The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1818
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JUL 5W" THRU TWM V' .t LCA V f.O tiewuurKH every Sunday, Tuesday, 13,iH Thursday momin 'S. at yrfiliii i o'clock, rum through Mnnteronriy, Bioommgourgii, ; j While Like. Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great jjwk Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Geneva, toCanand .igua. . Returning leaves Canandaigua every Monday Wednesday and Fi idav mornings at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, the tliird day in time to take the Steam - boaU which arrive in New - York the following morning. rry may be expected that at all luntewhen the ttcam boali alter their dayt of running, that thii line will alter to at to meet them The whole route w.ll be perfumed in three davs, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March un il the first of May, in four day and from the 15th D cember, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four d: - ys. Passenger travelling from Ntw - Yt.rk to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive i Canandaigua in th' ee days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good new carries j good horses, and carefuPand experienced drivers Every atten - tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller aafe, easy and expeditious ; ami it i believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. QT - FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A bianch of the same line ruas three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Onepo Tioga Four, thence through Newtown and Panned Post, to Bath, Lc. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Blonminghurgh, V. St. J ihn. Mount Pleasant. L. U R Manning, ( hniai.go, iProprie Luther 4ir.. Ithica. tors, Samuel Greeuliff, Geneva, Oliver Plielps, Laming, mh M d6m . his v. of iu KETrv ON Tuesday urjt tiiki's in the iplcnd I104D L( ! TERY. Authorised hvthf Mate ofNs w - Yr!s and New J.wv. will advance 1o3i di lis, Until which d iv 1 f ma - . nt.lhincd for tt foil win,; prices : Whole UckeU $M I hi. M.i - . $i jl vrs !" 1 rinlteiitlif, i Quatters 1 50 ! Lottery and Kxth . Int., So. 54 Maiden Ji - iiie. YVhere has ben sold in i - n nrr I dttries nearly u the tuirlitit pnzet lor lb 'T 16 y ari p.t, :uii where in all prolMliility ih" M hiiui lli P ix - - J70,iM0 will l o l - e sold and paid. mh ;4 M USt'OVAUO .'liG.ut. A.I. - .1U4 tind priioe Mu;rovad' piia ir, Wiidins ntl'i ver - ttreet wharf, from ( hci. ncr Wiilia'u, Irom Havana, tor sale ry STEVENS tc MACTIER, t,7 bouth - ilrtet IN S10RI - , 60 hoei Whit.' Manna f - ujar - 3 hints and II hhls. St Kilts do 15 pipe I.. P. Tenetiffe Wine 40 qr c itks Colmcnur. di 30 pipes CutnlTpi do 5 pipes Bordean Brandy ' 8000 larj; (icrman Goat Skint " - IJO iwCpaachy Log.vood. - - nil It 6t ' ' " t.itai A SALES. 1 fTIHE cntirtcargo ofii.. .lii,i Louu Trad, X. Irom Canton, will be mlj at public auc tloo in I' l,hia, at the ttores of Win. Wain, o aioniJiy leib March, confuting of Im)icrhl "1 . ,i.. I Hvf,in I TEAS, fresh and of su Hvon and "rior VJ - Ily. - on ikin J ' ' Loi'g rotdpany nankaeof Short do, Blue, do Chiiia ware iq bospsl aborted ' , - i c.ini mani'.la stiga. . and an aitortmentof caii.o.i c. ijiff anu nilc rU. nihil St H I'.yi KlCr.O M Ulhr S A I r . th.'Utid iKiundt Ni w - Y - iik i allow, - i - m I iuO0b!auR!it'fed Hides, fur sale. Apply :o T. GIBBON'S, Fly - .M irket mh II f . . W.I .Vi'r. IH.I.'li i i'i ori'A A I.MKIF. assortment of superior, Dutch l war - anted Bolting Cloths, lor sale at un commonly low price,, bv JNO M'CRAI.'K AN, mh 1.' 3t 82 I 2 Pearl st - et 11RE.sCII LOUUa. A small invoice consist JL 1IIT or Merino Shawls. Levantines. Gloves Silk Hose, an I Cambricks, received by the iro.ii navre tor sale by F. U H. HELDO.,7 Ec CO. mh 9 Iw no Peil - street. TEAS & SUGAR JUJT landed 50 chests hyson skin Phoenix canro. tea. 15 hogsheads ILivana nui'cnv.v'.o sugars ior aaic on reasonaoie e - rni by & T. MEYER, mh 10 lw " 116 Washinaton slreet. (wiaivi.c.1 .v, ,,i. II Aarvn - it lately from (Jrrmant, gives LEsOAIS on inp - ruitl t.. Hel.rencis, Kevd. F. U ivilhain slnet; Thomas A. Ro aids, Imolwller, 18U Pearl street j T. A. Gutt watiH, 44 ilaioen - hnne. mh 9 1iv r.ESWAX WANTED. The wibscribers JLf wai t to purchase 4 or 5000 pounda Yel uw neeswax. G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ' wh 12 77 Washington - street i COTTON k RICl - 64 bales prime Upland ' 4 do. New - Orleann 6a Hi licrcet Hire - In store and for sale by . GR1SWOLU ft COATES, mhl5 68 Eolith - street. i lOLASEa ItKMihds retailing Viola - sea, iing nom orig Kuiiert, irom 1avana. at pier N... 9, between Old and Coenlies - slip; fnt aiU Km (L, . a n a a m a .m ..rj 4 u, uttUI I, mh li MAt H!t: :.Mti)s A FEW Mis Mdthine Cotton Cards, for tale low, l.y THE COMMISSION COMPAN Y, "h lit dc 14 1 P,r street O I IINh, Ij. - O Sattinnt - , thin. ' ca - in e. nr d.irk nnM litis fin V IVreiv,H ..nt Inr ula hi. Till' IVIUljIC'I iu . ....... J. ' nthlSili! 14!t Pearl - street. Sl'tllM CANDLE - , dies, eta iudbii .r ai bil b"Xi b4ikrm Can - lies, eta lupeii T . iiolity,li,r rale h - JAMES P AD"E. mh II 238 Rrondnar. T ,:reilles Brandy - just rtteivtd - ia ivi i lit; :hy GEORGE W. T1.BOT, No. SS V. - - 'i - crt nihil I Q .... . . IT" . i 1 i - . i. .i CAMKREl - K.N'Gi: fF. ARSON, roh 10 67 S ntli - str' - et. rtfor.a,b J051.PI1 OSHOKN, 8 South - street. Bb 12 3t For SAVANNAH, The brig AURORA ; having been detained by head winds, will sa'l on ouniiay, and iu tha mean time will take what freight may offer. For which, or pastago, ap tly un board, east side i I'ld - sitp, or to POTT Si M'KINNE, 56South - st. mh 13 tor JfKrY - URLEA.fS, t - i. l . r..,. nu a x - i lie kuuiu lost Minnie unu n.siv CIER, built in Philadelphia, and of the hrst class, is now ready to take in cargo. For freight or passage, apply to JOSHUA JONES tc SONS, 105 Front - st. corner of Jones - lane. WHO HAVE FOB SALI 26 tons St. Petersburg clean hemp 39 bales prime upland cotton, mh 13 3t . Wanted to Charier, f 9f A soo1 VKSSliL' that wiu carrv 600 jyj - aibbls. for a voyage to Bermuda. Inime - d.dle dispatch will he given. Applv to TUCKER & LAURIES, mh 13 29 South - street. bur Alexandria, Georgetown, and It tubing ton Lity, The fine new tchr. VALLORIUS, R. Taylor, mailer, uuw loadinsr at pier no. 10, and will be despatched io all this week. For freight or passage, apply on board, or at 9iC. i (. rlip. DIVIE BF.'lHUNK&Co. mh 12 PAaa.WK fur Ltl i - .Hi'onij, frVs The well known ship NESTOR, cap - J(uJSfe ta n Noble, will, weather permitting, sail for Liverpool on the 15th inst. and 2 or 3 more passengers can be accommodated. Apply on board at MuirayVnharf, or to JONATHAN Ov.DEN, mh 12 3t No. k Mate - s'rcet. tor MOHijL K.M1..1K LI. hi , 'flit Hit ' idf - irst til hi. A lA&t u..i.iriy nsW imtS&l 'cht. ANN' - i ItlA. Cui.t Wright, 102 i.M. - , Iiavii.g two thitds of Inr tnrgo engaged ..nd un board, meet with dcpatcli. For'the reui.tindr 1 nl her freight or pH.,e, having good ttLMjoiiiiodatioiii lor Kl)in and ?teerni;e p.issen - jli tt, apply ou hoard at 1'ier No. 4 E. River, or rt. I LIO i. ItKI' - KU h., ir.h !2 ?9 t;oi iitie - lir. KOI Elt i GlLI.EhWE, No. 112 Front - st. .fllm ior il AW harro Vi.inin Flour fs '"'"""'eoldi RitnmondXobacc0 In do i Vti rfurh Tobaico 21 h:d( s Upland Cotton Jj tier. e and ( ., 2 l half uerifsi K,ce , l.,i b.iKs et. lringo,) r (; 04 d , Sre,ill ,v ina, j L,tl" 1 lo.ia Liuniinivitx eo 1'ort. 1 1 irei mid Maoeira Wine, in hhds. and q'l .it. r r;isks f - til led Port Wine, in raes of ;t dozen each , FKKIGI1 1' FOB nPOi('t. A good vessel bi.nnd to Oporto may haveai'OUi iwu rusniiscornoiiireuni. vr fruht or rhnrtrr for t t:wtati't, tt Thomas, or on! of the 11 mdwai d itland), J ,i ' '" s,'l,r REVENGE, rapt. Rollins, burthen 6t0 bbls j is ia complete onler .1,1: voyage, and will tulle freight low. Apply ii board, at pier - II), or lo iuh9 R. . C. W. 1) . VF.N PORT V Ca. .,. WslATcJ, , hi. i Three or four vessel? from 800 to 1000 irfiliJi barrels burthen, lo load at the south ward lor this port. A pply to HENDERSON, it CAIRNS, m'h 9 81 Pine - st. for t'H LIGHT or CUARt . H, The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - dams master, burthen 2 17 tons, now iii. oj 10 receive.a cargo will carry about aHJ ubls. t or terms nppiy to DIViE BETHUNE h CO. mh7 " ' 92 C. II. Slip, IT'URS - - 4b00 spring Musk Rat rkii.s of supe - V rior quality, lor sale in lots to suit purcna - sersst No. 191) Wai. r - lrec. mh 10 r, '7 C'c :LfH 1. .it.Pt r rriHE subsei ibers have just received from X the New - Yoi k Manufactory, a li rge sup ply of Plr Cloths, comprising several new patterns in addition to their former stock. They invite the public to examine these goods, Much they assert to be equal to the be - t :m - por;etl cloths. Orders' received for Floor Cloths of any dimensions, however irregular in form, Irom a ;, - ret variety of patterns. PKIEST ,V ROOT. No. 162 Fultnn(fo.meily Partition) st Fine and superfine ingrained carpeis and ca'peting Ilea th rugs, fa nature moreens (all colors) Cloth table covers Painted baize tabic covers and dish mats Waterloo carpet covers, Sic. Sic , mh U t ' LOAF AC LUMP SUGAR. &c 10 hhds and 50 bbls 1st and id l - aial Sugar 15 hhds and itlbMsdo Lump do - - 20 bhls. hi pf. Country G10, app'd brand 16 hhds. MiiK.nnd.i Sugar, for salo by JACKSON U WOOLLEY, mh 13 75 Wall - street. UNNI BAOS. - 3000. lor sale hv KJ CLBRA U CUMING, mh 13 76 Pearl street. COP I ON & TOBACCO 2j bales Sa - lsl - and Cotton, and 3J hhds. urst dualitr Georgia Tobacco. laodins and for tale by 6AUI. ALL.L1, Od Piur - street. - - IN STORE. 34 bales Sea Island, aud for sale as above, mh 13 . 1JENOAL COTTON, tic The careoof I J the ship Albion, from Calcutta, consistiugscf lotion, Sugar, " Ginr - r. and Saltpetre. Landing and for sain by uwuiiut at co, 44 tsnnm - sireet, mh 13 5t JLRE. - H FI 17 do Lemo KUI I . 60 boxes Orange and aO Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouverneurs lane. IJIGILY MAOEIRA WINE. 8 pipes "Id si O cilr Madeira Wine. im.Mirted in Itll i. for sale by TUCKER I - LAUKIES, n.h 13 23 ?outh ttirrl. I ELL 6 bundle swrdi'h steel, lor sale vJ by HURII& SKWS.LL, mh 13 65 So.i'h - sl. N V.KI ?'JtX0 itce - blue - , ol superior quality, eoutled to de' - enture, soir ale by HURD& SEW ALL, mh 13 65 couth - treet. Oll O g :UPERFINE LEGHORNS - 3 cases avera - LEONARD C. PaRMsNS, S CO . mh 13 4t Per! - stnt t'cu 1 1 11 v.tii'i - . b 1 aes PI ... V,.n.U U...L ...I l...,.l Mn.lina Plat - , ami f'ic'd M - dr.s Hdkh?. Worked Flounces Imitation and Dannsk hawls. io tc. Will be sold vcy low ! cl - e roomgr.nirnts, by IILNULRSON r CAIrlS, mh 13 . 81 I'ineitrKt. il 4DF.IIU WIM1 4c Ifi Idds. and ) ur ensks L. P .Md. 11a W ine 150 cnsi sirnillc end Claret, of the vmii'se - .1 1 .12 20 cases Sti I and Spa - Vinr CbnmPltm, Fcrsnlrhy HENDERSON V WHS. Uin IJ til ri:ie - in - ei. I AT AFER1 - 1 rae g i'i and leas l'u. - : f.t v lifers, lorss - 1. l . jno. ' :i.m:kn. 83 l i l'ead - street. BY JOHN IIUMCSj T CARflO OF TBI SHIP LONDOBT TKA6KR. On Monday morning, the 16th inst. at 1 1 o'clock, at William Wain's stores, cn the wharf below Koulti - ltreet, Philadelphia. TEAS. The cargo of the ship Loudon Trader, from Canton, contittins, of Young llyioa Teas, in cr. and 1? qr. chests Gunpowder teas, Innnlr qr. chest 5 and 10 catty bolts Imperial do. in qr. and half qr. chest 5 and 10 catty boxes andrannisters hyioo skin do. in qr. and half qr. chests llyioa io qr. 1 bests, Cassia, aao cases sur. A.s A canaiduU assortment of China vare The catalogues will be ready 011 Saturday morning, and the teas, he, open for inspection. Terms at sale. J. I W. LIPPISCOTT, mil 12 3t Commission Merchants. H'J.YICS, LUTJVjV, OIL, he. ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Murray's wharf, offers L for inlo :. Old Claret in casks, Gt ior battling, and entitled Us drawback Do do cases Madeira wine iu pipes, sotue of superior quality Old L. P. Tenerifle wine, iu hhds. and qr. casks, of a quality aud flavor nearly equal to Madeira Sweet oil in bettics, and New - Orleans and Upland cotton, in lots to suit purrhsers. mh 9 lw , AC1 UKED I OBACCO 4J4kes lvX ding Irom the sx hr. V ey mouth and Native, from Richmond vu 118 kegs brnndtd Joo. Endtrs, 8 hands No. 1 7 do do do 1 - 2 pound rolls 15 CO 72 108 di do do do db P. Miller & Co. H U .ndi No. 1 do J. G. Kge 8 hands No. 1 U 8 do K. Cantor do ' do do I). K. Boss do No. 1, 2, it 3 54 do do J.U P. Labby 8 hands CORNS, DUBOIS. For t le by mh 5 lOt Cu.oi HS, iio siBAZE i'TS, HA'IS, sic - ' 4 casts Loudon Superfine Cloths 2 do do Caa'inieres 2 do Cai'imere Slmwi 9 t ales lMne Cloths 2 do Ynikslnre superfine Cloths 4 do Black Bombazetts 10 rasea men's best line London Hall IU do do Wool Hals 10 hhds. best Loudon Glue. For sale hy D. OAKEY, mh li! lw 51 Williaro - street. f i.V(V GUOUti. UT HT. PBlEfi I , N - . 101 Broadway, between Fu ton .iiid Dey streets, ham just iHncd an assortment of tne following Spring ar ticles, v.r : Cantni Crapr ildkfs. 4 - 4 squnre ''Tinn and bilk Shawls and Hdkfs. Him k anil rolor'd Canton Crapes mid Concans While and M,i It iilld nssoitetl . - Htius , Levantines, J.iin and liiiiir d ; Florences bunii ..zttts and Bombiizins ; Thulle Thread haces. Edgings and Footings Iriih Linens, Furniture Chintz Rilihnns of diflercid kinds. Gloves. &C. Ac Comprising a general assortment of fnnry and stai'leiiry K'':s. mn m iw .likt.Ncll G(UlS. Just received per brig X Ea.'le, from Havre, 60 cases t rench goods. cou - isiing of r igortd and plam Lyons anu U'avegnon 1 10 - renres Figured and plain Virginias and levantines Black satins and satis pelongs Black and white tulle and elegant satin gauzes Black florentincs, Gauze hdkls Levantine and satin dama - k shawls Figured levautine and llorence hdkfs Men's sup.' ribbed silk hose b en's and women's i.ik. aud kid gloves aud silk armlets Sewing silks and twist 1 Thread laces, Black galloons White cranes. Silk braid Elegant garniture and fringed and plain rib bons, lor sale by BENJ'N. F.BABCOCK, m'h 9 Iw 132 Water - st. cor. Pine - st. h jtil)lJ - U ol LJllGI.G. A GENTLEMAN aud his wife, and two or XJl three gentlemen, can tie accommodated with hoard and lxl;;in; in a very and pleasant situation, but a fhort distance from the City - Hall. They may be suited with two or three rooms on tha second floor and two on the third. Application lo be made at this office, mh 13 4l j PI WO FORTES. RMEETZ 10 Maidui - laiie, bus just ree'd per ship Washington, from London, an assortment of piano - foites, from the manufac - toiy of AVr ; among which are very elegant pianos, with harp pedals, of super ior woikmanhip, well wot thy the attention of those who wish to supply themselves with a good instrument. Also fur sale, piano - fortes. of Tompkinson's jnd Broadwood s make Umilon, ana tvrard I'. ris, Uwrcther with harps, and an assortment of the newest music, mh 13 dlw&end3w .) I ICE. A BOUT the 14th ol December last, a per.on I. with a lot of Carpenter's Tools and a SkiQ Boat, was apprehended t the Newark E; - Dock, which he was flrini for sale. From Ihe confession oi the man hllle or no doubt remains thai the tools und skiff were stolen propeity. This is to give notice that the owner or owners 01 sud property can have it again by applying to H..11 auuu OAiw.'i..'f ai saia uoc k, cy pro - vintf thi same and paying charges. And if no pvrson aipeurs in n reasonable time, they w be sold the law directs. Newark, Dec. 29, 1817. tub 113w TO THE PUBLIC. THE subscribers are ready le contract to furnish almost anv unnutily of Marble, from th"ir quarry at Kineshridge. The marble is si oiilann colour and suiienor in Quality to that c which the tront of ihe City Hall is constructed It can be z l out to almost anv size and dim. it sions, tuitalde for every part of building, and would ne delivered in the rougn, or preparru ior the buddtng, warding to order, at a m oderate rate and at a short notice. All orl' s may be lteed at I & C. BOLTON'S oftVe, No 5H Brnadwat, oral Mr. GIDEON TUCKER'S, ,o 4 Wfnte - strect, or at the quarry, with Mr UKif.lit W. HALL. mh 17 Jiaw'm PAPER HAVOI.V r. A H INSKEFP. No. 3 Courtland strret, in order Inclose (lie concern, offj - rs for sate al very reduced prices, his remaining stock of Pa id H uiKingi, tomprisii nn elegentassorUucnt lor City and couo'ry sales. mh II lw a A chance for two dollars, of obtaining part of the Mammoth IVw.e onO.lHX) dolla s f V the Grand Milford and Owego Road liOt I. teiv, which utoconimencedrawingon the 5th of Max. Whole Tickets. 30 I Quarters, $7 50 Halve, 15 Eighths, 3 75 Two Dollars for a .Sixteenth Share. Tickets w ill aiv tce to 32 dollars on Tues - da wck. F01 the following veiy splendid prizes in this Loiw - ry, applv ai G ti It W MIES', Truly Fortunate ..fitters Office, 54 Maiden - Lane. I P. - ue of. O 000 Hollars 1 to 3i.l0 do 2 do 10.0U0 do 2 d'i 5 00 do IV first driai .. Ite entitled to JVWO firt lrawn:nfni 5'hdty UA) - Ti hrst ftsMitn m the 7Hi il'.y 13.ill lettt't rirnwn on t: ' Un day . 3j t r.. n. 6t .11 tne I.Sthday 70.000 Oir - ec hi t". II Vs will be kept for the examination of ail Tickets. mh U 9 1 Ftp Sola, or txtttoegt for property in the A FABM containing 60 acres, pleasantly situated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village 01 aewbuign The lanct is ot an excellent quality, and with the exception of a lew acres, has been seeded with timothy and clover for mowing ; it is well watered by a small brook that never fails ; the place aUmnds with fruit of the cho.cest kind and in great va riety ; the buildings are a house, barn and o - ther necessary out houses; in point of pleasantness of situation and extensive prospect, it it not exceeded by any piaceou the Hudson f - river. 1 he rapid growth f tl,e vntsge in Newaurgh is generally known, the village is now bounded by the farm on the north, and the first extension noi th (which will probably take place in the cunrce of a few years) brings it immediately 011 to the farm ; the advantages of such an event speak for themselves. Also, within 2 miles i f the faiin, 50 acres of wood land ; the nood is about 20 years growth and the land is well covered with it ; this is a valuable acquisition to the farm on the river. Also,afardi in Connecticut, in tho town cf Guilford, at Sacheiushead harbor, lontainmi; between CO and 70 acres. The land is of an exielleutiiualitv, and the greatest part is in ti mnlhy ;;rais. It is bounded ou three sides by the sea, which aflbnls amide sources of manure, and saves much fcneinz. There isou the place a house, barn atid out - building, sulhcieut for all purposes of the farm. For tcru:8 of the Newburgh property, apply to Messrs. J. Si T. 1'owel, at that place; aud tr the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at Guilford ; or for both, to the subscriber iu yen York, at No. 181 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, nuh 6 D2aw4wClaw4w NOIU H RIVER STEAM BOA I s. m& iVt - The mibltc is re'liert 1UIIV lmoruiril lliai ,11c - ui.i - con will leave New - Y'irk, CuV - - iin Monday next, the lbtl March, at 9 o'ebx k, A. M. nihil L.1 t)S I.Y OHIO. T IIIR subscriber offers for sale the f.dlnw ing valuable lamU ill the ut.ite of Ohio, part otthe United Mates militaiy trjct, via 4000 acres in the county of Delaware, being the 3d section of the 3d township of the I7th range, lying about H miles north of Columbus, the seat of Government, anil 5 miles norm east of Worthim - ton. This tract lies between Allnm and Walnut Creek, very near the for mer, and is intersected by the state road from Columbus to Lake hue. 3600 acres iu the county of Knox, being part uf the 4th section of the 5th lowir.hip, of the I5tli range, and lit. on the north fork of Licking, about JO mi es northwest of Newark and Granville, 12 miles somhwrxt id Mmnt Vernon, lu miles northeast of Hcikshire, and about ;6 miles northeast of Columbus. The state road from which to Mount Vernon passes throiitrh the northwest corner of 1 fie tract. These lands are of excellent quality, in a part of the state which is very fast, und the title bt ing from the United States to the subscriber and taxes legularly paid, Will be warranted li ce of all incumbrance. Perth Aiiihoy (n.j.)J JAMES PAIiKt - 'R. March 12, IblS. J mh 13 l)lauC'.'aVk6w Military bioniv lands. r I'll K Huliscnlu r will pay the highest piire in I cash to the lab: toldieis for their bounty lands. JAMES D. WAUSWOrtTH. No. iO Water - sir. et. N. B. J. D. W. purposing to leave I he city for the Illinois Territory, requests all those who employed him to obtain their patents, to call und take un the same, or receive Cash lor Ihem. Will take any afency business to the llli uois1 Territory, relatue to Soldiers claims, ic Apply as aliove. - n., h ' IM ' Swt ' ' ' sEl.EC P LOARUI.X. M liUUL. 'I'llKllE nre al present live hi ancles iu 'be 1 Revd. WILLIAM FOV LLL'S School, ui rmiipsfiuriih, louliers, est - Chester County His sysieiu of education is such us to enuhhf hi in to qualify f'tung Kentlemen for Colltge or in. - Louniing iii.use within a reasonable, time Hit scho - il is select, Iher iiinht r of Pupih limited, and tne ir. atraetit ol Ihe most liberal kind. 1 he lollowins bruuchi s of useful and ijohle li - lernure are luiignt, viz Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, l.atiu, f reni n, Etielisli Grammar, Ucogruphy, Mathematics, Sic. It i presooied that few Institiitionsof the kind can oiler greater advantages, whether they regard insiiucun in general literature, in moral hnn Migioui principles, or in correct and eenthman ly deportment. "" The Parsontftie iu which the Poiuli are accommodated, is commodious, reti red und pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which there is always a direct and eatv communica tion. For further particulars application may ne maue 10 Bishnp Hubert Dr. Wilson, Columbia T. 8. Clarkson, Esq. C M'Ever. Esq. Win. Bayard, inn. Eq College. C. D. Coiden, Esq. '1 . A. Kmuitt, Esq, ml! A. Schermerhorn, Esq. D2mC1w t HIUTand PUHLsT TliLLS. (JSP WILLIAM PRINCE has Inr sale at his nursery at r lushing, (L. I ) ntar Ne w - York, an exten sive asoitment of Furniean and American r nut aud Uinaiuenlal Tret - s and Shrul.s. The Peac Trees are in the most healthy state and or good size, many ol them having produced fruit in the nursery tne last season. Catalogues of (he Nursery may be had at Ihe store of Messrs. T. ti J. SWORDS, 1M0 io 1 rvarl - sireet t Where orders left will be duly attended to, and Pie trees, tic. carefully packed and delivered, free 01 freight, at Crane Whari, Nev York. Printed directions will be furnished those who purchase peaeh trees, which if attended to, will enable them to preserve large proportion ot their trees in anraithy state, and to have peach es in as great plenty as formerly. mn v auc. ot IHK 1ILK)RD(OWFGO ROAD LOT 1 TERY, in which 70.0UU Dollar is the highest prize, will positively commence drawing oil the 5th day of May next. TICKETS ti SHARES. In a variety of numbers, for sale al the Bookstore and Ixrttery finite of ABRM. P. B ROWER. No. 57 Maiden Lane, corner of Nasvi street. allhf present price of 3'' Dollars each. Prize Tickets in 'oriuer lotteries taken in pay ueiit. A roneral assortment of School Bo ksand s a liooary lor sale as above. mh 9 Iw FKUIT and FOliLUT t HLLS. rs) - r fJO" JAMES BLOOMUOOD r jEiusbing. (L I. near New York, j large assortment 01 ine nisi ay proved European and Americao sorts of Apple, Par, Clierry, Plumb, Pi - ai h, Apricot, NecU - rite aad Quince Trees, with an asxn tueut ol Forest Trees. A terv lar - e as rtmrut of Peach Trees, per fectlr healths, ana ol vigorous growths ; catalogues of which may be had of 1IIOMAS BLOOUUOUV, No. 206 Front Strrst Where orders left will lie narfk olarly (It: oded to, and trees csreluily picked ann aeiiverea iree of freight, at Crane Wharf, New York. frr moled directions win oe mrnisncn ih who perchase peacb trees, which, ifatteodedto, will eeshlethemtopresenre a large propo - iiin ef their trees ia a l.etilthy siali, und to base periM it as great plenty at forturdy. Bh 10 dtctty sn la m if U he GRAD GALL' AT WAIH.QTUJt - ttALL. BEKAULT has the ttooor to Inform tha ladies and gentlemen of Nfw - Yo'W, that bis annual grand ball Will take place 00 Thursday eveninp; the 26th inst. in the Wa4inig - too - Hall saloon, lo the course of the eveniiit, a ballet dance, and several other fancy daixes, will be performed by Mr. Berault's pupils, as follows : . 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 vouug la dies. 2 Corps de balht, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas scul, by I young lady 3 The shawl nW, by a yi 'ing mis 6 Giivoltc de VrMri", by (i ynun ladies 7 The h.iiitrue, by 2 young ladies 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 yoong Indies 9 'I he allemand, by 2 yniiu ladies 10 Deds ux, by two oting ladies 1 1 1'as scul, with tho tauibomine, by a young lady 12 1 ho three gmr - rs, lv 3 young ladies 13 Pasteul, by a voung laily 14 The lesson, by J youiii; ladies 15 Corps de balb't, l 20 young ladies 10 A grand march, to tourlude Kith, by SO young ladies. I he I'.tll to bc:;in precisely nt 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. Jj Ticlisls, 00c dullai each, lo be had al Vlr. Berault's, No. 31 (Jourtlndt - rect, aud to Wa - hiiconHill. nihl1? 2h .1LU.HBL. I'ltuj'f IU f ' IN CI1A Nt'l BY. Istatr e.Vnr - l ork, it. IN pursuance of a decre'ul outer of the court of chancery of this sat - , will he s. Id lit iubtic auction, underlie ilinctiou of the subHtiber, ai the Tontine Coffee - Home, in theritv ol Ntw - y ork. on the 19th of March, inst. al lit o'clock at noon, all thai certain LOT OF GKOUNU with the tenement therein erected, situated iu the licet ward i.f the city of New York, aid kniwn aud distinguished as number ib 111 IVni - street ; hounded southui stcrly in front by V - .!I - street ; nortlieasterly in the rear by pio) My now or late belonii to John Mai sclmlk. deceased : northwests fly I t tiroperly r."w or lnt be lontins to Wynant Van ioi.dt, iletea - ul, ci.d sontl.eaMerly by property orrner!y beloi in? 1' David Provost, dt" eased ; rontainiu in I n udil 111 Ironl and rtar, 16 del 9 indies, and in length on each side 5(1 led III in Iks. he Ilii'Siune or less ; I. ajciher with the hi.redit.'niciils and ap iiurttnani e tUltto heloni;ing. P. li illl.DIt ETII, ' mh 12 dts M.ut' r in ( hnni ery . t&Z 'J O L - . T, 4nir The stores and cellar iomi of those 3 story houses No. 10 and I i 011 Broad strc - t ; und a uew two story hoii'e Nr.. H nn V':w sneet, im mediately in the r.'M of No. 10 Broad - street, lit lor a genteel I'aniliy, beii'Kncw. Also, a g.o.i house nt Greenwich, and one nt llarisem. with twnnnU a hall acres ol t, round, near MantiHttanville. Apply to CI IAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - st. mhlStl" IU LL i: To a small 1 rivate funiilv. who uoidrt he willing lo take agcnti, man and l.:s wile, lI n nhcrid price, as Louideis, the house No. I1.i (reenwich slreet, with the eiccptionof the two ii.wtr roiUi, occupied ascflices. Applv . - .s a - hove. lull fi l'v MKhVILi lH Uul LL, iv. 1. - i... i. ...... i 1 i iuuc let, muse ii;aiit ant, r..ucit, b. ildinirs. No 41 and 43 W all - str. et, f.i nicrly occupied by Mr. Solomon II. t.ibMin. ciilu r to - getheror keperate. Possession will lie given iitimediat. ly, or on the first of May next Apply uu the premises. mh 12 fUli t.lLf., X3jl The lease ol the llousu . nil Lot No 7 HTiTTuo ilrifl. 34 veais unesoired. sulliect lo i uruund rent of iM nvr nm'uiu. Ihe boufe. is two stories hith, tilled in with brick two r.x.rns on the ftrl II or, four on the secnod, and two bed rooms in the garret ; a pautry and woott t, a Kood ctstrrn in the yam, ami a rann way lean lias thereto. Also, u small stable in the rearol taut lot Enquire at No. 18I Water - street, mh 10 1w I I RS. BROW N, respectlully tittiiiiin, nils lo iVI tlie Ladies of this City, her method lo tern lung the ryslemalical liund writing which has universally prevailed in Ent;litiid lor Ihe lust s.jven years. I hose l.fuies who are aipienseit with Iheir presi'iii mote ol wrilinf, lei it be ever so imp rfacl, will, in twelve lesions write with neatiiass and dexterity without the (iniihhf ol'iul - nz tin 11 iiaiier or the use ol lines. Lndie waited upon at their own residence, und sch'iols ultend - ed 00 application to Alas, iiiwuvs nt xo r roiii - i. TERMS. Pystomatical writing, twelve lessons, $10 R und hand do. for children, perijuarter, 8 Pen uakiiiK. taught in one lesson, 1 mli 4 'iw A 1' AUCTlt .'(, BY iiUALS and TOW.Y, e Tomorrow, 12 o'rlock, at the 7. C. H the laree well built three ! ry' brick lious mid lot No. 104 Greenwich - sine. 'I be hi. tin ts V (eet 4 inches front and rear, and 60 leet deep, containing I0r ,ora, 7 of which have lire , 1 1 . ... places, anu an exi '.riirni pc - iiun Kitciirn. , ur rooms on ine ni si n.ior coiiioiuincMie uy loiuing doors. There is a ttnod cistern in the yard, con taining about 30 hhds the bit is auoi.1 IOC feel deep. Also, th - lot on the rear, fronting on Waihiiigtou - slrcf t, coiil., wins; in (runt and rear about 20 feel, and iu depth ab'.ut 79 feet. Pea - session will he given on tlie first of May, or ear lier 11 required. A mup ol the above described property is exhibited in the Tontine Coffee Hons, . u.h 13 y tut sit .ILi. - U., F On Tuesday, March I7ih, id 12 o'clock at ihe I online Coffee House, tha following very valuable property : 1 be three story brick bouse and lot No. 181 Broadway, between Det and Corllaudt - street. being 25 fret 3 inches in iront and rear, by 10 J feet deep, a hrst rate situation lor business Also, the lot aud tenements at the north - west orm r of Catharine aud Cherry - streets, bemg ti feet 3 inches 111 front by 98 deep, directly op - iosite the market. Also, the house and lot No. 498 Greenwich dreet, 'J5 feet by 1C0 d. cp. I wo lots in VVa.hioelon - slreet, extending to West - street, under a lease of 6 years unexpired from May next, at 200 per ann. Abo, ti lots in the tillage of Greenwich, for particulars enquire of THOMAS BOI.ION, wh 13 did Master in Ch ineery. OARDl(i Aneldi rly lady uin. a eni I t man ai.d bis wile ( an be acrriinniodated with e.parluicnts and Board in a private 'amily aui centrnl situation, from the brrt of Miy next, Apply at this ' Hi. e. mh 5 w EDUCATION Al RS. DAWSON lately from the Eastern Continent n peel ully inf irms Ihe pnhlii , nal Hie .: ntv iir.1 ."rliool in ilicrrr iinxi, No. DR. where vount; Ladies will lie ca. Tally in structed by hersell erid dauhb - r, in writing, arithmetic, drawing, his'ors, grftfraphy. nse id Ihe globes, and nesdle wora in 'i ac"!ii". Mrm I). heis leave lo observe lhal hertfcl r t.urhir., i"i,irn.rd frobs her own exiie'ience greatly lai dilates the improvement of ) ou(h with ease and pleasure io inrnisi ikp, u . r cr dible i ortioo oi iheir lime, when . niployed in the usual way. Great attentr n will tie paid lo Enilish Grammar, Beading bikI Pronunciation. N. if. Writing and Draw ins, in a superior man ner by nss wawsoi. tun i s .its - BOARD. ANTED, ia the upper part of the town, in a respectable family, accomoditi .n for a Gentlemnu, Lady, Child and senranl ( onmrni - hed rooms will ne oeceM.try, cunuisui ca'in: wuh each other - a slerptnc place will al " r qui nl f. r the servant, and board with tbu family. Any prron bavinx these accorona jda tion a Inch upa the Hudson Square, not lywri dowo than Ful'o.i street, w.stsidf.'f Ur - 1 lay, will please to address tu U. O. at tkts oCsce. . BHUStf POT3LIG SALT33. BY ?. L. MILL'S CO. ' u.. . Monday, ', ' IX o'c lock, at the auction room. 148 Pearl., st a genetal assortment of French and Eiig lish dry ixids, among which ate 1 Cae flot entitle vesi.sgs, 3 trucks rich veils and thaw Is, ant 2 bnlev bumbaetu, assorted colon, s. V 1 .. li ht.K evl. ULlLtJlSG, I. riHEpromirtoruol the soiitheni oirl, qua X. rus, iu r Kind's - RrMe, gin iiotk e; uiat Hi - y have 011 hand, and nre irceivmg, ai tbs ktngU - litidnt &)utble lid .imr - 1 ext, by pf Bi ai li sireel, 011 the Kudim tsrbsiT stew k i4 Bi.uble lor builduig, ol the loilcwiog da - scTiption Vil s , s - ' Aihlar loping Watertable FouiHatioh Sloas), Steps Chimi.ey - Piecet '' l'ltiorm Mils, l.iulels Coluuui . A r. lies Abo Lime of the t el q - liiy, T, - A iuii an 1 up; U id the aimve oiatenaU in iv be cab ulattd upi.11. und th w ile iroiif of ,iurch:uiug, or making n irs,"'v"' lo rZliA I hlii. - W, . Feb 11 At t!V.,r,!.: ft I M... I , Ai A. ( n I. , ftj - The cotitriie ts st loch are i - bt tamed in to i..r the s'lcct ini.Miic. will 1 1. mere - i.ti the 1st .f May next, (f.r 1 1 r 5 t he n nti. n. fd in tlie sealed piop.a ; aed ll.e tif ets aif to ! ettei t ind clean - I, Ir u. the. 1st ol i art Ir 10 Hie 1st of J teuiii , in evi r yenr ' Feb VI ll ( li Nd : IUNW v . if The s'.o. khnld. rl. aie lii't y not'fietl tbat 111 f - Xi ctieii lor thirteen lui it tors v. tli be held 00 ihe first 1 uesday in April nrxt, a'.ti 'that the p.. 11 will t e opened at the Baiikuiit llcuse in W ll street, ut 10 o'clock A. M. and' closed at 3 o'clock P. M. . l.y order of the President and Directors. - mih3 W. FISH, ( hr. ' i OI AR1 NEliShlP Xj The subscriber have formed a .cennexion 1 111 t usitiess us Slot k and Exchtnge Brok. is, un - !. i ire tirmcf LIVINGSTON Al I KA(. V.iffjcsj Nu. i'J A uil - slreet, lately occupied by DavtU v port JC Trnry. VtLENTINE N. LIVINGSTON, HENRY D. TRACV. mh 4 lw ' ClttCHS, AN I tlU.s Vo TltEKi . " fjO" 'n Tu. sday next, 17th Man h, Mr. b'l A.M - I.AS, bt iiifc Uii:ib.e from the ci ntistled - 'ate 0! his itppatti:ients, in Mechanic Hall, Irom display :nj idi thosi wonder, which recniedM much ipphtus, - in Europe, h, taken ti e nn ui - u r a lew eveuiu''S. in In brie; oiwir.1 tha i tlnbrnb.d and s much mliutred Ne plus Ultra, jrC enjn or of White Mflgir. 'lhis surprising, and iiicoinprt beusible experiment, ha t xriteii puiiic itdii iralinn in I.uri'jn , end the itor hopes it wi.l meil with tlmt applause in this cits, winch wus to lilw 1 a'.ly bestowed in Finnca and Ei.uland. Mr S ha I the bom r ol pri tnt - ny this surprising di - i ov ry Inr the fir' I time in 1.112, btlcre the tmp.i - s ui Vienna - iiaving c.inveved his l'ts kel liaiidm n l.ief and W altU tlie distance ol 2 tulle, withi lit li uv nt her pi eiibe. itcicnti d eenerul satis, action 'hr Mitl out Hit Coin I. end struck so ( ' D the tuii.dsof '." thine ptes, i.t, thai (hey Kive huri tl e ai pclttitioa . of the " H uuderoftheAfttV For further parti - ' i uluis see btlis 01' tho day. Mr. Mestnyer, l - icrprctfir to the pi rioimiiniei. I'onis ou'ii al b o'i let k ciiriaui rtenr7. fit It. ts. Box 41 . upper boxes 75 rts ; lit 0 , etits 1 1 liiltln 11 ball pM e. Il ih 9 Ht I lie present occupant ol tne. bouse N . 3 While street, cmceivis it her duty to appnre the Hcnlleman who bus bin dil, that be cai.uut have possession ufiton lb fust of May, for r - a - "f. - .s which she piesuints he will ackn'wled(0 petti rtly tatislnrtory, it he wili bes" st'MI , s lo - eck an interne with Mr. Kose, ft I. is ( ftcc, nt die cilner of Gobi and f itltcn - street - tihvins; rssayediii viitntodiH'over hIio beislicia the a - , muil.le owner, rt sfits to tl 1 mediiin as the test resi'utre. mb 9 1 w A,M - .ark Lhamht if - sue tree I U following gentlemen are appointed to serve on the Monthly nmtniitee, to (,ljnt and deter. mine all mercantile disputes which may bo rrf rred to tbtm : . (f) Thomas lluck ley, ' FI ph't. Williaml,. , ,r I'etcr R, msen, Gideon Pott, yt a i ... i . ... , I... mix 14 & AIM HMHin si:stii. f a I . ill Kit :kS SiK IE I Y. tfj - Xlie friendly Sou of St. Patrick ril'ce4 NOflCE iVj - About fhe&Othof Kerf last, three mentis broi.silitiiitothe New Intel, in die tow not Hemp - - stead, on Loni? Island, a small fishing boat One r of tliem staled that tho boat wa called the Ham - t iniiig Hiid, of Portland, (M.) and belongm to Mm ; (hat they were then on itietr passaxe iron Pl.jlade,phh lo Newport, (R. I.) and hid put on Hccunl of some dmn ge which the boat had sustained, and from a wvtof provisions. Ihe men left the bont. with a ndiini: net on bonrd of her, in the possession of the subscriber, and pro mised to call ior Ihem ou tneir return irom iifw - Y,rk. On examniine ihe stern fflhe b - ai, tier - name appears to be the Meteor, of Brutal j This circumstance, together ith (lie lad, that the men ubove mentioned haven"! ailed lor the boat, induces (he ubsrri!.erto belli ve that she did not belong to Ihem, oreitliernl Ihsin. Ih oweer of Ihe boat anil net can obtain possession f them by calbng on the subscriber, proving pro,riy, and paying the W1W oitnusvu rr.nrinst , Hempstead, (L.I.) March II, 1818. mhlitw aa of jfeio - Horn Comitri ftr's 'Ju. irr - Piihiir. notice IS heiehf tiven to Ihe bidd ers of (he seven per cent stock of this slate, that ail instalment ol twenty per cerium ci uin . nal amount of that slock, equal to four seven - lecnd.s ol the prfscnl amount, will be paid off on tlie first day r.l April next, or at any time ti.ert rtflerwhcil deniutnlcd. Payment will lie made at the Bank of Ne w - York, in the cilyof New Yotk, to Ihe slnrkhcld - ers residing in Ihe southern district of this slate end out of the slue, and to all Ui"rs the New - York Stu!e Bank, in the city cf Alhaoy It is required that the c rtifh ates i.ued for the to k should be exhibited U the bauk where such uaymeut are made. The interest or. the saiJ instalment will cea) after the said firl day of April m xt. Dated at , Albany, mifrrli 9lh. I0IH. ARt'H'D - .tl'INTYRE, ComptV. , . mh 1.1 lit I NOilLr.. , it 'll.e co - Datlierdiii lietwcn the subfri - bers, lir.gdis.olve.l by i'l own limitation, Ld ward N. Cox, take oo him'cll the settlement ol lt concern. LDW ARfr N. COX. JAMEi L. WON I AL'DEVF.RT. ftT James l Mi!i!sudevert and Jonathan Otis Walker, continue ase otnuii'tn mer In ids, at P rl a, ( - t. D.niii.t;( ) uader the fiim oi Mootaudevert, witiaer. o. jAt L v ON I AUDEVERT, J'.JN'A. OTIS WALKEii. oihM3 lw fL TO lih'XT. sl'flll : The Assembly Room, with the adk - ia - in apaitments, in Rs's Built'inxf. No. 140 ulton - stre' to the coiner of bioadway. The premise are well culculrded tor a large) , tool, for public meeting orsitietiee ; the lie; re r ,om b.'ii.g npwantsef : 0 ice i lengih, and st - ; - nut 89 ieul ia breaillh. wiU) a 14 ft el - - I he whole, at lo iteatioa and sie, n we I caj - . , elated t..r ea auction estabiishuKBt l rai iure and other sale. " . ' Th. above will be,ei.Udf a3r , - di.seea se ns Irom ine !'' R! r"f - T Jhudtf B,B,jB . j chiai - .t'ie annicrsary el lhis Society nn fuel - ?. tlay, .he llh in'daid, at the Bank Coffee House. Dinner nn the lahle preciiely, at4oVlot k, P. M. J. MONTGOMERY, Sec'ry. K mh 13 Ot J ?. I : j; 'A: r i Vaie - '

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