Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 31, 1944 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1944
Page 5
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1 V\ f " / * ^ J _ Work of New RAF Unit, Deliver UOOaS Pathfinders, Is Disclosed · By-WILLIAM McGA^FlN ' iFormer Chief of the Associated Press Bureau at Cairo) ir" Features Flying boxcars nonchantly now make their .way' literaljy to the Ands of the earth on the world s longest freight line, carrying pas- leneers and the sinews o£ war to the distant battlelronts of this · lobal conflict. . I The sinews capable of being flown by this extraordinary serv- l-e which'is operated by the air Iransport command o£ the United I'.tates army iTMg ht surprise you. I have seen, for example, a 2-en- I ined transport no bigger than the Irdinary peace-lime airliner open fs barndoor-like sides and calmly Ivallow a whole jeep. _ I You can drive a jeep into tnc Jrmy's flying boxcars, you can lu them with belly tanks (extra l,s tanks for fighters needing lore range on combat missions) [··you can pack in airplane mo- It-s or maybe just a lot of ciga- ·is and shaving cream for the jys over there. It makes no dif- l-ence what the load;l the old [need freighter takes it in her Tide. Jl know a little about this won- Irful service for I have flown its lurse at different times from Jiungking clear to New York, list recently I came 12,000 miles lorn Cairo by way of Khartoum | L e Gold Coast, Ascension Island hecolate place in mid-Atlantic Ed until recently a hush-hush lot'- Brazil, Trinidad, Porto lico and Miami. Youngsters who Tad never been out of the mid- test before were our pilots ou tlie imtastie trip across desert, 'sea fid 'jungle, through strange and T.oried lands. . I It was not a comfortable trip. I'he only time we had what they ·all "plush seats"--that is, regular seats such as peacetime air- finers used -- was when we liopped the drink one dark De- lember .night. (You cross the J.quator twice, incidentally, and the sensation from that height is, SALUTING THE NAVY I drifted away minutes later a 7th pair of balls dropped. The remarkable f i r e w o r k s, squeezed into so little space and weight, doesn't prevent the pathfinders from carrying bombs as well Pathfinder men, on whose AP featuiet |Nth«U.S.Novy,«v«r»- | body solutes, from the lop to th« bottom. Th» uiute it a two-way affair. Obligation to return i) a at binding at the obligation to give it. Here are a f*w of trie Do's and Don'ls, taken from the Information Bulletin of the Bureau of Naval Personnel. German eyes when the RAl down its thousands of tons of high _ _ _ explosive death and destruction. 1 has Even without bombs the spec- i j..« tacle, shown lay observers for the first time, is a nightmare of bursting fireballs, weirdly floating flares, great sheets of light outlining miles *f terrain, and seething masses of signal fires set on about it. They show the boys IN GENERAL Enlisted men salule officers, and junior officers salute all senior officers when meeting, ^Im. near.when addre ing or being addressed. OVERTAKING A SENIOR, salute abreast with "By your leave, sir." by thick clo-- -- ,u, a an answer. Another plane droned by and dropped a pair of colored parachute flares-- sky markers"--ove'r the target. From the flares there suddenly dropped in perfect synchrony a pair of fireballs whose path ,,ig ,i, aM u- a -, ,.,,.. .downward drew a virtual dotted the ground, so fierce in intensity I ]j ne toward the target. As they and persistence you think, "This DU rj is what the fires of hell must be - -- | say, ^ «, R A P where to drop their bombs, thats mds the HAS I ,. i, Cites Cancer Deaths Chicago, UJ.P.) --Of the 160,000 cancer deaths in the nation last year 5 000 occurred in the Chicago area! announced Dr. Ludvig Hek- loen, chairman of the Chicago Cancer Committee, Inc. He said there are 15,000 cases in the Chi- ca»o area. The committee's files contain 1 records of 35,000 cures. ABOARD SHIP. Captain and his senior officers ere saluted. ASHORE. Man in charge of detail salutes for men in meeting an officer. IN BOATS. Enlisted men rise, salute when officer enters or leaves. VEHICLES. Saluteall passing officers if it can be done with safety. DON'T PUBLIC PLACES, hotel, restaurant, bus, etc. IN STREETS, if hands ore ful! of articles. AT WORK, when parl of a work detail. 500 Pair of MEN'S I Just Arrived Priced from $198 1 like the line of the equator on schoolroom globes, entirely imaginary). The rest of the time we sat on a "bucket seal"--an aluminum sort o£ park bench that ran down either side of the plane. It was about as comfy as riding a mule bareback. When you l e a n e d back' you inevitably creased Ihe back of your neck on a sharp iron ledge which in peacetime would be covered with wallboard. Without the wallboard insulation, the roar of the engines and the swish of the ai comes rattling in to you. It sometimes reminiscent of the rat tie and rush o£ a speeding Ireigh train. . At night, when you're not fly ing you're stopping in an eff: cientlv run camp which has mod ern plumbing and a movie n matter how primitive the sui roundings. It's usually an outdoo movie so you have to beware malaria-bearing mosquitoes. At Accra they take them so seriously Ihey won't let you in to the movie unless you're wearing a tie and mosquito repellant. H a l f w a y through the picture they slop it and a voice over the loudspeaker requests you to "please^ reapply your mosquito repellant. · Next day, at dawn, you're back on the buskct seat again, wonder- ill"' why. you ever started this blankety-blank trip. Certainly you don't travel for comfort these days or for fun. You travel, like the froiKht you ride with, because you've got to' set somewhere in a hurry. And you're darned lucky to be aboard--and know it. The dangers of the ocean hop today are insignificant compared to those on another part of the lj ne -- the hazardous India to China stretch across the lofty Himalayas referred to in pilots language as "The'Hump.' I went across The Hump one day at 18,000 feet--without oxygen. I wondered'if the pilot fel as woozy as I. How could he fly use if he did'.' We were over un- _----· · ' Reveals Japs lad Tortured L, \-f -L A- J V^ J- ·V'V V* (EDITOR'S NOTE: This star- i until March, 12-by-18 fool persons, most Japancse threw bridgehouse on 1941. From that day 1942, he lived in a cell with 40 other 01 them Chinese. "Twenty-two people could have sat in that cell fairly comfortably he said, "but we were forced to ±^«'dI S iVo"^'.Yfhe^oU.|knq« y hu l gSS "My "o * our tortures administered to chests. . Americ^Pilots . who J^bedl^But U« not £ »ftTM». Tokvo;it w a s t o l d b y J. B. Powell, 'editor of the China Weekly Review in Shanghai, to his »s- Distant of 4 years ago, Frances Long She tried to get home be- nr«- Pearl Harbor was captured i ManS! a" d while Powell suf- the Philippines They Japanese slylc with om knees crossed and most of ^ our weight? on our leet That type of sitting was consideied punisn ment by : the J^"^"^,, 0 / us disobeyed m the sngmesi YV ay, the rest of the prisoners were The Japanese usually used a pine change of American an nationals and met again last Friday to talk over the latest revelations of Japanese atrocities. It was then that Powell revealed that he had listened to the tortures of the American pilots who later were murdered.) $450 All Sizes 0. 14 EAST STATE ST. . harted. jungle-clad mountain eaks then. Suddenly we found were not alone. A Jap zero By FRANCES LONG New York, (IP) -- The Japanese not only executed American flyers captured after Jimmy Doo- litlle's famous raid ou Tokyo, bul also tortured at least 6 of them unmercifully beforehand, J. B Powell, former editor of the China Weekly Review, said Saturday. Powell, a prisoner in the no torious Bridgehouse in Shangha at the time, now is in Presbyter ian hospital here. "In the next cell to us ^were American boys." he said. "At firs we thought they were marine who had tried to escape from concentration camps, but later found out they were aviators captured aflcr the Doolittle raid. "They were tortured unmercifully daily. The Japanese seemed to delishl in torturing them, more than the civilians. That was because, I suppose, tjicy refused beat every part of OL- these clubs, with malicioi light. . , "We could not touch or he! ny of those who were beaten 'hat was the worst part, because o many of the prisoners died as a n the first day of March, 1942, Powell was taken to ICiangwan nrid put in solitary confinement iritil the latter part of May. He vas forced to write letters to ihat he was being well treated and well fed, despite the fact that his daily ration of one bowl ol rice had been cut in half. 'By that lime I was more dead than alive: Gangrene had set in my feet because of malnutrition, cold weather and also because of the way I was made to sit. I finally became unconscious with pain and was taken to the general lospilal, where my feet were am % putated." i , this aerial lifeline *°stdit - the 7 Brothers, 2 Sisters of WAG serve Conway, Ark., (U.P.)-- Pvt. Helen Van Coutren, WAC student at the Arkansas State Teachers college is the tenth in her family to join the service. Two sisters are in the WACs, on being stationed in North Africa. like." This grim visual symphony the "secret weapon" of the RAFs remarkable pathfinder f o r c e -trail-blazing bombers with specially trained crews which mark the target on which · succeeding wavcs-of bombers can drop their loads even when they can't see the objective. . It was the pathfinders, it is now divulged, which made, possible the shattering of the Ruhr in the face of a perpetual industrial haze, helped to speed up RAF attacks to the rate of nearly a hundred tons of bombs a minute, beat major weather obstacles and enabled the RAF to make its recent great attacks on Berlin and other cities through solid cloud American boys still m the RAF are members of the elite pathfinder force. Although the existence of the pathfinders became known several months ago when top pain- finder men appeared with additional small gold eagles on their blouses, below the regular RAi wings, it now is disclosed that preliminary melhods were used as far back as the 1,000-bomber raid on Cologne on May 30, 1942. The pathfinders were organized as a distinct unit on Aug. 15, 1942. The succeeding steps in the evolution of the pathfinders highlight the logical development of the RAF's campaign aimed at the utter destruction of Germany s war-making ability. The raid on Essen March 1943 proved the pathfinder, I could beat the industrial haze in 1 the Ruhr, and then all westeri Germany was at the mercy of the RAF bombers. The destruction o' Hamburg brought the attack · ilhin 150 miles of Berlin and th fall attacks against Kasse nd Hannover carried the cam aign inland. Then began the bat le of Berlin. Here, as 1 saw' it, is what Berli s seeing: One minute the sky was an empty, starficcked, black bowl. Then bombers droned overhead. As they passed by a small globe of light burst below, dropping downward at an almost imperceptible rate from a parachute sling. .Abruptly it discharged a shower of smaller but infinitely brighter globes which slowly floated downward, turning the black windy night into semi-daylight, highlighting the landscape and transforming a formless shadow many feet away into a recognizable person. When the flares finally reached the ground they were dragged along by the chutes like mysterious fireballs, still casting then- eerie light. Then suddenly, a stretch 01 barren ground 500 yards away sprang to lite with a miniature forest fire. A passing bomber had dropped what, is prosaically cnlled a "ground marker"--an indicator for fairly clear nights. Flames rose only a few feet above the ground, but Ihey spread out steadily-for several hundred feet seething like a blast furnace and'-obviously fed by such potent chemicals that it would be impossible to approach or extinguish em with ordinary fire-fighting -thods. In addition, the RAF nits bombs in the middle of the cs to discourage interference, u-yinu colors of flames are dc- ined tn foil German imitations anted to lure bombers to vacant c:ls - · · The plot of flames roared fun- usly for 10 minutes. You could marine thousand-poimd bombs ashing down toward scores of uch fires. Just as the fire began o subside it started spreading at ne side until another section as ig as the first was burning with qual intensity. When ground markers are ob- . b urncd out another pair popped ,, . LOTS TO CELEBRATE Peabody, Mass., (U.R)-lNcxt New Year's Day-Christine Millea will celebrate i her first birthday. · Her mother will celebrate her ^ sft^birthday. Just 2 drops Penetro 1 Nose Drops In «ach nostril Kelp you bre.itho freer almost instantly, so y9"r head cold gets air. Only 25c--1h times as much forBflc. Caution: ·Use only as directed. . Venetru Hole Utopi j ,,--'-· ^ r %rgsS CUP* 6 months of CJC-IIIU^-K- -- ,, and carrot- eating to bring her vision up to par. Miss Margaret Cutier of Brookline has been sworn into the Marine Corps. "I'm glad I can see eve--to--eve with them at last, cracked Miss Cutler happily. *o """Sen °«^ emptied. o ! the shops, the Japa- construcled nttle cells and DO YOU NEED A TRUSS? Banish Fatigue With 'Expert Care If you are o»er fifty and feel ninety -- fhe cause of your fatigue is lack of proper support for your rupture . . . expert MODERN TRUSS FITTER guarantees his .work . . . stays right here on the job year in end year out. That's the kind of guaranteed service you want. FREE CONSULTATION PRIVATE FITTING ROOM (went on behind those brown walls. There were rumors but I there was no definite information until some- of the prisoners were to (his country in of the overseas. The members of the "one-fam ly army' are the children of M i and Mrs. L. M. Van Coutren o£ S I Louis, Mo. Woden--Mrs. J. W. Smith an daughter, Mrs. H. Honken, M E. Hitland, Dorothy Smith, Garr Paul and David, visited Henry A bers who is suffering from heart attack. Other visitors we John Pollard and family, El Powell is one of Ihose wild bers of Greene came back. When I was Powell's? assistant before the war, he was a cheerful, slender man of Io7 pounds. _ , I saw him Saturday in Prcsby- erian hospital, a changed man: laggard, nervous, embittered. He as lost both feet. His weight to- ay is 120, a gain of 4o pounds ince his repatriation. "I am glad the army and navy elcascd that material on atroci- ies," he told me. "Torturing of \mcrican, British and Chmesce has been going on since the war started. It is right that the people back home know how the Japanese are treating our people in the far east, especially the way they are treating the military prisoners." Powell's own story is an example of the treatment of which he speaks. Long regarded as an ene my because of his sympathy for the Chinese and Ms ontspwken in their behalf, tbe To help you protect your investment and keep your car or truck operating efficiently, we have listed below a, number of' mid-winter suggestions prepared by our service engineers. The safest plan is to let your nearby ' Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto or Chrysler dealer inspect and service your vehicle regularly. He has trained rhe- \ chanics, tools and equipment to detect minor troubles and correct them before major expense develops. r i i i i 8 1 i i i i TO KEEP YOUR CAR OR TRUCK OPERATING ECONOMICALLY. . . 1 2 3 4 5 Too heavy an oil contributes to hard starting in cold weather . . . a strain on the battery. Change oil to proper grade if necessary. Have the strength of onti-freeze ^ mixture checked frequently to be sure it gives adequate protection during coldest snaps. Check all connections in cooling system to prevent loss of anti-freezc. Ask your dealer to check specific gravity of your battery. Kavo it re-charged if advisable. Starting, lighting, ignition systems should be gone over during the winter to be sure all connections are dean and tight. 6 7 8 9 10 Both transmission and different lial should have proper winter lubricant to protect moving parts in extremely cold weather. Steering systems are under abnormal strain during winter because of ice and snow. Have your dealer check the front wheel alignment. If it hasn't been done recently, a complete engine tune-up rnay be advisable for easier starting and greater economy. Windshield wipers set ertta bard usage in winter. Examine the condition of the blades to be sure they are efficient. 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