The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 13, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1818
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:i ' THE NM. NUMBER 4913 - FRIDAY, MARCH J3, 1818. NO. 42 PINE - STREET ?V Th. sWsnliiu - bri? bAlLOK BOY. Dlmn muster t una reailr to re ive cargo 175 ton, and wUl carry about 600 caw tiaX'eeu. PPy on wu, cst ut It Mrtt wharf, or to . ... . D. BETHUNE 4c CO. mt MC. H.ilip. tviuaixnixiy. Jf. c. Thm srh - ADELINE. Pele - rTupner. J i 1 r - mailer, win d uiip.ucneu uDiaeiuuicjv F?"wT!LGiLLiara;' - . I 12 Front - st f Wki nflViN lor m.1.. . J80 bbli tar, and a parcel of W. O. hhd ttaves, received oy iaia tow Abo tOO bbb supf. Richmond floor 55 hhds Richmond and Petersburg tobacco JO tierce ricej 21 bale upland cottoo 55 hhds molasses 200 bags coffee R.i ami white oort wiue, in hhdi ana qr Uxlnra - do do .casks Claret wiae, in boxe of 1 doxeu each a - ..11 ki.u miinix laras An mvoic of Dutch good, consisting of snuff . . . ii j ii boxes, slates, Hat pencil, waroies, jewtumj violin?, ladies work boxes, cologne water, &c. PebSf FOR AMSTERDAM, v Twt atnunrh hri ' M A RGA RET. cat). T." S'milr. ha - ronsiilerahle Dart of her ck engaged, and will be dispatched without ficUJ. Or ireiglH VI Ju..oBc, unr yQg . ' Itfi. 9A" Wfthin..tnM - trftftt - ft - fc In V " . J.C.ZIMMERMAN. sVb 19 tf No. 7'i Wathington street. fmr FttUG HT or C H I RTF. . lK Tht fust sailing chr. SALEM, bur VWikwi 1100 bbl. has mode buttwovor - lre. nd is now in readiness to receive a ear - " , i 3 . i.: . JO. For terms apply on ooaru, ai rinmrro wharf or to ' ' G. G. & 8 HOWLAKD. feb 26 ' ' 77 Waahington - sitreet. for M LI. or CUAiUfJt. The valuable fkst smlinif bre AG - rsKSS. cantain Ha ri. A Fly - market wimrl, two years old, burthen 184 tons, will stow upwards of 300 hhds. is Li all respccW in excellent oixler, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two days. Apply to N.iDT.Ii.'OfT, ftb 26 64 Aoutli - atreet. tXJH .H IHf. 8H,t - YAUD Or THEr SUBSCRIBER, A sLOOl', now huildia of the brt' . materials about 100 tout; timbers of liv Loak, locust aud cedar; bottom plank Jersey white oak, budt on purpose for the Alba ny traue. A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for vSMDy lra9 where dispatch, burthen, aud jHeasy draft of water is required. A penagua, oi u ion, i will draw but little water, with a Ice - .board through the ceutre of her keel, and is expei ted to sail very fast. Ainu, a olll r oi 30U tons, cairuiaicu .for a Liverpool or Londoa trader, (that Icau be fitiihed to suit the purchaser.) 10 - " 6pars, timber and iilaak. Also,' timber lawed to bills for house building. Dor 6 U Cil KLF.1 BROWNNE. - for Mtle, Freight or Charter, The brur dlOSEV, Crispin. i:6ton, la staunch eood vessel, latelr put in ffmnl order for a voy ug For terra apply to JJA1ESDUVOLK, jnnr. Feb 13 57 Front - 't. HI' ti V r.. - l nie cnr jfcrrr.itsu, iuj tons, 'li; a Krone vessel, and in piod order - Apply to - JObEPH OSBOttN, mh 6 " 28 .South - st. for Sate, freiftu or Charier, The good bris Pl.AQI I K, 1K7 ton .burtheu, one year old, stows 1500 bbl tt a very last tailiBg vessel anu in complete orarr to receive a cargo. Apply on bourd west siJ. Burlinr - slip, or to - v N. L. k G.'CRISVVOLD, inch 5 ' M South - st. fur, i The bug N 1 .i I'll, 7U tons nurtnen. L.!t a first rate vessel, sails fast aud h i - cowl accommodations ; expected to sail in six day. For passage only, apply to N.L.&G.GR13WOLD mrh 5 H6 Suth - st. for H.lf.lJVsi, K The brie MARY, Captain Brewster, It a rejrular trarter, and will have imme diate dispatch. - Fo - freiirht of two or thre? bundred bbls. or passage fur three, apply on board, at Pine - treet wharf, or to nib 3 K. h D. TALCOTT. - For XobiU mnd Btakrlry, The Mibstantiat, fast sailm? packet .sohooner NA38AU, capt. Ilitrbcock, a regular trader, baying two tiiirds of her cargo Bgagtd, will sail on the 15th hist For freight or passage, having good accommodation for cabin and steerage pntcn:rer, apply to FETtRS & HER RICK, Jnh 3 99 Canities slip. . for Hale, Frrigkl or Charter, A new pilot boat schonoer, about 120 rtnos burthen, built in the best manner. topper tastefled,and ia complete order to receive cargo. Apply to ,N. L. Jc G. GRISWOLD, mh 3 '. - - 86 South - street. For Suits Freight or Charter, The ship MIRROR, 335 tons bur - .then, S rear olJ. just been hove out. and in complete order to receive a cargo is a first rate ship, and may be sent to sea with small xpeoce. Apply on board, bet weea Fly - Market tad Burlbj - slip, or to K. L. & G. GRISWOLD, "ch 3 86 Souih - st. X J!" For 4Wt Charter, f V) A Mw pilot boat built schooner, about t TjlOT tons burtheu, built in the best man - f of good materials, and copper fastened, a "7 fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea t unall xpense A pply to Ii.L.iG.CO!3WOLD, c 86 Soulh - it. ttr For S - ir.fJV V.l , The packet ship RISING STATES, JftiiisB Tbo. Swinburn, master, now loading at f" t urset wharf, will meet with immediate tlis - Ptcn, having a considerable part of her cargo x or ireigbt ol about 20U tbls. or pas - far' bavingelegasu accommodatkms, apply on bsard, orto , ' . GRISWOLDS & COATES, h7 63 SonUnt tit - Sate, frty;ht or Chmrfr, M MS f IM A.NCI KR, (;eo. Robin. k?!,t' . ouesmauder, a Cue PhihA Ipr foa .l T kJ,rth'n 30 bbls sail! last, ia m VI .J',e wPncahd w.thoat delay, r w en ppiv the rjl nn a rHl to oft or It rT." ET " e"t s Kly - mrket dock. - 6ln6, comer Pulton and - CI tT - mh 7 lw R0B10 "XI1R SAl l Hu carttartt III hin t'rina ran JL, UUU J UUIVUI V m.wiws4; euw ttmj laodiije at the root of Liberty - street, confuting Kast India Sugar ... - Irt :i - . . . of VJotton Ginger j Clock Tin Gum Sliellack Gum Copal Goat tikins of a large siie Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also far sale, India Muslins of almost every description. - Also, email quantity of Rattans, ami Odor of Roses. For fl I v jan 7 ROBERT LEtfOX. - 10TTON Aiew crop, prune, suitable for VJ manufacturing, Will be sold 10 parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a few baJes of old crop. Enquire 148 reari'reri, up 111111. jan n C1 LAbsWARE - 15 hlids. Lnv. Glassware, f cnnsisline of Wines and Tumblers, fur tale l; CHAS. L. OGUEN ol AH II. OGUEN, Jan ii . Wasliiuistoti - st T CEBRA CUMING. Jan3 76 Pearl - street. PLASTER OF PARIS. . 1 CONSTANT supply of ground platter of L a pans, 10 oarreis, suiianie i'x ine souinern market, orders lell with 174 - strret, corner of Burling - s ip, will be I roruniy aiienaeaio jcrx.i d i r,ns, t not 01 llainson - streti, Acrta - niver. Jan19tf HHdlAlA iOBsiCCO b FL.OUR. J 4 bhds old Vtrgioia tobacco 5 do new crop do do 66 bblt Hue floor 15 lo middling !o. For tale by VASQUE6, MEURON & CLEEMA!?, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wasliington - st QUICKSILVER 20,000 lb. Quicksilver for sale by H.L.CU OKISWULiU, ho 21 06 Sooth - street. CJbDtMLRhS, .i fTlJVLTTS AJD CASMJs'LTTS. A FEW cases biues. Clacks and mixtures, of A. jl varwua ikiuuv, luaiiumcturcu lur m suuuiern market, will be sold low for cash or approved Ml Also, at reduced prices, several case of blue, iiackanri mixed broadcloths), among which are some of Wolcoit's taperfines, at the tu.Mnrs Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street. feb II rpOBACCO & RICE. tOO quintals firttqua - X lityJSpani'b Tobacco - 44 tierces mime Rice, per srhr. South Carol! na,for sale by JONES Si MEGRA TH, teD 1 1 tw soatn - sireet. Swptrjinr American OI.OH iMS. nti fine ginghsnv, for sale low by The Communion Company, 8 Feb 18 D&C 148 Pcarl - st. IIA.NO FORTK rOA cAl.r.. VNEW and fashionaMt - instiunieot, made I'y one of the best l.oniou oianufxluieis, and n complete order, will be. sold cheap, as the owner wi riles to latethe city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street, corner if Brnadwav. Jnn31 11 UUOVViN, stone seal engraner and jewel - JL . Icr, Nit. 1 66 Broadway. Coat of arms, crests, cyphers, tic. engraved m lone. A handsome assortment of fine cold seals. (hains, and othir jewellery. l.adtes' .seals mijrravetl with coats of arms, motto, and fancy devices. liiamouJ', amolbvts, crystals, tc. bought in the rouj;h or cut t an v form. Honks of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. Jat) 7 3m I Ol, ASSES t COFFEfr 90 hhd. Hava i.tX na Molasses newi rop . 54 litias. do tyonee Landinc at Old - slip Irons Brie Caroline, and for sale by JAMES DWOLF, Jr. ieh 2 57 F' - street. rjEXP, LEAD, PAIN I b, Sic. Russia JL .JL hnmp, in lots to suit punaiasert 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 caxks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine English tail and trine twine ' 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 catVs Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre J try white and red lead 20 boxes tL, For sale br 1 ' PETER SCHERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - street. Abo, 200 anchors, of Ilunl'i make, from 40 10 2500 wt. - Cables and cordage, of all sites, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. Feb U tf O 3 bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish tegart, superior quality 4 bbls H. Jtgo sugar 10 hhds New - Orleans do 500 lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Boston Rum Just received and for sale by G. G. & S. HOW LAND, feb 27 77 Waihington - treet. UPLA Nil COTTON. 15 btles prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pihe street IT STORE, 42 bale Sea hland Cotton, (br sale a above, jan 23 Ol COT I OA', tOBACCO, tit. om X bale prime Alabama cotton, landing fromschr Nassau 20 biles New - Orleao cotton ) per brig Fi 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco nancier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg)) hemp Rossia durk, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats. No. W a 40 Alto, just received, 16009 lb Havana cotXee. 10 bhds. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. tor sale by JAMES D WOLF. jr. Feb 23 57 Fnmf - st. TlCH.MOXl) FLOUR. 150 bbls. landing XV Luis day from the clir Emerald, for sale by KOutvUT t.lLlSflK, . fob 26 112 Front - street. LIN F.N J. UlAPs.RS. tic. I li C. SU YllAM. have iutt received per bris; LJ. Pocahontas, from Dublin, and ship Tho mas w iison, I real oreenock, lor taie oy in pacKage 13 (.ate 4 - 4 Irish Lines X do 7 - 8 do to S do 3 - 4 browa Linens and Lawm 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do tahle do 7 boles 5 - 4 Irish Sheetinp 2 do 9.8 do stout do 2 do Long; Lawn . 7 bales Droelx - das St Decks 5 do Linva Bedtkks. '. Aht, A e""erl iriineot nfthe aliov arti - clet, opeited for r.tail sales, at 61 Maidt - a lane, oo very favorable tern. icb 54 tf HUM, c. U pimcbeoM Jamaica Rum. lust arrived aaa msjouig rrom ine bntr uavm Kitbardt, from auKWtb, (Jam.) anu fur tale by A. D. DUFF, 63 'Wa!iiiigton - itreeL . tVbo has for tali ia store, L. P.'Tenerifle Wine, (Pas.ey " brand) inquar - tercasks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhds. and or. casks, do Auzust do Do do in piei, hhds. and qr. casks, do September do - ' 30 pip", 100 hhds and 280 qr. cask do entitled to debenture 45 pipe Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, ,l. r 1 u 1 ..j .... :"iu 'tit - ui vinv Jiupv, hu cuu1 ' tied tooVbeiiture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wtne 13J do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb r tf iJJ Hhds mobsses, now landing from brig Agnes, from Matanzat. Apply to rAtiiAKI, Feb 23 35 Front - st. RAVENS DUCK lul pieces heavy Ravens Duck, for tale by 1IUUD & SEW ALL, f. b 19 65 South - street. EN GLISH WHITE LEAD. j60 kegs English White Lead, ground hi Oil, landing from ihip William, and for aale by TLCh - tK & LAUU1ES, feb IS 29 South street. sO PRU'ES - M cates superior American blue sO stripes, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, Feb 18 DfcC 148 Pearl - it, XJ " Qr. canis colmenar wine 130 qr casks and 200half do dry Malaga do 6 do and 14 half do tweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 bale Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds English glassware, consisting ol wines and tumblers assorted 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olive I box Freuch kid oves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 balfs Italian rags, 500 jnarbla mortars 23 cases marble slabs, veined and statuary, aworted sizes 5 boxes Naples shaving soap I do watch g!ase 3 case manna in flake 100 bale Calcutta good's consisting of Bnftas, putkah and rallipatty rossahs - Chadpore, choniot oily Johanna, luckipore aud toogapore gaimuli;, jiillapore and mow Ch' el, white, red and blue gillabs Matin - pattern do Sootee and Iroctsoy romals, for sale by CJUS. L. OGDKN, and A HUM. OGDKN, mch 6 Washington - st. 08N iHUIUiS Si PAPKtt. 1 bale Osna - bin vs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Pearl s reet. feb 11 CERRA & CUMING. PAPER. - 1 hales 01 a good quality, lor sale bv GEBRA H. CUMING, nh4 76 Pearl - street. - Oi.AosLB 100 hhds. new crop Havana A 1 Molastet. landine from the bnti Robert, east tide of the Old - slip For sale by rrh 9 . fi 11. I AH u 1 1 . WRAPPltMt. PAPtK A ia xe u,.ply 1.1 W raiiplnc Pnper ol various uualilius and sites, for saleui parcels to suit j'un rrnsers. Apply to G. G.Ac S. HOiVLAND, run 1 1 vT.isuingion - nriTi. I Ol I NANKI NG ImZiKJxJ Pieces blue nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for sale at 7 Wa - hiugton st. Feb IU O. G. ft 5. HOWLANi). 1 LOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich - f mond supf. Flour 29 hhds old and new Tohacro, 11 nnmibrliiMil it ft AT ft Sinit, to Iha Ih For tale at 108 F'ont - Mreet. leb 13 TKOKE9. UAVIDStlN 4 CO C1LOTH t cues supeiuue lmdoa cloths, J 2 cases extra do. Just received iwr Washington, and for sale by HURL) ft SEW ALL, Feb 28 65South - st BROWN SHIRTINGS. 7 package brown t - hirtine. j'itt reccir. d and For sale hy TH K COMJUHHilOjr COMPANY. mh 2dtr 148 Prarl - tret. SHLET LEAD - sale by Feb 28 33 rolls theet lead, for 11UK.U v br.W ALL, 65 South - st. I AMES D' WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, offers oj for sale 50 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp Rustiaduck 16000 lbs. green coffee in bhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 rases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould candle do 1 case Leghorn bats ' do 2 cases rholets do 1 rase platillas Feb 10 )UM.tW hhds. Molasses Ruin, fir.t proof, IX 5r sal by JACKSON It WOOLI.ET, jan 12 75Wall - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. NR hnndred hales consistine of W Baflas, Luckipore. Clutubully. Callipatty a id Pntka. LVssaiis, Cbaudpore. Comocollr, Johanna and Lurkipore. aanuihs Jeiialoore and .Titw. therks Gilifihs. Romsls tic. foresjehy CIIS L. OGDKN and ABRM OGDKN, jm 9 Wasbmctnn - street. STRAITS BRANDY. mm J Fines Cetle Brandy, entitled to deben ture, for sale by C1IAS.L. OGOLN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 ' , Wathingtou - ttreet. ILOl.'R. 117 barrel Richmond superSoe X' r lour, nranaea tt . n. .ti. vices, laoumg from Khr Monroe, and for sale by WALSH oi UAI.LAOIIMl, fell 27 66 South - street. yjEINE TWINE. A:c. 5 bale Seine Twioe. 1 and I bale rnntainiae; two Seine, just ree'd per ship Washington, from Ixvndoss ami for sale tty u. Btl tiu.ib ka. kbI7 92 CIL blip. tUT I'ON tt TOBACCO 28 bales) frime yj Untand (Jotton 8 hhds. Kentucky Tobncro, Jot received sod foffale by JOSEPH UoBORN, seozu To oosna - nrw. OIL It C ANDLES. RIFLEY K WELD, 192 Front - vtreet, have rnMlullffmhnH mi ivknlMkU mnd S - IJiiL wMiter aiid ssmimer strained Spermaceti Oil. - A I' 1 1 Ir m. kl.iMMH.NillMfJ Mn.rinr fiiiftli. tv, from Wioitiin't Factory, CbarVcstoni Mas. feb 19 - 50 OFlC,tS 5 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, w 3 nags do. cloves - i do. do Mace .' " ' ' 1 '. ' . f S sack real Cerlon Cinnamon just ro:u and tor aale by feb 30 . REMSKN ic CO. IKlall i.lNLN. 5 boxes 4 - 4 lnh Linen, Ibr sale by W. k S. CRAIG, feb 13 TjTOPS. 2 bale Hope, just received for sale XJ - "J 1Siiuar.uinu rr,Aam.i feb 3 1 67 South street, DOMESTIC Sz OTHER WARES. 'TIH fc uhcriber( keep constantly on hand an L extensive attortineiit of the follovvinguods, viz : Dutch" and Enslith t Gunny Bags, - - Pope Ueaiis Crumb Brushes Brooma . Duster, or Counter Brushes ' Hearth Brushes, fan Bellow, fancy and common cy ana common Do for Blacksmith Hall enri Entry Mat tienii ao ao Cloth do do do do . Paul and I nix Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieve . Do Hair do Whip of every de scription Wearers do . White; Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbioj Paint Brushes do and Sash Tools ' Clamp, 4,7, 8 row Furrutui Brushes, Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe Line Sash Cords, Trace Rope Seine, sewlngr wrap ping, baiting ana oau I wiue Fich Linel Slme 4c Sadler Thread Dearborn's Ballan cet, Sic. wrought and cut Vails and Brails' Which they will ell wholesale or retail op li - r 1 1 1 . a 1 f f ft. i , - oerai leruis. vconn m i,uuiw, fob 26 76 Pearl - street ni 11 nuiiri rum FCW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum, for tale by .v. ....m n . . nnft.11 mh 3 29 South street. I f Boxes, 1 hhd, 1 cask ARGOL, about fi:V ll.oOOIbs, for sale by Feb 20 R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. BOMBAZETT3, assorted colours do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re ceiveFor tale by OTIS k SWAN, mch 3 . 1ST rean - si. H. SMITH DVIEe, Late conductor o the business of Mr. Nathaniel South, OFFERS lor sale fit his Manufactory, No. U6 Broadway, as gent ral and extensive an assortment of perfumery and fancy article at may be found in tliit city. Among which are Vegetable transparent having liiiuid, which WfV - y4iVw.Z - makes a crtamy Islher J$2&&ml and sotlens the In ard . Oil antiuu. tor curling, glossing, strengthening, nnd p. rmmirg the hair, and pavrntiiit, 11 iruus tuiuu g H' 'ine fiiuni'titvcol'l creaiu. f - r reiuovui!! tcurf, r iighness, nil manner of eruptions aud chaps ir ru ttie skin. . Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice, chemically n ... ia. n....r.Mi Hi.. io th anil sruius in y .1 1. p.... ... - f, - - - - r 1 Vee, at stile rouge, lor giving a naiurai tuwui w the.CuBiexirin , ' ..,.. reaflxviinelic, or lace powaer, iur wiuioiiuij (hpcliin Highly improved chemical cotmetic wain ball lor tortious. ureterviiiK. and beautifying the kin. and iircvtntina it from rhsppina Superfim rote, violet, and J'lain bair powder ; wan anted to be pure and free from adultera tion Almond paste, for washing the skin Almnnit now Art. for tlie lame unrnose ClH - micaldentilrice tooth i - owder, warranted Balsamic lip salve nf rose, forgiving beau tiful coral red to the lips, coring roughness and chaps, and leaving theui tmootb and comfoitu hllft Celelirafed Albion corn platter, to well known ti be an efficacious remedy for corni Highly improved cheniii al milk of rote, for preserving ine tkin, ( tearing i irons stun, ma - nesti, sunburn, and chap, and lor the use of gentlemen after slaving .... . ,. . Highly improve iweet tceniea nnra ana son rtiiatatiifsTia Ponimade de grasse, for slrtnglhrniig and prninoting the growth ol (he l.uir, and preventing it from coming out ...... Chemical abttergent lotion, for the teeth and Ruma Aromatic tooth paste, for whitening and pre - rvinr thf teeth and eums Puriti d Alpine sbavuig cake, made oa a che mical pnnciiile 1 aud i to well known 10 oe u - lierior to most other soaps lor soitniug tlie beard and promoting the oi ration of shaving Highly improved violet shaving iowder, which i nurtii ularlv fd.ipted to the oe of Travellers, . ! . 11 11 It ........l tieing very po.'iaoie, buu iu iii ici.ft.aii.ji' Inns xrtu Te lor slkivintr ' ' rT - Ph - aie be p.irtirulr and observe, that ah ihe fort - roink article i.f S. SMI i ll DAVIE8 oianufrtcture, will have bis name pon ibeia ia r.inioi niata or I VIM. - . Magnum boaumi on plus ultra, refined steel. concave, and a variety w common wavm, ui cases and singles brilamiia luetal ami glass shaving boxes of various tiles suitable lor shaving :aes I Sieving boats, with glass, brush and nan ; do with tlast. brush. o3p and hnir brush, and a tartly oi common sliaving boxes J raior slropt i,f variout kiOrtt, tiles. rim quality jsntiie very niiill ami 11 v; suitable fur shaving cases; lailift' jjanm - l dressing cases, furnished or un - furni.' ; gentlemen's morocco snd mahogany dretting cases, lurnistieil in a superior aiyie; la - die and gentlemen can have tin; drawers of portable desks and toilette elassos tilled up for ifret - tine, in a superior style ; a handsome assortment of ladies work boxes t needle cases compreieiy furnished with needles of the bett uualitv i a va riety of pocket - lHMiks , thread catc - s ; gilt, plated ami silk purses s ivory flae tomtit of all sixes, some extra superfine ( box wood fine combs ; tortoise shell, ivory, and horn pocket combs :du - rahle ink . salt of lemons : tongue srrapert , tooth nirks : tooth nick cases and tweeters ; patent pe rn 'rating hair brashes by the (lightest applica tion, they penetrate 10 iiks root 01 we uiickcii bair, cleansing from it all prcspTrable matter a - nsing from eices or exercise, giving to u brad n,l hair a sensibility of nleasaiitarn not to be expected frm the common kind of hair biuh. : hair hraslies : clothes bruslies t tooth brtith - 1 sha - in brushes, with or witliout case : nail brushes i comn Druskcs ; nat nrotnen, wuisaer bruabrs with gUs ; plate brushes and 6h brush es. I Iieie are napw anicres, 01 womi uicio u an astortment on band, equal, 11 not superior, 10 any so the United eitaiet t a very elrgant assortment of pen and pocket knives 1 line aud common, scissor and scissor cslksi trait knives; a variety of fine fancy boxes aad (naff boxes; bnirpia ; bodkins and black pins: pencil cases tw4 l.l ark lead iietsi iis : fine waa and ilk puffs ; powder hoe and powilcr knives ; a variety of bandsoine cat glass uuuiatort bo tiles, for chains, ner klaces, 4c. with silver and gold rajs, j amel - ling bottles, with volatile salts ; aromatic spirit ol vinegar. .... , . ' - ftTr Large fleUitttioi canoe inroomry Ircepers, who wilt find it msK - h to their advantsire to krt an atw - firen of the artsclrsof H. BmsOi tTe - t' maaufactarsi, ttiey are pt P 11 the st style. sl ssuBrtetoesntatry climate. Mer - WMI DV teppsteoj wnotsmae . - tioa. suh5 TO SPORT. - MEN. FOR ile, a very superior double battel row - ing IVce, having been used baton ycr r - arr k snakrt - Eoluirt it rhrt office, akhllw IUjT published aud for tale hy ELI AS V. - LE.MINC, 104 Broad way; 3d door Ulow rine - strtt, Rob Roy. by the tiuthor of Waverly,' Guy Mannerins. and ' the Antiauunr, 2 volt, tit copies t ill., coarse I 75. A compendium 01 ueogrnnhy, cnolainfng, besides tlie matter usual in such work, a short sy - toto of Sacred Geography, by the Reyd. John '. Rudd, Rectui of St, John's Church, Eftrabeth - town,(N. J) . , . CorresrKiiidetu lietween a ntntKer and her daughter, hy Mrs. Tayior and Jane Taylor. nccuui's unemicai Amusement. , 6 vols, ofelegant extracts, with engraving!. Orders received for engraving. Copper plate printing ol every description exe - cutrd wiih nentnes and despatch. fOli t'ALf, rPHE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 1311 Fui X , ton - street, near brc.dway, consisting ni nn extensive and choice collection of bistort, travels, voyages, biography, ' romances, novels, tales, plays, reviesvt, mazarines, fcc. " Catalogues may be examined at the library, which is open for subscribers, at usual. . ruh4tf NO 1 ICE. OT The copartnersliip heretofore existing be twteo the subscribers, under the firm ol Davies k Co. isthitday dissolved bv mutual con tent. The debtt due and claim against said firm wUJ betettlcd by , s. uavie. N. - S. DAVIES, A. W. TRAPPAN, The butinen will in future be conducted l) N. Smith Davies, under the Urm of N.Smith I i vies At Co. ieh 14 NOTICE. ftT The subsi riber bavinf received a gene rai assignment ol all the estate of John Murrm tt Sons, for the benefit of creditors as eiprr.' in (he assignment, have authorised Peter Lnd - luw 10 liquidate me unsemeu - :touiu uu receive payment of all debit due to the slid firm or to'lhe individiiHl partners who will attend ' the tame at hit office, No. 1 1 1 Pearl - ttreet. WILLIAM BAYARD, ieh 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. IN CH.ANCEliy. . IN CHANCERY. IN pursuance of udocretal order of this honors 1 hie court will he sold at public auction, al the Tontine CoflVe House, in the citv of New York, under the direction olthe subscriber, 01 e of the masters of this court, on TueKhn, the J4I. day of March inst. at twelve o'clock in the fore noon of that day, all In at certain piece or pur, e1 of land, situate at Greenwich, in the tfth waid I tbe said City 01 .tew - 1 ora ; neginmng on ine west side ol Greenwich - street, forty fonr feet lis. in(,hc, northerly, from the corner formed hy tin intersection of Uaruuiomt and Green wb h strec't; tlicnce westerly on a right angle with Greenwich - stieet about ehrhtv five (cil, be the sjme more or lets, until it strikes a line ol forty - three feet, in the rear of the taid ground J thence norlliwetti r ly until it strikes a cower a out twenty sevto left tix iuchtt. be the tame more or lest t thencr easterly twenty four feet, theme northwester1 thirty three feet six iuchi 1 1 thence easterly liity tb re e feet ; thence again nnsb rly thirty two feet four inches, to Greenwich - street ; thence south Ally, along Greenwich - street, seventy fiie leet three im he, to me mace n pejinnins. J oeein er with all mid lingular, the edifices, huililiiigi, rightt, members, In reilitametits and appurlenan rei thereunto belontHik nrapDrrtMinnk. On tin above property are erected two tuhsiuntial frsm houtH. e h about twenty five feet Iront anil rear, bad thirty I wo feet deep, and also a work shop. Dattd New - Yo k, March 2, IBIS. 11. WEBTKRVUT,. Master in Ch..ncery. IT. B: A map or tkelch of the above may he teen by'applying at my offx'e, No. 1 Nnttau ttreet. mh2 1aw2wdlw In iIih matter of Benjamin Geruoiid and other. tv. VFortale at auction. Jame Sullivan, an ab - 1 M - onding debtor. " TH E undersigned having been appointed trustees for all the creditors of Juuirs Sullivan, late of the cilv of New - York, butcher, an ab sconding debtor, will, in virtue of the act in turh rase made and provided, on tlie JOlh day ol March, instant, at one o'clock, in the anernoon of that day, al the Tontine Coffee House, in tht citv of New - York, sell at public vendue, all the right, title aud interest of the said James Sullivan, in those three certain houses and lots of ground at present known and distinguished by lots No. thirty seven, thiity nine and forty seven Mulberry - street, in the city of New - York aforesaid, being each twi nly five feet in width front and rear, and one nunureu reei in aepin, ns ine tame were Sometime since owned and possessed hy James Sullivan, of the said city, deceased. The said lot of eround havinx been seixed bv the Shertfl' of Iha city and county ot New - York, in virtue of an attachment issued - gainst uie estate 01 ute a - foresaid absconding debtor. 1 Dated March 1Mb, 1811. ' AM AZl ML WRIGHT, JOHN C. HAMILTON, CHARLES OSBORN. . sah lleodhli My authority uj the - utti iJAtte - Jmrif arid - - A"ewYurk. rpHE MILFORD ft OWEGO ROAD LOT - J TERV, for lacilitating the intercourse between the western pulls ol. tlie State ol New York and (he City of Nfw - York, through the State of Pennsylvania a I e w - Jersry. ., .. SCHEME. . . 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS ' t ' Sri.tHlO DOLLARS X . - ; 1 10.000 DOLLARS . 2 5,010 DOLLARS , 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DO - .LARS ' - 140 100 DOLLARS ' - fc . 300 . 1 .... W DOLLARS - ' ' 3386 Prires not two Blank to k Prixe , 10,uti0 Ticket - - A ' ' Part 01 the Priie will he determined a follow; First 10U0 Blanks, 1'hirty Dollars each. First drawn Mo. 1st day, will be entitled to , $5,000 do do. do do do do ' do do 1 do do do do - do 10 d di do do 2.1 3d 4tbl 6th 6th 7(h Hilt Slh 10th llth 12th 13th 14th ' 15th 1.h I71U Ihth 19th do '.drt do1 do do do de do do do do do ' do do do do 500 1000 1 500 6000 500 lOOfiO 500 100(1 600 35000 600 103 - 500 son UK 600 jrwn) . 600 do 20tb do Tt.;. t niurr will com oi ence drawing al ttie City of Jersey, oa the first Tuesday in Me? iiejt, and will he c'ompl. ted in twenty drawinp. - 1 he nriees will be paid at the Union Bank, in the citv of .New Terk, sixty days after Ihe drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction of 15 per cent. ; . CHAS - RI.V5 - .I, J V STUART,' Cocaiisorjer JNO. LINN. S Tsrbetv 30 dollar each. ' - Adventurers and DeaUr rnn be supplied on application to ISAAC U. OGDEN, ansueomi - . - vranvre ' ' MILITARY LAND PATt.NTS. T30R BALE; an smselecieel lot of TO land pa rs . ft. U .i.j : ,k. lti.. T.u..:ft - .u I. 4 ten., in.,ir't in 'ypr iiiiirh, mj bciiT.t directly worn he ifoMiers. Ktr,r.i t 1 r 1 1 ; ioaaw n. cr - it, . tth 10 tf No. 39 Wsil - strctf. HUi.DlAU ijT AKU FAtJU, For fair, the valuabac lot on tle aortb west corm rol Hudionaud Lsitlil sinets, 29 by 100 fret, being one ol the motl desira'ile itua ' tions is Hudson - street, looking ilireclly oath tquare, and having a 'Ulhern eiMuie. ' , ' ALSO, - A FARM of 74 at res oo the North nr H orison Kiver, ia thotowiol lirsensliurnb. Westchester coat.ty, ateiut Sit miles irom this t ity, ao hi the oci - uputioBoi Mr Geoige dilk - r, ami near iha , teat oi IVis, Edzar. Ks.i. Oil trie preemwt are large duelling houH.containnia t ronit. hcsiriee n - rvantt tied rcomi, largeceiiaramjccnarkiicb - en, Milk room, Vr. an old e. chard, and one 01 young Kpple tree, of the best trolled fruit, a large bam, carriage hous', fowl dr. imrke do. corn rnh. sheds, fce. The n.use roomtiiidk one of tlie nV.eit views m thb river, and is a very desirable situation. There are two landings t . siort distance, iron which boat t)y tenuis rly to this city It not told by the 1st ol April, will then be rented for tlie ensuing 1 ear 1 s prii e and term for tbe above property Will be mute worth the ennsidcratiun Ol those imHimd to pur chase Apply to F.. IRVING, - fehv8 2it - 4w 123 Pearl - street, . TVnruportatuin lu r'ltitlwrgh, through tht Uojp f jrtW'turk. . THE subscriher, who lit been enjtaged f tf several yernnin forwarding merchandize to different parts of the United State, offer . hit service to tlie merchants and trader of the western states and territories, aa agent 10 transport property or every decriptioii fiora the - ci y of New York to Pittsburgh, in thesta'enf ' reonsyivania. i.ootis shipped at Kew - York onboard "thx wutsis una" of sloops fur ' Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it 1 'clieved, in as short a time, by any other . oute yet discovered 1 .the price of traaaporu. tio for the whole' distance never exceeding six lollar per 1 wt Proper cure Itai been taken to select gentlemen of respectability a agent - in the several route coiumunicating with the Allegany, river; and where extraordinary ea - i - rtioiis are required, a confidrnttKl ' person thoroughly acquainted with tlie cou'itry, will iccompai y the good. All communication on this uibject, post puhj, wilt rctcive thecal llcst uttetition of the subacriber, who for .i roved rcurity w.ll give a credi! of nix months ou k .arge proportion of tlie account. CI I Ull.ES SMVTll. . Albany, Ute of New - York, Vd February1, iia. ., ; ... Keference to Mesnrs Sa'.teileesk Co. and VleKsrs. I. I Iyer, and II Hankin, New - Yolk. fib 7 2aw tsKiliS. Wllr.A'IO.H ft DAVIS, Ntf. iVJ 153 r ultoB - tt opp isileSt. Paal's Cbiirrb, 'ffcr for anle, wholetala Mid retail, k large anal riegant nasortmeiit of . r 1 Cur I'd nnd bird eye maple Chkir. vtiibcane nid hnir cloth eats, plain, gilt, aud richly 01 na - inented . '. Painted Chain, plain gilt and ornamented, in gold, and bronrd . Cnnversniinn, Hewing, Kecking and CMidrrn, Chairs and Stool Curl'd Maple and Paintrd Lnungem, fofa, ' settees, Mask - , ke, phun, gilt and iimeiited, in gld und bront'd. - tinier from any part ol the continent execsj. 'd witii dospatcn. , ,. nn .. . Wfl EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rT',HE lung and successful ute ol tbit oinlttient X it a suflkient recomniendation, a it ha neen lound to be pleasant, safe and certain re tnrrly for that disagreeable disease ia all it tta - 5es. It is tot sale ia Uw city f New - York, hy . A. ft W. R, Pott, No. 41 Willism - tlreetj I. 4i T. Clark, No. b& Maiilen - Lane II. U. Schieffilinft Co.' No. 193 Pearl streets Law ence ft Keese, No. 196 Pearl - street t Hall it Buwne, 146 Pearl street ; R. ft L.Murray, 313 Pearl - street t J M. Bradhurst. 314 Pearl - street 1 win s eniorn, it t run iivr - eircci i.urjee m. Poe, in Pearl - itreet ; John C. Morrison, IBS 11 11 1 m . c - i . . 1 ... . . t Greenwich ttreet ; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway t Walterft Seaman, corner of Chamber - it. ami Broadway, and nlto iu Chatham - street t and ui (burl it may be procured al most of the Drug Store in this ciiy Also in Philadelphia, of b Withered ir Hons 1 Geore4fariell . North ft Ro gers, And almost ad Ihe druggists in the principal lowot in the United States. !I15W18I - ft1 W II EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS f be had at the above places. jan226di' To the Citioeiuaf JVtw - i art. f Z ERA II HAWLl.I llivricisa nd Dentist, would inform the iiilistntants of New York, that he has taken an office at No. 3il. Pearl - treel. where he will extract, titan, Jilt.Jit ana? let J trth in Ihe most approved manner, lie will also prevent any irregularity ot tlie secondary leerri, 11 appnration is mane 10 mm hi season. lie flatter himself, irom the exiieriebt - ekehtui had in hi profession,, thai lie shall be able to give guierul latitlaction. ' ' V, v r or tiiaracter Hie pntiiir are reiirreaj 10 pin Geo. P. Shipiuan, men bnn, No. 63 Bouth - Hrcew and Doctor A. Ivei, No. Slli Praii - ttrecL . .A I Y hern it tnajronculu ' ' 1 f. (fy Thl certifiei. that Ir. Rowley It a regular bred phytinnti, and in good standifiej with hi tirrtbri n in this place t matti ha ptsd particular attention to Ihe art of JJtvtutrt, bod studies! the betl Eornpraii works on tlie abject, ami ha given very good tatiiluclinn in this bf ocH to bit curtoiutrs. wlm are person of tlie firM ret ectabilily in (hi cily. W llier. fore, willi H. lire confidenre, recommend ,Dr. Ilaviley to the ciiisent of New - York, as a drntitL . , Apneas iviunsoa , l r.n ivet ; Nathan Smith ' Jonathan Krlighf. 1 ' - Pro,essor of the Medical Institution of TaleCfil . - ' (College.' New - Havee, Jan 22, 181S; u'A . ' mh 3 , , - V: - - u GEO. GfclB'S m - - t JkUtlC U.HHOL, no. 2U WttHTMtT, , S established 00 hi new knd easy itleni Of teaching compi don thoro b, pn - luding the art ol fingering the piano ron ana "05, Sic. Terms 30 dollars jr qoaner, nau n i 'Vn'oi 4U7, tafurdsysy P. M. tbe orofoatf wiU be oieo, for the ttnoao tl meace and (too amatren of mBtic to call and sn - psct the estah - , lisbment, and tney are reoeested Iu bring v. Ob) them the firtl European works on music, tw eaa ; tile them accaraiely to spprecials the meriU of this newimproveo syiH - ip u iracmng, JJg, t 1 IINIAIURES IN AHEV7 TYLr7, oT IVJ m KnvB,rOMUstsoa,ktft)nndeT - wants. ticinmis wis be sees tneToo'Lu - Coff, Ho, Tf - e TJity HotcL and at biseamt ' llVfj KIW W ftllW,..J SWKVJ HI'IWHI t I). itreeL ... . , - ..,. f. ... , , mh t t . TRANSPARENT, TRACING SLATES.' . FOR copyiag - writings, drawing, SZc. foe leachiuz children to. wtite aacTdraw cor ' rtctly n a tlior t tioue, by tracing exactly any Copy, writing, drawing, landscape or p - l'ere placed tuiiter it, wnu a pen ana ink, mark teaa or rowrsrosi slate pencil , and may be wed k common data for' Anthtnctic. Mrmowditiat, He: ftc. . - - ' 1 ' ; Maoomcttired and sold wljokrteie end ret aJ, by. . , - . - . , . J. - . m . . ... r - . V L. Duk 1 iwt , (to. tao soeiry - ss. Tyw - WANTED - rasitu - Uoo id a school orpi ..1. faniftli - . a female of reipeclahds - ty. who hat beew occuitouied to (each writing, ar.thmetic geography, ,fte. yJtZl - sKh a pr)o, wiU lied rvrrtnwr worMiyoT noliew. having been w Ene arid. a0 cao promn ; ! tot laruer ftaxusw' ""r1" tsr of thi' PaPr,

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