The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 13, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1818
Page 4
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VJ ForaeJe, the Ifovec liwrAhmiifioturlbi lolikbraeat, ia Utiut ciirne, and SIM Of New - Jersey coMilius4 arcllusg t "! , ting Mill, in good repair, which worat two pair of roller and cutlers, shear. ic. all at tin lam ' timej valuable forge with two fiie aud one baimor in frool repair i (lock efcuat noil ere i e linnd, idilx itt (o make fifty lint of iron J a gord saw mill ; acul Bail factory in good(quir, . Ecient lo employ thirty men, aud ninf be extended lu employ on bubdr d mfe a tirad cut - . ting o)4cbii,t and ash - el furnace In good repair; - comeuiect to tlie, works is a stare , aid a number . f Ixwiri for thtmrcorumndatioa M families, and excellent (tabling fc U - sm that may be aece - sary lo keep lor the use of tbe ipUlilishiaent I al an, orchards, pasture ami meadow Ms, imme - ' jlialrty adjoining the works, wid) timber land in muj qusimuy, noi rxcrcimg iwo uj hundred acres, within three Diile 61 atd works. The rrtnf in nt iron rn commencing at M noted Suckasuruiy aiine, ruu nor than 1 mile inrougn uo irat t, wdUMt lauwa ' now op, ran whwb the forges are supplied wifbot, end mora' tuty l optntit sud ore raised ti snpply works to any extent ( the auiuaa are withia two UMlea or said works, and good road, to ore can lw raised oed uriivereaa u iwgv twnaoda balfdollsn perton. The above described work art slloaleo on . Rurkaway Kirar, about eight mi from Mor - fiaiown, (weal; five mil from Klixabeth Town, and abou Iba sameduJauee from Newark, with good turnpike roads kadi Crom said worki to each pln, in a pleasant healthy (situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Fret by. terian Cbunhes within lour tail, and a frituoV meeting borne within two mile of taitl place. Tbit stand for collect jiig bar iron for tba tlil - tuir mill it verv commanding, thtre beioc ttearly one biuidrtd furse Area ill the couutf 1 unit ol tbtaaraon (lieaireavit aboe Dover, and the iroe, iu noma; to New - York narket, can cuire. ieoilr mm liioae work. At ilii miU rrenaentl . fourtimtol bat irto have been alit end bandied into nail and ipike todi in day. and upward ol one Hundred lorn 01 nan iiavt oeen aaaaa iu a Tear. A large meant 01 goods way tw told at lata place in exchange lor oar trort,pmcuring tup rlit. 1c. Lc. 'i'hrre are valuable acitet both a hove k below on this tract,on which more works ma v oe rrtcicu. . That valiia'ite wf II known fafm, lying in the towiiilit'ij of iiandolDtL.ahouttwo milts Iron Do ver, and six miles Iroto Murriitown, and williin ore onnrler ntx milrol the Union lurnnike road near ileuant taller, called the Distillery Farm, containing about three hundred acres, aboat one fourth 1 art ol which is ncclJent neadowi one lourih pari phiujU and paiture lanu, ana inn re muind:r timber. . A roiisiderttble Part oftlie tiru Iwr is ol m nrUiual rrowtli. and ia suitable foi ' sfufins, the oritur part is thrifty youne timber, Mroin uni - eu 10 Iwcntv yruragrowui. 1 uero are on mid briii upwards of six hundred npido trees, w fine order, fight to sixtcco jears old, Uie uxist t 01 teem ot grar.ert iruit, and mure man naii 01 them liariron droits, so famous lor cider. The ' ineadon s are flat Bud free from atone, tliroogh wtiu li runs two lively streams ol water, ana nearly tl e whole may be ivaU - rrd. One of these ateaiua is sufficient for a arist - mill or other works 1 there are taw mills, a xrist - niill, a ful lln mill and oil miJI, on the same stream. On aaid fvn are - two valuable soles for water works, a convenient cbcnp place to erect a short dam, and riu coitiHlerrthlrpnnd, with twelve , orfilleiufcut head Bctowtbis the waler - cnn ' be taken into a race, and in lets than twenty chains, on good firm ground, is more than twenty feet lull, in this way the water can be worked twice over wib the expense of only one dam. TVrti is no aaid furm an exiensive cider mill with Iburpi eases and citterns, housed and well hooped with iron, tuficiert to bold twelve hundred barrels ol cider. Connected to the cidt r works itihe still - hoaie, so totivfiiieiitly situated that the whole cut ration is conijiel(l without Juoa;)inf, The water for condenkng the spirits 1 supimed from a never fniling ai'ri.iir. within lix fods of the still house, and hes t'lrncient bend to run into the cisterns. 'I'he builJin2s consist of twq lafdl frame dwellings, one good Irame barn, 64 fi.w lone hv 26 frt wide, under a part .l wbici. is good cellar ; there ore also bay bouse, cowiiH - as, A.e. ALSO, V iluiiM nroiertt hi Loiewood. In the town sbip ol Ji fl. - r - OM, 11 j uiiies Irum - Dover, on tie nan hmnrh of llx k, way Kiver, roniiti:ig ol a very vniaiilile forr,e, w.Mi two uri end one HHin jut 1 Mbumlfince m water the whole vur, a l.r p ml, and 11 vry waim situation, and lor lifief n jt:n past has nnde as nitich iron at any two hies . in uie county. The re is miiijiii lour nines, mm a part of the road lurnpikert. The severtl tracts counseled with this establishment aoiount hi together to about fourteen hund.ed'itc res, the rreat er pari tiruutr, to make a - turuine supply oj coal fortheloige. laiincilintrty adjoining lb - lrge is very valtiaLle plow and meadow land snlticient fo tiiree fiiribt il one hundred arret eack with houses, orchard and harm, beside several rood dwellings for the families that may be employed ia wnraing the lorte. Tbe who'e or aay part of thi verv valuable property will beold at ta h piicet and credit at will make it wuDhv the attention of an ; person within to pu chase. For further information enquiieof JACOB I.O.ET, at Dwer. lSIUfX CANFlELl), at Morristowo. BLACK WF.LLtc M'rARLA.N, atiN. York fcb MDftCtf LA BUILOLSUH. Twoofficsshi Lew Buildings N"n, 3, to k - 1 . 1 . . 1 - . ou L - a 11 rtoicu. AJ'I'iy on irio yrcnnseB. to JAMES A. HA XILiTLUi. 1.1 Q IrbVkitf or tt No. 69 Broadway TO Lt.l, A convenient S - itorv iiobse. in Leon ardTne; . near Oranaa - itreet. Imiuire olM. DITMI4. I4 reart - firert. sub 1 tw IU LLT, tj.i.;Jl Fmm the nt of Mav next, a front count lug room on the second door, together with Uie pper lont. tnquire Ixo. 107 I'eml - slieet. :t. tf Jan T4 - TO t.t r. The new brick Store no, fil 8tnne - at. A))lr to T. & J, SWOillW. . Feb 14 kiJ A very pmOtat.m FAitVT, of ll acres, two i thirds umtvr cultivation, the rcsiduo wood land, eilaage ea tbe tea hore, a quarter of a mile below the narrow, on tlie Btaten Island side and f. thort ride rroai the (team boat ferry landing t ,iiH a verv asfensive view rf the bar and en viron of New - York, within the N arroin, anil nf Sandy Hook aid ih ocmn t or prospect is equalled by none. The tide is enquesti'ioable. Two thirds of the purchase moat wy renaia etcored upon the rand - A ppiy ta A. V. D Foun tain oa trie perm net, rrm W. A. rtKJ.Y. 141 Creenwich - ttneet. TO I.ET.a coeveoieit new Si lory bouse, arij'.iiuVgthf atave, witbagardfisi and about aa acre of land. For terrat apply aa above. tin 9 own 7t) Lk. T. a iwonorv nnase. witn a barn and ore acres bad, tituHte anovl two and a half miles Irom U city, opiKMite the arsenal. To a person mbo is in b" h bit of attending market and whiki cumrai ii. una as an early vegetable ., i. 11 an object, llent 200 dollars Ap - . y,y - "' - ? ' RlS O U Tti hKT. A Tivem and Store in Flndini. i ib. . . k, ix.' . 1 . r - wmv m,'ku 'j a,, cor w , Apply to hOU T. GIBBONS. 4 1 tO H SALE OH TO LEA s ' SjUl ('Ot"" tlie 5, 6. 8, and 10 Wards; many of watch are oa resntated and navetl strait N money will be required under lea years, if sold. laWMrt excepted. Houses. Several twaaad three story bntnes oa which a great irt of the money rrnmin o morteaee. , LANDING AT REV) HOOK? Aa etceUeatstaud for businevs, with ten acres oi mjki, pesassaoy aituated, with a wharf, etore hoeoe and barn. COTTON eed WOOLEX MANUFACTORY, Near Nc w - Harea, with 40 acres of laud, and a Kw faiiing ttrpam. npoa which 2U mills may be win iniursij WBivrsorcsjca. ' Apply at Ao. 2 Greecinch - itrteL . 13 tf 1 1 1 tv TO LET J tttXHSODALt, - cauie of JM Atiiw', siluiiteu ob Be ca:uw arv btje. On the. preniiaea are ttucltwii deuble bouse, stable, tceetb pad see hoswe, viifc evry thing else n uu4ie for such m estatUshoieoU . t it pretumed iy oilier descriptioa ia wnoecessa - ry , as those inclined to rent will view tU place. Also, the large fire Proof store in the rear ol hmuM tl anif 33 fmrl - atrcet where there is for sale tome old Madera W ine, by the Demijolia. tWfut1irpicidM.,te Kt,A W . , , Jan 59 1 1 Peerl - etreet. RfcAly rJo i A l ii OhV SALfc. Two 2 - ttor ttorv bnet nouses auu ioi,snua - 39 Vesevstreet. Alto, ahouieane lot No, IT Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet tront by 125 deep! An on accommodating terms. I or particulars apply at Wo. 83t Greenwich - eV Jan 15 tf O'lO LKT, ; The brick ttore o. t Couveraeur's Ijioe. next door to Walcr - street. It has four doors, besioVt a larse cellar and garret. Posses sion nmy (pronanty j ne nan previous 10 uie m Msv. lireuuireO. Apptr ntci Booin - sireec k ia ' . . rnf 'irt'it r LAUKI., , TO LIST, A larce convenient modern built bouse, coucb house end improvements, (with or without an extensive kitchen gurden and back lot) from the Crt of May next 1 situated on the corner ol the Frit Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and Allen - tUeett, and about one mile from tbe luy Hall. J be aituattoo is eievateo and healthy, and in every respect suitable for a genteel family. On the premises is a well ol most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, ' Feb f. tf No. 30 Front - street. tUH HALt:, A house of two itorict, with piaitn in frcMutv jia good repair; codmning about tliiity four acres, situate on Tbrogs Neck, end near to the farm of Ahiiuh Hammond the land being biehly improved, and containing a gieat variety of Uie best cherries, applet, peart ami peacne in arrant Abundance and in full bearing tba ad joining waters affording ample supplies of fisli, hell aud scale, which at a small expenre may be led from a creek to the upland, and detained in a pond lor daily use a mackerel and bass fishery being also attached thereto, and where at one draught of a small seine have beta tdken mackerel wbicn sold the next ua v lor one Hundred and twenty dollars in poiut of prosper!, health and profit this rite is no where ece (led distance irom new - 1 on auoui louneen oiiiei. Also, lour lots of land near thi above two Iv in ou tbe Sound, containing lorty five acres. did bounded on two tidet with water li.nd of an excellent qutdity, with an orchard of four bun fired annle trees, including the best sorts for ta I ile u ; nnd for cyder, the Virginian crab, bur lish hagloecrah, white styre.roccage?, Ibx wbelp ami white tour, Willi eighty cnerry irees Uie block t'irtnrian recommended by Forsyth being one. In iront 01 these lots are taken oatt, warn uili. perrh, mullelt. kmc b, plaice, soles, mack erci, purgy, pine, tmeii, wiiiiiu, eeis, a no occa sionally shecpliea( and shad, with weak - bib and mnnhadden m vast abundance 1 beds of oysters, superior in quality to auy marketed in (he city, lie very near their shores, with crabs and claois, wliilit the adjoining hay nnd creeks in tbe winter season a'lovnd in tilack aacks ana liroad time. and some timet are seen tbe canvass bark and wild geese the land affording woodcock, quuii andsniiie. Tbe situation cannot fail to please in every respect t and the land may always he kept in Ingli order, at a inning expense by sedje and salt mend' ws attached thereto, and tea weed dri ven on its shores. Also, two other lots, one containing ten and the other fifteen acret. These lots command an ex tensive view of land and water; are altogether tuitalile for small rami retreats; toil of the nest (inolitv ; and contain about one hundred and ntv cherry trees, bcttiorti, and four hundred apple trees, mosi approved lor table and cyder, an iu lull hcarinc , and '0 each ol the loll will be at tached fi e arret of salt meadow if wanted. Also a lot, onlnini'ig filty three arrm ; about etht in wood. Tbit lot rt about fourteen utiles from the city, and one rom tin church ol the town oi Wcstthcsler. II the above property l not diivned of In - fore Wednesday, the first of A - pril next, the lame on that day will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee lloure, at twelve o'clock, en accommodating terms, as to payments, in hotb crises, ror further m'orma - to,ni pivto i KL utuKivn. vt. rr.iai hu, F.sq. No. 4 Broad street, or near the premises. to the tuh'cribcr, 'fba - llApl r Ult.l r I. t.l VltVUB I u.s m j. itiif.i, 5nSl( The three story brick dwelling;, 27 Nor folk - street Enquire of COX Si JnONTAUDF.VERT, Feb 13 0G Wall - it. y yti LHASh., fur a ttrm of ytari, Ufill Thc - liouieand lot No. 20 Cedar street, containing six rooms with fire plares, besides the kitchen, pantries, vaults. c. and a well 01 good water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, of the lot No. 09 Murray - street, in the occupation of William Patterson, on lease from the Episco pal thurennu St. r.spril. inquire 01 J. W. A: W. C. MI'LI.IUAN, fch5 dtf No. 44 Pineydreet. The following Houses, vix: Thuh iute No. 91 John - street The house No. 97 do Tbe house and store No 395 Pearl - street Tbe house and store No 1JI Cherry - street The house No. 28 Courtl uid - strett. Apply to JAMES W. SHAW, fcbtl No.5Howery. 4TTL VALUABLE ITtOPERIt. iirJS The subscriber offers for sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - Yotk, lying 7 miles south of l'oahkeejuie, ou the post - road, within 1 - 4 ota mile 01 tbe mills on me lairsoi ivanpiu - ger's - Creek, and in the neighborhood ol - several Inuihngs from which sloops tail weekly. It con - Uinl lOacres of level, fertile land, withayoun; otcbard of grafted fruit, wood lulticirnt for fuel, and all m good fence. I ne house mntHias teve - nil rooms, lias a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation being on au elevated plain, reader the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwolluur a ileli,'hllul inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wppinger' - Creek. The land is fertile, in excellent knee, and of easy cultivation. What render this property valuable, U, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already e - reeled ou tho falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a cnrdnig - mill, which enjoys the cintom of the neighlwruond, besides several other scites for lactone, unoccupied. The whole force of the crcrk can be .diverted with a little expence to as to drive a range of mills oa a level plot of ground just below the talis, and accessible by an easy navigations where factories of every description, with every facility of power and transportation can be constrocted. ' Also, a flour mill, of the first class. The mill - bouse is large, with 4 run of Burr stone. and calculated tor 6, with new machinery f r manufaeturnr wheat. Sc. with an elevator lor raising grain from resfdi iota the upper loft ol the mill. Connected wita lb mm ti a large tore boose for etonug wheat and Bo'ir, With tlie mill will be aold &3 acre of excellent land, 00 which is situated five dwelling bouei, a large bam, bay house, carriage house, rro crirx, hnvtls, ic. a ccopers shop calculated for 01 haac. Two of the house are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view 01 trie river, W1U1 a beautiful Intervale bwdVape formed by the meandering of the creek unmvuiiiceiy m iront. There are few plares which associate so many acrocnKlatiag qualification for lb merchant, mechanic or fanner. . If not sold at private tale before Tuesday the 21st April, it wdl on that day be offered at asw tioru For Ursjit, kc apply to PETER MESIER, fto. 25 Beaver - etrveL' Teb?0 ABRAHAM MESIER. S '.a . . twnneT v,., .ii sawBMUsx - swry'Drsir trn iivvcms auu iOT, Mo, z9 Ano - strteU tw he premises there wkUo1 a com&rtable back builJlnf, with 3 rooms' having fireplaces, aad . t ether apartments; aud to the rear of (he whole,! is a ear - pcoier's shop, alout 50 feet ia length. This lot, wipkfc. i Zd feci 1 iocb jii width, suxl ICO feet in tteptn, would be very suitable for a manufactur er, carpenter, a livery - stable keeper, or any business thai requires a pood deal of room. v or term, apply u no, 17 JftLung - slip. , . ' Feb7 tf . - ...l 1 . Ht - lslULMJL tt GRbttUWlLH. Tote let, tbe house and grounds fronting on Ureenwicb Lane, belonging to tbe estate of the late damoel Milligan, aud at present occu pied by Air. Vavid ciy. For narticulart eaquire of JOH.t H'KEG lumber mere bad t, foot of N. Moore - itreet, or of I . rnuvot, u the gang w flew - lorn. fcbSStf tlHH I'JioOt' ATOHK. To let and possession first of Mar next, tbe lour story bit proof ttore, No. 34 bouth - t. between Coentie and O'd slips. Enquire of I be subscriber, lo. 1 Murray, or 45 Liiamber - strett - leb y II . B. U tUAlU 'W Lt T, Tbe ttore No. Wall - street. - Apply at the stose. ten i tl The subscriber will ieaie or sell the lot and house in which be now lives in Lau - reus - street It ii a pretty comfortable bouse for a small moderate famdy, having a stone kitchen and cellar, two rooms - on each floor and a bedchamber in tbe turret. Arrow the rear of the boose there U a pleasant piaza, built scarcely three year azo It has a neat little garden about CO feet deep, and a small stable, leading to which there is a gangway Com the street Apply to A. U. LluO, No. 68 Washington - street. Feb 8 tf JAM ES Tl LLA R Y FOR HALE, nr.AI. PROPERTY I SI THE CITY Of BW - V0BE si?". A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowerv STABLE in the rear toeeth rr twill the LOT, 44 feet Iront, 42 feci rear, and 125 lei t on ench side. HOUSE nnd IX) T No. 37 Vcsey - ttreet , and House and Lot 10 3 v ciey - sireec A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. do and do . for 750 do do and ' do for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York The interest has always been punctually paid. r or particular ini une ni uie uince 01 STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 If No. 97 Wall - street b'WHH TO LET. Tbe fire proof ttore No. 2 Uouvemeur't Lam - , (near Water street) is to let from 1st May next, unas lour siones, ocsines a large cenar and a very commodiousgarret. Being drtached from nther buildings, there is no risk from file. Fosscseioo mny probably be had, if required, be fore the 1st May. Appit at 39 South street, to lehZ IDUhMt it LAl'lllr.o. TO LET, From the lit May next, the three - story brick bouse No. 18 CourtUnd - ttroet, with or without tbe stable in the rear A pry to J. Ic II. BENWIChT, Frb2 B6 Wadiiiigioo - si.' Houit, liable, Garden, Uc. ut Urtcnwui, The subscriber will let or Tease, for a lenu of years, hs h'U'e at Oreeowich. It is plea - autly situat'd 011 the hanks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to D1VIE BETH LINK, jaaii v v ad street. . - I OH ACE Mornge may be had on t he first floor of the store No. V!) soulh - strect, which will save the cxien of hnuting. dec 26 A VAidJAULE r'ARM, FOR SALE, in the town of l lushing, (Querns county, Long - ltlaad, situated ou Bay iklt; 14 miles from New - York, and2 12from Flushing lauding; from whence packet boats and stages daily ply to and Irom New - York. Said mrm contains about 170 acres, bUol why h is wood land "f various kinds of timber andtbril - ly growth, with two apple orchards, one old, the other not more than 20 yetcn old, and con - taint 250 graded tree, all in full bearing aud ol the rhcice.'t kinds of fruit and great variety ; there is about 20 grafted pear trees, iust iu the prime of life, consisting in, part or the choicest kinds of vergalues, fet. Germain, and pound pear, and 8 or 10 English cherry - trees, which are just beginning to bear. The remainder it suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in substantial fence and un der good improvement Tbe. mansioo house is 30 by 44 feet, built in modern style, ol the best materials, and finished throughout, ' with a good kitchen and cellar, and is situated on an eminence, commanding an extensive view of the bay and adjacent country. Tbe court - yard and garden c ontains a great variety of Iruit - trees and shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp - berries, - gnosotiorries, and currants in abundance. Attached is a large bam, sheds, carriage bouse, crib, hen bouse, smoke house, nnd many other uTnl auu convenient buildings, all new and in good repair. The premisen belong to Charles Cornell, Esq, late f Flushing, deceased, and combines tiumerous advantages, of which it is deemed unnecessary to euter into a detail, a it is presumed no person will purchase without first viewing the pn mites. For particular and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to the subscribers, on the premises, who Will give an indisputable title to them. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Side, Flushing, Fob. W, 1818. Frb23 - lm To BK LKT, And possession to be given immediately, or on the 1st May next, the elegant bouse No, 43 Wiill - itrett, or aay part thereof, separately, lor ouicea or luiuuic. r.uuuin; 111 ISRAEL FOOTE, mh 3 No. 41 Wall - street. fK HA IK .iT AVtJiluJi. Bv Messrs. BLF.ECKER t B1BBY, at die Tontine Ccflee House, on the 18th day of March, instant, at 12 o'clock, the house and lot of ground, tbe late residence ol Doctor Arclu hi d Bruce, deceased, situated at the corner oi Greenwich and Liberty - streets, with the office aiiiiertaining to it in Liberly - itrcet. The bouse end nffice are in completu repair, and may be examined by persons iVsirous of purchasing, betw een the hour 01 twelve and two, every day before the tale. 1 1 1500 dollars of tbe puichaMt money mav re main on mortgage. For lurtber particular ap ply at the auction room. nV3 dts FRANCES BRUCE. JTt IV LLT, SrfiJ The itore and cellar under the main building of Uie house No. 2i3 Pearl - street, and a three story fire - prool store in the rear, now occupied by tlie subscriber ; possession 10 b giv en on the 1st of May next. Also, his stable and coatb - hnuse, situated on Gold - street, id the rear of his aforesaid premise, possttsiontof which can be had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVF.R. TO LKT, From the 1st of May next, (lie lower couutins room ol No. 54 South - street. ALSO, Tbe upper counting Yonm, No. 71 Sonlh - tt Apply to JAMta D'WOLF, Jr. leb 13 57 Front - street' TO FARMERS. fTHE robscribercan furnish the farmer ef X Use adjacent coantry with'groend Plaster of Pari m any qoantity, 00 the shortest notice, ia bamli or otherwise. JOBS BYERS, Feb23tf Fcotof Harraon - st. N.a. FOR BALE OftTO LCAEfi, - Od accemaaodalioff terms, a number el water and building lot, near and adjoining the Navy - yard, at Brooklyn. Tor parucouurt, en quire ol , . SAMUEL E VANS, Jaw 22 If ' - Brooklyn. TU I.KT. V - nm l, fir., nt Mav tievt. thrCC atg - j - J alio - he irk hense in tireei! wich - a treet. between Liberty and t'oortlandt - ttreets. Inquire at VST Creeriwica - etreet toh 8 tf Tbe two - vtory brick front House and Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For term, kc apply at 76 Fearl - streetr - mars TO LILT. . And immediate uose:ion riven, the house No. 9 I'tarl - street, logelner witn trie eta ble and Coach Hon; in the rear on Bndee - st. The premises are in, complete repair and have every convenience necessary lor uie accommo dation of a family. For particular apply to orl28 L. BRADISH. dTt. TO LET. 5jjl From tbe first May next, the store no. 79 houth street, For term, apply to L. LEFFKUT8, Jun. , , 28 William street feb TO LKT. Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, No774 and 76 Mott - street, about ten minutes walk from the Coffee House. Tbey will lie put in complete repair, aud well calculated lor gen kel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street, mhlltr iO J.tT, ttjjjd - A counting bouse on the lower floor, No. ?9 south street. A large new fire proof ttore in Ooverneurt' - lane, next door to Water - street. Apply to TUCKER lc LAUKIE3, mhll 29 8outh - treet PVR SALE. Seven acre of land in West - Cheslern I2 1 - 2cnles from thi city. Oo the. premises are a good dwelling - bouse, barn and fowl - house, a tliritty yi une orchard of graded Iruit, a garden a ith asparagus beds, shrubbery 01 gooeeuerry. currant and strawl - erne. ith a well of never - Ciiling pure toft water, well calculated for di - tilling. The stage pa every day to New - York - , a veisel twice a week ; being only a quarter of a mile irom uie landing, r.nquire 01 UENKI ClIEAVEWS, 158 Broadway. Also for sale, a good substantial light waggon, calculated for one or two horse : to be een at Saudlnrd's Livery Stables, Broadway, near I let ter - street r.nqmre a anove. mn 1 111 TO LIT, The etore and cellar No. 56 Pearl - street, icr of Bioad - ttreet I a commanding ituatino either fur a retail grocer or mechanic ; poise snoe iuimediutrly. Apply at 76 Pearl - street. mn 11 at. TO LET. !l Aud possession given on tbe first of May, tbe house No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof stable and store in the rear fri.nting on New - treet. Also, the adjoining bouse No. 60. The eoap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on the 1st ef April For terms apply to JOHN KU UKL.L, At IU. mch 1 1 No. 60 Broadway. 'ilk I k I A new two itory bouic in Chmher - nt 4Ujaai n new inuiiuij imic in viihuiubi"'''. I . . I..... ...).. . ,1 llAMl IIUlll IU (lie lllimt uitntci ..j uie 111,1 a.vij with mabogaoy and folding, doors, and elegant marble mantle chimney piece ; finished bed - ruuiUB IU Ulc c.ici . ,ii iiuii, auu ic.l , cistern and an excellent well of watrr ; with eve Tj innveinrmc .iim. a iiikvi iiiiuiij v au uv.i - built ia a particular m inner foi the owner. Inquire of TID.OD. FOWLKR, . . a tat. CO I a I M .a - A A mn 111 iw f AN 1 ED, by the luttMi end of April, hoard VV for two persons in a respectable private family, where no other hoarder are received. ... ,1 l : I 1 .1. Ml L f.. - I wo rooms will ne requiien, which w in 1 mr - nisbed by the advertiser. 1 he ntuatioo not lur Iber north than Chamber - itreel. Letter ad dressed to F. W. at the Office of this paper, nam ing situation, fcc. tic. will be immedintely ah tomled lo mh 10 31 1 . bPH lA'U - A 7Vf KFT WflCL. NOTICE i hereby given to all persons interested, that tbe Commissioner of Es timate and Assessment, appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New - York, to perform certain duties relative to tne enUreingof Spring - street, between Thompson - street and Wooeter - treet, m the eight ward of the said city, have Completed their estimate and assessment, as well of the Ins and damage uitained over and above the benefit and ad vantage received by th. owner nf the lands nd premises required for the said enlarging ana imp ovmg bpring - street as atoreaaid, n also nf the benefit and advantage received by the owner and interested of and in cer tain lands and premise not required for aid improvement And that we the .11 t - ommis ioners have deposited a true copy of such es timate and assessment in tbe Clerks office of tlie city of New - York for the inspection of Whomsoever is may concern auu uuuee 1: hereby further given, that the repor t of esti mate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of New - York, at the City - Hall or the city orMew York, on Monday the fourth cUy of May next, at the opening of the said Court on that day, or as soon thereafter a counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - York, March 3, 1818. FETEK H AWES, 1 PETER STAGU, Committionert JOHN TARGEE. mh4 11t ftF.W DhESSHTQ ROOM. A F RUM EN TO, No. I Wall - street, just 1 x . turned from Italy, has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that he cuts and dresse hairia the latest style, and in a mat oer n at to adopt it to the phitiognomv. He hat for tale a quantity of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please oa trial, th purchaser aie at liberty to return them, and receive the money. He has likewise procured a very fine hone, and engsges to tcstoie raxors to a very keen edge and should the y not cut lie will receive no recompense. Those gentlemen who may please to honor him with their patronage, may depend 00 the mmt particular and mpectful attendance. N. B. Gentlrroeo who subscribe bytheqaar ter will have their raxors, ic. ktpt exclusively for themselves. P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply ai anove. mn 11 (O - WHEATO. - It DA - J via, Fancy Chair Maaufac turrrs. No. 153 ulton - street, opposite SL Paul Cbarvb, ooer tor sale, wholesale auu retail, a large and elegant assortment uf Curld Maple, plaia painted and ornament ed in gold at hrnas. Bamboo, Plaia and Gilt Balls, Rock - icg,Sewiug, srd Caawrsn - tioa Chair. SoU. SeUeei. Q' Louogect, Music Stools, kc, Ordrrs from any part otbt continent execatee with netUnM aad diapatch. . OM Chain repaired, painted aad ornamented. dA 9 P05T COACH LlS - fi voft fHlLADELPBlX , , ! WAX s - lt4 - ' ' j - . A M Slltd.llflVll. IflrUKTABT TU rAc"sw - . , .s xr - j' l4i. rl.nitii IUIb. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOITO Olllu.v nfcintwi a nrtu 1 r fnmi r 'nn In withevery con' A. venienre lor r'enger and baggage, on n.uunlllll IM nsjli' ln - L. r d . 1 k ,ill ...rfrrnm Ihv lJiacbOI - fice, old No. 1 Coorllaod - street, N. York, every rooming! sunaaysexcepieo, 1 - ymwy - ton, Trenton ad Bristol, bud arrive at Philadel - pina tne same evemug. 1 ti.. Vf. itni 1. in, INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every xuerning (Sun - aays cxreinea; ai v u iiui,i u . lodge at Kingston, and arrive u Pbiladelpbia United fltati Mail Coach, with a guard. With every convenience ior paneiiRer auu "fbsm on springs. I tie, D. S. mail coach will start Irom the coach oflice, oio fo. 1 iyOuniairai - nnn:i, ic" York, every day at 2 o'clcrk, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next moipibg at 6 o'clock. Only For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at tbe old estar.hslsrn Ccacb, stage and steam bohi ouce, uwuiu No. 1 Courtlandt - etieet, the second olbce from Broadway, New - YoTk;to ISAAC BROWN. No. I Washington - strei t i or to A. l.uwu KICI1 & CO. rfo 124 Broadway, corner of Ce J . IV' vu aar - nret:mitw - iui. (ETTAM goods and oaggsge ar me run 01 u owner. juar - rii liuii, oo.u v" - N. B Expresses sent to any part ol the Con a i ' mtwrn m j a mi aew.u t linenLbv THOMAS WHIT FIELD. .tan ZZ PisT CHAISE LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Pnsunipri Hiid their baggage I Uirounh IB one day) will leave tne rositrmise uiocc, nooiorai - , way, opposite the City Hotel every day (Son day excepted) at half past 0 o'clock in the morning, by way of Newark, and arrive tbe tame day ni Hhilailelohia. ... .... v t 1 The MAIL riLUT, in opposition 10 me 11 an Coach, with superior accommodations ror 1 as sengcrt and their baggage, will leave the anie placr every nay lounuay cxcepieo; bi nun yan I o'clock P.M. will proceed belore theMail.and not tupject 10 uie inconvenience 01 iioriug ai the nomerout Pott Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for tlie traveller, am1 arrive kids hours neiore uie mail ai runauee nhia. 'orf 7 doilart. Q3 All good and baggage at the risque of Uie owner. . JOHNN.CUMyilNU, Rework. JOHN GULICK K ?ONt?, Peincelon. STOCKTON 4; HOWELL. Philadelphia JV. B. Erprtttti tmt to any part of tlie I'mlrrf .Mum, blf I.. 1 ,y. rru U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, Wli 11 A UUABU. frT - The public are assured that this line is equal 10 any in tne u. 9. ior tne convenjence anu t'umlort of the traveller. With the addition 01 the guard, tbe passenger may rest secure as to his haggage ami personal saieiy uie coacn ne - 1 1 ALZl.. .1 : . . L . .T" ter oeins leu wuusi cnaaEiua ai me iwsi, without a person on the box The way n.ail Is put in separate bag and changed in the European style. The u S. Mail Coach will start from the coacb office, old No. 1 Courtlnnd - sUeet, New - York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive ut Philadelphia next morning al 6 o'clock ; only 6 passenger admitted in thi coacb. r ...? i.i.Tunu vc iiiTrii t ti .1 fill KriilV Ul'l W 1 livtf. .IKIL.L,, i the old Csiarb and Stage Office, old No 1. second othce from Broadway in Courtbindt - strcet, or to A. T. GOODRICH at Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All good and bssgage at tba risk ol tbe owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powle Hook. ' WILLIAM OULICK & CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Pbiladelpbia. Expresses sent to aay part ol the Continent by Jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. bOUND STEAM BOAT LINE. A Cgswjn riMIE line willcommcnct ATl J on Monday, the 9th mrf init, when the Connecticut, " Vf.. u..nk.. :n ' BMMHMV V. 'I. UUIHtll Will ICaVC New - Surk icr .New - Haven, at 8 o'clock. A. M. The. Fulton, Capt. Inw, will leave New - London for New - Haven at the tame hour; both boats will leave New - Haven at 7 o'clock P. M. on Monday The Fulton, Captain Law. for New London, and the Connecticut, Captain Bunker, for new lor. 1 nev win continue to run du ring tbe teatoa, every Monday, Wednesday and t riday. Notice will be given when the Fulton will commence running ai tar as ivorwicn. mh 4 II ILLl.tM HOOKLfU ISo.Ml italer - tU f T corner of Fulton - itreet, New - York, hay. ing received a large tupply of th real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day ft Martin, 97 High Ilol - born, Ixmdon, offer the same, in wholesale or retail,' for exportation, or home coosamptioo, on terms the meet liberal and advantageous to pur chaser. This inestimable composition, with half th u saal labor, produce a most brilliant jet Hack, fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil tbe finest linen ; is perfectly freo from any onpleasaut smell ; and will retain it virtue in any climate. A an iocootrovertiwe proof ol tbe superior excellence e this blacking, it has stood the let and commanded tbe most extensive sale in all qoarters of the globe, for upward of half a cen turv. Fob 16 NEW MfLSIC. rU8T pobliihed by WM. DUBOIS, at hi I pianoforte and munc ttcre, No. 126 Broad v. Braham's celebrated Polacca, arranerd at a D 1 nimw, oj .11.11 11 Favcriie Venetian Air, arranged at a rondo, by latour PaJdy fTCsrrolL with variation for the piano . . - . , - tone, cy r. tx. uioran. SONGS. O oftly iWp my Bsby Boy The L't Token, or remember me. Also, all Mr. Fbilippt' Song to be bad as a - bov. feb J7 10, OLO JAMAICA hCX. ptmcheons high nrnnf nil T m.; - P. ,,m will lie landed th'n day from iloon Knickerbock er, from BnnuJ, es - t V of Per - al;p, and torsaie oy i S L,AUM1ES, FebtS - Se.t9Sowtbt A s&Mtfafe. rxbh'rksow bow rf dhjtfaEsiikir ;' twee thaietfct differ.. 7 - . vT. OCTOR BORNE, formerly 1 of tbe city of London, m member of the faculty of Pbyn andtargery there, deeim it bis da - ty to repeat tosiwnowedtioM ' tie abuse of MERCURx. - 4 rasb, indiscriminate, aad anqtiafi. fied use thereof Lu been prodae. live of infinite mischief. Titmm. ' lands are annually niercnrialixed out of exist. once, the disease we nave ia new owes its f. Ul results chiefly to this soorce. 1 What a pity that a young man, the hope ef hi coantry, aas! the tinning of hi parents, should be n itched a - way from all the prospect and enjoyments of Iu bytliecorisequencetofooe angxarded BionwiiL and by a discaie not in it own nature fatal, aad which on!y proves so from neglect or improper ucaunent." A gentleman, (late Dr. Hi ul uVent) now perfectly hearty and well, had beea undei physicians of genet practice, six yean, and repeatedly talivat d ; when recommended te Dr. H. (by a gentleman of this cityi his boaes tvere carieu, and bis flesh dropping from them ' bi friend declared he could not possibly survive two month longer. ' Thousands experimentally know with what ease and tatety Dr. H. eradi - rate the severest case, and confirm the cositi. tubon. The Doctor's plan (advertising) k a, cetsary to guard the public agsiatt tbe abase ef ruercury, and other fatal dclusiona, held forth, Persons, tlibrefore, bavfpg contracted a pri. ' vate disorder, or suspecti. latent poison, ue adnicniihed not to tamper with tbetr oonstita. lion, or conceal the disorder, til) pu,i recot. ry ; oiliers having the remains ef an old case, or otlier impurities of the blood, as well aioth - cr complaints of a delicate nature,1 in either sex. should remember posterity, and do justice to their consc iences, by making application tn Dr. H. at his old and respectable estab. liihmr nt. No. 64 Wcter - atrtet, four bouses west of Ohi - slip, to obtain thar prompt assistance a - lone cab ulat'.d fo prevent discJosure. And her let ma claim your serious attention Remembir a superficial euro is do cure at aH ; unless tbe b sinus is radicallydoue, yea will certainly have the disorder break out aguin with redoubled ma licnily, at some future period ; perhaps then will bl too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia tbe ateels miserable, mutilated beings, withoal even a hit of note 00 their face f Take wanuag. I beseech you. . Dr. 11 's. character for skill and stubborn inte - t ' zri'y being universally known ia this city, since t!04, guarantee to patient that delicacy andte - i 1 rc cymtlierlo unknown, aad havirg confined bis practirn foryean pnst, exclusively to the cure of diseases o' tie blood cystem. they may safely cat. rulat on O.'e? uioit decided advantages in coa - suiting Lr. Ii. Gleets eradicated in twe er three weeki. Stricture 1 removed witlmiji boogie or any other instrument ; and ail debihtieij likewise all old ul' en.lions, fistula' Au . A plurality of office are prorided, and to sit - . tied that palic.itsare not exposed to each other' observation. Open till half pmt 9 in tlie eveaiag. 0 All persons concerned are invited to be free ii ailing, and speaking with Dr. H. whicb is tree of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the vxpression of gratitude for innumerable re commendations, and for the decided preference (it presumed with just cause) Jong gives hua by a iudicious puhlic. , - N. B. All letter must be pott paid. . Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1st ' , ALUUElt Hl'ALKt.HV AO J.Wutj. TIO.Y. RR. EVANS' uper method of caring a ces. lain Disease, isnow universally acknowledged in this city t his mode of treatment - is perfectly mild, safe, expeditious, and his charges lemwiuif, jn every instance he warrant cm, , ana will return Use pay it W x "v: w x 1 f 1 ' flnrws nor rMrrnrm ivruthu . 1 n strictest secrecy always observes, t Ther are many persons in this city and it vi - 1 inity, laboring under various chronic discs, , iucIi at cuncers, old inveterate alcen, tcrcHuia - 1 or biqgs evil, fistulas, diseases of the urcibra, ' bladder and kidnies, old compticated complaints . of a certain nature, bihoui and other ebstrac' tions, rbeumatism, Ac. which they consider iaca' rable, they can certainly be cured (in general), by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9. reek - slip, having practised in exttWv . hospitals in Europe 12 yean, under some of tba first Surgeon and Physicians in the world, and made those obstinate diseases bit constant stud for 30 years. - Oct 12 rpilE public is respect - t A fully informed that ' the ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. 296 o road way, win posi a rely be removed on or a - bnat tbe 1st April next.' Those that wisn to grati - y their curiosity, viewing me wonaeriui. work of nature, will do well to embrace thit opportunity. Admittance 25 cent. - " h 3 tr A COUAT1JVO ROOM TO LLT. A nleaiant and convenient Counting Room in ttote No. 29 South - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER & LAUBJES. , feo a , . . - . rrT The subscriber having recently retaraed . from England with an important imprevemeatea . the artificial spring LEO, be take this method of informing his friends and the public, that all . tnote who are so uniortunate a to be in want ai a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Bxrclay - ttreet, New - York. - Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. f mi (i n m ii LEVS ITCU OlfiTJlENT, ' WARRANTED an infallible remedy atoe application, may be used with "perfsct safety oa infant a week old, not containing a pstrticle ol mercury ,or any dangerous uagredieot I whatever, and net accompanied with that off live smell which attends the apf licatiew of othef remedies. " Tho above medicine are prepared and oIa K .. LEE'S Medicine Store. No. 46 Maiden - Lao, and told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fultoft aicr - si reeis. Druggist! and country store - keeper tuff best i:w.i I.n eg . , NOTICE. ' ALL persons indebted to the estate of Rnggiet ; ii. Hubbard, esquire, laU sheriff of the aty and cointy of New - York, a thmiff. r" quested to make payment to James L. BtU, tsquire, present sberiif of the city nod coentv of News. York, r or Wore the first day of May ; next oraftcr that period the bills remaining paid will bo put in suit. CATHERINE HUBBARD, , .. Feb II 2awtlMay Adm'uitttratrii PRIVATE LODf5IVG5. A mge I"1 man can be accommodated, with one er two rooms, after the first of May next, wiw : without board, the rtoma rirnubeU oryx1, a rem eel and sm - .ll family, the botsse " and pleasant, ami in a boaltby part of tbe oJt about ten minutes walk from VVml - etreet'T : For furr informatioo inCiUko at r.0. feb 33 Broadway. NEW - YORK t , - - . - 1 - : ' f 3 JOCUAEl. KVHJTUAM CO. to. 43 rixrei - erraav 1 . - . h . fSsi - jiW 1 loss . - c

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