The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 11, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1818
Page 4
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a' " VALVABLE PROPERTY. Tot isfe. Ok Dover Iron Maoftfactantig fcitablithmtul, 111 tuecounty of Mom, aud slate f New - Jeriey ;consuuig of rolling and slit - Mi. - Mill, in good repair, wbicb worn Iwo pair of roller! and culUr, ibeara, Ice. all at the tame time i a valuable forge with two fire and one bammci in ood repair ; a block of coal and pie OD hkftd, sudicient lo make tfty toot of iron ; a good aw mill ) a cut naU factory in good repair, uHc'h - i toetpioy Ihirty aura, and may be ex tended to employ ode Ituitdrtd mora ; a brad cutting machine and a iteei furnace in good repair ; convenient to Iks work! ii aitore and a number l booses for tlte accommodation o' families, and excelnt stabling for teams that may be neces - tary lo keep for the in of tbe establishment j ai to, orchards, pasture and meadow Iota, immediately adjoining tla work, with timber land in aay - quauuiyr nvt i - xcediog iwo ilioeiana nve hundred acre, within three milt of laid wo;ki. 'I be Brent vein of iroa orr, commencing at the noted ouckasuuny auini, rum mora than 4 milei through tint tract, and lore mine are now opesj. Iron which ilia forest ae tunolied with ore, aod more may be opti.ed and ore rawed lo supply wcki to any extent ;tlmiiiei are within two mitei of said worki, aod rood roada, ao that the ore can be raised oad delivered at tbe forge two and half dollars per ton. ' , The at.ove described works are titusled ou IUickaaray stiver, about eight miles fromMor - ristown, twenty v milei liuia Elisabeth Town, and about Die tame distance from Newark, with good turnpike roadi leaung from laid worki to rach place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a rood neighborhood, there being two Pretby - tcriaa Churchet within four milts, and a friends' meeting bouse within two milei of laid place. X Tbli ilaod ibrcollectinf! bar iron for the ilit - tinr mill ia very commanding, there being v - arly ope baud red forge fires ia the county molt of tbtu. art on the itreami above lJoVtr, ana tne iron, ia going toNcw - Yoik market, can coave nieutlr dim thoae wotkt. At thia mill frequently four torn ol bar iron bave beta alit iM bundled into eail and ipike rodi in ft day. and upward of one hundred torn of naili bave been made ia a year. A large amount ol goodi may b told at tbii place ia etc haoge lor oar irna,procuring tup plica. Cc. Ice. There are valuable acitei both a bevt k below oa thia tract,oo wbicb mora worki may o recteav . - : . i . . , ALSO. ., That valuable well known farm, lying in the towuthiii of Randolph, ahoutlwo utile from Dover, and til milei from Morriitown, aod within oca quarter of a mileol the Uaion turnpike road, near Pleasant vaJler. called the Dittillery Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourlh part of which ia excellent meadow, one tourta part plough and paitura land, ana we reminder timber. A considerable part of tlte tim ber it of the nriaiual growth, and ii iHilable for sawing, the older part ia thrifty young tiialwr, from til teen to twenty yean growth. There are on said farm uilwardt of lis huudrt - d apple tree. in fine order, eight to sixteen yean old, the uiott ol'tU'toof grafted fruit, aud mora thin half ol them Hariion applet, io fanioui for cider. The leeadowt art - flat ami free from atone, througl Which ruai two lively itreamiol water, md near ty the whole may be watered. One of then Itreami ii luflk - fent tor eriit - mill or other worki : (here are ihw mill, a criit - nill. a lid fine - mill and oil mill, on the aui itream. Oo aid" farm anr two vaJnable acitei for water worki, a conveoieut cheap place to erect a ihort dam. aid raiau a conaidcrohlr pood, with twelve crfilieenltt baud, tielowtbn tlie water can be Ultra into a race, and in leu than twenty I'haiDi, on good firm ground, ii mora than twenty feet full. In thii way the water cau b worked twice ot er wiih the espcnie ol only one dam. There ii oo laid farm at ezteouva cidt - r mill with four nrentii find ciiterni, tiouied and well hooped with imn, luflicieiit to hold twilve hundred barreli of cider. Connected to tlie cider worki ii (ha ilill - lwuie, 10 conveniently tituated that tlie wbole operation h comp'eUd without pumping, 1 ne watrr tor conaeuimg ine apirite u lupplkd from a never failing iprint;, within til rodi of the it ill houae, and hai luflicient head to run into th ciiterni. ' The building! contiit of two imall frame dtvellingi, one good frame burn, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part ol which ii a good cellar there are alio hay bouie, cow IlltOI, C. ALSO, Valoable property at Longwood, in the town ahip of JeflTon, lis mile from Dover, on the roam branch ol Hoc ka way Hirer, confiding of a very valu - We forge, with Iwo Area and oueliam - jner abuuddooe of water the whole year, a largi pond, and a rty warm lituntion, and for bflixn yeun pait hai made aa much iroa ai any two firei in the coauty. The ore fi within four uiilei, and a part of the mad lurnpiked. The aeveral tracti connected with tint eitahliihmetit amount alto - Cetber to about fourteen hundred'acrei, the treat' r part timber, to make a durable tupply of coal (ortheiorge. Immediately adjoining the forge ii very valu ible plow and meadow laud luflkirnt for three faruii nf one bundrrd acre! each, with houM - i, orchard and barm, beiide itveral good dwelhngi for tlie lamiliei that may be employed ia working tbe ionic. . . The whole or auy part of thia verv valuable property will be iold at luch pricci and credit ai will make it worthy the attention oi any penoa wiihing to puuha'ie. for further information . iiniltrnr . i I 'nil a ia'. - m, aii'.ver. I5RAKI. CANr'IKLI), at Morriitown. ,. BLACK Wt.LL at M' ARLA.N, atN. York febS6D&Ctf LAW bVlLUl.SQU. Two office! in Law Buildinrt No. 3. to be rented. Apply on the prcmiiet, to JAMtS A. HAMILTON, Fjq.or at No. 69 Droadmy. ieo zjnir rn .M' krrii From Uie firat May next, the itore no. Ti joutli - ilreet 1 - or termi, apply to L. LF.FFF.UT3, Jun. ' 4eb 7 ! 28 Willi.imtreet (CI JO LET, ti'.il From the firat of May next, a front count' imt room on Ine tecond floor, togctlier with the upper lotu. I4iq'iire No. 167 rcail itrect. jan24 tf ' I O LK'l, The new brick Store no. 61 Stone - it. Apply to ' Feb 14 T. & J. 9W OKD3. kixS The two houirt, tio. 48 and 50 Broadway, t completely finitbed and delivered on the 15lh April oeiL Apply to JOHN 8L1HF.LL k CO. Jan Vt tf No. 50 Broadway, rOH S.1LV, A very profitable FA KM. of HO acrei, two third under cultivation, tbe rendue wood ' land, lituate oo the aea taore. ft quarter of a mile below the nanowi, ou the Ftatco If land tide and a rhort ride from tbe tteani boat ferry landing " It givei a very extemive view of the bay and ta - ' vironiof New - York, within the Narrow, aad of Bandy ItooK and the ocean f or proipect il equHiiea nj none, ine utlt ii Boqueiuonanin. Two I hi rdi of the pu rebate money y remaia aecureuMponiba land. Apply to K. V. U. Fountain on the premik't, or to Vii - SEE,'V 13 GrecBwicb - itreeL .Tn .L'.T, a conveniei t new 2 itory booie, adj''Urtng the above, with a gardeu and about an 1 acre oi land. For termi apply ai above. mh 3 eodtf TO LET, A two itory bouse - . With hrn . acres of land, situate about two and a half miles from the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in tbe habit of attending market and wouU cultivate the bod at an early vegetable garoei, n an onjoct. Kent 200 dollan. Ap - i j - - - - j mn oil TO LKT, A Tavern and Store in r Imliinv. ai nr.. etui Tccapied by Mr. IVu, thaw. Aply to '!'6tf T. GIBBON'S. V.1I itimejiate ! vion li"t, No. 9 Tsarl itreet. f.wlt a, i given, the ulli the itu - o na uoacu I jcuw in tr re - r on Bridge - it 1 U i.rem:e ar in corny lc and have ttrj coi.Tf .iem - e net esuary lor th. arrommo dauoo ofa family. For partkvlari r.,xy to L.BRADISH. r TO LET A TBLOOX1SG u.t I.K,' 3 ftw mmm mnA rmuwia bctatitMiC to lb ettaia of Job bhaw, lituated oa tbe eiith ave - Oa the nremweaare aa ni' bowe, itable, ceweb aud ice booac, wHb everv thmg elie renumte lor nep aa L.ikM iMrrinliaa il anricctMa - ry; thoM incliaea to toot will ww lie plc. ' .u. .u - i ii. - niMf sfare in the rear of houiei 1 1 and 13 1 - aarUtreet t wbrre there ii foi ale hm old Madera Wme, try ma lxiumjw - f or further partjcalan, 'PJJ0 gHAWf Ja 39 ' U Pearl - itreet. ktAL fcsTA it: lUH bALfc. lJ Two S - itorv brick hooM awl lota, litua - ledToa. 3"" 39 Vrnjr - rtrt. , Alio, ft bouie and lot No. II Bowery, near Chatham - aquare, 44 feet Croat by 125 deep. All on accommodating termi. ror particular! ap. lily at No. 333Gwuwicri - K. jao ia u L ;l!J Tbe brick itore No. t GouTerntur'i i ..ruL. aext door to Wattr - itrret. It bai four loon, beiidrt ft large cellar and garret Fouei noa maT (probably) be Lad previoui to the tat May, ii required, ipnv awcir Dwuui - ircw ton 19 lUtaLaKiiaur.ii.s, e4 TO LET. Wrifl A laree convenient modem built houic, coiuii houae and improvementi, (witii or without aa eateriive kitchen garden aod back lot) from the oral ol May oeit ; utnatea on ine corner oi tlie I'nt Avenue and Firit - itrrtit, near the corner of North and AllfniUwti, and about one mile from the Uity riAll. 1 be niuauon ti eievaieo aud healthy, and iu every reipect luitahle lor a genteel family. On the prrmiisi U ft well of moit eacellent water. Apply to tOK.NF.LIUS UUBU1S, Feb 2 tf No. 36 Front - itreet 'J o be Let. Leased, ur Sold. The ipacious 3 itorv brick HOUSK, No 129 Cliatnber - irtreet, having every conve nience for a larjre family, and a well ot excel lent water in the yard. Ite proiimity to the Stuart lately opentd. civei a view of liudHon treet from the rear of the houae, and renderi the litualion airy and pleaiant. For terma ap ply to JOHN B. MURRA.Y & SON, feb6 113 l'earl - itrert. tX)H SALE, A bouie of two itoriei, with pima iu I'roiit.Hn rood repair I coutainiug ahoui tinny four ecrea, lituate ou Throgi Necft, and near to the farm of Ahijah tlaminond - ine lann oeing highly improved, aod containing a great aneiy ofthebeitcherriei,applei, pearl and peachea, in great abundance and in full bearing the adjoining watcri affording ample vuppliei of liib, licll and acale, which at a imall eipence may be WA from a creek to the upland, and detained in a pond for daily ue a mackerel and ban linhvry being alio attached thereto, and whereat one uraueni oi a imau icioe mhto vr.ra mvai mackerel which told the neit dav for one bun dred abd twenty dollar in point of proipect, health and pront tins tile ii nawnere eicernea - diitance from New - York about lourteenmiln. Alio, four loti of land near th abovetwo ly inir on tb Sound, enntainine lortv five acre. and bounded on two lidei with waten land of an excellent quality, with an orchard of four bun dred apple treei, including the beit aorti for ta hie me : and for cvder. the Virginian crab, F.rr liih bngloecrab, white ityre,coccage, fox whelp anu Willie lour, wun rigmy rnerry ireei uic black tartarian reconimeodcd by Forty th being one. In front oi Iheie inn are taffen Dan, uiaca liih, perch, toullett, king tub. plaice, lolei, mack erel, porgy, pite, imen, wnmng, een, ana occa - linnally ihecpiheadand iliad, with wcuk - fi'li and manhadden in vait abundance ; hcdi of oytter, uperior in quality to any marketed in the city, lie very near their iborei, with crabi andclami, whllit Uie iidioinme hay ana rreem in ine wimcr u nion abound in black ducki and broad hilli, and loine timet are aeen the cauvan hack anil wild EPeie the land alTordine woodcock, quail and mine. The lituatinn cannot fail to pleaie in every teipect ; and the land may alwnyi he kept in ingn order, at a inuing expenie oyieoeann alt uitadowi attached thereto, and lea weed dri ven on iti ihorei. Alio, two other loti, one containing ten and the other fifteen acrei. Theie loti command an ex - te naive view of land and water: are altogether uitab le for imall rural relreati : oil of the oeii quality ; and contain about one hundred and ulty cherry treei, bcitmrti, and four hundred apple tree, noil approved for table and cyder, all in tall bearinz . and to each ol the loti will nc at tached tie acrei of inlt meadow if wanted. Alio a lot. contnioins fifty three acrei; about "ight in wood. Tliii lot ii about fourteen milei from the city, and one from tbe church of thr town of Weitcht.'iler. If the above property ii not diipoied of before wedneiday, the fint of A - nril next, the lame on that day will he iold at public auction, at tlie I online t.ollee House, at twelve o'clock,. mi accommodating termi, ai to DavmcntK. in bith cane. For further informa - iito, aipty to i ke. ut - rtiK ufc rMoiin, Mq. no. X4 Hroad - itrer t, or near the premiiei, to the mnicaDer, leb 24tApl PHILIP 1. LIVINGSTON TO LET, The three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor - fblk - itreel Enquire of COX ti AfONTAUDF.VF.RT, Feb 13 96 Vall - t. TO Lt.ASt., for a term nf years. uM The house and lot No. 20 Cedar it n et, containing six roomi with fire placet, besidei the kitchen, pantries, vaults, kc. and a well of good water. For tale, the unexpired term, eleven years, nf the lot No. 69 Murruy itreet, in the occupation of William, on lease from the Epiico - pal lburcn duet, ciprit. inquire or J. W. k W. C. KlULI.IGAN, frb25 dtf No. 44 Pine - street, fiC - X FOR SALE OR TO LEAsK, Su On accommodating term, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particular!, enquire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. i'ou v a r 1 til The bvo - itory brick front llonse and Lot No. 33 Cherry - strect For term, &;c. apply at 76 Pc.irl - strert. J to i.ivr. The handsome three itorv brick house. No. 150 GrecBwicli - itrcet, next to the cornfr ol Courtlaudt itreet, fiuished in the best rummer, and the lower roomi rommunica'e by folding doors. It will he found a very convenient reii denre for a reilwctahie private family. Apply to PETER StHERMr KHORN ii SONS, (en 23 lOt 243 Water - street. tOH S.1LK OH TO l.KASK, Lotiia tbe 6, 6, (I. and 10 Wards i many of which art oo regulated and pr.ved itrerti. No money will be required under ten yean, if told, intereit excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three itory homes, on which a great part cf the money remain oo mortgage. ttAui. - vu ai nui nuuii. Aa excelU'Dtiiand for huiineis with ten acre of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, ttore - bouse and barn. Ct.TTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Hear new - Haven, wiUi 4Qacrriofland, and a nver failing itream, upon which 20 mill may be ereciea, who a nuuciericy oi water ror earn. Apply at ivo. X (jreenwich - itrcet. jnn 13 tf TO LET, Tbe follow ini Houses, via: Tiiebouia No. 95 Johu - ilreet The house No. 97 do 1 he house and itore No. 395 Pearl - itreet The house and itore No. 131 Cherry - street Ihebouie Na. 28 CourtUnd - itrcet. Applv to JAMES W. SHAW,' eb21 No. oKowrrr. , J UTaai A convenient 2 - itory Home, in Len - rrd, r oar Orange - itreet Inquire of M. D1TMIS. 143 PeaH rvet. mh j 3 A - table u,d coach - bouse lo let i TaTk - puce. of JOTHAM SMITH, His 9 31 223Bioadway. f r r 9 - ' ,, H TOR BALE, . - ' A CoBvanient 2 - itory bhckfrool HOUSE OT, ti. 29 Aoa - atracl. Oa the premiMri ibera ii aUa a comfcrtabla back buildiug, wilb 3 rooma owing fira - pweaa, and t tber.apart menu and u the rear of the whole, ii car - penttr'i ihop, about 50 lett lo length. Thu lot, which ia 18 Uet I inch in width, and ICO feet in depth, would be very auitable tor a manufacturer, a rarpeuler, ft livery - iUble keeper, or imy duiumm that require! a goou deal ol room. ror termi, apply at o. 17 Burliog - ihu. reo S7 u Ht.SIUt.ACK at UHKtlNWICH. To be let, the boon aod ground! fronting oo ureenwich Lnine. belonging to the en ate ol the late Samuel jnniigan, aod at preieut ecu Died bv Mr. David Llv. For oartkulart eoauire of JOHN M'KKU, lumber merchant, foot of N. Moore - ilreet,or of T. rKIMuLt, ia tbe liaok of flew - fork. icoziiir el EIRE PH'jOE Ti)llK. iliUll . To let and poMeioion fint of May neit, the lour atory file proof itore, No. 34 bouth - tL between Uoentiei and Uld nine, uiquire oi me lubtcriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 liiamber - itreti. rebVtr e. u.CMAiii 'V LET, The itore No. 20 Wall - ilreet. Apply at tlie atore. lebiu tl ATbeiubicribcr will leaie or aell the lot ilMj and beute in which be now livei in Lau - reoi - atreet It it ft pretty remfortable houie for a imall moderate family, having a itone kitchen and cellar, two roomt on each floor and a bedchamber in the garret. AcroH the rear of the house there ii a pleaiant piara, built scarcely three yeart ago It hai a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, aod a imall liable, leading to which there it a gangway from the itreet Apply to A, U. Uufl, So. 69 Waihington - itreet. Feb 2 If JAME9 TILLARY. I OK SALIC, ur al rRorrarv m thk city of vew - tox OA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowerv STABLE in the rear toaeth er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 125 feet on eacb tide. IIOUSF. and LOT No. 37 Veiey - ttreet ; and Houie and Lot No. 3 Veiey - itreet. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar. do and do for 750 do do and do for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York The intereit bai alwayt been punctually paid. r or particular! inquire ai the omce oi STEPHEN P. LAMOINF., dee 10 tf No. 27 Wall - itreet aTl STORK TO LEV. li,Eit) Tbe fire proof store No. 2 Gouverneur'i Lane, (near Water it reel) i to let from lit May next, (thai four itoriei, beiidei a large cellar and ft very coronindiouigarret. fieing detached from other buildings, there it no risk from fire. Foi session may probably he had, if required, before the lit May. Apply at 29 houth itrc - et, to feb2 'I t'CKEK k LAUHIES. TO LET, From the lit May next, the three - story brick house No. 18 Courtlaud - itrnet, with or without Uie liable in the rear App'y to J. k R. RENWICK, Feb 2 , 86 Washiuglonvif. House, Stable, Our den, & - . al Urttnicuh, IV LET. The lubscriber will let or lease, for a term ef years, h' house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly iitiiatd on the hanki of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For term., apply to D1V1E BETH ONE, jauju vz wa;i si reel. e STORAGE. Storage may be had on the first floor of the lore INo. XJ boulh - ttreet, which will lave the expense nf hoisting. dec 26 A VALUABLE FARM, FOR SALE, in the town of Flushing, Queens county, Long - Island, situated on Bav Side, 14 milei from New - York, and 2 I - 2 from Fluibioz landing; from whence packet boati and itasei daily ply to and from New - York. Said farm containi about 170 acre, 60 of which wood laud of various kindi of timber and thrif ty growth, with two apple orchard, one old, the other not more than 20 yean old, and con taini 4&0 grafted trees, all in full bearing and of Uie choicest kinds of fruit and great variety ; there is about 20 grafted pear treei, lust in the prime of life, consisting io part of the choicest kindi of vcrgalnes, fct. uermaiai, and pound peart, aod 8 or 10 English cberry - trcei, which are just beginning to hear. The remainder is suitably divided into lots or mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in mbctanlial truce and under good improvement. The mansion house it 30 by 44 feet, built in modern style, of the best materials, mid finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and it tituated on an emi nence, commanding an extemive view of the bay and adjacent country. 1 be court - yard and garden contain a great variety of fruit - trees and shrubbery, arparagus bed, itrawlierriet raspberries, gooseberries, and currants in abundance. Attached is a large ham, iheds, carriage houe, crib, heu house, smoke houe, and many other useful and convenient buildings, all rew and in good repair. The premisei belong to Charles CoruelL Esq. late of Fluihing, deceased, and combines numerous advantage, of which it is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will purchase Without fint viewing the premies. For partiq.lan and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to the subscriber?, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title to them. ELl.ABt l II CORNELL, Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Side, Fluthinj, Feb. 23, 1818. Feb23 - tm TO BE LET, And poiieiiiun to be given immediately , or on the Hi May next, tbe elegant bouse Ao. 43 Wall - street, or aay part thereof, separately, tor otucei or laiuniei. enquire 01 ISRAEL FOOTE, mh 3 No. 41 Wall - street. EoR SALE .iT AUCTlUA, Bv Meun. BLEECKEK Jc BIURY. nt the Tontine Coffee House, on the 18th day of March, instant, at It o'clock, tlm house and lot of ground, the late residence of Doctor Archi bald Bruce, deceased, lituated at the corner of tireinwich and Linrrty - tlreeti, with the olhoe appertaining to it in Liberty - street. The houie and orlice are in complete repair, and may be examined by persons desirous of purchasing, between the houri of twelve and two, every day belore tne taie. 11600 dollan of the purchane money may re' main on mortgage. 1 or further particulan ap ply at tne auction room, mh 3 dtt MIANCF.3 BRUCE. iO LET, Too itore and cellar under the main budding of the bouse No. 233 Pearl - street, and a three itory n re - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber; possession to be giv en on the 1st of May next. Also, hit rtable and coach - house, situated on Gold - street, in the rear of his aforesaid premises, possession of which can be had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. - l TO LET, SaxaJI From the lit of May next, the lower couuiing room 01 ao. 54 souib - street. ALSO, The upper counting room, No. 71 South - it - Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. feb 13 57 Froot - itreet - TO FARMERS. f I H E subscriber can furnith the farmers of - ft. the adjacent country with ground Plaster of rant in any quantity, on the shortest notice, in Parrels or other wise. JOHN BYERS. Feb 23 tf Foot of Harri?oo - iL N. R. Valuable property. ' ?l Tlie lubiciiber ofleri ibr rale a valuable fara 73 mUei from New - York, i mj 7 mile touth of Poughkeepiie', oo Lhi poet - road, within 1 - 4 Ola Kile Ol ine miiu ou ine taui w . i ger'a - Creak, and in the neighborhood of aevcial landuurt from wbicb iloopt nil weekly, it con tains 10 acrei of level, feitile Un.1, with ayonng orclia - d of grafted fruit, wood inlbcient lor iuu, and all in good lence. J ne houae coniaim eTe ral roumi, hai a good barn, and all in excellent reoair. IU litualion bemr on an elevated plain, renderi the place not only boallhy, but preienti from the dwclhog ft deligbtlul inland proipcci. Abo. another lot of 40acrea,cootiguouitothe above, and bounded aoutherly by tbe fallt of Wapi'in'i r'i - Ureek. I lie land it lertue, in ex cellent fence, and of eaiy cultivation. What rood en thii property valuable, ii, that it may De made a place of celebrity. 1 here u already e - racted on the falli ft taw - mill of great capacity, a cardinz - mill. which enjoyi the cuitom of tbe neighborhood, beiidca aeveral other acitei for factories, unoccupied. Tbe whole force of the creek can be diverted with a little ex pence to as to drive a range of rnUli on a level plot of ground just below the fall, and accrwible by an eary navigation ; where factonei of every description with every facility of power and traueiortaUon can be constructed. Alio, ft flour - mill, of the tint clan. The mill - bouse ii large, with 4 run of Burr itonet, and calculated lor C, with new machinery for manufacturing wheat, tic. with an elevator for raising grain from vessels into the upper loft of tbe mill. Connected with tbe mm u ft large store - house for itoriog wheat and flour. With the mill will be sold 53 acrei of excellent land, on which it lituated five dwelling honses, a laree barn, hay house, rarnare bouse, corn cribs hovelr, Ac. a cooper'i shop calculated foi 20 hands. Two of the houei ar new and well calculated for genteel familiel : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in front. There are few placet which asoriat to moy accommodating qualifications lor the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not told at private sale before Tuesday the 2 1st April, it will on that day be ottered at auc lion. Fortermi, &c. apply to PETER ME5IER, No. 25 Beaver - itrcet. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MF.SIER TO LEI, From the fint of .May next, a three itory brick house in Greenwich - street, between Liberty and ( ourtlandt - streets. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - street mh 3 tf BUSBY'S FATRRT 1SAV1I1 ABLE RAFT BOATS, AND n.oATino rms mill. THE Navienblt! Raft - Bont is shaped like the - I I . . C I - 1 - jl comrunn iiorM' - uuni , is lormro h a ca - mc of squared pine timber, pitched and filler in solid with round logs, unstripped of bark ; the whole fixed together with live - oak pint, andiron l.olt at the ai.ulei. It it propelled by a watrr wheel, with upright buckets, overntinn within a eull. r or Taaway, ai in millt. The cost ii one lourth of that of ordinary borie - boati, including all th machinery. There is a great surface ol deck, which may be covered with frame work, to re ceive passenger and freight ; and only half tin number of horiei used on board hoatt of equal dimeuiinns, are necessary to carry thii rapidly through the water. Hie Navigable Kan - Boat u intantanouily transformed into a powtrfull tid! mill, by calling anchor, and affixing a mow - ibi, - niouth or flare, to each end of tlie raceway, and may be profitably employed in that capacity, wtwn not in use at a conveyance. Persons desirous of adopting tlii invention, which ii peculiarly fitted to all the Ani' - ricin wh ten, ure invited to view a modl. at the ofT' - e o; C. A. BUSIiY, Arcliiie - 1 and Engineer, 2 Law Buildings. IN assau - itreet, e - i oi a. P. S A Navigable Raft - Bont may be built complete to a moulri, including an mr mrc:iinery Orr The editor of tlie Kn - ton I'dll iniuia Al bnay Argus, Philadelphia I rcniuu's Jcnrnal and Oeiuocratic r res, b.utiincre. (.r.itetie, - lrarir Ion Courier, and Richmond Enquirer, are . - p quetrd to insert the above twice a wee.k for'ne month, and forward ti;eir accounts to tnarivnrii ser. f. u uti MESSRS. WIIEVTON to. DAVIS. No. 153 Fulton - tt.opprtiteSt. Paul' Church, iffer forsale. wholesale and retail, u large and elegint assortment of Curl'd and birds eye maple Chair, wi'hcanr aud haircloth tents, plain, gilt, and richly orna mented Painted Chairs, plain gilt and ornamented, in gold, and bronx'd Conversation, Sewing, Rocking anil Children's Chairs and stoolt Curl'd Maple and Painted Lounged, Sofas, Settees, Music, tec. plain, gilt and ornamented, in gold and bronz'd. Orden from any part of the continent exrcu ted with despatch. mh 23 SPRLYO - STHLKT jVOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons in. tcrcated, that the t'nmm'.siioners of Estimate and Assessment, appointed by the Su' pi - eme Court of Judicature of the lUte of New - York, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging ot Spring - street, between 1 hompson street and Wooster - street, in the t - icht ward of tbe laid city, have completed their estimate and asiessment, as well of the lost and dumage sustained over and above tbe benefit and ad. vantage received by the ownert of the lands and premises required for the said enlarging and improving Spring - street as aforesaid, as alio of the benefit and advantage received by the owners ana parties interested ot and in certain lands and premises not required for said improvement And that we the s.Jd Commissioners have deposited a true copy of such es timate and assessment in the Clerks office of the city of New - York for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern and notice i& j Hereby iiirttic - r given, mat me report or estimate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of New - York, at the City - Hall of the city of New - York, on Monday the fourth day of May next, at the opening ef the said Court 011 that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - York, March 3, 1818. PETER HA WES, PETER STAGG, Commiiiionert JOHN TARGEE. ) mh4 14t WH EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. ri'MIE long and tucceiiful use of thii ointment JL ii a tufneient recommendation, at it bat been found to be a pleaiant, tafe and certain remedy for that ditagreeable disease in all its ita - 5ei. It it for sale in the city of New - York, by . A. & W. R. Post, No. 41 William - itrret; I. fi T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; 11. H. SchieflUinii Co. No. 193 Pearl - itreet; Lawrence fi Keese, No. 195 Pearl - street; Hall 1 Bowne, 146 Pearl - itreet R. fi L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street ; J. M. BradhursL 314 Pearl - itreet ; John Penford, No. 4 Fletcher - itieet ; Duryee fi Poe, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 18! Greenwich - street; Joha P. Filher, 106 Bruad - way ; Walter fi Seaman, corner of Chamber - it. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in ihort it may be procured at most of the Drug Strei in thii city Alio in Philadelphia, of S. Withered k Soni ; George Hantll , North fi Rogers, and almost ail the druggist! ia the principal towns in the United Statei. LIKBWIIC, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at tbe above places. jaa226m WANTED a litualion in a school or private family, a female of reipectabili - ty, who has beea accustomed to teach writing, arithmetic, geography, tec. Any lady in want 01 luch a peroo, will find tlie advertiser worthy of oniire, navuiE oeen in li.e anove capacity 10 r.ngiann, ann can produce satislactory references. For further particulars enquire ol the printer of this paper. feb 21 POST COACH LINE jo PHILADELPHIA tl WAT 0 f0WI,l - BO0 , - I.MfORTAST TO yaSIKBGEHI. No cmaection with the pert chaie PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Foil Coacbti withe very convenience for passengers and bajtgnge, on bluings THROUGH IN ONE DAI. The Post Coach will itart from the Coach office, old No. 1 Courtmnd - street,N. York, every morning, Bundaytexccpteo, a i - jfiiu ii"vi by way of Newark, New - Bmmwick, Pnuce - ton, Trenton end Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame evening. The Sttmm Beat Lint INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sun - dayi excepted) at 10 o'clock, in tbe bteam Boat Ainlanta. from the north tide of the Battery, ledge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine . United Statei Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for p stupe rs hnd baggage, on ipringi. Thft'J. B. mail coach nill ilrit from the coach office, old No. 1 CnurttandHtreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive At Philadelphia n xt moroibg at 6 o'clock. Only A nAftsenffnrs admitted. For soHiimthe above named Lines, apply to TH03. WHITFIELD, at tbe old tila - .iisiieci Couch. Stage end Steam Boat wir e, at the old "to. 1 Courtlandt - itieet, tlie second office from Broadway, New - York t to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 Washingtor - iiret;ortoA. T. f GOODRICH Si CO. No - 124 Broadway, comer ol Cedar - street, NtwYork. fliTAll ecods and baggage at the riik of tlie ovJSer J')SK PI! L I' ON, SONS k CO. N. B Expratiet sent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD Jan 122 fOsT C - HA1SK LINE. OK PHILADELPHIA The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Passngeri nod their baggage (inrouvsh in one day) will leave tr Put Chaise. Oihie, 1 18 Broad wnv. ntinnsite. the Citv Hotel every day fSuu dy excepted) at half past 6 o'clock in the morn - mi;, by way 01 Newark, anu arrive uie same aay at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in oppotition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodation! for Pai - fenjen aud their baggage, will leave the tume place every nay ouiiuaj citrjncu; 01 nan or I o'clock r.fll. win procei'n nei(n: uieitiaii,ana no 'jDject 10 tr.e inconvrnicnce 01 tioppuig ai ll.enunieroui Poll Orfiees on the road, but evciy accommodu'ion provided for tlie traveller, and arrive some nours belore uie man at iiiuuaei - nliia. Fare 7 dollars. (jc - Allgoodi and baggage at Ilia riique of the owner. JOHN N.CUMMINR, Newark. JOHN GULICK & SON'S, Piincelon. STOCKTON il HOWFLL, Philrdelphia A". B. Expresses lent to anil part of the United "XtrliwaiAaWlMiaas'.Tcr.: U. A. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA. WITH A GUARD. 0" Thepulilic aie ruri - d that thii line if enuol to any ui tlie I'. S. fjr the convenience and ecin'ort ot Die trav Ilcr, With the addition of the guard, the passenger may rest secure as to hit baggage and ptnoitnl laiety tlie coach never being kit whilst c;ui'iging lit the pol crtjr.ei, without a p. non 011 the box. The 'vi - .v n.ail Is put iu separate bagi and changed in tlie Euro pean style. Tbe U S. Mail Coach will it art from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - it.rel, New - York every day at z o'clock r. 11. and arrive ut Philadelphia iiextmorning at 6 o'clock; only 0 passengen admitted in inn coacn. For teati apply to THOs. WHITFIELD, at the old Coach and Stage Office, old No I, tecond omce rrnm proaaway in ounnuiui - sireei, or i'i A. T. GOODRICH Ar Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner ofCedar - itreet. New - York. N. B. All goodi and baggage at the riik of the owner. J. LYON k SONS, Powlei Hook. WILLIAM GUI.ICK ti CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expretiei sent to any part ol the Continent b jan 20 THOS. WHI I FIELD. SOUND STEAM BOAT LINE. m sfifWi PTiHE line willcomminrr. A 3a. on Mondav, the Ktli 9 ...1... .1. - " ...... V. r." " HV 'I"'!! ini. wii - ii uir v.o:iiieciicui, X: ' yf - ,,A Uu,,ker, will leave New - iork lor eiv - Haven, at 8 u clock, A. M. The Fulton, Cnpt Law, will leave New - London for New - Haven at the v.tmehour; both boat! will have New - Haven at 7 o'clock P. M. 011 Monday The Fulton, d plain Law, lor New - London, and the Connecticut, Captain Buuker, for New - York. They will continue to run during the teaion, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Q - Notice will be given when the Fulton will commence running ai far ai Norwich, mh 4 'VMflLl.l.tM HUOKI II, Ao. Art . f y comer of Fulton - itrect, New - York, hav - inj received ft large tupply of tbe real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day fi Martin, 97 Hiph Hol - bom, London, offers the same, in wholesale or re tad, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal and advantageous to purchasers. Th'w ineitimahle composition, witii half the n - tual labor, produces ft meet jet blacir, fully equal to the highest japan varni;b ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil the finest linen ; it per - ctly free from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. At an incontrovertible proof of the luperior excellence of thii blacking, it hai itood the test and commanded the most extemive tale in all quarter., of the globe, for upwards of half a century. ' 16 NEW MUSIC. I UST published by WM. Dl'BO!. at hit i piano forte and music itore, No. 126 Broad - ray,'t celchTted Polacca, arranged at a Rondo, by Steibe - I; Favorite Venetian Air, arranged as a rondo, by Latcur Paddy O'Carroll, with variation! for the piano lone, cy r. k. mora. SONGS. O softly slrep my Baby Boy The Lait Tok - - n or rcmeiu'r xn. Alio, all Mr. Fhilippt' Songs to be had a bove. feb 17 10 OLO J.i.JAltA HUM. puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum, will be landed Ihw dav fmm sloop krutverbnek er, from Bermuda, east side nf Prh - lip, and brraleby . . 1 LlJfi.LR fi LAURIES, Feb S5 No. 29 South - tt, A tUaceraiag pblir ksow kew U rliiUngniih h tweeathtngi that differ. D WiTC 3. HORNE, fora,.Ht of tbe city of Lonlon. aoj uwrober of the faculty of pliy and tureen - tcere, oVemi it hit da. ty to repeat ion' oneerrationi cs ( tie abuse of MERCURY, a rash, iudiscrimir.atc, end unquah - fied use thereof, bai btcn productive of infinite mischief. Thn. iinui are annually mercurialized out of exist, ence. Tlie disease we have in view owei iu u tal results chiefly to this source. What a pity that a young man, the hopes of his country, Tans! tbe darling of hit parents, ihould be snitched a - wey from all the prospects and enjuymenttof lift bytlienfquenceiofone unpardyd moment, and by a disease not in iu own nature fatal, aad which only proves so from neglect or improper treatment" A genllemar, (late Mr. 11 '1 patient) now perfectly heary and well, hod beea ' under phyiiciani of geneial practice, six years, and repeatedly talivat. d ; wiien recommended U Dr. H. (by a gentleman of (hit city) hit booei were carious, and bis flesh dropping from then 1 bis fritndi declared he could not possibly ivrvive two mor.Uis longer. Thousands experimentally know with what ease and safety Dr. H. eradicates the severest casts, and ccnfirmi the coniti. lution. The Doctor' plan (adrertiiing) i, cetiary U guard tlie public against the abuse al mercu - j, and other fatal delusions held forth ' Ptnctii, ttierefore, having contracted a pri. vt.ta disorder, or impeding latent poison, are adconisbednot to tamper wi'Ji their cooitita. tion, or conceal th disorder, till past recovel ry ; othenhaving the remain! of an old can" or othT impiiritiet of the blood, as vrell a oth! er compliant of a delicate nature, io tiihtr sex. ihould r - oieriber poitenty, and do juitice to their cowciiir.,;., by waking appiicatioa to Dr. H. al bit old and retptctable eitab. liihment. No. 64 Water - itree t, four houati weit of Old - slip, to cbtain tliat prompt auistance 1. lone calculated to prevent discJosure. And hera let me claim your ier.0111 aiiention Remember a tuper&'ial cure is no cure at ail; im.'esi theba - linen il radically, you will certainly have the diforder break out again with redoubled mt ignity, at tome future period ; ierhaiit then will lie toi late for rrsiedy. Don't you oflcu meet ia the ttrecti omerable, mutilited bciiigi, wiql0t even a bit ol nose on tiieir fuce .' . Take warning 1 ! lieieech you. .. ' Dr. H'. ir .racier lor skill and itnbbora inte - jri y being imiwriaily known in thii city, tine Ift04, ;'uar'autee to phtirntf tliat delicacy and it - rtcj ditheito unknown, and hnviiigconlined lut prar ticn f.'ryear psst, excliiiivi'y totliecurenl diseases of the blood syti'in, Uay may safely cal - 1 ulate on the uott decided advaidagei incoa - luliing Dr. II. Gleets eradicated in two or three eelti. Stricture! removed witl.oui bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities s likewise all old ulceration!, liitulb't Vc. A Ttlorality of ou - cn arj pronMed, and so lituated tliat patients arc not exposed toeach ether't obiervation. Open till half ast 9 in the evening. All perioui concerned are inritcd to be frecia .ailing, and tpeaking with Dr.H. whirl, r 01 cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tin expreiiionofgratitiKie Ibr innumerable reconi - me.nda'Joni, end for the decided preference (it it preiijmed with juit cause) long given him by a judiciciis puhlic. N. B. All letters must be poll paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 lv .XEtlULK sLvrf A AUR JAtObl - TIOA. Tlt. EVAS' soperior . - method ofcuring a certain Ditease, isnow univer - ' tally acknowledged in (Jut city : 111 mode oTtrea'meal is perrectly mild, tafe, ex - pniitjuun. ami hit chargei reasonahlc. in everv in - i7?.i'a.,,l, return the payifb Hit tinciuii iecrecy always observed. lier are many pennni in this city and its vl ty, labC'ring under varum chronic itt.'eaiei. itch Ll cancer, old u.veterate, ulcen. or king! evil, ti!ulus. rhieaiei of the urethra bladder aad tidiic, old complicated conipfainr of a certau nature, Pinous and other obitruc - tioni, rl umisni, Ac. which they consider inci ral - le. Uiey ran c rtainly lie mied (in general) l y MipIyingatDr. E A.vS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - i)p, havii; practised in exttjuiivt hoipitnl iu Europe 12 year under tome ot tlis firtt Sureont - end Physiciaiii in the world, - ana1 made tLoe obitinatc disease! hit conc'ani. ludy for SOverifs. r - t U ' I M E pu ('he i re - pect - L fn'lv informed that tne ELEPHANT now exhibiting at . 296 li - oarhvay, VMlp wibve - v he ivmovcd .'n tr a - ut the lit April next. Those that wish to grati - ly their ti.rnity, viewing tne wonderful w.irlt! of nature, will do well to rmhrace thii opportunity. AHmilt; nceSicents. mh 3 t'f A LOOM f AO ROOM TO LET. A pltniant and convenient Counting Room in ttoie No. 29 South - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER fi LAL'RIEs. feb 3 tLT3 The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement os the artificial spring LEG, he takes thii method of informing his friends and the public, that til those who are so unfortunate ai lo be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Bartlay - tlreet, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. LEE'S ITCH OIATMEAT, i WARRANTED an infallible remedy at cos application, may be used with perfstt safety on infanta a week old, not coutauvar particle ol mercury ,or any aangeroui ingreow whatever, and not accompanied with that oi" iveiaiell which attend! the application 01 eu remedies. The above medicines are prepared and ioMs LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - La nd sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton no ater - itreeti. ' .. . Druggist! and country store keepers lopfj11 on libeial terms. " NO I ICE. , ALL persons indebted to Ihe estate or Kug;i - HuV.bard. wnnire. late iheriffof the oty and county of New - York, at sheriff, ar." quciUd to make pavment to James L. Be ejuire, present iberuTofthe city and """J., New - York, on or belore the nm uay next or after that period the bills remakm paid will be put in iuit. Feb 11 2awtlMay Adminiitratri' PRIVATE LODGINGS. A smgl J" , man can be accommodated. wS h ootv twrt rooms, afier the first or May next, wi - witliotit board, the rooms ftirnished or f. a genteel and small family, Uie house ni. - ,.1 .n.l ;.. . l.nliliv tiart of tn "v" abou. ten m;nutes wilk from W all - strerv .. . . : at no. s Knr ninm - F iniiirniaiian uiuuw feb 39 Broadway. NEW - YORK : toirn PKUfTEU AM PUBLISHED MICHAEL BIRAH AM k CO. No. 42 PisE - staftiT. 0 "NX T at, 1ST I. v . LOO

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