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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, March 14, 1818
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v W.t iK r.VKSlSQ PoaT. SATURDAY, MAKCH 14. Jt trltlrmmi mik eerretnondaill.X h:ir. at thl moment lying on a, j desk before nv, near a . wore of anooy mous communications, all of which - art expected, by .he writer, to obUic place in we paper, ana, oi course, tnai me wnoie .our e j . . . . . page of it ihoulJ be filled exclusively with Ui Ingenious lucubrations of our industrious customer. Tbi, however, is not, we thiak, qait reasonable, and it may b doubted whether ucb HI M)J,irDpruUIOIl UJ uur tV4UH uuuhhi wvw... be altogether satisfactory to tbc great majority of our readers. AAer a little reflocliop on lite julject, we bar concluded to din - ose of most of them bv a brief notice of each, tnewing them a proper degree of rsect, but declining the inser tion at length of more than one in a dux on. I take them up ta Ihey lie.' Tbe fint ft a well - written piece, but I think lew sound than plausible, ou tbe lur - jeet of Wou - j in - rf industry ; which the author object! to, for - the singular reason that their tendency will be to V (ire employment to unskilful workmen, to with - , draw or divert a portion of industry from the e - Ubli bed dealcts toward thii soe ictyjind thai be - Befitting the latter at the txw nee ol the'former ? AQit ni appeals tome tailor, inoeauKiir, nauer, tie. if the effect will not bo to draw off their custom." Now, It appear to me, tbiet ih - append is mt'de to the wrong quarter ; to the interested few, in preference to the disinterested many li there a agle man in New - York that does wot tliink tbe profit of those mechanics already too great, and that any fjir means that ran be dai - iaed to lessen tliem. wonld not benefit the '. community at large ? Tbe Inference, then, directly the ether way. Cut the objection, at any rate, doei not apply ta the tcrioty aj at pre aeut constant, d, being reiifliKd entirely to the , eniji ovuitnt of indigent females, who have not (he mean of flnd'ug employ mint. " Four Ircg Dumber ui lavor o' retaming our KM! n 1 I .ui. A rin.i M.tttMT - I. V I It , uid - rstaad that a respectabfe petition signed by numerous list of wen of limine, is sent to Al bany, to repeal the esittiu,' tatutes, considering tbem a in reality defeasing their declared inten. Hon. 'Th subject is important,, and if rendered immediately iutrretling by being brought before the leeHilntor', the numbers shall bcpublitb - ' ad," for lhy will do credit to the paper. . .i ' UA Sutteribtr," keginuing with a disserta - tion on the liberties we enjoy, and ending with toe incomparaoie isranam," muii excuse me, If I paa over him with litis brief notice. . ' f ex Pupuk, cotitaiui oma very proper observations on the praiiice of the corporation in telling the dirt of the street, without o'lii,in tbe pttrcbater to carry it away, and limiting Ui (Ontraet to the fint of December instead of extending It throughout the year. Tbe tubject hat been mentioned before. Cannot Homo condense a little ? B. it nectttarily postponed. A gn4ium f tht bar, is not understood. Dignified Experience is too much disposed t be " quick in quarrel." A constant reader, cautioning young merchant! and the fair ex, againtl ibrmiiig unproper con aectionr, ii iupeclcJ of being a Jilted lover. An Olttntr, complaiutcig that certain bnx in the theatre, by tlieir conttuut Idling and laughing out'iht, divide the attention of the pit Wiiil Hie actor, ii received, but I cannot ihii.k . but lie mu t bave allude 1 to u(h an uuUcn.n - ing practice iu woie other theatre, audnot iuotn own. . . , . Several other commuuicattoui shall appear In due time. Congreti. petition, in the nilure of an ftp peal from the pn - idont to congren, was present' ad by an agent of tho repuUirsof V'ciwiueiu ami Buenos Ayref,omplaning of the capture of Aim , lia - l. - laud, statiug that the executive had refuted justice, and praying for the interposition of coo - gre. There was a motion made not to receive tbe petition, as coming from an improper taun t U involving an Interference with the executive, which, after a three hour's debate, was decided in the affirmative, 114 to 28, aud so thy petition wa rejected. pro bably be given iu our next. CLUMS FOR DESTROYED PROI'F.RTY. Mr. Wil um, of ,onlt Carolina, fWtm the eomiii'ttte of clainii, who were in.truc ed to inquire into the expediency ot continuing hi force the act ot April 9, Ibl6. and the simple nenUry act pastel in 18lr, for indemnifying those who have nutained lusset of p operty while in the milit try service of the United State, made .report, conch riiiiir with the ft! lowing resolutions, the latter of which, it ill be perceived, have reference to certain comlti nation to crnnm.t fh.iidtun tbe Office of Claims, Which have been detected : ' 1. Ilcsoivod, That it is inexpedient to con tinue louirer than the 9th ot'Au - il 1813, the act en itled "an act to authors the pavinent for property loit captured or rlestroAed while in military eri.c of the United States, ami for oilier purp .es," passed the9tli of April 181', and tiie act in amendment thereof, patted Jd or March, 1817. 2. Keralved, That all claims which shall not have been ac'cd on in tho office of tho commiv tirmer on the 9ih of April n - xt be traiufem d for adjudication to the clBi e of the 3d auditor of the trtMury drpitmeot, and the said auditor in making op bit dccUions shall he evened in nil re - po; w by the same ruVs, regulat ons aud re - trict.oer a have been prescriUd to the couimi - tio - .er of claims. t. n - esonej, i hal the ronrnittee of claim 6e directed to report a b 11 My to the far v.! in rt..'iit..vA mJ 4t!i. Kr - nite l, th - , attorney reneml h . . - - li - .nui - u ri u,e c the lmted pt - .t.fir thefUieofXrw - Y uit or suits w.vch may b.j necesrarr 'o : oi , any srom ireJivirti.:, iho m iev ihev h - .r. f...i.. ioer lently obtaiucd frm tin govcnun. - n: ot th Ui., te.J itate, a ider Uie net nf ih - mt. ... ; 1C 1, ind the ct auieuJatoi , Uu - tto . d J i ef .siar. - h, H,7. 5 Ke - ol red, That Ihe attorney g. - j rulbi rlHV" ctt" to be '"1',"t - ' '3 th. conn, of the United ttHtcs Sir the unto of Xew York och ptweca;isas miy bad to tho . - .:,(. and pnruf'i ii. nt of those, person - who may h u been fui'ty of the eiune of perjury ;,0d t.ilxw. na'i i of ierjury, bj tupport ofndni nt ch m - api the nn,iiiw.i ik. if. t . " n,tt UJ' I'M. mi. tfeaA. JwtoedtolUtbaloffleera, UkJ 1 of 18 14, 1 of 65 1 - 8, ofl The report wm table. A resolution passed th boose of represent - lives last Monday, providing tor the adjournment of congress on the 1 3th Apr U. Matt nbbtd. - The following letter to the post master in this cite, was received about half past 1 1 otloCK nil evening, ty txpress ; M Philadelphia, March 13, 10 o'clock A. M. S - Dear Sir We have this momea learnt that the great mail, between this city and Baltimore, bat been robbed. We find that nearly all the double letter are musing. It will be well foi you to caution the public, that they may bn on the look - out. I send this by rxprctt, and hope it may reach you in time to come out - in the morning paper. I go immediately to the south, and if any discovery i made, you shall Lear from me. Your most obedient, CHESTER BAILEY, agent for the general pott - office Theodoras Bailoy, Fq." By the mail of this morning we have received the following additional particular. t'HOM Ol'liOiRUF.SPOynESfT. Office ol the Baltimore Patriot, ) March 12. I Mail Kobberv ! ! .' - It will bn seen by the fo! lowing letter, mat (ho V. 9. Mail, which left lialtim'tre yeirday, at 3 o'clock, for the east wan), was robbed Ju - t before it arrival at Ha vre de Grace. VVa leim that three suspicou' persons were seen proceeding to vard this place ind it if believed tbe robber are now in this ci ty. It behove every person In towu and coun trv to use every possible vigilance to detect them. Havre de Grace, Thursday morning, 4 o'clock. ) John Ft. Barney. 7. 6ir nkc tiio rMillest onrinrtunily to ond you by expire an v count of bal happened to he mail ev - mhm two mucs irorn thi nlac ihedrii - erol vcur m i l wnjon and my lf wro i.tta'lifd by thre hijfl daymen, each armed with a ili'tiMe barruled (.ittol :unl a uirk Thnv ha I, previous In our arrival, built a rai f?ri''e acrot' the road ; and itimv - diatcly on our itrivingup, ihey leaped from behind the same, itliore they lav concealed, and presented (heir pistol, to blow our brains out if ve made any resiilauce. We wore thro carried tome diianre from the road into the woods; (here they tied the driver and my self to a tree, and tooini'iircl rar lung the mad. Every le'er wa oprcrd, and all tht bank note taken o'lt ; thev sheweJ me a large bundle of bills, and I much fur tho lost will be a'undverr g'e'.. I hey were from 1 1 until 3 oMock, bmilv employed In opening the loiter. After tli'.'Y h id donu thi they t.eil us to the back of Pie waggon, trounted three ol the hores, and ffMloped off Iowa d Ballimore. J bey were all white men had (heir f ccs blncieod ; and uei - tner of them aoiieared more thau 30. 1 have jiul arrive 1 at this place, and have stated the fittsto the deputy post master, who will use eve - y exertion to recover the letters ihftl remain in the woo They did not take, any thi i belong intf to mo, and appeared not to wih any thii' hut tauk nnter. 1 hi - y wire all dro - td in ai tors' trower and round jacket, m l were a bout the middle ix : vo wcann halt .md i'e other having a liU hdkf lied rouud hi he - ad I am your ob't. crv't. IttJ. v. I.UI'l.t'W P. 8. They railed ea h other bv their eve - rai nnmn; John - on, (iilion and mitb ; but 1 ex'iect they were ficiitii u?. ixtri' t cf a le tti rfrom the pot master in Phil ailelphia to tho peit - itnter here. I'lllhAUFXPIIIA, March 13. " The niht before last, the mail was robbed, as you will see by h" no'lee I hare sent you. The drivtr was ;'g;ed and tied ; the port - msn - teiu cut open, and the Whole of its contents O' v:hau'ed. One mail rn'y was untouched, and that cotit.dped free letters from Wellington City, with some. Kentucky letter for thi office. We received the letters without the bills, (for our office,) except those ol Baltimore, Rich m jnJ and Uliarlwtoo. 1 he letters came to us lied ui pronii - cuoudy. C. Bailey, the U. S ag nl for the mails, ha gone to end - savor to trace the villains. I immediately despatched an ex press to you so that you might give the earliest notice to tne iiauks to prevent their paying any draft i that might be presented, without strict scrutiny. Every exertion shall bo made here to dircover the villains. Yours, 4c. R B ACHE, P.M. T. Bailey, Esq. T. M. New - York." Po3t - Offi - e, New - York City, Mlh Mairh, lum. For the information of the public, the post master gives tho following statement of letter - missing from the mails rcrcited here this day, a: far as he has been enabled to ascertain the tame from the pndt - hills. There may be a numbri of entire mads mining ; and a a great proportion ofthr letters came to this office iu a confused Mute, the statement may not be perfectly free from error. Ltlltn mitting out rf tht Mailt rereircd aJVeic Tprk Hi it day, t - tA March, 1818. From Sew - OtUiiui post - hill, elated Feb. 15, ne double U ttcr. AugtMtQ, (Geo ) rwt bill, tinted 3d March otic single, one double and two triple letter. Savannah, (Geo.) dated Man h 3, lliirty - tno sinli, one double tmd one triple ; and one sing' aid one double letter, i niil at that ctTice. Do. 3d March, 11 tingle, double and 1 quae niLle letter. h trle lon, (9. C.) dated 5th Mnrrh, 3 rated 27 cent, 2of 52 cents, 6 of :7 cent, 2 of 102 cent, 3 of 127 reni, 2 ol 202 re nts, 1 of 202 rents, 1 of 100 cents, and 1 of 125 cent. Do. 4tb March, 10 sii.glc, 4 double, 3 trifle. and I iuadriip!e letter; and 2s?iitr!e, 2 triple aad I quadruple le tters, raid at ti;:it cilice. . Diturm vil!e, S. C. 1 sinjle letter. Gt - riuauiovn, 2sin jlc letters. ."etersl.u. - , Va dated 9 March, 3 tingle, 2 doubl and 1 triple, and I double letter paid at olh.e. Abxau Iria, Ca. dated 10 March, 3 single letter i; inaid and M'i;le poirf. Georgelowu, Ca. Id 'urch, 1 single letter. 11 do 3 single letters un aM and 2 quadnipel letters paid. - Froai Wa .hiutrtw - City, djiUJ Hits March; 12, r.Xe l 13 l - 2entr ; U, rated 25 cent 1, rated 'ifi cents ; 1, ratej 37 cents. OfuupaiJ letter : 2 double and 3 aiogl Ieiters paid at other VS9 S - Z, pstu a uiat utv. t - New - Kent Court - House, i(Va.) daUd 10th ol March ; ; aingla UtUr raid and 1 iiijle letter unpaid. - - .' Baltimore, dated litis .March : 32 tingle let ters. . COMMUNICATION . Mr. Editor. - 1 believe that yoor correspondent was wrong in ttatinr latelv that ten. Brown committed ao impropriety in issning his late onlerfrom WaJi - uigton - City I fancy that the Potoaiac bouml tbe different commands of the two major - generals. But be this as it may, I thiak the issuing the order through the pubbu newspapers wa unwise the army it not so extensive, nor the posts so numerous, but that the order might bave been sent in maoutcrint wherever necewary, and to those it might concern See the effoct of publishing in the newspaper ; people as wnai does this mean l for people will, in thi country, atk Questions What is the uncersity for this or der ? And then the whole story of 'lie ca;itain ol artillcrv and wn. Riplev is told, and that of gen Brown and '.'en. Ripley ; and tho f f!ih citizen hear it, and tell it again, aud so the wise ailit i ry, who tell their tccrett to the public, are cau vassed. 1'rav. centlt - men, keep your own se cret!, and when you appear iu uniform wear a mililarv. not a round, hat. and hive a sword by your tide, or at Jeart one of those apologies for one. called a , ntaven Knows wnai tnev are called, but thev are so small and delicate, 'hat I think the abdomc - o of a musbeto would not be distended bv being run through with one th - m. Gentlemen of the standing army, lake care of ourp'sandq's, or the mounted militia of KentU' ky and I entiessee w ill put your nose, out of j iut. You have ao notion nf the hiifh value a rifle man and his horse is estimated at by ir.C,aiid governor B,,,1 aud Mr F thie word mere, gentlemen rffiri - rs - don't wear sahes when offduty w it not lor the look of tbe thine, the sai - h might, in tint of peace, he laid asid entirely, as it use, being to carry off the wounded, will scarcely be wanted. In Broadway, I grant you, there is some daueer from the ladietr eyes tney lrgm to pa trolo from 10 to 3 now the weather is fine ; aud in truth, the fire of tome of their eyei from un dcr or out of the mortar hat now in fashion, 'rike pretty severely againtt a pretty fellow - 1 uir.l oue nf those sliarp - thooter yesterday near Trinity Church yard, and ou my word, she rave even me such an eye - . - hot, mat nothing tint a double flannel waiatceat saved me - Tho - e vib lionneis were formed, I am sure, Mr Celeniao, for the destruction of those of our sex wbo can't stand fire. 'I he pretty Quakeresses too, who used to wear the ir plain and decent bonnet;, with a proper length of paste - board in front, are be - innin?, t see, to cut away the shaoe Irom then taces that they may shoot with grater eflicl - I mat two of them att hour sinre, with no more pe nt - house over their eyes from their bonnets than is to be found on the hats of. the vouug and old fops of our owo sex of this nice city. We shall hunker in May or June, Vr. Coleman ; I see they are begiuuiug to crapo Up the dirt in Dread way, srhie Ii you know is the only afreet iicceas ry to be kept iu order. Your fcirud. P. S. One of my Bergen friend desires to r.ow, whether on do in your conscience Do - ieve the hogs will bo prevented living iu the - ireeU of the city this summer he bat 24 there now, pigs and all. CHARLESTON, March 4. I Domntk Exports. There was exported from hf port of Charleston, bstwmu the l.t dav f October, I HIT, and the 28th day of February, 1MB, 3o'JI hales ftea - Mand cotton, 211,275 bales upland do. ; 3tl,027 barrels rice ; and 9i0 tiog - Ueail of tobacco, Sivahhh, March 3. A letter from the tiollector of the port ol j Dai len to a gcntlemi n in tiiis place mates, that the ni.veo - ui lliut lmrlior lia.l sevtntly eight African slants at the Creek Agency, and that they were on their. way a Uaricn t.'otton was neli.nL', in Augusta, un the 23tli tilt, at 29 a 30 cent. To thin Burners. Anived, at Darien, (Ga.) on Hie 27th iustaut, a briif called the llesi;n, Wu'.ls. Ihe mate, who arrived in eharge ot said vessel, stales, that the uiu. - ter purchased her tn - m the owner also on bo trd while tho lai - l critically ashore ou some of the tlalutnn blauds . and that the said owner and master pun h:i - c i together a sloop, on board of w hich they took : cargo of tail at Turk's Island, ami saile I for Si. Gary's, (Ga.) directing tho brig to keepio company, which she did, until somewhere in the l. titudu of tlitir destined port, when they weir. seoa'ated in gale. 1 he mate also states, tbsl the sloop may have gone ou to Georgetown, (5 C.) Phis it to tm'ify all concerned that Ihe sai 1 brig will be detained, nntd some nio - snli'lic tory account be ri - cen ,1 respecting htr, as she has neithe r papers or log - hnolc. W.J. modd. Collector. Darieu, Feb. 28, 1818 L 52 A letter from llatavia, dated November 19, received by the Adelitii , at Salem, lyj,4, Tbe number of veiel which bave ar. ied here and are daily ar iving, induce u to believe th it the price of our pi - oitttcc will continue ve - v high. Vi e therefore cannot reco.nnieiul your making ahipincntH to this port. 1 lie iro - vernuient have determined to hell only i(),'HJ' - niculseven month; manv American .md Hutch ships are waiting the next sale. We are in ell e - l to belive it' will not be tower ban the lust, wh ch ws nearly all purcbatcd by Mr. Walii. cf - fhiladelnliin, at Sl4 per picul. The cotlee it green, bat ofupciior q ialily." A letter from Ratavia, of Nov. 19, to a mer chant in thu city, mentions the death ol Vr. Thomat llubbarli, ol Nerwc h, on the 3J of that mouth, after an illness of 15 davs ; capt. Megiu - ncs, ol Philaih ; rapt. Thompson, of Ptil - v dMphia, about 26lh Oct. ; and of capt. Ba)le, .f ship 11 ratio, on the 14th Nov. Capt. Church had been ill, but was on the recovery. It wa healthy among the American tailors, not one of whom had died. FROM OUR LOR HF.SPOXDE VT. Patriot Office, ) Baltimore, March 12. S Arrived, ch Mary - Ann, Chapman, 8da fioni N link B: it:aipsn, iNeill, 110 hours from .Savannah. Came over Tybee bar in co. with hhip GmkI Ucturn, Sands for Liverpool, wild brif Anicli.,, Molt, Fir . lork 1 he Hnenon Av - rcau brig General Sail Martin, lay at Tybee reach for sea. Ma'.ch i, Let 3 - 1, Ion 7o42, put - sc - dnch Ambuscade, of A'.j brook, laeinjf to in a M. V iTjle, iMMtnil lo f.lia. lelon Passed in the biv b - ititid up, sch i - a ah & Lou se, 1 stii ip at anchor on the middle ; a ljrc ship and cli .amc in anil ancnored in the evening i passed oll't'.e Uodkiti, tcii Laura, f oru tsavai naii, and a lip. M A Klil r: 1 1, By the Reverend Qimtian B'rk, Mr. Solo mon Vaie - ntine to Miss Mnrgaretla Eliia Riatr, both ol Una city. DIEO, This morning, at 8 o'clock, Mrs. Eaphemia Atkins, !;ed l4. widow of the lal Mr. I.aac Aikiu, liroKer. .vhe died in the fail b lief o' the Holy Friuity. i n rUiio,is anl urnls ji tne fatniiy are r - tfully ii.vitrd to attend he; I ont - si, at half pt lonr to - morrow akraooo, at No. 1J0 Fultoa - etreeL At Savatmah, on the Sd init. John Laweoo, .' . . ... M . . . r, At Bataiia, on the in ovemurr t4 a tliort illness, ta tbe 30th year of bige, Wil liam Augostot Baylcy, youogei too ot u Ur. Richard Bay ley, of this city, and late com mander of the hip Horatio, oi in. p" - ' CYUtlM'J POST MRlJfE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Criers, Haylay, - . Calcutta Robert Unox che vne V Marv. Stubbs. Plymouth. N C. Milo, Famham, Savannah Lou ta, Disbrow, Norfolk and Alexandru Riid. Edward. Halifax Rowland & Rraine cioon Factor. Clacker. Baltimore JUKlFkli Ulia WHF.M)tA, Pch Conatellation. Rider, 4 dayt from Cur. rituck.with ttaves, to Baker k Robertson. Yetterdav, ofT Cape May, poke tloop Hiram, bound to the sou h ward. Just arrived at the har. eh Alexander. Bishoi). from N York. British brig Regulator, Fitzbttrgb, 14 day from Turku - Wand, v - ith talt, to S tt J Hiljer. Left, ship , belonging to Hartford, the on ly Anic ican vnsel there spoke nothing. Vch Malvina. Dvmhurn. 13 days from Alex andria, 3J hour from the Ci. with flour and flaxseed, to W Neihon & 4'on. Left at the Ro ds, briir B itann.c, from Norfolk for York ch , Sc - man, for N Yoik aloop Three inter, for Philadelphia j chr Major Croghan. for N York. Sa led in co. with a j;al liot, from Petersburg, for Yort. ratsenger, J d Davi. Achr Marearet. Pitts. 38 hour from Norfolk, with Hour and tobacco, to Robertson & Kelso, Wa sh Si Gal ashcr and T Irvine. Ihetcur. Jane and chr Pattv, had arrived from NYork. BELOW, 2 brig. i UiST F.FEMMt. Bhip Telegrah, Fai ning,9 days from Charle. ton. with mol. - sses. rice, demijohns, specie. &i . to nson G Phelps, owner, Cald - r M'Lea St Co Mott & Williams, Rapelye & Purely, Anderson & Shearer, Joseph tieborn, Abraham Hell, S f - nmpbell, Thomas Dixon. C G Fontaine, J W Schmidt tl Co. G Rozat, and P H (henik&Ct) Passenger, Mr 5e M s Ed wards, M s Haight, Messrs. Pickens, liulden and Hepburn. S.,iled in co. hiig Hope, from Havana for N York ; telirs Gen Macomh, tor Hiltimore ; New - Orleans, Smith, for N York ; brig t obosee Contee , fur Boston. Left, ship Maria Theresa. Sktddy, tor . YotK next euy. Tlie passengers return their warment thanks lo capt. Fanning, for his attention and politeness during the passage. Sch Ann, Dennett, 48 hours bom Lewis - town, Del. with cotton and rigg ng, belonging to br'g Roelerick, cast away ou Cape Hen o - pen, loeapt K Har;ling. fcch f anny & Pattv, Barnes, 12 days from Winton, N. I with staves, to Wai ingic Kim - herlv. Suited in co. chrs John Allen, and Carpenter' - Son, Ixmnd to the e astward. NOIIKOLK, March 6. Arrived, Br. ship Harmony, Hrach, 1G dayt from Grenada. Spoke Feb. 23, lat. 26, Ion. 07, 20, ship Alvenia, om batavia, houbdto - S'alain, out 93 days. Br. brig Ariadne, Godfrey, 7 days from Ber - iiida. e - cbr. Martha, Simington, 6 days from New - York In the bite of Crancy bland, bound bere, Br. brig North - Star, Miller, 30 days from Grenada. bavANVAH, March 3. Arrived ich. Cathe rine, Webb, At. Kiutatia 21 days. fielow, sch Genrral Andrew Jackson, from New - York Biig Alabama, llanible, New - Orleans, 17 ys. and 12 from the Ralize. Philade LeiiiA, March 13 Arrived, schr. M'lleinoiigh, Reading, 6 days from Portsmouth. tit - low, brig Jane, Grithth, trom Portsmouth. The Philadelphia ship at Bermuda, leaky. is the leopalra, Ueart, from Lharleston, lor Amsterdam Brig Mry Ann, capt James, of N York, from V.ih - ng1on, NO fur Martinico, ha also put into Bermuda, leaky. Char lis ioji, March 4 - Arrived, ship Pearl, (of Bosto.i,) Newman, St. Petersburg and Lt from Cowe - s, 70 &a. s, (where she put in on ac count of brad winds,) in distress, bound to Ronton. Feb 1st, on Georges Bank, at 6 P. M. li .ve too, in 35 fathoms water, in a snow storm from N. E. nt midnight blew a heavy gale, and in the act of sounding, shipped a heavy sea on the starboard side, amidships, win h wa tied overboard Mr. uemumm M. stillman. nf Boston, (chief mate): Mr lUniel l - iwly, of Boston, (second mate) i Benjamin S;, loner, nf ll istim, and John Brown, a Dutch - (seamen) who weie lost i broke the leg of John Hinckley, aud dislocated the thigh of John K. Tamer, seaman, washed away bul warks, stenchcons, companion)', camboose - house and camboose, hoodt - halch, biunicles, compassee, jolly - boat, broke the tiller ihort !l ami hove the sh p con - pletely round on the othar tack. The remaiudei of the crew bad y brost - bilten. poke several vessels on the pjsshge, but could procure no assistance from any. itr - tish sch Maid of the Mill. Gill - s, Monte - go Hay, Jam 21 days On the 21st ult. ofT ('ape St. Antonio, spoke sch Friendship, of llailoweil, from Turk Island, bound to New - Ji leans. Schr Jure, Hills, Matanza6 days. Sch Eliza ii Nancy, Soule, Boston 33 d ivs. - ch Alert. Attwick, bt Augustine JO liours. On Monday, off South Edesto, spoke brivf Al - ex .nilei, of Rhode Island, from N Orleans, for Savannah. Sch Caroline, Chapman, Savannah, 1 day. There was a severe thunder gust at savannah on - 11111 y night last, during which the Brit. sh orig Neptune was struck by lightning - los' her foretop - musl, and had her fore - mast that - tereil to pieces. THEATRE. Sixth eight of Mr. I'hilipps' engagement. On Saturday Evening, March 14, will he pre - sented, (1st lime in lorn) (lie opera ot LIONEL AD CI.AUI - SA, OH. THE klHOOL FOft FATHERS. Lionel, Mr. l'bilipps l o ni n win ne added, CINOERILLA, Oa THE I.ITTLK CLASS flLIPPKH, Prrforniance to couiueuce at (even o'clock preciselv. I lit comic pantomime oi roomer u icte, or the xo den eng, it iu rehearsal and will speedily he produced. & TO - MORROW MORNING, in Trinity Church, and in the AFTERNOON, iu St. Paul's Chaytl, a tern, on will be preached, and a ltd lection made for the benefit of the Bible and Common Prayer lleaik Sucie'y. Tne money collected on this occasion will be approp. iated to Ak(ti. ing the expense of a Stereotvpe edi linn of the Book oCo - i - mon Pi aver, of the oc tavo t.ze and large print A Prater Book of this size and description, printed from stereo type plates, can be afton - ed at less than one - halt the present cost. And it mutt be obvi - out that it is very desirable to circulate, at a cheap rate, the Praye' Hook of so, large a print iwi!l acc - mrqodale those who cannut use to advantage the small Prcr Rook, which i iv w'nusly di - ..ribvited It i.tobe l.o - ped, therefore, that the ineiiih - ts of the con - girgaii tn - .ill, by the.r liberal contribittiont, aid the Society iu accomplishing this import ant object mh 14 It DR. RAMSAY'S UNIVERSAL 'HISTORY iwk. Th. riiiiM ofNew - York will be waited on ui a few dave for their stgnaturee a patron to .. . . . . . . a k. rMawitaSl in u till WOTK. uisexpevicu i . : or 12 octavo volumes, and commene e with a second iinptesaon of Oie history of 'A ited State, their first settlement in 1607 to the treaty of Ghent in 1814 ; and tlmuld Hie patronage be insnllWeut to warrant the expense, the publication will cease with thi part which wH be comprised in 3 volume. - i k. . t..,.ri.,nr ii ltamtav. a a writer and hiitorian, i pcierally well known : on this ide of the Atlantic he wa urpasea ny none, wc upwards ol 40 year engaged in preparing Ibi work lor the pre ; ana in couseejucui - .jt, by other pursuit for the purpose of completing it, dii d insolvent, leaving a family of eight chil - iun. tiimrnl each test with no natriluOIIV hut tiie reputation of their father and thtvalunble manuse.ript : and it now rest with the public to dt teribiiie whether Mis shall appear of remain in iiharnrifv. . The gentlemen who have the direction of thi work are neither printer or bookseller, and receive no pecuniary compensation for their trouble, but are willing to make the necessary advance for completing it, if the patronage of the public shall warrant it. The profits arising are exclusively devoted to the education cl the author's children ; to them it success is a matter of deep importance. These considerations, together with that of it being the original work of the Uindeve,r offered in tbicountry, will be tufficit nt, it is hoped, to secure it tbe patron ag ol every lover ol Americ&n literature. The work will be handsomely printed and delivered to subscribers, for $S ier volume in boards $i 33 cent in plain sheep binding, ot $4. 33 cents in calf gilt ; to be paid for oudelive ry. 'Ihe first, or United State's uart, isexpect ed to be ready for deliver in tbe course of ll ie ensuing Spring. . mni4.ii. THRKK MORE PRIZES. And the last in Meilical Science Lottery. All sold bv K. W AI I E. Jun. ftfj - Forty eighth day drawing. Xo. 7305 wa yesterday drawn tbe last floating prize of one thousand dollar ; rio. ttjoa. drawn same day tOO dollar ; No. 12,209, nine day. also 20O uollars. All sold by RUBER 1 VV Al I t, Juur. .No. 138 Broadway, who lately told in the tame liiltur lhh,r,hA,l etnatintf MiW. 1 fl I UV Ai - lli. rm one ol 3000 dollars, and seven of 100 dollars, tir ing more prize than ha heen told at any other omce in tiroauway. winch n now the Lucky UOicef mh 14 Sliir ARIHTOMEXES, - F?V Wl11 be ld '4t auction by W. F. Pell ' aHi - Co. on Weduetday oextat 10 o'clock. al the Pontine Coffee - house. The ship Aristo - mcues, burtlicu 360 toos, is 7 years old, well found in sails and rigging, and will be sold to the highest bidder lo close a concern. mh 14 . ror unr.rvvui ji, The fast ailing ship MARY AU iLiSr.GUTA. Porter m iw , ui I meiia - loading on Tuesday 17th uist. and be iispaicnea on uie i'5th ot the present month 'or tVeitrllt or Dassape. unrilv tn the mitti - pim board at Pine - st. wharf, or to DU.NHAM . AUCHI VCL035, mh 14 Iw laO Pea 1 street. x,' A., im j vr M Tht good, fast lailiriffsl.ip MIRROR, l - to :.. in 3 davs. For rreiirht fir riu&. sage, having fine accommodations apply on board, west side Burling - slip, or to L. 4i U. GRISWOLD, mh 14 e)6 outh - street. The good fas', sailing ship LAGUI RA has half her cargo engaged, and will be diualched in a few days. For freight or passage, having large accommodations, apply ou ooaru, wett sitio Hurling - slip, or to LAIULWV, UIU AUL.T & CO. or N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 14 86 South - street. For ROSlVf, - n.. k.:. nniiL - iii - . .IJ mii uiif,, I tipc, inmcr, rHhha one half of her cargo on board, and will sail on Tuesday. For freight, apply on beiard, or to JOS O.SBOK.V. mhl4 Will I t JEANS, FRENCH CRAPES tic. J ft C. NICHOLS, 132 Pcarl - strect, have just received - tease fine White Jean do do Striped do do do do do do Black French Crape do do Canton do do Silk ll.llils. do assorted Sewing Silk do 4 - 4 Irish Linen 4 - 4 Irish Linen ) L do 5 - 4 dj ssheieliiii;. J very sow cnargea o Marseille Quilting do Steam - Looiu Shirline 4 trunks fine assorted Prints 2 bales Kui'ia Sheetintc which ther offer for sale at a antHll advance. mh 14 Iw IOK .SALE the Establishment No. 20 Nas - X. (au - strcet. N. B. At tl.ia season of the year peculiar ad - antagea may be derived from it. pply io P. HILL, mh 14 3t or on the premises. I AURAaS GOAT fKl.ia. - UUUO Madias IVJL Goat Skins, large size and in good order, lor sale by JOSEPH OSBOrtN, mh 14 28 South - street. VT AN KEENS. I0O0 oirres Company's lotn; JLl yellow Jsankceas, eutilled to delfcnturts, tor sale ty JOSEPH OBORf. - , mh 14 23 South - street FLAU ii UAA1MAWA HDtitS. pieces Uag handkerchiefs, very hand - x V J some patterns 600 bandannas, 80 lungees. For sale by GOODHUE it CO. mh 14 5t 44 rJouth - st. t tOTTOAi YARN. - lOUO Ins Cotton Yarn, J ao lo and lb, 1 wist and r illing, forsaie at Ao. 8 Fletcher - street, mh 14 4 4 Reams royal printing paper - 100 do medium do do 200 do foolscap writing do 300 do .letter do various qualities 40 grace press papers. For tale by COLLLNS & IIA.V.NAY, mhl4 Iw ' No. 230 Pearl - it. DEMUOHVS. 500 Demijohn, containing about 4 gallon each, very strong and well covered, for tale by G. G. & S. HOWLASD, mh 14 77 Washington street. OUGAR. 228 hhd prime New Orleans Pu gar, landing at pier No. 13, E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be told on the wharf. Apply to CH A3. L. OGOEN, and mhl4 ABR. OGDF.N. I A 1 LUTTO.V. A bales primi Upland Cotton, per chr. Mary, Pamela, ' 55 hale do do do per sloop Regale 13 bale do do do per brig Maucy. Landing ibis dny and for i:,le by GKI3WOLDS A: COATES, 61i Southstrtet. IH STORK, 112 tierce Rice 54 bales Upland ) Cotton, for .sale in 4 bales iNew - Orleantt lot tj suit suit pur chaser. Amly a abme. inh 14 t TO I FT, UnsS The House No. 78 Brnad street, with the ofiice, (torehouse, bed (table contiguous, and appertaining therein. IU l,Lit, For a term of years, in lot or parcels, that prt i - f Rose Hill ituite on the, and 4tl. ar - n - jes, on the - 3d, 24 tit, 23th. 26th, 27th, 2titb, and ,'yt'i street, which belong to Mr. Ann Rogers. For particnUr apply t - A1UE3 A. HAM1LIU.X, tnh 13 tf No. 3 Law Bulking. D TO LET, . That convenient and elegant Hon corner of Broadway and Broome - stxeet, ' A10. A neat house with a large garden, frontin Broadway, between Bleecker and Prince - Apply No. 4 Bowling - green. mh 14 2w JU lib bULD AT JiLLTIQf'" By HOFFMAN & GLASS, on S!. day, Die 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock, u front of the Tontine Coffee House. T be House and Lot No. 1 William - street lt present in the occupation of tiie? ubcriber,tituatt at the corner of William - street and Stooe streeL The lot i 91 feet deep on William (tree feet 11 inches on Stone - street, and 48 feet font inche deep from William - street, at the north, wardly ead of the lot. The subscriber some time ago had an inten - tion of converting the house into store , andob. taintd plan and estimate for that purpose. He had offer from respectable mechanics to na, ' live store on the lot by some additional buildinr and alteration of tbe present building, lor Ua thousand dollars, or to pull all the present boild - ingt down, and to erect, with the assistance of the present materials, five (tore for fifteen tho. and dollar. Plan and elevation of these stores" a they were prepared to be built, may be see at the auctioneer. Seventeen theusand dollnr of the purchas money may remain on mortgage. Five thousand dollar will be required oa exe. cution of the deeds, and tbe residue in two, four aud six months. mh 14 C. D. COLDES. TO LFT, , For one or more. year, a 2 - storv hrii. HOUSE, in Stuyvetant - street, nearly otiooiit. St. Mark' Church, containing 8 rooms, a large kitchen, servants' room, cellar, pantries, lie. complete order for the reception of a genteel ft, Uiily ; with a garden and yard of about 2.t acre of land, containing a variety of the finest fruit tn ts, asparagus, and hnt heel, &Tc. together with a wood - bouse, carriage house aud itablti. Rent will be reasonable, and possession ran k. had on the first day of April. Apply, between 10 aud 2 o'clock, on the premises, to NICHOLAS W. BTUYVESANT mh 14 6t HOARD Se t.UlJGLYU. riWOor three respectable persons may be X immediately accommodated with soi. cious rooms and boarding, on moderate terms, with a private family. They have taken fine house from the 1st May next, in a central, healthy and pleasant situation, on Hie wet side of the city, in which they can accommodate three or four person with elegant airy rooms and boarding. Satisfactory reference wdl be given anil required. The address of the advertiser is left at the office of this p. per. mh 14 lw . TO BUILDERS & FARMERS. quantity of Building Stone for sale, also a Quarry, of the fint rate buildin Stone. with every facility for working extensively, ant transporting the same may be contracted for the season, with or without a dwelling and the tam .,. :. : . , CT oil wim ii in aiiwaicu, onus a lew nine up in North River. For particulars enquire of Mr. NOEL BLA.NCHE. ut hit distillery. Crosbv. street, between Broome and Spriog - tlrett. mu 14 3t BENiVEl'T'S LECTURES. GENTLEMEN who wish to acquire a com - p'ete knowledge of hook - keeping, by do. hie entry, at applied (o all branches ol Commercial business,, are respectively informed that they may join BtnnttPt tixih count of Lectures on that art, by calling at 4H Fulton - street, at ny time prior to next Monday evening, 'i'ersu ol Ihe iMibiic course, united with the practice, 15 dollars. Private lectures. 20 dollats. 1U - spectlully, BENNETT, Accountant. mn 14 itr ONE HUNDRED & TvVE.ViY DOLLAK4 L KFWARD. OST on Wednesday evening last, in Wall, Nassau street, or elwln rp cinu viaitdred and Six Dollars, in bank bills. The above reward will be paid for retwauuc tbe same to Now 33Joh re. . mh 14 Mi com roam of olu jok. I H IS day it published by T. It J. S WORDS, 1 160 Pearl - streest. orice 75 rents, i can boards, THE COMEORTS OF OLD AGE, with biographical illustrutious, by Sir Tbomu Bernard, Baronet. Ltnlor ctmchorjit aetedtnn tenata. mh 14 EKLir, FOH.ES i TREES, .c. rf??? OCT BENJAMIN PRINCE " ,7 sa y " i c v ivi suit. wins 'f.'fwVit ery, Flushing Landing, (L. I.) lj'near Kew Ycrk, their usual and - f'tilS.S extensive variety of European . "Ti - .r: Mbl. r rt r tnr tnha m lsIP inn mental free. Also, a large collection of valuable hruhs and Plant they have several thou - i,.fol.t..H Pfc:,rh tree. ITlfhrTio the mct healthy Mate and free fro any diste roer, great attention ha beta paid te ihrm ir.iui the vellows. whicb ba de stroyed o many trees of that kuid thoiughout the United Stales, watatogues iu wnnu m.j hadol Messr. HULL & BOW NE, No. 148 Pearl - street, New tork. or at Their Orelert htrwariled toeitht r place will be luiioe - diuttly attended tn, and the trte. tie can.(uir and ecurtlj pa ked, o at to be sent to any part ol the United Stales, with the greatest sale - tyy and delivered at Crane wharf, New - xwas by wate. Iree ol freiebt. Also, foraltaab.rve, lOX) Beautifttl Bl of Gilcnd or Silver Fir frees, they are alia suie tolive when transplanted. . (tj - As the gre et loss of Peach Trees by disease, have d. tered many from planting tbet. dirtctiont will be given to Ihote who purrhat them, which if attended to, will enable them prcsvrve their tree in a healthy tate, aud have l eacbe in a great plenty a in form e.N?B. Peach tree inoculated on Almond l or Plum ttockt, i no preventative ti&ainst tb? ease, which the Pennsylvania Agrie ui"''! tv, call Ihe yellow. mh 14 D&lMJ KIKKAl MERCE1.N, No. 22 Wall street, have for. sale, a Vindication, by Cadwal - bder D. Colden, of Uie Ateam Boat Right pw - ed by the state of New - York, iu the form of " an - wer to the letter of Mr. Duer, addressed to ur roliWn. mh ' Si A'i ESOK NEW.OKK ii N JER5fcI Mii.Fonu aisd owsoo noao LOTTaaf - UOLUE.Y SLFJ EMF. . of 70,000 Dollar. I 2 of 10,000 Do I of 35,000 Dollar 2 of 5,000 Dolb And a large proportion e.f $ 1000, dOO, tio. The fint drawn will be eotit!ed to S. 4: M. ALLEN recommend adventurers to mala a. rl? am ltrnf inn t th. ir office for Tit' . I and share in the above Splchdid Lolterr i - . . . . . I ArTurtea IB in consequence oi uie i - aientive oic v , r, thi Lottery, the price ol Ticket will be ed' - . .H tnftiri. - lliir mi Tuesday week, till theauxi can be obtained for 30 dollars, and share ta tne same prr - ponion at Truly Lockjt.ffi.e - , No. 122 Bioadway. ""JJ (and it will not o - n he forgotten) "as sola immediately paid, No. 330, n priie ,of one nt .!,, ilioutnnd dollar, heinr the higbert P"" ever drawn in America They also bad the p sure ol selling and paying the higoese - r, . Medical science lottery, now nearly n'Dr' drawilf - ,vu. No. 10.23 a Prie OlJU,ew - - A all th bigbett prixet in former 'ut'e"rf have beenobtuiu.d froin Allen' olhc - , exict, that tne iarg. k - - the above lottery, v. 70,000 dollara, will also o. old andpnid Ihere. j - inel Pi. kett ia rttvtctable lottene ty'1"" for sale at Allen', who will pay catU te a oco a drawn . . Adventurer are advised w penue . mh 14 li ' . rnwo JL ceis nine M.teiliei Brandy, J " ceived and for iale by mh 12 55 PinMtreet. JL

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