickens, and! two hogs, crocks. !.;rd, cans, pictures " r»i U£ SETS S2Q-G03 DAiViAQES Pubt-c Service Company f-'.ust Pay f-o.- *·-;._ - -. f Injuries, to Girl.'- ' 7 Jersey City, X- J - Dec. 19. -- Miss Gcsnez v.-as 2. candidate for presi- it In t*»e recent ifpsican election, George's moral conduct 5 eppcsJas Huerra en rJ.e a-i ago, is' recomraended by tlie state · board of charities in a report adopted; u by the beard. is severely ccademned. An investigation was began Kiore than six months ago and resulted in · tloa tco'v ;j;2.ce. the reeomnienaauoB. iicre than fiftrf Tae new j tie'cet, bur was eomneHed to. See the ire , country i.e-.erai weeks barcra t_e eieSv t-s the support witnesses iu sis states werp e\amiaea | of Gencrc.! Fslic Diaz. Es-Goveraor with regard to charges of loose Uvias j Gaj-cu, o: the state cf CoahuHa, has made against George by three youas; crriv women, former merabers of tiie republic. The testimony * was unuriatable, and no verdict as to whether "the i;? El Paso from Havana, Cuba, where he v/as in conference with General Diaz. According to documentary evidence. charges were proved was rendered by wLIeli v as obtained a-oug wi:h a large Canadian 31ss Elizabeth Sheads, of the Shippensburg Normal School, is spending some time with her parents, on 3Corth Stratton street- Rev. C. W. Baker, of Nevr Oxford, is visiting his son, C. W. Baker, Jr., at College. Clarenca Rebert has returned to .Nev.'port. after spending several weeks .vith his mother on Carlisle street. Durbin Ott, of Baltimore street, is spending- the holidays in AitOona^STew- port ar.a Everett. Dr. J. B. Morris, of, Chambersburg All the Tract of land-kno-shi "a miles the committee uafier -whose direction | quantity of arms and ammnnition, el- | street, is spending the day In Waynes- tile investigation was jsa'ie. j fores have beea marie to have Genera? ^^ on b us j ness . The board strongly ccn«!raned ttcjPascual Orozeo an! General Salazar _xhe college vacation for the holi- javs starts to-dsy and ends the sixth 31 January. 3Ir. and Mrs: A- E.--Hartman and Miss Jessie Hartman, of Columbus, Indian-, are visising for several'weeks ·n and about Gettysburg. . Miss Virginia Miller has returned from the Beech~ood School at J.enkin- IOV.T-. to spend the holidavs atl, her ' -- . f . conctsct of George-in dealing vr-UU an'i other Federal commanders at members of the republic and atlopteii j Gjir_23a join the revolt against Press a resolution recomniecdi^g that .'Mr f clem Hueria. -George be remored from aH connee-.r Dr. Gomez is believed to be'ia'Ei tion with the republic. j Paso. Letters seized by ^the Uaiteu The board also recorasen-Zs tl'.at no j States authorities indicate that the Gomez insurgents planned to strikf- thelr first blo'v about Christmas, fcl lov/ing- tie entry or Gomez into iles Jco at 1-a Pale-mas. Tbe j-unta also hafi circulars printed sivfcg the p!2.t:"c of t 1 Weeha^vken ferry on April S last. AT. ?5 e " p£st -" His retire^er.t from ih- 3 3 signal lamp at f:e rear of the en: Directorate 01 -the nauo 3 a,-or S ^i-a WiUow Grove, about ' CashtowR. adjoining: la Bros.. Win. Forsythe. Peter jxump "Arv Lochbaum farm, and others, cen- about 62 acres more or li-ss. -"niDroved wicii a two-sior\- log: y.-catr- erooarded house, f rarc^ stable ana j ou; buildines. i This property is located in tbe fa- | mous c, and in the scramble to gst o" STO miieS XrOR3 I y^^is^ CLU.U. iii «^i^ ^^*ti-^.«.^ ^^ 0 ~ ~ ;ds of Sliarrah [ Miss Eckert was throwa down and the car. Besides otaer inj-cries. si sustained -.'-hat is saiJ to be a pernia Injury to her spice. Get-$150 For T^ree Stamps. Ossiniug. X Y_ Dec. 19.--Tnres £r-- fms property is located in t.De ia- 5uunps ei^br vears old, fo::n aoas ATjole Beit, v.-ith 175 bearing! £--- ir±TV' b t. : ' J. B T ,., :ir ,_ e _ t .rees. (from which v.-as sold SoOO.Cf j *=·* . gal j?; ob *" ^ ^ --*" "*" ^vorth of apples this year); also Los of sold icr -·-·-» other frul- trees, sjch as cherry, j plums, sears c. In bearing condition, j ,This property is nicely located, in j : j fair state pf calth-jyipn.. ^witih pleng.- j j j of gocdHiever-failing springs a'c build- { | j jngs. and tiinber for fire church, sen* tion of the republics; IE is cellc^eC, is forecast by tlie report. The George Junior Rep'ibiit IVH= founded by TViUian K. Gscr^s a~ « harbor of refuse for feat! cors Its -io neer members- vrere the to^^iis of tii^ old Botvery, the you*J:3 tvho scld t-:cy "never cad a chance." Of George's ccnIuct tils J-- r -rt cay in part: ' In TISV.- o." cert" ^^r.'-" sicas anci statement's :^ - " '' : (George's/* eisrriss if by, ~ . - ~ « aanounciag: "that General £~Iiiiao z.a ha:l embraced their cause. The it was tsst^c. eiiea froni trc src ket ai;d will make a. mosc , home. Posses'sfon can' ll = *^~ r ' time.' Terms cf saler day of sale or purchaser" _ _ arrroved securitv. and balance April | 1 1 lif. 1S14. Sale will begin at 10 o'clock j i j Bcffa!o ......... a. m. _ - ----- - - " - - - " r * ' ~ r Atcy-in-fac'c Rlatform calls for seizure of all iandr oivaed by the rich and eiual distrlbu ticn of wealth aznci:? the -pcor. "vVhile the Federals in northern JIej.:co are pjamiinp to r-d"a.*ice on- General Francisco Villa aad rec2ntur : Chihcahi:a. t^at rebel commander is preparing to co-opercte^ with the Za patistas aa-I the insurgents arouse Tamcicc and march upon Mexico City. On this account the nrlicary events o: the next ~eek or tv.-o may be fraught witli zrii importance. Vii'a is layina plans to raise an army of 15.010 men for his propcsec ailvasce on tae capital, ac'ccrllng tr refugees arriving from .Tcrraao- Gen era! Villa's seixsres 'of "~e~eral troop trains in his victory at Tierra Blancs an! later at "Ilia Ah-jaiaaa give i!i:n r-lsntv of ec-ilpmeat for a hurried trie -:o the ca'pitaTto prevent being bottlec up by the Federals who have threat iT to aitacK T.ira. " Geaerals Grocco and Salazar, com irresalar troops, Jiave bee- from Ojisaga, opposite Pro -General ^lercado. vrhc nas "Seen-dTrecteC by the 'Slexieaii war aepartment to attack CMhuahca wit r 500'J men. visitor in Sliippensburg to-da\". Raymond Sieber has retomed from Xew Haven. Conn., where he spent the oast few months. illss Frieda Bacsch has returned :rom Seechv.-ood School at Jenkintown to spend the holidays with Prof, and Mrs. Grimm on Carlisle street. CHURCH NOTICES George-aiartz: Auctioneer. CKUliCK OF THE SRETHREX Stratton Srreec: Sunday School. :30: preaching, 7:00. Marsh Creek: Sunday School, 9:30: preaching 10:30. AREXDTSVILLE REFORMED Ths Basror wili preach on "The In- £2rnk"i.:oR from the View-point cf Jesus" Sunday morning at ten o'clpck. The Sunday School -s-iil hold' its Christmas service on -TVjednesday svening- at 7. Student ILee O. Carbaugh of the Theological Seminary, Lancas- cer, will deliver an address. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED · Special-missionary "ssryice on Sunday at 2 p.,m. The Sunday School will render z. Christmas service^on Saturday evening. Dec. 27th. Lee O- Carof the Theological -. Seminary I e i 1 I "Whether yon spend little or much for Xtaas it is Imponanijthat your gifts have lading i sine. Christmas prices here are mostly io-vrer than at other seasons bt-caase o! »ur lart:e purchases. The qnaliry of ererytbing in this store makes it a wor.'-.y trift \\hcth- er the price you pay is large or =m?.lL HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: For Motber or Wife ! For Father © mile southtvest of Fiohr's Church on i Prices at the Gettysburg -warenouse co;- [ over the raaium deposits in t_is cotii: the John P. Butt farm, the folloiving: · - ec tec. dauvby C. ilfltonWolf, Jr.. Sr.c- ay in the interest of liumsi-ly en: 5 head of horses and mules consist- : t ^=sor to J. Gee. TVolTs Sons Co. tura GTe:r r -"-~ proJ ' aet -° ?hyi.i2»a2.~ ing of one famlK- mare In foal to · ~~ , ' p ,, to be used :n. ^r^itiTig- cancer -sras an March's Jack. This rnare Is fearless of. x _ ^ -\r"-p-- ^- nonnced here '_y Alfred I. 01 all road objects and -works wherever j -' e _ J " ~ { AVilminston Cei., ana Dr. He-ward A. hitchsd: or.e ba-- mare celt, three, ev.-jiarCom , -- x. - T O -I-- Hon^-ns u-^ - 1 - . - * · » " ' · t T * *"»_- t - » -SXGi-^ , "»- JVJii--.0 JO-'J JJ a. J.11JS I nl » w A O l t - J ' » vears old: 1 blact horse colt, rsro . r^ve ^ :' vears old. bred from St. Julius and mv ! Dr-ts -,.; , ija^umoie. driving mare: 1 black mule colt-seven' RETAIL PRICES i Mr. Lupont controls Qua.« HilL Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet - , China Closet Buffet Sewing Table Morris Revolving Chair Leafier Rocker Smoker's Slo.nct 1 The best Girl in tLe World f For My Best Fellow ·cv © e «" I Music Cabinet Dresser Pedistol Chiffonier Arm Chair Foot Stool lolstein heifers sauBOsed to have v ' iTM= h-.- tho:- ^,V K~ r?=.T- r.f «B,U.---? : · an effort to decrease t::e toll o; 7S.OOC Writing Desk | Book Case ng sseep sb.oats. Sale to commence at one o'clock, ; "arhen tem^s ivili be made l mo'5VTi bv ! CURTIX jIcGLAUGHLIX Cement $1.40 p 'Atsten? Flour ,y i diuia cures man/ forms o£ caccer, OUT. -p b] ] that its scarcitv - t d enormous value . make it impcs-ILle for prescat general use. So uaaay EO^ brsy Chris-mas Gifts for i'. T v i\e? li^re that he have made a sptfilal study of helping men Mth ta-i 'al -n^cestiocs. Come in and examine the htm-ire'is of beautiful and -..--tfiil gi:i= ^e have f^r the entire family. A Standaid Sewing Machine "Would Make an Ideal Gift for tKe Wife Must Be Striven For. , _, The old sa~ runs, ''Sweetest nuts i J^ 1 '® have hardest shells."' This, we sup-.' ^-~ u Per « nave naraesi sueiis. JLUIS, v. a siii*-. ^ - ^ ^ ~ --Q § pose, is a Q-jaiat way of saying that -^pwOats .?.T.!.".I".1".I^ ".'.",".'.".\ s x w y ! e-.erythins T-.orth tae having requires -^vs-.. n"ol±= ".""-."-"" 5- r ni ! both pains ana strains to acquire. ', The gold Is not obtained until the rocks are crashed and the Sres are ap- iir 1 Vandals Wreck Csrnegie Library. Oberlin, Ohio, Dec. 3J. -- Vai-ials ·vrreeked the interior cf the ne-vr Carnegie library here, is-: icn i« use;I joi^t- 1 iv 1^3- Oberlin college and the town and jnagaziDC. 1 ; were pl'.ec. The best fmits of learning are Snishers. Me^'-anics t-nly- J. S. o'oiafaea after great erpense of time, ^- oo j Master Painter, Cen. Auc, Con. ~ _ - . 3 - i_- j " ~ ' \vANTtD: nainters and hardwood! a }, oat i a great coni.clon an'i a;l carJ " a H B B E N D E 1. J.« J-»« JJ J_4 i ^ JLi*' 1--£ labor and investigatioo. THE HOME FURNISHER C., Panama R de P.--advertisement · There is plenty of time to have those · ! NOTICE of stock vriil save one half fees by Consulting " Dr. Moriarty, V. S. at his OSIce. for Advice and. treatmenc of their Animals Examination and Advice free to his Customers lie will make visits to cases in the Country -when necessary at Moderate rates. The Doctor has been doing a very Successful Office practice for a number of years. It is not necessary for him, to see all cases, if they are intelligibly described. For Christmas. CaM at Mumper Studio JOHN A. MUMPER, Prop. index files destroyed. I^sstorauon Tvii' cost several htuidrDl 'louars an-J re quire protracted labo*-- ?,Ieant7Mle the b'-didins ffill be close i and college reference -wort handicapped. [vacee orj::ie_rebei: so^^hT7arfl are Generals Velasco ant Arsumerido --ith =!.'·'} FederaTs at Tir racn. The re'agces assert it Is Villa': plan to re:~force Herrera from hind at Cliihualiuo, nov. Z'rt. hat iy tae force sent to harass the Federals in their Pablo GcaEales. contmander of th'. Tictorrous rebels 'at Victoria, Is E!S^ counted on to jain Villa's advanc. ;ri»:i nis force of 500J. inaKJng ar array of 15. r '" ft , to attack Me.d^c CItj "roia the north, --bile Zapata and tht other leaders rfcse in. from the so'itL and east. , Taft's Son Now a Lawyer- ColumbBS, O-, Dec. 13.-- Among class of sixty-four yonns men we; Vs'OSiAN STARVES TO DEATH Mrs. Louise LoughHn Des Jn Asbur Park Koscita!- As'oury Park. X. -T-, Dec. 13.--Fouii * uBfOPScio:;s by church -Corkers In he. room at li^e Harvard bsardir.^ ho":se ^.'·zre sr.e live'! as a -ecsuss. r.Irs :.oa;cc Jx'ishiln. an old -rrc-marj, ^-.iif tomcriy live'I in Philadelphia, uici at t"'c Anis May hospital froin hear. i-o"I/Ie bro^sht on b;. lack of ATi!:oiisr7i she Is said to bavc esr on^risrcd ci moons there was no foco fo:md in bcr rcorr:3. =-!t^le is teo-^r of Tvlr^. T.oagh'in. She is said to nave baen a teacher in the family of the late Dr. Githens, of Philadelphia. Herzog to iV'snage Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Dec. 13.--Caarles Her zos. foiTnerly vilh the ^Cew York anc ; J icnnrcn seimce. Jtursu.^c TM- supjej^ "The Minister and" the^hyslcisn?^ ichurch ·service^ 7jp. m.,' subject. - "Spmething eo-Look at-" The pastor-will conduct service In St. Mark's church at 2 p. m. Subject. "A Talk on Tuberculosis." SALEM U. B. Sunday School. 9:00 z. m.; Divine ^-orsblpj 10:00 a. ro. The sermon will be preached by the pastor. Subject: 'Soul Progress". J- Chas. Gardner, nastor. BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School, at 9 a. m.: Junior Endeavor, at 6; Senior at 6:45; preaching at 7:30 p. m. . BENDER'S LUTHERAN. Preparatory service at 2 p. m.. Saturday. Communion Sunday, at 10 a. m-"C- F. Flo to, pastor- CLINE'S U. B. Church reopening at CHne's United Brethren church. Services Sunday -norning 9:30, and Sunday even- ;ng at 7 o'clock by Rev. W. H. Washinger D. D-. presiding elder -Pennsyl- .-ania Conference. P. C. Hoffman, pastor. FOR REXT: two front roojns isrith conveniences for light housekeeping. J. E. PJank, 32 East Middle street.-advertisement SIX DAYS CHRISTMAS President Taft. are the sons of ; v ,roier slaves. They are Howard Gisliard, messenger tc Governor Cox, and Samuel Huffman. o' Springfield. Motor Racer'slSon Killed- Indianapolis, Dec.! 19. -- Raymond Harroua, Jr., the ten-year-old Son of RaymoncLHarrouB, Dinner of tbe first 500-mUe automobile Irace beld at the Indianapolis Motor Speed-way ia 1911, died at a hospital here, the result of injuries received when he -was struct by an automobile. The boy internally. injured FOR SALE: house on Washington street. Apply to F. T. Wassem.--advertisement. conference vrith President Fiemnai!3 aad Secretary Harry Ste- paens, Herzog signed a_contract as z player for -a year ana was then oS ciaily made manager. - Oscar Wilde's Son to Marry. London, Dec. 19. -- Vivian Holland the younger son of Oscar Wilde, is tc be married in London- next jnontb. to Violet Craigie, daughter of an officer of the Royal Dragoons, dead. Vivian changed his name after his father's conviction. At the same timg Mrs. Wilde sued for a divorce. WANTED at once: first class -white cook and a -woman for general work. Apply in person, write or phone Sunday House, ]3ast Berlin, Pa.--adver- ' - ^ -r^-*K/--'»w-'3?-vK- r ft -X-, ti«.TrtAnt ·*" ' "· ~ f tisement The Christmas Rush Is on, but It Will Be Worse Tomorrow.

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