The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1818
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.CHLXA b.i. - i v" - r - rrss i;rum of the ctup LonJciu TrzJtr, ' I i rwon. will b sold at public aoc - "T ; Philsdelehia, at th stores of Wn. Wain, oa Monday 16th March, consisting! fmnerial 1 Gunpowder I TEAS, fre - h and of sa - Jlyson t pcrior quality. Youug Hyon and Hyson Alio J Iahz company naukeens ehort do, Blue do ju:.. - x - a in Im w - uav.rtil 9JI0 cases manilla iugar, and aa asfortmtnt of j rVr.t.m rranf p and iilk coodf. mh 1 n st - il IIL'll "IIIUL II I I IK Al I 1 fill ht"m nriine nil! Virrioia. 8 twists i 75 do Sd quality the pound 20 da common. r or saw ny mil 11 TROKES. DAVISON gt CO. 1 ikA MOLAsSES. JUlhlids. ) Havana Molasses, lasding 21 tierces, at pier No. V irom ong r.o - 10 bbls. mh 11 211 South - street. N 1CARAGUA WOOD. IB tons, of a supe ri0rqU3lCKl&LAURIE3. mh 11 29 touut - streei. CLOVES. A small parcel of Cloves, juii re ceived and for tale by JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 11 2(1 Soutfi - streeL r'LOUR. 200 barrel Baltimore (Howard JP street) Flour, lauding and for sale by . lrwL - lll il JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 Soulh - slreet. mh 11 Di'vnrni'l) Ti l.l.uW K llllJf.S. A FEW thousand pounrit New - York Tallow, XX anil 21)00 Slaughtered runes, ior saie. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh 1 1 tf 1 A .' Ill i E LKAD.300ur.cwt. kegs V lute V Lead, juat received and for sale ny TUCKER At LAURIES, roh II 29 South - street. Q1T.RM CANDLKS. - 50 boxes Sperm Cao - dies, eld superior quality, ior saie dj James p andoe, mh 11 288 Broadway, MUsCOVADO SUGAR, ftc 104 hhds prime Muscovado Sugar. Inndin: at Do ver - street wharf, from ichooncr Wiilitim, from Havana, for lain hy ; STEVENS h MACTIER, 137 South - street, IN STORE, 6"! boxes White Havana Sugar 3 hhds and 8 bbls. St Kitts do IS pipe L. P. Triierilfe Wine 4(1 qr. caks Colmenar do W pipe Catalonia do 5 pipes Bordeaux Brandy 800(1 large German Goat Skius riO tont Cumpeachy Logwood, mh 1 1 (it ft WO pie .viarscillus Brandy jul received L and for sale hy GEORGE W. TALBOT, mh 11 No. 55 Pine - trett. NORTH RIVER STEAM BO t'J S. (fcj The public is reper.t - fully informed that the I'ura - firon will leave New - York. oii Monday m vt. liie Ititli March, ui U oVIm k, A M. mh II TO LK T, Those two fire nroof dwcllincr Iloupfn. No. 74 and '6 Mott - ftreet, about ten ininutet waIu fVuni 4hp(!nffpo Haii. Thtf will li mil in coiujilff! repair, an I wellralrnfatrd for genteel fumili' . Apply at No. 137 Water - ttreet. mhllti VtJ l.K J A counting house on the lower floor. No. SV eouth itreet. - A lure tiew lire proof More in fioverneuri' - lace, next door to Water - tlree t Apply to TUCKER te LAUKIES, mh 1 1 29 S)ii(h fin si i.i:. Seven acres of land in West - Cl.etet. 12 l - iinilet from this citv. On tnc premism are a $'tl dwellin; - lmuet fowl h i.e, a tliriliy youne orolurd of grnlted iruit, BRar 'eu with a param heiU, hruhhery of (ooteher'y, arranta and ctrawherriei, with awf llof nevrr - fiiling mire tuft water, well calculated (i - rd:t - tillinj. Theita;e9 paw every day to w - Yjik; a tetitl twice a week ; being only a ; jarter of a mile Iroin the lauding. Enquire l HENRY CHEAVENS, 15 Broadway. Al o foriale, a Rood ubtantial light waggon, ralcnlatrd for one or two horipf ; to be tren at Sandforri't Livery Stalilet, Broadway, near llei - te r itreet. Fnquiie a above. mh 1 1 tf SiJjJl The tore and cellar No. 56 Pearl - itwt, CorutT of Broad - Mrect ; a commanding tituation either for a retail grocer or mechanic ; potteiiioa iuimndiate.iy. Apply at 70 l'earl - itreet. oh 11 3t l7Ti TO LET, SjiX - n Io"c?"on givcn the firs t of May, Die bouie No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof stable and store in the rear fronting on New - street. Also, the adjoining houe No. 50. The soap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on the 1st of April For terms apply to JOHN SLIDELL Si CO. Bich 11 No. 50 Broadway. ROBBEHY. STOLEN, lait evening, about 8 o'clock, frnro the houe No. 82 William - st. a drab GREAT COAT, with single Cape, and pockets under tie arms ; and one pair of Wellington BOOTS, new footed and strapped. A liberal reward will be paid for the detection and conviction of the thief, or for the return of the articles. Apply to THOS. M'CREADY, Jun. Custom - Housc. mlill It THE FORUM will be opened on F. idy evening next, the 13th inat. at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discussed, "Ought imprisonment for debt to be continued" i Discussion to commence precisely at seven o'clock. A Ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tickets to be had at D. Lonpwortiis, Park, and at the door, at 25 cents each, mh 11 3t ATHENEUM, AT. GOODRICH U CO. 124 Broadway, earner of Cedar - street, have just received Nos. 51, S2 and 23 of the Atheneum. or Spirit of English Magazines, vij : Gentleman's Lady's, European, Monthly, Sporting, Universal and ether Magwines ; La Belle Assembly's ; Acker - man's Rp isttory j Literary Panorama ; Annual Register ; the Critical, Eclectic, Monthly, and other Reviews. The above work is issued twice every month, rnU d on a very fine paper, nrire only $5 per tnnura. When it is recollected that it is a selection from most of the best periodical works in nsat Britain, it is not surprising that It should prove to be one of the most interesting and popu - w works of the kind. i mh 1 1 M EDUCATION. RS. DAWSON lately from the Eastern ik , Uontinent respectfully informs the public, v" ' opened a School in Cherry - strvet. J0, 98 where young Ladies will be carefully instructed by herseir and dauehters, in writing. til .it """ving, history, geography, use cf M r?' netdle work in all varieties. ,r J2" leave to obsert e that her system treat?, t 15 (form,1 from her own expericnrr) Jsw J uI1?l',a,e Ul" improvement of youth with eredihu ,re themselves, and saves an in - nm !iP0O,,T1 of their time, when employed in Enelirf r"'" Great attention will be paid to N. 8 rleadinnnd Proonn.:iation. B - r i. , 'J'" nd Drawing in a superior maa - Ct?6 drawing: 4274, J'200; - HOT18E. . 4 BOUT tbe 14th of December last, a nemo XX with a lot of Carpenter's Tools and a Skiff Boat, was apprehended at tna Pewarft gg - Dock, whii h be was offering for sale. From the confeuiooof the man little or no doubt remains that the tool and skiff were stolen properly. This is to give notice that the owner or owners of said property can have it again by applying to lUHAUUU i.viv.n.s, ai saiu oock, uy pro. vine tne same ana paying marge. Ana ii no person appears in a reasonable time, tbey will be sold as ire taw uirecu. Newark, Dec. 29, 18 17. mh 1 1 2w In the matter of Benjamin Germond and others, f it. For sale at auction. James Sullivan, an ab - 1 scending debtor. J f fTlHE undersigned having been appointed trui - i tees ior bji uiec.reonors oi jamts cuiuvnn, late of the city of New - York, butcher, an ah - scondins debtor, will, in virtue of the art in such case made and provided, on the 26th day of .VI arch, instant, ac one o 'clots:, m tne alter noon of that day, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, sell at public vendue, all the right, title and interest ol I lie said James bulhran. in those three certain houses and lots of ground at present Known ami disungui tried by lots wo, thirty seven, thirty nine and forty seven Mulberry - street, in the city of New - York aforesaid, be ing each twenty five feet in width front and rear, and one hundred feet in depth, as the same wen - sometime since owned and possessed by James Sullivan, of the said cifv. deceased. The said lots of ground having been seized by the Sheriff oi ine ciiy ana couuiy oi mew - 1 orx, in virtue oi an attachment issued against the estate of the fores lid absconding dehtor. Dated March 1 1th, I!! 11. AMAZIAH W BIGHT, JOHN C.HAMILTON, CHARLES OSBORN. mh 1 1 eodfds T RAM) . - ; piiicsui tin - 1 v fl.iuired 4ih J J proof Bordeaux Brandy, entitled to debenture. For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, mh 10 130 Water - street. J Ol'f". 9 hales 1st sort Hops, growth of J.A IB 1 1, jut receiveil and lor sale by CAMBRELENO ii PEARSON, mh 10 67 South - slreet m EERSUCKER&, ic 3 balt.s yellow striped seersuckers 2 hales blue baftas. entitled to debenture, for sale by f. REM SLIM & CU lilt) tu IIEKRLNGr K CHOCOLATE. jbO box - LI es lt sort llerrines 40 do No. 2 Chocolate. Just received and for sale by CAMBRELENG Jt PEARSON, mh 10 67 r'outh - s'rret f 1 LOTUS, BOM BAZETTS, IIA1S, 4;c. - W 4 cases Lonil m fujiertine Clodis 2 do do Cassimeres 2 do Cassime'e Shawls 2 huli't IVIissc Cloths 2 do Yorkshire superfine Cloths 4 do Black limih;z;tts 10 cases men's htstline London Hats 10 do do Wool Hats 10 hints, best Loudon Glue. For sale hy P. CAKE Y, inn III iw 51 iviiimiii - stretl. f.MLIER IS. 18 sacks Filnerts, lauding this V day and for s - ilu hy CAMBRELENG PEARSON, roh 10 67 Seiitti - slr.i t. URs UK.KJ spring lusk Rat SKins of superior qunlitv, lor sale in lots to suit purcha sers at No 19 ) Wiit, r street n,h iO 51 CIOI 1 'J.N. - - 41 ...l! 9 jiiM.u - Upland C;itl - n, a selected parcel, l:.ndni from ichr Fair - Trader, from Savannah, for sale hy THUS. M. HUN l lGTON, - mhlOSt 80 Pearl - street. PLATE GLASS. 450 sheets picture glass, from 20 X 17 a 27 i Si. imt rei rived and 'or sale hy HUKD 4i SEW ALL, mn hi ua . - uitn tiuet WSi F PRIEST, No. 201 Broadway, lit - twerr Fulton ind Dey streets, have just i ncd un assortmint of tne ibifowing Spring ar - i - , viz : Canton Hd'f 4 - 4 square Vietim anl iik Shawls and lldkfs. Klat k ud rnlor'd ;ant m Crnnr - s Hiid Conrans VVJiiie an. I :,!.ick and ussnt.'d Tallin Lei.ii - 'im s, plain and flur di Florences ltorph:iZi:tt and Bomuazins ; Tbiil'e Thre3'i - .aces. Edgings anil Footings Irish Linens, Furniteri - Cliintz Kiobuus of difl'!rcnt kinds, Gloves, &c. Vc Cnmnrisids a general assortment of fnncy and staple dry kikxIs nh II) Iw TEAS 8c SUGAR JUT landed 50 chcsU hyson skin Phoenix cargo. tea, IS liojsheacU Havana mu - covado euirars for tale on reasonable terms by G. M T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Washington - street. 1. " Bales prime upland cotton, landing from schooner Fair Trader, lor stile by UKIsWOLIJo ii COATES, mh9 68 Son:hst. Bill via I (E VEJOIiLLlO.s 100 boxes roll brimstone, 5 cwt. Vermillion 6 hhds clue, lust lauded from ship Garonne. from Trieste, for sale by G. G. Si a. HOWLAND, mh 9 77 Washiugton - st. t A 7 HIS VV svlvania Rye Whiskey, landing: from sch. Express, at Old - slip. For sale by mh9 3t 75 VVnll - str. - el. M;lGO 6cass Bengal, and 12 ccrons first Quality Fiotant Inilico. enlitlec to debenture. (or sale by JACKSON Si V OOLLEY, mn v it wau - sireei. RUSSIA HEMP nndFEA l HfcUc 20 Ions clean St. Petersburg Hemp 40 bales geese feathers, for sale on favorable terms, at 67 South - street, hy mii!3t liU..M.tilIAM liUS&lA AHEET1NGS brown and half bleached Do. narrow diapers, for sale by the bale at 67 South - street, by mh93t CUNNINGHAM JC BAY LI 1.3. ClO'i' i'ON ti RlCE 0 bales prime Upland Cotton and 112 tierces prime Rice landing from ship Mary Aususta, for sal. by UKlsWOLUi it UO l t., mh 9 68 South street. rpU.MBLERS 30 small cues half pint X tumblers, for sale in lots to suit purchas ers by G. G. L B. MOWLAM), mch 7 77 Washin;ton - t. 4631 RjlliilMi tc zVlfU - YOi'. boxes bloom raisin 232 do Muscatel do 133 casks do 365 ceroom soft - shell almonds The careo of the t r hr Thomas Tenant from Gibraltar For sale by PAGE & TRlrLETT, mh 5 lw 86 Coflee - House slip. A 1 ANUFACTURED TOBACCO 43 1 kegs 11 landing from the schr. Weymouth and Na tive, from Richmond viz 118 k - gs branded Joo. fjidcrs, 8 hands No. 1 7 do do do 1 - 2 pound rolls 15 do do P. Mil'er ft Co. 8 kvi.ds No. 1 60 do di J. G. Ere 8 hands No. 1 ft 2 72 do do R. (,'ntor di do 103 d do I). R Ross di No. 1, 2, v 3 64 d - y do J.ti P. Labby 8 hands For sale by CORNS. DU BOIS. mi 5 un I )UM, GIN, Jcc - 20 Lbds and 50 bbls. 1st XI proof new rum 40 bbls Country Gin 30 pipes Gray' Brandy, for sale by JACKSON WOOLEY, Bb3 75 WaJ - itrwt. 1 Fvrfrdghi or charier fir St. Eutaruf, St. ? r iV J J 1 J. mis, wt vriy w wmuwaru Mtunum, The schr REVENGE, capt. Rollins, burthen 600 bbls ; is m Complete order lor a voyage, and will lake freight low. Apply on board, at pier 40, or to sph 9 R. k C. W. DAVENPORT Co. SHIP 1'EKIN. i On Saturday, the 14th iust. will 1 1 . . . tuiu si suaiun, 1 ME CHIf f KKlN. C40 tons register ; has just delivered nearly 1000 ions oi tonus iroin inaia in peneci oiaer. cue is one of the strongest and be - t built ships ii the U. State ; sails fast, is well found, and was newly sheathed in Liverpool the voyage pre - vious to the last Will be fold on 6 months Cre dit. Inventory can be seen, and tha shin cxa mined, by applying at No. 47 Ceuttal - wbtrf, tiosion. mh u 3t Por nr. CHUIX, The ship SOUTH CAROLINA PACKET, Cartwright, master t will hi lively sail on Thursday, the 12th inst if the weather permit. For passage, apply on ooara at icca - up, or to mh 9 St UKNJ. I)E FOREST k CO. r - rf.iXTKD. Three or four vessels from 800 to 1000 JaaiisW barrels burthen, to load at the south ward air this port. Apply to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, mch 9 81 Pine - st. Par PHP.IGH Tor (JUAUl'r.H, The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A dams master, burthen 2J7 tons, now reaiiy 10 receive a cargo ; will carry about 2600 bbls. t or a rms apply ro DlViE BETHUNE c CO. mh7 9iC. II. Slip, Par H.tkAiS.iU, Th liarkel ahin Itl.i1ft STATES. k.nni . - I - - - - f - . - , JfLThnn. hwinburn, matter, now loading at tmo - . - lrect wharf, will meet with immediate uis - p: tcu, navtng a consiueraoie pari oi ner caig euirazed. For freight of almut 2U0 Ibis, or pas - sage, having elegant accommodations, apply ou board, or to (jKIsWULUS ii UOA I J - .S, mh 7 68 South - st. Pur Aue, Prt.iiilit or t.ftarhr, The brig FINANCIER, fieo. Robin son, commander, a hue Philadelphia built vessel, burthen 3250 bids, sail - last, is well found, staunch and strong, ami may be sent to sea with little rxpence ahd without delay. For terms, apply to the cap. am on board of said briir, lyinir at cast sn:e Hy - market dock err at bin ludfinif, corner Pulum and CMI - strcet. GKU. KJHIASO. mh 7 lw POli 6.1 J.K, inesciir jr.t - i - i.uu.N, ions, a strong vessel, and in gimil iidcr Apply to JOhEl'll OrIIO., lull 0 - 'a .yiiuii - fil. Pur .iltxtmdria, Ocorgiluit n, unit I) utlimsiiun C'y, The fine new silu - ., R Taylor, matter, now ready to recen r ok1s al pier no. 10, and will be despatched in ud next week. For freight or paiiage, apply on hoard, or to DIVIK BEIHUXE&Co. fti Ciillee - lioii.e i - iip. mh 6 Pur Halt, Prtighl ur Lha'tfi; The good bri PLAN I ER, K.7 torn burthen one ye ar old, stows 1 51X1 bide. i very fast sailing vestel and in complete order to receive a cargo. Aiu ly on bo..rd west side Burling - slip, or to St. L. U. UKIb .v olu, mch 5 HG Souih - it. Por li r.Lr.ia J , The brig A i .M l".I, 171) tons mirttiej, is a tint rate vessel, saila tau and Pas good Jrtyy, acrommodatiooa ; exacted l. sail in six For passage onlv, apply lo N. I., ii U. fi!ll!5 OI Ii, ... mch5 !!6 "ou.h - t. The brig MARY, C.pi iin B, easier, a rcir.."i iri cr, ani! will l a e i ; ie - dialr ci .spatcli. For i f il.! nf, ii m i' re - hundred bbl. or Pa - m ice !iit - '.lute, piil - n board, at l'inc - sti ect wbaif, or to ndi 3 X c 1). T.L 01' I . For Muhilr ni:d ltlak - 1 - y. The - ul' intiMl, l.trl mil). packet scioomr .v i - - u, iiipi. inn iic.k'k, a rej; trader, bavin? two tinrds oi her cargo eogagod, ml1 jil on fie 15th in. - t For freight or passage, liaviig gm,l a - :'onitnoil:iions tun a bin and slei - rage pa - seiigei , apply to FEI ERS ,V H Kit RICK, mh 3 i 29 Ca - . ties ;ip. Por Sain, Pretifht or Charter, - y a netv punt Dual st.', Htmui 1711 5 jl.ton l ui'lien, limit in the he't mntiner. cupper fastened, nnd ii coiuplete order to receive a cargo Apply 10 S. L. it . GRISWULD, mh 3 80 iilt - reet. .Sair, Pietgtl ur Lhartrr, The ship MIRUOK, 33j tons bur then, 2 years old, jui - t been hoieout, u ..iul in coaij leta order to receive a cargo is a fir - t raU ship, and may be eiit to ea with tm;i!l expeure. Apply on board, between Ply - Maikct Srnd Burliiig - slip, or to N. L. K G. GRISUOLD, mch 3 116 AouLh st. , For Sale, Freight or t'W r, VM1 A new ; ilct boat built sihocner, avoit iTiWis 120 tou burthen, bunt in the best man - uer ol good matenalr, an I copner fi'stemu, a very fast tailing vessel, and may be ent to sea at small ixpeuse Wpply to Si.L. K U.(jlll,!l'l,l), mch 3 80 oiiiii - .t. M I.YLS, COTTTjSi, OIL, He. ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Murray's wharf, offer for hale : Old Claret in casks, fit for bottling, and entitled to drawback Do do cases Madeira wine in pipes, some of superior qua i"y . Old L. P. Teoerifff wine, in hhds. and qr. casks, of a quality and flavor nearly eual to Madeira Sweet oil in hellirs, and New - Orleans and Uplaud cot too, in lots to suit purchasers. mh 9 Iw 'I 'OMAClO tfli blids. T .naccii, supe I rior quality, landing this d iy from on board brig Annlla, from Savnnnnh, lr sale hy CAMBRELENU it PEARSON, mh 1ft 67 South - street. LOGlVlMJI) - 40I.KIS Campeachi 1. i - w - il, landirg at pier No. 10, Irom hug Lei over, and foriale by JOSEPH I'bbORX, mh 3 28 cnuih - street. TVTAVAL s i ORES, CO'llON, Vc. - 4'X) Jl bbls. soft Turpentine, 3M) do 1 ar 60 do Pilch, 5 da Spirits Turpentine 11500 I'm. Arg - il, 15 baskets Tipioea 600 Ox Horns 10 bundles Deer Skin 1 lierce Furs, Otters, Mink, fcc. 2 bale 1st. qual. Sea Island Cotton 20 dn do Upland - do 140(Hl hbd. Stave and Heading lUOOUOitin. C. Slnn - Male by R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT ii CO. feh26 pOKACCOlf KK K. IOO quintals Iirst qua - JL lity panih Tobacco 44 tie ws prime Rice, per Khr. South Carolina, for sale uy JONES it MEG RATH, mh7 83 - outh - stres t. VOBACCO - 3 tibds. Aortb Carohna Tobac co, for sale hy ...... .itr - i - nAniS A - rn rw. w. ci. uai 1 aw. B&9 . . TO RASTERS. THE raVscriber offers 100 LbU of clwtct Howard - street floor, the most approved brands. GEO. M. Wf LSoN, mch 7 130 Water - st. HACKUA.M.wON bOAKDS, 4lc. 4 SM ALL invoii e of Backgamiuoa and Chess .A. Board, for sale hy ANDERSON St SHEARER, At 131 Water - street. Also a few London made Pocket Book, Wallets and Ladies Work - Boxes, mh 0 2w lLAXtLEP 17 liDls. Flaxseed, lor snle bj j. & . mh 5 81 Pinn - street. Q IKoN. J. J Tons Sweedri iroa 6 tons Eogliib flat iron assorted for sale by G. O.fc S. HOWLAND, mch 3 77 Wasliio? l.'LOUR. 2.')0 nbls Flour, landing from sihr. V Nutive, iroui, lor sale hy mh 5 W & S.CRAIG. 4.i.lSJt HSiAVTS. Cases flakey manna S do manna ia sort 12 bundles (about 600) small round malls, lauding aud for sale by G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, mch 9 77 Wahiugton - st. IRENCH GOODS. A amall uivoiceconsist - . inp of Merino Shawls. Levantines. Gloves Silk Hose, and Cambricks, received by the Escle, from Havre lor aale by F. Si H. SHELDON & CO. mh 9 lw 140 Pearl - street. A I OLAbbES 100 hbd. new nop Haana if 1 Molasses, landiim from the brie Robert, east side or the Old - slip. r or saie iy mn if s. a i. uuui i RENCH GOODS. Just received per brig J. Eagle, from Havre, 60 cases 1 rench goods, coiistinz ol . Figured and plain Lyons and D'avcgnou Flo rences Figured and plsio Virginia and lovaniiues Black satius and satbt ix - loiigs Black nod white tulle nnd elegaut satin gauze Black floreiituies, Gauze hulk is Levantine aud sal in d:imak shawls Figured Ictaiilinr and florence bdUli Men's sun. ri'ihcd silk hose Men's an. I womi u's silk and kid gloves and silK armlets Sewing fi'ks and twit Thread laccn, Ulack galloons W hitr enpes, hilk braids Elrgnnt garniture aud fringed 8lJ plain rib - Ubs, lor sale by BENJ'N. r . lIArll.Ot'K, mrh 9 lw 1:12 Wnter - st. cur. Piue - sl. i.. viw. - ioi iiiiu. - uuu u uuis nine cjuauiy k.' lutcovaitii .1 igar 15 bo.e sup'r .vl ileilo. for sale by i. I., tt ti. ( .13'HM - U, mh 9 Ii6 s..uili - trei - t. T1 ALUU I TA t;0')P. A n.all invoice of CkUulta good - , coimi - .tinjr of Calcutta Ul.ccks, Mainoodvs n.ifiaa. Satin :; - id LuiTalis ill be landed this day, and for mlc hy (;. 'i. si s. nmvi.Axn, mil 9 TT Vaslniigion.strcet. L(Ol ll), Df.KA .', iit. - S baits t - ta ' Isl.u.O C '.tt , 1 1 - iuiidlf I ) er kins I lierc e anil 1 n 1. nrs I Wlfl bt.ives and lle. d'iii;. nflnat, and for sale is It ti U. IV. U I' .A.'ORT ii. CO. eb zl tsUk. v ay p h a I. Fromlbe lt o( ay iiet, verr elegant ai a - tm nts, roniitin - of ? d ting - rooui, hack o' n and pniit'ies, ia i;i!'ti' ' r a small 'jr - nte - .l emily, or an r Mi rlv Indv, on th - : speond Co i', v Inch will to pamte ' ,f. un I nil :i. (he t.e. - t mai.pei : th' i.l t ..'.fnrtii.'io l : ri 'sn 1 !ial in a sma 1 ('inily v:'. - ta thure ate ro ild - ni. .' t. 'i n c "situattd in or.t - of the i le; nnt - - t . - w t - .f 'D'y - s're.i. At prcs'tif, riviui - It : - bt) t;o'ir lane!! stre - t m 33' in i.hT, TI e iifp story ; ,, ii hmis No. 21 Wi.ll i:ti t. (cairvlins Pit - rc ins on the lii si iIhui. p .... s i given i,.i the firsi I A ril. 1 r. i.i.moim:. 1.1. ' P 1X1. 27 Wnll - ret. TuTf7F. '(''vij A n - - w t') il ry liou! in Chanilfr - d. hunt to tl.e most iiioileni style; tl fir - t a'ury witii in hog. - .ny nnd l - .'di g doors, a al elei;a:it raible lliantle chimney pieces; fnusiKd h. ;l - (.h. - iiS in the turrit: vaults in Iroiit i:iid w ; c"U rn and an excellent wt II v vater ; i - it'i eve r on it - nience that a genteel laini'y can desir. - i huill ii. a particular 11. inner fm ih . - . - irr. to - - . of TJI - 01). l'(Wi.i - ;H, mh lOlw No fiO 1 - 2 LiS - rty str. - e The lease ol the House Lot No 7 l).ir - lay street, 34 years unexpired. piibinrt lot round rent ol J - j() p.r nnnuni 'I he li.u. i: t wo stories hih, tilled in with brick ; tw. ro - iii - 011 tl.. fir. I floor, fonrnn the second, and two h. d rooms in the garret j ap in'ry wood celbr, a good cistern in the yanl, niH a kii!J way lead - uie thereto. lso, a m ill sta'.le in im rear of snitl lot. Enquire at No. 181 Water - street, mh Ujlw nlHlIMi Aneldtrl) lady also a gentle - 111 hi and his wife ran he aet iimin jd ited nilh upartmr t.ts ami board in a private lamiiy ami ctmi' - situation, Irom tlie first of Mny next, Aiily at this nlTii e. mh 5 Iw 7iTl UlLES mThERER, No. 11 .J lately Irom Gernmni , g:es LESiONS n the PI XI - r Oil TE. Riferencs, Itevd. F. C. - chaeffr. 210 Vlliain street; T.Vimas A tin - nalils, h"i.kelli - r. 18''! Pearl - street j T.A. (jult - ivn'.i't, 41 It - ii - l.r.t - . ni!t 9 liv UR"'. Pild'.V.N, r 'ctf.:lly r - roiuuienili to the Ladies of this Cit - , her inetimd to leai li'i g tl. Systeni'alit hI baud - writing wliich hjs i. - ivi'. - ally pre'ailr - d n England lor the last 1 i.'n years. Those Ladi win are disnleastrd Kith itii ir pre s; - nl r5n.l1 "f vri!intc, lei it be ever o imp - rlat f wiil.'ta twelve lessons write witti ncnl'iaos a:id dextenty without the trnnhl of nil - ui lli. ir papn or the ue - ( lims. Ladies wailed Un at t' eir own residenct - , and trhools attended on application to Mr Bit OWN, 2ll Front - it. TEuMS. Pystemitical wri'ing, lwt lv lessons, $10 H mud tianddo f r childieo, r quarter, 8 Pen making, taught in one lesson, 1 mh 4 2w 70 FMXTFhS. rpWOor three PRESS EN vill find - JL Ji - ttc and rt.ii'tan; rnij.loymeut. by applying to D. FANSHAW, N.. io (Ti.Tan.l 141 Pearl - streets. mh '0 3t ill.l I Alt Y LAND PVI . N'l. ?OR ALE, an unsel .. icd h t of 70 land pa r (ents. Pa atedin th I linnis Territory, and bouej'it direcliy Irnm tlie poi.iirs. Apply lo ISAAC it. ST. JOHN, 10 tf No. 39 Wail - trett I AN TED, by the lader end of April, hoar I y ior 1 wo persons in a resp - uoie priru' - family, where no other l.'.aniers are leeened. - Two rito - n will be retjuiied. Which will lie fw nisii. d t the advertiser. The situation nrt further Mtf (!i than I'hirober.strett. Letters ad dre'trj lo F. W. at the Office of this paper, naming situation, ftc. ftc. will Le immediately at. Undcd to tub 10 31 1 'BOARD WANTED FROM Tnc FIRST OF MAT SJKXT. GEN I I.EM AN and .,d., with IwochUdrer and servant, wil for board in a private family. They wi'l rtqnire two good rooms unfurnished, nod, il dVsifatld tolne family, tliey will only dine with them. Aline addressed to A. C. and left at thi eStce, will njtet with at teatkm. auh 10 41 GRAND CALL At the City Hotel, jlf R. CHAKKUAUD ha the booor to h lvX form the ladies aud Gentlemen, that on W eiliH - sday tvenuij, 1 lib oi March next, his an nual (Jrand tiail, wiN take placu in fii Asueio - Sjly Rooiapf the City - HoUil. la the course oj Hie evening two uaiiei anoseverHi jaocy oaavelci40i, - e assort.uent of (real, iwpor - snlllieeXuiUlcdaudtaecuUdbyMr. C. and - tt , ()rT (. ........ teial oi in pupiis. '1 be loom v ill be elegactiy . , , illuminated which are, S ct Urlrn fine Part I A pastoral diverting Ballet. clo - hs, U4 ami 6 n e - nli,. credt.) 2 e tin - pastoral diverting 1. March Lod' iska 2. First enti.Micc of the corpde ballet, by 12 3 oung laiiies ' 3. Paseul Ailegritto by a youne lady 4. College Hornpipe by a youog gentleman 5. The Gavote ofe Vestris by Mr. Chariuaud and a ye ung lady 6. Pat sncl andante Ly a younu lady 7. Pas de Irois in tro by three youn; ladies. U. rus seul and::ntino ty a young lady Is. Grand pas seul allegto by Mr. C 10. Corp de ballat liual by 12 ynuug ladies, Part t 1 be ballet rl Snbotii - ra, or the Wooden Shoe mailer's Cottage. 1. Enters a rake st Par lost in (ha forest. 2. Enters Mr. Chut maud acting part of a clown o. a pas seui 1 y a youn. - lady . 4. Enters three Stihntiers and dunce with clubs and wisoden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. . A damie h..ll comic uy Mr. C. 6. A pastoral damn by 5 young lilies and a young gciitl - nen. 8. Grand solo Hit h wooden shoes by Mr C 9. Final by the whole. Manager of Tie Hall, Mr. Biart. The Ball lo commence at 7 o'clock, and ibe ballets at 9 precisely. Tic kets One Dollar, to he bad nt Mrs Gaston's 42 Broud - st. at the bar of the City Hotel, aud at the door on that evening. Gentlemen are ml allowed to dance in boot mh 4 61 M 1 1. IT All V Hl.liVlY I AMiS 'IHE Subscriber will pay the highest price in .a. c&sn 10 me taie si.iniei lor ineir o.iunty lauds. JAMES D. WA I S OIlTII, No. 2(1 VV.llrr.llript N. B. J. D. VV. piiiposing to leave the city t - r the Illinois Tmritory, requests all those wh em ployed hi 111 lo (ihtaiii their patents, to call and take up the same, or receive Cash lor Uieui. Will lake any agency business to tin; Illi nois Terutory, H'lalnt lo Soldiers claims, &c. AppIv as 1 atMiie. inch 10 D.VC 3wt pilh M1LI ORD ft OU i.Uli LOAD LO I X TERY, in which 7(t,UOU U ll,r 1 the highest prue, will posilivi ty coimiieiice drawing 011 me otn nay 01 iviay n i. TICKETS ic HARKS. hi a variety ol niimhers, Im - ut ijiu Bookstore ami l.oitcrv lillu e ol ABRM P. ', No. 27 Maiden Lane, K - in - .r 01 .Nussnu - slreel, hi Urn present iiriceol 3t Poll. u eac h. Prize Tickets ml irin - r lol terns taken in pay mint. A generai assortment of School Bin ksad a, tic - nan lor snh - us nhovr. mf Iw H.LU, FOREST llit. Ac jS&JXtr lOK.NJAMIN l'RICFftCO ;J&5ra" J? 1'i.v. lor .ale nt thiir Nur. KfrvUafliery, Utishinu Lumlinir. (L. I ) D"' ew'I'or'is usual and ftU '."t .'ill - e', i,"i .uny in v.uruiiriin niai .vmeiit nn r run nun urna - menial Trees. Also, a large col Itclionol valuable M.iuhs and Plai ts ; they hnve scleral thou - v.. s.inii tiicauiaieii leacn trees, tvi 1c.11 a - e in Hie nicsi hi - n thy state and free from any ditttinpct, gn - ut atlention has been paid to pt"ervu 'lo m 'rem tne yeiinws, whicn lias He - Proved so many tries 01 thai kunl tliroiij;iiriii he United states. Cataloijues of which may hr had of Messrs. HULL ft BOWNE. N. 14C Piail - 'lrect, .New York, or at their .Nursery. Outers fonvarcled t.eitlier place will Ih: imm: diuttly atteiidtd t.i. and tlie trees, ftc. curelully and sk.uti .y pa. a n, so as 10 ne seni 10 any p rt of the United states, witli the greatest salt. iy, and delive.xl hi l ruue wliarl, incw - iora by water iree ol ireigni. Also, for shIi; a nliove. 1000 beautiful Balm ol Gili ad or Silver Fir Trees, they are almost sure to Ine when transplanted. As the great loss of Peach Trees by His cast, havf det.fred many from plan'ine them, lirt etions v - iil be giveu lo thosp who l unlmir men., win n 11 aiiennen to, will eniiile idem lo i.ris . e d eir tree in a hi tilth 1 state, and lo hate leaches in as great plenty as in former years. V. It. Peach trees inoculated on Almond oi Plum stocks, is no pn - it tit itive ngainst (tie dis vise, which the Pennsylvania Ajrrii u'tural Socii ly. c - 'll the yellows. mh 6 DftCOl PflTIT nml '('. A'.V'r 1 - y.V - Ki KT JAMEs? BLO()DCOOD I r Sale at Lis Narsti. l 9'tF Xs't'? I '.,.l ,, It. I ... r V,il Fj Wupj t large ass. rtmeut of the fiosl sp in TJrSi proved Kurort - Hn aid Arm - fit an Ft oi'i ol Apple, Tear, . IKfry i l I luinh. Aimcot. Necta fjJJSJS r'" "V1? Quiiu t; Trees, with ai. a ,'.lil ol rwren jiees. A very large assortment ol reat n I mes, pe r - let.tlv bclI'Lv, lino o: vitfM'iiis growins, iiu - lorues of Wliich may he had of IHOMAS BI.OOMGOOD, N". '.'Ofi Front - st.ett. Where orders l It will he parln ularly attended to nC ir. - cs 1 .riliiliy p; 1'!. tu aim uuiiereo irct Ol lievtt. Ht' - 'Hrn svnan, I'strw mis. j - j - pi:ii. d nireclior.s w ill he lurnnl.e l thos whi' oiin - l.use iitai h t tes, which, if at'.endrd to, will "iiuhle Hum to preserve a large proportion i Ihtirlret in a lieaMliy slate, and 10 have pe.n hts 1.1 a; great plenty as loenierly. mil ID d&cSw Fli IUT and FOlt t J T TH EES. WILLI '.M PRINCE tas (1 r sale at bis i.urery at Flushing, (I.. I.) mar Ncw - Ynrk, an exten - neafc - tiiient of Eurnpean and American Fimt and Ornanieiitnl Trees aud Shrub. The Peach Trees are 11 the most healthy statH red ol ( - otmI sire, many ol them bavins prt.d - jced liuit iutlit nursery tlie last season. Catal - 'goes of (lie Aursery maj be had at the store ef Messrs. T. U J. b WORDS, No. 160 Pearl - street ; Where orders left will lie duly all - r.d. d lo, and the trees, ftc. carelully puked and delivereo, Iree 01 Ireicht, at Crane Wn ttl, .ewlor. 1 nn'ed dii' cuons wiunv luniiinni imn nurc hase iiih trees, whicli If attended to. Will enable tin - 111 to preserve H large proportion of llM ir (rets inahvnltliv state, and 10 nave pcacu es in as grent plenty a luriuerly. mh 9 d.Vc tit ,vf.if niiF.ssLvti nooM. AFRUME.NTO. No. I Wall strtet.just re - Ittrtird irom lia!v. hss ibe honour to inform llie gentlemen, that he cuts aud dnts hairtb the latest style, and in a mar nr so as to adopt it to the phini. - ;noniy. He has f 4 sale aquan'i tv of R AZORS ol llie first quality, if tliey do not t lease on trial, tlie purchuaei ale at liberty to return them, and receive tii money. I le hss likewise procured a scry fine Lone, andengiges 10 leslore rsnrs in a very Keen edge and should I'y not cut lie will receive no recompence. I hose centleroen who may please to b - xiorhim vilh their patronaee. mav detend on tlie mut nsnicutar and respect lu! attendance. N. B. Genllt roen who subscribe bytbeqvi'.r !er will have their razors, Ac. kept exclc.vely r luemtetve. P. S. A good jotraeymaa wanUd. Apply a above. tea t u T m Ms W X " ' PUBLIC ALES, BY P. L.' MILLS - 0 - rti - nv - rrow, . , . . , llklt rat'J o ci.jckal t:.cir aut - i..n r:oni, a en can.Lric knd Cio.bnc bki. 1 do fi'J jfud. z - s (an elegant rtk le ) 1 do glaxcd kid habit gloves, 1 do lace veii.,hav is. Ac 2 do wo. mens cotton hoe, dn C i pr'n checks, fan cy niunliiis, Ba.ksoie lilC. txk tuuslins, shawls, ami a numb - r if other t.c'e. Also, I ae Itvansines, 1 di habit silk glove. 1 box thrsmd Uces, aul 4'j0 pieces Russia drape:. .U.itiHi.r. tUs'i tiOlLUJO, ,t. r J1H E proprietors of the southern marl le qua. JL ries, ucar King's - Bridge, give notice, that Uiey have on band, and are receiving, at th King's - Bridge Mathle end Ltme lard, font of Ueach street, on tne Huct'ou nver, an exteoiiv stoc k of marble lor building, of the following de scnpiions, viz ; A'hlar Coping Foundation Stooa Chimuty - i iac Faciiig Column est quality. Watertabla Steps Platform Sdls, Lmtel Arches Also Lira of the fT - ' A constant supply of the above materials may be call nlatrd Uol ; and thott desirous of purchasing, or makuig entragrmrnts, will apply to L2RA LUDLOW. Feb 11 At the Yard. S l hEL I .v. A NUKE, fttr The contracts which are to be entered in to ior the ,lreet muniui , will commence c - o tho 1st cf May next, l - r I or 2 years, to be mention - 1 d in the sealed proposal ; and the streets Hie ia he swept nnd cleaned, from the 1st of March to the 1st ol Janunry, iw every year. Feb 21 MECHOU e BANK. fX" The stockholder arc hereby notified that an decliani lor thirteen Direc tors will b heidom .the first Tuesday iu April next, and tint th) h1I will be 0ciied at tha Baukiug House in. Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at I o'clock P. v. By order of the President snd Directors. nit h 3 W FlSH.Cash'r. COl ARTNERSHIP. C3" The suliscriliers have formed a coni.exioa in i.usiness as Stot k and Eschance Brokeis, un derthe firmer LIVINGSTON ft I'KACY.i lucw No. i'U U all - street, lately occupied by Daves port ft Tracy. valentine n. Livingston. HEiMIY D. TRACY. mh 4 tw U iKCU - 'j, A .VI HON V M'REET ftr On Tu - sduy next, I7ih March, Mr. S lA - il - IAS. Uingunnbie from the c on tract ecJ state ol his lippiirtmenls, in Mechanic Hell, Iron display ing B'l those wooders, which received M much u'ihii in Euroie, has taken th circus U t a ft w evening, in cider to bring forward thu celebrated and so much aduiind Ne plus Ultra, orCoi'jiiior of White Magic. T his surprising, and incomprehensible experiment, Las xrited public admiration in Fim e, and the Exhibitor hciei i will miet wilh that applause in this city, which was so hhtiaily bestowed in Franc an.l F.'.glund. Mr. S. hud the honor of present inc. this surprising di - . every for the first time in WW, Pilule (he r n press at Vienna having coc. - rd ins rm aci llnnitaerciiml and wattn the distance of 2 miles, Without leaving her pie - seme, il created general satisiaction throughout ibe Court, and struck so forcibly on th mind of those prest nl, that they gave him the appellation f the M onrfcr of the W(t." For further parti cula'S tee bills ol the day. Mr. Mestayer, la terpreter to the perfnrraanres. I mors open at 6 o'clock Curtains rise at 7. Tickets, Bos f,l upper boxes 75 cts; pit 60 cents ; children hall price. mh 9 Ut (r The present occupant of tlie bouse Wo. 3 While. street, conceive it her duty lo apprise the gi title man who has hired il, Hint be cannot hnve possesiiou efnton ibe first of May, for rra - - ons which she presumes he will acknowledge m ni l lly salislactory, il he will be so good a to n k an iuteiHitw - with Mr. Rose, at lis office at the corner ol Gold and Fnlton - striet havinr essnjed iu vain todisroier w!h he is from the a - rmalile owner, resorts 10 tins medium as trie last rt Sonn e. mn V I w 7i the Vthmnqf A"tw - k ork. ;?ERAH HAVVLEY Physician and Dentist, J would inlnrm the inbabiliwts of New - York, ttttst he has Inkeii un oflire at No. 321 Pearl - itki. - n un 1 slriel. where he win extniel, than, file, Jit and tit I eHh in the most approved wanner. lie will also pre ent any irr (uiurity of the secondary (eeth. if apt - lit ution is Oinde to him in season. He flatters himself, irom the eiiierienceheha had in hi proiession, that be shall be able to give general satisfaction. For character thepnhlif are referred to Mr, Geo P t - hipinm, merchant, No. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. 2I)t Prarl - itrect. Wltom it mn; eoncrrn. ftV This certifies, thai Dr. Zerab Hawley iff , n - eiil: r bred physician, anil in food (landing with his brethren in this place ; lliat be has paid piirticuW attention lo the ail of Dentulrw, has studied 'lie best European work 00 the luhject, aud has given very good satia'action in this brunch to his 1 u toiners, who are persons of the first re pectnhility in tins city . W llierelore, with rj ire conlidt nt.e. recommend Dr. Hawley to 111 citizens of New Yort, as a d. ntitt. t.nea Munsoo I i - .ll ive Natliua Smith Jortbthan Knight. i'roiesior ol the Medical Initiation ol Yale Oat - m 11. New Haven, Jan 22, 1818; mh 1 2w ffT - WHEATON ft DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufat - turers. No. 15:1 Fulton - streel. opjiosite St. Paul Church, oiler for sale, wholesale ana retail, a large snd elegant assortment of Cotid Maple, plain paluled and ornaoMat ed in gold frr ze, Bamboo, Plain and Gill Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs, of, Settees, Loungen, M site Stools, ftc. , Unlets from auy part ot inecouuorDscw.i - t wilh neatness and dupalch. ' Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. mli 9 'ii - JV'r r XM HDI.SO. INRANKLI V liOlB. This new, spacious and splendid Huilding, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dey at - will be opened by the subscriber on the lit of May next, for the reception of Boarders. ! U fitted, sncl will be furnished in a than 11 ei not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any private dwelling in the city. It ccupie tlie most eligible situation, being cent. 1, ui view ot Ine Park and City - Hall 1 Mt upper p"tmem overlooking the whole town, coiorrundiiig a view nf the adj. tent country for a cu - cumferetice of 0 milti, includuig the H'Kik, tlie Nurrowa, and the Harbour t and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cell it, either for eUgnee of tructure or it - u itmn t and no eipt iise having been par ed by tlie omner U make it complete tor the purpose, in every respect, it will otfor to ladies and gentlemen, cl fanitlievii - op;the ciiv, ihemost genteel, ple - nf and reiirecl a - partmints. The chniceat of Wine snd Liquors w.ll be furnished, and no trouble or expense wdl be make tlie oitertainru. nt pleasant, rare and excellent. This e - tabliahrr.uit is uitciided exclusively fir Geneel Honrdws;. JUK.'. HENDERSON. frh24 DtCtf 1 All: .ER V A.M tl, wase ugc ui i i ki. !eo garden near the uty. Apiwat4 vVahiAgtua - ueet BhldSt ; . . . . x I r - , I::

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