Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 28
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 28

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 28
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TWENTY-EIGHT .TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1934 APRIL 5 1934 MORE IOWA MEN NOW EMPLOYED Employers Discover Value of National Service, Says Glassford. DBS MOINES, April 5. OB--Iowa employers and -personnel directors are rapidly discovering the value of the national re-employment service and making use of its.facilities, H. W. Glassford, statistical director, said today. And such discovery has resulted, Glassford declared, in placement of 5,923 persons in employment during the five weeks preceding March 31. . Increasing ISapidly. "Manufacturers and industrial personnel directors are just discovering the value of this national service,"-he said. "Private placements are increasing rapidly. · "I would rather place one man on a permanent job in private enterprise than 100 on PWA or 1,000 on CWA. Citing some examples, the statisticians said that several weeks ago it became necessary to. wire Washington headquarters for permission to-scour. Iowa for die' cutters to meet'the ; rieed of a Newton.factory. Men were_ transferred from.six.Iowa cities to the Newton jobs, he stated. Added In Mason City. Industrial workers have.been added in the last few weeks at factories in Davenport, Charles City, Mason City, Bellevue,- Burlington, Forest City' and others. Glassford estimated that 28,000 Iowa- men' would be employed in PWA projects during 1934 with more than 50;000 taken back into private employment.' The Iowa service has an office in each of the 99 counties. Logan Mayor, Newly Elected, Quits Post LOGAN, April 5. (iPI -- B. W. Stearns resigned as mayor last night immediately after he had qualified. C. A. Stern, city clerk, was appointed to, the vacancy by the council. Dispute over the appointment of a night watchman is said to have caused Stearns to take this action. Iowa Woman's Neck Broken in Tumble PELLA, April 5. OP)--Injuries sufered when she fell down a flight of stairs in her home here caused the death of Mrs. Art Koeleman, 51, last night. Her neck was broken. Hotel Manager Resigns. IOWA FALLS, April 5.--Harry M. Lutz has resigned as manager of the Hotel Arling here, and will en;e in another line of work. For "past nine years, Mr.-Lutz has 'been associated with the Arling. A. C. Beitsch, one of the owners of the 'Arling hotel property, succeeds Mr. Lutz as manager. Had Hardly Seen a Well Day in Past Six Years [Would Palk All Night, Sleep Impossible, On Strict Diet and Even Then So Distressed With Stomach Trouble; "Gly-Cas Gave Me New Lease on Life," Says Mrs. Garrett. "I had seen the action of many medicines--but never one that can compare with this new Gly-Cas," .Mrs. A. 3. Garrett, 1216 21st Ave., S. W., Cedar Rapids, highly respected local lady, an active worker in the United Brethren Church, MBS. A. J. GARRETT said recently in talking with the Gly-Cas Man at Michael's Drug Store, 5.So. Federal Ave.: "For six years before I tried Gly- Cas I had hardly had a well day," continued Mrs. Garrett. "It was constant suffering for me, .walked all night, night after night, as sleep was impossible. Would perspire until the sweat would run off me. At times I felt as if I could not endure it. I was on a strict diet and even then was distressed almost beyond endurance with gas, bloating and misery over my body. But Gly-Cas was wonderful for me and today I can eat anything I want, sleep well and feel like my former self once more, even my.blood pressure has been reduced. I know that no one except myself can ever know what I suffered. And it was so discouraging trying medicine after medicine without results and it was certainly a happy day when I began to get just the relief I had been want- Ing from this Gly-Cas. I feel like telling everyone to try this new remedy for I know from experience --It does the work and does it well." Gly-Cas is sold by Michael Drug Co., 5 South Federal Ave., Mason City. Iowa. KIDNAPED, SHE SAYS R. C. Dowling, movie actor, denied - the story of Marjorle Crawford (above), 25 year old flyer and actress, that he had kidnaped her and threatened harm unless she married him. (Associated Press photo.) SNOWSTORM OF 1928 RECALLED Hundred Cars Stuck in Snow Near Garner Six Years Ago. By ARTHUR PICKFORD, Globe-Gazette Farm Editor. Lest we forget and in order that we may properly evaluate our present weather it sometimes pays to look backwards. A group of traveling men were discussing the weather--especially April weather and one of them remarked: Stuck in Snow. "It's just about six years ago that I was stuck in the snow near Garner and I wasn't alone. There were 55 cars west of me and 51 cars east-stalled in the snow. Three of them were Ford coupes and all you could see of them was the roofs sticking out of the drift. This was on April 6, 1928. "It began on Friday. A big van from Des Moines got stalled west of town and no one could pull around it and so they began to accumulate east and west. "It snowed and blew all Friday afternoon and Saturday. "The trouble came from the taking up of the snow fences in Hancock county and the dismantling of the snow plows. Took Three Days. "A Mason City man was three days in coming from Sioux City to Masoa City, another man told of coming- from Algona to the Cerro Gordo county line most of the way in the fields. "Fortunately the Cerro Gordo snow fences were most of them still up and the plows cleared the pavement so that we got along all right but I shall always remember that traffic jam. "You just can't guess what March and' early April will do in Iowa." UNION MEMBERS HEAR 'BILL' TATE Organizer for Butcher Workmen Gives Talk at Eagles Hall. 'Bill" Tate, known as the former trainer of Jack Dempsey, for 19 years a professional boxer and now an organizer for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher ' Workmen's union, addressed an audience of workers at Eagles hall Wednesday night. Mr. Tate, a product of Montgomery, Ala., told of being for many years a packing house worker, of how he enlisted in the World's war, of the training of .Tack Dempsey and finally of his work in organizing the workers under the American Federation of Labor. Favors Organization. "A man who does not get into the fight," said Mr. Tate, "is not only a slacker to the president and the NRA, but also* to his wife and children who are entitled to the benefit of higher wages, better conditions and a decent standard of living. It behooves each of you to organize yourselves so that you can procure an honest living and a just share of the profits of your labors." In commenting on joining-together of the different races 'into one union, Mr. Tate told a humorous story of two bulldogs in adjoining yards, who instead of guarding their owner's property were always trying to get through the fench at each other until one day the wind blew a paling off of the fence and let them get together. Blown Off Palings. "Old man depression has blown the palings off the fence," he said, "and made us doubly strong and now you have both the white man and the colored man pulling together." Mr. Harlan, an ex-officer of the Independent Union which he helped to organize at Austin, Minn.,.also spoke, explaining the futility of joining an organization of that sort and pointing out the advantages of alignment with an organization which has a recognized legal standing and can be relied upon. BOARD STUDIES STRIKE DANGER Tool Makers Demand 5 Day 36 Hour Week With Boost in Pay. DETROIT, April 0. OB--White the national automobile labor board was continuing its consideration today of a strike in the plants of .the Nash Motors company at Racine, Wis., the threat of another suspension of work by tool and die makers employed in job shops was revealed by Matthew Smith, general secretary of the Mechanics Educational society of America. It was this organization that directed the strike of tool and die workers in the automotive industry last fall and seriously handicapped re-tooling operations for new model output. Slow Up Output. While the present controversy, involving a demand for a 20 per cent wage increase and a 36 hour, five day week, centers in the job shops, Smith said it would affect immediately the entire automotive industry by slowing up production. He said that unless a reply from job shop owners is received by Sat urday morning a strike vote will be taken with a strike, if one is voted, set -for next Monday night. Pay Higher Wages. Smith said that during the past six years, the jobbers have been paying "5 to 10 per cent higher wages because of the general insecurity of the jobs. Now they are paying 15 per cent less than the big plants. This is the discrepancy we wish to adjust." Frederick J. Haynes, general manager of the Automotive Tool and Die Makers Shop association of Michigan said that "the only disposition of the tool and die industry is to be fair. We want time to consider the demands; that is all there is to it" Smith claimed that more than a wsek already had been given the employers. William Morris, 71, Swea City, Is Buried SWEA CITY, April 5.--Funeral services for William Norris, 71, who died from complications following a relapse from pneumonia, were held 1 Wednesday afternoon at the M. E. church with the Rev. G. R. McDonell in charge. He is survived by his .widow and two sons. One daughter is deceased. Darn a March wind. If you look up, your hat blows off; if you don't, think what you miss seeing.'--Midwest Review MOTORIST KIDNAPED Raymond Hamilton, southwest desperado, was Identified as the man who kidnaped Mm. Cam Gunter (above) of Mexia, Texas, and drove her to Houston, where he released her and stole another car. (Associated Press-photo.) MAN'S LIFE SPAN MAY BE BOOSTED Iowa Professor Bases New Method Upon Size of Digestive System. ST. PAUL, April 5. UP)--A new way of stoking the human boiler may keep the body's machinery clicking for five years beyond the present normal life span, science was told today. The new method, envisioned by Prof. C. H. ilcCloy, is based on the size of the "boiler" or viscera-man's digestive system. By developing diets to fit various sizes of viscera, he foresees a possibility of increased health and longevity. Professor at Iowa. McCIoy, on the faculty of the University of Iowa, is a professor of science of anthropometry (man measurement). Although emphasizing that his findings so far are wide generalities, he said he expected that they might lead to new regimens of exercises as -well as diet. For purposes of comparison, he divided man into-two broad-classifications, "long lean" and "short stocky" types. "The long lean man can eat more than the short stocky one without getting fat," he said, "because he has a small 'boiler 1 'and does not absorb so much of his food intake. · Absorbs More Food. "On the other hand, the short man with the big trunk has larger viscera and absorbs a great deal more of what he eats. This absorption contributes to fat in middle age. "In older years, the long lean group tends toward diseases of the digestive and pulmonary systems, while the short stocky group finds its troubles in the kidneys, heart and circulatory system." McCIoy is here to attend the convention of the Central District Physical Education association, of which he is president. Newly Elected Valley Junction Mayor Dies DBS MOINES, April 5. UP)--Sam Polnetzky, newly elected mayor of Valley Junction, died this morning of a heart attack in the Polk county courthouse. A member of the county grand jury, he had reported for duty and shortly afterward suffered the attack. He died a few minutes after physicians had been summoned. An official survey shows there are about 2,000 judicial tribunals in Georgia, including courts held by justices of the peace. CONFERENCES AT BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Rowland Hanson to Have Charge of Three Day Event Here. The conferences to be conducted by Dr. Rowland Hanson at the Baptist church April 6 to 8 will begin with a pep meeting for young people at 6:15 o'clock Sunday evening. The women of the church are serving a free luncheon to all the young people who will come to this meeting. At 7:30 a meeting will be held in the church auditorium. "The Miracle of Me" will be the subject of Dr. Hanson's address. On Saturday there will be a conference at 10 a. m., for Sunday school teachers and church leaders and at 2:30 p. m., a conference for all young people. Three conferences addresses will be held on Sunday. The morning service will be in conjunction with the Sunday school and will begin at 10 o'clock. Other conference addresses are scheduled at 3 and 7:30 p. m. in SUITES for the BEDROOM and DINING ROOM Walnut Bedroom Suite of Three Pieces--A Real "Buy" at Just unpacked--in time to thrill the A ^^ f^ ^/\ Spring shopper with its charm and beauty! Sk g^ '^_ Oil ^* Three splendid pieces, the bed, chest and *r ·^%B^% Down vanity. Dresser may be had in place of M B · · Delivers vanity at slight additional cost. ^^ ^^ Satinwood Overlays Make This Walnut Suite Distinctive 8-pieces! A "Buy" that will make a host of new friends for Wolfs. The large. Buffet and Table are smartly styled and beautifully proportioned. Arm chair and 5 side chairs. $7775 $5 Down Delivers 5 For Only FIVE DOLLARS We Will Put Any Suite in This Ad Into Your Home. Balance-on Easy, Convenient Terms. Transform Your Bedroom Into a Boudoir For Only The popular poster type bed is used in this suite. The vanity and roomy · chest of drawers with their handsomely decorated exteriors have oak interiors. '58 50 3-Pc. Hollywood Walnut Suite $I 7G 95 You will be delighted with the smartness of this suite. The vanity has a handsome Hollywood mirror* of heavy French plate. All pieces are constructed of walnut combined with other fine woods. Two-Tone Walnut Suite--3 PCS. ( 88 50 This Smart Group For the Dining Room at Such, a Low Price As smart a dining room as-anyone- would want and it is so complete. The stately buffet,. tl?e six-legged table,. the six chairs, including the arm chair. -:$ 87 50 6-Pc. Dinette Suite in Maple 77 50 'LIVABLE MODERN" SUITES in Metal or Choice Woods. This suite is very distinctive in design and quality. The exquisite graining with overlap of Oriental woods give it a richness seldom found at this low price. Simmons M e t a l . . . Indulge your dream for a, Moderne Bedroom at thia saving for you may nevur again buy BO smart and finely made a suite at so low a price. Suite includes bed. chest and vanity.- 50 Satinwood... Here's a modern suite in aP Its new and rich glory. Luxurious -walnut with lustrous chrome finish hardware. Semi- guided and dove-tall front and back. Four pieces in this grouping. $ 89 50 This suite for .the dinette of Colonial Maple is a dream. Included are the buffet, extension table and four chairs upholstered with chintz in a dainty design. Solid Oak Dining Suite--8 PCS. *89 50 Many who desired Oak Suites found them beyond their means, but Wolf's offers this fine quality oak suite at an extremely low price. Buffet is beautifully carved Refectory type table. Six chairs. A Deposit of $1.00 Will Hold Any Suite For Later Delivery MIER WOLF SONS See the Beautiful Display of "Livable Modern" Suites on Our Main Floor

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