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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, March 12, 1818
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FOKLTuN NEWS, Selected (torn Londopppert o 1i 13th of Jan - , tsary, received by tlie British Packet ,6 will - wire.' - LONDON. January - . At a laic hour last nit lit we received the Pari Hun of Sunday The following ere ex - tram; - ...... Chamber of Ikpuivt, Jan. 3. " The fVnti - nl Committee lor the definitive exa minalion of the Budget was completed to - day ; tlir flrtu Bureau having nominated iit committee men. the Cntmtf Beuroot ami dc la Bnurdonnaye. Thote umnioatcd by the other Bureaux were noticed before. ' The Chamber hat to deplore another low, in the death, yesterday moruing, of on of its members. M. UOupy, ten Uepuiv lor uie ai - im - n. Sein , Governor of the Bank of F rance. It It ex - tsected that tliere will be a tecret committee on Mondiy, to appoint a deputation of twelve members to attend his funeral. No tlay it yet appointed Tor tne aexi puui "ihecharre upon the consolidated fund for thi quarter it UJOOfP. being I ,SdS J7I. beyond the of Uie quarter's consolidated rural revenue. - - ' ' JtnoitmO. We received yesterday Hie Pant Panenof Mun - aLae Cetat had arrived at F.rra, in Bohemia, ac - como - med bv a Prussian Officer of 1 olice, at which place he was delivered over to Hie Austrian Military Aullioritiet An ankle In.iu Frankfort mrntmnt a report ol a pew and more intimate ulli:inrr being in enn - emjilation between all the Christian powert ol Europe, founded uoii the principle, of the Holy Alli4.ii r. It in not very "asv to understand what thin mpaut. but we have teen eunuch of the con duct ol sum" of the partiet to the Holy Alliance, to deprecate aiv extension ol it principles, wnuii, in wh tlever form f words they may lie clothed, ap.H'iir I lie capable, ol an inierpretaliuu most i;i - ini'ic. I io tiro freedom of public opinion through . (Ml I I'tilN.IMt - The Mesiace of the President of lh! United Stale in Criiitriett. receivil ve - .lerlav which we have inserted in another part of our Paper, will 1 we have no doubt. I read with peculiar interest From u un it of matter we run inerrlyat present,.. ll.l. if... imi.nrlfii.l Slnti P.rM'r. V lltKl the fliimwes of all tne liiwerinncnlt l' Kiiro - are iiioT - . or li'M. d;riiered ai'd wr suliiecU are et.Tt wher.' ground H,mn with heavy taxct, we find the hi ad oi these itepnlilM - aii, at me note oi nn ex. Deimvc H.nv. ni.'Uo.ibi the repeal of all the inter nnl tax ." A tier tulisfviiia." he tnit, " the n - Droui - nu inadehv law lor (lie siiit'jI it II"' civil ffnvrri'mi - i.t, and of the niiiit iry and naval etiriuliilinieiiK, nip - miiibiiic provision, no for.i caioii., and for lb gimluid hurenie of the avy, paying the iiilerctu.f Hie niinin ucui, eMiu - g nf i .ini owe than eighteen millions of the prin cipal wiiiitn me preteni ve ir, n is riuiuni bill line f more 'x iiiiIIjui of dollar will remain i.i the treasury on the 11 of J - muary next, applicable to tne curVvnt service ol Hie cniu.h year, .The pavinroU info the Treasury for IblU, on account oi 'iliiiieoii iuiporlt and tonnage, are ettiinti'ed twenty iniliiotit of dollar a turn Which 'lvr a hub idea of 'he retourcet of this ritinj; Stite,towardt which the nalioiii of Europe tare f.r tome lime catt their evct ataluttire couuterpoiie to our maritime r - .itnes. One thin" inusi ttrike every Knglmhuiaii more pnrticti - ly, in Ihit Spi'oih, namelv, the enlightened view which the Goveriiment of the United Stales, laket of the true interest of the people, to whom it i retpousible, compared with llie viewt ol our own lioteniment. Ititawaie inwhnt way the ilreu'lh of the Salt - ran le ino.t ;rirtt.ll v direried, nnd acrordiotlv we'iearof naval establishment, and a jrrailual iiirre:e of the Navy ; ami though the United Siat:'i, Irani their extensive laud lioutier, are under tin - necessity of ecping up a number of military Osl, their army it wisely a nceowlury object ith them. We do not hear that the Presi dent hat yet contracted a tutte for tplendid luit - ar iinilurm. Whilst our Government is endenvorin? to cor runt the morals of the ocople liv the wicked aiti ficet tanrtioned by the Lnticiy Acts, wc ee the America ii roveruineiit K'i ill', iok iiseh w ith, the injt tiition nf tem.oaries of leurnini;, 'for the nil iinii irtanl mi - K)eol iluVu.inj; kiioMliilje uiiiong ill citizen. Tlioueh n strict neutrality it nnniinnced in llie .....I... cj. .; ..i .i... B 4, ..1 vet ii in i,iIliI ur.k'is have l.fcn eiren nut lo t'lii pivit the ettablishmi'iilt of Ain.'lri l laml uii.l iialvrttuii, on the (rvound tf the American coin neice havi iir fuiTcied aniov:ime liuni them. V .ateirr - my be the privute iaelinat'.oui of Hit government of the U. Siai - . il r,v,l'S ca"" Dot, we iinprv'ne.ul, be considered as dicluti'd by anv 'i.iitiiitvlu the Siuih Ainei leant. We are 'nvvaie that th lolhiuiiiir ti'iitimciit. havralayt Wn acteil upon by Ihe F.itriipean niitiom in their Colomal opiTaliont, but we are I HWHie that Ihev have ever been vet so distinct ly avowed bv any uovenmirnl. "Tne Hunter istii.e (Kav the l'i cm l. - nl) ran nit! only in the sat uncultivated detert. It yields to llie ino.r dense and coinpncl fofn and Rre.itrr force of civ rWco J luimluti in ; and of rilit it iius it lo yield for llir earlh was given lo mankind to tupport rbr pio.ile.i number of which il it capable, ant' no tube or people have atiuhllo withhold from tlie w ant of other more than is necessary for their own miouort and coinioit." Il is tul'ticienl to have ualicitd this doctrine of the President we trust our readert huve penetration enough to ee the ue th it may be miiile of it. The liillovviiiK Circular has been tent to all the Mcmbert ol the lloute of Commons, who Usually rule with Administration : Farrimt O'Kre, 5J J.imi.ini 1813 Sir t butinett of importance w ill he - hrongli under the conti.leratiou ol Parliament, immediate Iv u.suu it iiieeliui:. I take the libeity of eurnesitv reil'it'tliiir your attendance in llie lloutebf Coin nous, on Tarsilav the 27tlt ind. 1 have the honor to be, Sir, your faithful and abe.ii?nt tervant. CASTI.KHB At.H. Similar letter have been tent to the I'cert by the ean of Liverpool. Front! rrvrn, ( Kng ) (tatrtlt. 44 Unitci St.ttn hip t'nritli - i The late nrrivo of thiM.irmi.lable vessel m the water of ihe couir try, which uncc p' - e - ed the tiipremary over ihe lend where the was bunt, tils eicuea miirn ni teniion und curioitv in our shiiiwriuhti and tea men, some ol whom cmiirareu inc opponuiiiiy while she lay at Nonhead, ol inspecting hereon itm tinn and euuipineul. i tliin , we have Ih - ch credihlv asunred, ran exceed the niaaner in which the Kranklin is filled out both below and above her gunwale. Her riKt - 'ing, is iu - al, and adroitly managed bv one of Ihe iinett crews tint ever iinvl - gatn:l a ship. Her hull is a prr'ecl model ol ship buil. line, and Ihe interior combines every possi ble nccoinnioJalinu and oinioit, w ith the nios exceUeill arranceme.u for Ihe deposit of tlores in a hicli resiicct tin - is slated lo be decidedly sn Derior lo anv one of our ship! ol war. Iler menus of annoyance arc oil n similar scale of perlectioii On all h r d. c'as she carries thirle - two pnunders a wiM! orecaiilion. bv which Ihe possibility only of a mislAke In ihe iiiiantuui of nowdiT ami shot, is avoided. The gnus, however, of ihe dif lerent ilivks, nhhoie'li ol th. - tame ralibre, vary iu I' - ntlli, ami the uppt - i most tier, oi those on the qnarirr disrk ami to . n - llc, are carronadrs, the whule tn - inq tiJeuily pl.iwiicd for powetfnl and decisii - v cl"e Around llie masts are hune; s',iarieusl ates. r".nlv fur rutiiiij away in Cs' ol enH'rueiii - y. - eil the wlinlei - iptipnienl is a cf rt'.r.rif, and UKiiili kt . no smnll i.tlcnlion to Ihe Xini'iinin navy, on Oic pail of both its go - vermai - Hi hiii! its scauirn." P.n'j, J.pi. 1. The (iazerie 'if tli - r.esi. anno mvs the death nl I.islx) i m ill - B iron a iiil.i, l ana. i - li of Tot ... - , nl lw I, it property lo ili ainoinitot l3,t'"(XI(l l .rins. t ondin,T tJ the divt rlmnsof hit will, lo collin is lo be run ii - d M u!i pold, anil lasli'.x d uiih a rolil. o lin k, i'ii - krv ul'wlnrh. also of o., Iir. - n ti - .nri - i! u In, wxi ni'kiu We l ira ir'un i. - na. Ji roin K'oi.o..iiii - had remitted p riii:".loi In proretil lo 'Irn - slr : but wliii h had Isn n rci' - itt il liiin on n muni of hi - bn':.iui; las pi - is.ti'f whrn ttter - in I. 1 The IVime i'ii; Talleyiautl I: us been with ihe King and M mtieur. lUiii Aiiiiii rp, Ihe D'l inM we h am thai there bad brcu a eiio'is attVay belween the tn.dieii of tilt - ra - htr.ii llivrea i l llie inlia' ii.oii - , mi wuiih eseraiol the fui iner bad been killrd and other.. d.i - ' eoosly l o.'iuli'd. letters fmni rtnvonne state, that it is intended toco aine I.e Cm - .i in the furtiist of Ku?ui;iu Ui aetc, m M - licnua. .VirfnVf, ZX. So. Tu Minister for Foreisfn .ti,r$ has if - cered o(?i i.diiitriiicemi',i!iat tie Aiierlne tqnadrnn in - fer.l vt with Ihe plaue, sihirh tailed from Airier, the ai'i tseptemlier last, rrmrne.1 to that Jloit the PKh Novemler, and wat dismantling it i rj - - L' ' n.. ,a st.U RuraML la order to opemo tlie produce of Austria a outlet by the Adriatic nea io tne I'niieu ; - ' imued order to the Baron Chart. - , de urni to priced to Philadelphia, at ZZ( "4 eral. H.t appoimment. are 6xrd at fnmc. in tpecie, lietnii a pertowai tauuj wi - r and IOjO ducal for an outfit. . . r, fromllome, wilh ditp.lche. tJSTSSl had not auitted thai capital, as reported in the Enelith Joiimalt, . ' ,, . .i Tum i. much talk here ol a - ...:a..,..i.i - ..t hinr about to be inipoted upon all articles of Engli manufacture Imported into Ihe Prustian tlale - XEir.rolK EVKNIXQ POST. THURSDAY, MARCH 14. 44 (t wat ttatcd io a lata number of the Even - inj Pott, that the corporation have it in content plalion to complimeut the late mayor with tiie tppoin ment of counsel to the board, in Ihe place of Mr. Edward. How tuch a notion got iuto the head of this editor, we know not ; but certain it it, (and we mention it on the bed au ibnrity,; that the honorable the corporation have no tech intention Ihev are perfectly satisfied with the talent, the integrity, an attiduity, of uie pretent incumDtnl." ANbWER. The above paragraph it from the Natioul Ad' vocate, of yesterday morning, and I have only to say, that I hsve the belt evidence to believe, that 44 utek a notion" it not peculiar to my bead At late at Ave nijhlt got one alderman wat o verhoard consulting mother alderman, how inch i aicatur could be be - t brought about; and whether hit vote might be relied on. The Advocate talkt about the taleult, integrity and as.i - luity of (he preient iucoaibent, at if we did not mow inch qualification! were no longer iu faih - iou ; or held to bo of secondary importance. For Ihe Xtw - Yark F.rening Pott. Mr. Coleman, It is much to be desired that (he society for prevention pau; eiijiu. which it appears it orra - nicil, would profit by Ihe judicious remark which nil made iu your observations oil the report ol thecomuiillee, and ml ami at accnmidishmi tno miith. Here will be (he dancer of fuilure. It m.iy be questioned wlielhen the feature of Ihi plan, to which you in some measure olijrrted, he pracliraljU; and, if ptactiruhle, whether it will not be, in one respect, mjurums The di - vision of the city into districts, with visiton lo each, whose duly itahall be to make thernttlvii not only acquainted, but on the plan proposed aluioit domesticated, with all the poor families in that district, will impose a labor to which it it earrd the most ardent benevolence will notion; e equal. Nor c an it be suppoied that a mea sure of this nature will bo submitted to by Mi whom it is designed to benefit. According to llir lu of the coumiilt. e, one object of this visiting to ascertain who are deserving of rlmrity ; iu ordor lhat reference bo had to the b'k of the isilors before charitable relief it extended to anv individual by any of the institutions already e i.i. i. i .i - - itini - iieu. - iu inn respect , men. t lie tocielv will become a permanent inttiulinn lor the lelicl of the poor, and will be liablo to all the ohje - . (ions which may be urjjed aiainst lne iiirR'il - i i. ..i.. r .... i tioiis. i nn 1'iou iii nsL'eriuiiunj? WIH) are ! int objects of charity, h is betn already pracli. - d ty til funale inttitutauis now existing ; aiid yet wo find llie uumheruf the poor isun'. ilimiiii - hed I lie great object ol tlu iyiftv shnuh! I e lo destroy, nnd not torreatu that crrtnvtiy of rtlief wmi ii uivai laoiy UHJ3 id ini,.i oviJ"'.r p, and increases Ihe uuuiber and tin. - .lidress of tlie, j.oor. ' el men us attention He cnihiii il to the a inpunii i ui'.asures for adimniiltTmi; Ihe tinted and ;itrmantnl fund vf tharUu, which in y.iricii. - vays it so prolusp.y i!itiriliut dj and io r ;coiu - mr"id to "hu legiilhtine the m - ion anif amtnd - mnl if Ihe poor dies, so as to i ua - supouitcu liy tuihli haiiuiri wiits uiey aie nlile, In hard labor, and to very plain diet. Let priv ate charities be confined, as in lor uer timet, in tlie uiltereui religious tpiiirresatioiis and to in dividuals j and lei great caution be ued iu the didrbulion of private alius. ( oo great pains, iu lord, cannot be taken of the religious and iioi til instruction ol the poor; but with regard lo 'In ir pecuniary wants, the great duller is nl" loo mwhretvlulion. Let the public svslcm for tlie relief of the poor be coo J net el as larai possible oil the apostolic rule, 44 If a man will not work, neither shall he eat." Let the private relief of the poor be led entirely .to individual and to rcligiout congregationi. In this way, if :ht ixpies.'ion mav be allowed you will diminish llie inducement lo poverty, and of course the number of Use ioor. , A SUBdCIUBEIt. ADDITION. A few words iu addition to those of my anonymous correspondent. The subject ol pauperism is one that has long cccupicd my miud, and the conclusions which years since I arrived at, observation anil reflection have served to con firm. With respectful deference to those gentlemen who have lately taken so active a part on this subject, I beg permission to surest whether they have sufficiently atttuded to the vast differ rnce there is between Die population of the Uni ted States aud that of other parti of the world that though there the population fooietimes t x teed the means of subsistence, and want nnd famine consequently ensue, aud must !c provided for by extraordinary means, yet that i - ' not the case in any part of thit country, Dor w ill be to for many ct uluries to come when that time ar rives, it will be time enough to rovide for it ; tulhcitut for the day is the evil thereof. Bui the great vital prinriple cf pullic charities und private too, should always be, that relief should be exactly proportioned to industry, aud that, unless iurasri vdicre the supplicant is incapaci tated by illuess, lameness or decrepitude, charity should be scrupulously withheld from every one. On this, the on'y true and tale basis, is founded 77it Hocii' the promotion of Indiu Iry; and i am confident, If it wat only a little improved iu the detail of its management, it certainly wants, no human institution can be framed that will better answer the purpose ol the benevolent and considerate that is, to adord relief to those who deserve it, without iucreaiug the temptation to idleness, which it to justly lo be apprchc - uded from too ready, indiscriminate aud uurellt cling charities. The society it con - fiJed to frm.tlcs : Let il have the advice aud ai - . i; tame f tliose who are able to give then, and it luund upou a fair experiment to answer, let a similar institution extending lo males be esta - 'dished, and I very much doubt whether any thing bcltir can bt devised. Theatrical. Last eveuing might be seen at tl.e theatre, lue three fn,nt seats ol the lower boxes touiod exclusively occupied by ladies : a very hue - .,ht, ro1. oftcu wituc - .se J in tins city or country, i'hiuppa w - ai in fine voice aud iaJulg fett otUnf of iUattrtciiooj tbo peate4 U the twentieth lima : Butlba Poiacta, fftmort bg torrow, wu giveo in a ttyle of iuperiority to any tmne Deretoiora nearu. . n mi . r a A .L.... f Art - cora bunt tpontaneoutlj from every part ol tne bouse at once. For Ihe Fiming Pott, A communication having appeared in your paper of Tuesday eveuing under Uie signature of "A Citien,,, purporting to be a fncudly hint to the members of the GottrnorU buard, imii the real ol.iect of which it rather indefinite, anu its tendency nerhaw uiiurioui to the character of that corps, you will cooler a lavor oy i - ... e - . L .. I.. ing ton reply. . ,, It maw Ii fairly ilife rred that thit "Citiren' it not the comuiaodant of the rreiment, tioce, if he contidered lhat thejnteresU of bis t or)s require a discontinuance of the practice alluded to, he would have communicated his sentiments to the men under his command through the medium of hit subalterns - And it it equally obvious that be is no other officer of that regiment, as common tense would dictate to mm me propn - sty or tuch advice being addretted to those who n....lo.1 it. in the form of an omcai oruer oi their eommandant. As to the existence of tha practice or telling their cast - off uniforms, at public tale, I have never otwerved but one inttaoce of it, and it cec tainly is not to general a lo implicate the character of the regiment, unless that be effected bv the olficiout public interference of 4,Citizeus," who, if desirous nf protecting the reputation and promoting ihe welfare of that cors, would express their solicitude throu. - h tome oilier channel than a public print, wh. - ie it was most probable it w ould escape the observation of those most interested. The respectability of the Governor1! Guard. whether considered as arising from the character of thoe who compose it, the elegance of its rnui, ment, the stale of its discipline, or its dis tincliou by the commander in chief, rests, I be lieve, sir, nn too firm a lounilation to he1 mjureii 'V the open attark of those who avow their en vy, or Ihe unfounded insinuali ns of pretended Ii lends ; hut such ungenerous and unmanly at tempts to hurt the feeling, of it members, must meet with the deserved contempt of every sol dier. One of Ihe Guard. From lie PhUadtlphia True American, Ma rrhS I he last Village Recorder, published at We t Chester, contains a very excellent oration, deli - vered by W m. II. Dillingham, Ksq late of this city, belore the Washington association ol Ches ter county, o:i the J3J ultimo. We have not room to insert Ihe oration tUelf ; but we cauuot deny ourselves the pleasure of extracting the following remarks, which tire from the pen ol .Mr. VI iner, the editor of lhat Interesting and useful village paper, 44 Our limits do uot permit ut to enter into a formal c ntique ol bus excellent production ; but we cannot let it pass without an observation Ar two "The orator seems to have proposed as the moral purpose ol his discourse, Iu portray the evil effects of party spirit and thence to dissuade Iron) its intemperate indulgence. To do justice to his subject, and yet to avoid, in these tints nl liberal Ii eling, those topics which might fitepam to our political opponents, was a task of i'0 inconsiderable delicat y. 41 Instead of referring to ancient times, and to the factious ol Athens, Rome, or Syracuse, to 'how ihe evil i (Ii i Is of pa - ty spirit the speak - with ii - eat judgment we think, selected his tart from mniVni timet, and principally trout Uc hi - iorr of our own country ; vindicating in - sn ado.ii aide manner the policy of Washington and l - i' disciples, hy the very circumstances which he iho?t! to illustrate the main subject of In iti course. 44 The ccminniccrnent of partiet in (hit coun try some i f tlie ih"sl prominent cnuu i of tlmi origin uud uj hostility ol one party to (lie adopt! .nnf the l edcral Constitution 1 1 the Federal plan of Finance, iiropusrd hy Ham lilon to Hi" establishment of a National Bank - o (he ratification of Jay's Tr aty - to tire pro - clatn.ttiiin ol iicutialitv to the establishment of uvy, and varirm meiisu'i.t ol Kede - ril policy, whic lime and exp. lieocehavetanc tiouiid, mill which, h - t il every wl.tre be proclaimed lo the honour of both parties, are now uni i crsallv admitted to have he - ti founded in wisdom are all intn duced with great propriety and t flea I. " l no character nl watiiing'on the notice ol Hamilton - tha French exile, and Ihe allusion lo France ami her revolution are, in our ettiruv tion, tk etches ol peculiar beauty. In line, we hue no hesitation in expressing our opinion, that the oration is chvie, woquenl and patriotic, an t highly creditable to the priu ciples, tatte, aud talents of the author.' fVeiti Ihe.Vattonal lattltigmecr.March 10. We heartily oii;: - atulate our readers that the bill lor making provisions for the surviving indi gent soldier: - of the revolution has passed both houses of empress finilly ; aud, that, as though the president hail r.oi himself suggested the art, there can be no doubt oi its receiving bis signa ture, the bill may be considered as a law ol the land. Iu tho senate, yesterday, the bill respecting the recovery of fugitive slaves and indeuted ser vants, wat again debated, but wat not conclusively ni ted on The bill lo reduce the staff of the army, was taken up, and, au amendment having been pro posed, the bill was further proiom d. The rosolulioT rcceiied from the other hou - e, proposing an adjournment, was uot acted on. In the house of representatives, besides other business, the following proceeding, took place The. bill coiireiuiug the district courts of the United States in iNew - lnrk, was ordered to be engrossed for a third rending. The resolution for an adpiumment on the 13th lay of April, was read a third time, passed, aud sent lo the senate. I lie reoiamJrr ol tne day was consumed in debate on tho report of the committee ou inter ual improvement. The houe did not adjourn until nearly sun - lown, taut diJ not arrive at the question on the icport. The house of representatives haying passed a resolution to adjourn on the IJih of next month, the sitting. of congress wjll he very laborious for the intermediate time. The house fallowed up its vole yesteiilay by a sitting ol seven hours. From the. Vac - London (Con.) Gazette, March 1 1 We arc favored, by a gentleman ol this city, with the fallowing extract of a letter, from mercnutilr house of the first respectability al Uerinu la, dated Feb. 3. 44 I have pleasure in teliing yo'i, that our 'm er.ior ha hern pleased iu cone.piein.c of a petition from the meittianls, lo reduc'c the cit'toin house fees on American vesse ls, and lo pU e tin nl or. the same easy footing as tlicy stae.l some year ago." We understand the alteration ailudod to, will reduce llie port charges al out one haX Damagn by the frethet. .t Norwich the old Shetue ket bridge. Lord's bridge ou the road to Scotland, the bridge bo' ween Canterbury nnd Plainfn Id, he brjjge at Jewitt's Cdy, Mau - ning't bridge on the road to Windham, the two' bridges love .slaunms, between Lehamvn ami Windlrun, th - bridge near Clark and Gray's mills, and Lo - - i's bii.lge ci the road from Norwich cout house to New - l.n - id'M, are all entirely swept away ; Lovett't biiiLje, on the road la Canterbury, ihe bridge al col. Fitch's iron work in Biixe - ih, and the bridge over the little river in V k .... I .1 i v. I I . of to to ly d lus audience with ail the variety he has at1 called ;hi paper - mid bridge, are partly destroy - sucb perfect command. Evcleen's Bower hcl or rendered impassable. Prom the Ballimrt American, Jtan S. rv, wAm wilL to doubt, recollect to bare teen in our paper tome time tioce, au arcouat of j the attack on tha hip vvaDasii, oi uaiumoi .l..Wt Ivin? in Macao Roads, in which several ol ihe crew lost their livet. Among the iufferwr was the econd male, Benjamin White, who left bf hind him. in thit country, a family entirely dc - nmJenl on him lor tupisort. When bis melan choly story wat made kuown by capt. Goaty at Canton, to Mr. wucocict, our consul, nis leeimg heart at once Dromtited him to a plan for the re lief of the bereaved family, w.iicb was immedi - atelv carried into execution. A subscription pa per was handed round iu Canton the turn of I8?5 collected, and invested in tns, which came by the ship Uuited states, to the owners the Wab - uh, who are made the agent in this country, for distributing thit generous donation th grateful objects of it, and of thus restoring peace to tho widow's home, aud gladnctt to tne orphan's heart. We tubtoin a codv of Mr. W ilcarKs' letter these crenllemen. together with a li.t of the tubtcrihe - s. whose dihUniruiihed liberuli entitle them to the warmest tribute of ad miration trom Uie tee! ing and the humane. Mr. n ilcockU l.etttr. Cf i os, 32d Sept. 1817. Messr. S. Smith L Buchanan. Gentlemen Enclrsted, 1 have the pleasure to hand you, an invoice a' d bill of lading for 45 chest lounjr hyson tea, tlie property ottnr widow and children of Benj min White, late second mate of your chip Wabash. 1 opened a subscription for the relief of his unfortunate famih. in consequence of a conversa tion I had with captain Ooatt, who represented their situation at quite destitute, Irons Uie mur der of poor White, on whom their whole support de.iendi d. It may be asked, why the whole turn it given to one launly, where nve persous iosi their lives.' The reason it this : upon enquiry it was ascertained, that the other four unfbrtu nate sufferers were single men, without any re lalives dependent on them. You have also under cover, a lift of tubscri ber. Aic. If I obtain any further donations, I wdl remit the amount, together with the balance uow due, by your th p Sidney. 1 am, gentlemen, Your obd't serv't, (Signed) B. C. WILCOCKS. Litl of Subtcrilitrt. B. C. Wilcockt $ W0 Hong Merchanti. J. P.Cushing 200 llonqua N"ic. G. Ogdcn 60 Pauukhequa S00 em SfJli 100 100 Wm. F. .Vleeee 150 50 25 25 50 50 25 60 Cheouqua P. H. rioitwick John L. Bowers T. F. Spdlmau A. G. Hal - ton A. R. Latimer Heury Higiuson James P. gturges Vowqua Kurqua Pacqua $100u $875 From Ihe. Potion Daily Adrerliser, Xarch9. A gentleman from Calcutta who arrived L the Film I loug'a,!, informs ut. that the epide mic which raged there, and which bad carried mT upwards of 500 persons a day for several days in succession, was the cholera morbus, and was generally thought to be occasioned by the con sumption of had rice, and by eating a species of fat fish, whie h are taken iu abundance at that season of Ihe year. T he people believed that (he sickness was sent upon them by Oli Libi, the goddest of the tickly season ; aud an old woman who pretended that the wat the goddess, pre scribed a method to cure them, and among other thii.g said the inhabitants must all go down to i - a - lcmpore, and eat of the fi - h above mentioned In consequence, all the palanquin bearers and others of the lower classes entirely deserted the city ; and to their following her direction is at tributed the alarming increase of the disorder The old woman was at last seized by the gover nor, after several fruitless attempts to have her apprehended. Ill rMopb baU - tiinc her ts4 vh ject to the ower of mortals, and put in prison This, in a great measure, restored order, and in some degree health to the city Extract of a letter, dated nllt V Jan. 8 We are in dailv exne elation of ihe C'onde de Patina our new Guve. nor, who iefi Rio some time t nee for this place The t ionde de Pal ma is uncle to the nreseni governor, who is appointed minister of war S'nce the begin - ning of the present year we have had an addi tional duty laid on all exports, on which the. e fn - nierU existed a duty of 8 p r cent (except uch as ar.. - exnort - u n Portuguese botio.ns for Lisbon) Coffee, hides, fustic, moiaates. &c. to have nn export ilti'y as yet, but be are in expectation of one by the new Governor. There were no Aitwi ican vessels at Pe - nianibu - co 1st inst We liav c hadno information from Uio, fur some time. Xew - IIa.t - .sj, March 10. Grrnf Freshet. The damage occasioned by the rain ami thaw, wh'ch commenced nn the JKth ult. are almost incalculable. From every quarter, we have the most distressing accounts ol the detraction nt bridges, nulls, dams, and other property, and, in some instances, of lives. In thi. vicinity, we learn, the North Haven 1 ng bridge, nn ti e Middletown road, israrri - eel ofT. Mansfield's bridge, near the meetinghouse, is also gnac. The bridge :.crnss Mill River, near the mills at Die fool of Mount Carmel, is gone. We understand that HumUton's and Doo - lit'lc's bndgis, in Wallingfuid, are gone. The bridge across the Naitgatiick river. near Derby Narrows, is carried off. On the! Housaton ck river, the bridge i rossing it New Mil ford, is carried iH and Bennett's bridge, below, is so much injured as to be impassible WINCH F.5TnR, (Vir.) March 7. Fire. It is with siucere regret, we state that the valuable paper mill, belonging to Conrad Kowntlar, on Mill crrek, Berkley county, was consumed by fire on Wednesday evening, the 2th ult Mr. K we understand, estimates his loi at $20,000. We learn lhat the fire originated from the chimney, or pipe of the stove., (It 1 ) March 7. 77ie Frtthet. The rain which commenced falling on Sunday last continued till Mondav at which time the stream in this town and vi rinity had risen to an unusual height. The mill - dam belonging to the lion. Jeremiah B. Howell was em rely swept away about It o'clock in the forenoon of that elaj, and about the same time the mill dam of the Wenscutt Manufacturing Company, in North - Providence, wat aisn uesirw cu. ' e also learn lhat a saw - mili belonging to Messrs. blater, in Smi h - field, was enti e v destroyed, and a bndce on the line of Smithfi Id and Cumberland, called tlie Hemlock bridge, was likewise sweptaway BUFFALO, March 3 Allen B. .Vtevens, wlto was sentenced t th lUte - pri - oii, at a Ute court of general sessions of the pea r, hi Id - ui this cjunty, has received a pa. - dju l.sin his excellency gov. Clinton, on the peli:ion ol the judges, distrw - t - attornev, gea'.le men ol ihe bar, jury, &c. foumled oo thecirenm - stance that facta cj,me out after trial, which went to prove him inuoceut of llie crime alleged agaiust mm. FROM OUR CORRF.SPOXnF. VT. Patriot Office, Baltimore. March 10. Arrived, French ship L'Kdward, Marion, 74 davs trnm Havre Ste m boat Virginia, Ferguson, 23 hours from Norfolk. Spoke brig Superb, of N York, oidawfrtsmfromllolterdaai, 34 dy since J wasdismastva. douikj to "J."y"i Po.nt.Lovk Out, sch Sarah C Louma, Murpny, 14 day om St. Domingo j paseo a pnj on Poplarlsland bound irp. snppoed to be the Federal Ccorge, Ficid, from Boston. From Annapolis up, the bay full of drift ice. From the Aorjiktyleraia ti Beacon, ij jnarcn 6,7,, 9 Amved, ship M creator, wooti, Newbedfiird 8 days lo conipieie uer loauuig here for Bremen. British sch Adela, llanford, of 5t Johns, it. n. from Port Antonio. Jam. 19 days. Seven davs since, at tlie northern entrance of the Gulph of Florida, the A. was spoken by a long armed brig, und' r apanun colors, supposed io be a Patriot vessel, pierced for 18 and mounting; 10 guns titrated them poli.ely but did not (five her name. Sch Margaret Ann, isisosway, isew - iorfc. .o hours. Sch Mary, Russell, Portsmouth, (N II ) IS days. ach Piper, .ilaliet, lors j nays. Scbrs Constitiit.oii, Lafore, and Alligator, Hart N York 3 davs. Sch Maid of the Ules, Weston, SL Eustatu, 11 days. British brig North Star, Miller. Grenada, 30 davs. British brig Ariadne, Godfrey, Bermuda, 8 davs. Cleared, sciirs Catharine & Edward, Hay - Ics, Lisbon ; James Monroe, llipkins, NYork; '.tajerCroghan, Wootten, Lisbon , - William & Henry, Nye, N Bedford : sloop Helen, Budd, N York. DIKL), This morning, Mr. Uaniel Domioick, aged 48 yean. Hi frimds end acquaint one and those of hit father, Mr Francis Uouiiiiick, are requested to attend hit funeral to - inorrow cfter iioou a( 4 o'clock, from No. 31 Cherry - tlreel. At lirooklvn, the 9tli inst. Ito wtu uno;n. aged 23 years, the ,n of Mr. Wine Obborn, of thi city. At Wethert.field, (Con.) on the 24th Feb. Oliver, aged 4 yean, son of Mr. Oliver Wol - cott. Ili death was occasioned by filling bac "..wards into a ket:le of boiling die In Gmtnn, (Con ) Monday, 9lli iruu Nathan D.iboll, Esq. aged 6H year. KFIuVlMi POST MAlWitl LIST. CLEARED, Ship Eliza - Jane, T'eubman, Baltimore Ocean, Fuole, Dublin Wm. Chapman South Carolina Packet, Carturght, St Croix B. De Forest A: Co ling Juno, Joy, rrejenctsburg Ju.iana, Augur. Rotterdam E. Fisher. Gratitude, Driidtwater, Portland K Burrill & W Cahoone Venus, Saunders, Alexandria E Burrill & W Calioone Wm. Henrv, Marshall, St. Croix Reade & Kepcvster Aurora, Thompson, Savannah Schr Fair Play, Clark, St. Domingo Beekman, Brav il Co. Morgiana, Lowth, Philadelphia Mana, Latham, Charleston Sloop Liberty, Scull, Fredericksburg Jacob Jones, Hickman, suow - llill THI eOHF.VOth. Sch Aretas, Prince. 6 days from Portland, with rum and beef, to Mr. Harris, and others Sailed in co. with sch. Monroe, Moody, for Baltimore. Chsblelton, March 2 Arrived, brig Hope, (of Salem) Jacobs, Havana 8 elay bound to N ork. ami w ill proceed first fair w ind. XniKoi.K, March. 5. Arrived British sch Chart, Doutral, Barbadoes, 17 davs. F'eb IS, lat 24 34. stmke bi iir Elizabeth, from Martini que. bound " Portsmouth, N. H - Feb. 2d, lat 30 44, sch Govenioi - , of Ncwburyport, 8 days trom aL Hartholomejvs, bound home. A Hampton Boat which came over last evening, reports a hermaphrodite brig at anchor on the middle ground, name unknown and informs that the British brig North Star, wasa - bhure on Crane Island Bar, when she passed T he sch Mary Washington, John T. Robertson master, on her passage from Polly - Landing to St. East it. a, was boarded at A A. M. ou the 5th November last, in lat 19 So, N. long 62 30, W. by the Priva e r ling Powtamints. and had her best bower anchor taken from her, and no sati - faction given for il. On the same day at II A. M was boarded by a privateer sch. name ic. known, and plundered e.f the Lnng - U iat and Oats, fro which also she received no tnmiitnsation. ItusTosj, Ma - ch 9. Arrived, brig He - per, fotevens, 6J d.ivs from Have. I .eft, Jan 2d, ship C.c.i Hamilton, Fellow s, N York G days , - bri Jane, Lambert, in 25 days from N York, in quarantine. Holies' Hole, March 5 Arrived, schr Martha. Pettingell, 23 days from N Orleans, and 18 from the Ualize. Left at the Bahze, ship Lion, of and from N York, just arrived. ach Peace & Plenty, Livingston, 15 days from Aux Caves Left", brig Cordelia, of New t ork, lor t ranee, 5 days. Passed by for Edgartown, brig Sally Barker, Ucf. - ces, 55 days from St. Salvador. On the th inst. made Block Island, md could not obtain a pilot, and the weather being bad run into Narragansett R, valid rode nut the irale with safety. Brig F.ugcne. 130 days from Ha vana, arrived at Uahia, and sailed Nov 22d, for Baliia and a market ; ship America, Lnrk, 90 ilavs f.tim Portland, arrived and sailed 2d Dev. fur R.o; ship Two Catluaines, sailed 30th Dec. bound round Cape Horn. THEATRE. Fifth night of Mr. Pbilipps' engagement. On Friday Evening. March 13, will be presented, the Comic Opera of LOVE IN A VILLAGE. Young Meadowt, Mr. Pbilippt T o which will be added, i.owiha or Tor.oi.txoi, or the fatal snow ttorm. Lowina, Mrs. Barnet Performance to commence nl Kveo o'clock precisely. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. 'IMIERE are at prewnt five varanrie in (he L hevd. WILLI M POvV I LL'S School, in Phi ipshur - h, Yonkers, West - Chester County. His system nf education is tuch at to enable him to qualify y. un gentlcroen for Cu'h gc or the Counting House within a reasonable tno. His school is select, Uie numbs r nf Pnpilt limited, and tlie treatment of the niot liberal kind. The foKowing branches of useful and polite Ii - tesaitire are laugnt, yil : Grctk, History, Latin, Frera - h, lglisb Grammar, Corn - silion, Wnling, Arithmetic. Geor. - ,phy, I Mathematics, &c. It is presumed that few Institution, of the kind eaa ofier greater ad vai.taj.s, whether Piey regard instructi - n in gtneral literature, in moral and r. - iigiout principles, or in correct and gent!' manly deportmeat. Tlie Farsorvnge in which tlie Pnoilt are accmroodatcd, is commidioiii, retired and plesiiitiy situated. Its distance from New York i about seventeen itiles ; to which therci - s'wai a direct and easy communica tion, t - r further particulars application may n - ni .s to HisiH - n Hobart T. S. Clnrktnn, Etq Dr. Wilseo, Cidombia C .M'Ever, Eta. College l Wm. Caysrd, jun. Esq. c. u. ule'en, f - sq. I A. kcoermcntora, Lsq T. A. Emmet, Esc. mh It D2nClw JfevYtA 0ftrf cf Ctiere,.Tle , " ,. - ,rI .1 .Js..Z . Vcw the Monthly Committee, to adjust and deter, mine all mercantile dispute which nay be refi - rred to them i Thomas .Buckley, " - Fliph't. Willijm,, Peter Kemten, Gideon Pott, ' Abraliam Off i en. mh 12 GRAND BALL - AT IFA SIIIAG TOJt - UA L L. MR. BERAULT hat the honor toiolbns the ladiet and gentlemen of New.Vnu lhat bit annual grand ball will take place ! en j " L. aril . m .. Kill tfiliinn In lh rnnruA ( wevenuur . ballet dance, and - several other fancy danc. ' will be performed by Mr. Berault' pupil, m follows : 1 Kntrance of a grand march, by 20 youn? 1 di. - 2 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas scul, by 1 young lady 5 The shawl dance, by a young miss 6 Gavotte de Vestrtt, by 6 young ladies 7 The sbantruse, by 2 young ladies ' 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladiet 9 The allcmand, by 2 young ladies 10 De deox, by two )oung ladies ' 11 Pas teul, with the tambourine, by a 0Dn lady 12 1 he three graces, oy 3 young ladiet 13 Pas seul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by t roung ladies 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladiet 16 - A graDd march, to conclude with, by go young ladies. I he ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock. ni Uie ballet at 9. J Tickets, one dollar each, to be tad at vir. Pera nit's, No. 31 Courtlandt - streeL snri t Washington - Hall. mh 12 2w "or .ittzuitdna, Utorgilovn, und H atlimiton The fine new tthr. VALLORIUS, R. Ta) lor, master, now loading at uir no 10, and will be despatched in all thi week. For roight or passage, apply on loard, or at fit C. II. slip. DIYTE BETHUNE&c. mhl2 H.i6S.lGK for LiVEKFQOU The well known ship .NESTOR, cap - Utain Noble, will, weather perrnittioc sail for Liverpool on the 15th inbt. and 2 or 3 more passengers can be accommodated. Apply on board at Murray's - wharf, or to JONATHAN OGDEN, mh 12 3t No. 4 State - street. For MOBILE tliBh. - iKELLX, i The (uhttantial and fast aailitg oew tltrhr. ANN - MARIA. Cap t. WrirliLlOS I'ms, hating two thirds or her cargo enei anu on board, will meet with despatch. 'or the remainder of her freight or passage, having good accommodations for cabin and steerage ptisen - gen, apply on board at Pier No. 4 K. River, or to PLTLRS & HERR1CK, mh 12 29 Coen ties - slip. For JVA.'rF - OitKWA'i. The good fas', railing ship LAGUIRA has half her cargo engaged, aud will be d. . - ,.at' bed in a few days. For freight or passage, having large accommodations, apply on board, west tide Kurluig - shp, or to LA1DLAW, GIRAULT & CO. or W. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 12 86 South - street. The good, fast sailing ship MIRROR, iSLto sail in 3 days. For freight ot.200 cask of seed or passage, having fine accommodations apply on board, west side Burling, slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOIJ), mh 12 36 stputh - ttreet KOI. LIU' GILLESPIE, No. 112 FrontssU - offers for sale 4)0 barreis Virginia Floor ,, r. - U h0edoeah BeiweWJ RichTobC. 18 do Peters burgh Tobacco XI hales Upland Cotton 35 tierres and n ni I Rice iiui, u:ii.r, 150 bags St. Domingo, 'j Coffee let do green Havana a lont Liigntimvits Port. Claret and Maueira Wine, in hhd. uA quarter casks Korix reJ rort Wine, in cates or Sdoieo tacn r ttk.i.iHT FOIl OPOKTO. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 11)00 bushels com on freight mh 14 BV JOHN HUMES. cargo of smr iradkil, from C as too. CANTON SILKS. On Saturday morning, 14'di inst. at 10 o'clock, I At caset Canton bilks, just arrive pel f Fihin London Trailer, roctiitinr of Canton Crape Shawls, embroidered and damask )o do do colored bordered Oo do Half Hdkft embroidered Canton Crania, hlarb and A,ort.l colour 'twin; Mlks, do de inreecoraeu . s . . .. A I trcguettt and Levantines Black, plain and changeable Sarcoets, Blue and green Senrhewi Black and colored Silk Hdkfs. fringed. i' it A It U , , Blue Nankeen, Short Yellow do Company and Mamee Chop do Tl.e Catalogues will be ready for examinatioa wilh the goods, on Friday. CARCO OF TNI SHIP I.ONDOW TRADER. On Mou.lay morning, the 16th intL at 1 1 o'clock, at William Wain's storet, on the wharf belotr South - street. TEAS. The cargo of the ship London Trader, froa Canton, consisting of Young Hysoii Teat, in qr. and 1 - 2 qr. cbesta Gunpowder teas, in half qr. chests 5 and 10 catty boxes Imperial do. in qr. and half qr. chests 5 and 10 catty boxes and rannisten bysoa skin do. in qr. and half qr. chests ' Hvsoo in qr. chests, Cassia, 996 cases sugar. ' ) Also, A complete assortment of China Waft The cstaloguet will be ready on SaturdtJ morning, nr.d tbe teat, he. open for intpectiot. Terms tl tale. J. It W. LIPPINC0TT, mh 1? 3t Commission Merchants. BLESWAX WANTED. The subscrib want to purchase 4 or 5000 pounds Yel low Beeswax. G. G. & S. HOWLAND, it i mh 12 7 Washington - strect. c O I TON oi HICL 64 bales prime L'platwl Cotton A An ?3ATVrirlsn itl lit tierce Rire - ln store nnd tottiJf GRISWOLD fc COATE3, mhll 68 tiouth - rtreet I TOLASSES. 100 hhdt retailing Molasses A I landing from brig Robert, from Hara at pier No. 9, between Old and Cwmie. - ." for tale by N. & U. TALC0TT, mh K FLOOR CLOTH t & c - RP KT tMn THE subscribers have just received from the New - Yoik Manufactory. brgeI"P ply of Floor Cloths, Comprising several n patterns in addition to their former st''. They invite the public to examine theteg,ri whifri thev assert to be equal to the be imported cloths. Ord - rs received Sir r10" Cloths of any dimensions, however IrreguJ" in form, from a great rarie' v of pstterns - ; PRIEST fc ROOT. ' Ko. 162 Fulton(fo. merly Partition) st. , Fine and supe. fine ingrained erpe J ca:pei'mg Hea 'h nigs, fu n.turerooreena (" eoW" Cloth table covers ' t Painted baize table covers and di Waterloo carpet cover, fcc mh 12 3t 1 rt

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