The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 8, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1939
Page 2
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MASON CITY GLOBE- -- -- - -- -- _ __ -. --- ^^^. ^j_j_ j_ vr.'-i'j.o.cj-vj.a.Zj.c/j. m ir Yg Listen in? RESUME TRIAL WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1939 REFERENDUM HIT BY ROOSEVELT : . President Declares Neutrality Act Has Not Been Peace Aid WASHINGTON, (U.PJ-Presldent Boosevelt Tuesday denounced the proposed war referendum amendment as dangerous to the national defense because of the nature of modem warfare, while on another .ttont the senate overwhelmingly passed the $358,250,000 army expansion bill authorizing an army ·^air corps strength of 6,000 planes ., Mr. Roosevelt coupled his denunciation of proposals to give the people the sole right to declare war with, criticism of the American neutrality act which, he said, has not contributed to world peace or strengthened the nation's hand in international affairs during the past three years. Votes Army Expansion Shortly before he made his re marks at his regular week] press conference, the senate voted 77' to B for the army expansio measure after first bowing to a economy-bloc drive to limit th t .: The war referendum amend ment which drew Mr. JSoosevelt' .fire, was introduced in the senate Jast week by a bi-partisan bloc o 12 senators. It provides for a constitutional amendment requiring a national referendum before war declared except in case of attack on the United States, its possessions or territories, or'the western hemisphere. Cites Undeclared Wars The president called attention to the trend toward undeclared wars and said that the white house.should be giv^n as free a hand as possible to act in the best interests of the national defense. He cited early American history and the seizure of American ships by French privateers during France's war with Great Britain. To cope with that situation, he said, it was necessary for the American government to authorize construction of a navy. That was accomplished at the direction of the president, although congress appropriated the necessary funds. Drilling for Oil in Northern Missouri Is Now Under Way MOUND CITY, Mo., (#)_A champagne launched oil rig was grinding away at the earth Wednesday in the first actual quest for oil in Missouri's part of the Forest City basin, vast three-state geological area which has been the scene of petroleum leasing activity for the past six months. A civic ceremony was climaxed by E. H. Steffens, St. Joseph Chamber ot Commerce president, who broke a bottle of champagne on the drilling ea.uipment at the spudding in of the No. 1 Fred Spring test well on the outskirts of Mound City Tuesday. The well is being drilled by J H. Everitt, Oklahoma operator and others. Hundreds of newly oil-minded persons from northern Jlissouri Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas were juests of the Mound City Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis club as this city declared a holiday for the drilling activities. 'PAYASYOOGO' POLICy URGED Iowa Taxpayers' Group Warns of Evils of Reserves DES MOINES, CSV-Warning against the "popular appeal of the words 'social security " the Iowa laxpayers association Tuesday urged a "pay as we go" policy as he only safe practice to follow In its monthly publication the organization declared editorially With each added group or class must go some special provision or setting aside revenue already eing collected, or a small tax that ppears quiie harmless, all to be COLUMBIA BHOADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK i2ie KILOCYCLES CORONATION TO BE HELD SUNDAY More Than 250,000 Seek Tickets to Attend Ceremonies , : VATICAN CITY, (IP)--Vatican officials said Wednesday more 4 than; 250,000 persons seek admis- jaon facketsto the coronation of ·;Pope Pius.Xn on Sunday. ·:.·· One source said cardinals themselves we're limited to three tickets each on account of the demand. Engineers estimated 150000 persons would fill St. Peter's piazza and L'Osservatore Romano said .the pontiff decided to be crowned on the balcony of St. Peter's in order to accommodate as many as possible. A Vatican City news service said that President Roosevelt's £sssn j ffi p BS5r oe ras special representative at We popes coronation next Sunday came to the Vatican "as a complete surprise and therefore crated the very best impression " ik * S U I?eWS service emphasized that this was the first time an i! n( 2? Dres "ient had taken such action. It said Kennedy w« chosen for this duty because he was "an excellent Catholic. Boy Scout District Rally Plans Complete ss, a aid by the same taxpayers on whom now rests and always will rest the responsibility f or care of the unfortunate and other needy m times of trouble or depression Is Source of Trouble What is overlooked is the historical fact that such accumula- -"-- oufu ^cumula- tions of vast reserves in public treasuries have always' been a source of trouble. It should be painfully clear in the memories of most of our older citizens that the large balances which had accumulated m our public treasuries here m Iowa some 17 or 18 years ago were wiped out along with their own savmgs when the great ma- jonty of the banks were forced to close their doors. "We are still paying all the interest received from banks on public funds and all o£ the beer rffV eVet ! Ue toward "placement of these losses. ; - . More. Taxes Threatened i t i£ t r b f il ' ls DOW be f°re P °thV lo^va legislature threaten from 20 to 30 million dollars in increased expenditure^ through taxes, bills, the * * Pr °J QU J Z a i W £ rk -° n K5«-Wednesday Night^ I Heater over KGLO Wednesday from 8 to 9 p. m. * "Dr. Jones," original human interest yarn about the medical profession, written by Ashmead Scott and starring the Texaco players, is dramatic highspot of tlie program. Baker and Langford Kenny Baker sings a brand 2?" ,/?"£' " A Uttte Hot D °S btand." He closes with Stephen Foster's "I Dream of Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair." i ranees Langford contributes Summertime" from "Forgy and Bess,' "Remember Me" and "Could Be." Ken Murray, acting as guest m. c. for the past several weeks, has been signed for that spot on Star Theater. David Broekman's orchestra provides musical settings. * * * WPA Symphony The Federal symphony of New York, a WPA artists project presents a program over KGLO Wednesday from 6:30 to G-45 p. m. M. Wednesday P. ., 5:15 Singin- Sam, Coca Cola 5:30 The Lone Ranger, Pfaff Baking Company 6:00 News of the Nation, P. G and E. 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers Poultry Tribune R"-TM i' 1 ? W ? ods s P° rts Camera 6.30 Federal Symphony of New York, WPA 6:45 Alpha Land .7:00.News, United Home Bank 7:0a The North Iowa Forum R B. Irons ' 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Music For Men, U. E I 7:45 News ' ' 8:00 Texaco Star Theater Texaco, CBS 9:00 9 O'clock Tempos 9:30 Melodeers Quartet 9:45 Old Refrains 10:00 Evening News Roundup in-,. ,-n.,..,- Baum , s 0rcI 4 {raj King's .Orchestra, Holmes' Orchestra, CBS 10:30 Wayne CBS 10:45 Herbie CBS 11:30 Henry a ,- el . tlot condemning these by listing them. We are seeking to place before interested people such information as will enable them to decide what they favor or oppose or what they think worthy of further atten- -- ---·" ***rtiii fi jjeurt in the I T~T,S lstnct ral 'y in the hjeh school Wednesday night will a f acctdlnTto^ fa "^ Study h * 1[ according to announcement mad« Th 9, ampbe "' commissioner opened £u? a VLgF* scouts which will include the official opening ceremony, after which We various contests will be run Mr. Campbell stressed that th c rally is open to the public and parents and friends of scouts have been invited to attend There will be contests in fire by friction, flint and steel ' bugling, first aid, knot' other scout activities. - ^f opening ceremony will begin at 7:45. AUNT MET . By Robert Qrjillen _ 'We needn't woiTy" about minorities in this country. The only way you can tell a minority here is by its actin' like it owned the country." Qualfe and Stouder Conduct Meeting for Osage Hog Producers OSAGE-- E. L. Quaife of the animal husbandry department of the extension service and Dr. K. w. btouder, extension veterinarian, were the principal speakers at sw : 1I i? meet TMg for hog producers at the Home Trust arid Savings bank here Tuesday The fellows: "Brood Sow - - . . u a e ; p lg Troubles," Dr. Stouder; movies of interest to hog raisers; "Making Hogs Weigh 200 Pounds at 180 bays O £ A-e » Quajfe: open forum on measures to follow for control of necro and common h°S parasites, led by Dr Stouder. 11:00 Glen Gray's Casa Loma Or- 1 --'-- CBS King's Orchestra, 12:00 Sign Off Thursday, March 9 6:00 The Alarm Clock Hour 6.4o Horning News Roundun 7:00 Time and Tunes, First National Bank 7:15 Chapel of the Air ? on \ e F °l*s Frolic, Iowa .Master Breeders Hatchery 7:45 Musical Clock, Mexkel's 8:00 Milton Charles Recalls, CBS 8.1o Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 3:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly, Wonder Bakers, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air Clear Lake Merchants o^= ^ us ; cal Workshop, Innes 9.45 Charles City on the Air, in rm £ harles Cit y Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 10:15 The Parade o£ Bands 10:30 The Morning Concert, Vance ,,, .- Musle Company 10:4o The Church in the Wildwood, Marshall and Swift Hank Hook With Home -Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage Calinescu New Rumanian Premier Armand Calinescu (above) took over the position of premier of Romania, succeeding Dr aiiron Cristea who died al Cannes. Calincscu is also min- uter of war and interior. The dark monocle covers a sightless C 11:30 Markets U : t« American Family Robinson i£:ufj Mid-day Review 12:30 Front Page News with Pat P a t t e r s o n , International Harvester Company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Street , ,,,, Pritchard Motor Company 1:00 Melody Weavers, CBS 1:15 The Town Crier 1:30 The American School of the Air, CBS ? : TM ?· s ; Army Band - CBS 2.30 Sonata Recitals, CBS 3:00 The Daily Devotions 3:ln Ray Blochs' Varieties, CBS 3:4o Harry Cool and the Har- monets, CBS 4:00 Current Questions, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend, CBS 4:45 The Majl Bag 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coca Cola o:30 Uncle Nick's Junior Music 6:00 News of the Nation P G and E. . - 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers, Poultry Tribune o.Io Jim Woods' Sports Camnrn 6:30 Stop and Listen oaraeia 7:00 News, United Home Bank 7:05 The North Iowa Forum do The Town Crier s'nn ^ Tmeriean Legion Program 8:00 Neivs 8:15 Music for Men, U E I 8:30 Music by Cugat 9:45 On With the Dance 9:00 Little Theater Drama * * Lone Ranger Club Large, colorful certificates enrolling boys and girls in the Lone Ranger Safety club will be given to all the youngsters who sign the applications which are available at all stores where Betsy Ross bread is sold Wednesday at 5:30 p. m , in tne KOUJ program sponsored by the Pfaff Baking company, the Lone Ranger'takes up the trail of adventure when he sets out to expose a conspiracy of murder between an aged rancher and a crooked sheriff in their effort to obtain possession of a young man's ranch. * » » Day's Forum Guest D - ce a in-nn Amei : lcan Viewpoints, CBS "·?» Evening News Roundup J^mmy Dorsey's Orchestra, CBS 10:30 ne Kins/s Orchestra . 10:45 ?S"y Bussc's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Sammy Kayo's Orchestra, CJaS · I1:3 ° ^il hton Noble's Orchestra, Loo 12:00 Sign Off GUILD HAS MEETING BELMOND--The Service guild of tne Congregational church met Monday at the home of Mrs. L. H K"? 0 " 5 -- Assistant hostess was Mrs. R. B. Piper. Supt. R. B. Irons of the Mason City public schools will appear on ttie North Iowa Forum over KGLO Wednesday from 3 to 7:15 p. m., givin r a re- Port on the National Education association's convenfion which lie attended recently in Cleveland. NBC BLUE NETWORK COO KILOCYCLES ·WEDNESDAY EVENIJfG « 5:00 Don Winslow 5:15 Gems of Melody 5:45 Wcauicr-Ncws 6:00 Easy Aces B : TM 5 ra:cr ° £ Losl *«-5ons 6:30 Kcvs 0:45 Opportunity Knocks · :K» Zingo * : '- Roy Shield's Orchestra 7:30 Hobby Lobby » : SS S? 1 ^" Jonc5 ' Orchestra 8:30 Wings f o r thc afar-tinTM iSlS SL PUMC I " tCrSl in Democracy 10-1- SM?" _ t -°J I1 ardo-s Orchestra n S ', c ? rl! * t1 '* °TM*eftra ?'* Jurucn-s Orchestra 0 Joe Rtichman's Orchestra W H O NBC .^^""OBK 3:rit Captain ^l oil 5 Dick Tracy 5:30 Jack Armstrong r'iU c' U i c °'Ihzn Annie G:M Sonticllows 6:1S Human Sides of News 6:3O !\cws 7:00 one Man's Family 10:IS Kev.-s 1!:00 Veterans Forum j : '? J?hnnj--at.thc.pia 11:39 LJghls Out Rat Is Hooked When Man Casts Out .Line JASPER, Ark., f/p) _ Walter Brasel gave his last year's fishing tackle a test cast across a storeroom floor. From a hole a rat pounced on Brascl's artificial minnow. Brasel reeled in, hooked ihe rat. ' OF M'NIDER CASE Ontjes Inquires About Expense Checks Issued to Hanford MacNider suit the estate got under 6 H. way again W£dnesday morni after a four day recess with Peter Anderson, secretary of the Northwestern States Portland Cement company returning to the stand lor the fifth consecutive weet Questioning of the secretary' bv F. A. Ontjes, attorney for the claimants, Wednesday revolved ?J OU "?, checks issued to Hanford MaeNider from 1916 to 1S34 for director's salary, expenses, contributions and rent of farmlands. Checks Issued in 1930 Particular attention \vas paid to expense cheeks issued during the spnng and summer of 1930 Mr checks' Indiana Has Largest Budget in History INDIANAPOLIS, /P) __ The thirty-first Indiana legislature passed the biggest budget in the state's history. The general as! sembly, which ended its session i a rl TUeS S ay a£ter w "*ing neariy 16 hours beyond the constitutional ?in,^ ay . S a PP r °P ri ated $83,568,449.15 to run the state the next two years_ov er $2,000,OOB above the current budget. Gov. M. Clif signed tte two j J'J . -T- " """"is cneejfB dated April 7 for ?82.80 traveling expenses, April 9 for 51,000 for expenses, contributions etc" April 39, for 567 traveling s^ penses, May 17 for ?1,000 "contributions, expenses, etc.," June 4 for $320 expenses of trip to New York and July 23 for 51,000 for expenses, contributions, etc." The attorney questioned the witness carefully to determine the basis for the charges but received the answer that Mr. Anderson had no memory or record other than the vouchers accompanying the checks as to the reason for the charges. · Claimants Continue Do you know whether any other officer of the company than Mr. MacNider himself would S^MLlS^ ° £ * e . e *??«"- I probably did at the time" answered Mr. Anderson Claimants testimony is expected to be completed within lie next week after which testimony i°*4T v, de£ense will be begun Little likelihood was seen that the trial would be completed and a decision rendered before the second week in April at the earliest. PROPOSAL IS REJECTED MINNEAPOLIS, (U.PJ-Strikers returned to picket lines before 35 pubuc office buildings Wednesday following the building service employes union's rejection of an employers' proposal to end thc- ? e ^f n day ° w walkout of nearly 1,000 elevator operators a n d maintenance workers 6 ARE INJURED IN STREET RIOT Pickets Form Line in Front of Meeting Lauding Franco Regime LOS ANGELES, (JP) -- p o i; c teai- gas, hurled as at least half , dozen persons were hurt in stree fighting, broke up a belligeren ·I.. 01 . rad5cal Pickets Tuesd* nignt at a Catholic-sponsored meeting whidb praised the 'Franco regime in Spain. The riotous demonstration occurred in front of a theater where Aileeu O'Brien, formerly a nurse with, the Spanish nationalist army, spoke under the auspices of the Catholic theater guild with the authorization of Archbishop John J. CantwelL Bombs Thrown Bade Two police officers suffered eye bums from the gas bombs, some of which were thrown back at police by the 200 or more pickets Jostled as they tried to leave the meeting, John Ganey, 26, was struck in the forehead with a stick and Miss Manly O'Brien, 17 not related to the nurse, was' knocked down and suffered a sprained knee. Banners Are Carried Brandished to the accompaniment of boos and hisses were banners reading "Franco's child welfare program; bombarding orphans" and "Franco will destroy religious liberty." The first clash, police said started when Catholic .students and others tried to open up entrances through the picket line Ignoring a police demand to disperse, the demonstration continued. Officers replied with tear gas. The pickets" finally retreated to a vacant lot opposite the theater where they sang the communist Internationale." Veteran of Civil War Succumbs FREDERICKSBUKG _ o u N. Col«n»n, 94, last Civil war veteran in Ciickasaw county died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. I*lia Richardson, here Tuesday afternoon from pneumonia. He came here in 1876. The veteran was preceded in death by Jus ,,#,. ^ 133^ Surviving are three sons, Clyde of Haugen, Mont., Frank of Cahnar and leo of Westrate; two daughters, Mrs. Phoebe Kinf of Kio; Lake, Wis, and Mrs. Eich- ardsen. Services have not been arranged. Wedding of Merrill, Toby Wing Revealed . NEWARK, N. J., (ff--The Tia uana wedding of Dick MerriU traasAtlantic flyer and airline Pilot, arid Toby Wing, blond dancer, was no longer a secret Wednesday. Merrill, arriving at Newark airport on his regular hgbt from Miami (for eastern urlmes) admited his long-rumored marriage to Miss Wing He aid they were'wed in Mexico'last une, but parried all other ques- tons. The production of soybean oil orn oil and peanut oil in the ruted States in 1938 was the argest oa record. GABLE TO BE MARRIED SOON But Actor Will Not Tell of Time, Place for Next Marriage . Gable, whose one mule ranch Jacks a woman's refining influence, let the world guess Wednesday on how soon he'll bring home Carole Lombard as Mrs. Gable It may even be this weekend, but Clark wasn't saying, as he received the news that his second ) f5 Maria, had given him his freedom by a four minute divorce trial Tuesday at Las Vegas Nev s egas ev Fixing up the chicken coops and pitching hay for the mule "Bessie" which Carole gave him as a births day present last month, the he- man .film hero admitted his nun- tials were near but he hadn't marie plans "for the time Gable was supposed to have been paying court to Vivien Leieh n the ruffled shirt and long sidls. tV 1 ? 3 a i soythern dandy, but his * "» call for "Gone with the was canceled because the , -, after more than two years f preparation, still neded tinker- rnJt^fXtS o^SeJ^dSS DtateP" 8 ^ , " WinJ " * C0m i t , an ° fe ^ friends think Gable will wait until then for another leap into matrimony Miss Lombard is not exactly "rung jn inactivity, either She must pose for portraits and poster art (hit ,,,,,»!, before ' .*"·""=* Mian Continues to -heer at Game After .eg Is Fractured FRANKFORT, Ind, "r/P)_Wil- am SibbiH, 86 year old farmer cneenng at a high school basket- all game, fell off his seat He pulled himself back into lace and kept on cheering until he game ended. Then he found out he had roken leg. IS 86 YEARS OLD STACYVILLE--Mrs. Peter Wolf as congratulated on her eighty- xth birthday by hosts of friends no spent a social afternoon. '/v FOR EXAMPLE COMPARE PRICES, DODG I'/z-TON class front fanmvcr, 0 ^ slonetire carrier. ° n ".*' !!S£T!M I £ 5 *825 MMlf""j"* *·__....,,. -. A »A^V AnvANTaCE! YET DODGE UADS WITH 5 VITAl ECONOMY ADVANTAGES \ ·-* TOOK at this list of 5 important J-i Dodge track advantages that mean greater satisfaction »nd lower tracking costs. Then tate a test of the new, low-priced "track-built" Dodge truck--that's all we ask! 0 BONDERIZfNG-Dodge track metal cow rasvproofed by this modem process. Preserves "new track" beauty and saves on reranishing. Q AM OLA STEEL--So dnrabla ^^ and close-grained that finest rszor blades can be made from it. Yet thousands of tons of this amazing new Euper-tongh alloy arc nsed in 1939 Dodge tracks in axle shafts, springs and other vital parts. A STYLING--The distinguished ^" newheauty of 1939 Dodge trucks will buad money- making prestige for any business --their new, larger, cabs are a "sure hit" with drivers. A 7 ENGINES--Dodge offers 7 track-built" engines to give you the most economical power plant for each size of track. Simplified design to save on upkeep. £} B R A K E S --Fall hydraaiic, fully eqoalizedatallfourwheels, for troick^ sure, safe stopping. .HEW «5!«S l s 4Klfe^ *^S5^HUM| -tSSewioi""*** 0 . 4 : 3*PW . . y . . e o y « t "»B410=*' , 680 !Xli«* ' BUDGE 2-TON MOTOR INN HART MOTORS, lnc.-120 No. d, Iowa

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