The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 7
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PETER 6, BIGGINS GIVES CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SPEECH Presents It as "Science o Divine Power" at Local Church. Peter B. Biggins, C. S. B., o Seattle, Wash., a member of. the board of lectureship of the mother church, The First Church of . Christ, Scientist, in Bosto, Mass. delivered a lecture on "Christian Science: The Science of Divine Power" in the local Christian Science church Auditorium Friday evening. The speaker was introduced by Mrs. J. Axet Johnscn second reader of the Mason City church. The lecturer spoke substantially as follows: "Today a large number of people are using what is generally regarded as power, electrical energy In the laboratory, in the factory in the workshop, in the home many are thus engaged. While comparatively little is known about electricity, it is being utilized for many useful purposes Throughout the land, rivers are being harnessed for the production of electrical energy, with the expectation that this will substantially lessen human toil and minister still further to human comfort. Improvements Welcome "Such · improvements, wisely promoted, are welcome. They may serve to point our attention to the · utilization of the power of divine Mind, the energy of Spirit. At this time, when the resources of the material universe are being explored to the utmost, let us take some time to inquire into the capabilities of the divine Mind, God to explore the resources of Spirit Soul. "In the Bible we find illuminating statements made by one who understood and used the power ol God, of divine principle, in a remarkable degree, Jesus of Nazareth. Listen to these striking words, as recorded in the twenty- eighth chapter of Matthew's Gospel, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." It was His understanding of this spiritual power that enabled Christ JPSUS to heal the sick, cleanse the sinning, raise the dead. Christ Jesus' Healing Power "We read in the Gospel of Luke that on a certain Sabbath day Christ Jesus went into the synagogue and taught. By this time the Master had done some healing work in public, and these wonderful healings had attracted attention. The scribes and the Pharisees now watched him, to see whether. he would heal on the Sabbath day, that they might be able to accuse him, according to their misconception of the Mosaic law. Think of it.' They were endeavoring to find an accusation against the great Master for healing hopeless disease on the Sabbath! "Well, on this particular day there was in the synagogue a man whose hand was withered. Jesus knew what the scribes and the Pharisees were thinking, and he said to the man with the withered hand, "Rise up, and stand forth in the midst." The man obeyed. He arose and stood forth. He utilized power to this extent--. the extent to which he understood it, and was able to utilize it. Then Jesus suicl to those around him, 'I will ask you one thing; Is it lawful on the Sabbath days I n do good, or to do evil? to save life, or to destroy it?' So far as we can gather, he did not wait for an answer, but addressing the man. said, 'Stretch forth thy hand.' Here again the man obeyed, 'And his hand was restored whole as the other." Arose anfl Walkefl. "The scene now shifts to the second half of the nineteenth century, A woman who had been doing her best, by tongue and pan, to help humanity was lying ill. As she lay in pain, despaired of by physician and friends, she called for her Bible. Opening it, she read of one of the healings to which reference has been made, the healing of the man who .was sick of the palsy. As she read, she felt the power of the ever-present Christ, and was healed. Like the palsied man'of whom she read, she arose and walked. She utilized I he power which had been revealed to her. The woman was Mary Baker Eddy. "Like the man in Christ Jesus' day, to whom reference has been made, she stretched forth her hand and accepted the revelation which came to her, and was healed. After several years of searching the Scriptures and impelled by the divine power which had healed her, she wrote the Christian Science textbook, 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.' Mrs. Eddy refers to this when, in her illustrated poem, 'Christ and Christmas,' she writes (p. 39,) 'As in blest Palestina's hour, So in our age, 'Tis the s.ime hand unfolds His power. And writes the page.' "My friends, if we could draw back the curtain of today's history just now, and sec the unnumbered thousands who have been healed, saved, blessed, as a result of reading Science and Health, never again would we be able to'doubt that the power of the ever-present Christ is with us here today, operating mightily in Christian Science. Utilization of Divine Power. "We make use of the power of God through prayer. We are learning that the ever-present good ;an bo utilized by a scientific understanding of Him. The simple fact t h a t God is All-in-all, and Ml a I man is.made in the image and MASON CITY' GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 20 · 1937 LeadersinAmerican Legion Auxiliary Conference SEVEN Mrs. Wilbur DeWeese likeness of God, is precious beyond words. "The proofs of our growing ability to utilize the power of infinite good are very encouraging and inspire us to press on anc gain a higher understanding, anc consequently a better ability to prove the power of God, infinite good. Mrs. Eddy has written in 'No and yes' (p. 39): 'True prayei is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include al mankind In one affection. Prayoi is the utilization of the love wherewith He loves us.' Here is the true utilization o£ power, the using o the power of love. Abundant Supiily. "Many who have taken up the study of Christian Science gratefully testify to the fact that it has solved for them the problem o: supply. Christian Science touches this subject of supply sympathetically, as did our great Master Christ Jesus, of whom we read he had 'compassion on the multitude.' Is it not plain that out loving Father-Mother'God, who owns all and controls all, can am does supply every needed gooc thing to all His children? God is indeed an 'open fount' (Science and Health, p. 2), pouring forth all that we need. It is for us to make use of this bounty. One great step toward gaining the enjoyment of our normal supply is the getting rid of fear, fear of lack fear of poverty, fear of the future through the understanding of omnipresent, all-sufficing love. As we accept the positive assurance implied in the Psalmist's statement, 'f shall not want,' and accept love's abundant supply foi every need, and make this om own, we shall see a great change in our experience. "The enjoyment of normal supply is not, primarily, a-question of having a certain amount o money. It is rather having the unshaken conviction of God's abundant provision for every need. We need a larger sense oi substance, the habitual ability to look to God as the infinite source of all good, instead of looking to material things, whether they be scanty or abundant. Each one has abilities, opportunities, possibilities, beyond what he has yet realized. As we each find our true individuality as the image and likeness of God, we are finding the key to a more abundant life. Proved Availability. 'Many in the audience have proved the availability of the divine power over and over again. Dlhcrs wish to know better how :o begin to use this power. To the latter I would say: The means are readily at hand. Study the Bible and the Christian Science text- 3ook, 'Science and Health with :ey to the Scriptures' by Mary 3aker Eddy. Begin by using the simple facts of being in your daily life. Keep free from complicated methods, and avoid abstruse questions. The truth of be- ng is simple, yet it is adequate :o solve the most complicated problems when sincerely applied. "Do not despise the simple beginnings. Do not think that you leed to be in a wider sphere, or o occupy a more important position, before you can use this power. Begin to use it now, and il will lead you step by step to ligher things. Let us remember he wise counsel given by Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health (p. ·120), 'We must begin , . . with he more simple demonstrations of control, and the sooner we be;in the better.' " Another Dice Game Holdup May Have Been by Same Gang EDDYVILLE, (/P)_A man who aid he was among 15 dice players leld up by five masked men here ast Saturday night siill had his ingers crossed Saturday. "After I read about the dice ame holdup at Carroll Thursday nd how Earl Heider was killed, I icgan to think some o[ us prob- bly were close to wooden over- oats," he said. "It might have een the same gang." The holdup victim said the jandits came to an Eddyville club- oom while a dice and poker game vas in progress. "There was a knock at the 'oor," he said, "and one of us sked who it was. One of the rob- ers said it was Bill and we let iem in. One of them had a ma- hine gun and one a shotgun. "I crossed my fingers when I aw them. They took all the money ve had. Made us strip off our lothes so they could go through he pockets. They were plenty ough. Cracked a couple of the oys over the head. "The more I think of it the more think they might have been the ang that pulled the holdup at arroll." . Mrs. Melville Mucklestone Mrs. Wilbur DeWeese of Troy. Ohio, national vice president of the American Legion Auxiliary for the central division, Mrs. Melville Mucklestone of Chicago, junior past national president, and Mrs. T. A. King of West Union, chairman of the national Americanization commitee, will have an active part in the American Legion Auxiliary's presidents and secretaries conference in Des Moines Sunday and Monday. Mrs. Mucklestone will speak Sunday evening on "Americanism and National Defense" and Mrs. DeWeese will speak at the banquet Monday evening. Mrs. H. L. Gore, president of the.Mason City -unit, and Mrs. Hartley Blewett, secretary, will represent the local unit at the meeting. FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily Lenten Devotional Prepared by Dr. Willard L. Spcrr.v for the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Second Week--"An Eternity of Thought." "HE KNOWETH THE WAY I TAKE" Saturday, Feb. 20. "Then shall I know even as also 1 am known." Read I Corinthians 13. Saint Paul has here made his peace with our Ignorance. At the most we "know in part." But behind and beyond : the limits of our knowledge is the confidence that we are already " K n o w n " -[known to God and known by |God. Centuries earlier Job had fal- |len back on the s a m e thought. [The first part of book, which DR. SPERRY, [o 3Sv| the ways of God, ends i'n"ackno«'i- edged defeat. But Job does not give up religion on that account. He turns to another idea. It is true, his argument runs, that I do not know the way he takes, but he knovveth the way that I take." Religion is something more than a one-sided affair. As "we love him because he first loved us" so in this area of the mind, we come slowly, to understand him because he already understands us. Since we believe that there is a God who knows and has always known, we cannot give up our patient endeavor to know also, and our confidence that in his good lime "we shall know, even as also we are itnown." Prayer: O God, who lias beset us Behind and before, and who knowest us as we cannot know ourselves of thee, grant us confidence in the divine compassion which environs us and readiness .o trust thy knowledge of our untried powers: Through him who shared with us this mortal. life even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Doctor Dies Fifteen Minutes After His Patient Succumbs EVANSTON. III., m--Christo- pher George Cooper, 61, Evanston manager for the Prudential Life Insurance company, died of heart disease Friday night 15 minutes Jcrprc his physician, Dr. Clitton X. finunons, 53, succumbed of the :ame disease at his home in Chi- jago. Because he iiad been .suffer/in" roin a cold Dr. Timmons was not iresenl at Cooper's bedside at the ime of death. Shortly before her husband died, Mrs. Cooper had departed or Keokuk, Iowa, where her fa- her, John D. Erdman, was tricken with a heart attack. The Cooper and Timmons fam- h e s i a r e related by the marriage of their children, Mr. and Mrs Roland E. Cooper. Leaving- After 35 Years. RICEVILLE--Nick Theideraan, Va miles north of Riceville on the ounty line road, held a sale Feb. 0. Mr. Theidcman has lived on his home place more t h a n . 35 cars. PARTY HELD BY SUNDAY SCHOOL Washington Event Staged as Reward for Winners. C L E A R L A K E--A George Washington party with patriotic decorations and games was the reward o£ the winning side in the contest of the high school girls' Sunday school class taught by Mrs. H. E. Blough at the Congregational church. The party was held at the Blough home Friday evening with the losing girls as hostesses. Alberta Joslyn was captain and her team consisted of Rene Pitsor, Alberta and Eileen Harms, Jeanne Gilbert and Jeanne Coiburn. Marguerite Butts was captain of the winners' team with Anna Miller, Jeanne Silzer, Kathryn Hughes, Hhoda MalJory, Nadine Abel and Madelyn Kudej as team mates. The contest was very _close being won by only eight points over a period of three months. Mrs. Blough was a member of the losing side but had perfect attendance. Refreshments, were served and a jolly evening enjoyed. ··· o * U. Y. B. CLUB HAS TWO SUBSTITUTES Miss Ora Pierce and Mrs. Henry Marshall were substitutes at the U. Y. B. club meeting with Mi's. William McGowan, Jefferson street, Friday evening. Mrs. A. C. Liggett won high score. Mrs. Will Scheri will be hostess to the club next Friday, night. " * " * · # AID WOMEN WORK ON QUILT Mrs. Shirley Kimball entertained group No. 4 of the Congregational aid at the home of Mrs. C. E. Wells Friday afternoon. Mrs. Homer E. Blough led tha Bible lesson and the women worked on the quilt they are making. Mrs. Klmball served refreshments to the group. * * * MRS. COBB ENTERTAINS METHODIST CIRCLE Mrs. Steve Hammond and Mrs. Stanley Smith were co-hostesses with Mrs. Julia Cobb, Jefferson street, at a dessert luncheon for circle No. 2 of the Methodist aid Friday afternoon with 18 members anct a number of guests present. Following the business session the women worked al hemming tablecloths for the cljurch. IOWA WILL NOTE ITS CENTENNIAL Kraschel Will Be Formally Asked to Name Group to Make Plans. Gov. IS'. G. Kraschel will be f o r m a l l y requested Monday forenoon to a p p o i n t a committee of at least 25 lownns to draw up plans for an ambitious observance next year of (his stale's territorial centennial. It was on July 3, 1«3B, t h a t Iowa was established as a separate geographical unit. The committee making the request, according to W. Earl Hall of Mason City, temporary chairman of the movement, will be made up of James R. Rhodes o£ Newton, Francis Johnson of Terrill, Mrs. Ralph Henderson of Sioux City, Mrs. Eugene Cutler of Des Moines, Floyd Klippel of Iowa Falls, G. M. Brown of Whiting and John D. Adams of Des Moines. At a recent conference attended by representatives from a score of Iowa communities, a broad outline for the year of celebration was drawn. The observance will be by counties and communities rather than by a single central celcbra-' lion, it was decided. The state historical society is expected to play an important part in the activity. Electricity Used on Water Systems of Rural Districts An improvement in farm living standards is indicated by the fact that 20 per cent more electric water systems were sold in rural and suburban communities in 1936 than in any other year in the history of the industry, according to Herbert C. Angster, secretary-director of the Electric Water Systems council. Water systems were eligible for financing under the lei-ms of the Modernization Credit plan of the Federal Housing administration. LIONS DEFEAT BRITT 29 TO 22 Clear Lake Sophomore Lose to Britt Class on Opening Card. CLEAR LAKE--The Lions triumphed over their Britt opponents 29 to 22 in a basketball game played at Britt Friday evening while the Clear Lake sophs lost to the Britt sophs 18 to 23 in the opening card ot the evening. Jensen, Clear Lake's towering center, covered himself with glory during the battle by throwing five field goals in the first half and four in the second, thus accounting for 18 points of the 29. Coe slipped -a field goal through the hoop in each half, and Murphy and Rutan accounted for one each. Murphy also tossed a pair of free throws into the loop and Lewis one. Spangler was high point' man for Britt, making two field goals in'each half and taking one free toss in the last. H. Johnson senl two through the hoop from the field and made one free toss Brooks, Mullen and Townsend each looped one from the field and Brooks and Steil each added free toss to the score. The Lions took the lead in the first quarter and kept it consistently all through. In the sophomore's game, Palmeter and Mullarky each hit the hoop for three fielders and Coyiei made one. Mullarky made two free tosses and Palmeter and Coy- icr one each. Schroeder was high point man for the Britt sophs, hitting the loop with seven from the field; Anderson, CosgrifE and Spanglei each slipped one through' the hoop. Jacobsen was good for two free tosses and Schroeder took one. Clear Lake was ahead three points at the end of the first quarter but the Britt men crashed ahead at the half and kept the bit in their teeth through to the end CI.EAH L A K E inttJTT SOPHOMORES--| soriio.Mouts-- '(r « '1 tc it : (Jiessejrer [ (l o 3 | S c l i r o c U e r ( 7 1 1 r a l m e l e r I X I 0| Anderson f 1 0 1 C o y i c r c I 1 l [ S p a n g l c r t I o : M u l l a r H y B :i ^ ^ I C o s E r l t ( c 1 0 : K e n n e d y e « I) a j S t r a l l o n c 0 II t Giles c « 0 n|jaeobsen E 0 3 1 1 Total 7 i 5[ Tolal ,,, 3 , H u m i l n g score by q u a r t e r s : Clear Lake Sophs 5 ii r' n DRITT Sophs :! || I R ·; Free t h r o w s missed: Clear L a k e , 'i Brill, d. Referee: G l l u e r t s c m ; scorer, W a l k e r Umcr, Dana. CLEAIt LAKE LIONS [BKITT VARSITY-If It I 1 Coe ( S » 2| Brooks t M u r n t i y ( 1 2 4 ) S p a n s l e r f Fisller I ii u n|TowisentI f M u l l a r k y f 0 0 OJ S t e l l I Jensen c !i II 0|R. John,, Comsloek e ( i n tlj p . M ' M I I L Lew-Is f II I f J M u l l e t i i I n K w l x n K I n l[u. Johnson 5 a 1 Philippe c n II 0| Bacon ; o 0 l)| Tola! i n 3 8| Total R u n n i n g score by [|Uarlers: Clear L a k e Lions D Brill Varsity ii Free throws nilsseri: Clear Lake* 5: B r i t t . S. Heferee: Gilberiscn. I 11 II I I o il . c (I II 9 I Clear Lake Briefs Lost: Scheaffer lifetime fountain pen, green. Reward. Return to Theodore Whitesides. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Curvo were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Sever J. Nelson, 304 Clara street Thursday evening. Rose Howdcr went to DCS Moines Saturday by bus to spend 10 days visiting her niece, Mrs. James Barrett. C. R. Woodford, wlio is at Park hospital in Mason City with a broken hip, is getting along very well according to reports Saturday morning. Dr. A. A. Joslyn plans to BO to Minneapolis Monday to attend the Northwest Dental convention there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Clark Branson is sufferinc with a very bad cold and unable to be out. Thorkcl Sondrol, Jr. is spending the week-end at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Sondrol, South Second street. S. .1. Clausen., Santa Monica, Cal., came Friday evening to visit relatives in Clear Lake and is at the home of his sisier, Miss Louise Clausen, 300 North Fifth street. He returns home Monday night. Belly Jane Kine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. King, left Friday evening for Chicago where she will spend the week-end at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Jay McGowan. P. D. Leitii, East Main street, will leave Saturday evening for Rock Island, 111., to visit his new granddaughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace S. W. Kroeger. Mrs. Kroeger is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leith. Mr. and Mrs. John Slesseffer left Friday for a month's vacation at McAllen, Texas. Mrs. George Armficlil, mother of O. J. King, arrived Thursday to spend 10 days visiting at his home. Officers of Swalcdale Baptist Church Listed SWALEDALE--Officers elected at the business meeting at the Baplisi church were: * William Fernai,, re-elected for three year term as trustee; Mrs. Milo Hoskins, church clerk; Mrs. George Hanks, church treasurer; Robert and Howard Patton, Glen and Leo Eddy, ushers; Mrs. L. McCauley, pianist; Robert Patton, assistant pianist; Leslie Eddy, Mrs. McCauley, Mrs. Alfred Christensen, music committee. Sunday school--Superintendent, Leslie Eddy; assitsant, Mrs. Christensen; secretary, Howard Fatten; treasurer, Glen (Jr.) Eddy; pianist, Marvr! Baker: assistant, Robert Patlon; chorister, .Mice Christen- Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 Rt-r °' N pL L ' Ne , W o S « E ? it0r LEE DE W1GGINS, Circulation ond Advertising Residence Phone 296-J Residence Phone 67 Find Washington Theme Will Dominate Program Patriotic Decorations to Include Hatchets and Cherry Trees. CLEAR LAKE--George Washington figures largely in the scheme of social aCfairs in Clear Lake for the coming week. Many programs center around the history of this great national hero and party decorations feature little hatchets and cherry trees while three cornered hats and powdered wigs are prominent in party costumes. Boy Scouts will meet at the schoolhouse Monday evening and Odd Fellows lodge will be held at I. O. O. F. hall. Library Reading club will hold a 1 o'clock luncheon Monday at the home economics rooms of the high school. The afternoon will be spent at the home of Mrs. D. E. Kenyon, East' State street. Mrs. E. K. Gi-eene will lead the lesson on the "Life o£ Washington." Progress club will meet with Miss Ida Clack at her home on North Fourth street Monday, and Mrs. W. R. Clack will lead the lesson. Luther league will meet Monday at 7:30 p. m. at the Zion Lutheran church for the regular monthly meeting. Plan Party. Daughters o[ the American Revolution will hold a George Washington party and 6:30 dinner meeting at the home of Mrs. C. F. Crane, North First street, Monday evening. A program is planned. Standard First Aid certificates will be asvarded to members of the first aid class at the Legion clubrooms Tuesday evening at 7:45 o'clock. Tom L. Connor, Mason City, will present the awards and anyone interested may attend. Mrs. Abe Van Hooscn will be hostess to home project leaders Tuesday. Zion circle of the Zion Lutheran aid will meet with Mrs. Karl Bohlen, East Main street, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Bohlen is lesson leader. The Washington theme will be prominent in u meeting ot the Hi- Lo Bridge club at the home of Mrs. Peter Knutson, Tuesday. 'A 1 o'clock luncheon will be servec with Mrs. Arthur Johnson anc Mrs. Albert Christiansen assisting Mrs. Knutson. To Enierlaiii. Mrs. Grace Stevens will entertain the Priseilla club at the home of Mrs. Reuben Fryer, Clara street, Tuesday afternoon. A Washington program w i l l be given. Mrs. Henry Marshall, 509 North Fifth street, will be hostess to the Jolly Eight Card club at her home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Anna Clausen, Mrs. Earl Lambert and Mrs. Rasmus Nelson are the program committee fov Tina Rebekah lodge meeting at I. O. O. F. hall Tuesday evening. Lions club will meet for luncheon at the Legion ctubrooms Wednesday nnon. F. P. Walker is n charge of the program. O. D. O. club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Vern Peterson, 407 North Oak street, with Mrs. T. L. Sears and Mrs. Earl Huntley in charge of the program. a postponed meeting. Founders' day will be celebrated ay the P. T. A, at the high school Wednesday evening. A half hour of music and a 30 minute play are ieatures of the program. Luncheon Planned. Mrs. F. L. Minette, 401 South Second street, will entertain the Sunshine club at a 1 o'clock luncheon Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. A. B. Knutson and Mrs. Ida Hendricks will assist. Do Your Bit club will hold an all day session at (he home ot Mrs. Henry Bruchncr Wednesday. Rotary club will meet for luncheon at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday noon. Mrs. Lee DeWiggins, 317 la South Second street, will be hostess to St. Margaret's guild Thursday afternoon. Sewing will be done. Mrs. P. W. Crawford, 209'i tforth Fourth street, will entertain he C. L. C. club Thursday at a 1:30 o'clock luncheon. Lake View club will meet Thursday at the home of Mrs. John Perkins, North Fourth street. Mrs. Frost Leads. Mrs. J. F. Palmeler will be lostess to the Crescent club at her home, 506 Jefferson street, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. George Frost s lesson leader. Altrurian club will meet with Vfrs. B. B. Bailey, 305 South Sec- nd street, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Sydney Thompson leads the esson on child welfare and Mrs. J. Z. Stevens in March of Time. Royal Neighbors lodge will meet it I. O. O. F. hall Thursday evening. Clear Lake Commercial club vill meet at the city hall Thursday e e n i n g for a 6:30 dinner. Circle No. 4 pi the Methodist aid vill be entertained at the home ol vlfs. J. A. Johnson, 516 East Main treet Friday afternoon. Roll call vill be answered with an Incident n the life of Washington. Circle No. 1 of the Methodist id will meet Friday at the church or a 1:30 covered dish luncheon. ~'iis is n postponed meeting. Hold Demonstration. Mrs. H. R. Pcitzke will cntcr- ain W. L. A. M. at a follow-up meeting Friday. Mrs. Ed Hetland the annal oyster supper and election of officers. A program is being prepared. To Sew at Meeting. The regular monthly meeting of the city council will be held at the city waterworks building Friday evening. Legion Auxiliary sewing circle will meet Friday afternoon with Mrs, Conrad Pederson, C l a r a street. Christian Workers will hold the regular meeting at the City hall Friday afternoon with Mrs. Arleigh Eddy and Mrs. Hay Kruggel as hostesses. U. Y. B. club will meet Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Will Scherf, 221 South Second street, for the usual game of cards. will demonstrate the lesson and dinner will be prepared by the members at the Peitzke home. Linger Longer club will meet with Mrs. Carl Bilker, 316 Clara street, Friday afternoon. Mrs. Howard Hansen, 6 0 7 South Winnie street, will be assisted by Mrs. Tom Nelson in entertaining the Star club Friday. Roll call will be Lincoln quotations and Mrs. Frank Hall will present a Washington program. th Eden Farm club will meet at ic city hall Friday evening for Clear Lake Calendar Monday--Boy Scouts, schoolhouse. Odd Fellows lodge No. 187, 1 O. O. F. hall. Library Reading club, Mrs. D. E. Kenyon, East State street, 1 p. m. Progress club, Miss Ida Clack, North Fourth street, 2:30 p. m. Luther league, Zion Lutheran church, 7:30 p. m. D. A. R., Mrs. C. F. Crane, North First street, 6:30 p. ni. Tuesday--First Aid class, legion clubrooms, 7:45 p. m. Home project club, Mrs. Van Hoosen, all day. Zion circle, Zion Lutheran aid, Mrs. Karl Bohlen, East Main street. 2 p. m. Hi-Lo Bridge club, Mrs. Petei Knutson, 300 South East street, 1 p. m. Priseilla club, Mrs. Reuben Fryer home, Clara street. Jolly Eight card club, Mrs. Henry Marshall, 509 North Filth Ktrcet. Tina Hebekah lodge, I. O O F JiaU, 8 j. m. Wednesday -- Lions club, Legion clubrooms, 12:15 p. ni. O. D. O. club, Mrs. Vern Peterson, 407 North Oak street. P. T. A., high school auditorium 7:30 p. m. Sunshine club, Mrs. F. L. Minette, 401 South Second street Do your Bit club, Mrs. Henry Bruchner, all day. Thursday--Rotary club, I. O O F hall, 12:15 p. m. St. Margaret's Guild, Mrs Lee DeWiggins, 317% South Second street. C. L. C. club. Mrs. P. W. Crawford, 209',i North Fourth street 1:30 p. ni. Lake View club. Mrs. John Perkins, North Fourth slreel. Crescent club, Mrs. J. F Pal- mcter, 506 Jefferson street, 3 p. in. Altrurian club, Mrs. Fred Roe- ers, 306 North Third street. Royal Neighbors lodge, I. O. O F. hall, 8 p. m. Commercial club, city hall, 6:30 p. m. Fri ^ y ~T Circle No - 4 ' Methodist aid, Mrs. J. A. Johnson, 516 East Main street. Circle No. 1, Methodist aid, at church, 1:30 p. m, W L. A. M., Mrs. H. R. Peitzke, all day. Linger Longer club, Mrs. Carl Bilker, .llfi Clara cti'ect. Star club. Mrs. Howard Hansen 607 South Winnie street. Eden Farm club, city hall, 7:30 p. m. Christian Workers, city hall, 2 p. m. Legion Auxiliary Sewing circle Mrs. Conrad Pederson, Clara street, 2 p. m. U. Y. B. Card club, Mrs. Will Scherf, 221 South Second street City council, city waterworks. £ossuth League Rally to Be Monday in Burl HURT--A Kossuth county Epworth league rally will be held at the Methodist church Monday evening. Delegates from Algona, r -,uverne, Livermore, Wesley Sexon, West Bend and Titonka will attend. A 6:30 dinner will be served. Willard Schwietert will rive (he addres of welcome the Rev. V. .V. Schuldt, Luvernc, will conduct devotions and the Rev. A. E. Briggs, Kanawha, will deliver an address. 0. E, S. CHAPTER HOLDS MEETING Exemplifies Ritual Work;' Iniliates Mr. and Mrs. Forde Lee. CLEAR LAKE--Officers of Park chapter of the Order ot Eastern Slar No. 35 under the leadership of Mrs. Harry Freeman, worthy matron, exemplified the ritualistic work of the order at a special meeting held at Masonic temple Friday evening and Mr and Mrs. Forde Lee were initiated into membership. Mrs. Laura Lenz, Mason City instructor of district No. 3 and past grand Esther of the Order of Eastern Star of Iowa, \vas present and gave an address on "History of Eastern Star" and also complimented the lodge officers on the T.xcelleiice of their work Other guests present included Mrs Henry Knutson, past grand tlecta of the state of South Da- koia. Miss Lillian Shimmick, worthy matron of Unity chapter of Mason City, W. W. Poole, worthy patron of Golden chapter of Nora Springs, and many others from out of town. Preceding the special meeting an excellent 8:30 dinner was served by a committee of which Mrs A B. Phillips and Mrs. T. E. Sondrol were co-chairmen. The patriotic theme was carried out in the table decorations. Red, while and blue runners extended through the center and reel candles, a small log in which a tiny hatchet was stuck and groups of tiny American flags tied in threes completed the pleasing arrangement. The en- lire assemblage marched into the dining room and remained standing during the singing of America and a prayer by the Rev. B. W. Rinor. worthy patron. On Friday afternoon, Mrs. Lenz conducted a school of instruction at the temple for officers and members of the lodge. CLUB ENJOYS WAFFLE SUPPER Past Noble Grands club enjoyed a waffle supper at the meeting held Friday evening at I. O. O. F. hall wtih Mrs. Cart Johannessen' Mrs. S. O. Bacon, Mrs. C. A. Cornstock and Mrs. Walter Jensen as hostesses. Mrs. J. C. Norris and Mrs. Eoy French were in charge ot the. study lesson. .Cards were played following the session. SOCIAL CIRCLE HOLDS DINNER MEETING Rebekah Social circle held a business session at I. O O F hall Friday afternoon with 20 members present and the remainder of the time was spent socially. A large number of Rebekahs and members of their families attended the supper which was in charge of Mrs. A. R. Cain and Mrs. Fred Peterson. RURAL W. C. T. U. HOLDS PROGRAM Honors Frances E. Willard m Readings, Sketches of Life Work. CLEAR LAKE--Mrs. W. N. Hill and Mrs. Gus Haugen r e a d sketches of the life of Frances E. illard at a meeting of the Cerro 3ordo county Rural W. C. T U. which met at the home of Mrs. Frank Lee Thursday in an all day session. Mrs. Bert Prescott read in article on the centenary fund ind another describing the statue of Miss Willard in Statuary h a l l n Washington, D. C., the only statue of a woman in the h a l l . Mrs. Lawrence Lee asked a ··-cries of questions on "Repeal and Is Failure" which were answered V Mrs. Wayne Wolford, Mrs. ·Yank Lee gave a reacting on beer! Mrs. Jake Orcutt read "Bonlles- jers After Repeal," Mrs. H, G 3ruchner on "Prohibition and ^rime," Mrs. Lawrence Lee on ·Increase of Arrests for Drunkenness," and Mrs. James White on Liquor or Milk." Mrs. Wolford arranged the pro- iram and led devotions and the roup sang a number of old fash- oned songs. A picnic dinner was served at noon. On March 4, the innual institute will be held at' he home of Mrs. Hill. A program will be arranged for this meet- ng. Will Open Meal Market. THOMPSON -- Albert Erickson nd O. M. Peterson l e f t Friday for Minneapolis to buy equipment for T meat market to be managed by Butch" Peterson. It will be con- lucted at the Erickson grocery tore. W. R. Cothern, RECTAL SPECIALIST IS YOUR CASE CURABLE? Better find out today. 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