The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 12, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1818
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TjffE.NiBW - rOBK EVENING POST. NUMBER 4912 THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1818. NO. 42 MNE - STREET. far Salt, frtizht or Chltrltr. xff The fait sailing brig SAILOR BOY, yjilJ. Rodman, master ; oow ready to res' ' 175 tm. and will carrr about 600 casks flaxseed. Apply on board, eat tide Mr Market wharf, or to 17 D. BETHUNE CO. Bj,t MC.H.tlip. , wtuuLvaTOJV. JV". C. Ifv The ichr ADELINE, PelegTupper, jjb mailer, will be dispatched uunieuiaieiy '""gilleshe, 1 12 Frout - st. TWn AlTar tnr aal. IM hhl tar. and a oarcel of W. O. hbj staves, received by said vessel Abo iOO bbls supf. Richmond flour 55 bbdi Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierce rice; 21 bales upland cotton 65 hhds molasses; 200 bags coffee Dil whila nnrt wine, in hhdi and OX Madeira do do . . casks Claret wine, in boxes of 1 dozen each A hnviu rnttnn laces An invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of snuff boxes, slates, slate pencils, maroiea, jeweiiery violins, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, Sic. Feb 24 I'OH AMSTERDAM. Tk. .i.,nrh hri M A RfiARKT. ran - PimW In,.. nnnirlirfthln nnrtnf her cargo engagvd, and will be dispatched without delay. or ircigm passage, "IT'J II. VOS, No. "4 Washington street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No. 72 Washington - street. tin, IT k'lfJHT or CH.4 RTtCJl. A The sai mir ichr. fcALb.Vl. DUr t'.i,.., iinn KhU h . mode but two voy ages, and is now in renames io receive a cur - go. 'For terms apply on board, at Pine - street vt barf or to G. G. & S. HOWLANT). feb 26 77 Washington - street for SALk. or CHA11M.R. . LA Tlie valuable fast 6ailinc brie AG .Sgj&NESS, CHptain Harris, at Fly - market wharf, two years old, burthen 184 ions, win stow upwards of SU0 hhds. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be resdy to re ceive a cargo in two days. Apply 10 N. ft D. TALCOTT, feb 26 64 .South - street. FOR aALK At THK SHtP - YARU OF THE SUBSCRIBER, A SLOOP, now building of the best k materials, about 100 tons; timbers of live Loak, iocu. - t and cedar ; bottom plank Jersey whit oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. A bL.uor oi au ions, calculated lor .any trade where dispatch, burthen, and .easy draft of water is required. A usriagua SCHOONER, of 40 tons, will draw but little water, with a lee - .board through '.he centre of her keel, awl is expected to sail very fatt. Also, a briir oi sou ions, calculated k for a Livarpoo lor London trader, (that Lean be finished to suit the purchaser.) nf Spars, timber and plauk. Also, timber sawed to bills for house building." aov6 tl CHARLES BROWNNE. for Sate, Freight "r Charier, A. The brig rlUM - .Y, Crispin, 1j tons. .a siauocn goou veuei, i..ieiy pui in gaou order lor a voyage t or '.t rm applr to J.4MESD'WOLF,junr. Feb 13 57 Front - st. 1200 NANKIN. Pieces blue nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, (or ale at 77 Waehiogton - st. feb 18 G. G. ft S. HOWLAND. T.LOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich - JT mond supf. Flour 39 hhds old and new Tobacco, IfO kegsmanufjctured d - 6 Si 8 hands to the lb. For sale at 106 Front - Street, feb 13 1 ROKES. DAVIDSON & CO. CLOlh? S cases saperhne Lonuun cloths, Sea extra do. Just received per Wail ington. and for stle by HURD & SF.WALL, FrbM 65Sv:L'i - st, BROWW SHIRTINGS. 7 pucimges brown tfhirtiues, just rceivi d and for sa le !y THK COMMISSION COM PA Iff. Bh (dec 148 Pearl - street. SHEET LEAD - 33 rolls Mieet lead, for sale by HURD k. SKW ILL, Feb 18 65 Souili - tt. JAME D WOLF, jr. 57 Froui - street, offers for sale 50 tons clean St Petersburg hemp Russia duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstobf, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould canities do 1 case Leghorn bats do 2 cases cholets do 1 case platillas Feb 10 1 U.M. 10 hhds. Molases Rum, first proof, A, tor sale by JACKSON tt WOOLLET, jan 1i 75 Wall - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. . fTXIVP nl,A Ko loa An.;af,na nf vj Bsftas Luckipore, Chittalully, Calli patty aodPutka. Cossahs, Cbaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and . Sannahs - Jellalpore andMow. ChecKs - Gitialis, Romsls, Sic (or sale br CHS. L.OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, ."9 Wahinptoii street. 25 MRAHS HRAVDV. Pipes Cette Rrjndr. entitled to dehen lure, tor sale by CHA3.L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Whine.on.tre!t. 1LOUR.i17 barrels Richmond sueifinr lour, branded W. B. A Creek, laudm,: schr Monroe, and for sa'r hy i u WALSH St GALLAGHER, feb7 66 South street. OEINE TWLF,ftr.5 bales Twine, J and hale enntainin? two 9 incs, just ree'd rr ""P Washington, from lxndon, and for sale Jr t , D - BETHUNE tl CO. feb27 92C.H.SIip. OST!'0? TOBACCO - 23 bales prime Uphnj Cotton ft f I. I " ' w" imt. Kentucky Tobacco, tn rereived hw'1 h JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South - streeL OMBA2ETTS, assorted colours . do all hl - lr ceiv. r ,wi"ed, assorteJ colours, lost ra - mch I" hJ OTIS tc 6WAN, 157 Pearl - si RIPLrv t.C!! k CANDLES. coU.W,:' - . '9 Tront - street. have mtcr Z,A I b,'Kl - l wholesale and rtU;l, Also. T.i"B?,,'T ''aiecft Spermaceti Oii. 'J, C WT - M, ' ''a Cardies Ksor.erior ontli - feb 13 "'P'l Factory, Chvleitoa, Mass. ted ft 15 I .lOR SALE, the careoof the shin Cririe. can V tain Humphreys, from Calcutta, and now leading at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of cast India sugar Cotton Ginger l Block Tin Gum Shellack Gum Copal Goat Skins of a large size Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for sale, India Muilius of almost every description. Also, a small quantity of Rattans, and Odor of Koses. For sale I y jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. "10TTON New crop, prime, suitable lor manufacturing, will be sold in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a few bales of old crop. Enquire 148 rearl - street, upstairs. jan 8 LAdSWARL 16 Midi. Lug. Glassware. J conmting of Wines and umhlers, for sale by LH AS. L. OUDE.N ei ABK. OGOEN, JanW Washington - st Tj'OUR thousand Gunny Bags, fdrsale by r CEIiKA k CUMING, J no 13 76 Pearl - streeL PL As IKK OK PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of it pans, in Darren, tuiiame lor mt soutnern market. (Orders left with Walter Nexsen, No. 174 Frout - street, corner of Burling - siip, will be . .I . . I J . l.tUU DVLMI I'runijHiy aiieiuifu iu jvu.i dicivo. Foot of Harrison - street, North - River, Jan 19 tf VIRU IMA TOR A t CO U I'LOVU O hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 68 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For ale bv VASQUE6', MF.URON k CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tl ?o. 72 washmton - st QUICKSILVER '20,000 lb. Quicksilver for sale by N.L.&G GRISWOLD, jan 21 86 South - street CASalMERKS, S.i lTtJVLTTb A AD CASSWKTTS. FEW cases blues, blacks and mixtures, of xx various Kinflu, manuiactured lor a southern market, will be sold low for cash or approved paper. Also, at reduced prices, several cases of blue, DiacKand mixed nroadcioths, among which are some of Wolrotl's superfine, at the COM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, 143 Pearl - street. febll rpOBACCOi RICE. 100 quintals first c,ua - L lity ipanif h Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, pcrsrhr. South Carolina, for sale by JONF.S & M F.G RATH, feb II 0J South - street. bnptrjint American GL'GHAMS. cases fiue gingham, for sale low by The CommUsiou f 'nmpanr, 8 Feb 13 D&C 140 Pearl - st. flAiVO FORTE FOR fcAhE. A. ne of the best LpMdon manulHcturers, and owner wishes to leave the city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street, corner of Broadway. Jan31 BROWN, ston - seal engraver audjewel - X . lor. No. 16S Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, fcc. engraved on stone. . handsome Rrtnirnt of fine roll seals. chains, and other je - ?llory. Ladies' sea'.j engraved with coats of arms, uiotios, and fancv devices. Diamoiid, ainetbvsts, crystals, Sif. bought in the rough or c't in any form. Hooks of heraldry Ucp with upwards of 60.000 names. Jan 7 3m ATOLASSES K COFFEE90 hhds. Hava - '. VI na Molasses new crop 24 hhds. do CoffL Laniiu g at Old - slip fr' in Brig Caroline, and for sale ly JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. fcb t 57 Front - street. HE )P, LEAD, PAINTS, fcc. Russia hemp, in lots to sut purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 3 ca.ks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine English sail and seine twine . 3 caks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 hhds x erdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCHERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - street. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 wt. Cables and cordage, of all sizes, best quality, with the usual assortnicut of ship chauJlery. Febll tf j cornet:, no a it, tc. J J ba?s fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish st gart, superior quality 4 hlls St. Jago sugar 10 hhds New - Orlcaus do 300 lln turtle shell 3 hhds BoHton Rum Just received and for sale by G. G. Sz S. HOWLAND, feb 27 77 Washington - street. UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale bv SAIL ALLEY, 98 Pinc slreet. IN STORK, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jan2J COTiOJS iuBACVO, Kc. 6d JL bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nassau 20 bales New - Orleans cotton ) per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco naocier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Petershurgh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, 1600.1 lb Harana coffee, in hh - lt. anJ A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. Frr sale by JAMES D'WOI.F.jr. Feb 23 57 Front - t. RICHMOND FLOUR 150 bbls. landing this day from the chr F.merali, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, feh 26 1 12 Front - street i.l.VI .i. If.AfKRs, tec. Itl C. PU YD AM, have just received per brig J. Pocnhonta, from Du't.'in; and ship 1 bourns Wilson, from Greenock, for srd by tl paikage 1 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Liaens S do 7 - 8 do do 5 do 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do d black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do tale do 7 boxes 5 - 4 !nb Shorting 2 do 9 - 8 lo stoat do 2 do Lin l.p - ans 1 bales Drolifdss ii Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. AIs, A general ass'Jment of the above articles, opened for r - ?iii sales, at 6 1 Maidrn - lanc, on very fa oralis term?. fob 25 tf tLfi RUM, 1c. puncheons Jainsira Rum, jast arrived nnu louuuiB uoiii uie una uovia ntcnanis, iroin rauuuuui, v'bui.j una lor iaie ny A. D. DUFF, 69 Washington - street. .Who lias for ssle in store. L. P.TenerirJe Wine, fPasley brand) in quar ter caias, imported jaiy, I Bio Do do in hhds. and qr. casks, do August do Do do in pis, hhds. and qr. casks, do Sep tember do 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks doenti lied to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine,hip'd in 1813, irom ine vape oi uooa nope, ana enu tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes ot claret wine 13 do grave wine and one cuk cardwire. leb 7 tf iiC MO LA SSLS JR SsiLE. UU Hhds molastet, now lauding from brig Agu?s. from Matanzas. Apply (o ISAAC PACKARU, Feb 35 Front - ft, 1 AVENS DUCK. 1U1 pieces heavy lUvens M. Duck, for sale by HURUfc SEWALL, feb 19 65 South - street. E NGLISH WHITE LEAD. 360 kesEnir lisli White Lead, ground in Oil. landing tromship William, and tor sale by TUCKER Si LAUUIES, fcb 18 x 29 South street. TRIPES ( cases superior Wmericau blue KJ stripes, for ale by the COMM1S4ION COMPANY, FcblBD&C 143 Pearl - st, 1 "v". PAPER, kc. XsJ" Qr. casks colmcoar v ine 130 qr casks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do swent Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles tach 40 bales Italian writhe naiicr. Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds Eugluh glass ware, consisting ol wiues :md tumblers assorted 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 rases lelt hats, 1 do chip do 40 hales Italian rags, 500 marble mortars 23 cases marble slabs, veined and statuary, assorted sizes 5 boxes Naples "having soap 1 do watch glasses 3 cases manua in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Baftas, putkah and rallipalty cossahs Chadpore, choinocul!y,johauna, luckipore and soog.pore Sannah$, jullapore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do Sootee anil frnctroy romnh, for sale by CM AS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, I mch 6 Wahington - st. HOUSE - WIFE SHKUTIJVUS. Ltt C. SUYlMM, No. 61 Maiden - lane, bare jut t opt ned boxes 9 8 and 5 - 4 wide new undressed house wile sheetings, at low prices ALSO, Stout and fine Irish Sheetings Insh linens ; Ions lawns Birds eve diapers ; table diapers Damask cloths and napkins, and fiup rfine Scotch linen bed - ticks. Also, n, sole 111 (lie; pat.la0 Irish linens, sheetings, diapers long lawns, black' and brown linens, and Liii' - u bed ticks, assorted. n,h 7 5t OSNABUK'.S ft PAPER. 1 bale Oim - bu: ls, and 1 do hali - 'i) Paucr, for sale at 76 Piarl - s'.reet. fcb 11 CEBUA ft CUMING. II APER. 7 baits ol a 'od ,u illy, for - ale I J7 by Cr.rJRA S Uil.G, mb4 76 Pe - rl - street. Y'l OLASbES. tOO Wi!i. new cro.i Havai... IV L Molasses, landing fiom the brig Robe.', eatt side of the Old - slip. For sli !.y inh 9 l. At U I AIA Ul l. GEO. OKI B'. MUSIC SCHOOL, HO. 20 WM.MTW T, IS established o.i hn new" ami ray - ner, of teachinKroonposil'nn thoro bats, j rekding the art oi fingering tin piauo for:c and tinging, Sic. Terms 30 dollars per qaaiter, hV advance. From 4to7, r - aturday, T. M. tie a - a emy will be open, lor the iriemls t'fsci n e ,'m! 'he amateurs oi'muri. to cull uud inspect the es'ah linliment, and they are eqursted to bring with them the first Kuropean works oi m,ir., in ena hie them aciuratily lo appreciate 'he iu rits of ttiis new improved system of tench. I y n.h d 2w G. 'iKIR. ivr IMAl UR l.S IS A NEW STY Li., at h. HERvr, from lostdos, at $6 m'.d up wards. Siwcirpens may be seen at the 'I online Coffee House, tlw City Hotel, and at bis p tinting room, 189 Broadway, exactly opposite John street. ml: 6 2w TRANSPARENT TRACING SLATES. rOR conyinsr writinss, drawings, kc. for V teaching children to w te and draw correctly in a short time, by trarinz exactly any copy, writing, drawing, !andscae or pittern p'aced under it, witna en nnd 111K, nlarx lead or common slate pencil , and may be used as a common slate for Arithmetic, Memoianduras, ftc. ftc. Manufactured and sold wholesale anil retail, by J. IZOD, iuh7 Iwt No. 15CCherry - st. New - Yark. NEW BOOKS. I USTpublished and for sah by El. IAS VA - ,1 LKNTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - stref t, Rob Roy. by the author of Waverly, Guy Mannenns,' and ' the Antiquary,' li vols, fine copies 2 dlf. coarse I 75. A compendium of Geography, containing besides the matter usual in such works, a short sy torn oi Sacred trenraiihy, by the Revd. John (J. Rudd, Rectos of St. John's Church, Eflzabetb - town, (N J) CnriespomVtice between a mother and her daughter, by .Mrs. Taylor ami Jane Taylor. Accum's Cbemical Amusement. 6 vols. r,l elegant extracts, witli engravings. Orders re - e.ived foreograrin;. tpper plate printing of every description executed with neatness and despatch. A"RAPPIAG PAPER. A large supply of V Wrnpplng Paperof various qualitio and sis - s for sale in parcels to suit purchasers. Apply to U. G. ft S. HO W LAN U, mh 7 77 W itliiii'on - str et. tuti .W.r', THE CIRCULATING LI4RARY, 138 Fulton - street, ner lirondway, consisinf;''an exteo:ve and elioiee collecbonni' histur, . travels, voyaic, biography, romance, aovels, tales, plays, review", ma?ariae, Ate. Catalogu - s may r examined at the library, which is opto lur suliscribers, at uiuaL mh4 tf t r A TED a Miiia'ion in a school or pri vs! family, a female of repectn'iHi - tv. .lr. iieta wi'cutt',n.t J to eirl. writina, ani:,u. ic rwffifH'y, . ny l - .dy in want of turn a perT, will not: t .1 aiivr. 'i er w ui . . : , ... j. in rKAicr. iianps ma i" ti ii - vT .. - . England, end can prod ate sni:tory r' a - ces For mru - rr particulars esquire tx , - U - r of this paper. bJl SPICE& 5 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, 5 bags do. Cloves 3 do. do Mace . 5 sacks real Cevlon Cinnamon - just ree'd and for sale hy leb 26 PETER REMSEN & CO. Rlsil L1NEN. - 5 boxes 4 - 4 Irish Linen, Ibr sale by VV. St S. CRAIG. feb 13 IRISH LINENS, DlAPERSTSHEETlNGS. 'pHOMAS 8UFFERN, No. rt Uepeyster - J. street, lift just received per latest arrivals, a Kirtber assortment ol 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, long lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers. 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 dowlas, do. drsgbeda liins, which with the following gools, still be sold on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, low and fine assortments 1 - 8 do in half pieces 7 - 8 do half bleached strong and fit for narrow sheetings, to average 13d T - 8 lawns, 5.4 sheetings to average 23d 3 - 4 conrse sad fine brown linen, feb 24 2w ; H UPS. - 2 b, - l Hops, ju'i received !r sale by CAMBREL1NC it Pr.ARSt)i, feb 3 67 Sfiitn - st'eet DOMESTIC tl OTHER WAREb. THE subscribers keep const uitly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vix Dutch and English Gunny Be;), ' Popes heads Crumb Bruslies Brooms Duster, or Counter Bruslies Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, fancy and common cy and common Do lor Blacksmiths Hull and Entry Mats Heart do do do Cloth do do do Weaveis do White Wash do Shoe 6i Scrubbing do Paint Bruslies and rails and I uts Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de Sash Tools scription Seine, sewing, wrap (.'lamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Jlorse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trare Ropes ping, baiting and ball I wine Fish Lines Shoe Sc Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan ces, &c. Wrought and Cut and Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA A CUMING, feh 26 J? renrt - ttnel. OLD JAMAICA lh)M. A FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum, for sale by TUCKER Si LAURIHS, mh 3 29 South - street. 4 f Boxes, 1 hhJ. I cask ARGOL, about '1U 11.500lbs, forsale by Feb20 R.& C.W.DAVENPORT ft CO. LOOKING GCASSbb, MIRRORS, TIN FOIL, fcc 3 cases handsomely ornament ed Mirrors 15 to2l inches 1 cose Gilt Pier Glnsses, with black neded frames, neatly ornamented with carved tablets 3 do Dressing Boxes ft Reverse Swiugs 4 do Silvered Plates in black reeded dames 6 do uusilvered do. 1 do rich rut Glass Pans 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 inches, forsale by PETER REMSEN ft CO. mh 3 26 South - street. ; NO I ICE. tfy All bersons havin claims aa - ainst the es tate of Capt. William XnyMir.deceHsed are desired to present them totlie subscriber lor set tiement, and those kideMed to said estate are requested to make payment without delay. , . JAMES M'BRIDE, feb 12 la Administrator. NOTICE. OsS" Vhe - urtartnuaship heretofore existing lie tren the ssfbscriiiers, umin iin. in, i s h Davies A Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The debts due and claims against said firm will be settled by N. S. Davies. N. S. DAVIES, A. W. TRAPPAN, Tiie business will in future he conducted by N. Sn,ilh Davies, under the firm of N. Smith Davies A! Co. 'eh 14 NO'llCE. irr The subseriliers havina received a eene - ruiassigntnent of all thecslnte of John Murray cons, lor the wnent oi creanors as esprewru in tnr a mgnruent, havd authorised Peter Lud - l(w to liquidnte the unsettled accounts and lo receive payment of all debts due to the said firm, i r lo tbe ii riividual partners who will atteud to e same at his office, No. Ill I'earl - slreet. WILLIAM BAYARD, feb 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. liN CHANCERY. IN CHANCERY, f N pursuance of a decretal order of this honora - I lile ci'irt, wi' be void at piitdic auction, at tlie Toutu." t'off.i lloiie, in the city of New - York, uuder the ,!:r xiion of the subscriber, one ol the masteis of ilni court, on Tuesday, the 24th day of .Mam, inst. at twelve o'clock in the fore - m.i.'i of that dav. ull that certain niece or parcel of laud, situate at Green wii h, in the Hlh ward of the said city ol ew ioik ; beginning on uie west sideol Greenwicb - slrett, forty four feet ten inches, northerly, from Urn corner firmed by the intersertion of Hainmoiid and Greenwich - streets; thence wtalerly on a right angle with Greenwich - street about eighty five left, lie the same more or less, until it strikes a line of forty - three feet, in the reai f the said ground ; thence northwesterly until it strikes a comet about twenty sevtn feet six inches, be the same more or less ; thence easterly twenty four feet, theme northwesterly thirtv three feet six inches ; thence easterly fifty three feet ; thence SRain easterly thirty two feet four inches, toOreenwich - street ; thence southerly, along; Greenwich - street, seventy five teet three inches, to the place of beginning. Together with all and singular, the edifices, buildings, right, members, hereditaments and appurtenao - res thereunto belonzinc or appertaining. On the above property are erected two substantial frame houses, each about twenty five feet front and rear, and thirty two feet deep, and also a work shop. Ualtd aew - lo.K, !nrcn z, 1010. H. W ESTER VELT, Master in Chancery. N. B. A map or sketch of Uie above may be seen by applying at my office, No. 1 Nassau - street, mli 2 Iaw2wdlw MAYOR'S COURT, William L. Mathews ' rs John Cornell and Sa r - h Lis wile. partition. !. mrsuance cf an order of the court of con moo ples, called the Mayor's Court, of the city or New - York, made in the above ra ise, we in tend lo sell at public vendue, to tin - liignesi Did - or bidders, at tlie Tontine Co,Te Houm - , in theci y of w - Ynrk, on the llUiday ofMarch next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain dwel ling house, messuasre, tenement and lot ct land, situate, ! in and beunin the f - urth ward of the ci'y of N' - York, known and distinguished in a map tlK - rtof by lot number eighteen ; whM b said premises and lot of land Is licunded as h.llows : soutiriy by Banker - street, eagerly by Rose - vtlt street, northerly by lot aunsiwr seveoleo, and westerly in tne rear hy land twlccc ing to Sarah 71ioni,soo, containing in length oi each side fifty leet, and in breadth in front and rear tw enly G" e leet :acli ; with all and sira(u!r the rights, wavs, w iter courses, hereditameuts and a pnr;enancts thereto lielonginst or in any wise apiiertainirs. f) 6lh Feb. 1818. JAMISON COX i JOSI'I'A PELU Jun. Cooimissiooers. JOHN P. DiETEKICH rtmm T nlviw nrfniws are the corner n liiuJrfr nd R.tveJt - strec'L, in Uie possvsaiwi of JoUnB. Ebbelte, WM. fcb 7 2arHw W. M'CLELAN, Att'y. I LY CHAMVKRY. Stall of A't.w Yorlr, u. f N pursuance of a decretal order of tin's houora 1 ble court, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Cofli e House, in the ci'y of New - Yoik, under tlie direction of the subscriber, as one ol the masters of this court, on Thursday, the twenty nurd day or April next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all those certain, trai ts, pieces or par cels oi land, situated, lying and beiug in the town of Pnuglikeepsie, in the county of Dutcliess, which in an indenture of mortgage, executed by John B. Gay to Robert Kearney, bearing date on the twentieth day of January, in tlie year one uiuumna rigm nunoreu ana seventeen, are described, io Uie words following, lo wit : " all that certain piece or pan el ol land, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate, lying nnd beini; ia the town and rouotv aloresaiil. lie. ginning at the northeast corner ol the land of iviattlnnsl ooke, (oiiung the cast side of the road leuding from Hackinsack to the court house, theuce along the land ol laid Matthias Cooke, south seventy five degrees east, twelve chains sixty eusht links, tq the northeast corner of the said lano of Cooke, where a stone is placed in the earth, on which is engraven the figure four ; this stone ioins the land of the said Luther and John B Gay ; thence along their land north fif teen degrees esst, eight chains sixteen links thence along their land north forty six degrees west, five chains thirty six links, to a small heap of stones : and thence along their laud north six degrees west, one chain sixty two links, to the southeast corner c,i the lurid oi uaniei Kevaux thence alone the land of s.dd Revanx north eigh ty eight degrees west, twelve chains sixty six links, to the east side of the road aforesaid ; and thence along the east side of the aloresaiil road, south eleven degrees filteen minutes east, ten hams thirty four links, to tlie place of beginning; containing six'teo acres anu inree purines oi land. Also, till that certain tract, piece or par eel of land, situate, lying and being in the town of Pnuglikeepsie, and is a part ot the larm lormerly belongiug lo johannisswariwoui.di.'Ccaseu,iegin ning at a large stone on the old Filkintown roud, and runs from thence along the land of the aforesaid John B. Gay, north twelve degrees filteen minutes east, ten chains seventy two links, to a white - oak stump ; thence north six drgreesensf, twoi hains sixty one links, to a swamp white - oak s. pling; (hence north twenty five degrees east, six ihaius seventy six links ; thence north twenty three degrees and ten minutes east, six i hains; thence north thirty one degrees forty five minutes east, lour chains ; thence norm lorty one decrees forty five minutes east, one chain and ninety links ; thence east one chain ami eighty one links ; thence north thirty live degrees and fifteen minutes east, six chains eight links; thence north eighty two degrees west, nine chains, to Uie road commonly called Henry Bo - neve's roud ; thrnce along said road south thiity thirtv four degrees thirty minutes, west three chains thirty eight links; thence south ten tie - rees wet, len chains seventy links ; turner south sixty eight degrees west, two chains seventy four links ; thence south thirty six di - grtes west, two chains ; them e south forty two degrees west, lour chains ; thence south eighteen degrees west, five hams ; thence south six degrees and thirty minutes west, three chains twen ty seven links ; thence south twenty degrees thirty minutes cast, four chains thirty lour links: thence south twenty degrees west, two chains ; then on a direct lino to the place of beginning : containing twenty three acres and thirteen pen bes Also, ail tnai certain tract, piet e or pnrrel of land, situate, lying nnd being in Pough - Keeosie in n mioresuiu, ami uuuwivu mm iiett u - bed as follows t beginning at a stone set in the ground marked I. U. at (lie east sidn of the road leading from the court - bouse to Hackinsack, and at the northeast corner of the farm of Aaron Law, and is the souUiwest corner of the premi ses berel y granted ; then along the east side of the aloresuid road norm nineteen degrees and uT - teen minutes east, four chains and fifty links ; then along the land of Barnabas S wart w out north t went v seven degrees east, I wot hams; then a lone the land of Jacob Vanderburgh south sixty nine degrees and fifteen minutes east, seven chains ;lhcn along fh - land of the said Jntob Vanderburgh, Matthias Cooks, and the heirs 01 Dia l Samuel Cooke, northsixtten degrees and lorty five minutes east, ten chains and ninety three links; then along the lend of (lie aforesaid heirs of Samuel Cooke, deceased, north twelve degrees east, three chains and eighty eight links , th - n again along the laud last aloresaiil north forty five degrees and fifteen minutes west, five chains and thirty links, to a heap of stones, five links north of an elm tree, marked on two sides, at the north side of a small si lugh; thence north two degrees and thirty minutes east, along the land last mentioned aloresaid and land in possession of J nmes Simon filteen chains and twenty eight links to a flat rock at the north side of the Filkintown road, and is the southeast corner ol land in possession of Johannes Swurtwout ; thence north twelve degrees and forty live minutes east, nine chains and nity live links, to large white oak tree marked; thence north seven degrees and forty - live minutes east, three chains ; thence norili twenty - uve degrees east, ix chains and forty - five links, to a while oak sapling, loi - ped and marked ; thence north twenty - three degrees east, six chains, to s walnut tree, marked ; thence north thirty - one degrees and forty - live minutes east, four chains ; thence n' rtl, forty - one degrees and loriy - nve minutes east, one chain und fifty - four links ; thence east one chain and eirhtv eielit links to a blaek oak tree mark ed ; thence north thirty five decrees and fifteen minutes east, seven chains and forty seven links; thence north forty - five degrees east, two ihaius and forty links ; thence north sixty - two digrees nnd thirty minutes east, one cnain ana ninny links: thence north thirty - eight degrees and thirty minutes east, two chains und forty - three links, to a stone set in me grouna msrara i u, Land is the north - east cnri er of the land in p .s sestion of the aforesaid Johannes fcwnrtwout - N. B. The eleven last mentioned toiirses were all upon the rat side tf lands possessed hy J.) hannes Swart wout aforesaid thence tdong nthrr formerly in possession of John Bailey, esquire, and lands of Christian .e vcomb. sovin seventy - four degrees east, thirty - two chains and ninety links : thence south fifteen degrees east, sixteen chains and eighty links, to a heap of t'.nes ; thence south lorty degrees west, one chain and fiity - two links lo a hcip of stones, which is the north - east corner of U lands of Charles Rogers ; thence along the north side of the lands last mentioned, north seventy - uve degress aoo forty - five minutes west, thirty one chains and fifty links to Uie north west comer of the land oi said Rogers ; Uience along the west side of the hmd of said Rogers, south nineteen degrees sou thirty minutes west, Ully - lour cnains and mriy - Uiree links, to the south - west corner of the land of Uie ("foresaid Charles Rogers; thence along Uie soutn side of the laud ol the said tiogers. sooth sixty - one degress east, fifteen chains and seventy - one mvs, to the Innd of Aaron Law; thence along the land of the said law, south thirty - two degrees and fifteen minutes west, seven chains and seventeen links to a ws'nul tree marked on two sides, standing in a wet p are; Uience again along lead of U ssi.l Aaron Law, south twenty - nine degrees and forty - five mi - .... .. - h;; thence also along said Law's land, suth thirty - one degrees west, two d, suth Ihirtv - one degrees wei, iwo i tb,rty - one b'nks to a bom eafn sap - ed, standing on he essi oank o' f 'as - k ; thence along Ihe Snd of tlie aiore - chains and ing marke rM.1l I . . . . . ilAMMt said Airon w", - - and thirty minutes wtst. right chains n a tone set in the ground on a slnte tton Irll, and then . - ,,n abut - tlie nor Ui side if li - land ol the a - luresaid Aaron Law, i!. seveiity - Uiree t'e - rees and thirty mmi'es wet, iwe - '.' - '. - e chains and twenty liuks to tlie plac ol" tan nine:'ning, incUfUilu; lite rHaiuuiwu ftm . one hun'.re. and Sovetity - ninc seres, kire rM - diand twenty x perches, but exclusive of trie road oae hiudd aid seventy - eight acres, two roods mid t'e'n'y perches, L wniiti vet ty the r",; ivadr o Hhebinssrif, atd ilie 'and in pscsie of J'.roL Vnhh r'wegh, Mjt - .Unas Co.. n i.rm oi wocicr nnmcri Corli Jr. rues Siu.on. aw :jh sl,re - id Jiat - ines iwirtwe.ut ; ivorthstiy b i, I?mIs o tia; aforesaid JotiB Bailey, esquire, and land of a Christian Newcuinh before mci tii.ned ; east by! m lanu oi uie saiu cnnstia.i o i nib, diaries Rogers and Aaron Law afmetaid ; and sooth by laud of the aforesaid Aaioa Law. the n.riinilne figure and dear riplinn of which niny Itr. seen by i map annex d lo the a.'' re aid La! - , hil.tirx.' deed of the above deH'ri'id premie s And also one oUicr lot, piece or pmael of land, situate, lying and being in Uie town and rouotv more said, beginning at a h' - ap of stones on Samoa's and Sabio's line, which is the nor'h - east comer of a lot of wood land, .orim rly sold hy J r rocs Livincston unto William Terry i thente alona the line of said lot, north s:x'y - six digrees west, twenty chains nnd eighty links toe store on Kxe.kie'l Cooper's line ; thence along said t - p - er'sline, nnrli four digrees, east seven chains and forty liuks to a monument ; tfe oce nth se venty - seven degrees ai.d 'l.irty minutes, east lo Salmon's and Sabin's line to a mom ; thence mulling all line, sonth nineteen degrees, west, io tt - i! place of beginning; cont'iiuug twenty acres, two roods and thirty - five parches of land - And also all that oila. i tract, piece or parcel ol land, situate, lyii g ami being hi Pough - ' kt epsie town aforesaid, and bound, ,! nnd de scribed as follows, to wit ; beginning .it a stake anu until sianuing mine angle wnere tne norm line of the Dutchess turnpike mad intersects the west one oi tne larmnow in po ssession ol John B. Gny afnresatd ; nnd from theuc runs on a course northerly in the west line of said Cay's farm sixty - seven links to the south side of the Filkintown road ; thennoith seventy - eight degrees west, four c hains und thirty - two links then north eighty - seven degrees west, four chains, or so fur as to intersect the aforesaid north line of the Dutchess turnpike road ; thea in the north line of si id turnpike to the lla e of beginning ; containing halfaii acre of land, be the same more or less ; together with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belong iggorin any wise appertaining. Dutcd March 3d, 181U. JOHN TOWT, mh 4 lawtds ' Matter in Chancery. BUIIAJLVU l.oTAAIJ I - ARM. For sale, the valuable lot on the north west corner l 1 1 udson and Lnight - struts, ii by 100 feet, being one of the most desirable situations in Hudson - street, looking direct. v on the square, aud having a southern exposure., A FARM of 74 acres on the North or Hudson' River, in the town of tlreenshurgh, Westchester county, about 2 miles, rom this city, now in the occupation of Mr. Georgo vliller, and near the sent nl Win. Eilgm, Esq." On the promises lire a huge dwelling house, containing 7 rooms, besides servants bed rooms, huge cellar and cellar hitrh en, milk room, ftc. nn old oichanl, and one of young apple trees, of the best grilled fruit, a large burn, carriage house, fowl do smoke do. coin cribs, sheds, tec. The honse roo.Dunds one of the tinet views on the - river, and is a very lesirahle - situdtion. There are two landings at short 'li'twiicer, Imm which bouts ply regularly to this city If not seld hy 'he 1st ol April, will then bi: re.iti d for IIih eiiruiii), ear - 'lh and terms f ir the above propity will V made win th the consiikratioii ol thos - inclined to pur chase A pply to E. Ill VINtt, feh IK 2hk4w 1V3 Pesu - I street, Tranrpnrtattmi lo Ptltdnirfh, (Anvgi the ilalt nf JVetc - 1 ink THE subscriber, who hts been enpaged for several years in lorwurdiiig merchandize to different parts of the United States, idlers his services to the merchant and traders or the western states ami territories, a agent to transpor' properly of evervdecription From the ciiy of New - York to PittHuurgh, in the state of I'ennniiviiiii:! f bifida idiinneil at New.Yiirk. onboard "the wMTas ns"nf sloops for Albany, can br delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as hy any other route yet discovered i the p.'ice of transports, tio" for the whole distance never exceeding si dnllai - s per cwt . Propet care ha fern tjken to select I'Titlciiien of reapectaliilitv a agent on the st rerai routes coniiiiuni. ing' with the Allegany iv., ( where extraordinary ex ertions are required, a contidciial person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communications on this subject, pout paid, will receive the earliest attention of the subscriber, who for approved security will giv? a credit of six months on a large proportion ot the account. t;il vltl.CS SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 2d February, 1818. Reference to Mesrs Sattrrlces ft Cd. and Messrs. I. Hyer, and 11 Rankin, New - York. feb 7 2aw ESSRS. WH EATON ft DAVIS, No. 153 Fulton - st. opposite St Paul's l Lurch, oiler for sale, wholesale and retsil, a large and elegant assortment nf t'url'd nnd birds eye maple Chairs, withcane aud hair cloth seats, plain, gilt, and richly ornamented Painted Chairs, plain gilt and ornamented, in gold, aud brons'd Conversation, Sewing, Rocking and Children's Chairs nnd Stools Cur I'd Maple and Painted Lnungeei, Sofas, Settees, Muic, tec. plain, gilt and ornamented, in gold and brohz'd. Orders from any part of tlie continent exeea - ted with despatch. inh23 WflKATON'S I I CH OINTMENT. HPHE long nnd successful use of this ointment JL is a snllicirnt recommendation, as it has been found to tie a pletmnl. safe and certain re uiedy for that disagreeable disease in ad its sa - 5rs. It is for sale in the city of New - York, br A. ft W. R. Post, No. 41 William - Street ; f. ft 1'. Clnrk, No. 5 Maideo - Lane ; H. H. Pchitir tin ft Co. No. 193 Pearl street; Lawrence ft Keese, No 195 Pearl - street ; Hill Bowne, 146 Pearl - str. et j R. ft L. AJurrsy, 313 Pearl - street ; J. M. Brndhurst, 314 P.Mrl - street John Penford, No. 4 Flet. hor - street I Diiryee t Poe, in Pearl - street; J - hn C. Morn.on, 10 Greenwich street; John P. Fisfcer, Ib6 Uroad - wuy ; Waltcrft Stamar, corner of Chanihe' - st. and Broadway, and alo indatliam - Mrj et ; and in short it may be prm ured at irl r e Drug Mores in thisci'y - Also in l'hilad.Ji,in, of S. Wilhcrell k Sons j George Hanell , orth ft Rogers, and almost a the druggists in the pnur.ipal Iohos in Ihe United states. MMS.wiar, WIJEA ION'3 JALNLJCE BITTERS may be had at Uie above plates. jan 2 6m ''a Ihe C'tsti Ai as - Ferk. rERAH HAWChV Ihysiciao nod Dentist, rJ would inform Uie inhahitantt of s'W - York, that he has taken an tHuoe" at No. 321 Pearl - street, where lie will tzlract, titan, Jilt, fit and ttl 'J'r'th in the urnst app'oved manner, lie will - so prevent any irrcgelanty ol the seenraary teeth, if application it made to bim io season. He fiat tern himself, 'roio the experience be baa had in his ifofes - i'm, Umt be shall be able to give general satisfaction. torcnaracter Uitpntilic are re.ierren tonir. Geo. P. rhipman, pierchant, No. 6J South - slreet, and Lroctor A. Ives, Ao. Z);z rean - strecu Whom it way toncrm. (r T!iis cert fir ., that Dr. Zerali T!iwley is a regular bn - d phyaician, and in govi sin. Hing wii - .. iiis :l.irn lull.ispl. :r: lliMtne ia ...iu pa'licul iratt - rliob totbe tit f Vrnitttry, t.a stul ed Uie be: I ur - ,;van w tk on hi suhiect, and has given velj goed ali'fnction io thi hra - H - h tn his urtomera, V..V. are rifssoi the tir.'t respectability in thi citv Wc 'bee (ore, with en - li.e cotiW. ..e, ntoaireud Tr. Hawhy toUie ritizens of e w - Yorl:, as a dentist. tiKasMitis')! Mlives Natiiaii Smith J .a'ban Knight. Professor s o the Medical Institution of Yale tl C'olleje. New - fHven, JaO 2 IClCj n.U J

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