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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Friday, March 13, 1818
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(be dp Afiiioo, &o CeJwtta, coomtiag of, Cotton, Sugar, Ginger, and Saltpetre,, - 'SwBUsl CO, 44 8otr,et th 13 5t Ktsli 'RUIT. 50 boxes Oranges and 50 do Lomotil, just retired, for sal by . JOS. JOHNSON, mil 13 9 Gouverneur Ian. SICILY MADEIRA WINE. 8 pipe old 8i - cily Madeira Wine, imported id 181a, for nj by . TUCKER & LAURIEB, uhl3 29 South - streL STEEL 26 bundles Swedish steel, for tale by HURD&SEWALL, nh 13 65 Sooth - rt. NANKINS 2000 piece blue nankins, of su - perior quality, enlitled to dobeoture, for nlsby HURD&SEWALL, nih 13 65 SouUi - street pNULlSU IRON and SPIKES. 40 too flat JZi Iron, assorted sizes 100 casks Spike, from 4 to 6 inche The former entitled to drawback, for tale by HENDERSON kgaih.:v:j, mh13 81 Pine - street 1 OAF Ac LUMP SUGAR, 4Tc 10 blid and 4 SO bblt . lit and 2d qual. Eoal Sugar 1.1 hhds and 70 bhli do Lump do SO bbl. 1( pf - Country Gin, app'd brand 10 btxls. Muscovado ougiu, lor saie nr JACKSON &. WOOLLEY, mh 13 75 Wall - street G UNNY BAGS 3000, forssueby CEBRA S CUMING, . 76 Pearl street. mh 13 COTTON It TOBACCO 2a bale Sea - lsl - sW and Cotton, and 33 hhd. fint quality Georgia Tobacco, landing and lor taie oy 8AUL ALLEY, 03 Pine - ttreet. IN STORE. 34 bale Sea hi an J, and for sale at above, nib 13 ' L.I IN OHtO. FT1HE eubkcriber offer for sale the follow - JL mg valuable land in the itate ot Ulno, part or the United Mate military tract, tic 4000 acre in the countyof Delaware, being the 3d aection of the 3d township of the 17th range, lying about 14 mile north of Columhut, toe teat of tiovernment, ana s miles norm east of Worthington. Thi tract lies between Allura and Walnut Creek, Tery near the for mer, and is intersected by the state road from Columbus to Lake Erie. 3600 acres in the county of Knox, being part of the 4th section of the 5th township, of the 15th range, and lit I on the north fork of Lackiiif, ahout .0 miles northwest ot Newark and G'rkiiville,' 12 miles louihwest of Mou Vernon, 10 miles northeast of Berkshire, and about 36 miles northeast of - Columbus. The state road from winch to Mount Vernon passes through the northwest corner of the tract These lands are of excellent quality, in a part of the state which is settling; very faat. and the title being from the United States to the subscriber and taxes regularly paid, will be warranted free of all incumbrance Perth Amboy. (. J.) ? JAMES PARKER. March 12,1818. 5 mil 13 DlawL'2aw6w BOARDING it LUDGLSXi. A GENTLEMAN and his wife, and two or three gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and lodging in a Tery convenient and pleasant situation, but a short distance from th City - Hall. Tbey may bs suited with two or three room on the second floor and two on th third. Application to be made at this office, mh 13 4t PIANO FORTES. RMEETZ, 10 Maiden - lane, has just ree'd per ship Washington, from London, an assortment of piano - fortes, from the manufactory of Astor t among which are very elegant cabinet pianos, with harp pedals, of superior workmanship, well worthy the attention of I those who wish to supply themselves with a good instrument. and Bmadwood's make London, and Evrard's Paris, together with harps, and an assortment of the newest music, mh IS dlw&eod3w AT AUCTION. BY HONES and TOWN. Qt and lot Tomorrow. 12 o'clock, al the T. C. U. i the large well boilt three story brick house; and lot No. 104 Greenwich - street. The borne ii 27 feet 4 inches front and rear, and 60 feet deep, cootaiuing 10 roomi, 7 of which bave fire places, and an excellent ipacious kitchen. The rooms on the first floor communicate by folding doors. There is a good cittern in the yard, con - taioiog about 30 hhds - - the lot is about 1 06 feet deep. Also, the lot on toe rear, fronting on Washington - street, containing in front and rear about 20 feet, and io depth about 79 feet. P - eition will be given on the first of May, or earlier if required. A map of tbe above described property it exhibited in the Tontine Coffee House, mh 13 Q FOR SALE AT AUCTION, On Tuesday, March 17th, at 12 o'clock at the ion tine Coffee House, the following very valuable property : The three story brick boute and lot No. 181 Broadway, between Dev anil f!nrtlaniit.treet. being 25 feet 3 inches in front and rear, by 103 act ucsp, mi rate siiuaiioo hr ousincM Also, the lot and tenements at the north - west eorne r of Catharine and Cherry - streets, being 22 feet 3 inches in front by 98 deep, directly opposite the market. Alio, the house and lot No. 498 Greenwich - street. 25 feetbv 1GO dean. Two lots in Washmgtoa - street, extending to West - street, nnder a lease of 6 year unexpired from May next, at J200 per ana. Alio, 6 lots in the Village of Greenwich. For yu uvuiuca enquire Ol - - THOMAS BOLTON, mh 13 dtds Master in Chancery. OR1SE OF TICKETS. N Tuesday evening Tickets in the Millford andOwego Road Lottery will be advanced to32dollars. , CAPITAL PRIZES. $222 "J1" I 10,000 dollars 00 dollar . 6,0(10 dollars 10,000 dollar 5.000 dollar rMMtir nsLs a rf ,lr4 k.l i. Whole Tickets, 30 I Quarter J7 50 . ? , , I tighths 3 75 I or the above splendid prise adventurers are invited to apply to Who has sold more prises in the present Medi - J Scieoce Lottery than any other veodur of ketna, Broadway. mh 13 P?iT'Jirt 'l'rJ Pc.ence Lottery Sr.. 4, 4"h day't clmwjn 8nK'',05 1000 ! 12209 200 8365 200, 45 s? 1 918. 1001 ,U207 55 1 'Ul76 50 5 121 R,U M? d ' T"1' L:ky Office. Wo. mk 13 - y' di,cUT oPMowte the City Hotel. G tS 5 Urr' 48lh W drawing Vo. S18 1W, lAiS00' ,2S09' 36J 200 . 2156, mh 120r 2S30 Hire, each 50 dollars. LIST of prizes in the Medical Science Lottery, No. 4. . . ; . . i8th day drawing. ' 7305 glOOOj 8365 200 1 2209 200 j 918, 2156 100 , 2530, 14176, 14207 50.. , AU sold by B. WAITE, Jos a. mhl3: "' . - ' WINES, COTTON, OIL, he. ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Murray's wharf, offers for sale : Old Claret in Casks, fit for bottling, and enli - - tied to drawback Do do cases , Madeira wine in pipes, some of superior quality Old L. P. Teneriffe wine, in hhds. and qr. casks, of a quality and flavor nearly equal to Madeira Sweet oil in betties, and New - Orleans and Upland cotton, in lots to suit purchasers. mh 9 lw (VlUsCOvAUU eUGAK, c 104 hhds. XV J. prime Muicovada Surtir. landuis at Do ver - street wharf, from schooner William, from Havana, for sale by STEVENS k MACTIER, l7 South - street. IN STORE, 60 boxes White Havana Sugar 3 bhds and 8 bbls. St Kitti do 15 pipes L. P. Teneriffe Wine 40 qr. casks Colmenar . ' do 30 pipes Catalonia do 6 pipes Bordeaux Brandy 8000 large German Goat Skins 130 tonsCampeachy Logwood. mbll6t CHINA SALES fTHHE entire cargo of the ship London Trader, Jn Irom Canton, will be sold at public auc tion in Philadelphia, at the stores of Wm. Wain, on Monday 16th March, consisting of Imperial Gunpowder Hyson Young Hyon and Hyson Skin TEAS, fresh and of sn perior quality. Long company naukeens Short do, Blue do China ware in boxes, acorted 9ft0 cams manilla sugar, and an assortment of i, mtoo crapes and rilk goods. mh 1 1 ot TEKSWAX WANTED. The subscribers MJ want to purchase 4 or 5000 pounds Ycl low Beeswax. G. G. k 8. HOWLAND, ink 12 77 Washington - street. 'fplOTTON tc RICE 64 bales prime Upland W Cotton 4 do. New - Orleini do 112 tierce Rice - In store and for sale by GR1SWOLD Si COATES, mh 12 68 South - street. I Ol. ASSES 100 Lb Is retailing M.ilatsi, VI. landing from brig Robert, from Havana, at pier No. 9, between Old and Cnentit - i - slipi, for snle by N. 4 D. TALCOTT, mh it FLOOR CLOTH) i CAIiPKi'ti fTlHE subscribers have just received from the New - York .vianutactory, a n rpe si:p ply of Floor Cloths, comprising several new patterns in addition to their former stocx. They invite the public to examinethese g'o.xls, which they aisert to be equal to the best im ported cloths. Orders received for Floor Cloths of any dimensions, however irregular in form, from a great variety ol patterns. PRIEST & UUUT, No. 162 Fulton(formerly Partition) st Fine and superfine ingrained carpets and caipeting Hearth rugs, furniture moreens (all colors) Cloth table covers ' . - ' Painted baize table covers and dish mat Waterloo carpet covers, &c. lie. njh 12 3t WARR4NTF.D BOLTING CLOTHS. A LARGE assortmen of superior, Dutch, il warranted Bolting Cloths, lor sale at un commonly low prices, by J NO. M CKAl tiAN, mhl3 3t 821 - 2 Pearl - street. WAKERS 1 cae kngiisn and 1 case Dutch Wafers, for sale by JNO. M'CRACKAN. mh 12 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl itrte. rilWO pipes Marseilles JL ceived and for sole by Brandy, just re - G. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - street. mh 12 FKENCH GOODS. A small invoice consist - in of Merino Shawls, Levantines, Gloves Silk Hose, and Cambricks, received by the F.agle,. from Havre for sole by r. & It. SHELDON & CO. mh 9 lw - . 140 Pearl - street. TEAS 8i SUGAR JU4T landed 50 chests hyson skin tea, 'Phoenix cargo. 15 hogsheads Havana muscovado sugars - tor sale on reasonable terms by G. & T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Washington - street. HENhEHHU T.iLLOW & HIOES FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, iY and 2000 blaughterert Hides, for sale. Apply to T. G 1 B BON S, Fly - M arket mh II tr TRAUETTS. 50ps. color'd Drabetls, lor XJ sale ny THE COMMISSION COMPANY, mh 1 1 die 148 Pearl - street. MACHINE CARDS. A FEW setts Machine Cotton Cards, for sale IX. low, by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, mh 12 die ' 148 Prnrl - strret. SJA1 TINEi TS. 2 cas s uerior dark niia'd O Sattinett, this day received and for snle by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, mh 12 d&c 148 Pearl - streeL CHARLES pCHEKER, No. 11 Warren - st lately from Germanv, gives LESSONS on the PIANO - FORTE. References. Revd. F. C. Schaeffer, 210 William - street t Thomas A.Ro nalds, bookseller, 188 Pearl - street ; T. A. Gutt waldt, 44 Maiden - La6e. mh 9 lw SPERM CANDLES. 50 boxes Sperm Can dies, of a superior quality, for sale by . JAMES P ANDOE, mh It 288 Broadway. rilVVO pipe fcarseflles Brandy juit received J. and for sale by GEORGE W. TALBOT, mh 11 No. 55 Pine - sttect TTMLBERTS. 18 sacks Filberts, landing this V day and tor sale by CAMBRELENG It PEARSON, mh 10 67 South - street. BRANDY. 5 pipes of Gocly flavoured 4th proof Bordeaux Brandy, entitled to debenture. For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, mh 10 130 Water - street LOGW001i. - 40oosCaojpeacby Logwood, landing at pier No. 10, from brig Recover, and fortale by JOSEPH OSHORN, , mh 3 28 South - street. W" ill I E LEAD. - JU) qr. cwt. kegi Wbite Lead, jest received nd for salepy TUCKER & LAUR1E3, mh 11 29 South - streeL 1 ANUFAC TUREO TOHACCO. L1 100 Isegi prime old Virginia, 8 twists to 7S do iWqunlily ue pouna 20 do common. For sale by mh 1 1 TROKES, DAVIDSON fc CO. oiEERSUCKERS, ftc. - 3 bales ytllow striped seerncfters 2 bales blue baftas. entitled to debenture, for sale bj Tr. RtMSEN H CO. mh 10 F$r Akxtndria, Ourgtloun, and Jftuhingten . Ctly, - The fine new schr. VALLORIUS, R. Taylor, master, now loading at pier do. 10, and will be despatched in all this week. For freight or passage, apply on board, or at 92 C ti. sup. LHVl. D1V1E BETHUNEfcCo. mh 12 - PsiSitslGE for LtyjCHfOOL, The well known ship NESTOR, captain Noble, will, weather permitting, sail tor Liverpool on the 15th inst. and 2 or 3 more passengers can be accommodated. Apply on board at Murray's - wbarf, or to JONATHAN OGDEN, " mh 12 3t No. 4 State - street.' For MOBILU UtBLAKELUr, The substantial and fast sailirsr new schr. ANN - MARIA. Cant. WriehL 102 turn, having two thirds of her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with despatch. For' the remainder of her freight or passage, having good accommodations for cabin and steerage passen gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or to PETERS HERR1CK, ' mn iz ?y Coenties - siip. tor NW - OltLKANS. '" - llM half ber cargo engaged, and will be deopauhed in a few days. For freieht or pas sage, having large accommodations, apply on board, west side Burliue - tlii'. or to LAIDLAW, GIRAl'LT & CO. or N.L&G, GRISWOLD, mh 12 86 South - street yiif The good, fast sailing ship MIRROR, rfn!Llr - tA ' 3 days. For freight ot 200 cask, or seed or passage, having fine accommo. dations apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 12 86 South - street OUERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Front - st. offers for snle L 400 barrels Virginia Flour IS "Sdo """new'0'0! RichmondTobacco isi l!i do fetershurgh Tobacco 21 bnlei Upland Cotton 35 tierces and D 20 half tiercel i K,ce 150 bags St. Domingo,) c tf 64 do green Havana, f w" e" 5 tons Lienumviiv Port, Claret and Maoeira Wine, in hhds. and qunner casks RorizreJ Port Wihe, incaies of Sdoxen each FREIGHT rOH. Ul'OKTO. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about IOOU bushels corn on frewbt. lull 12 tur freight or charier for St. Fuitalia, St. Tho - mat, or any of ine windward utandt. 1 he schr REVENGE, capt. Rollins, burthen 600 bid ; is in complete order tor a voyage, and will take freight low. Apply on noarj, at pier 4U, or to mh 9 R. if C. W. DA VF.NPORT t Co. tVANTtlD. Three or four vessels from COO to 1000 ixrbarrels burthen, (o load at the south ward for this port. Apply to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, mch 9 ei Pine - it. For FRMGli Tor CHARI ER, The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - dams master, burthen 2J7 tons, now ready to receive a cargo ; will carry about 200 bbl. For terms npply to DIV1E BETH UN E k CO. mh 7 92 C. H. Slip. BV JOHN HUMES, cargo of sair lohdox rsioia, from Canton. CANTON SILKS, On Saturday morning, 14th inst. at 10 o'clock, f caw' Canton Silks, just arrived per JL jsrv - J'shin London Trader, consisting ol Canton Crape ShaVrls, embroidered and damask Uo - ao do colored borderer) Do do Half Hdkfs. embroidered Canton Cranes, black and assorted colour Sewing Silks, do do three corded Droguetts and Levanluiei Black, plain and changeable Sarsnets, Blue and green Senchews Bluck anucolorcd Silk Hdkfs. fringed. ALSO, Blue Nankeens. Short Yellow do Company and Mamee Chop do Tl.e Catid gues will be ready for examination with the goods, on Friday. CARGO Ot TRK SRir I.OHDOIT TRADER. On Monday morning, the 16th inst. at 1 1 o'clock, at William Wain's stores, on the wharf below South - street. TEAS. The cargo of the ship London Trader, from Canton, cooiiitinc of Young Htsos Teas, in at. and 1 - 2 qr. chests Gunpowder teas, in half qr. chests 5 aad 10 catty boxes Imperial do. in qr. and balf qr cbeits 5 and 10 catty boxes and rannisten hyson skin do. to qr. and hull qr. rDesta Hyson in qr. chests, Cassia, 9y6 cases sugar. Also. A complete assortment of China Ware The catalogue will be ready on Saturday rooming, and the teat, He. open lor inspection Term at aale. J. 4 W. LIPPINCOTT, mh 12 3t Commission Merchants. r - IHOCOLATE, STARCH, Aic 150 boxes Hill's Boston Chocolate 80 do Wait's dn 250 kegs Philadelphia Starch 300 half and qr. boxei Spanish Segars For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, rah 12 77 Wall - street. 1 OST last evening in Wall or Nassau - itreet. JLJ one hundred and six dollar. The finder will receive 25 dollar by leaving it at No. 33 John - street mh 12 3t MOTICE. Aw?$ T th 14th of December last, a person a lot of Carpenter's Tools and a Skiff Boat, was apprehended at the ftewarn twx Lsoca, which he was onenng lor sale. I roin ire conlession of the man little or no doubt remain that tbe tools and skiff were stolen property. Tim ii to give notice that the owner or ovrueri ol mid property can have it again by applying to iiiAouu OArvniA.i, at lata dock, oy proving the same and paying charges. And if no person appears in a reasonable time, they will oe soia as ine law oirecis. Newark, Dec. 29,1817. mh 112w I MIK MILFORD & OWEGO ROAD LOT - JL TERY, in which 70,000 Dollars is the highest prise, will positively commence drawiog oa the 5lh day of May next. TICKETS I: SHARES, In a variety of numbers, for sale at tbe Bookstore and Lottery Ulnos or A BUM. P. BROWER. No. 27 Maiden Lane, corner of Nastaa - itreet, at the present price of 30 Dollars each. Prize Tickets in former lotteries taken in payment A genera assortment of School Bocks and sta tionarr for sale as above. mh 9 lw FRUIT and FVRLST rRt.LS. OCT JAMES BLOOijGOOD has lr sale at ) bis Nursery, at r msning, (L.. i. near nsw - f orx, m I . P tiinHnuMit nf thm mn.t rv proved European aad Auiericfco 1 1 sorts of Apple, 1 ear, Crierry, V Plumb, Peach, Apiicot, Necti - r. rine and Qoioce Trees, with as ax riiwui of Forest Trees. A tery large assortment of Peach Trees, perfectly bealtbv, and of vigorous growth I catalogue of which may be had of THOMAS BLOODGOOD, No, 206 Froat - etreet Where orders led win be particularly attended to, and trees carefully packed aad delivered free or freight el urane w barf, New Tvrsv. fjy Printed directions wiU be farauhed those who parcbase peach trees, which, if attmusxi to, will enable them to preserve a Urge propo - boa oftbeirtree in a healthy state, sad to have peaches in a great ptealy as formerly. molOd&cx MASUFACT0REO T0BACCO - 4341r landing (rein tbe achr. AVeymoath hud fsw tive, from Richmond vu - . ' .iif ' - 1 13 keg branded J no. Miders, naao wo, 4 7 dj do do 1 - 2 pound roll 15 60 72 108 do do - do P. Miller & Co. 8 kaiidi No. 1 do J. G. 8 hand No. 1 & 2 do R. Cantor do do doD.R. llos do No. 1,2, 3 do J. ft P. Labhy 8 hands CORNS. DUBOIS. 64 do For side b mh 5 CILOTHo, UoMBAZEPTs, HA I S, 4tc 4 case London Superfine Clotlis 2 do do Cassimere 2 do Canimere Shawl 2 bale Pelisse Cloth 2 do Yorkshire superfine Clothl 4 do Black Uouihuxetts 10 cases men's best fine Londoo Hats 10 do do Wool Hats 10 hhdi. best London Glue. For sale by I). OAKF.Y, UihtUlw ol tViMiani - slrret. bFMNG GOOUS. KT HT. PRIES I". No. 201 Broadway, be V tween Fulton ud Dey - itreets, have just ojwnea an assortment ot the louowiog spring articles, vii : Canton trape Hilkfs. 4 - 4 iqunre Merino and Silk Shawls and Hdkfs. Black and color'd Canton Crapes and Cone am White aud black and assorted Satios Levantines, plain and figur. d ; Forence ' Botnhazett and Bomhnzin jThnlle . Thread I .aces, Edging and Footings Irish Linens, Furniture Chintz Ribbons of different kinds. Gloves, &c. 4c Comprising a general assortment of fancy and staple dry goons. . inn m iw FRENCH GOODS. Just received per brig Eagle, from Havre, 60 case French goods, Coniistiog of Figured and plain Lyons and IJ'avegnon f lo - rences Figured and plain Virginias and levantines Black satins and satia pelongs Black and white tullo and elegant satin gautei Black florentinci, Gauze hdkfs Levantine and satin damask rhawli Figured lev an tine and florenca hdkfs Meu'ssup. ribbed silk hose Men's and women's silk and kid gloves and silk armlets Sewing silks and twit Thread lares, lllnck galloons White crapes, Silk braids Elegant garniture and fringed and plain rib - tans, tor sale by BENJ'N. F.BABCOCK, mch 9 lw 132 Water - st cor. Pine - t. riURS 4(HJ0 spring Musk Rat bkinsoi supe - V rior qunlitv. for tale in Iota to suit purchasers at No. 190 Water - street, mh 10 fit HOARD. J ANTED, in the upper part of the town, V in a respectable family, accomodations for a Gr ntleman, Lady, Child and rervant two unfurnished roomi will be neceiiary, communicating with each other a sleeping place will alio be rt quired for the servant, and hoard with the family. Any person having these accominoda. tioni, a high upai the Hudson Snun re, not lower down than Fulton - street, weit side of Broadway, will plenie to address R. G. O. at this cilice, rati 12 tf BOARDING An elderly lady also n gentleman and his wife can be accommodated w ith apartments and Board in a private family and central situation, from the first of May next, Apply at this office. mh 5 2w OWEGO TICKETS $70,000 for $J0 un - til Tuesday week. Scheme of this grand lottery : I prise oi aru.iiuu 1 do 35,000 2 do 10,000 2 do 6,000 10 do 1,000 30 do MM 140 do 100 . .. 3200 .do - " at) ' Not two blanks to a priro 10000 tickets only The let drawn number on the 6th May will be entitled to S5000. - Whole tickets $30 ; halves 15 ; quarters 7 50 ; eighths 3 75 ; sixteenths 2. Tickets and shares, at the above prices, may be obtained at GRACIPS LOTTERY - OFFICE, 1 - 1ft Broadway, until Tuesday week, after which time they will be sold for $32. mh 12 A chance for two dollars, of obtaining part of the Mammeth Prize of 70,000 dollars. IN the Grind Milford andOwego Road Lot - tety, which is to commence drawing on the 5th of May. Whole Ticket, $30 I Quarter, v $7 50 Halves, 15 Eighths, 3 75 Two Dollars for a Sixteenth Share. Tickets will advance to 33 dollars on Tuesday week. For the following very splendid prize in this Lottery, apply at O. K 11. WAITKS Truly Fortunate Lottery Office, 54 Maiden - Ijine. 1 Prize of 70,000 Dollars 1 do 55,000 do 2 do 10,000 do 2 do 5.000 do i Tbe fint drawn number to be entitled to The tint drawnoethe 5th day The first draw n on the 7th day Tbe fint drawn on the 1 1th day And the first drawn on th 15th day $.'.000 5000 10,000 35,000 70.000 Correct Check Books wilt be kept for the examination or all Ticket. mh 12 3t SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. THIERS are at present five vacancies in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rnnipsDurgn, lookers, west - Chester County. His system of. education is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House wi'hin i reasonable tim' His school is select, tbe number of Pupils limited, ana ine treatment oi uie moil iincnu Kind. The following kranche of useful and polite li lenuure are laugut, via : Greek, History, Latin, French, English Grammar, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, ucography, Mathematics, c. It is presumed that few Institutions of the kind can ..nergrenler advantages, whetlter they regard instruction in gcneial literature, in moral and riligiou principles, or in correct and gentlemanly deportment. The Farsoonge in which the I'upili are accommodated, ii commodious, reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is ahout seventeen miles ; to which the". i always a direct and easy commumca tioo. Fvrfurthrr particular application may ue maoe io Biwicp Hrbart Dr. vV'ilson, Colembia Collie C. D. Colden,Eq. T - A. Emmet, Esq. soh 12 T. 8. Clarkton, Eq. C M'Ever. EJ. Wm. Bayard, jun. Eso. A. acnermenioni, Lsq D2mCls FKlUTan4FOttb.r TREES. (KT WILLIAM PFINCE ha lor tale at his nursery at t luslung, (L. I.) near New - York, an exten sive as - of European and Amerw? Emit an I Orn.tmontal Tree and ?hrb. lite Peach Tree are in the most healthy state and of gand lire, many of . . i . i . uivrn u3t lus; .rrwiuc - o iru.i ia urn tmery tiio last - ;aoo. Ctistigiie of the Nersery may oen?a at uie store or ttessn.T.1. J. SWORDS, No. 160 Ptarl - street : Where orJors left will be duly attended to, and the trees. Ate. carefully packed and delivered, free o freight at Crane Wharf. New - York. Priitted direction wit) be fnrdberf those who Dorctisae ceaeb trees, which tfatttudrd to, will ent.'Ae thew to preserve a h rge proporiioa of tttir trci - s u aneaithy state, and to save peaches in as great plenty a forsvrty. am fee 6l f s - 'R wtJJtARO' tAtl. "', r f 'AT iFJ SUING TON'HA Lit. ' , MtL BERAULT t th honor to inform tho ladie and gentlemen of New - York, that hi annual grand ban will take place on Thursday evening th 26th inst ia the Wa.hing - lou - IIatl saloon. In the course of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Buraull'i pupus, at fellows: 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 young la - ies. - 2 Corps d ballet, by 20 young ladie 3 l as d dt - ux, by 2 young ladie 4 Pas seul, by I young l:uly 5 Th shawl dnuce, by a young mis 6 Gavotte de Vestris, by 6 young Indie 7 1 be shautruse, by 2 young ladie 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladio 9 The atlcmand, 2 young ladies 10 De deux, by two tonne ladies 1 1 l'ai teul, with tbe tambourine, by a young laity 12 Hie three graces, by 3 young ladie 13 I'aiseul, by a young ludy 14 The lesson, by 2 young ladies . 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 youi L ladies 16 A grand march, to couclud with, by 20 young ladies. I he rail to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at a. .T Tickets, one dollar each, to be had at VI r. Beraull's, No. 31 Courtlaudt - itreet, and at Warhinglon - Hall. mh 12 2w tALUAULf. 1'ROFt.RTY. IN CHANCERY. Stale of A'etr - York. . IN pursuance of a decretal order of the court of chancery of ibis state, will be sold at public auction, under tbe direction of the ulcriber, at the Tonline CnrTce - House. in the city ot New - York, on the 19th of March, inst. at 12 o'clock at noon. ll that rertin LOT OF GROUND with the tenement lherc.n eroded, situated in the first ward of the city of New - York, and kor wn and distintuished ut number 7d in Wall' street; hounded s..ulliirstcrly in front by WMI street i northeasterly in the renr by property now or late ll(nRiiig lo John IMnrschHlli, dc - rea sed : northwesterly hv prprrtv now or lute be longing lo Wynnnt Van audi, deceased, mid southeasterly hy property loiinerly belonging It: David Provoit, dor eased : remtainins in trmtltl io front and renr, 16 fret II im In s, mid in IViigtli on eurh liJe - r0 Ittet 10 indie. Im tl.e mine moie or less ; together with the herediliiincnti and dp thereto belnnniqg. r P. G. IIIUlftETII, mh12dts Mattr in Chnnrrry. 1VTARRA TIVEul a vuyuge in his majefty'l 1.1 late iliip Alceite, to the Yellow Sea, along the const of Cores, and through its numerous i.n - discovered Islands, to the island of Lewchew; with no account of her shipwreck in tho straits of Caspar t by John M'Lend, surueon ; bvo plates : price $1 75; just published and fo? sole by PETER A. M ESI Ell, mhllJt io. 2 waii - streci. i TO LET, UrtJi The store and cellar room of thoie 3 story houses No. 10 ami 12 on Brond - itreet ; nnd a uew two story house No. 8 on New street, im mediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - slreet, fit lor a genteel lumiiy, being new. Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlem, with twoanda half tares of Ground. near Mauhattnnville. Apply to CIIAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - it. mh 12 tf JO LET, To a tmnll private family, who would he williox to take airenlleman and his wife, al a lilieral price, as boaidris, the house No. 143 Greenwich - street, with the exception of Uie two lower rooms, occupied as ouvcei. Apply as a bove. mn iiiw " M E RCH A .Y2 a H U TEL, 5i S'.H To be let, those elegant and spacinut buildings, No. 41 and 43 Wall - street, formerly occupied by Mr. Solomon l. Gibson, either to gether or srperate. Possession will he given immediately, or on the first of May next Apply on the premises. mh 12 FOR SALE, The lease of (he House end Lr.t No. Barclay - street, 34 years unexpired, lulijcr.t toe ground rent of $160 per annum. 1 he houce is two stories Inch, filled in with brick ; two ro - ru on the first floor, four on the second, and two Im d rooms in the garret ; a pantry and wood cellar, a cood cistern in the yaid. and a enng way lead - iiiK thereto. Also, a small stable in the rear of laid lot. Enquire at No. 181 Water - street. ' mh 10 1w ' ffSi TO RENT, 51,'mI Tho Assembly Room, with the niljoiu ins apartments, in Ross's Buildings, No. Uli Fultou - street.nexl to the corner of Broadway, The premises are well calculated for a large school, for public meetings or societies ; the larije room being upwards oi tu leel in length, and a - bout 29 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. The whole, as lo situation and sise, is well tal culated for an auction establishment for furniture and other sales. Thi above will be rented for any term not ex ceeding seven years from the 1st of May next. Enquire oi the subscriber 7o. UJ7 r ulton street. mhl2dtf B. E. BLISS. PAPER HANGINGS. 11. INSKEEP, No. 3 Courtlnnd - streef, in fx. order to close tbe concern, offers for sale at very reduced prices, his renaming stock of l a - per Hangings, comprising an elegent assortment lor city and country sales. mh 12 lw " J HE MAaONiC M INST RE L THE Masonic Minstrd, a selection of masonic, seutimental and humorous songs, duets, elee, canons, rounds and canzonets, respectfully dedicated to the ancient and honorable fiater nity of free and accepted Mason, with an qp - pendix, containing a short historical account of masonry, and likewise a list of the lodge in the United States, jut received for subscribers and other, price 3 dollars. Tho lodge cau be up - plied with this work at 222 Pearl street, by mh 12 HOBERT M'DERMUT. EDUCATION. M' RS. DAWSON laUly from the Eastern Continent respectfully informs the public. that she has opened a School in Cherry street. No. 93, where young Ladies will be carefully instructed by herself and daughters, in writing, arithmetic, drawing, history, geography, use of tlie globes, und neitlle work in all varieties. Kirs. D. begs leave to observe that her system of ter.chii.g (formed from her own experience! greatly facilitates the improvement of youth with eise und pleasure to themselves, and saves an Incredible portion of their lime, when employed in . i . f. . i - . . urn ununi way. un - ni uiiea'iosi win oe paia to Enrlub (.rammer, Heading and rronuncintion N. B. Writing and Drawing in a superior mnn - ner by Miss Dawson. mh II 3w rniiE FORUM will be opened on Friday JL evening rext, the 13th inst at the A sembly Room, City Hotel, hen the following' .r ii i - i , ..i . i . ' quesiion win dc uiscusseu, "ifiigiii iiujrrvii - rhent for debt lo be cont.nued'' ' Discussion to commence precisely t even o'clock. The surplus receipts of the evening t be p preprinted to tbe Humane Society for tlie rebel of distressed imprisoned debtors. A Ticket Will admit lady and gentleman. Ticket to be bsd at I), Longworths, Park, and at the door, at 25 cents each. mh 11 St ' . " U RS. BROWN, rr'perlfully recommends to the Ladies of this City, ber method to tearhine the Systematical hind - writing which has universally prevailed in England for the last seven years. Those Ladie who are displeased with f heir present mode of writing, let it be ever so lmperf ict '. twelve lessons write with neatness and dexterity without the trouble of ret - ine their paper or the use cf line. Ladies waited epos at their own residence, and school attend - ea oa application iu MM. BRtJWN, 23 Front - it. TEBM3. Systematical writiog, twelve lesson,;, f 10 Round hsod do. for children, per quarter, I'ee snaking, Ueght in owe svesoe, i - 1 mh 4 tw v MARBLE FOR BUTLDINO, it. 7 IrTHHE proprietors of th southern ttarble cna - X ries, near Kic;'s - BriU'e, give swticc, that thy hev au hand, and arj ice - 'iiv, atth KtnfCftSniSg MarbU and Lnuiurt WAtx Beacii - tret, on the Hudson river, an extnuiv stock ol marble lr building, of the follow it; de - scripion, tu; Ashlar Ceding . FouaUaUon Stone Chimuey - I'ieces Facings Columns W alert abl Steps PlaUorei Sills, Liutela Archos Also Lime of the best quality. VCr" A constant tupply of lite above material may be calculated upon ; and tlios detirctis of purchasing, or making engsgtmsi.ts, will a) ply to . EZRA LUOl.OW, . Feb t At the Yard. . b'l KEET Manure. ftr - The contract which are to be entered in to lor tlie street mauure, will coiiimebco cu Uie 1st of lisy next, lor 1 or 2 Years, to be mention ed in the sealed proposals ; and tlie streets are to be swept and cleaned, irom tne iiioi riarcn io the 1st of January, in every year. Feb 21 MECHANICS BANK. try The stockholders are hereby notified that an election for thirteen Directors will be held on th first Tuesday in AprU next, and that tho poll will be opened at th Barking nouse ia Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. anu cioiea at o'clock P.M. By order of the President and Directors, mch 3 W.FIII,Cth'r. COPARTNERSHIP. QCJ" The subscribers have formed a connexion in business ai block an Exchange Brokers, an derthe firm of LIVINGSTON TRACY, otiVn No. 29 Wull - itreet, lately occupied by Davenport tt Tracy. valentine n. Livingston, henry d. tracy. mh 4 2w CIRCUS, ANTHONY - STREET. (ttr On Tuesday next. 17th March. Mr. STANISLAS, being unable from the contracted state of his nppartuienti, in Mechanic Hall, from displaviiiK nil those wonders, which received so much applause in Europe, has taken the circus for afew evenings, iu order to bring forward the) celebrated and to much admired Ne plus Ultra, or Conjuror of White Magic. This surprising. ami intonipreheuiibie experiment, bas excited I'lihlif lidiwrMion in Europe, and th Exhibitor l.oei it will meet with that applause in thi ci - tv, w hich was so liberally bestowed in France and England. Mr. S. bad the honor of present - , ing this nririing discovery for the. first time in IUI2, before the Emprcis at Vienna having conveyed his Pocket Unmlkcrchief and Watch the uistiiiice ot t nines, without leaving tier pre fence, it rreated general satisfaction tlirougliout the Coutt and struck so forcibly on (lie minds of those prrftnt, thai they gave him tlie appellation of tho Wonder of the Age." For further parti - cuiai see tiins ol the day. ait. oieiiayer, in ti rpreter to the performances. Doors oien at 6 o'clock Curtains rise at 7. Tirkets, Box $1 1 upper boxes 75 els; nit 50 rents t children hnlf price. mh 9 Ht 1 he pieM ht occupant ol tlie house Ao. 3 Wliite street, conceives it ber duty to apprise tlie tientlemaii who bas hired it, that he cannot have possession of it on the first of May, for reason which she pruuuif he will acknowledge perfectly satisfactory, if he will be so good a to seek an interview with Mr. Rose, ot Lis office, at the corner of (Sold and Fulton - street having essayed in vain to discover who litis from the a minhie owner, resorts to mis lueuiuin asne irui resource. nih9 1w Nev - York Clmmbcr of Cotnnurce. Tho following gentlemen are appointed to serve on the Monthly ( ommittee, to adjust and determine alt mercantile disputes which may be referred to them : Thomas Buckley, Fliph't. William, Peter Hennen, Gideon Pott, Abraham Ogden. - mh 13 NORTH RIVER STEAM BOA IS. (t - The public is respect - m . luny lnionueu uiaiuie rara - f.TJjSi'fa''" New - York, uulurwion Monday next iU 16th M.ii. l. nt 9 (.Vint k, A. M , mh II TOCO.rt dE.YCEON VIONlMY NEXT. UNTJNLINE. Steam - boat A! Olive - branch, for , i. dohihia, via Rrumwick - r - a, . ' 'ir. mile by land. Price through $ ; 60. Fure - castle or deck iwifengeri, $3 50. The UI.IVE - UR4NCII will leave New - Vork every day at 1 1 o'cloc k, from the north side of inn nailery, ana to reiuiu irom urunswicK so as toarriv at 10 th nextmoruiog, in thi city. 1 hi line hai a connection with th best boMts on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as aho thote of the North River and Sound t and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This Ii a speedy and certainly Iho most coo veniont rout, ai the pnsscugers sleep at Trenton or Brunswick, and arrive at a much less eepenie aud in the hours of business at New - York or Philadelphia without faUgu in travelling or the want ef sleep, as the distance by land i o mall whereat via tbe Point and Fowles Hook it is 56 and H6 miles. l vi v - iu u ' Niwiw ui.i .iiu inw L1.. - . r... .M .... U.t'.mi Ilk I pie,) to Brtinswick, or Amboy, at $1 each. Light freight and marketing, free. New - York. March 12, 1818. mil 12 BOARD WAMED f ROM TRK FIRST OF Mil IXT. A GEN I LLMAN and lady, with twochildrea . and servant, with for hoard in a private . family. They will require two good rooms unfurnished, and, if desirable to (he iumily , they will only dine with them. A line addressed to A. C. and left al Ibis office, will meet with at tention, mh 10 4t ' FHUIT, FOREST TREES, 4c. " (Kr BENJAMIN TRINCE o. bavsi fur sale at their Nur. - ..ii '! - Aim. ijrce 4.1J - nl tiluahle H,iu'j and J( I'lanl i they have eieral Umis - 'S.. sand inoiuraled Pech tree, - h iii ,Dyd..ten.r, grv. - : . .CTy JH'wsci mr. - y ri Urtkti h ttl . 1 hdrf'CrV HULL Kr fio7ua d is f.rv riVd toeitlwf place will be - dialelv atred.d to, H&d the trees, fce. - carr fully and securely pa k,l o a to be sent lo auy; part oflhe luifei ttate. with the gTeatesl eefe - iy, and delivered at CTne. wl arf, New - York, by watc tre M freight. - Aim. f.r fief above. 1300 leaerifel Balm ofGilrad or tiiver Fir Trees, ibey are almost sure to live when tmnspl.uited. ' m th' grt loss oi re ven i re Dy oia - rase, base delnf .inatiT irom ptmung um io, dii4.tOti Wh betgivee to Ute who pure hare U.dus, when ifaltei;i!tU to, wiii tatblo them to. preserve tlieir trees ia a healthy t - le, aud ti Lava Peaches in as gicat plenty a in. lormcr year. - N. B. Peach tree inor ulated c Almond or - Dam t'x - ks, is no preventative cainst the dis - etee, whi - h the P - nesylvunia Agricuural Society, call itx - yehnw. mh 6 DfcCtit MM ITAI' - Y BOUNTY LAaDS. THE Subscriber will pay tbe highest price u cash to 0. late tJiet for tbeir been lude. JAMES D. WAPSWORTH , No. IffJ Water - street. N. B. J. D. W. porposioe t leave mecit;. . J the Illinois Territory, requests ! those fc I., '.lh.1, natenta. to Cil d lake op the ae, or receive Ca to 11 m. U..I ... 1.. ... ,,m - t btiMors lo lie k - U: ' t..!,. retati. te Sclflisr claim, 6. v . irviej vese ew r j Amlraia'ov. & - - Vf. c r - yfi&Ktj,iM,wLdi.(L. i ) i;f - C'?neai New - York, tliMiie.u - fl ' - yj iA extemive vnriitr - l l.u - .iie 'j!k sw4 Anasfnirnn "VI

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