The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 12, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1818
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nRASS CABINET WARES .li cask. K ci.inmode. Knob., &c. hand.ou.ely assorted TrUKot &WALL. "in I AM'OiN CRAFEs 10 cuseCantou blk. Crapes, juit received nnd for sale by P. REMSEN & CO. I, j( . , 26 South street. ."sUGAR. Aic 10 hhds. prime Muscovado su - h ear. landmg from schr. William, for sale by kJga' " POTT At M 'K 1 X N E, 66 South - street. II STORE, 65 pipe and 15 hull" pies Cataluaia Wine 5 half cjr. casks Colmenar do 10 pipes 7 blida and 3 qr. casks old L. I . . A DO OOUUI - OAT IIKi I s. cases suH.uoruara u O SaltinelU, thii day received and lor sL - by THE COMMISSION COM PAX Y, mh 12 dc 1411 Pearl - 'treet. w HITE and RED LEAD. 58 cak, dr, White Lead, and 4 mil ary rveu uu. landing this day and for tale by is day and lor tale by HURD & SEWALL, 65 Sou!h - t. mhl2 - pRABETTS. 50 p. color'd Wraueus, lur "thIS COMMISSION COMPANY, mh 11 dace 148 Pear street. lilivim. e. A FEW setts Machine Cotlio Cards, fur sale 'th COMMISSION COMPANY, mh 12 d.Vc 14:' P - s'istr - c Hi . J 'II I V L' I'Altll.m CUIUCULiA'l'r., I .Aiil.ll, (.vc. IjO b.ixes Hill's Boston Lh olale 00 do Wait's do 251) kegs Pbihdelphh Starch 3 0 half and qr. hoxc Sp - .inih Srgar For sale by JACKSON A; W iLI. F.Y, mi. 12 77 W all - .i i - t WARlUjri'Klih . ' I.OJHS LARGE assnr'hien, of superior, Dutch, warranted Bolting Cloths, foi side at uncommonly low price, bi J.vO M CRAt KVN, tnhl2 3t 82 12 Pearl - s' WAFER? - - I case t i.g,i - ii ;uid 1 cow I luuf Waferi. for sate by JNO. M'CRACKAN. n.h 12 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - twt fiiWO pipes Marseilles Brandy, just re - JL ceived and lor sale by G W. TALtOT. mh 12 55 I'mt - stieet. JO L i. Tl.n .,..,. .. n.i ....ll.. ..I' ,Vi,Mn 1 story houses No !( ami 1 2 on Broad - street ; md InUi 1 II. ("VICl IIIU - ! - iiw. v a new two story house ixo. a on irw sirtet, no mediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - stre - 1, fit for a genteel f.iinh v, being new. Also, n goo.. Iii.use at Greenwich, nnd one a' Uarlttin. with tw - mndn hah acies of Giound near Manhattanvilie AjipK t.i CUAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - st. mh 12 tr ' Li - '.T, To a small private. fV.mily, who wouii' be willing to take agentl.iu.i'i .itid his wire, at liberal price, at boarders, (he hnuse N i. !4;. Greenwicb - etreet, with the - ptniii of the tw lower rooms, occupied as ffice. - . Apply a - bove. nn i ;.' 1 .V ULH i.YS U J t.L, To be lei, those ckvunt and sijuc'iou boililiiigs. No. 41 ami 43 Wall - atr et, I'oi mi rly occupied by Mr Solomo'i I). Gibson either to - g - etlieror srpeiatc. I'os ess ion will he piven iitinifdiab ly, or n the first of May next Apply on the premises. n:h 12 kt.xr. 1 Th Asscinblv Kom. with thi - aiiHi. tii apartraenis, in Kois s Building, 'o. i it Kiilton - street, next to tiir corner ul Ifroad1 ay. The premise r wt - ll cn'cuUied t"r i iarj - " SA'hoo), lor I'liljiifnvvtiiigt i'i oriefir'.s j tl. ' ire Torm b. - iiif; upwanttni' :..0 tret in irnflh, . - . I n hout 29 feet in hr";.dli., with 1 14 et ce'i The whole, n to ittiati. n noil iz; u vc n culated for an aucticn cstubhsnment lor f in ture and oilier salts. The abore will h rented for any trrm not ex - ceeiliogamen yejrs (roio the 1st of May next luiquire of tlx subscriber No 107 Fnlt'ti ' - 'r:''. mh Hdtf B. K. liLH.. PAPKIl HAvtil s All INSKEEP, No. 3 Court' nd - street, h order toclose the concern, oCi - isfor sale h very reduced prices, hit rertuiiiit ? thick ot P.i per Haniuics, c omprisiag an tit gcDt anrtn n' iorcit and country tales. nili 12 Iw BOAKD. T ANTED, in the upper part of th - ; tow. f in a ri - spectable family, accrniod:itiini for a Gunllt mn, Lady, Child and seivm.t two uniurai - hed rooms will tie nerestary, c.minuni CHtmg with each otner a sleepint: place will aho ne lor inc tervapr, ami noard witli the family. Any person hnvins theo accommodi tiuui, nslnh upas the Hudson Square, not iower down lhan Fulton street, west side of lirmrf war, win pi'mte io auuress n. o. j. at mis oiiK e mh ll tf 111 M.isOAmIC MLYiTHLJ, THK Masonic Minstrel, a si - lection of .masonic, tentiineutal and humorous songs, din ts, glees, canons, rou ids and canzonet', respectfully deaVated to the ancient and honorable frutr - r nity of free and accepted Masons, with an ap petidix.coDtainiiif; a thort historical account oi masonry, and iiUewie a list of the lodges in tli - I'nited Slates, just reccivd for sulntrilx rt and others, price 3 dollars. The lodges can he sop plied with this work ut ifZi Pearl street, bv mh 12 ROf!KRT M'PERMOT. MEMOIRS ol ihepuhlicCiiarntleraiid I - in of Alexander the first, Finernr of all the Rutiias, by Edward Gibhon, Eq. with an p pendix, hy Paul Allen, Esq author of the travels of Lewis and Clark, fcc. price 87 1 - 2 cents, just received and for tale by W. U. GILLEY, 92 Broadway. A'sn, a fresh sui ply of (:uiimiiiiS' Geogiaphf and Atlas; Cumiuins Qursliont on the New Tegument. Tooke's Classical Pantheon, a new nnd revised edition. mh 12 J O I UK PUBLIC. r"MI E subscribers are ready to contract to fur - - a. nun airuoi any quantity ofMarl'le, Irom their quarry at Kingshmhre. The marble is similar m colour and supertur in quality to that of which die tront of the City Hal! is constructed It can be cni out to almost anv siz.' and Inn. n hioos. 'uilahie for every p;irt of buiMing, and would he delivered in the rough, or prepared lor the builtlmx, according to order, at a moderate rme ana ai a sr.ort notice. All orders may be "o5eri ai i K u. BOLTON'S olTue, No. 5B wroaoway, oral Mr. GIDEON TUCKER'S. t r, ,V.Vl,;.""t'ir't' or ot tht: quarry, - with Mr. GEORGE W. HALL. 3tawlm TO COMMENCE ON 10UAY iNEXf. UXIOJV L1XE. CJ'Mm - boat &3fi OV.v.branch, ? torVhil - p - - dclchii, v,a i k"ffl5eaS5 Kiies b W'id. Pn e through Fore - castle or deck PJ?cnrf, J SO. The 0LIVE - BR4NTH wrt ery d,y at n 0'cllK k. from the north ide of - ,Ery, anu to rnurn hxim Crunwick so U3rrive at 10 the next momuig, in this citv. In hni? .aj a connection with the betl Wis a the Delaware aod Chesapeake to Norfolk : 'hose of the North River and tviuu J : anJ neir jevral arrivals are calculated to cause '".'e - if any dolay. ven,," 'I"dy and certsmljr the most con - or l.r.r '0,lt - !" thc P"eu;ers sleep at Trenton at C a t)WlCu' r"'rr at rnuch lr expca.'t Phiii i " - of b''ness at New - York or wart rf1 ,U Wi,houl (''u" in travell - ug r tlie sn,, l P' ' the by land is so Hi 5cTn Ule Poiut rlM o 'i .idmilis. Stm V l " :a,rk"'i?. 4 sbilUngs. LOST lifrecliur ia Wall or!ars ili. - r, one hundred and six dollars. The finder, will receive 25 dollars by leaving it at No. 33 j John - street. mh 12 3t rALU.IBLt - fUOl - t.HiY. IN CHANCERY. State of Sue - York) ii. IV niimianm of a decretal order of the cmrt of chancery of Lis f' - te, will be sold at public the flirecfion of the suhirriher. at the Tontine Coffee - House, in the city of New - York, on Hie Itftnoi .iarcn, insr. ai izo - ciocu at noon, all that certain LOT OF GROUND. with the teuemeni it.ere'in erec tu, sunatta in tm tvfirrl if lite i - itv of New - York, nnrl bnimi. anrl (lUtinuiiisherJ as ntimlirr 76 in Wnll - streei ; bounded kouthweeterly in front hy Wall - street ; nonneasieny in uie rnur oy properiy now or late belonging to John Marschalk, decea - sert j uoithwesterly i.jr property now or late lie - u.nna tn Wvnnnt Van Z:nrit. Heren,Fd. nnd foalheasterly by proerty Jormerlv beloi.ginj to . . i ii .....i . iwi i . ,41 1. Lai ltl rru,ra .It: rawu , i ,'iiiaiiiiii ill i. 11 fp.,nt nnrl ri - ur. 16 feet 9 inches, nriflin length on each side 50 feet 10 inches, be the same more or lets ; together with the hereditaments andap - ijurtenantes tlitrcto belnncin ' . P ti mi iiifi'TiT rah 12 ills Maler in Chancery. t s RACll S' Ll - - I . 4iith d;i V.i 4274, $XH) J 2i6'6, 75t7, jliJO; 3!i48.2324,Jj0 47th diawing. Nos. 'aW. !,632 ai d 9176, $100. H'i'h'..M ut ii if ie' ;nhares. mh 12 A EsSU HINT'S ! M2 .li"t - :.! Scieuve iotterj No. 4, I .l - v's .iij'ni. Nos. . - 71, $Hi ; si4,f,G, 100 ;22,C76, 100 ; 7231, Kii ; 'iwa, 5i ; 'Utuil, 50. . 47li itav's - iiwiriz, No. S17C, lOOdois i 'WSJ, 100 dols ; 3.407, tOli d b. All sold at Aliens' Truly Lucky Office, No. 12' L'r"a!vny, dirertly opnosite the City Hotel. .V! - i re 'o. 10,3'2J, nhichdrew the grand prize ij0 i;i ilu Med - . - hi science Lotieiy, wa joli and iiunieiliately aid. mh ' kWKGO I ICKII a - - 70,HJ0 tir M uii - J ?,1 Tuefday week. Sthcme of this graud lottery : I pnze oi $70,000 35.000 " Kl.n'IO 5.000 1,000 o(M) mo 30 1 do du do 2 2 10 30 110 do do do 3200 do Not two blanks to a prize 10000 tickets only The laldrnw. - ! number on the 6th May will be entitled to 5JO0. ' Whole tirkeli! $ i0 ; halves 15 ; quarters 7 50 , mg.r.h 3 75 : sixteei'lhs 2. I icVrts and i - liarcs, at the above prices, may be obtained at (iK.1CltPSLOTTF.KY - 0 FFICE, 140 Bniadwav, Tucfd.v week, after which time they wil'. h sold for .i2. mh Vi V ciiunc! tor two dollars, of obtaining part of the Mammoth Prize of 70,0'X) dollats IX the Gran I Milfoid and Owcgn Ro d Lot - tnv, which is to commence drawing on the 5th of Mav. Whole Tickets, $J0 I Quarters, $7 50 Halves, 15 Kigitiis, 3 75 T'o Dollars fo - a .Vixieenth Shire. Tickets will aiiv nee to 32 doll irs on Tues - da - .veel: Foi the following very splendid prizes in tills Lottery, fcpp'y at O It W Kl I RS' truly Fortunate lottery office, 54 Maiden - l.n e 1 Prize of 70 000 Dollars 1 io S3.000 do 2 do 10.000 do 2 do i.OiiO' do The first dnwn number to l e entitled to $5000 'rfiit ihawnon t!ie 5ih dojr 'OO IV nut drawn onlhe7hday lO.tnai ' l e first diawn t.n tiit I Dh day 35:0"0 n t' efirst'lr wri on the 15'hday 7l.('0 Correct Wheck Books will be kept to tl, e. - itiin it'on of wll 'I i kets n il 12 3t XfAl AL IRES, C'. MC.'., Kc 400 : 1 bins, sofi I i.rpi otii.e, 3Hi'lo Tar 5i 'Li f:tch, 5 do Spirit l'urciitin?! 115(H) hi Argor, 15 baskets Tapioca t'M Ox Horns 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tier j Fur - . (Itlt - rs, Mii.k, Vc. 2 huiet 1st qtial Sea is'anj Cuttou 20 do do I pi - Kid no 14"00 hh! Stamand lie ding 100000 2:' in. C. Shii.L - l. - l m.W. hy R & C. W. DAVENPORT : CO. fell jfi ''iUai:lO - - so t.l.iis. t.eo.T'h.iccu, u)e - I not q i?li!y, lending this day from on board hrig Auriila, from Savannah, U - r tale bv CAMBREi.ENG & PEARSON, n.h 10 67 Soiilh - 'treet. r EERSI CKERa, ic 3 bait s yelluwttiiped seersiickert it onles blue baftas, entitled to debenture, for sale by P. REM SEN U CO. ml. 10 IKKXCH GOODS. A small invoice consist - . ing of Merino Shawls, Levant'nes, Gloves Vilk Hose, aivl Cambricks, received by the Eagle, fiom Havre for salebv F. Ai II. SHELDON & CO. mh 9 lw 140 Pearl - street. T EAS & SLGAR fl' - T landed 50 chests by son skin tea, Phoenix cargo. 15 hogsheads Havana ma covado sugars for sale on reasonable terms by (i. U T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Washington - street. .i ANL'FAC I URED MiBALCO - V L 10(1 kegs prime eld Virginia, 8 twists to 7" do 2d quulily die pound 20 do common. For sale by mh 11 TROKES, DAVID - ON at CO. 100 ViOLAifEi. hhds. ) Havana Mwasses. landing 21 tiercra, at pn - r .to. 9 Irom nng iw 10 bhls. bert, for sale by JOSEPH ti - IlORN, mh 11 i'8 Smih - street. VJICARA'iU.A Win D lit t us, fa tupe - L 1 riorqu dity, fer salt by Tl'CKER LAURIEP, mh 11 2!) ' - onth street. f 1l.t)V - A small - ar ei CI ives, juM it - ceived and lor sale hy JOSEPH "SBORN, n.h 11 23 . ath - 'treet. I M.OUR. 'MJ oanels La 'luioie (Howard L street) Flour, lanriini; ai d i r sile hy JOSEPH Oi - rlOKX, mh 11 28 S,n h rt. KEXDFKV.O TAl IJ.IF X HllJtS A FEW houand pounds New Y 'k I'ailow, and 2000 S!auehf" - ed Hide, lor sale Apply to T. (JIB B)s, Fly - Market. mh II tf U, - lill E LEAD 30" vt. H.tfl VM.ile Lead, just r - eivd . jid I.t sa'e ' y TUCKEKfc HLRIE3, mhll 29 S 'uti! street. SPERM CANDLES. - 50 u"xe P riu Candle, of a superior quality, for sale br JAMF.S P AXDf'E, mh 11 2f!8 Broadway rM WO pip - Har. ille Brandv - juat received X and for sale hv GEORGE W. TALBOT, mh 1 1 No. 55 Ptpe - afreet. FILBERTS. 18 sacks Filberts, laodingthis day and for sale by CAMBRELENGt PEARSON. mh 10 67 8 mil - street LOUR. 250 bhl Fi - .ur, h.i.rjic: from hr. Native, from Richmond, f r ale hy IV rl! I'll .ir: mh 5 , c FbrMt'A.S'X.tlf, Tha packet brig AURORA, master, will sail to - morrow. For freight or passage, having, superior accommoda - tious. apply on board, cast side of Old sl:p, or to rOTTfc M'KINNE, mh 1 1 - 56 South - st. torj'rti&litor efturter for A. Aiuuin, it. J'lio - &mtu, or any of the temdvara uianas. The schr REVENGE, capt. Rollins, burthen 600bbls ; is in complete order lor a voyage, aod will take freight low. Apply on board, at pier 40, or to mh 9 R. ic V. W. I)A F.N PORT 4 Uo. r - fcHIl 1KKLN. 9iy On Saturday, the 14th inst. will be SifKa'. ''llt at auction, THE MIIP FF.KIN. C40 torn register ; has lust deliveied nearly 1000 tons oi gondt Irom India in pertect order. Site js one oi the ttroni;eit and t)e - t built ships in the 'J. States ; sails fast, is well found, and wat newly sheathe. I in Liverpool the voyage previous to the last Wi'.l be fold on 6 months credit. Inventory run be seen, and the ship examined, by applying at No. 47 Ceutial - wharf, Boston. inti y m IVAXTLU, Three or four vessels from SCO to 1000 barrels burthen, to load at tlie south - wai d for this ort. Apply tn HENDERSON k CAIRNS, mrh 9 81 l im - st. iX The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - JS .1 ... - . . , . . i... o n ...... n.tur liaUIS lUHliri, UNI UKU - .1 IUI, n.!jy iii receive a cargo ; will cany aui ui xjmi bbis. Forteruis api yto DlViE BETHl'NE tt CO. mh7 02 C. II. Slip. The packet ship UIHXG STATES, Thus, bwinburn, uiatter, now loading at I un - sU ei t wharf, will mi et with immediate dis patch, having a considerable pait of her cargo cng. - g.'d. For freight of ab,.iu 200 bbls. or pas - rage, having elegant accommodation?, apply on boai d, or to GRISWOLD.S Si COATF.S, mh 7 6tf Soiilh - ?t. t'ir hut?, !'rtiiht or t.hartir, The brig FINANCIER, Geo. Robin - iiiCson, comm:uiier, - i fine Philadelphia buill vchscI, bui'tjien 3250 til ls, sails last, U well found, staunch and strong, jnd may be tent to sea with little ex; ence slid without delay. For terms, apply to ihe captain on hoard of said brip, lying" ut east sn:e ly - niaikct dock, or at his lodging, cotnci Fulton and C1H - ttrcet. GEO. Ri 'Ill VSON. mh 7 lw' 4h The schr JEFFERSON, 102 tons, JAEvi iv a s. rong vessel, and in good i rder. Appij'to JOSEPH OSHOKN, mh 0 28 .South - st. I vr bait. Freight vr t.'harter, The gooil brig PLAN I Ell, V!7 tout rc'jJCi' bun hen, niifl veare.lil. stows 1510 bUs. .e k i ry fa t t.iiling vef . - el and in c omph teord' r to receive a cargo Apply on bo..rd west side burling slip, or to N.L. &G. GRISWOLD, ni ho 6 South - st. For tiKLi'.lJ The brig NY VIPH, 70 Ions burthen, is a first fate vc - sel, sails fat and has good accommodation ; expected to sail ill six Jays. 1 or passage only, apply to JN.L. &G. GRISWOLD, mih5 W5 South st. Ft The brig M ARY, Captain Brewster, iiaiia regular traurr, and will hate immediate dispatch. Foi freight of two or three hundred bhls. or passage for three, apply on board, at Fine - street whart, or to mh 3 N.&D. TALCOTT. f For .Vnhile and Hlak - ley. The subsiau'iul, sailing packet 4jj5(4oouer NASSAU, capt. Hitchcock, a K - uUi - tiader, having two thirds ot her cargo eo;;.tged, will tail on the I5thiti:t. For freight or parage, having good an ommodatious for cabin and ott ?ragc pa'sengeri, apply to FEfEKS A. HEKRICK, mh 3 29 Cceulies slip. t For bale, Frnght or Ci.uiltr, Vr"? 9 A new pilot boat scl.on.ier, ab'iut I20 Jjytons hu lben, built in the licit manner, c i pet fasten('d,ntid in complete order to receive a cargo Apt. 'y to N. L. O. GRISWOLD, mh 3 Hf nnutl. - street. - For Salt, Freight or harter, .T The h'l MIRROR, 335 tout bur - 'ti l" 2y - rvrs oil, just been hove out. e - id '. complete order to receive a cargo is a Fir - t , .tie - hip, and may be sent to sea with small expense. Apply on board, belweeu Fly - Market and Bulling - : hp, or to N. L.& G. GRISWOLD, mh3 I'C Auuth - st, . ... For bale, FmelUor Ciaiirr. 4yJ A new pilot boat bui.t rchocMirr, about MSWr - 190 10,11 burthen, built in the lies' manlier ot good materials, ami copper fastened, a very fa.t sailing vcsel, and may b. sent to sea at small xpense .9pply to N.L. AiU.GRlSVOLI), mrh 3 86 i - oudi - st. n txEs, cot To. v, oil, txc I SAC F. ROE, 98 Murray's wharl, offer Inr talc : Old Claret in casks, fit tor bottling, aud entitled to drawback Do do cases Madeira wine in pipes, some of superior qua lity Old L. P. Tcnerifle wine, In hhds. and or. casks, of a quality and flavor nearly equal to v.aiieira Sweet oil in f ellies, and New - Orleans anJ Upland cotton, in lot to suit pin chaser. mh 9 Iw ll U.M, GIN, A.i it) hhds and 50 bols. 1st Li. prwil new rum 40 bhls Country Gin 30 pipes tiray's Brandy, for (ale hy JACKSON At VVOOLF.Y, mil 3 75 Wail street I OGIYUOD 40 Ions Cainpeai lit Lngwoid, li irtieiu g at pitr .. in, irom ong necoicr, . e i . IUi lii, ..ii,ii' an l lor sale uj ;uci.iu i 'oinniii, mh3 28 a nith - streel. I RA MlY. - j pipes of buily fiavoered 4th J prcxii Bordeaux Brandy, entitled to deben ture. ror sale ny GEO. M WILSON, mh 10 130 Water - street. I t) iACC .V KILE. 100 quintals first qua - I lit, - pa.usn l ohacro 41 tieieeipriiue Rice, per schr. South Ca riJiu i, lor sale b JONEi Ai MEGRATH, mh7 Mi .south - sfrett. ' ' - - 3 hhds. .N rUi Caiohna loliac - L c, l' r sale by R. tw C. VV. DAVENPORT At CO. mh 9 x II MOVAOO SUGAR, A.. - lo4 hhds. irl prune Miiscovad "ugir, I. aiding at Dover - Street wharf, fr im stbooocr VSimauj, from Havana, for sale by STEVENS tc MACT1F.R, 157 th - (reet. IN RTQRF, &i I.. - .1 e Whiti Havana rugar J bMs ai.d 8 hb s St Kill do 15 pipes L - P. Teneriua W ine 4o qr C4k Colmenar do 3,1 np t Cala! ma do pu - s Boiileaux Brandy tta.O iaree Gi rra in Goat Skins I itl K.ri CaaBptachy Logwood, tub II et FURS 4000 spring Mask Rat Sklna of lupe - rior qualitv, for sale in lots to suit purcha sers at No. 190 water - street. n.h 10 6t CHINA SALEo. rilHE entire cargo of the ship London Trader, A from Canton, will be sold at public auc tion in Philadelphia, at the stores of Wm. Wain, on Monday 16th March, consisting of Imperial Gunpo der TEAS, fresh nnd of superior quality. Dyson Young Hvoo and Hyson Mi in Long company nankeens Short do, Blue do China ware in boxes, assorted 9f!0 cases manilla sugar, and an assortment of Ganton crape and nlk gncxls. mh 1 1 5t , ANUFACTUREDTOHACCO 4JlkeUs 1V1 landint: Irom the schr. Weymouth and N live, from Richmond vis 118 kegs branded Juo. Enders, (I hand No, 7 do do do 1 - 2 pound rolls 15 CO 72 108 64 do do do do do le by do P. Miller A: Co. K Vinds No. 1 do J. G. Ege 8 hands No. 1 Ai 2 do R. Cunt or do do do D. R.Ross do No. 1,2, At 3 do J. U P. Latiliy n hand CORNS. UL'BOIS, For: mh 5 lot tl.Oillb, BtOIBAZETTS, HATS, fcc 4 cusi s uonoon ouieriiiie viouis 2 do do Cassimernt 2 do Cassimere Shawls 2 t ales Pelisse Cloth 2 tin V oi kshire superfine Cloths 4 do Black lioinbazelts 10 caset men's hest line London Hatt 10 do do Wool Hats 10 hhdt. best Loudon Glue. For sale hy I). OAKF.Y, mh 10 lw 51 William - street. SHIilXU GOODS X XT H T. PRIEST. No. 201 Broadway, be t ween Fulton - and Dey - streets, have just opened an assortment ol tlie lollowiug spring r - tides, v iz : Canton Crape Ildkfs. 4 - 4 square Mtiino nnd Silk Shawls and ildkfs. Black and color'd Canton Crapes and Concans hite and black anil nssoited satins Levantines, plain and figur d; Florences Roiniiazctts and Bonibazius ; Thulle Thread I .arc s, Edgings and Footings Irish Linen. Furniture Chintz Ribbons of different kinds. Gloves, Kir. Ic Comprising a general assortment of fanry and stail itrv g'lo.ts inn Mi iw .''ilKM II GOODS. JnM ric - Pivfii per brig JL F.alc, from Havre, 60 cases Freuch goods, cotiMsting ol Figured and plain Lions and D'av - gnon Flo rences Figured and plain Virginias and levanlines I'bck saline and satin pelougs Black and w hite tulle and i legant satin gauzes ll k k noreiitiiii - s, Gauze hd.'ils Levantine and satin d una k rbawls Figured levantine and (lureuce Ildkfs Men'! sup. ribbed silk !" Men's and womr u's silk and kid gloves and silk armlets Sewing ilk. and lwi - t Thread lace, lilru k galloons White crape, Silk braids Elegant garniture and fringed and plain rib hnus, for sale by BF.VJ'N. P. BABCOCK, mh 9 lw 132 Water - st. cor. Piur - st. JO LI T, Those tvso fire proof dwelling llonrs, o 74 and 7ti Mmt ftreet, about ten niiuutcs walk from the Ci.fli e House. Tie y will he put in coiup'ete repair, and well raicutaieo lor genteel f.iuulii s. Apply at No. 137 Water - street, mh 1 1 tl ID I. FT, K counting house on the lower floor, No, 'J south street. A larire new fire proof tlore in Ooverheurs. lane, next door to Water street. Apply to TUCKER LAIMjES, mh II 29 South - street. yjat FVH HALE, ksjjj Seven acre of land in West - Chester, l:i 1 - 2 nnlc irom flu city, ihi trie premises are a eood dwelling - house, ham and lowl Inii'e, a thritty y. unu ordiard of grafted Iruit, a garden with aspurauUM lieu, iruhery ol goosehi - iTi currants and strawberries, with a well ol never f.iling pure soft water, well calculate d Inr (lis tilling. The stages pass every d.ij to New York; a veisel twice a we K ; twing only h quarter ol a mile Irom the landing. l'.'Ki iiie of HENRY CHE WENS, I5U liroudwsy. Also for sale, a good ulntuntial Imnt w'.uon. calculated I r oae or two horses; to be seen ut Sand! rd's Eneiy Stables, Broadway, ner Hester street. Enquire as above. nihlltf '' I. FT. 1 he store and cellar No. 56 Pearl - reel, ..Her of Bioad - stn et ; a commanding sitiiati'in either for n rtt.iil gioeer or me hanic ; poisvtsiou iniiiicdiali ly. Apply at ib I earl - street, mh 11 3t fiXi 11) LEI', i5iS ,;tl possession given on the firt of May, th; I'ouie No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick lire - proof stable and store in the rear froutiog on New - strei t. AUi, Die adjoining house No. 0. - The soap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on the Ll ef April For terms apply to JOHN SEIDELL & CO. mch H No. 50 Broadx - ar. A m w two story house in C'hlml)er - t. liuit 111 lle most modern style; the hrt story t.i!i m.ihi'gauy and folding doors, and elegant aiarhle mantle chimney pieces ; finithxl bedrooms iu lh earrrt : vimit' - in front and rear ; citern and an excellent wed - f water ; " ith ere r ciintenicnce that a genteel family can desire; limit in a particular lu'umer foi the owner Inquire of TID.OD. FOWLER, mh 10 1 w No. 60 1 2 Liberty stive. oitjL Fun bst ot., ll3I3 The lease ol the House i ncl lit No 7 Ban lay street, 3 - 1 years unexpired, subject toa ground rent of $l 0 per annum I he bonce is two stories high, hlkd in with brick ; two rooms on Ihe first floor, four on the vond. and two bed rooms mthe garret ; a pantry and wood cellar, a good cistern in the yat I, and a gmg way leading therein. Also, a small "table in the rear of said lot. Enquire at No. 181 Water - street. mh 10 I w NOTICE. ABOUT the 14lh of December la, apervtn with a lot of Carpenter' Tool and a Skiff Boat, was apprehended ut the Newark Egg - Dock, which he wa offering for sale, t roiu the confession ul liie man little or n - doubt remains that tlie too' and skiff were stolen property. This i to iire noticn that the owne r or owners of snid pp.s rycan have it by applying to ILI1 A nOU UA A.s, ai said hock, y pn - viiu? the same ann paving inaites. nu unu iitrson acpe irs in a reas'inable lime, u,ey win lie sold as the law direct. Newara, Dec. 29, 1817 mh H2w" .17 ANTED, by t latter end f April, hoard V for two person in a respectable private family, where no other hn&rdei are receded. Two rooms will be reuuired. which w ill be fur nishi d b Ihe . - diertier. I'he situation not fur thernoiih Oian I hamber - street. letters ad - dreifed I F. the Ortireof t! is pop", ir.s itn ition. Ate. Acc. will be nnmi.slely at - ten.le. lo 1 - b 3't DE vHLfO,lDAi) - .EGO ROAD LO I' - I in which 70.0l0 D'llar is the l.igV - ot prize, will positively coa.menc drawing oothe5thdv ol 1 y nex'. , IK KETS ii SHARES, In a variety ''fa miners, foraie at ti Bookstore and irtiery 'lace ti A BUM. P. BKOWF.P. No. 27 Maid a Lane, corner of .fc. jTJ - i rtet. at the present price of 30 IJolnrs r.u .1. Prize Tic kets 111 'ornser lotteries takeu ia pay saent. ... A eeneral asnrtii,eiit ol Softool U' - K - ' ani s.a Isoaary for sale at above. 1 lw NORTH RIVER STEAM BOATS. ftJ 1 be public it respect fuhy Informed ihat the Para - rrun will leave .ew - iork, .Monday next, tlx - loui . il . h, Ml tf I k k, A li. i st, a si. son n HE FORUM will be opened on Friday evening next, the loth inst at the tembljr Room, City Hotel, when the fl owing - cjuestion w.ll be discussed, "isiigiu lmprmon - nient fur debt to be continual t Dicuision to commence precisely at seven o'clock. 'I he surplus receipts of the evening to be ap propriated to the llumnne Society for the rebel of ilistr, tsed imprisoned debtors. A Ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tickets to be had at D. Lungworths, Park, and at the door, at 23 cents cai h. mh 11 3t EDUCATION. MRS. DAWSON lately from tlie Eastern Continent respectfully informs the i mhlic. that she has op. ned a Sc hool in Cherry street. .xo mi, where young Ladies will he carefully in strncted by hernflf and dnught - rs, in writing, arithmetic, drawing, history, geography, use of the globes, and needle work in all varieties. Mrs. it. hegs leave to observe that her system of teaching (lormed from her own exrjerienceV gieatly fa dilates the improve lucnt of vouth with ease and pleasure to themselves, and saves ao in ert dilile portion of their time, when employed in the usunt way. Great atlenti - n will be paid to English liiaiiunar, Reading and Pronunciation. N. tl. Writintaud Drawim in a superior man ner by Miss Dawson. mh It 3w I tOARDLM, - - An eld.rly lady also a gentle I I man and Ins wile can he arcommodated with apartuu nts and Hoard in a private family and central situation, from the first of Mny next, itppiy at ii is we, mn 5 xw 1H ARLEa M'llERER. No. II W.m - n - st W lately from German), gives LF.SSOMs on tlie rl A :M - r UH I r.. Ileleienc s, Revd. F. C M'haeirer, 210 t illiain street ; Thomas A. Ro nulds, hookseller, lllit Pe ul street i T. A. Cult waldl, 44 Maiden - Lane. mh 9 tw URS. ItlUiWN, re ecttully rei oiiiuii nils to the Ladies of this City, her method In teaching the Systematical hind writing which has uiiucr - hlly prevailed in England lor the last seven years. Those Ladies who are dii'eacd Willi their present mode ol writing, let it he i vei so unperlact, will, in twelve lessens wri'e with neattiiiss nnd dexterity without the trouble of nil ing their paper or the use of lines. Ladies h , - ii'eil upon ul their nwn residence, uml sih"uls attend ed on applicalinii to Mas BROWN, C Front si. TERMS. Systematical writing, twelve lessons, $10 Round b ind do for children, prrquai ter, 8 Pen making, taught in one lesson, 1 si Ji 4 2w HOARD WANTED FROM THE I'lRST OW MAI NIXT. GEN I LEMAN and luh, Willi two children IX ami rvant, wish lor hoard in a private lamiiy. i la y will n quire two good rooms uu luriunhed, nnd, il desiialde to the family, thev wili only dine with them. Aline addressed e A. C. and left at this office, will meet with attention , o 4f Mil. 1 1 All Y I.AXD PA'I i N I S. OR SALE, an iin - rl, eti d lot of 70 bind nn - tenti, liK'iitcd in (lie Illinois Teriitnrv. ami bought directly Own the Soldiers. Apply to ISAAC R. ST. JH.'IX, Hill 10 tf No. 39 W pll - slteet.. rW) ARRA I D Eol u vuyagt in his inaesly's J.N late ship the Yellow N - al mIoiil' the coust ol 'orcn, mid threiigh its numerous undiscovered Llund, to the island ol l.ewchew; with an acriiimt ot her shipwreck in the straits ol Gaipar; by John .M'Lend, surgeon t Hvo plate - .price $1 75 ;just pu'ilished nnd h.'sale by PETFR A. MESIEU, mn 1 1 Jl Ko. m Wiill - treet. .MILITARY BOUNTY IJV,DM. epHE Subscriber will pay the highest price in J. cash to the late soldiers for tnrir bounty hinds. JAMES D. WADSVVORTH. r, , . ... 5,0 w'ater - street. iV. H. J. D. W. purposing to leave tbecity f r ...o ..,... miiiiurr, Mljlieluil 11110 H 110 I III pit yed bun to uhtuiii their patents, to nil am Ink up the same, or receive Cash lor tbeiri. wm lane any agency business to the Illi nois 1 erriiory, retail se to Soldiers duims, A;c. Apply as above, uu li lo D.Vt ' 3wt iiLIT, FOREsl I ItEl.s. ac. && "li ENJAMIN PRINCEACO I J kave. lor sale at tin ir Nur - 'fWTTTl.ria - sety, Mmhmi' Landing. fL. M ToVjiT. - ti2'JVr in in New Vnrl 11 iiiir '. tut. 4 Si' 5inj ,, rl"v,' vnrieiy 01 i.iiropeiin jXJ W nnn ft met ican r nut 1110I Oma IS mi l. tnl Trees. Also, n rge col f lection of valuable Ehru'is and TA Plants ; I hi y have several Ihoii. 4ansj snnd inoculated Peach trees. which are in tlie nti.ft lirnllhy state nnd free from ny di'temiier, great attention has been naid l preserve them frim the yeliows, which has de stroyed so inniiy trees of that kind throughout In United Stall's, l.ataloguc of winch may be hid of Messrs. HULL & BOWNE, No. 14 I'larl - street, New York, or nl (heir Nursery. Order forwarded to either place will be iinin' diately attended to, nnd the treei, Air. carefull) and sec nn ly pa k - d, so a to he lent to any part ol the United State, with the grMfcf safe ty, and delivered at t.rane wharf. rtew - York. hy water free of freight. Also, tor saie a o note, tuuo lienutiful Ba m of Giltad or Silver Fir Frees, they lire almost sure to live when transplanted. tzT A the Ms ol reach Tree bv rin - ee, have delured many from planting them, direction will be given to those who purchase them, whii h if attended to, will enah!e them lo ureservc their trees in a health date, and tu have Peac hes in as great plenty as in former years. .x.h reacn trees inoculated on Almond or Plum stoc k, is no preventative neainst the dis ease, whii h the Pennsylvania Agricultural Socie ty, Lcaiitne yeuows. mhuD&t Ot FliTir and FUUKbT I HF.F.S Vi. OCT' JAMES BLOODGOOD t 1 r sale at his Nursery, at I - VFlushiiic. (L. I ) near New York. UJ large as irtment of the roost ap - 1 Vs Jn proved Europ;an aad American ra son 01 Apple, rear, isiierry, J - l Plumb, Pea h, Anricot. Necta - aCf '?i;C3aS rie and Quince Trees, with an as'oiliiicni 01 oret 1 reei. A very large assortment or Peach Tree, per feclly healtl'i, and 01 vigornu growths ; cala - Ii.fui s of which mar be had of THOMAS BLOODGOOD, No. 200 Front - street. Where order left will he particularly attended tn, and trees carefully packed and delivered free of treight, iiturane st nan, .sew worn. (5" Printed directions will lie furnished those who purchase peai h trees, whic h, if attended to, will enable tliem to prerve a large propoition nf Ih. ir Irers in a healths state, and lo bat peaches in as great pic uty as formerly, mh 10 dA;c2w FlilUT and FUuhST TUFFS. ryy - WILLIAM PRINCE ha fors.iie at hi nurrery at r lushing, (L. I ) near New - York, an extensive asoitment of European and Am ncsn Fimt and Ornamental 'J'rees and Shrubs. I'he Peacb Trees are in the most healthy stale and of good size, many of them bavins produced fruit in tlie nursery the last season. Catalogue of ihe Nursery may he bad at the (tore of Messrs. T. At J.. SWORDS, No. 160 Pearl - street ; Where order reft will be duly attended to, an4 1'ielmi, A;c. carrlully pscked and delivered, e n - freight, at Ciane Whair, New - York. Printed directions will be furnished lhoc whe n - ircha' ptah trees, which if attended tn, will er.ihle th' - m to preserve x largu prnpoition of tree m a healthy state, and tobave peacb - jis in a great plenty a formerly. I jn'i ! die fit r As - it PUBLIC S A LF.S Br J. P. VF.HKKK U, At the book - store, No. 66 Chatham street, Thursday evening;, half past 6 o'clock, will cum . aiflirM IIm, t,U rj n rtalu:.KIi rnlt.i - ld,iA ol' linoka. ilationarv. natcnl an.1 iiluui flutes, tiles, lie. to iclose a concern. catalogues will be reaay ai 10 o'clock. A. M. .l.lHHl.r t - UH BLILhlXU. Ac TH E proprietors ol the southern snarble qra , lies, near Kiog't - Uridge. give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the htnifi bndu .varolii una Lime - tore, loot ol Bearh - sirti t, on thc Huibon nver, an txteusive stoc k of marble lor building, of the following de scriptioiii, vis : Ashlar coping WalertabU Fouu.iatioo Slona Steps Chimt.ey - 1'iecea Platlormt Faciup Sills, Lintels Columns Arches Also Lime of the best quality. ftf A constant supply of the abore materials mar be calculated upon ; and those deirotis of purchasing, or making enpgements, will apply (o EZRA LUDLUW, Feb 11 At Ihe Yard. STREET Si A l HE frr The contracts which are to be entered hv to lor the street manure, will coiun - ence on the 1st of May neat, for I or Jyears, to lie mention, ed in the sealed proposal ; and the streets are to he swept and cleaned, irom the Iti oi mart n v the Istot January, in every year Feb 21 MECH NKS BANK, ft' The stockholders art hereby notified that an electien for thirteen Directors will lie held ott the first Tuesday in April next, and that the . pen win oe opaneu ac ina Dauaiiig riouse in Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of the President and Director, m. hS VV. FIsH.CashV. COT A RTN EM ShlP. fXT The subscribers have formed a c onnexion in husiness as Sloe k and Exchange Broke, s, ui - d rthi firuiol LIVINGSTON At I RAl .. ffice No. 29 Wall - street, lately occupied by Daren port Si Tracy. VALENTINE N. LIVINGSTON. 11E.RY D. TRACY. mh 4iw , CIRCUS, AN I HO.Y STREET QT" On Tuesday next, I7ih March, Mr. S'l A M - l.AS, being unable Irom the contrncted tate ol his appartments, in Mechanic Hall, from display ing nil those wonder, which received so much applause in Eurnie, ha taken the 1 irrui f ' r a few evening, in order to brim; forward lbs celebrated and so muc h admired Ne plus Lltra, orC'nnjU'or ol While Magic. I bis urpri. - iiig. and iiicnini n hensible exierin)eat, b excited public odmirutmn in Europe, and the Exhibitor hope il will meet with that applause In tl.isci - tv , w hi h wa so lib rally bestowed in Franc) and England. Mr B had the honor of present tug tins surprising dixv. ry lor the fir.t lime ia 1812, be I. ire the lupre - sut iinna - l.nvinr conveyed hi Pocket llunillicrcliief nnd WuUb the ( nl v mile, without h aving her pic sem i , it created general satisiacticn thiiii; hiiut the Court, and stun kso forcibly en the Blind of lliu.r prei nt, that they gave hiui ti e app lli'tma of the ' H onda oflhc.1f.c." Fur lurlhi r pattt culais ee bills ol the day. Mr. Mestayer, Interpreter to thr m rloruiance. I nnr 0111 nl 0 o'clock Curtains rim - nt 7. I iik. Is, Box ft; up r hoxs 75 its; pit SO ents ; cl ildren bah pfii e. 11111 u i ' lit flu. present occupant ol the bouse H . 3 White street, rnmcivis it her duty to apprise 'be geiitleinan who has hired it, that he caanot have Hissession of it on Ihe first of May, for returns which she presumes lw will acknowledge ierfeclly satisfactory, if lie will be so good i s to tek ao interview with Mr. Rose, nt his cilice at the corner of Gold and Fnlton - trcet liming essayed in vain todiscover who he is irom tlie a tillable owner, resorts to this tfedium as4he last resiiirce. mh9 1w UFXTF.r L HUJMMXU. E. Thi new, spacious FRANKLIN IIOU and splendid Building', situated in Broad way, the gnat ami fashionable street dividing - the centre nf the city, at the corner of Dey nt. u ill be ripened by the - .ubscribcr on the 1st of May next, fur the reception of Boarders. It is fitted, and w ill be furnished in a man tier not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any private dwelling in the citv. It (iccttpies the most eligible situation, being; rcnti.l, in V iew of th, Paik nnd City - Hall ; the upper spa'tmcnts overlooking the whole town, coinmandiua; a view of the adjacent country loracirr.iimlerei ceoi 5U miles, including uta Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour 1 and it is believed that no House in the counti v ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit - nation ; and nn cxpt nse having been spared by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and g - entlenieu, aud families visiting the city, the most genteel, pieasun aim retired a paTtmerilH. I he choicest ot Wine ami Liquors , he furnished, and no 'rouble i r expense will be spared, lo make tl.c entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent Thi establishment ia intended exclusively for Genteel Hoarding AIR - . HE.sDERSON. feh?4DAiCtr ffcy - WHEATON t DA - VlS, Fanry Chair Manuioi" turer. No. 153 FuKon - stn 1 opposite St. Paul Chur : a otter for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant a, sort men t ul Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament pd in gold fc bronrr, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chair. Sofas, Settees, Loungees, Music Stool, A:r. Order from any part of the continent executed with neatness and dispatch. ' Old Chairs repaired, paiuted and ornameotaM. mh 9 , - X FIF Dm ESSIXG flOOM. . ; FRUME.STO. ti... I Wll - strel. inst tm. . turned from Italy, lias tlie honour to inform the gentlemen, that lie cut and dresses hair in the latest style, and in a mai ner r'at to adopt lo Oie phitiognomy. He has for sale a quantity of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, the purchasers art at liberty to return them, and receive the money. He has likewise procured a very fine hone, and engages to ustore razors to a very keen edge and sle. uid they not cut he will receive no reenmpence. Those in lie men who m?y please to honor him with the ir patronage, may depend 00 the must particular and respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter will have their razors, Ac. kept exclusively for themselves. . P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply as above. anh t tf JV I'lilXJEliS. FIl W0 or three PRESSMEN will find irnrn JL diste aod resistant employment by ap, lying to D. FANSH AW, Is'os. 10 Cliff and 241 I'earl - rtreeU. L mn03t IOPS..9 bale 1st sort Hop, growth r'l 1111 ... aiwt (Vir mnim nv iwi - - - - v.., - CAiKlui.sxt rr - ysrvavi. mil 10 r7 SooUe - sUeeC

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