The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 14, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1818
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'THE : - ; - . ' ram O 1 . NUMBER 4911 SATURDAY, MARCH M.18I8. NO. - 12 i'lNE - STHRKT. For Salt, freight or Cfutrter, fTf" The fast sailing brig SAILOR BO?, tQvj. Rodman, matter; now ready to re - 'Tcargo t 1"5 tons, tod will carry boat 600 caski liaxseed. Apply board ei4Sl Jc is Market wharf, or to ,yer , D. BETHUNE le CO. hJ 92C.H..h IV J U I Kfl TV I V V I"?. The chr ADELINE, FclegTupper, .nailer, will be dUpatchcd immediately. l ... tr - taM nr nassas - e annlv to "k. GILLESPIE, 112Front - et. Who offers for tale, 130 bbU tar, and a panel of W. O. hhd stares, received by said vessel A1m 300 bbls supf. Richmond flour 65 hhd Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tiercel rice ; 21 balm upland cotton . S3 hhds molasse t 200 bags coffee Red and while rort wine, in hhd and jr. Madeira do t' (casks Claret wine, in boxes of 1 dozen each a ki ml Inn laces An invoice of Dutch goods, consisting ofsnun boxe, slates, slate pencils, maroies, jew eiiery, violin?, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, iic. Feb 24 FOR AMSTERDAM, The staunch brie MARGARET, cap - .lain Funk, has considerable part of her rTe'ipti and will be dispatched without delay. onreigm or paisage, upp.y . Ko. 74 Washin'lon - strpet, or (o J. C. ZIMMERMAN, fnh 19 tf No. 72 Washington - street. Z. Ar FREIGHT r CHARTER, The fitst sailing sclir. salwi, our - wliarf ; or to (i. G. k S. HOWLAXI), 77 Washington - street. fth 20 l: .ji.k nr ('HA H.IER. jJWNKSS, captain Harris, at Fly - market vluitTtwo yeurs old, burthen 184 . tons, will stow upwards of S00 hhds. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two days. Apply to N. k D. T.vLCOIT, feb 26 64 .South - street. tut - it.K Ai THE SliiP'iAlil) Of THF. SUBSCHIHF.R, I A SLOOP, now building of the best tVv materials, about 100 tons; timbers oflive ySflif.'.iah. locust and cedar ; bottom plank Jersey white oak, built oa purpose for the Albany trade. ' . r - T Ann .r rfl MU,1niJ r. i any trade where dirpatch, burthen, and A panagua cviiLvj - r - iv, oi i uk?, will .traw but little water, with a lee - 'board through tlie centra of her keel, aiul u eitpecteil to sail very fast. Also, a SHIP of 360 tons, calculated ttyvfor a Liverpool or London' trader, (that vVpa!i be finished to suit the purchaser.) i . - Soars, timber and plank. Also, lunuer stwcil to bills for house building. novo tl CHARLES ERQWSSE. l li bng siUflLi, .nspin, i .d wm, a staunch essel. laletr nut in food w Jer sora vcyagc ror term aniy to JjINESD'WOLP, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - rt. S$$S The schr JEFFF.RSO.V, 102 tons, Ti Tnt - strong vessel, and in (rood order. Apply to JUSEl'U USISUU.N, mil 6 23 .Soutli - st. Fur Hate, t'retukl or (. lutrter. Tl.. A k. M.Ani't fit IliT Inn. iLMburthn. one year old, stows 1500 bbls u a very rati lailui; vessel anu in conpieieoruiT to rereive a cargo. Apply oo boird west lido Ettfkiig - slip, or to y.L.b G. GR1SWOLD, . mch 5 US Sooth - it. For UtiLfJlsr, Mi The brig NY A! PH, 170 tons burthen, imiiSm'1 first rate ve.scL sails fast and has ipm! accommodations ; expected to sail in six lay.' For paa:e onlv, apply to N. L.fcG.CRlSWOLn, mch.r. , l!6 bouih - st. For .I" f.YAW, The brie MARY, Captain Brewster. .a regular tracer, and will have imme - lute dispatch. For freieht of two or three hundred bbU. or passage for three, apply on board, at Pine - street whui f, or to mil 3 . X. & 1). TALCOTT. F nr .Mobile and Blnlcrlry, k The substantial, fist railing packet iooner NASSAU, caut. Iliti hcock, a regular trader, having two thirds of her cargo tujaged, will sail on the lath Inst. For freight r parage, having good accommodations forca - Un and steerage pawner, apply to FETtRS it HKRRICK, mh 3 29 ContiCT - flip. For Halt, Freight or Vltmrter, Wif) ' A new punt noat schooner, nhout 120 tiiton burtlicn, built in the bet mannrr. cufper lastcneii,aod in coaiplete order to receive cargo. Apply to S. L. t G. GRISWOLD, mh 3 86 frnith - street. . For Sate, Freight or Cfiarter, v&t The ship MIRROR, 335 tons bur - Tifresi'1"'" 2 years old, just been bore out, Kid ui complete order to receive a cargo is a trst rate ship, and majr be sent to sea with small apence. Apply on board, between Fly - Market ad Burling - tlip, or to i N. Ll&a. GRI3WOL1), "ch 3 B6 iouth - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, A new Dilot bokt built schooner, aboot 120 tons burthen, built in the best nun - ol rood materials, and cornier furfinml. a "7 tut sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea - wu i xptUM si ppiy to H.LkG. GRISWOLD, 3 . - 86 Souih - st. ForSAVAXXAU. s The cacket thiD RISING STATTA w uw. owiuvuin, uinwcr, now soauiog at - rect wnan, will meet with immediate dis - Ptch, having a considerable part of her cargo Tgrd. For freight of aboot 200 bbls. or pas - having elegaut accommodations, apply on - - - .w, Ul lO GRISWOLDS&COATES, ah7 - 68SouthHL I 11 LET s. m in v t .i . . WinterTM ""y " ,,Rnd - at "lale and r. tail, ' .'id uuimer strained Ed, rm - u .l. Oil. tv. ftm. v - T .Mo"W Candles of superior qoali - fcM9 llf,,,',ctor). Charleston, Mass, fJSX.KCR(,Si. .At,KlLl h.le ll.n, rSpfi 1 Italian Paper, for sale at eb 11 CEBRA fc CUMING. WJJ then 1100 bbls. has mailt hut two voy - nd is now in readiness to receive a car - ror terms TAMP.S D'WOLF. ir. 57 Front - street, offers tl for sals 50 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp Russia ducki 1C000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback ' . Roll brimstone, German steel do Writiug and wrapping paper V 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould candle do 1 case Leghorn haU do 2 case cbolets do 1 case platillas Feb 10 iy fo ( MO LA M.S FVli LE. iSUU Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agnes, from Matanzas. Apply to ISAAC f ACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - st. f I.ASaMAUK If, lihili. Kiur. (ilinwaiK. J consisting of Wines and Tumblers, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEfl & A BR. OGDE.N, ianzs atniiit;ion - si. I.OUR thousand Uunny Bags, lor sale hy V . CEBltA k CUMING, Jan 2.1 ' 76 I'carl - strect. I'IMb fER OF l'ARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of paris, in barrels, suitable' fur the souttro market. Cnlcrs lcf( lvnli Walter exien. No. 174 - street, corner of Hurlmjr - s'ip. will be promptly attended to JOHN UYERS, root ot tiiirritou - iiieei, ixurui - mver. Jan19tf 3 4 lihds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine Hour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQL'Eo; MEUKON fc CLEEMAN, Fob 7 tf N.. 12 Washington - tit. QUICKSILVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver for sale by N.L.&G.GRISWOLD, jirj 21 f!6 South - street. C.itelMFHKS, H.i J J I.YETTS AXD VASslXLTTS. A FEW raes blues, blacks and mixtures, or xi various kinrl, roanutHctnred lor a soutlirrn market, will be told low for cash or approved papr. Also, at reduced prices, several rases of blue, black and mixed broadcloths, among which are some of Woh ott's supcrtines, at itm COM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, 14i 1'earl - strect. fcbll a TOBACCO tc RICE. 100 quintals Cist otia - lity Spanish Tobacco 44 tierces (iriiiie Rice, per schr. South Carol! na, tor sale by JONEi it M KG RA Til, feb 11 iU S iitli - treet. - iiprjne American (il.GllAMS. cases fiue ginghams, for rale low by The Cciuuiiisiofi Company, 8 Feb 18 D&C 140 Pearl - st. liA0 FORTE lUK e.ll.ri. ANEW nnd fashionable iistruiuent, made by one of the best London inririul'tctuiciS, ami in complete order, will be sold cheap, as th owner wishrs to li nve the city, EuqQire at 32 Cdar - strect corner of Bmndway. JanSf .'11 UROWN, stone seal cugraver auJjiiwel - JL . ler, No. 166 Broadway, Coats of arms, crests, cypliers, "tc. engraved on stone. ' - A' handsome assortment of fiue gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. . Ladlet' seals engraved with coats of arms, mottos, and fancy devices. ' Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, tzc. bought in the rouirh or cut to any form. (looks of heraldry kept with upwards of bU,UUU'daraes. Jan 7 3m MOLASSES tl COFFEE 00 hhds. Havana Molasses n - w crop 24 hhds. do Coffee Landing at Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. feb 2 67 Fmn' - strect. HEMP, LEAD, PAINTS, lie Russia hemp, in lots to suit purchaser bo rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 U casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twiue . English sail ai seine twine 3 caks PrusAan blue, 5 rasl Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry while and red lead SO boxes tin For sale by PK1 ER ECHERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - etreet. Also, COO anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 wt. Cables and cordage, of all siics, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. reo 1 1 u. 3 Q COFFKF, SUUAH, ke. O O bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish scgars, superior quality 4 bbls Ft. J:go sugar 10 bbds New - Orleans do 300 lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Boston Rum Just received and tor sale by G. G. H S. HOWLAND, feb 27 77 Wahinston - treet. u PLAN!) COTTON. - 13 hales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street. IN STORE, 42 bale Sea Inland Cotton, for sale as above. jsn 23 1 COrJOA, 4OBACCO, tte. d X bales prime Alabama cotton, landing Irom schr .assaa 20 bales New - Orleans cotton I per brig ri ft ulids Kentucky tobveo nancier . IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. I'etersburrh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15. cases tumblers SO boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, 16003 lb Havana coffee, in hhds. and A few hhds of rectified .pure spirit, made Iron molasses mm. torsade hy JAMES D'WOLF. jr. Feb 23 57 Fmnt - st. RICHMOND FLOUK. - 150 bbls. landing this day from the cbr. Emerald, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, feb 26 112 Fmnt - strecL LINEN 3. DIAPERS, kc. Lfc C. SU Y DAM, have just received per brig . Pocahontas front Dublin, and ship Thomas Wilson, from Greenock, fir sale by U package 13 rases 4 - 4 Irish Linens - 2 do 7 - 8 do do 5 do 3 - 4, brown Linens aad Lawn 2 rto do black do 3 do birds eye Dispcrs 1 do laMe do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheeting do 9 0 do stout ijo 2 do Looc Lawns 7 bales Drochedas & Docks 5 do Linen Bedtkks. Also, A general assortment oflh above articles, opened for retail sales, at 6 1 Matfrn - lunc, oo very favorable tern.s. feb Z tf RUM, ic. tmiKheons Jamnica Ruw. iusi. nrrircd and laiHimg irojn tre hri,; David UK - hard, irom Falmouth, (Jam.) uud lor sale by A. D. DUFF, 69 Washington - street. Who has for sale in store, L. P.Teneriflc Wine, (Pasley brand) in quarter casks, imported July, ltild Do do io Mills, and qr. calks, do August do Do do iti pies, hbds. and qr. casks, do September do 30 pipes, 100 hhd and 280 qr. cask do entitled to debenture 45 pipe Cape Madeira Wioe, sliip'd in 1813, from the Cape ol Good Hope, and entitled to debenture Port anil old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do irrave wine and one cask cardwire. feb r tf jVJ Qr. casus colmeoar wine 130 qr cables and 2G0 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxrs Florence oil, 12 bottles each - 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing di letter 14 hhds English glass ware, consisting ol wiuct and tumblers assorted 100 boxc? anchovies and SO do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostKch feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases frit bals, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italbn r.ig, 500 mhrble mortars 23 cases marbla slabs, veined and statuary, aborted sizes 5 boxes Naples shaving soap I do watch glasses , 3 cases mrmi'ia in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of liaftas, putkah and callipatty ossahs (hadpore, cbomocollyjohuuna, luckipore nnd soogapore faunal.s, jullapnre and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do t'ootee and fmcisoy romals, for sale by . CIIAS. L. OG DEN, and AHUM. OGDEN, mrh 6 Wabinton - t. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bales consisting ul Hattas, Luckipore, Chittabully, Callipatty anil Tutka. CoHsahs, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Jbl.Cnna and Luckipore. SHoiiahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillahs. hoinnls, kc. (or sale by CHS. L. OGDKX and ABRM OGDEN, ran 9 WaOiinstiin - slrcet. OK 6TRAITS BRAND I. iJ Pipes Cttte Brandy, rxtitled to debenture, for sale by CIIAS.L. ()(7DKN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 W.iinlon - stret. 1OMliAZETTtf( acNirtcd colours 1 do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re ceived For sale by OTIS k 8WAN, mch 3 157 rcarl - st. MILIARY LAND PATENTS. ' FOR SALE, ao unselected lot of 70 land patents, locattd in the Illinois Territory, and bought directly from the Soldiers. . Apply to in li cine lArjv mh 10 tf No. 39 Wall - street. TO LET, And possession given on the first of Mar, the house No. 4U Broadway, together with a hnck lire - proof stnhle and store in tho rear fronting on New - street. Also, the adjoining house No. 50. Tho soap manufactory in the rear, to he removed ou the 1st ef April tor terms apply to JOHN SEIDELL & CO. mch It No. 50 Bm - .idwav. iO Lf.l, A new two story house in Charuler - st. built in the most modem style ; the first s.orj with mahi gany and folding doors, and elegant marble tnautle rliimney pieris; finis.Vd bedrooms in the carret : vaults in front and rci.r ; cistern and an exiellcnt well of water; with eve ry convenience that a genteel family run desire; hunt in a particular nmnner ioi mo owner inquire of . THI OD. FOWLKR, uih 10 I w No. t9 1 - 2 Lir.rty - slreel . AJOre. iO ist.l. The fire proof store No. 2 Gonverneur's Laue. fnear Water itrecO is to let from 1st May next.. It has four stories, beside a Inige ceilur and a very roiuuiodicusgarret Biing dttaebed from otlicibuildings, tin re is no risk horn fire. Possession mav prohahiv te Iil. it reouiicl. be fore thc 1st May. App'y at 29 Smitii . - tnet, to feh2 I lt. k Lit Kir.3. Hill M. - fl.i,' fJJl! Peven acres of land in West - Chest, r, 12 1 - 2 miles trom this ritv. On tin: riemiet are a eood dwelhns - liou - r, 'larnand lowl h. u . a thrifty youns orchard r.f grald lru. a nnun with asparaaus deils, sbrunhey ..f k. - I. iiv, currants and straw he.rnes, with aneiloi neve - - fciling rnne soft water, well calcuUud hr dis tilling. The stages pass every day Jo New - York; a tetsel twice a wet k ; U ing a quarti r ol a miie Irom the laiiding. Ei.quin - i HENRY CHEAVF.NS. 15S Bro.u!w.iy. Also" fi.rsale, a?ood tnhflantiul light t .ri r, calculated lor one or two hcires; to iu t. n;' Sandioro'i I .ivery Stables, Broadway, ni r l! . ter - stn - et. Fnquire as aliove. lolitltl' 4pisJ And immediate ; i'in civrn. fh - bouse No. 9 i'earl - ttieet, together iviU) tiie n;t Me and Coach Hou - e in the rear on Hr:ile - st. The premise are in complete repair :i I lnn every convenience necessary for the a':co",uir. dation of a family. For particular applv to oc28 L. hlUUISH. TO I. El'. The new brick Store no. 62 Stnne - st. Apply to T. U J. SWORDS. Feb 14 FOK SALE OH 'O I.K.I t. fotsin the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wnnls: manv ol which are on regulated andpeved streets. No money will b required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part oTtti money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED.HOOK. Aa excellent staod lor busmes, will ten crs of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Xvear ,ew - llaven, ith 4U acres ofland, and never failing stream, upon which 20 iiii'lsmay be erected, wiih a sutrkiency of w nter for each. Aptiy at 2io. 2 Grecowich street. jan I t tf 'it, k'ji r . . . ;5 The house.aml lo No. 20 Ced'ir s:ert. ronininingsix rooms will, ire places, besides tlr - kitdieo, pantries, vaults. Ac. and a well of sod water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, of tneiot . - so. t,s iurray - sirrtt, io u.e uecupalion of William Patirr.m, na k - oe from the Kpisco - pal Church du St. tprit. - Imjuire of J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, feb 23 tiff No. 44 I'ine - e'r. - et. A CUVXJIAO HUUM To i.LT. A olessant and convenient tii ; . r u.i.ii in store no. 2t iilri - reef, I rose 1st u.y next. Apply to TUCKER LAl'RIES. ftb 3 50 tflSaX FOR SALE OJl TO L' - VEE. ' - llii " f'cComriiodating terms, a number of waier auil PUUUuig near nud a!uing tha navy - yard, at Brooklyu. For particulars, enquire of i SAMUEL EVANS, jaa 22 if Brooklyn. story brick house m Greenwich - street, between Liberty ami Courttaiidt - streeU. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - lrcct. mil 3 tf FOHtiALE, The twe - story .brick Irmit House and Lot So. 33 Cherry - street For terms, kc. arply at 76 Pearl - street. mar 3 FOR A convenient 2 - story brirk'nt HOUSE aud LOT, No. 89 Ann - street. Cn 'he premises there is also a eojifortable back building, With 3 rooms having fire - places, and 2 other apartments; and in the rear of the whole, is a carpenter's rhop, stout 50 tret in length. 1 his lot, which is 28 feet 1 inch in wid , and ISO fret in depth, would be very suitabln to a manufacturer, a carpenter, a livery - stable keeper, or any business that requires a goud deal of room. For terms, apply at No. 17 Burling - slip. Feb 27 if t.Ayr.'jt;r. at GHKJ - H ICH. To be let, the house and e rounds trontinc on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of the late raimiel MUlian, and at present occupied by .Mr, David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber im - rchnnt, foot of N. Moore - strret, or of T. 1'KI.NOLr., in the Bank ol iSew - Vork. feb 5M If 'i K : P Vi ii I A' .n T. i lib.. 5J To let and possession lirrt of Mr.v rext, thelourstorv hre proof store, io. J4 South - si between Cornties and Old slips. Enuse ol the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 43 Chiiiiibtr - strrtt. leh V tl I) t. KAIU. W I.f 7, The tore No. 20 Wall - street. Apply at Hie store. leh 19 tf i Im sulitcriber will leH. - e or sell the lot and liHiise in whi:h ho now lives in Lau rens street It is a pretty comfortable house fur a small piodcrate lanuly, having a stone Kit' hen and cellar, two rooms on eacli floor and a bedchamber in the garret. Across the rear of the house there is a plea: ant piara, built scarcely three years ago :lhas a neat little garden about 00 feet deep, and a suiail stable, leauin to which there is a gangway from the street Apply to A. I. Dnti, .No. 09 Waslmigto i - streot. Fen 2 if J AMES TM.LARY. FOR SALE, AKAf. rnorr.RTV is the ut of hew - komk. fX& A BRICK HOUSEondLotNo. il 4g Bowery STABLE in tie rear - together mi'Ii the l.l'T, 44 Icet Irunt, 4i Ittt rear, Hint llj lei t on tarli side. HOIISK and LO I' No. 37 Vesey - strert i and House nnd Lot No .'19 V sev - Mreel. . A BOND ami iMOKI GAGE lor I - 2H0 dollars, do and do fur 750 do do and do for 4:j0 do On vnluabli: property in the city ofPew - York. 1'he interest Ims always bean punctually paid. For particu'.ars ino'ii eat the oil'ne of s o.l - i.ii cxi n i ibiuwl? ou.llir,.i x. i.mTiiMi., dp 10 tf Ncs. 27 W(.ll ,'XO LFT, ii a cnuntine noose on ine lower noor, io ? kHfh tn. A iarife new fire proof store in GoVernrurs'. j lane, next door to VVHter - street. Applv to mh It 29 Ponlh - strerf. TO LET, From the 1st May next, '.he three - story brick house No. 18 Courtlansl - sfreef, with or without the stable in the rear Ap"'t to J. k R. RE.VWICX", Fi b 2 Prt WVi.inj'oH - sS, Ituust, blaliu, Gariini, c. at (jntnuui, l?i. TI.a ul f'riluii' umII lot nr Ibnai. r.ip A 4llUSl ..." . n. ...... ' " . .... u t'M'in 'it' years, los bouse at Greer wiili. ItUlea - ta.ntiy siiui !: ou trie nar.i: oi trie iiiuison, ana ...!ci.Ia'i d I" Jicon.o.oilai - n hirge fmilv. For terms, npply to DIVIEhETHUNE. jHn,iu !)2 Wn' street. n lint vt.l.. SH'.Sioiage mry be bJ on the first floor of the tort No. v9 South - street, which will save tho rx' n'e of hoiiti - ic dec26 A V AL'AbLL FARM. FOilsALE, in llu lowu of Flushing. Qi tens county, Loiig - islaivl, situated on Bav Sule, 14 uiile bum New Y rk, aud2 I from Flushirg ianulii.. , I'roui whencn pa ket lioats and stages daily j ly i i and t'ow New - York. S.vA foi in - iKitaius aKo'ji la() acres CUof whii h is wood I.ii; I ot tfii - io' knidi of timber andthril - 'y grov'li, v tii two apple orcharls, ouo old, tt:e other no ii.irc than lilt ye'irs old, mid con - t - di.' 2r0 arali'd trees, all in full hearing and of the f it - e - l :: - d3 of fruit und gilia variuly ; I,. . - i ! ot.t Dgi - nflsd ( tr tries, hut iu the ;mo hie, roiisiti.ig in part f lh choicest :.; ! pi vei - alue;., St. Grtrmams, and pound ... !, v d I! i f 10 Engliiii cli'rry - tr'es, winch ,ire j el '. "itiiiing to bear. The remainder is uiiii - bvid"d t'lto loin of Dic - sriiip. tillage and ,.;isti'r. , ail enclosed in stibstatili'il It nee and uii - i - "ixt! im iro - err ol. The mansion liuse . jij . .; ' ' - uilt in m.sdcrn style, of t'nt beil uiMetial' i finuhed I'lroitghou, witu a g"' v ..h.n ii' t - .i. iitnl is situated on ia emi neii. , c .ml. n.diii an extensive tiewof the oav and .nlja'eiit (ountrv. The court - yrd and ifif.U n i ,..i.. ii' a (treat variety of Iruit - trcer au'i i.iuMii'ii, a - p.intgus bro, lrawher - u - s r.sp - !"rrri - , g'iost tri i.s, ud t urintsio abui.iL'iurti. !'..'ch'd is a l.t'je tPrn sh' In, eartiiige liou - r, hen hnue, smoke bou?. , i.nd rr inj iiier i - . - i ' - 1 eor. - ieit'ent laiilding", all r."W and m joolr "i Tho jrenii'fs btlor l.i Chaf'es Lu'jsf. Esq. late of Fl'. - hicc, deceved, and coml'H iiii.n' ', of whu'i it is d.'eo e l ii.. ary eitet ii.l a iiri:ul, as l! is jTSi. uoieii n. j i will tmrrlia - 'e without firt vieiiii - 'If prrr.iiif . 1 or (.. r'.nular ar - 1 (erm, wiie:! - - v. I! !' acrii.nnoilatiii, r; iv lo U.e sulisrii'oer., i. i !! ; ;iemise", w1. Mill give an indisputable lillf o' eli2.i. ;rn COil NELL. I . jtril. JOiI!l A ,or..vw . , Executor, Bav - ?ile, Fln - ' - ii.i?, ! Feb. 23 S F b? - lli. T l.r.l iji - i And jto - sessi ii 'o t" 'j . be l - l M. L - xt, In - i j U - .VI7, l - r u - Nu. 4.1 U ll - '. t - et, 01 ;.ky i - ur i - ep.u f ,r..Gei''r iaailic. i . " - ). ' a".:y, irh 3 .. 4". - a .r e. jfr ft J.I - I. !J5 I he store and ctl - inlerlh - in , .1. 'li.ui - igol houss; 'n. i' - .:l ,tr.' , 1 hree ilory firt - piwl u ih.' r 1 t rtipied tv the sWri'.r : v - or ' ' ; eti nn tlie ttl of ilny sunt hi; i ! ' roai Ii - hop - ', ssiiiatetl nu Ci'd - ire, 1, a 'i. rear i4 his ?f.rriid pr ciises, - oieisi4ol rf. 1 ran lie hvl'i'i'i'rlv. Feh2 f ' JOHN I CI 'fig Tt'JJT I A i ven and SU re in '. P sm.i J. at P.'t. - sei.i upktd by Mr. Wa. bba. aji ly j I ssUSlf T. GIBBONS. LAW fiULLDlVCS. TwoorTiersin Law buiidinxs No. 3. to heieiitct. Apply on tl.e premises, lo JAML? A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 69 Broadwsy. feh2.lli TO LET, Vaiil A convenient 2 - story Hou, in Le n - am, near Orange - street. Inquire oI'M. DIT.'iiS, 14!t Pearl street. mh J Vw AtX.rf .. . . . ... iii s!5 TO t.h.T. Vls - ii From fh Rrmt nf l h.l a rvnf - .iiil. ing room oq the second floor, together with the upper lolls. Enquire No. 167 Pea.l stres t. jan x - 4 ii TO Lt. I , The three stonr bilrk dwelling. "7 Vp. folk - street Enquire .f COX St .VfONTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 i,0 Walt - st. 'JO Lt I', A twoitorv house, with ab.'rn and fire acres of land, situiittt ahoul two and a half miles Irom the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in tint f i.iten luc ma - ket nno would cultivate tne land as an enrlv vi total, le garden, it is an object. Bent 200 dollars. Ap ply at 3 Drondway. mh 6 tl J'O LE V, From the first May nest, the store no, 79 fuutli - street, tor terms apply to L. I.F.FI - KBTS, Jtin. feb 7 28 William street m JO l.! T, The brick store No. 2 Gouvemeur's Lnne, next tl, or to Waler - atieet. It has lour Doors, icsnlt s a larue cellar ami carret. I'osses siun may (probably) be bad nn vious to the l - t iilay, T required. Atpts ;iS! sonii' - sirei.t. feb 11 TUCK ERAi I.AUKDP, tJ3ij The follou ing House, vii: 1 1n: house No. !". Jul.n - itrtet The house No. t)7 do The house nnd store No 395 Pearl - street The bouse und store .o I II Cherry - street The house No. 28 Courtlnml - streef. - aAiiply to JAMES W. SHA febtl N. 5 Bowery. jrti. 'JO LK'j: tiBE Those two fire - proof duelling Iloues, No. 74 and 76 Mo'.t stru t, al t ut ten minutes walk Irom thel t,tl, e ileus. I hey will he put in complete repair. on1 well calculated foriien tetl families. Appiy et No. 137 Watcr - ttrtei. mh ! I tf . Forsale. the Dover Iron iMaiiufiirtiiriiie EMuhlisiiinsiit, In tt,e fount v of Morris, mid slnte ol'New - Jerkcy 1 consisting 01 n rolling and slitting Mill, in good repiiis, which work two pair of rollers and cutters, 'hears, Kc. all nt the same lime ; n vbluabie f rue wKbtwn hies nnd ovt hammer in pud rcpais ( a slot k of coal and oe on lininl, suilii itiit in make fid) ton of Iron ; n fnrt ini'l ; 11 rut nail factory in ootl repair, siflirit iit loirr - ploy thirty men, ami may be extended toe.nipl, y one buiulr d more : a brttdcui - tire mtchiiK' and a steel furnace in good repair; t omenienl tatt e v. - oik is n store ai d a nuiiibi r of homes for tie: ni 1 enmiodi.lion of iMiuibcs, and excellent stabling lor trams that may be neces. saiy to keep lor the use of the. establishment ; al so, ore! jJtU, pasture and meadow lots, nnii.i' - diately adioimr.g the works, with limber land in any quantity, t r xxieding two liiousniiii live hundred acres, within three mile of said work. The ereat in of iron ore. commrncini: at ti t: noted niickasunny mine, runs moie than 2 mile ti.rough this Irnct, and three mine are now open, from which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may he opened and ore raised to siu ply works to any extent the mine arts within two mile Ol said works, and goon road, to ilial li e ore can he raised and delivered at (he lorge al tuoa;,d a hslf doilnrs per ton. The above described works are situated on Rock a way Kivrr, about eight miles from Mor - rislnwn, twenty five miles from F.I isn belli l imn, andahuu' the same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading frtm said works lo each place, in a pleasant bialtiiv situation, ami in a erond neieliborhnn.t. theie beinclwo I'reaht - terinu Churches within tour miles, ami a fru ndV uirr tuig house williin lwr miles of said piuce. This slanii for collecting bar iron fur the slitting null is very commanding, there being urarly ore hundred toige tires in the county ; most of them me on the urcan s above Dover, and the iron, in cuing lo New York markelt can ci.nve. niently pass those works. At Ibis mill lieoucntly loui tuns ol bnrirnn have been and bundled info null nnd spike rods 111 nday, ami upwaids of one hundred tiit 01 nails hate been made in A trar. A large amount ol roods may be sold at this place in "xchnngeiorhar iron,procuring sup plies, kc. tic. There arc valuable scites both a hove k below on this tract, on which more works may be rrei lud. Al - sw, That valuable tvrll known farm. Irinir in the township of Baodolpil, i bout two miles liom Dover, and six miles irom Morri'lown, end - wiiiiin ore quarter of a mil to! the Union lurnpiKe mad, near i'irvnril vnlky, called 'tie Distilleiy Furm, ciitiiitiii.ic about three liiifcdrrrf ncres, about on fimrlh pail nt whit his excellent meadow, one lomtl, pait plough und pasture land, and the re - .uricdur I iinlier. A considerable purl ofthetim - her is of the oriiinn! crowth. and is suitable lor sawinf. Hit Oiher part is il.riity yooug timber. irom ti'ttrn lo tweeiy yearsgrowin. inert: ure on said farm iiiiwr.rrts ol six hundred appl trees, in fine nrde, eight lo sixteen year eld, the mos! of them 01 grafted fruit, and more limn hall of them Hsrison ple, so lamous lor ruler. The meadows o,ell it und fn e Irom stone, through which run. tso bvi Iv streams ol water, ami nearly toe whole Biuv be wnh red. On of t!n se rtrc - nis is sufiit it:iit lor a - mill or other wuiks ; thrri !r saw niiHs, a grist - mill, a fill - line: mill nnd oil mill, r: the saino stream, fin said farm ure two (.Inutile scit for w:.ter - ivoiks, a e.tinvenieiit tl ep place to erect a short dam. nnd raise a considerable pond, with twelve orfiltet.11 feet head Below this the water eon be taken into a nee, and in lets than twenty chairs, "ii Rood firm ground, is more than twenty :. 1 1 fad. in this way the water can be worked twice oyer with the t:xpciite of only one ilain. There it on said larm an extensive ridt - r mill w ith foi:r presses and cistern, homed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels ol eid'T. Connected lo the tider woiks it the still - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping, 'I he water for condensing the spirits t iq.p.iid In ni .1 never failing spring, within six r. ;, of tlif tliU house, and hns sul'cieiit hedfn inn into tlie eisL - rns The hud lii.g con - ist of wi small Irame dwelling", orn - gootl frame barn, 54 f. et long by iO feet wide, under a part ol whit - h is a good cellar ; there are a. so nay nuuie, cow iheds, Vc. ALSO. Valuaiilc pro'er!ynt Lonfivotid. In 1be t - jwn - Jiipofjetlt ison, six miles Irom D iver, so I wist brum b of Roekaway River, 1 .i!mg ol i very vhlip ile lore, w ilh two fir: hud one ham - mr ; nbaadawe 01 water the whole ycr.r, a large isond. and s vsry warm litiiation, and lor Idle. 11 years i - asl hS hit" a" " - - in Vtr c - naly. l'!eore it wit.'in l ir wile, and a part rt U.e road turnpiked! U.e several . - o ilier ted with f - is esiahli'hment amount alt.i - tth. r to lout fourtef ii bin dred ar f. the creat ?t nut linilscr, to make a durable supply oi coal ( ,r lb" forge Irurusdiale1v at'iMintai tlx - lorfc r t.v.iaM - 1 i.w fi.d mcstl - tw land tutbei. - nt . . ...... . . .... f ur( I'li - S l i,'M ti inn 1 1 rnehundrej u res each, with ! , m . s, orchard and h:ir..s, beside several cooti ''. triu'i? 'r the teinilii - s that luay be employed ' i . tro - uiTe t'.e lora . i i.ewi. ile o - any pa - l of tbi very valuable ' o, - erf will liesoltl at such pure and rretlit as ' iri'i'e it mplir Uie nitration ot any person t jit to puirhase. Fur further iuloriuation a ciir - oi i - COI IXr.V. nl Doter. HRAF.I. tiA - NFlELD. at Mjrrittown. ! ill.At KWIJ.Lf M'tARLAN, at.N. York. ,eb 25 DSLtr I VuMti l...r.ix'Ar.R I BlbCf, ! '. lie I' .iiiitie t .iT.e li..ue,t n the 18lb dav of f .itttili, in.', lit 12 o'clock, tl.s heu snif lot ' of proumi, iheiu'e re.idenre ofl)Mir Archi - haiii orute, ileee.t n il, situated at the corner of Grt iiwirh and l.ilierty - nrteti, with tlietffire appt rlhii ine tti il in - I .il.erly - street. Tins h u'ear'i crtice are in crmplt'le repair, and niiy b - cxamieed by persons desirous of purrhkting, Istnt - . n the hours of twelve and two, every day ...i... - it .i.. I Ij.'i' 'loll.irnof the pure heir money may remain on mortgage, tor further particular ip ply at t nr miction room. mh 3 d'.s HUANCES BRUCE. Tit i.' T, From the 1st of May nrxt. the lower counting room of No. 54 South - street. AISU, Thc upper counting room, No. 71 Snath - it. Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. ieh 13 67 Froot - street 0CL tOt.Ei Ai M UOXiXUhALE, HrJiQ The house and grounds belonging lo the) citato of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue, tin the premises are an excellent double bouse, stable, coach and ice house, with evrrr thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any ether description it unnecessa ry, a iiiuse iiieuncu to rent win view the plate. Also, tlie large fireproof store in the learof bouses II nnd 13 l'earl strtet ; where there is for ale some old Madera Wine, by tlie Deuiij' - tn. r or lurtner particulars, apply to i iyi. Fit AW. Jan 29 11 Pearl - street. Ti KI.AL ta 1 A 1 L t OR 6 ALL. rflli Tn jr.fittr v It tinmsi lnl silna. tea io. 37 I 39 Vy - tr?tl. A 10, n hour nti'j lot io. 11 Ecwerr, near ('liaihrim - iruiart. id (tt timri lv 9 - i flrsnn. All r. .... on HicnniiuotlHlin trrm. ror particuliirt ftjv - . I , Dici f ' t. 1 is 'if nj i ,i. jj irt riiwiLH - H, Mn 13 W PSfti IO LEl" HrAlj A large convenient modern built bouse, coiid. htiiise und improsemints, (with nr without au extei sive kiti ben curden and buck lot) frum the tirtl ol May next ; situated on the comer of the t rst Avenue and Firt - strert, near Ihr corner ol Norlh and A Hen - streets, and about one mile bom tin I lly Jlnll. Tlie situation it elevated and healthy, nail in every respect tuiinhle lor k genteel liiin;l) . On the pri raises it a well ol most excellent waler. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, ' No 3i Front street. Feb2tf rOt iALt, A house of two stories, with piazia in fr nt,(in gootl repair ; containing about thirty four uciet, situate nn Throes Net b, and rear to ihefaim ol Abiiah Hamiunnd the land heiar highly iwipioved, anil foiit - iniiiK a gieat n.riely ol the best rheliies, apples, pears and peichet in great fpiiniiunce and iu lull hearing the nd - joining waleis bllonling ample siip;iln s el fth sWiell ivtid scale, which at a small expenre may be led irom a creek to the upland, and detained in a pond lor daily use si mnektrel and has fishery being hlsoatr tehed thereto, nnd where al one draught of a :m:A (sine have lieen tslieu iiihi kt r I w litt h sold the next day for one hundred and twenty dollars in point of prospect, health and profit this sit is no wliere exceeded - distant e I rein Ni w - lork about lourW tnniilt. u Alto, lour lots of land near tin above two lying on the Sound, containing torty five arret; aiid hounded on two sides with waters land of nn en ellenl quality, with an orchard ol lour hun died apple trees, including the best fort for tl hie ue ; (trail lor cyder, the Virginian crnb, English hii(loei rah, white sty re, coccnjre", lex wheip anil w I He sour, with tigbly cherry trees thv black lartariati recomim ttdvd by i trili hems one. In Irout 01 these lots aie tuken bass, black (ili. pr rt h. rntillett, king lisli. plaice, soles, mackerel, poipy, pike, smelt, whinuf, eels, nod urea - smnaily slieenbeadand shut), with iveuk - lith and inauhailtlen in vast uhundauce; beds of oysters, superior in quality to any marketed in the city, lie very near their shores, with crnht and tlamt, whilst tl adioiniiiff bar and errrks in the winter sensor, nhound in black duck nnd broad bills, - anil some turn s are seen the canvass bnek and wibl geese the land ufTording wooih m k, quail nnd snipe. I he situation cannot fall to please in every irspect ;and thelund may always he kept in bij;h tinier, at n Iriflilig expense by sedge ami salt n. udows uttacbtd thereto, nnd sea weed dri ven on lit shores. Alto, two oilier lots, one containing ten snd tht) other filleen actes. 1 best, lots t'ombianri an ex tensile view of land aud water; are altogether siiilahlti lor small rural ret ruts; son ol tte best mailt vi and contain about one hundred ami filly cherry treis, licit sorts, ' und four hundred tipple ' . . ,. .,.,1. . l. .1, :.. irees, most apprnveo nir lame ami v.yoer, no ni full bearuiK, uud to each ul the kit will heat' tut hi d li - e acres of tall meadow if wanted. Also a lot, containing fifty three acis ; nhont eight in wood. This lot is about fourteen miles irom the city, and t nu Hum the church ol tho town ol Wetlchtsler. Il the above proiierty is not disposed of before Wednesday, the first of A - pnl next, the same ou that day will he mid t public, aurfinn, at the Tontine Coflee House, nt twelve o'liloeit, i.n arcomm'"iaiing terms, n payments, in both cases. For further iniorii a - tion.aiplvto FREDERICK DE I'EYSTEK, Esq. No. V4 Broad sire, t, or near I be premises, to the subscriber, leb 24tApl lllll. III. LtVI.NUaiV.N. VALUABiaK I ROl'ERI I. IJiJCT The subscriber oflor for tale a valuable' farm. 73 mile from New - York, lying 7 miles south of Pouhkeepsie, on til post - road, Within 1 - 4 of a mile ol the mill on the Tails or Wappin - get - 'i - Creek, and in the neighborhood of several landings from which sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young orchard of grafted fruit, wood tillfieient for fuel. and all in good fence. Tb house cnutaiui sevs - ral rooms, has a good bam, and all in excellsnt repair. Its situation being on an elevated plain, renders the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another lot or 40acres,conUir"ousloin above, and liotinded southerly by the falls of Wappio. tee's Creek. Tlie land it fertile, in ex cellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, uiai h onj vw made n place of celebrity. There is already I reeled oti the rails a saw - miiioi grwmi .....j,. I a carding - nnll, whirh enjoys the custom of tha 1.1.1..1 l,..;,!. erentl other scites for IH IZIIIflfl iirw factories, unotcupied. 1 he whole force of the ereek ran I diverted with a litlle. expenre so a to drive a range of mills on a level plot of grvund just fx low the falls, and accessible by an easy navi - ation; where far.torie of every description, withevery facility of power and traos porUtioo. can be constructed. , Abo, a floor - mill, of tha first clits, Tht) ... ., . . mi'l - nr.nse is inre, wiiit run ol uurr (tonra. and calculated for G, with new machinery for mariulacturir.s; wheat, tic. with an elevator for raisin? grain from vessel into the upjier loft of (he mill. Connect. d with the mill is a large store bon for storing wheat aoS flour. Willi the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which is sitnated five dwelling houses, n laige'bam, hay house, carriage bouse, corn nib - , hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated for 20 hands. Two of the houses are new and welt calculated for geuteel fimilies : Tbry cooimansl a view of the river, with a hcantilul inters. landscape formed by the meandering of the creeK immediately in front. , Tiiere are few plarehich sweiate to many accomBjiwlating qiial.GcalioLS for lb merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday tb 2 1 st April, it will on that day be offered at anc - orterm kc .PPV to MESIEiV 3"!tSSrUM ABRAHAM MESItR."" '

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