The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, December 19, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XIJL Xo. 68. Gettysburg, Pa^ Fridajy December 19th, 1913. Price Two Cent*. ^ ! WE HAVE CHRISTMAS G I F T S * - '- . . . 1?OK ". . . MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN And o»r LARGE ADVERTISEMENT on the last page aaay help you decide. . . SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE, OR MONEY REFUNDED AFTER X-MAS) ECKERTS STQRE, "On the Square- (ALL ARTICLED CHRISTMAS MAIL FOR OTHER LANDS ·is Presents from. Gettysburg Go to "fes**" * *" -Russia, Germany and England- Some Send Cash Christmas Presents to thsir Homes across theSea BLAZING TRAIL OF LINCOLN WAY *· Automobile fram Mexico to Bettys- burg, by Way of California and the Middle West, Covers Route cf the Lincoln Highway. 1 Gettysburg has sent its Christmas j Blazing the trail for the proposed ! presents for this year to many for- j Lincoln Highway from coast to coast, I eign lands, Germany, Russia and Eng- j the -'Sunrise Crew" arrived in Gettys| land having the bulk of the foreignburg late Thursday afternoon after ' o X WALTER'S THEATRE To-Night- £LL MACVITTY ANNOUNCE To-Night THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Read In display advertisement Wonderful Play. PRICES --35, on another page the Criticisms of this 50, 75, l.( THE GARDEN* AUDiTORICM Skaiiaa Wcdsesiay and Sa'urday. Dassc-njr. Coll"?e O-' h^stro, Every Thursday. mail that has gone out from the local I having come all the -a ay from Mexico, nost oSce. ! They left for Washington this morn- This mail has in mos'c instances' !n S- been on its way for some days, being; A- M. Paterson, of Los Angeles, and shipped from here in ample time to | S. Mitchell, of Detroit, make up the reach its destination before December j crew which elected to add a little | 25, though some have been a little i rsiors than the regular route to their | late and waited until this week to dis- j rr *P and started in the south, work- i patch their presents- Money orders forj ing their way up into California and ' foreign lands have been issued, also, j the actual starting point of the big and in many instances they have gone \ memorial highway, to the families of former residents of ( ^ their Wimon roadster they es- the Czar's domains. Russia gets most | countered all sorts of weather and of the cash Christmas pressnts sent I roads on their trip bat they looked ! from Gettysburg to foreign lands. j ^one the worse for their experiences. I In addition to those who are remem- i T ~ e czr showed plainly the travel i baring: their home folks, many local j stains of the journey but seemed to be \ people have friends living or traveling | holding up well under the strain. It \ in European countries and a surpris- j Vi:as v '" e " decorated with legends and - of the orincioal ooints SPECIAL IN TWO REELS A skipper is separated ing amount of outbound f c-reign mail j tne names could be seen at the local office during j visited. tbe early part of the holiday season, j After a short stay in Washington Vhat incoming mail there may be has I t n e motorists vrill staiV on the return not yet started to arrive. ! tr *P io Detroit. The ofnce is taking on more cf a j ! holiday apuearance dailv and the car- i 1" OU-NTAJLiN DA-oE THE CHILD OF THE SEA SELIG riers are rapidly beginning to feel the i Fountain Dale--Divine sen-ice in CLAIMS HONORS ! PRETTY WEDDING AT ROUND TOP! AT SEVEN STARS Says that he Fired the First and Last; Miss Ruth Ball, of Seven Stars, and Shots at Round Top and would ] John Rebert, of McKnightstown, Like Record Made of the Fact.! Are Investigating. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS William J- Brown, of Norraalville, Fayette county, has written to "the Attorney Genera! stating that he fired the first and last shots at Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg and asking that a record be made of the fact in the State archives. His letter, which also contains some inter- Married at Pretty Home Wedding on Thursday. A very pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Ball, in Seven Stars, at noon on Thursday Corresfoadeab send · of Interesting Mews frwn then Respective Towns. Perstnts and Many Brief Item. HAMPTON f ' Hampton--William Wehler left Monday for Pittsburgh to spend some when their daughter, Miss Ruth Eliza- time with his sister, Mrs. Ditzler,going oa to probably beth Ball, and John Reberr, son of Mr.! after which he intends and airs. L_ M. Rebert, of McKnights- California where he will town, were married. The ceremony make his future home, ·vas performed by Rev. £. W. Stone Christian Henry, of Lancaster, after esting personal history, will be sent to jj braker, of Quarryville, formerly the ! spending a few days with his sister, the State Museum authoriues for veri- j pastor of the bride and bridegroom. ! Mrs. Leh, has returned home, ncaiion and also to Colonel Lewis E. j The bride wore a gown of white I Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Miller, on Beitler, who is compiling the record of j beaded chiffon draped over silk messa- j Sunday entertained the following the great reunion last July. j line ar.d carried a shower bouquet of I Yorkers: Noah Ness, wife and daugh- Mr. Brown's letter, which is written [ bride's roses and lilies of the valley, j ter, Helen; William Kauffman, -wifft- in the cbirography and orthography o f j Her bridesmaid, Miss Harriet Miller, and son, William; Messrs. Btilhart, many years ago, says: *·! am the only j of Gettysburg, wore pink beaded chif- : Fickes, Paul Gotwalt and Harry Ness. soldier of either army that gave three J ion ox-er silk messaline and carried j Mrs. Bideman and Mrs. Miller, York cheers for ihe Union on Little Round j pink roses. Dorsey Rebert was the j Springs; P. C. Smith and friend, Esst that is what he Tried to i white. They stood under a canopy dur- j dison Leer, near Gettysburg- I ing the wedding service. The ring Mr. Eaby, Middletown. visit P H O T O P L A Y ! from his wife and daughter in a shipwreck bit the baby girl i= saved by an old lighthouse keeper. Fifteen years later. 2. jealous nshennan trits to discredit her adopted lamiiy and the govemment inspector is sent to investigate. But die little waif who L; now grown to be a beautiful woman, saves the lighthouse keeper and bis helper at the most embarrassing point of their Ures, lights tbe beacon and saves the ship on the far sea which bearb her father, and so wins the reward, of love and faithfulness through her own efforts. With KATHLYN WILLIAMS in the leading pare. third reel to-night wii; j near approach of the Christmas m«h- '" Parcels by the score are brought in by t mail and the bulky bags make j Caurch CA the during "the time the mail nc ""rorsiiip at every mal a quite a uile dur is In course of distribution. the 31. E. church this Sunday morning at 10 o'clock- Sunday School at the the Brethren at 9:30; pub- 10:30. Sundav School at LIBERTY HALL Lioerty Hall--Ths feliowin: THE REDEEMED CLAIM. .Esanav W e ste--3 1 Snnda y v/ich James ^ofrman and fam- With G. M. AnJer^n hi the laading part. Show starts 6.30 Admission 5c to all. £!-, Mr. and Mrs. M. P_ Hall and i St. Jacob's at 1:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benchofr, of Monterey, were visitors at the home of the 'attar's parents, jlr. and Ivlrs. I. N. Warren^ on" Sunday- Mrs. Katie Bigham and three daugh- Top on the second day of July, 1913. It was then fifty years to the day since I gave three cheers there, single and alone, in full view of the enemy's line of battle." His phraseology is a little different, bat write. Then the letter contains this statement: '*! was the only occupant of Little Round Top for abou'c half an nour before our line came up. Will say I Sred the first and last shot on Little Round Top and think this ought to be recorded." Mr. Brown also sent Attorney General Bell a photograph of himself giving the three cheers with the Stars and Stripes waving over him on July 2, 1913. best man. I Berlin, spent Miss Edna Gulp played the Mendeis- · Anna Leer. Saturday with Miss sohn wedding march as the bridal party entered the parlor, prettily dec- Mrs. Anna M. Leer accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ebersole and rwo child- orated in a color scheme of green and I ren, spent Sunday at the home of Ad- j Stewart and Eosanna Sites, Mr. a Mrs. W. P. Hull and Mr. and Mrs.! For Your Christmas Clothes ,, _ s pitai, has ret'urnecf'lio'me iGiiAX. the leacing tailor, will s you thr most sarisfactfcn. Oar daughter, Miss Effie. Mr. Hull, Krs of Marshall's Station, were Sun- George F'. Sites. Charles Hoffman ar.d j da 3" visitors at the home cf Mrs. Mar- {garet Tresler. j Mrs- C- B- Shover, of Monterey, was David Hoffman, of Gettysburg. j a visitor of her father and mother, Mr, Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. White | and ilrs - *- X - Warren, last Sanday. recentlv a daughter. Ruth Elizabeth, j Messrs. A. A. Tresler and H. L. Mrs. Jaines Hoffman, who undsr- i Tresisr made^a:- business trip to Em- went an operaaon in a Baltimore hos- j niitsbargr on inu-Esxfe-- of last week. very mocfc i afror stcc,r of Winter faoncs s exception- £iiv l n e i n cneviois ar.a worsteas 01 SIte _ ar.a worsteas and vresvss. , D£St _ everal a£ B s returned to ihe'j ! son, .Laurence, visited J. R- White and | family on Sunday: i ?.Irs. David Dab The Cas!h Ta;!or II I K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer our entire stock is of the standard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory-. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G J. E. HL'BER, and daughters. j Annie and Hester, spent Sunday in ! Waynesbcro. j Sirs. Allen Prior and daughters, i ?.Jargaret ar.d Frances, and san. \ James, spent Sunday with W. W. ! White and famih-. I Messrs. Isaac Annan and Samuel j I White have both purchased new ^Xor- I walk'' amomobiies- Su Jacob's -Union Sunday School will held their Christmas service Fri- dav rieht. December 26th- WOMAN White Hall Resident 'Charged Theft of a 'Set of Turs. T.ith High Constable John A. Dattera. of Hanover, arrested Mrs. Cora Bair, of near White Hall, charged on oath of Micnae! S. Xiles. Esq., of York, re- caiver of the Taibot scores, with the theft of a set of furs valued at S3-5 i from the Hanover store several weeks WANDERED FAR AWAY W. D. Biesecker, of Xear Orrtanna. Found in Kansas. The accused was taken before Squire Mayers, of Littlestown. where sh* gave bail for a hearing- The furs are said to have been recovered by Manager Young, of the store, having been found in a yard. j It is sap-posed that whoever stole The following from a letter received j the furs feared that they were being BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valley--Joseph rick, wife and son, Lester, of Com- raanche, Iowa, and Francis McKenrick, of Davenport, Mo., have come east to see their father, S. B. McKenrick. who is ill- Miss Snailie Clapsadl, of -Harrisburg, and Miss £fne, of Gettysburg, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs- Frank Clapgacl, over Sunday. John Steinberger, of York, is home for the Christmas season. Lancaster and Philadelphia. The bride received an unusual number of presents, including linen, cut glass and silver, from Mr. Rebert was a gold pin set with a ruby. Mr. Rebert's gift to his best man was a scarf Din. visited at ceremony was used. [ the home of Mrs. G. B. March on Suh- During the afternoon Mr. and Mrs.! dav. Rebert left for a crip to Harrisburg, j Harry Harman and family, of York," Sundayed with Mrs. Maria Spangler. Mrs. Harry Decker, Bowlder; Mrs. many of j Frank Decker and daughter, Ruth, of Her gift town; William Fissel and wife were" recent guests at the home of George Fissel. William Myers and family and Mr. George Fissel spent Saturday at t6e CHARLES G. CARL Mt. Pleasant Township Native Died at Yer,k on Wednesday. After a protracted illness from a. complication ^ of diseases, Charles G. Carl died at his home in York, Wednesday afternoon, a"t 1 o'clock aged 48 years, S months and 4 days. He had been under treatment at the 'White Pine Sanitarium, Mont Alto, for some time- He was a son of the late Jvlr. and Mrs. George Carl, and was born in Mountpleasant township, and when a James Kimple and friends went tc- j boy went with his parents to Hanover, He is survived by Ms wife, whose maiden name was Miss Sarah Bankert, Chamoersburg in his automobile on Thursday. Mrs- John F- Cole and daughter, Miss Loretta, attended the funeral of her aunt, Mrs- Elizabeth Mickley, in Cashtown on Monday last. ' Miss Mary Hall, of the State Sanatorium at Mt- Alto, spent several weeks at her home with, her mother, Mrs- Elizabeth Hall, recently. The farmers are taking advantage of the fine weather and are ploughing their ground for corn next spring. CHRISTMAS GIFTS BURNED Gettysburg Man Loses All his Possessions in Fire. = i by J. L. Butt Esq. from W. H. Vernon | watched and. therefore, sought = | Jr., county attorney of Pawnee Conn- avoid suspicion by getting rid j ty. Kansas, ·will tell the whereabouts f and condition of W. D. Biesecker. f or- j merly of near Orrtanna. and known about this section. to of the stolen articles. DR. ECKENRODE ILL = i "An old gentleman bv the name of i Dr - Eckenrcde Seriously Sick at his Hoine on Wes£ h teet. Home on West High Street. Dr. G. E. Eckenrode, of West High This Is The Semf-Annual Reduction : Sale Of all unsold Winter Overcoats, Suit and Trouser Materials. Come Early to Get a B A R G A I N . ; : : : j. D . L I P P Y j W. D. Biesecker has been adjudged in-' | sane in this county to-day. He seemed i to be laboring' under the delusion that! , . , , - . , - - - ^ , , , '· street, sustained a stroke 01 paralvsis ! he naa lost some monev and tnat he | _7 , . . - _ « . , . . . , , - " " , - ... . on Tharsdav evening about 9:30 at- had invented certain (imtossile) , .- , - * ,- , Jr - TT , -, - T - , , _ · ' - . , fecting his entire lert siae. He nad natents. lie haa a lot 01 papers in his - . , . , , , , , , , , * * seen sick in bed for the possession and i found your name on a letter. Of course, .ve knew about him. but he "will be sent to the state insane hospital this week. I would appreciate it if yoti would tatce "the trouble to give me any information you have concerning this unfor- been sick in bed for the past week j suffering from congestion of the lungs. *" "^ { He felt better on Thursday and was I able to get up. To-day he is conscious ! but in a critical condition. ! innate old man." T BOUGHT FARM DRUG STORE SOLD Physician Purchases Drug Store of H. Mrs. Joseph £.ckenrode, of Washington street," has received a letter from her son, Roy Eckenrode, in Pittsburgh, in vvJtiich he says that his boarding house was recently destroyed by fire and that he lost all of his clothing, some money and S20 v.ortii of Christmas gifts which he had purchased to send home. The young man is one of the chauifears for W. H. Brown, of Pittsburgh, and his fellow chauffeurs were quick to offer him the money needed for his immediate relief- and one sen. George Carl, who resides in' Denver^ -Colorado.' He is also survived "by three brothers and three sisters, as follows: Daniel Carl, of Porters; William Carl, Martin Carl end Miss Louisa Carl, residing in Planover: Mrs. Jacob Miller, of Two Taverns; and Mrs. Alice Topper, of York- home of E. C- Myers and wife. Mrs. Allen Malaun called at the Myers r home Sunday evening- WfflTE HALL White Hall--Mrs. Katie Deveney, who was on the sick list, is Improved at this ·wrfting. -' ' Miss Katie Breighner, Ada Weikert, Mervin Weikert and Earl Dehoff spent Sunday evening with 3Ess Siva Sheely. " " There was a spelling bee- at White Hall school last Thursda^njgfat, ^the attendance being 104 an"d-ou^,of the numberjiiere were 50 .who spelled. The,Hefofmed congregatlqiuof St. Luke's-church will hold- there Holy Communion service on Sunday, Dec. 21, in the morning at 10 o'clock. Sonday school at 9 o'clock. St. Luke's church will hold their Christmas exercises on Christmas eve, Wednesday, the 24th. Everybody invited- - v CHILD SCALDED Little Girl Painfully Scalded by Fall into Hot Pudding. OFFICERS ELECTED Marie Eexroth. the three year old daughter of Mrs. Eva Rexro'th, was painfully scalded on Wednesday afternoon at the home of I. D. Siiouse above Biglerville, when she fell backward into a kettle of hot pudding broth. Several members of the family were standing about at the time but "they did not notice the little girl sit f down on the edge of the kettle. She suddenly lost her balance and fell backward into the liquid which was almost at a boiling temperature. Her back was severely scalded before her grandfather, Mr. Knouse, could get her out- Dr. W. E. Wolff was summoned- The little girl is s'tiil suffering a I groat deal but is expected to recover. FAJRFIELD Fairfield--There will be services in the Kef ormed church Christmas nion I ing at 6:30 o'clock. The public has a j cordial invitation: to attend, j The Lutheran Sunday School wiH render a Christmas cervice on Wednesday evening, December 24th. ·= The exercises fay the Reformed Sunday School will be held on Thursday evening, December 25th. S. L. Allison is the champion feeder of this vicinity- He killed two hogs on. Wednesday which weighed 1032 j pounds, 512 and 520 respectively. Charles F. Reed killed a hog Tsraich. weighed 4SS poncds. Miss Ruth Bream, of Irving Gol- lege. is spending the Christmas vacation at her home here. Luther Creager and Russell Me- CIeaf of the Lancaster Business GoL- ie « e are home for the Royal Arcanum Chooses its Officials | for the Coming Year. FOR COLLEGE ENTTRMARY i SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Gettysburg Council 166S, Royal Arcanum, has elected the officers: regent, George E- W11I Recommend Erection of an In- { Gaskili and MacV itry announce for firmary at Gettysburg College. production at Walter's Theatre on Fri- dav, December 19, Harold Bell " ' following: President Granville announces that t j Wright's dramatization of Ms very C- Landau. tor. Dr. Karl J. Grimm; secretary, Ed-! he will ask for the appropriation of ward A. Weaver Esq.; collector, Wil- j §5000 for the erection of an innrmary. Jiarn A. Taughinbaugh; treasurer, J. j The need of such an institution has Dr. James B. Morris has nurcbased Elmer Musselman; guide, Jacob G- j lorg been recognized. drug store on Chambers- For Your Horses, Use .Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. Oyler and Spangler Buy a Farm along] the j the York Pipe. \ b " r ^ streat - * OT ^e P^st twenty five j _ I years he has been a practicing p«y- | E. C. HofFacker. of Ranover, has ! sician in Panxsutawney. Dr. Lar.dau j sold to Oyler and Spangler the farm | expects to locate in Harrisburg| along the York pike known as the Os- 1 borne farm, ireonsists of 162 acres of 5 NO-FADE is the brand of our men's ,land. Consideration private. fancy madras shirt. "It means if the Slonaker; chaplain, E. P. Miller: sen-| try. Dennis Twomey. color fades we will give you a new {g O(X j as ne w. Call at Xo. 303 Balti- BIGLERVILEET poultry show. All j one for ij ~ Best ?1-00 shirt made. A Fresh Daily. | entries for exhibiting poultry mns't be j mailed by Saturday. December 20th.- ' advertisement 1 CHOCOLATE COAPED DATES 20c lb. CREAM RILLED DATES 20c lb- j SUIT CASE: oar $3.00 fiber suit- rase is a wonder. Worth $5.00, Adams I County Hardware Company.--adver- ! tisernent 1 good Xmas gift. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement I Hartman: at the coining mid-winter meeting: of i popular novel, "The Shepherd of the vice regent, Edgar P. Hamilton; ora-, t he board cf trustees of the college, j Hills". In making the dramatization, Mr. WrigKt was collaborated with by Elsbery W. Reynolds. "The Shepaerd of the Hills" is a story of humor and pathos told in a simple, direct manner, of love, mystery and heroism, ivith its scenes all in the OzarS mountains. Southern Missouri, where tha author lived and preached for some years. There are several exerting incidents, including the night ride of the splendid heroine over the hills through a storm; an attack upon the shepherd, and the moral victory of a man when a panther is about to spring upon his rival, but there is no melodramatic touch to the play.--advertisement CHRIS i MAS: we a*-e ready to sap- a large stock. jpiy your wants with ! I c - ' I : REDUCTION sale: % off trimmed | Special low prices on ladies' and miss- hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaagh.} es" coats, and on wool hats and caps. Balumore street.--advertisement 1 | G. H. Kr.ouse, Biglerville.--advernse- FOR SALE: a double heater stove, BE sure apd get your entries in this week for the big poetry show.--advertisement 1 i ROOMS foV rent. 117"Carlisle street. --advertisement 1 more street.--advertisement REDUCTION sale of winter suits, overcoats and trouser materials- J, D. Lippy, tailor,--advertisement J. ment PLEASE return lady's gold watch and fob found between Trimmer's store and Carlisle street or on Biglerville road to Goldenville to Times office. Reward.--advertisement 1 WANTED: several hundred bundles of fodder . Apply John Delap or telephone 140 Y.--advertisement I FOR SALE: millinery store on Bal- ORDER your turkeys now for Christmas dinner, alive or dressed. timore street- Apply Times pdvertisement Office.-- ; Rice Produce Co., 1 --advertisement Rebert's old stand. 1

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