The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1913
Page 4
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^ S*^^ fEE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Extent Sonday Times aad Xews Publishing Company LAVEEE HAFER. Secretary and Treasurer- PHILI? E. BIKLE, President- PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SCBSCEIPTIOX Served bv carrier in Gettysburg: for 25 cents per month- Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per montn. BATES Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents. IF yoa^ejw^THETIMES by mail you can find the date «?_to which yu ar. '* I" August 15, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa., " r"iTO«r»-e.i;i ^.Tsr«-h 3. as second-class matter, under Congress March UNITED PHOXE OSee in Xorthwest comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg. Pennsylvania. SOUTH LOSES MANY DELEGATES HA^POLLA, ·I er Secretary of Vclscan, VVho Died in Kerne. COLOTOHUERTA'S APPEAL GETS GOOD JOB City Position. Republican Committee Badness, Representation One-Hall ! ·r ^TJ GENERA*. OFFICES NEW YORK AMD CHiCA: O · r» «s . ·"· i* ads One cent oer word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed nrsr page position. " Resolutions of respect, poetry and memonams one cent per word. TO CUB READERS ^e Gercvsbarc Time* takes absolutely no part is politic*, being jwatrai OH at- » ~ . . · » » _ . _.» j. __.«._«_ Z_ AT.^I- A-^inivvl'l H"fcg.T^g ^rt*fT»T^*ltC!^ COT?f PI'iliHlE' Association, t ^_ loa, or ' Socialist papers ace vrbich is strictly non-partisan. rr advertising columns are Jpen to all candidates cf all parties. · Corn iaiiS: Potato Show | December 31, 1913; January 1,2 and 3, 1914 \ Get your poultry ready for the big show | i Save your best ten ears of corn for the large cash | I D-e.-nium. Entry fee tea cf-nts for each exhibit of ten | f ears. Save your potatoes too. , . -",£· -- ^ ·*· - . " v " - ^ - _ _ - . , . -· _ C t * Members of the Committee Nearly 1 Come to Blows In Debate Before i _ » Vote Was Taken. j Washington, Dec. IS.--Southern rep- 5 resentation la Republican national; conventions v.-Ul be reduced ironi f about 33 per cent of the total 10 about f 16 per cent, by action on the part of ; the national cororaittee. The votes j which makes tais action v.-as 3S to 7. i Thus was ended an all-day debate, j beginning '.vith tbe suggestion of the ! Siib-ccniiiiittee of nine to tlie national i co^iaiittee. The seven, dissenters i iG'-igUt the Y.-hole time to have the southern representation either farther reduced or tlie northern, representation proportionately raised, with that 01 the aoutb reniJtining stationary. While they failed to ?et -nhat they wasted, they got more t ian they had started with, and the fiii! result is in the nature of a compromise witliia ihe conimlttee. Cormnitteemaa Howell, 01 Xebras^a, led the fight against the large southern representation, and at more times than one the situation looked ugly. Mr. Carson, of Xorth Dakota, and Mr. Kenuaei, of Arkansas, nearly came t» bjiows. At that time the committee,' sitting- as a whole, had debated without re- salt the merits of several revised representation plans, ilr. Howell leading en oae side, and on the other Commit- teenian. Warren, of Michigan; Senator Smoot, of Utah, and Mr. Barnes, o" _ I Kew York. = 3Ir- Remmel, of Arkansas, riolently =j ! opposed reducing the scuth's represen- French Bankers Mm tionay, It is Beported. ~»?f I ZPATA REHEW® : 8ATTLE Tlie beard. o£ freeholders of Atlantic .City have elettcJ A. Ho-.vard Kelson las county engineer fcr the remainder J t.f Xh? terai of i^stel D. Kightnaire. rESghunire wrote his resignation a ffe%v rcinates before he left for Tren- "toa last Fiiaay to serve one year In 3ta-,e prison for participation in ro=d graft. Kelson, v.'ho v.its the only nominee, received nventy-'ihree of the twenty- e votes cast. lie is v.'ei! knov.'n in Rebels Attack Federals Near Mexico {peuysburgr- S -\e!£0.-;, the i City and L-oot Several Towns Nesr \ new ..^ of Capita!. \ Mexico Cuv, Dec. IS General Kuerra w ulel^e privat engineer, is a and the Boston been Com- eneral contractors, of Ciiam- j School of Technologj". He has .-- The offer of | onager for Nelson-Meredith , fortune and tae lorts-nei of -aeaibers b2rsburg. The sala;y for ihe office is of his cabinet as security for a loan to the Mexican government, tss been Ur rejected by a group of French finaa- v i s ; on . c-iers, who were approached by Seaor | Aldape, former Me.icaa Bister or the larericr, accoraiag to a (..spatcu frcm Paris. : It is uac-ersto'-i tlsat the Freae-i goT- 1 ernment aJv.?ed the grow;) :o turn ; doT.-n t!ie nrcr-osition fceeacse of the ' attitude of President \V:!son toward : the dictator. ! Sa\ed from immediate cancer of attack as a result of a !osib!e defeat in- viih SlOOsJ for expenses and special fees for a'rate highway super- He said the history of iiean conventions snowed conclusively that the southern contingent always had followed the lead of a northern -.1^1 .- ·· *- - .», v. ·^·ffj- . -. ·· "' - : '-- ""X^X^W nte £9:-1.7^ % ^ ^ " ~ ~ ~ * ----- "- - - ^ · - -- - · -- «----^£^^ ^ary, Bigleryille, Pa. --:* _ For catalogue and information. majority ia. candiaates. support of presidential ; Sic-tel ba Zapatista rebels. at AHa Mlra 1 aad Lake Xoc-iiraileo, tlie goverament 8 is centering its attentions on nnanciai j conditions .These are becoaii j daily. CDC baak is already { and its f^:i is likely | QOWI to ru:n. Bcsk oScials and representatives of 3g worse tottering to drag others rirsTH ticAih : ill the sovsmnieiit held a leng conference \ in tlie oSce of the insjiisier 01 finance, f Support of the allied banking inter- 1 ests was sledged for the cental bank, vbieh was closed for-two hours en · Tuesday aft?rnoon as tae reszilt of a I run started by depositors, i Eallv-ng tl.e-r forces in the foothills : of tne Federal district, Zapatista reb- ; els mace simultaneous attacks en several government forces and infLcted ; heavy losses on the Huerta troops. j The sharpest ^gating was at HUpa « Alta. seventeen niles from the eapi- ml. wnere tbe Fedeals were --ictorlaus Some, Dec. IS.--T : -e uertli of Car- cn Tsiescc.:'. The Fe-lera's were taken Papa! ~J-f l ^ i -d55bll V : ,, c-".4r' __ ir, 3f| OtiiilitJIlif, " kick, out i din**l ^£"m" ^11? "* r ~ C F t^a* al se^re- tary of stato, ,.^s ·:. a.a'le Known to Pope Pies X. tint;, v "e("i.c:.Iay- : s : :rrsrise will's" celebrating in the manner customary atnoii'? Huarta's .-Tiess, intHagsp.~_fc ;rrr.~L , as hour attach 3H'ii£ilieci,:2s3r3 tnan iOff V^JTndesr the cominittee ; 's:plaiijfor;reB^ L: -" r -------- each steW : ^n.'faare*fbap ; forces no-.v and were ronte^. , The rebels, led. by Felipe Tijera. a former Federal "of5cer ; eapr:red the ^private fK;erster7f"--^nt to cce i5is_,;io2.-' great 'oi th-j tow a-in a thres 5 =? !l!Ii!liUi i»-"l" ; "'i"^'.*"m»n!!inVH"= !S®r%SA©?--©sis? s 9 · -I Christinas Gifts that Mean Something Whether yots spend little or for Xnsas IE is irap3rtant that yonr sifts have 1: Sting value. Christmas prices here are mostly lower ttian at other seasons because of f-nr larjie purebases- The qnality of ererything: in tni» store makes it z. worthy rift whether the price you pay is large or small. e e © '9 £ or the total vote cast. Xo district have more than two delegates, no mat- J ter how large_ the^^Republican States" having "" congressincn-at-large wilT be entitled to one delegates for each. The southern states that lost in the shuffle and the number of delegates that they had to give up as a peace .pSerMg to .progressives, who jismsgd-x ea~the sacrince are as follows: Alabama. S; Geor On Tt_esa2j-g3Sc:r.r" flrjnT""-^ Hp "ir:* i rebels ssem 10 nave pleat:- of ami to St. Pctrrs . .^c, tci .h" ".-on-. rC | rlon.Joat are locklrjsc in artiilsrv- tbe capital. £E1 if they tad a few SeUr £Hins uncSu'-itedly could drive straight to tue gatPs of the cir-". Feaerais Ma-ch South. Presidio, e is the oldest son of Mr. Qf Cha Lers _ NO 5IORE FOR CARRIERS cf Economy Causes Democrats to Cut Appropriation. Every new proposition in the post- office appropriation bill, including' an item cf -52,000,000 for increased pay for rural carriers, has been eliminated by the house pos'iorace sn economic measure. committee as PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS f aragraphs cf KEWS Telling of 'the Happenings in and about Ta«i People Visiting Here acd Tfcase Elsewhere. Miss "Annie Horner and Miss BlJ Homer, of Chanibersburg street, fa§ve gone to Pittsburgh to spend the lli- s v.'Ith jlr. and. Mrs. Homer Yoimg'. Margaret" McConaughy %a.s gone to Lancaster sifter spending several weeks \vith friends here. ~* Re-.. \V. B. Hooper^ of Seminary Ridge- Is spending: the day in Spring- Grove OH business. i» Mr. and Mrs. Soss Myers, of Chambersburg streV, were visitors in York to-day. Mrs. Mark K. Eckert, of Springs avenue, spent the day in Hanover, Dr. Walter II. O'Xeal, of Baltimore street, v/as a business visitor in ilan- over tc-day. Loii'S Engle, of Carlisle street, -was 2. recent business visitor in Baltimore. Mrs. Sarah ijpence, of \Vest Middle street, is visiting' for some time in Seven Stars. Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Wagner are moving: into ihe new College Lutheran TriS person v.-ho- goV, hand embroidered towel at Trimmer's Store is nown, no questions asked i ed.--advertisement: Medical Advertising. Your Hair Needs ·parsonage on Springs avenue." The Y. W. C.'T. U. will meet at the home ox 3Jrs."Amos,Eckert on-Springs avenue this evening at 7 o'clock. , St. John's Reformed church at Mc- KnightstOivn will hold their Christmas 1 exercises on Christmas SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Gaskill and ilacVitty announce for production at Vt'aiter's Theatre on Fri[day, December 19. Harold Bell Ic i* a delightful and Invigorating j ^riffhts dramatization of his very ih- tonic wnieh auicklv penetrates j popular novel, "The Shepherd of The Parisian Sage j B merit it needs to make it grpw. Parisian Sage is not injurious to the of trie Hills" is a story of numor and hair or scalo--it removes dandruff with one application and stops laP-ing: hdr and itching of the scalp. Parisian ~S£ge quickly cleanses, cools and i-"igora"ces rhe scalp"-and pathos told in r simple, direct manner, of love, mystery and heroism, with its scenes ail in the Ozark mountains, Southern ^Miss'dsri^*! "v^heF ihe HERE ARE-A FEW SUGGESTIONS: For Mother or Wife Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet China Closet Baffet Sewing Table I The best Girl in the World df Music Cabinet aS · I I 5? i Dresser Pedistol Writing Desk For l-ather Cfaair ReYohrL-.g: Chair Leather Rocher Ssckers Stand For My Best Fellovir Chiffonier Ann Chair Foot Stool Book Case e ^3 a 6 ^C e So n^ny now bn- Christmas GIft= for ihvi r wives here tliat he have rnsde astvecijl st7iay"bf ht-'pss men v.iih carvnii snjrsestioc=. Come in and examine Use h-oa j «rois ·,·* beauuful anj usensl gift's we Siave for the entire famiiy. A StandaTfl Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife 9; Arkansas. ": Florida, 4; . ia. 10; Louisiana. T: 7Iississippi, ii s tn ..^_ S: Xorth Carolina,"3: South Carolina,} -, ne IatT e ~ ~: Tennessee, 3; Texas, 1-5, and Vir ginia. 9. Hawaii's representation was reduced from six delegates to two. By this process eighty-two delegates that almost invariably have been controlled by a Republican president desiring to nominate himself have been iost- cped into 7T-C--:r:T p-oiLrt-tlbn. He re fused, t i s.'-l-.-\- i_:3 serretar to T'SzizSjj^ v » ' iLi*.* 2 i 11---- »4jrf ---* *---y i^.-tie palace i.eirn:" S*. Peters. -- lere h had Jive- ji^co --q,Icit yo^::cr^7y- i - sSip^orstc^r - " J " ~ ! s " The car-^.r.r.. - ^c'-r-u-ry tin-- sidio, ^es-^Dsc- 35.,.--^Tweaty-._ Hundred" Federal soldiers TClio" marched soiii'i from Ojinaga under ,, ~JJ,^Ts,r«~ i rhe command of General Ororco are orde: Heater in the c came v-'crs*- 1 21- *T-O^^»IJJI^ rie . ^ -,_i,-~ riedly for Ls tc retary ani phy=ii'ar. J buv when tr.e arri". ?·! tl'e cardinal 1 was dead. and .earthworks are being up to resist any surprise at- nies=en~er"')iir- i ^-* froin Villa's rebels. SCHOOL OF INSANITY B. THE HOME FURNISHER CURRENCY VOTE TOfvlGRROW j Final Dsbaxe to 3e Limited to Fifteen Minutes FOP Each Senator. TVashington, Dec. IS. -- An agreement to vote on the final passage of the administration currency bill "on the legislative day of Friday, Dec. I?/" was reached in tbe senate. Th eajrreeinent provides that debate today and tomorrow sTiall be limited to Clteen minutes for each senator upon each amendment or upon the bill it- sslf. While the legislative day may ran ever into Saturday, ii is the expectation of senate leaders that the bill viil *e fassed before midnis'it tomorrow night. If iinponant arnend-nents are pending at that time, however, a recess may be taken t.ntii Satnrday morning, as the Reim oil cans wouU not consent to the agreement until t""e Democrats promised they would not keep Oe sen ate in session all ris^t- r.leneHk E time in as many j of Abyssinia Js reported dead. A dis patch from Jibuti. Africa, says tbe | mysterious ruler died ! ast ] llenelik was reported i irom assassination, on lae i j previous occasions. September. I9"2: i December, its'jC-. October, 3937: De I cember. IS'^S: -Taniiary. 19 jS; Xovem- j ber. S90S. February, 1010: Marck, ! 191-J; February. 1013. AMBASSADORSH1PTQGCOSTLY j ___ , ' Murderer in New York Prison Coached to Shan Mental Unscundness. :,"ew Ycr'-c. Hoc- IS.--What appears enditare S150.0CG. | -° be a privatilr conducted school for ~ nrn i,~ 1 those who ces : re to feign insanitv is risjrtc't within tbe Tombs nc to a discovery made i n-v J^IKCC. gave his reasons j »y TDeputy Cocir-.iFsioaer of Correction ; ?--cinini8nt as ambassa- · ·-·* !:!ain J- v^rign^ , , . . ,,_ - * Tn^T wi. O--w-rfi^iT* TT-ra cf fa-rvriOOior! Tf\ in * T f * Saiary $17.5GD. Exp Sa/s ;.-;cCombs. Xew YorX. Dec-. IS.--u'illiam F. ilc- i berng conau Combs, cbairr-.^.-- of the Denzocracc j prison. nsticnal com iO»- ClSCIIiiiJj J-« * / V. I** V~fciV'**fc- «*-. *--i*J-Mi~_*^'*-- ; _ _ , do- r o ! -^-a- r e " ! J ' ld S® Swann was appealea to in -- "Tie'rolt "e-yins the e^enditurr-i conrt of general'sessions and he will Of abor.t $I5f " ' a vear," ne" said. -It! '^^ a « investigation. pa-,s $17-5^, I could not afford to ac-! Information has come 10 Me deputy cept it. I am « ^ bac\- to the pra- | co.-7r.issioner that Frank Gorgoni, at tice of law. ar.d , hope to make some j Italian shoemaker, accused of mur monev - Iderin? Police - Sergeant -josepn Ai-'McCoah- tsstile l a s an expert Xiemer, is al^ed to have been m'a suit bi-ous.-t by Judge T-a Fetra i coached in tfce_'^s_art or sgausst the -i:v -.o recover $10.00'' fee.- · i^srstal unso.---ness D_. -e^is'ag t3 lS ^niinc:; I------»'ormer inmate oi ^atieawar.. 3 expected to go *! J - an ~ ^^ conSned in the s '- ai6 nos DnierStoie now--at once. Sub a littlo h j mto the scalp---oa Tvill oe snrpnsea . - with'the result. " Delighted users pro-U panther is abost to spring upon his Bounce Parisfair Sage the bes'c, most j rival, but there is no melodramatic pleasar-r s.v.3. invigorating, hair ronia. V:cuch ^ 0 zhe p t aT .--adTertisemerit-- ' made. , ' - ' ~ - " - si ihe-Gettyebtirg warehouse co 1 - rected daDy by G. 3IilionL~\Voif, Jr., Sr.c s?or to J. Geo. "Wolfs Sons Co. Pry "VVbeat ewEar r *\" ~... Oats Kt-TAJL PKK'. .-i.' K Sprint Bran Hand Packed Bran Corn ana Oats Chop -- ho=-n»cker Stock Food White 3IW^Iing3 - Rwl M5tMi:n£S.-. - rimo'-h-IIay RjeCi.op ..... Baled itrav; ........ - piaster ................. f7.o"' per tr-n. j t ...r. ............ S1.40 per bb- j Per DLL 1 . .y**. -- ? ^f · - -- _ - ^sef 6.GC: Tf-x "or. i Kew Ear Corn, 'Sl\ \nly One Week Left y - - *- -^ . * * . Before Santa's VT* * * Visit. Karrfsor for services :-j code. Ke ea." V.'asbingtcn 10 iztesc the dinner to to tnr. SPECTACLES FOR DOG i !tal for criminal insaae at Mattea for sereral vears- Recently te sent bade to the Tombs as cured I aaI £t to stand trf^s I^anx became acr- minted Trith Gor goni, as3 according to tie keeper^ easy it --O"H 3 spaniel, is go. ig to iiiave spectacles. Tl^is is a'3=0- sielv the latest t"rned as cared. chance of being set free. O5roer_or stock ^riil save orr h n - f fees by Cousuitl'i^. Dr. Moiiarty, V. S. at Ills Office, for Advice and treatment of t :-"ir An'm" 1 ^ * ~ * s Examination and Advice free to his Customers, he ·vrill make visits to cases In the Country ^rhen necessary , t n e j at Moderate rates. The Doctor has been doing a very Successful Office practice for a number of years. It is not necessary for him. to see all cases, if they are intelligibly described. Peoia, fil. jarcmt_courtjreturn_ed a verdict of not j '*?-, S'iilty'in t"ie case of Mrs. Ada Keatt ! coat, charged with the murder of; George V. Barrick. j j *» lit Urt V j i President inins Kin~. s eyes declared that he i Kim i? a litt'e shy on ncse. ocnlist baa "o Basses his srs?s-y ,:r:",rned i therefore the- o .ui^z gave exact num- j bers and se"=. pnd tae order is now ipeadins to X=»-' York for a pair of iiay spefta~ics t'. at will «:t Klin. President Work. TVashfeston, Dec. 18. -- President f.,,.^ \ Wilson resumed bis roatine work, bnl ^.: received callers in Ms stedy ia the ? * ' t '\Viiite Hoa-e. T.?f r he planned to take pro.)osc-jUm. j ^ a;i:o ^ oM1 e nuo-his first trip out of doors for more tian a Nose And Head Stopped Up From Cold Or Catarrh, Open At Onc e Mv Oeansing, Healing Balm Instantly ^dissoljes by the h^t of the nostrils; -! H e a c r Go " !I Headacne iroes. | nose, head and throat: dears the air i passages: stops nastv discharges ana Try -Ely's Cream' Balm." i» *«ehng of deansing. soothing relie. G! a s^iali bottle anyway, just to j comes immediately- -r jt_A.pply a little in the nostrils j Don't, lay awake to-raght strnggtaig 3d instantly your clogged nose ^ and J for breath.,^withjiea^staffed; ^ostrfg ana iu"-! the catarrh, cold-*in-head of raw dryness is distressing " bat truly . sore throat -will be gone- End such misery now! Get Vfie small bottle of "Elv's Cream Bairn"' at any drng store. This sweet, fragrant balm needless- Pat TOUT faith---just once-^-in "Ely'i ream'Balm"' and your cold or catarrfl Cream ·will surely disappear. Bandits Get £2000 fn Gems. _ Kansas. City, ilo--Bas--l.-=^SIots , car bandits seized a tray of diamonds JeTf Dsvic' ·G'-andson \Vcds. S -worth S2100 from tbe store of a dia Colcra ? - r -%*, Calo.. Dec. 18.-- | mond broker in the business district . crandson of the lat^ 4 aa( j escaped, rson Davis, of the Upsets camp and Burns Horns. i -*«=.-»·«="«. · v , . f i c w n *,-,*.....-. -- -- , . X. J., Dec. 18.--Frightened! So".thfrn Con ·- racy. and Miss Eliza-j ' hfri- '\T.-":-^ · f!iT-ic daugbter of Mr. j Two Die In Hotel Rocsiville, Conn^, Dee. _ .Martin LOST between Gettysburg and {Centre Mills, by way of B ; g!erville 7 an automobile hood to top. The finder plense notify \V. IT. Mv«rs, F.i.s:lcr- ville 'i; residence Centre Mills.--advertisement FOR SALE: house on .-ireot. Apply to F. T. "ft vei tisement. ad- WANTED at once: first class white cook tind a woman for general -work. Apply In person, write or phone Sunday House, East Berlin, Pa.--advertisement There is plenty of time to have those PHOTOGRAPHS , \ ^ ""_ ~* * For CEristmas, Call at The Mumper Studioi ~ ^L JOHN A. MUMPER, Prep.

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