The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1913
Page 5
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i i I i I! ys I · ' i 9 I 2 p. 9 HOLIDAY BRGAINS 5? I POSTAL SERVICE SELF-SUPPORTING ARREST MURDER SUSPECT | Barieson 'of Si a QHR «-JUi IBROWTH OF PARCEL POST y. _ I 3X H · 5J g-- f '· ?; i ?~ i tpeciai rrices --ON- -r e y-. * t * ~£ I -i e PIANO; and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. Victor Talking Machines - and Records. r , A Piano or Victor Talking Ma- Italian Wanted In Lancaster Caught j " In Jamaica* | Philadelphia; Dec." 18.--The police jhere have been notified of the arrest [in Kinfston, Jamaica, of August Vi^ tale, a -wealthy fruit merchant of Lan,, . j caster. Pa-^whb isf accused of the uSJIDiUS [niurder ofTTony Collata. a rnal fruit " ! dealer of that city. ' j Vitale was apprehended oa Monday j as he stepped from a fruit steamer ; bound from Xew York, as the rssalt Tof advices sent by the Philadelphia 5 authorities. ^ is- Coilata^-as found Bead along the turnpike JJUSIT east of Lancaster on Oct. 31, with his neeto broken. It was XMAS ..»- Ab out 300,000,000 In. First Six Months--Wants Aerial the bo g y , however; 'disclosed *a bullet Mail Service. - men, Koeco Tassnie and Via- T W © L I E S ume since 1SS.S- In his annual report he says that for the fiscal year which ended June 30 'ast the department had an actual surplus oi §3,841,906. Frank H. Kii-_::coek, postmaster ·jenera! in tlie Taft administration, laid claim to the honor of be»ng the JUrst official since 1S.J to the de Lancaster'authorities that Vitale had hired the men to assassinate Collata, with another man named Tony Mas- terore, who is also under arrest, for $2«0. ~* according to the police, resulted from a ;eud among the Italian fruit rissrchasts a Lancaster, incensed when some characterizes them as misleading. He contends that the Hkchcock figures did. not take into account the obligations of the department contracted i u j the coarse of the year and still out-j Mr.! for trial. © r« e - ·f. R £ 5 3S We sell them at prices and terms that you" Can "afford one. Call 2_ajajid get prices before purchasing elsev/here '/ ::-si e » I © ·n -'e S 51 S i I i Gettysburg, Pa. "There was in reality,"' says Burlesoa, "a deficit or approximately S7-J3.000." In outlining the general policy of the administration toward the postal service, Mr. Burleso-, sa-vs: "The dorninant policy 01 the present administration "aril! be to conduct the postal service for the coaveaiaacs of the pablic and not for proSt. The prime consideration in perfecting the personnel of the postal service shall be to recognize e£c:ency aad to eiirsi- naie partisans''!?." In speaking o: the parcel po=t ser vice, which iras put in operation Jaa. 1, lSi3, jlr 3i.rieson says the grovrts of the business has been pheaomerial- In the £rst six months oi its operation practically 3'iu.OOC 1 ,0'"0 parcels v.-ere handled. "Tae pczialarity cf t^e parcel post cannot be doubted," sas the pcst- raaster general. "It's facilities are betseg" and iics rates geoierailj" lower _uts^Jtbgse. of private coEapamssr' The _pcsnnaster general says the system 'sTli be developed to 3ust as great aa extent in the matter of the size of packages to be carried and "other features as t?iil enable the-de parnnent to maintain itself on a self supporting basis Tee postmaster gen. oral expects that the revenues irom this source will be so greatly iacreas ed from tnnre · to'Time recgcrionsr ID SKS Tvay be made. " ,. ~~_ Mr. Bar-eson asl-"s for an appropriation of SS'i-O^O to provide-for an. ex rerimentai aerial mail service- "It is believea,"* says he. "that' Itere are secaons,-o£-the coantrj" "^£ere. because of uDOg T ~a*:Mc£' conditfons, this class rf service niig" l t be advantageously employed^-in some casssJ' - Mr; Burleson reports tast the uostal savings sjstera on Tune 30 last ·was ic operation in 12.I5S offices, and since then the sernce has been extended to 210 presidenpai offices The number of savings- depositors at the end of the Sscal year were "331,000 and the amount on deposit $31,818.000. RAILROADS VIOLATE SERVICE HOURS LAW Nearly 300,000 Breaeiiss of Act Are Reported Th?folfowing useful articles are suggested for Christmas Gifts for man, woman and child. ; . *· : . r · / , Carving Sets, Cutlery of all kinds. Bis^els Carpet Svreepers, Clothes Wringers, Ninnoroas Styles of Y.'.ishing Ma-_-'u.:es. Pood Choppers, Moat Grinders, Lard ors ?^S5^£5^332 SAVE F Ask us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n male ing saving easy Tickets Issued Each Depositor TTithonr C-i=: A smsa deposit and yoa'ii ha\e a nice amount for Ctrigniias Shor-p:ng Dec. IS. -- "Violations of the lav: limiting the service of tra:n employes on Americcn railroads to sixteen consecutive hours go to the very heart of the efficiency and safety of train operation," said Commissioner Charles C. McChord, co~imentins on a statement issued, by t."ie interstate commerce coamissioi ana!;- zing the monthly reports of inierstaze railroads on hours of service during the fiscal year ending JrJie 30, 1913. Nearly 3-JO.yOO violaticrs of the s:x- teeniiour um:t were -eportel by 239 railroads during the- ypar, tae roads sabnnttins" vHr:5Ec*f/^so2S v^ny" sueif viciatioas v - ore necsssar' . "'Tie diSereacV in eSlcienCj' anti- safety of operation bere^es various railroad systems,"' jlr. McChcrJ says, ··is snoxm clearlj- by" the commission's analysis in the markel disparity between the ratio of .excess service to ^ L.^^ «etvreen railroads _ - ,, pracucalij: UiSi,saiiie^nitQry- For 'instance, one of the pastern 1 roads, ^op- eratag more than 5300 miles of track, repo'^s 5224 instances in "winch trainmen ·were oa duty for periods longer .than those prodded oy la-rr; while another road ir ir.e same territory, v^ith _a- mileage, of Jes^^ja^.S^^SLjiiilss.,^;, ports 22.SK3 sucji instances." The la~ provides a aiasinom sixteen hours .as^Uiejiniij^Og. comma oas service~:cr Trainraen. The carrie-s are required to retorr each iastance in whicc as e^p'oj e serves more than sixteen ho'irs copsecati^elj, s. fine oi §500 bein gt*ie pena-ty for failure to report Presses. Wear Ever Alctninnm Co'j!vh'.«; Ut**n.-vi!s. Safctj- lin Scissors. Toots of :"1 kiiius Express Wagons. Tricycles. Sleds .intl Skates, A utouiobik ilob^s, Horse Blankets, Baggy Storrn Fronts, All kinds of Harness. Just received another bi^ shipment of beautiful Trunks, B.xgs and Suit Cases. All of the above articles sold at extremely low prices. Your patronage respectfully solicted. fldams GETTYSBURG, PA. oi FOR MEN,. WOMEN AND; CHILDREN 131 Any Article Subject to Exchange \ ~'Si~ Store Open Evemngs.UatibS O'clockiSadairday-Nigfats . Christmas Week Until ?® :£ "^ fe S?S£ lJ !S4 's-ft. START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME e f ASK DE-CIS10N_ON PASSES RaHrosa Men Discuss Queszion WI Puil'c Garvice Corrmission. Harrisburs Pa., Eec. IS. -- The first srcps to get an ofnc:al stateraent from the pabiie service commission regard ing the legality of issuance of passes to families of railroad employes trere taken here by a committee of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers brought to KamsDurg by Representa tive George C- Inarm, o: wro himself is an engineer. Tee committee discussed the situation ^rith Deputy Attorney General Morris TToif. and then arranged vaa; Secretary A. B. Millar, of the co^imis s'on, to f-le a formal statement -snth the conunission after it receives its full uo^ers on Jan. 1. It is evpacted that other organizations of railroad men will supplement the action of tie committee and that tee -eracle question in ail its phases cesae up i nthe ne^n" year. SOCIETY MAN_ENDS LIFE Yates Pennir.cton. Prominent Bait; more Lawyer, Takes Gas. Baltimore, "Dec. IS.--Yates ?ennin~- ton forty years eld, a ismer aac fcr- mer member of tne oard or ?o" f5 examiners, vras found dead in a ro:m of the Baltimore Ath'et'c club here, The gas in. the room vras turned on fall. In tr.e sams clnb Georsc C. .viorrl- son, another o? Balt3-n^7e"s lea ".in? _ _ citizens. ?.r.'. a f-'ena cf Kr. Penn'ng- :jr= ton. encec bis lire several rnont : is ago. S;^ also uslnj zss A lawyer of ability and high: character. Mr. Pennuigton had the distinction "of being prominent net only in, society, b;:t also in poliu'a' afairs. He ^ras sepaartsti frcsm liis iri'e The Best Christmas i Gifts Are Useful Gifts j " p ~~ The Hardware Store I Boys Wagons I Snckel Tea t ^ickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves 5 EocketvKnives ·f? Diiving-'Lamps Boys Coasters ana Sl^ates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Kuster Safty Razor Jersey "Town Dismantled. Washington. X. -L. Dec. IS.-- The to' r Ti of E£ison. a fexv years ago one of the busiest communities in this sec tion of the state, cas disappeared. A Tvreckrag coit-paay, \vhich for two years" lias besn engaged in dismantliag tlie to-vn, has completed Its contract The town went out of existence because of t'.;3 removal of the industries ·vv-aich savs its former inhabitants em pioymeHt- ftsks Release of Stealer of Mona Lisa. -Florence. Italy, Dec. IS-- Counsel for Vincenzo Perugia, charged isith abstracting the Moaa Lisa from the £ Lonvre. i ~"aas a s * that Perugia be Gloves for Men and Boys Carving Sets Enamel Knives-and Forks Remington Rifles Hatchets and Saws CalPto see us and exmaice our line. Our prices are low,Quulifcy the best. . J. ReindoIIar ^ {"given his "Eb^rty/on Jibe ground that TFrance* ias Sipt^ntered prosecution against him before the Italian courts. Peerage For Ambassador Bryce. London, Bee. IS.--The bestowal of a peerage on James Bryce, former British ambassador at Washington, is predicted by the periodical Tuth in writing about probable Xew Year's honors. Can Tell All About It. ( One of the peculiar things in Amer- j lean life i3 that those ·who have no j finances always fenow the most about finance.--Philadelphia Ledger. Nobs! Prize to i Hardy. · London. Dec. IS.--Ticmas Karjy. the English author, tias beer, designated as a recipient of the Xobsl prise for literature for 1914. according to the Pall Mall Gazette. GENERAL MARKETS PHTLABELPHIA -- FIOi:R onset: ·winter clear, S3.75S4; city mills, fancy. S4.90-25.Jf 1 RTE FLOUR-firm, at S3 50 Jf 3 60 per barrel WHEAT stead-; Xo. 2 red, :^^-94c- CORX xveak: Xo. 2 yellow. 7S@S3c. OATS firm: Xo. 2 \rblte. 4I-A@-=7c-: . lower grades, 45 1 ,2C- Bresse.1 Srm: choice foTls. - . ISc,: old roosters, 13c.; turkeys, ^ BUTTER firm; fancy creamerv, "9c. EGGS steadv; selected. 39"S:4-c : nearby, 37c.: western, C7. l. J ve Stock Prices. CHICAGO--HOGS -weak; 'bnlk ct , sales, ?7.60@7.80: light. $7.49@770: mixed, S7.50^f i.S5; Iseavj, $7.50£i 7.85; ronah. $7.50@7.60: pigs, S5.25@r75. CATTLE -weak, with a" few fancv Christmas yearlings strong at S^.Sa© 10^5; beeies, $G.50®9.0; Texas steers. Se-COi?? T.65; stockers and feeders. S iS -90@7.-»0; cows aiid hiefers, §3.3(®S~0;^caHes, ?7@11.25." SHEEP steady: lambs lower; native sheep»$4.40@5.75; yearlings, $5.50 ©6,85; lambs, native, S6.40@7.95. XECKWEAR An immense Hrre at 2r ard 50 cents. Every 50 cent Tie In a beautiful box. MUFFLERS Of Wool and Cotton -,»n'.h a snap button in front: at 25 arc! 50 cents. SILK MUFFLERS Folded or oncn. from CO c::nts to ^3.00 COLLAR BAGS Of Leather, f rotn 30 ee,its to ?3.00. SUSPENDERS At 50 certs in sirgie boxes. GLOS'ES Of every kind from the cheapest heavy ·vrork glove to the f^e dress kid giove. or the mcst expensive genuine fur glo'. a?HANDKERCHIEF WALLETS Cf Leather, with three h-'-.dkerchiefs for Sl.00. · COAT SWEATERS From 50 cents to S6.00. FUR COLLARS For the man who does winter drivjrg. SUIT CASES AND BAGS An extensive line of imraticn or gren- zaine leather. FOR LADIES SHOES The ever practical gift--subject to exchange for anything: else in the store. « HOUSE SLIPPERS AND SHOES Of Kid or Feljarvd Indiar ^iioccasins- RUBBER GOODS KuV/or Shoes, Boots ar.d Over-aitcsrs. SWEATERS 50 cents to S-3.00. MUFFLERS Silk and TTool. MEN Everything to Wear but Suits of Clothes I PAJAMAS AND NIGHT ROBES if I A good assortment of light and heavy 1^- m :*?; "-5^: ^5? ^X^ SgS S*i = AiJ _* f£~~-*^ " 'Not to "Her Taste. " Art Dealer--'.'This is ""a beautiful scene from 'Hamlet'" Mrs.' fcevf- rich--"I don't care for hamlets. Show \veights. RAIN COATS At, S5.09 to Sl-5.00. HANDKERCHIEFS Cotton, Linen,or Sflk. COBIBINATION SETS ' " : AtirEctlve combination sets in Christmas _ Boies--suspenders and garters-- ir.itlal celts and garters--garters In fancy cartons, ere- eVe. COMPLETE LINES OF Pocket Books Umbrellas Shirts Underwear Hats Stick P 1115 Cuff Lints Shoes Ir.diar. Z^Icc~sins Arties Boots Belts Rubbers Colors Cuffs Hosiery FOR BOYS GIRLS CAPS Hockey Caps, 25 and -50 cents. Aero- plane Caps. -50 cents- Caps with ear protectors. GLOVES . Leather and WooT- SHOES High Top Shoes. House Slippers of Felt or Leather. Ir«a:aK Moccasins. -SWEATERS Various Colors, from 50 cents to SI-50. MISCELLANEOUS Canvas, Xeckties. Rubber Boots. Mitter.s. High School Pen- nan'ts. Etc., Etc. "On the Square. Gettysburg, Pa. ^ j^,- ,, . _ . ,.---v -«---"v v^xV^"XK^S^"*^^aVrv '^-C^K^^:^^ EWSPAPER

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