The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 26 · 1936 CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We'win with Quality. Same Prices at Both Stores 30 EAST STATE PHONES 112-113 512 FIRST ST. 8. W. PHONE 114 Prices Below Good for Fri., Sat., Mon. BBOOKflEU) BUTTER, £7- lb. Sic IJ1G t NAPTHA- SOAP, 1 bars 19c Oleomargarine, lb ........ 2Sc Pure Cider Vinegar, gal. . . 2Dc liaising, pkg ............. 10c Dried Peas, 2 IDS. ........ Z5c Salad Dressing, full pints 18c Salad Dressing, Qt. Jars 28c Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. . . 25c Vanilla, 8 os._bgttjg_._ 1 ._ 11 ^_10e DATES, 4 ibs. 25c Sardines, 1 lb. tall can ... lOc Bridge Coffee, 3 Ibs ..... 25c Honey, full cakes ........ 20c 15c Salmon, 2 t»U cans ·· 35c Mackerel, lb. .can ........ 10c Tuna Fish, can .......... we Shrimp, per can .......... l°c Ked Salmon, per can ..... 10c Eed Salmon, 1 lb ......... 25c ]0c Light Bulbg.JiJoj^^goc TABLE SALT,- "«£ 15c ·\sparagus, 3 bunches ---Fillet ol Haddock, In ..... Marshniallows, lb ........ Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls Grape Fruit, 5, 6 7 for Catsup, large bottle ...... Tapioca, minute, 2 Ibs. ... Tapioca, Pearl, 2 Ibs ..... Pop Corn, lb Fancy NUT MEATS, lb. 36c 35e 19c 25c 10c 25c 25c l° c Pitted Dates, package 15e Fancy Mixed Nuts, 2 IBS. 25c Fancy Green Tea, lb 25c FancyBlackTea,^b^^^3oc BROOMS, 39c, 49c, Sjjc FLOUR Oma Flour, 49 Ibs. $1.69 Tru Blu, 49 Ibs $1-95 Sunbeam Flour, 49 Ibs. . $1.89 Seal of Minnesota, 49 Ibs. ¥2.09 Gold Medal, 49 Ibs $2.09 Occident, 49 Ibs $2.29 White Flour, 5 lb. sack .. 38c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs 28c Graham, 5 lb. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 lb. sack . 48c Corn Meal, 5 lb. sack 19c Crushed Wheat, 5 lb. sack 29e DeGraw's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs. 25e DeGraw's Buckvvh't, 10 Ibs. 45c Prunes, 3 Ibs. ....... 25c Ibs Smoked Herring, lb Olives, quarts Sweet Pickles, quarts Dill PickJes, quarts Peanut Batter, jar lOc, 15c After Dinner Mints, Ig. pkg. Dried Apricots, per lb. . · Crystal White Soap, 5 Bars Egg Noodles, bag Egg Noodles, pkg Lima Beans, 3 Ibs Pineapple, 3 cans 25c HM lOc 25c 25c 25e lOc 19c 18c 15c Sc 25e 25c Oranges Dozen I t/v £t/C «3uC Carrots, large bunches ... 5c Carrots, 5 small cans 25c lOo Carrots, S large cans 25c Kidney Beans, 5 cans ... 25c lOc Corn, Peas, 3 cans ... 25c Tomatoes, Peas, 4 for 25c lOc Pumpkin, 3 cans 25c Head lettuce 5c and lOc Celery, large 15c Peas and Carrots, 8 for .. 25e Onions, 7 Ibs 25c Asparagus, 18c; 2 cans .. S5e Canadian Rutabagas, 3 Ibs. lOc Tomato Juice, 3 cans 25c Baked Beans, 5 cans 25c Baked Beans, 3 giant cans 25c Milk Hominy, can 14c Tomatoes, qt. cans, per can loc Carrots or Spaghetti, 5 c'nS 25c Cut Beets, quart cans ... lOc I Tomato Soup, 5 cans .... 25c loc Spinach, 2 cans 25c I Carrots, 6 Ibs 25c I libby's Fancy Beets, can . lOc Lima Beans, large cans . 30c [ Spaghetti, large cans .... Sauer Kraut, quarts, S for 23c I Hominy, quart cans lOc Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, can lOc loc Corn, Peas, 2 cans ... 25c peaches or Apricots, qts. . 15c [ BUTTER-NUT COFFEE Bring TJs Your Coupons, i/ 2 lb. Free! PER LB. CAN.. 2 LB. CAN .. 30 E. State St. Phone 112-11S 512 First St. S. \V. Phone 114 Cut Rate Grocery EDEN PREDICTS CRITICAL TIMES Tells House Germany Must Act Immediately to Ease Situation. LONDON, (JPI--Anthony Eden, oreign secretary, warned the house f commons Thursday that unless Germany immediately contributed toward easing the situation" the legotiators for peace in Europe would face an "almost impossible" ask. He said the joint proposals made by Great Britain, France, Belgium Serve Cheese Every Meal :s To Introduce This New Product We Will Give Away FREE One Can of Mock TURTLE SOUP the finest you ever tasted. Just one to each customer who spends fifty cents or more in this store Friday and Saturday. ATTRACTIVE PRICES WILL SELL MORE OF THESE: Hand Cheese, 2 for 25c Swiss Cheese, lb 29c Prime Cheddar, lb 39c Longhorn, lb 18c Process Loaf, lb 25c Imported Swiss Gruyere, 6 portions :s Across from Chapman's MASON CITY and Italy had allayed the prospect of an immediate war but, he said: ·I do not view the future with a light heart." At the same time he suggested that France must co-operate to find a feasible solution to Europe's dilemma. "I believe we are beginning a period which must, at best, be one of :he most critical in international negotiations," he said. Have Allayed Crisis. The recent proposals, coming "at a moment of crisis," he said, allayed the "immediate .prospect of steps oetng taken which might have led to war." Captain Eden said he felt the "latest dangers" of the situation had not yet been "wholly appreciated." "We must have a contribution from Germany toward easing the situation," he declared. "So far none has been forthcoming save the chancellor's undertak- ing not to increase the 'number of roops which originally entered the one." "The proposals from Germany vhich. are to come next week will e received with art open mind and vith a keen desire to make the best use of them that we can in order pRitnc BR6AD MAKES WONDERFUL TOAST CROCERMIEATS FRUITS^VEGETABLES 10 In ST. N,E. PHONES 4144 SHRIMP, 2 cans 25c KIPPERED SNACKS... 5c CLIMALENE, 2--lOcpkgs, 1--lOc pkg.. Ic Fancy SALT MACKEREL FILLETS, pound BRITE-IZE CLEANSER J e a n s . , 25C FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ORANGES, Medium Size, dozen GRAPEFRUIT, each 5c HIGH QUALITY MEATS POT ROAST, 1 OA I FRESH DRESSED per pound . ..... 18C | CHICKENS, Ib. . . Try Mrs. Osbbrn's HOME-MADE BREAD and Mrs. Rogers' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, ROLLS and DOUGHNUTS to bring about permanent pacification of Europe," Captain Eden said. Admonishes France. He admonished France, as well as Germany, to approach a solution of the situation in a fair spirit. "We cannot assure peace unless the French government is ready to Notice to Dealers and Consumers Announcement in lost Thursday's issue of the KIRK'S COCOA HARDWATER CASTILE SOAP Extra Cake Free Sale was released in the columns of the Mason City Globe-Gazette through error. Preparations were not complete for the Sale and if Dealers or Consumers have been inconvenienced thereby the Procter Gamble Company and the Mason City Globe-Gazette hereby offer their very earnest apologies. The complete sale will be run a little later and announcement of the same will appear in these columns. approach with an open mind the problems which still separate them from Germany," the British foreign secretary said. "Out of this unpromising outlook, opportunities may he offered. If we are to seize them, it is imperative that as a country we should be united in policy and in purpose." Families living on submarginal lands purchased by the · resettlement administration earned an average net 'income of only $84 last year. This figure is cited by the resettlement administration as proof of the necessity for its rehabilitation program. THRAVES MARKET 401 North Federal Ave. -- Free Delivery -- Phone 668 SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BEEF ROAST, « A _ Choice, Ib AOfe Pork Loin ROAST, f|fc- End Cuts, Ib 13fl» VEAL CHOPS, Milk Fed, lb.... VEAL ROAST, Milk Fed, Ib... 2IC ISc LARD, 100% Pure, 2 Ibs. . . 27c LON*" C BEEF For Stewing, Ib.. . HORMEL'S PIG'S FEET, quarts. . Home-Made Mince- Meat, 2 Ibs Green . '/2 Ib. Black PEANUT BUTTER, Favorite 2 Pound Jar 2f§ SUGAR -- Beet Cloth Bag Pounds SUGAR--C. H. Powdered 5 In Bulk Pounds JELLY--Silver Leaf oz. Glass ORANGES--252 Size 2 Fancy Sunkist Dozen P. AND G. SOAP 7 Large Bars PEAS--No. 2 Cans for MIXED VEGETABLES 2 Stokley, Faijey No. 2 c a n s . . . . COFFEE BUTTER-NUT, FOLGER'S, pound . . . VTIOOKS AS THOUGH JUST ^NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY (d Un««d* Biscuit NO HOME SHOULD EVER BE WITHOUT CLOROX Clorox not only works like magic in the laundry but it cleanses, deodorizes and disinfect* wood, pores- lain-tile, enamel and linoleum surfaces. Clorox is especially effective for making refrigerators clean COMFORT AT LAST What's the sports world coming to? Princeton lets the fans in free at a $50,000 track meet--and the Cubs widen their seats from 14 to 18 inches? and sanitary-for bleaching and cleansing drainboards-removing stains and deodorizing toilet bowls. Only a little is needed for each use. .. .And because Clorox is a germi- cide-pure,safeand dependable-it has many important personal uses, just read the label! Pasteurized in Glass A QUART Cash and Carry LACTIC BUTTERMILK Try It As An Afternoon Pickup, at Our Dairy Bar PROTECTS...IT DISINFECTS A new record of air mail volume has been established each month during the last eight. At this rate of growth, say postal authorities, within another year the service can be put on a paying basis and subsidies can be eliminated--United States News. DICK KNOWS ALL Prof. Dick Harlow, head of the Harvard zoology department, huh? Well, he knows about goose eggs, anyhow. His 1935 team taught him that. Floods on the country's rivers ai» cyclical and weather bureau forecasters predict far ahead the years in which the heaviest floods will occur. Mississippi river flood cycles are about 13 years apart. Others vary.--United States News. MARSDEN'S Meat and Grocery The Only I. G. A. Store in Mason City Phone 2414 -- We Deliver -- 1452 North Federal Ave. $zioo Pi| lsbury's, Gold Medal 49 t Lbs. Fresh BUTTER, lb.. 32c Borden's Large MILK, 4 cans. Home-Made BOLOGNA, Ib. Salt PORK, Ib Cottage CHEESE, Ib End Cut PORK CHOPS, lb. lOc 20c 4 No. 2 Cans PEAS 25c 13c Small WIENERS, 2 Ibs. Liver SAUSAGE, lb.... Sugar Cured BACON, Slab, Ib. Pork Steak and ROAST, lb.. . Fat Young HENS, Ib... 20c 25c FREE SilVERWARE Packed with MASH'S Toasted COFFEE A Knife with 4 Mb. jars, per Ib. A Spoon attached each 2-lb, jar, A Fork attached to each 3-lb. jar, SAM'S SPECIAL OFFERINGS ONIONS, Red or Yellow, . 10 Ibs SALT, 10 lb. Bag 19' MILK, Tall Can 3 Cans, 20c Bliss, COFFEE A 4 c Pound MM. MATCHES, 6--5c Boxes MOTOR OIL, Round the World, $§ .05 2 Gallon Can... JL SALMON, Pound Can 3 Cans, 25c MAGIC WASHER f c 10 Size Only X With Purchase of Large Package for 23c Ital. PRUNES, No. 10 Can '. PEAS, E. June, Pf c No. 2 Can I 4 Cans, 25c PEANUT BUTTER, None Better, -f Pound JL BROOMS, Special Better Grades, 4c. 69c PRUNES, 1 i|C 3 Pounds BUTTER-- Fresh Creamery--Any QOc Brand, lb ...................... OM FLOUR-- Jersey Cream, 49 lb. . $ i .49 sack ...... . ....................... JL MACARONI . . . "Raizes Special," 7 oz. f A C Box, 5 for GRASS PEED, In Bulk, lb ....... ... CREAM CHEESE, Fresh -- None better, -f ^Ic Pound ... ......... ........... JL I 2 We Pay Above Market Price for EGGS Cash or Trade CURTAINS Priscilla or Cottage Sets, $1 value, Close Out Price OIL CLOTH PATTERNS 45 Inches. Close out. Price. Each GIRLS' PANTIES Rayon or Broadcloth 25c Value, | ff c Special Price ,,... J. 99 LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S To Be Closed Out At A Fraction of Their Value LOT ONE Lot 2 69c Lot 4 Lot 3 98c Lot 5 ..$1.39 ..$1.69 Buy Several Pairs at These Low Prices BASEMENT Men's DRESS SHIRTS While they /BiflC last Better Grades, 69c, S7c WOMEN'S FELT SLIPPERS 29 C BASEMENT OPEN EVENINGS TILL 8:30 215 S. Federal Ave. DEPT. STORE Phone 434 K it! r

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