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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, March 13, 1818
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LEQlSLA TVRtJ OF NEW - I UK A, - IS SEN ATE March " - 'A jtnurcui.TlRJL REPORT, Mr. Uviogttoa, from the joint committo of lb . ut - .nd - unUr. to whoa ni referred - ;Ul consideration of Mich m inrr as in their nuiod viU bMl contwrt itb UM nuiDUua . - , view! of lb legislature, to (tomb th great acienc of agriculture, and foster domestic ' Mauclortacronctioa therewith, request leave reepeci fully to REPORT s Ji That your oooimitUe have considered the im portaut objecU committed to them. To fulfil the novel but birhly ioUrertior do ties, their first imDreeeioa was to ucertmin the erxistiiif ttate of agricultural tmt ttate, compi - red to that at different nations of Europe, especially EngUad end Holland, the from wuiun our HiKeeiors pnji - j 1608 to 1640. tfioceth termination of lb - the autem hive hai converted oar extended forests into fraiiioi news j una aau - .. od a vad weight to oar population, of hardy end . ...... . mhfhleoed yeomanry. Toil mere haa boea to rapid, that wo only begia to realise a oojdeosed aod tlatiooary popo - e.i: . .. Htttc it feat been napotsiDie aereuur - u - dopt any general course of measures, ralcalated to olightn, an! expend tb vie wt of oar farmers, ia the panuit of mora profltabl huiban - dir. . " . - ....... Althoogli thii Investigation at full of umTuI In - tractiea, and pregnant ia rnnlti of vita) la. Bortaoca to the present and future generations l and open a wide field for the cooletnplatioaof philosophy, agricultural science, ana patriotism ; and altboarh we ere persuaded thera if no coun try oo earth whose inhabitauta are better inform - d better led and who have a higher eenie of tell - revpect, and all thot manly tentiroenti wbirh dignify human nature. Yet it U painful to add, wa are at Uui moment in a ttata of itxo - lato'ipora&caiatheAntpridciplei, of the Ant of sciences, at connected with iheaiiitry. We are alto totally unacquainted with the fundamental froundi of thote great modem Improvement! in sgricultore, a it ii now practised in Kngiaad. and other rountnet of Lurope Taking the year 1640 u an epoch which ter - Bloated toe emigration from flagranti and llol land, which form the main basis of our popul tion, we may. reasonably conclude those emi fraott brought with them the knowledge of ag. ricaltura uite tilted in thote countries at that period. Then descendants in the mceetsive genera - tioni have tenaciously followed the foottteps ol their predecessors, without daring to indulge in now experiments, or weighing well the poesibili tr of a snore productive 'husbandry. But how coald a remedy be applied, having no central point ofcoeamunicatioa - - ao lamp to guide their steps nor measure u iiimuiate snorts or excite oampeUUoar It i - eauirinr the loortft life of man to acaulre useful experience in agriculture, now much valuable i&fonnatioo hai been swallowed up in the grave, for tha want of inch a point of communi cation, which otherwiie might have been perpe tuated, the common property of mankind I To guard hereafter against tuch a waste of I experience and to reach the important point in view, your committee deem it important to take a coocwe review of the hiitory ot agriculture in England, from an early period, to the epoch of 1040, and iU program from that year to the pre - aent time. Whan Jaliut Cmsar invaded England, he found the people in a state of barbarism. The Romans were then the only people who possessed tha true knowledge of agriculture at an art, tail they introduced partially into England. The yeomanry of that country remained at a ttutiou ary point, for about eleven ceuturiei. Then, the Normans introduced some addition! to the art, alto many valuable Inrui'ing utensils It was not cultivated in any manner as a science, till aboat CAy yean previous to an emi - (ration of twenty - one thousand people to New - England, from waicn sim - k upwards of two mil lions of people now inn mm id one century mora, tbit numbr will probably be swelled to the astonishing magnitude of upwards ol twenty (Billions.. . from 1640 to (he present time f 173 yean) Esgland bat coo tinned to advance with rapid atridet, la uie science ol tgncunure : in iaru - ular, in the last fifty yean, owing to the ardent Herts of philosophers and patriot! j especially to tha enlightened genius of sir John - Sinclair, through whose instrumentality a national board of agriculture was established. ', As wa bava remained nearly stationary in the am period, all their acquisitions are in cooie - aeeooe beyond our knowledge. To redeem, ineretore, uiis ereai waste oi time aad knowledge, presents to this legislature a fair opporlumty to distinguish this session in the page of our history : And your committee with due deference, beg leave to add as their opinion, that It become an imperious duty to that end to adopt enlarged, vigorous, and decisive measures. m. i i ' ; ,i i t . I ' i . i . . 1 ue puuuc voice cans eiouu tor legislative lu - tarfejanoa, to give a Just direction to the cur rest of public opinion, which it constantly mani farting itself in different counties, especially by an animated eBort u the county of Otsego, id aVtnhlaet. Tour . committee refrain from entering the field of aevomeot. or multiplied proofs to carry canvictioa borne to the minds of all, that strong and emoeot measure bare become iudispenia - wa. Tba eiample fa a neighbouring ttata has de oaetrated tha poweriul effects of esriting com petition. ' On tbit result wa may tafcly repose aur confldeoca of toccess. Tour committoa la reviewing the whole rfound, request leave earnestly to, recommend First. That a ttata agricultural society be in carporated, aad that the governor of this stale ueffte bfpresieeni tnercoi. Seosad. That a board of Arricaltare be e etabtttbed at tlia seat of government, to conil - t 'of a professor of agriculture, and chemitry s and ma member from each great district, said bourd la be nude the tupenntrndince of a tupenn tendaot reaeral of arricnltnre at a distinct de - partmeat to be denominated " the department of agricaitura." Third, As toon at agricultural societies sn.iu l. k J.l. hMUil k 1 1. 1 Ar.Ainil In Bnu ooaatv ia thmataU, they shall be entitled to re ceive a iu portion 6 - om the "agricultural fund" for tha purpoeea of annual premiuai. - Aa ap propriation to be also made eat of said fuod for general premium thus, while the county so cieties will excite a general spirit of emulaliou. thee preauumt wui alsoeicit" a powerful com - Mtittan bet weea the several tocietiee. . bhoaU it be the tense of the legislature to a - Aopt tfeeea measures, your committee Would tarthremark, that if the tow sheM be promptly enacted, the society, and board of agricul - . tare can be erganbwd daring the sitting of the legislator i aad a count of lectures n arri - caltaral philosophy delivrrtd to the memben - lasatediate measures will foUew, to organite the county satieties, to u to give a rapid escite - ment throughout the (tat early in Ui sprin - preparatory to a general diiplay m October ext. . . The beard of agriculture will be the pivot on Wtecfc tne wboie atachiaery will move. It iU ammau ue waeie (yvteat, and may b consider aa comparatively, acting as a Dendnlam in . .' clock. Each of the county eocwhes will revolve H thaw diAioct orbits, aad in lhir torn, ihev wiU stimulate the enorts, and diffusa the light r : , . - .... . . ta kkki iq averj secuon lots ttata. V tothssview, October Beat will be the mmtin .UrjDt iseriod of ear hitlorv : and il is rewrv wdfor the stale of New - York to offer to Amtri - salutary exampls. Ujtherto, acpectafly ia Ktw - Eogland, it wa thofi d1 - raceful geaUeWa f fcrtt - to put bu hauls to the psopgu, , t - Tba etampto of VVashuion, Ua l' eellor Ui mcetoa, and mauy of tr dishnguubed cVjxMM has receouy given w uso t - , rl.t, nA sunmrt thi eplendid fcbric, fraught with cotisequeocet tncacaiaoie fiu j will require the earn of thirty thotttod dollars annually i or to much thereof at may be sound by the state society wpedient to withdraw from the agricultural fund lying la tha state trwstury. To raise that mat with eonvetfieace ii.. iuDBitv. with perfect eaea, aad no ad - of officen aad m a view of ih. rnmcuon of Dublic snorals, it le proposed to lay an addition of one half, to tba existing tax on tavern licence, ana reuiier vt tudi spvne. This lax will be peculiarly appropriate, intte - much as the moaia will return into circulation whore K is collected tending in some measure to tat intemperance, to rapport tba best inter est of the community. Again, tinea it it of the utmost importance that aa agricultural society tnouia De promptly estab lished ia ovary county in thi elate, no county will contribute long to the fund without participating in its ft uiu, and applauding the measure. The committoa considering tha torn of $30,000 adeqnate to give full effect to all tha measure in contemplation, have been governed by the 161 lowing estimate, via. One half the amount added to license! on tav ern and retailers, the comptroller estimates will produce, . $30,000 One million of inhabitants, at tiO for eacn thousand inhabitant, to b paid out in premiums, will require $20,000 Salaries ol olnccn. A cleric the deputy superintendents general pre miums coatingeocie foreign and domestic correspondent! procuring implement of husbandry - eeedt plauttand supporting a laboratory, and other incidental charge, to bold in reserve, tubiect to the ttata eociety, tay f 10,000 1 $30,000 The turn of twenty thousand dollan being appropriated for all the counties in this ttate, for premium on agriculture and domestic manufactoriesequal to about twenty dollan on each thousand inhabitants : the following apportionment is predicated on that calculation with tome trivial variations in reference to cities and new counti - s, via. Subjeet lo be corrected bp the Board of Agrievi - lure. Albany county Allegany Broome $700 160 too 700 100 400 250 00 150 400 800 250 200 600 400 400 400 150 "200 500 800 1300 Onondaga county $600 Ontario 1000 Orange 600 Cayuga Chaotauqua Chenango Otsego 800 Putnam 200 Queen 400 Clinton Columbia Rensselaer 700 Richmond 150 Rockland 200 Cortland Delaware Dutchess Saratoga 600 Schenectady 200 Schoharie 400 Seneca 400 St Lawrence 200 Steuben 300 Suffolk 400 Sullivan 200 Tioga 300 Ulster 600 Warren 200 Washington 700 Westchester 600 Kttex Franklin Genesee Greene Herkimer Jefferson Kings - ewu Madison Montgomery New - York Oneida 800 Should the societies oi any two adjoining coun - tiet state to the Board of Agriculture, a wish to consolidate said counties, or part of counties, in to agricultural districts, measure to be adopted iu coniormity mere to. loemurace an tne important objects in con - trmplatien, and to bring thorn fully into the view of the legislature, your committee ask leave to present a cm. .ill which it respectfully tubmitteil. PETER R. LIVINGSTON, chairman of the senate. SAMUEL LAWRENCE, oo the part of the assembly. SEW - YOIIK EVENING POST. FRIDAY, MARCH 13. Tkt Jttt of Harbor - muter. Th Boston Palladium, remarking upon the article in last week's Evening Poet, respecting the unreasona ble and exorbitant fees our statute allows the harbor - master to demand of coasting vessels, says, " We believe no feet are demanded of coasting vesstls iu any other part of the United States. The arraugement now complained of it particularly burdensome on Massachusetts, for only coasten from adjoining states are exempt from it." If this be the rase, tha next thing we may expect to hear of, will ba countervailing lawt in every ttate, that hat a port of entry. But will not thii bo very like an interference with the powers granted to congrest to " regu late commerce among the several states." If so, will it nut be well to consider the force of this objection before we - proceed further? It hat been stated to me by those very competent to speak on the subject, that the office of harbor master it the most lucrative in the gill of the couucil of appointment, and it eitimatcd at tieenly thousand dollan, The Forum. Tbit evening, as will be seen by the advertisement, the question to be debated at tha Forum ia " Ought imprisonment for debt to bt continued and the proceeds of the evening are very appropriately allotted to the relief of imprisoned debtor. Wa ar assured that the audience will be numerous. The inhabitants of Pine - street would feel themselves much obliged if the street cotnmis - aiooer would cause the large heap of dirt piled up in that street, to be removed. If suffered to remain over night, they may be the cause of some serious accident, both lo man and horse. We hop tha Grand Jury, now in session, will uot forge to pfMout the bogs running at large, aa intolerable nuisance. It is the duly of every citixen who ba the reputation of the city at heart, to enter hit protest against their being permitted, by law, to occupy tb side walla as well as tha streets, to the exclusion of our fe males. We have received from on of aur corres ponds tils at Washington a letter oontaioing the following interesting summary of a law, which should be entitled AiKoelfor the relief of peer ecert ens? soMirrs of the Ttxohititmert arav T W 0 f who caa read it without a tad recollection of the fate of the ancient Belliarius, which ba etand'mg reproach on hi country to the la tost posterity Doit otWuie fieiissarte. Alas! that a rich and overflowing treasury, should afford mean a pittaac to thosa who gava it exist. if. enct, ad fcfljr f the. h tbtf hxn longer ft last ertst to feed on, purchased witn their laet cant. ;Ti pttifa - Hii woodroos pitiful. - 4 - - - ;.' ' - . '.:. Substance of tba Uw for tb benefit of officers aad aoldier of lb revolutionary army, and officer tad seamen of the aavi of the revolu - ) - 3a - M' w .'. ' tlOO. . L , , . Every commwsioried oficer, non - com missioned, musician, and private aoldier, and all officen in (ha boepital department and medical staff, who served ia the war of .the revolution until tb end thereof, orforthe termofnsfKtieitiAi, or longer, at any period of the war, en the continent al establishment; and every com missioned oficer, MSBtnissioned aOlcer, mariner, or marine. wbo tetved at the mane time, and for a like term, in the naval service of the United States, and whoii, orhereofltr, by reason ef KU reduced 'r - eumtmuet in hfe, ikaU be in need of aitistance from kit country for ntpporl, aad shall have sub stantiated bit claim to a pension ia th manner hereinafter described, shall receive a pension from tba United States ; if an officer, of $20 a month doring life, and all other of eight dollan per month during life. Provided all forme pensions from the United State be relinquished. To be entitled to a pension, th claimant shall make a declaration under oath or affirmation, before the district judge of the district, or before any judge or court of record of the county, state or territory in which the claimant shall reside setting forth, if he belonged to the army, the company, regiment, and tin to which he belonged, the time he entered the service, and the time and manner of leaving (be service if of the navy, the name of the vessel, and particular service in which employed, and tha time and manner of leaving the service, and shall offer such other evidence as may be in hit power and in case the judge be tatiified in the premises, be tha II certify the tame to the secretary of the department of war, who shall place the applicant on the pension bill. N. B. It doe not appear that a claimant u obliged to make a declaration, or exhibit proof to the judge, or secretary of war, that by reason of reduced circumstances, he stands in need of assistance for hi support. Perhaps in hit application to the judge, before whom he it to make affidavit of service, he will be required as mere recital to state, that hit cir cumstance! are tuch at to require assistance for hit rapport. Erratum In the article on pauperism signed a tubteriber inyetterdayt paper, instead of M administering" read diminishing, so that the sen tence may stand thus : " Let then its attention be confined (o the adop tion of measures for diminishing the ttated and permanent fund of charity which ia various ways it to profusely diitributed." From our Correspondent. Daily Advertiser office, ) Albany, March 11. Medical Bill. We congratulate the public on th final passage in the house of assembly, of the bill further to regulate the qualification! of student of physic and surgery, and we hope its fate will be similar lo tne senate. A violent attack was mode upon the bill in the house yesterday, on it third reading, on a nn - tion made by - Dr. Sergeant, to re commit it to a committee of the whole. Messra. sargeant and Root spoke in support of the motion, and Messrs. Meigs,' Oak ley and uuer against it. Toe question lor re committing was decided in the negative by a majority of 7. fit patted the day before bv a ma jority of 4. Liosea Door. Toe bouse in committee of the whole, took up the consideration of the report of the committee on the petition of Devoe Bailey, Miirt aconeid and ouiers. l nis appears to be a very important case. The petitioners claim, un der a title derived immediately from the state, a tract ol land containing upward or City thousand acres, in the county of Putnam. These land are now claimed by John Jacob Astor, of tne city ol new - York. Mr. Meiga moved that the committee rise and report, and ttated at a reason for hi mo tion, that tubiect of tuch an important and delicate nature would probably arite in the ditcutbion of the report, that it would become necessary to close the doors of the house. Mr. Oakley, (the chairman of the committee who made the report,) did not object to rising and reporting i but he had no idea that it woeld be necessary to dote the doors of the House. The committee rote, and the report wa made the order for to - day. In the House of Assembly, yesterday, the bill from the Benate, authorizing a special session of Uie court oi trrors to be held in September next wa taken up ia committee of tne whoe, and passed, after striking out the words " City Hall, in Uie city of New - York," and inserting " the Cap - itot, in tbe city of Albany." . LEGISLATURE OF JfElV - YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, March 9. The petition of F.lirtbeth Catherine Old, Sarah Mary Anne Codd, Eleanor Clone v Cod J, John Bradstrcct Codd, and Edward J.ivini Codd, by their guardian Martha liradstrect, praying that the uame of the said petitioners may be changed to Bradstreet. Referred to Measn. Rochester, Hatha way and Huutiugtou. Mr. Meigs, pursuant to previous notice, broH in a bill entitled " An act to incorporate the Lyceum of Natural History in the city of New - York," which was read twice and committed. Mr. Dtier, from the committee to whom was referred the memorial of a joint committee of I the American Academy ol the Fine Art, re ported a bill entitled " an act fur the encour agement of the Mew - York Institution for Uie promotion or uie Art ami ncience. Kead twice and ordered to be printed. Mr. sharpe, from the committee to whom was referred the petition ol Anthony Steeoburgh and others, concerning the foundation! of buildings in the city of New - 1 ork, reported favorably thereon, and brought in a bill " entitled an act rela tive to the foundation! of buildings in tbe City of m - F l ,1 n i . . ' . .lew - s of a." iveau twice ana commiiica. FVest the ffattonal Intelligencer, March 10. Jjne Intelligence. 'At th supreme court of the United Slate no sitting in this city, the 'on portent case of Evan against Eaton, which had been tried at the circuit court before Judge Washington, in Philadelphia, came on to be heard, upon the exceptions to the opinions and charge delivered by the learned judge at the trial. Tbe cause wa argued by Mr. Harper and Mr. lugersoll, for tbe plaintiff, and by Mr. Hop - kioeosj aad Mr. Sergeant for the defendant. The toil was brought by Oliver Evan, again the defendant Eaton, for the ate, by the defendant, of the plaintiff's improved Hopper Boy, without a license. The opinion of the supreme court wa delivered by chief jurtice Marshall, on Saturday last ' The points decided by the court are, - 1 let. Thai the deexdaat Eaton, having gives notice woder the 6th section of tha act for the promotion of the sful arts, ftej. that be would prove at ine iruu, ran " ""f"" - ; Boy bad been used previous to tba aUded B - .iu. r niir m several placet,(wnicli wen specified mthsou)e in some ef those . u.nA .Im at sundrr other place in Pen osylrania, Maryland, and elsewhsre in th it - : i. I Ci.t .1 mnA hxrinr riven evidence as to torn ot tha place specineu in m nui - a right to give similar evidence as to other placet 2d. That alter inn testimony neu uto. - - th. nUintilt Oliver Evan, was entitled oa his part to give evidence that tha persons, of whose prior use we improved nvyy' the defendant bad given tertimooy, bad paid the plaintiff for license to ate. tbe tame in their mill; since bit patent. 3d. That tbe plaintiff's patent include! not only the general retult produced by all the machine - r monfimwui in his smcification. that it, Uie liu movement bv meant of tbe combination ol those machines in tbe manufacture of hour, but also the several improved machine themselve, separately taken, or any two or more of them taken together ; consequently that he could support an action for the me of any one or more of loose machines, without license. 4th. That Oliver Evans may claim, under bis patent, tbe exclusive ate of hit invention! and improvements in the art cf manufacturing Flour and Meal, and lo the several machines which be ba invented, for that purpose, aod in bis im , . provement on men oi tne macnine niroii.inj - u in hi specification at may have been previously discovered. 5th. That the act of 1808, for tne renei oi uu - ver Evans is soengrafted on the general patent ). hBt thj rmirii of the United Slate have jurisdiction of all mitt brought by him for alle ged lDlringement oi nit paienu From (ho Freeman's Journal, March 11 Caution to Merchants. Tot several days past there bat been in operation, a plan of cool calculating villainy, teldom equalled in thit coon - try, and which thewt its projector a promising candidate for the state prison. About a week since, a person called at a store on South Wharves, under the pretence of pur chaser rood for the Soutneru &tate ne se. lected very carefully and with great apparent shrowdness, different description! of articlet, to the amount of CI220. and observed ne womo. call for them in a few dayt ; wai very particular in direcUor the boxes to be well secured. Un Tuesday evening, about 4 O'ciocx, ne caneu 10 settle the bill, and cave a check on Girard't bank for the amount. Thii being doue, be wish ed to remove the roods icstanliy, and appeared quit uneasy at being informed mat tne pacx aeet were not sufficiently coopered. His mani fest impatience at the disappointment, awakened a suspicion that defeated his design, bariy yes terday morning, be came with hit drayman to receive tbe goods Tbe cooper was privately directed to proceed very leisurely in securing the boxes. A Ih beur approacned lor tne banks to open, the honest gentleman grew won derfully uneasy, cursed the laziness of tbe cooper, but in vain i when the clock struck nine, he deemed it prudent to. make a precipitate retreat, which he did without any ceremony or polite - new. Tha check was presented, but the honorable drawer had forgotten to place funds to meet it, and had disappeared. PHILADELPHIA, March 11 NOVEL LAW CASE ! . The Commonwealth, J vt. Eaves - dropping. THOMAS LEONARD, ) Last Thursdav. came on. before his hon. judge Ross, the trial of Thomas Leonard, charged with being an caret - dropper ! Hit offence, it appears, although recognised by the law, has not been . '' .1 . ...... .1. ineu in liny court oi jubucb iu mis cumoiuu - wealth for many yean. . An eaves - dropper appears to be one, who lays under the windows, iic. of a person's house, and listens to the passing occurrences of a family, with a view of giving publicity to slanderous aod injurious reports. The novelty of the case drew to the court - house many ipectaton. Able counsel wa employed on both (ides, and after lengthy pleading, which lasted till sun - set, the jury, on Friday morning, returned a verdict of Kuiflv on two indictments out of four. Hit honor judge Roes, after a brief exposition of the character and conduct of an eaves - dropper, pronounced sentence, which was, that he, Laonard, pay a fine of $30 to tbe commonwealth ; give security to the amount of $100 for his rood behavior for one year, and pay the costs of prosecution. NEW - BRUNSWICK, March 1. Fire. A fire broke out on Friday evening last. about half past eight o'clock, in tbi city, in Church - street, opposite the Episcopal Church, in the house owned ny nr. James Chapman, it originated from a candle which accidentally set fire to a barrel of low. The wind providentially bring low, and by tbe spirited exertion of the firemen and citiuns, the devouring element wat arrested, when it had partly consumed the build ing in which it originated. UI the occupants, Mr. Ralph Priestlv. was the principal sufferer. Another Fire. We understand that the bouse occupied, by Mr. King, at Three Mile - Hum, as a Tanners shop, together with its cojtenti, con sisting ofa consideraolequantity oi leather, ice. was consumed by ore on Sunday morning last Lois estimated at anout 3,&uu dollars, i he building is tupposed to have been set on fir by design. Latest from France. By the brijr Reindeer, capt. Tracy, arrived below last evening, in 47 day from Bordeaux, we have received Paris papers to the 18th January. They announce no political newt ot moment. Kive ptr cent 65,70, tn 66 Bank (hares 1545. From the first to the 12th Jan'y. Bank share rose 90 franca Tbe King of France was in good heal'.h, and the country tranquil. An 80 gun abip railed the Centaur, was launced at Cherbourg un the 8th January. The imposter, calling him - .elf Louis, lrth, was to be brought before an inferior tribunal on the 9th Feb. Hi counsel had abandoned hi defence. Bordeaux, Jan. 5. Arrived, Rebecca, Turner, Charleston. At Havre, 9th, hip Woodbine, from Savannah i Pomona, from Martinique ; Ariosto, Barry, Savannah. Advertised at Havre, Jan. 10. Ship Union, Fisher, for N. Orleans i James M. for Philadelphia, to tail 15th Feb. j brig Cov. Carver, (Men, to sail 25th Jan; ltli, Rubicon, for York, 5th Feb. Pari, Jan 13. Price Current Bill on London, 23, 80 a 24 1 Dollars 5 50 ; Cotton, N. Orleana, 2. 77 i Coffee, 166 a 1, 72; Pepper, 1, 80 : Sugar, 100: Rice, 55 ; rot ashes, 65, in dimaml. Havre, Jan 10 Sties Coffee, 1 60 ; Bengal Cotton, 1, 45 1 Georgia, old crop, 2, 40 s New - Orleans, 2,70. Antwerp, Jan. 4. Notwithstanding the pre tended abundance in our market, tbe prices of Train have advanced. Wheat sold at 16 florin the vertell, and rye at 9, 8. 7 preserve bore from tin worms or butterfly. About the first of May, raise the bive up, and strew some fiue salt under the edge., which' will drive th worms away. A writer in a lata Mor - rutowa paper save, that be bat tried this experiment for two yean with com pic i success. Went to sea at 8 o'clock last evening: ship Prudence, for Ireland ; brig Thames, White, for Newry j brig Thames, for Bordinx ; brig Wil - Uam - IIenry, for St. Croix j sch. Fair - Flay, for Aax - Cay. At anchor below, bound aut, brig Seneca, for Caa ton. Xaib. - V a aWtli of Poaadelpnl. Wfctl received tbU morning". ; The Eastern nail, hai " me4 .wa tbi paper went to pre. . ' " DIED, . . u.. mi. l..i,n at Krooklva. Richard A av Uiv e ' aa aatw w r - . Saadt, aged 35 yean. The relationt and friends ol th family axe respectfully invited Ito attend bis funeral from Uie hoot of bi father, Joshua c i. .fi.HiMyL t A o'clock. On Monday the 9th inst in the 3ith year of her age, Mr. Margaret Maria uvingaiu.i, ;r. nr Rntti. I Jvinnton.esd. of Clermont, snd youngest daughter of the late Chancellor Livingston, lo Fairhavea, (Mass.) on the 7th instant, aged Mvear. Mn. Sally Delano, wile ol apiain Drlano, and daughter ol Mr. Benjamin nnwum nn i he Ut Feb. at the Island of St. Croix whither he had gone for the recovery of iia health, Dirck Y. Vanderneyden, esq. oi tne ci ty of Troy, aged 36 yean. EVENING POST M.1RINE LIST. CLEARED. Shin Enterprise. Perkins, Madeira - .i . m Ml . I.I1ETKJU VV 1UCI Ol lu Nestor, Sterling, Liverpool . Jon. Orden Briar Manraret Harris. Amsterdam a - - ,. is vine Nvmnh. Smith. Belfast N L & G GrUwold Schr Henrv - Deniton. Wood. Charleston Mary - Ann, Pike, rreuencKsoure; Elizabeth, T ravers, Baltimore Sloop Scourge, De Groot, Philadelphia DBF Grim Betsey, Somen, Sally, Mather, Fredericksburg Port - au - Prince Smith k Hubbell ARRIVED THIS fVKtNOO, fir i'v Nanrv. Packhard. 10 davt from Savao nab, with cotton aod tobacco. Off the Capet oi Virginia, spoke ship Potomac, J dayt irom Liverpool, having experienced 27 gales of wind, with lost ol top - matu. Fch Betsev. r itcn. 0 uayi irom Vnariesicn, with rice and staves, bound to New - London Sailed in co with ship Telegraph for n York. Schooner Andrew Jackson, Pierson, 11 days from Winton, N. C. with staves, to II P Ha - vent. Off Barnetrat. on Tuesday night, expe rienced a severe gale and threw her deck load overboard. On Monday morn in p, to the south' ward of Bamegat, spoke brig Betsey, of and for Salem, 17 days from Matanzas. Sailed from the bar in co. with sch Fanny & Patty, for N York. Sloop Orbit, Tabor, 9 days from N. Bedford with iron, to Blackwell k M'Farlen. Sloop Hetty, Wilcox, 3 days from Stoning ton, with produce, to the master. Sloop Venus, Comstock, 40 houn from Pro vidence, R. I with lime, flour and gin, to H Learned, C H Russell, and Dunham St Auchin closs. BELOW A ship and two brigs. ARRIVED LAST EVENING Ship Gleaner, Gill, from New - Orleans, and 22 days from Balize, with cotton, sugar and hides, to T Knox, and capt. Zuill, owners, C L A. Ogden, M. Batlmrst, Smith 6c Fontaine, Hicks, Lawrence Si Co. failed from Balize, Feb 19, in co. with ship Concordia, of Boston, for Bordeaux i brirr Patriot, Woodbury, for doi ship Gov. Griswold, Meader. of N. York for Liverpool. Left brig Eagle, Durkee, for NYorx, next day j brig Bliss, Bailey, at New. Orleans to tail in 10 days. March 6, olt Can Henry, spoke brig Dove, from New.York for Wilmington, N. C. The captain of the Steam Boat N Orleans informed capt. Gill, that Guy Cliamplin had with him $40,000 in bills on N urieans. riour J69 a 11 Tobacco 9 cents, Brig Reindeer, Tracy, 47 days from Bor deaux, with plaster, dry - goods and brandy, to Hazard k W illiams, owners, I'almer k Itamil ton, J G Ogden, F & A Brunell, Cazeau Condom, L. Larue, L Sallet, W. E. Nartique, iwmoni jun. uuunham, t W ilson, L Bonatte, V Larousselier, M Guerin, U G Gillies. J, Skiddy, J Gaillard, F Depau, A Perrot, K Bo - nafle, LChastelot, S VBoulard, Caze& R ch - aud, B Desobry, AI Repot, Vallotte Si Lete, J B Maire, and L Goudain. Passengers, Messrs. J. Brondeau, Georee Thompson. F. Rose. P. Faure, and E Seixas. Left, Jan. 2, ship New - York Packet, Palmer, for New - Orleans, 28th ; brig Hannali, Baily, for Charleston, 20th : ship Com. Perry, Russell, of N York, for Port au Prince, lit Feb brig Ann, Newcomb, for N. York, 15th Feb ; ship Rebecca, Turner, for N Orleans, 25th Feb ; brig Gustavus, of Portland, Dole, disch i ship Ellen, Rowland, of N York, for Madeira, 25th Feb i brig Doris, May, of Baltimore trom Savannah, in quarantine ; brig Bordeaux, Butmon," from N York, do ship Hunter, West, from Pbilad de i ship Mairnet, just ar. in 28 days from Philadelphia. The N. voi it ractet arrived out in 13 davs from New - York. A'poke, 9th inst lat S9 SO, long 71 50, sen. , irom renooscoti, ror Virginia. britUh brig A'usan, Morris, 9 days from Halifax, with rum, sugar and molasses, to A k G Barclay, failed in co. with schr bitten, Kelly, for Boston. Passenger, W. Lisco. Brig Minerva, Tyler, 11 dayt from Charleston, with cotton and rice to Joues k Megrath, A Roden, J J Cchen, Collins & Co. J B Lafoota, jun. B. Desobry, and J Hcffernan. Left, ship Telegraph, Fanning, for fi York next day ; schr ijouua, lor oo. in 3 days, rasseugen, J Kape - Ijeand James Earl. 10 leagues ea.tof Charleston bar, tpoke ship Pearl, of Boston, last from Plymouth, Eng. iu a shattered condition, having in a gate oi wina lost ner mam top gallant mast, and when out 48 dayt, and off ft. George 't Bank, shipped a sua that washed overboard her 2 mate and 2 teamen, and broke th legs of 2 others, carried away her waistboard and taffil railing. The Pearl wanted men, which the Minerva was unable to tpare. The Minerva encountered off Oape Hatterat and Virginia, two very severe gales of wind, and has r - xperieoced a continued succession of storms and advene weather on the passage. tthr Alary rarmelia, Dickey, 10 dayt from Savannah, with tobacco, cotton and rice foGris - vi olds and toates, b. Alley, and part cargo I'or Hertford. Passengers. Mestn. Hindmun and E. Jennings. March f. in the river, tpoke tIui, Howland, from Savannah for Amsterdam. Schr Mary Lliaa, Faylit, from Lew is town, (Dcla.) with cotton and rice. Schr. Aiaiy Jane, Hickman, from Lewistown, Delaware withrotton and rice the a.iove vessels have brousht the cargo of a brig on shore at the above place. Schr. Favorite, Fisher, 7 dayt from Freder - icttburgh with flour and wheat,' to Byrne t, Trimble k Co. T. IViekley Si Son, Hendeiton & Cairns, Page tr Triplet. Schr. , Parsons, from Ocracock, N. C. naval stores to the master. Lost hit deck load yesterday week off Cnincoteague in a heavy gale. Sloop Resale, Andrews, 10 days from Savannah, with cotton and toaacco, to S. Alley, mid Criswolds Si Coates. Left brig Nancy, and ch Mary Pamela, for N York, same day. FROM OCR CORRESPONDENT. Office of tbe Freeman's Journal, PHILADELPHIA, March 12. Arrived, brig Petit Charles, Volande, 79 dayt from Bay - onne, bound to N York, put in for water, Sic. Brig Gen. Ripley, Drew, 9 dayt from Charleston. Below, ship Stafford, Rogers, from N York ; a brig, name unknown. ST. PATRICKS SOCIETY. fr The friendly Soas of St. Patrick Will celebrate tbe ahniversory of Ibis Society on Tuesday, the 17th instant, at tbe Bank Coffee House. Dinner oo the table precisely, at 4 o'clock, P. M. J. MONTGOMERY, Sec'ry. mbl3S theatre; Fifth night of Mr. Philippe' engagement. On Friday Evening, March 13, will bt present. LOVE IN A VILLAGE. Young Meadows, . , . , .Mr. Philipr ..To which win be added; ... , lowija or tobouioi, or the fatal (now (torn).' Lowina, Mn. Baraet Performance to commence ai seven o'clock precisely. THE FORUM frt - Will be opened THIS EVENING, .i tbe City Hotel, at 7 o'clock, when the quettia of imprisonment for debt will be discussed. mh 13 it : NOTICE. IrV About the 20th of Sept. last. (hre. r - rriu.'M into the New - Inlet, in th towo of Henu. tead, on Long Island, a tmall fishing boat. - One of them stated that ttte boat wascalled the Hum! wins Bird, of Portland, (M.) and belonged Is him : that they were ttieuon tuetr pattag fn Philadelphia to Newport, (R. I.) and had put j, on account of some damage which the boat had sustained, and from a want of provisions. Tbt meo left the boat, with a Ashing net on bctrd f thepossettionoftbe tobscriber, and pro. mued tocau lor inem on uieir reiurn irom New York. On examining tbe stern of the boat bet name appears to be tbe Meteor, of Bristol Thit circumstance, together with the fact, that the men above - mentioned have not called for the boat, induces the tubicri tier to believe that eh did not belong to them, or either of them. Tl owner of the boat and net con obtain poisettioa of them by callirg on the subscriber, proving property, and paying the eipentes. saviuui IILAN. Hempstead, (L. I.) March 11, 1818. mhlSXw NtrV - YORK CITY DISPENSARY, VCF In exhibiting their annual statement, tu trustees of tha New - York City Dispensary avail themselves of tb occaion to remind their fellow citisentofth usefulness of the institution, and of its claims to a liberal support. The immediate object of the institution it lo afford, not money to the poor, but medicine and medical advice, in. dependeotly of which they solicit the public patro nage as a r'.flCCi.VlMVU IJSi11.U7IOJft which it so organized that the small poxtia. not make ita appearance without its being known to the trustees, who are thus enabled to take prompt measures, not only to prevent the increase of that fatal disease, but by ma. king known its existence, to put the whole community upon their guard. MEDICAL REPORT. The number of patients in the year 1816, wu 2866; during 1817, th number increased t 4526 1 of whom 4164 were cored 48 died 38 relieved 22 incurable 14 tent to tbe hospital ' S teut to the alms bouse 21 removed 60 discharged at disorderly 4 discharged for druiikeuness 119 not found 43 remaining under attendance 4526 532 perrons have been vaccinated in the court of the year 1817. JONATHAN GOODHUE, J FRANCIS B. WINTHROP. S Commilte. EDM'D. II. PENDLETON, ) mch 13 It Utate of New - York ComptreUerU Office. ftT - Public notice is herebv given to tbe hold ers of the seven per cent ttock of thit ttate, that au instalment oi twenty per centum oi tne origi nal amount of that ttock, equal to four eveo teeiitb of the present amount, will be paid off bo uiv uit uBf ui ucai, ui siuj un! (Hereafter when demanded. - ' Payment will be made at the Bank of New York, in tbe city of New - York, to tbe ttochhnfct en residing ia the souther district of this sad and out of tlie state, and to all others at the An York State Bank, in the city of Albany, It is required mat uie certificates sssueu jor tnt stock should be exhibited to the bank where sue payments are made. The interest on th said instalment will ceast after the said fint day of April next. Dated at Albany, march 9th, 1818. ARCH'D. M'INTYRE, Compt'rV ' mch 13 dtAI NOTICE. .. f (XT Tbe co - partnership between tba subscribers, being dissolved by its own limitation, Edward N. Cox, takes on himself tb settlement af it concerns. EDWARD N. COX, JAMES L. MONTAUDEVERT.v1 James L. Montaudevert and Jonathan Otis Walker, continue at commission merchants, at Ptirt au Prince, (St Domingo) under tbe firm of Montaudevert, Walker at Co. JAS. L. MONTAUDEVERT, JON A. OTIS WALKER. . , mh13 1w FAT BEEF. (Cy - The citizens of New York are respectfully informed that tomorrow. 14th inst. will be exhibited the finest market or beef at tbe Catharine Market, that was ever before offered fortalt ia any market in this city. mh 13 It' ' the Lows of Fat Beef. ON Saturday the 14th March, at no. IB k 20 Catherine - market, will be exposed for tale by JOSEPH CON KLIN tl JEREMIAH TIER, three five year old Steart that wa exposed to the public on Tuesday the 12th inst and calculated to weigh Thirtecn - hundrei pounds each, and alto bad 670 lb. rough ftt Fatted by Henry Hiner, in Westchester county, ttate of New - York mh 13 lt For SAVANNAH, - Tha brig AURORA having been detained by head winds, will sa'l tn Sunday, and in the mean. time will take what freight may offer. For which, or passage, apply on board, east side f Old - slip, or to POTT b M'KINNE, ' mh 13 66 Soutb - tL For NEW - ORLEANS, The good; fast sailing brig FINANCIER, built in Philadelphia, and of Uie first class, is now ready to take in carjo. For freight or passage, apply to t , JOSHUA JONES k SONS, . 105 Front - st comer of Janes - lane, . WHO BAVt roa SALX , , 26 tons SL Petersburg clean hemp . w ' 39 bales prime upland cotton. "" mh 13 31 Wanted to Charter, " A rood VESSEL that will carry 600 bbls. for a voyag to Bermuda. '. Im diale dispatch will be given. ' Apply to TUCKER 4c LAUR1ES, mh13 ' 29 South - street, j LUiLRtLNE LEGHORNS 3 case a vera - O ging, No. 40 fbr sale by LtX)NARD C. PARSONS, S CO. . mh 13 '248 PeariHtreet. OCOICH GOODb. 4 case cootaieioC n. . an ...... , ,.1.! !! KJ nam ana cpne - a dook ana jkow Plsia and r ig'd 1 - enot - ' ' Madrat Hdklt. Worked Flounce ; Imitation and Damask Shawls, Ax. otc. Will Le sold very low to close consignments, y HENDERSON CAlRIS, mh r3 gUriise - etreev, MADEIRA WlfiL, ac 18 bods, aao or.casktL. P. Madeira Wine ... 150 cases Lerville and Raacar Claret, T O vintage of 1812. - 20 cases Still and Sparklioe Cbampalfa, . For tale by HENDERSON & CAIRS: mh 13 : 81 rine - ttreef. , ... J Ml

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