The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 31, 1944 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1944
Page 12
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E D I T O R I A L S -- Ev«n Gocbbels Now Sees Victory Vanish H ERR GOEBBELS 1 magazine, Das Reich; seems to have broken over the usual German propaganda line. In a recent issue it has been telling the Germans the truth--that victory is now impossible, and the only hope of German survival of the peace is to make as tough a defense as possible. Das Reich's writer even fixes the date at which the victorious nazi war turned against the Germans--the fall o£ 1942, when for .some reason that only a blind fate could explain the Germans failed to.take over North Africa and left tha»whole of Europe open to the gigantic British-American flanking attack. That and Rommel's defeat in the very shadow of A l e x a n d r i a , where Suez once seemed at his mercy, coupled with '·the defeat at Stalingrad-and the Russian comeback, ruined German's grandiose conquest. It's the truth--but we are surprised to see Dr. Goebbels confess it. Says the writer in the magazine: "The contemporary picture is that\we are everywhere on the defensive, and the enemy everywhere is attacking; -not only on the continental theater of war, in Russia and in the south, but also in the air, while the U-boat weapon has lost its offensive power. At the approach of the 5th war year, the war is going ,over into the 2 front period." "Two front war" has been the bugaboo of the German general staff for generations. It was fear of a Russian attack while they were busy in the west that made the Germans move into Russia, in an effort to clear their rear by decisive victory before Britain and America should be ready to attack in the west. It was a great blunder, but from the German standpoint it was inevitable that Russia be attacked. Otherwise the 2 front war could not be evaded. It is coming, inexorably. And it may be even worse than the Germans expect, because it may be a 4 or 5 front war, with air war on top of all. And.the official German admission that the reich is now running.low. on reserves, and must have a breathing spell in which to let home front production of munitions catch up with front demands, must ring over the fatherland like the knell of death. Every German not too deceived by propaganda. to use his brain knows well that there won't be a breathing spell. Russia will not slack off her winter offensive- she is already launching new ones as the older drives reach the.Iimit of their capacity. And the USAAF- HAF day and night attack on .the plants and railways of the reich will not obligingly cease while the Germans get their second ·wind. Less and not greater reserves will reach the front continually. All that the nazis can now ex- pect-r-and that's a remote .possibility--is that somehow the united nations will fall out among themselves and one or more will make a separate peace .with Hitler. But don't hold your breath until that happens, Adolf. Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin EDItOB'S NOTE --BMten «TmUin» theauelvet ft this eerrlet for qiulloii ·f fa«t--not coantet~«h«BU alfk their fBli UM* aua »44roM ·»* li«JW* 1 ceats lit r«tir» pMta|e. Adirua Globe-Gatette Xnf enaatUa x B · r · a ·. Frederic J. Baikln. Director, Waahinf- tOD. D. C. Look Out Below About the highest tribute that could be paid the late Senator Frederick Van Nuys of Indiana is to say that he never hesitated to put his Americanism above his partisanship. * * * With Argentina crossed off the axis list, Hitler and his cronies will be confronted with an increasingly difficult house-hunting assignment when their crackup If not the motives surely the sanity of those who are working for a "negotiated peace" .would bear investigation. * * * The present war has demonstrated that you can't win without airplanes--or with airplanes alone. * * * : It's really been "June in January" so far as this section of North Iowa is concerned. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges An Old Legion Idea Iowa Legionaire: The Legion began in 1921 to argue soundly that in the event of war, if the government under the constitution could induct men to serve, fight and die in military uniform, It could take men and women and materials for production just as legally. The Legion's contention was buttressed by the powerful plea that universal service" would allow no one either undue profits or special privileges. William Allen White ·pMPORIA, Kansas, may have a ~* number of claims to fame. But the only one known to us is William Allen White. His name has been all but synonymous with Emporia--even with Kansas. Mr. White's march to fame began something less than half a century ago when he turned out an essay titled "What's the Matter With Kansas." It was a searching bit of introspective analysis. That attribute was ever the distinguishing mark of the William Allen White journalism. .- Even though Mr. White had reached the age when men are apt to die, his passing has been a shock to newspaper folk everywhere. He had sort of established himself as a deathless institution. Certainly his influence will live on. Not the least of the many contributions made by Mr. White to his time lay in the proof contained in his own example that editorial influence need not be circumscribed by geographical boundaries. In an unimportant town in an unimportant state, he came to be recognized as"American Editor No. 1." Good fortune placed the writer in close proximity to Mr. "White at 3 or 4 national party conventions, both republican and democratic. The acquaintance there established resulted in occasional personal letters between us, and an occasional interchange of editorials. We feel a personal loss. Your Health By Logon Clendening, M. D. GALLBLADDER TROUBLE DECENTLY we compared the *^ gallbladder to one of those obstreperous relatives known to every household who is periodically making trouble, but at most times is doing something fairly useful. The function of the gallbladder, we said, is to store bile until it is necessary to help out in digestion. Bile is a main factor in fat digestion and fat in a meal causes the gallbladder to empty. Most of the time, however, the bile remains in stasis in the gallbladder and anything in Nature which is in stasis is a potential site of trouble. So the sluggish gallbladder may become infected and the infection may produce gallstones. These conditions show up the gallbladder in a less lovely light--as a trouble maker. Gallbladder disease is a continuous process, but it may get sidetracked. It always starts with an infection and inflammation -- the breeding of germs in the bile or in the wall of the gallbladder.. It rnay stop there and cause just a inild dyspepsia sometimes not so mild. Or it may go on to gallstone formation. Or it may go on to pus formation--empyema of the gall- ladder, a very serious condition "Borderline Republicans" Eagle Grove Eagle: The Eagle's idea of a "border line republican" is one who wants the smear campaign against Willkie stopped, but persists applying the smear to Dewey, Bricker, Spangler and other leading republicans. We would even place in that category alleged republicans who supported Herring against Wilson in the last election or Kraschel against Hickenlooper. Better Get Started Now Decorah Public Opinion: Brother, if you haven't begun to work on your income tax returns which must be filed by March 15, you Please rive the inscription upon Cecil Rhodes' memorial in Capetown. South Africa. "The immense and'.brooding spirit still shall quicken and control. Living he was the land and dead his soul shall be her soul." Was Darwin's jThe Origin of the Species a popular book when first published? It made a greater sensation than any previous strictly scientific book, Why is the name Dives given to "a certain rich nun" mentioned In the Bible? Dives is not a name but an ad-, jective meaning rich. · Where'was SikorskI burled? He was buried temporarily In Newark, Nottinghamshire, England, in July, 1943. Are there any places in the United States where midwives can go for training? The Lobenstine clinic in New York; a center established in the Kentucky mountains; and one at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. Is one permitted to use a foreign language in writing to an American soldier overseas? Yes. Bow long would it take an average person to count a billion objects? If one were, counted each second, it would take almost 32 years; What is an oyster drill? A snail, about an inch and a quarter long, which drills a hole through the oyster's shell and sucks out the oyster. Who owned the first piece of Wedgwood ware? Josiah Wedgwood presented the first specimen of his work, " a breakfast set, to Queen Charlotte in 1762. What Is meant by the cruising range of an airplane? It is the distance it \can fly without refuelling. ' What are the duties of the shore patrols of the navy? They have authority over both naval and military personnel. How do beer, ale, porter and stout differ from each-other? Essentially, they differ only in IE OBSERVING Another Bearded Era? heard a friend worrying the other day over the possibility that this war might bring in a fad for beards such as followed the Civil war. Her fears were prompted by pictures of fighting men, all of them showing boys adorned with a lush crop of facial alfalfa. The beards we see in the pictures are not only disregardful of army regulations about a daily clean shave, they are in many instances definitely cultivated works of art and intention. "Them who has 'em wears 'em'," as Diamond Jim Brady once said in defense of 'his jeweled studs and vest buttons, and it is plain from the photographs of our fighting men in the south Pacific jungles and the bleak mountains of Italy that them who can raise whiskers does. ' I understand that whiskers have their own reason for being, at the fronts. A good, heavy beard protects the face from wind: and weather, and keeps off the mosquitoes and other insects from as much of the facial terrain as whiskers will cover. But--and it's a considerable but--when the. boys begin to trim and sculpture their beards into delicately pointed numbers, or to go in for gal ways and sideburns and waxed-point mustaches, there is more than, utilitarian meaning in the mode. Such whiskers v are VICTORY VERSES UTTU WiK AH ALWAVC «WWM OH TM HOOK AMD OOWN THC «tMl. KJtt 1MM 90 VCD WON'T «0 Wnt« TRACK CMKT9 TMKUCH tW A* ! NMIOMU tutn COUNC* deliberate. It might be the beginning of another whiskers' era. But I doubt it. My guess is that when our boys come home from jungle and sea lane, beards will be shed along with the uniforms that now go with them. » After all, a mustache or a^bearc is not only a decoration--it is a responsibility and a most inconvenient nuisance. Besides . . the American mother, wife -"· sweetheart will have a word to say. What'll you bet that most of ;he beards the boys bring home won't last a, week after the war ends? But it will always be a satisfaction to the erstwhile owners, especially if they have pictures ot their outfit to prove it, to know The boy's Bouquet that they feathers. could raise chin- Just a Little Thing know if's just a little thing. But it's the spirit exemplified--a spirit which many another of us could well emulate. It happened in a driveway off lommercial alley in downtown Mason City. It was raining. A venerable man with arms piled high with junk trudged toward his horse-drawn wagon. In the process an empty bottle tumbled out of the junk and burst into a dozen pieces. What would YOU have done? Remember it was raining. The ground was sloppy. Well, this man, no longer young, stooped down and gathered up every piece of the broken glass. A little thing, you say. Barely worth mentioning. BUt I,wonder if it really is such a little thing? I wonder if it isn't reflective of a larger--and too rare --quality of citizenship? Some day a longer--and perhaps more important--story about this venerable man's life and character may be written. It will relate how he has declined to accep' help from others so long as he can make a livelihood for himself. That's another attribute too uncommon in contemporary America To THE HIGH SCHOOL P. T.l A.--for bringing J. L. Dalton, lowal director of the F. B. I.,:to ourl community for a most helpful and! stimulating discussion, of the! juvenile delinquency problem. Hel spoke from a rich background ofl experience and common, sense.jj Home influence and parental' responsibility were properly stressed J by him. Mason City Globe-Gazette An A- W. LEE NEWSPAPEB ' Issue Every Week Day by the Mason City Globe-Gazette Company 121-123 East State Street. Telephone 3 Monday January 31, 1314 LEE F.'tOOMW . . . - mhllsher W. EAKL HALL - M.najlnr Editor ENOCH A. NOBEM - - City Editor LLOYD lu GEEK - AdicrUilal Hfr. Entered aa second-cliss znaiter Ap: 17. 1930. at the postottlce at Mason CltyJ Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1S79. '" MTumgH ASSOCIATED PRESS --Thl Associated Press is exclusively entttlecl to the use for republicatlon of all new'J dispatches credited to it or not otherwl« credited in this paper and also tin locsfj news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City and Clear Lake by year, $33 Uaion City and dear Lake by week, 2'1 Outside 1M Mile Zone--Per year, Jlf 6 months $5.50:'3 months $3; 1 month :" Outside Mison City and Clear Lax* ad Within m Miles of Stuon City Outside of th* earner Districts 3li5ou City and Clear Lake: Per year by carrier ........,.......$1C| Per week by carrier . Per year by mail .,,......,,.,,,,.,,.,,·.$ Vl By mall 6 months $ l By mail 3 montbj ..* By mail 1 month «. " regard to taste and flavor. Is the Russian dandelion being grown in this country as a possible source of rubber? A total of 700 acres extending from Oregon to Vermont were sown in 1943 with Russian seed. had better start now. an ordinary person A Latin Contrast I TP UNTIL the Argentina decision *^ to abandon its policy of neutrality and to sever diplomatic relations with Germany and Japan the position occupied'by tiny Uruguay in South America was one of extreme peril. ! It borders Argentina, and its people look across the waters o the river, directly at each other The two capitals--Buenos Aire- and Montevideo--figuratively are within stone's throw of each other A small buffer state, strictly up against the gun/ controlling th entrance to the river Plate, upon which Buenos Aires depends fo entrance to the oceans, Uruguay' firm stand in support ot demo cratic ideals provided an inspirin example of courage. ndeed. Gallstones are seldom stones. 'hey are almost the consistency f putty, being made up of the de- osit of the bile salts. So they do ot throw a shadow on the x-ray late as do kidney stones. Occa- ionally a calcium stone f o r m s vhich does throw a shadow. Gallstones are of all kinds and may do all kinds of things. They may be big or little. If big they lay in the gallbladder and grind round causing discomfort in the it of the stomach. If little they lay try a journey down the gall ucts--which is gallstone colic, vith pain reflected to the shoulder --no fun in any man's language. ?here may be ono stone or 5 thou- and. Certain types of people are dis- iosed to gallstones. The heavy et, broad type who has a good appetite and enjoys life is the deal victim. The heavy meal that lays in the stomach a long time 'like lead" tends to cause stasis n the gallbladder because it does not empty until food gets in the It will take with better than average intelligence at least that length of time to arrive at a tentative estimate, and when he gets done he won't have the slightest idea if his answer is correct. They Can't Control Willkie Algona Upper Des Moines: It is truly Willkie against the field, with Dewey, who says that he is not a candidate, the leading contender. The real facts of the whole fight is an effort by the old line republican politicians to defeat Willkie, because'they know he is a man who cannot be controlled. Hall Hasn't a Chance Creston News Advertiser: Can he (Hull) be nominated? The answer is that he has hardly a Chinaman's chance. He has nothing that appeals to a new dealer, and the bureaucratic hangers-on hate him like poison, and, at this time, they are in control of the democratic party. Dewey in the Masthead Charles City Press: We display at our masthead today the name of Thomas E. Dewey for the republican candidate for president, who is virtually conceded to be the nominee o£ the republican party, and who as the nominee will sweep the country at the November election. E, WKT OF ASQUAITOMOF5-26S, IS ENROUTETOTOVVNMIN 1TALY...M£ANWHILE AT TOWN M.MTH/ AMP THE , U.5.0. UNIT IS BEING . EVACUATED BY TRANSPORT... BEFORE 1VEY CAN TAKE Of I? THEnELPISATTACKEPByNAZI puwB.'seoecHr MAKES RAPID CONTACT WITH THE FIELP ANP-I I?AT-TAT-TAT M .VEBPAMMTE AMEKIKANBtS... RAT-TAT-TAT. HEtLO," RELP MTOWEK TO SQUAWJON SZ-.-WEVe BEING ATTACKEP/...STAY KAT-TAT... TOWER TO SQUAPRON 32, HERE AKE VOUR ORPERS...PROCEEP AT ONCETO RELP K,SECTOR f... LAMP THERE ANP AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS,.. REPEATING PROCEER.. swrrcy rr \ rve HEAKP TOO MUCH.; Off, SAMMV7 I THE RELP UNPER WE'YEHEARP / ATTACK...ANPKATHY ENOUGH.' / MAY K...MO WE'BE COTEREP TO STAY AWAV/ THE PEYIL WITH W£'V£ GOT TO GO ANP HELP THEM/i Good Omen for G. O. P. Sioux City Journal: In recent elections the republicans again won more offices than did the democrats, which may deepen the suspicion that a 4th term will not be so easy, war or not. He Like His Job Webster City Freeman-Journal: Franklin D. Roosevelt has b e e n president of the United Slates for 11 years and seems to like the job so well that he has decided to serve 5 years more. REMEMBER? i. From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY; YEARS AGO A few more courageous republicans like J. G. Berryhlll will leaven the whole lump of here- terodoxy at Des Moines and Des Moines republicans needs to hear more speeches like his in these days of reform. Editorial. ! The Coon Hollow" company which plays here tonight at Parker's opera house, was not allowed to play at Charles City last night, owing to the fact, they say, that the city council had closed the opera house there until proper fire escapes are provided and a steel curtain for the stage. THIRTY YEARS AGO At a board meeting of the Y. W. C. A. yesterday afternoon, C. H. McNider presented the association 5500 toward the cost adding a 3rd story to the home. Work on this improvement will be commenced as soon as possible in the spring. Having less overhead expenses, I can afford to do plumbing at the old rate of 70c an hour. Work guaranteed. B. O.- Plumbing Co. TWENTY YEARS.AGO, A son · was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Harrer, 153 Crescent drive, Saturday night George is wearing the smile that won't come off today and passing the cigars to his friends. Hanford MacNider, Ben Webster, 4th district commander, and Frank Miles, editor' of the Iowa Legionaire, left this afternoon for Waukon where a'meeting of Leg- 'SA,V,"PEE-WEE". vOHAT K.INDA OUTFIT ISTHKT? OME SKI AJ4P ONE SNOW3HOE!! WHV, TrtATS "THE FUNNIEST C_ I EVER. SAW 1 . S'tf IS '....AND THE STP.A.NSE THING IS....! HAVE ANOTHER PA\BL AT HOME JUST UIKE IT;; ,0 I'M SURE W£t BEST WAKE SUffi THIS IS THeTREMUftteEtOI - v*TAKeiTTpMas, 86TTS.- - ITSOUROUTY.'Y* DON'T WAMT TO CASH HER HOPe AGAIN.' , KNOW a: AGAIN! ^ NOTHING ENVELOPES. 1 MAYBE TUEY'RE WHAT OBOPLE CAU BONOS.'BUT WAIT WSW.'t JID YOt^SAY? I JILLS." SCADS OP." ·EM.' AND JE WEtS/: / IT.' ' fffHOKEY,, WE'VE I FOUND rr\ at LOST: rr STRIKES^ ME AS BC1KIG SILLY, YOUR MAJESTY-/! j_ ''WHAT DOES,) '3- HERE WE ARE-WAmM'TD SEEIADY GODIVA PARADE/ WHILE TH' FATE Cf TH' KINGDOM HAMCS NTH' BALAW WOW/ WE OUGKTA BE | PACKIU'TO i OUW TOWW--. JUSTIM HBgTAX rauitsi i SUCCESS/, HMM- GJESS CASE; :L\ i-THAT.? l *s£' \8SB/ x\\ [| //' TT'S TH' oaOWD/ THEY MUST njFT=Biki j Arr OHEB8IM LA GfXNM ^0 ntestine. This is a point in prevention. diminished. The treatment It a person avoids over-rich foods and conditions or habits that lead ;o disturbances of digestion, his :hances of having gallstones will of gallbladder disease will depend on its severity and the possible dangers involved. The modern surgery of gallbladder disease is a brilliant chapter in treatment, and when such a condition as pus in the gallbladder occurs, or gallstones repeatedly precipitate disabling attacks of colic it is a comfort to know that surgery is available and safe. But most gallbladder troubles are so mild as hardly to indicate such measures. Remember fat--a tablespoonful of cream--will drain the gallbladder. And by the same- token a fat meal will stir it up. A judicious use of diet may control this obstreperous member indefinitely. Editorial of Day ELECTING "ANYBODY" r\ON BERRY in Indianola Record: *-* The statement, made by National Chairman Spangler of the republican party that the republicans can defeat President Roosevelt with any candidate they nominate is the Record's idea of a mighty fine statement for a republican national chairman to have NOT made. In the first place, it is not true. In the second place, if it were true it would be just too bad. In the third place, the republican national chairman ought to realize that the republican party lias a much more serious obligation in the year 1D44 than merely electing somebody.. In the fourth place, the statement is trite, threadbare, cheap, and savors of political bombast. A republican national chairman should give out statements that are worth while, or he should give out none. It is disappointing to those who hoped t h a t Mr. Spangler would rise to the large responsibilities committed to him. -lonaires in the eastern part of the 4th district will be held. Bernard Youngerman, radio enthusiast, was able to reach Havana, Cuba, Wednesday. Bernard uses a 281 Kennedy set in his long distance work. TEN YEARS AGO An appraisal of the work done by Dr. B. Raymond Weston as chairman of the committee of the Iowa department of the American Legion is given in an article by his successor, Fred J. Poyneer, Cedar Rapids, in the current issue of the Iowa Legion- aire. · The CWA payroll for the past week was $13,247 in Cerro Gordo county, which is somewhat lower than last week's payroll, due to the cutting of workers' hours from 30 to 24. The women's payroll for the week in the CWA is $1,227.79. WE SHOWS om-we RE REFUNDING AU.7HE rf HOW TtCKET MON6Y.* IFYOU- f ABOUT I SEE'RUD-'HEES HlSM AO ATE ' , TWO-* £---T 1 TOMrSHT? | BUT! KINOA R3OMISED RK3HT.' £3 H1.T1NK.' WONOEC ViHENTHc-YlJLGNE THAT T-CKET M0r£, BACK- 1 WHYSO, LAN*OUS ? t-3I IGiNTKEEPWH DA1E WITH ETTA TONIGHT; IF r, WATS, TOUGH! ' IFMAY TAKE VMEEkS " KHUFU WEEPS BITTERLY AT THE LOSS OF THE DOUBLE CROWN 'SUDDENLY, BREXK APPEARS WITHIN THE CAPTIVE KING'S jTENT Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center THE SONG OF A SHIRT Once, long . *s the »ld tale ran, They tried la find th* happiest man In All the kinfdem. since they were strr» That to wear his shirt won,* most surety care The sad old klnr wl.» was fcellni blue And needed fcel, »» mvst all kino do. Well, at Utt, they faint that faappleti clown And he w»» ike f wrwt man In f*wn 30, when t«r bU sfelri they made » cHlm They round he hain't a shirt t» bis name, This the rich «ld king with shirt* t« »pare Died since the beggar bad none ta share. And the maral's still as it was then, "W« dan't need shirts t» he htppy wen." KNOW HE CAfJ'T LIVE iOf/G WTtlA8 BULLET IfJHIS HEAD- BUT TH'DOCTORS ARE ALL BUSY Of/ WOUHXD, C'MCW, LET'S GET THIS MEDICAL STUFF UP TO 'EM! AH'LL SAYJIST OH£THING, DKKIEl ·-AND WITHOUT A WORD "BREKK SMILINGLY BRUSHES THRUSTS THE CROWN INTO THE ! A5IDE GRATEFUL KHUFU'S AMATED KHUFU'S HANDS.' THANKS." :\ VUH'S ACTllJ' LIKE A MAH! MM MIGHTV PROUD. TA KNOW YOU, SUHl ^gEVAOf/Lf, Of THE IXOKAL \ HEY, FELLED S! DO YA'££EWHAT I DO? ---AH AMERICAN · BOY! 1-31

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