Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 24
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 24
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aMBB^tisCKiSai.!.-'--JJ-- TWENTY-POUR THE AMUSEMENT HERALD APRIL 5 193f Ask jour Grocer for a LITTLE PELTON and got a REAL BROOM Known many yean as being the beat Mrs. Cora Martz, 69, Dies; Burial to Be at Galesburg, 111. Mrs. Cora Martz, 69, who resided with her daughter, Mrs. V. S. Rut- KROPMAN GROCERY 19 Ninth St. N. E. We Deliver HOME-OWNED STOBE OF QUALITY FOODS Specials for Friday and Saturday SUGAR, 10 Ibs. 47c POTATOES, peck - - We CHOCOLATE, ft Ib. pkg - He Monarch RE AN SPROUTS for Chop Suey, _ 1 large can ..,....: - 15 C BULK SPAGHETTI, 2 Ibs - -, 25c PORK and BEANS, 3 Ige. cans 29c LUX, 3 pkgs -· 29c STARTER MASH, Pride, 100 Ibs _--$2.15 STARTER JMASH, Pride, 25 Ibs 64c LAYING -MASH, 100 Ibs : $1.98 OYSTER SHELL, 100 Ibs 95c BLOCK SALT._ .-. - _ 49c VEGETABLE DINNER, 3 cans 29c LARGE SQUASH, real nice ones, each . lOc KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, 2 pkgs _ _..25c MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS WE PAY 15c A DOZEN IN TRADE GRUPFS FOOD MARKET PHONE 420 1339 N. FEDERAL Our MEAT Was Selected For the School -- BY -Mrs. Pauline L. Rohrs BECAUSE- Mrs. Rohrs said, "I must have the best quality qf meat available in Mason .-City" -- then se- ·- lected our market to supply her just that. Chuck Roast 12 CffiLI, can ,, , Beef Tenderloin ·.%£ 19c CARROTS, bunch ,.-Lean Bacon Trimings u Sweet Pickles, qt. jar ___ JUMBO DILLS, 5 for 10 ORANGES Extra Large 126 size, doz. JELLO, 3 pkgs _._ 17' HEAD LETTUCE, Ige. ledge, 426 Pierce avenue southwest, died at a locar hospital about 12:15 o'clock Thursday morning. The body will be taken to Galesburg, 111., for burial, leaving Mason City at 9:30 o'clock Thursday evening. Mrs. Martz is survived by two sons who reside at Galesburg and a daughter who resides in Chicago, besides her daughter in Mason City. She is also survived by five grandchildren. DECKER'S \ Qc | DECKER'S C)«| c . J.«f FRANKS, can MO 5 - I CAULI- -I Q c I FLOWER, head JLO Coffee Chocolate Cream 2 Ibs. 59* KELLOGG'S ALL BRAN, 2 pkgs 23c Creamettes, 2 pkgs... 19c I Morton's Salt, 2 pkgs. 17c EAIXOON FREE PILLSBURY'S TLOXJR, 24'/ 2 Ib. bag $1.15 MAGIC WASHER, large pkg. 19c You have seen Mrs. Eohrs demonstrate at the Cooking School--now let us demonstrate our ability to furnish you with Quality Foods. Cut Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEY No Talk -- No Pictures -Just Bargains 30 E. State St.--Phone 112-113 508 1st. St. S. W.--Phone 114 aiASON CITY BEET SUGAR, 10 Ibs.. 47c PUKE HONEY, 2 full cakes 25c CREAMERY BUTTER (None Better) per .Ib. ··I Milk, 4 large 25c Brooms 39c, 49c, 59c Vanilla Flavor, 8 oz. bottle 19c lOc Pumpkin, S cans... 25c lOc Sal Soda, 3 pkgs 25c lOc Baking Soda, 3 pkgs. 25c Raisins, per pkg.. lOc Boneless Codfish, 1-lb. box 25c Mackerel, tall can lOc lOc Kidney Beans, 4 cans 25c SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Extra S for Gelatine Powder, (all flavors) 6 pkgs... 25c PURE CRISCO, 2 pounds 35c VEGETABLES Radishes, S large bunches lOc Carrots, large bunches.... 5c Asparagus, 2 bunches... 15c Corn, 3 cans 25c Corn, 2 cans 25c Peas, can lOc 15c Mayflower Peas, can lOc Peas, No. 2 size, per can.. loc Lima Beans, 6 cans 25c Luna Beans, large can... lOc Kidney Beans, 2 cans.... loc Rutabagas, 8 Ibs lOc Head Lettuce, solid, 5c, lOc Celery, large stalks, lOc, 15c 15c Spinach, 2 cans 25c Tomatoes, large cans.... lOc 15c Green String Beans.. lOc 15c Wax String Beans... lOc Beets, per can lOc lOc Carrots, 2 cans 15c PEANUT BUTTER Pint Jars 15c; Quart Jars 25c PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR, 4-lb. sack Farmers Attention! Bring us your eggs, they buy more here YELLOW CORN MEAL, 5 Ibs lOc Mustard, quart jars lac Fey. Lemons, large, dozen 29c Fey. Pink Salmon, 116. can 15c Dried Peaches, Z Ibs 25c Peaches, No. 10 cans 45c Apricots, No. 10 cans... 45c 15c Shrimp, Z cans 25c Maple Syrup, per bottle.. lOc Egg Noodles, 5 pkgs 25c Oranges, dozen Igc, 33c, Soc Lima Beans, 3 Ibs 25c EGGS (Strictly Fresh) -I £· per dozen .. .* IDC CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP, 10 bars 23c Insist on Kellogg's Breakfast Foods -- Buy All-Bran For Health. Mop Sticks (best) each.. lac Pure Sugar Candy, 10 Sticks 5c lOc Kit. Cleanser, 4 cans 25c 15c Bab-0, 2 cans 25c Macaroni, S Ibs 25c Spaghetti, 3 Ibs 25c Choc. Cream Coffee, Ib. can 31 c Mac. or Spag., 5 pkgs.... 25c Dill Pickles, pint Jars... lOc Scouring Powder, 5 cans 25c Toilet Paper, 3, 4, 5 rolls 35c 25c Pure Vanilla, Bottle . 19c Mazola, quart .'. 25c Catsup, large bottles, 2 for 25c TEA Best Gr. Tea (bulk) Ib. 25c Best Blk. Tea (bulk) Ib. 25c Lip. Gr. Tea, i/ 2 Ib. pkg. 18e Cut Kate Special Tea, pkg. 28c Tea Sittings, 1 Ib. pkg... 13c --FLOUR-Oma Flour, 49-lb. sack S1.49 Triumph, 49-lb. sack.. ?1.79 Sunbeam, 49-lb. sack.. $1.89 Crushed Wheat, 5 Ib. sack 25c White Flour, 5 Ib. sack.. 24c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs 25c Graham, 5 Ib. sack 25c Whole Wheat, 10 Ib. sack 45c Park Rye, 10 Ib. sack.... 39c 25e K. C. BAKING POWDER. 25-oz. can.. Our stores are as close as your telephone. We deliver orders of 50c or over. Prices above good for Friday, Saturday and Monday. 19c C. E. BUSH, Mgr. SO East State Street EARL BUSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. IOWA FARMERS SCAN PROGRAMS Separate Meetings Held for Dairy and Beef Cattle Producers. DBS MOINES, April 5. OB-- owa farmers considered dairy and eef cattle recovery programs at wo conferences here today. Dairymen continued a two day onference with AAA representa- ives on a proposed $165,000,000 airy production control program. ?he parley was thrown open this morning to speakers from the floor vho desired to express their views n the program. Producer elected delegates met n the other meeting to effect a eef cattle producers organization or the state. The organization was utborized by a conference of beer roducers here last month. )ubuque Mechanic Shoots, Kills Self DUBUQUB, April 5. (JP--Garand Bock, 43, auto mechanic, shot and killed himself here this morn- ng. Relatives can give no reason or his act. Many theater proprietors in Eng- and are refusing to permit actors ;o broadcast. L IN LOVE TANGLE The Concord, N. Car., Tribune said F..Brandon Smith, Jr., of Charlotte, N. Car., had indicated his intention, to sue Joseph F. Cannon, his father-in-law, charging alienation of affections of his wife, the former Anne Cannon Reynolds (above), first wife of the late Smith Reynolds, tobacco magnate. (Associated Press photo.) ENDS BOTHER OF CLOGGED SALTCELLARS! To end for all time the bother of choked saltcellars, merely change to Morton's Salt. Made with cube- shaped crystals, which don't stick together in damp weather like the flake crystals of ordinary salt, it's practically impossible for it to form annoying, wasteful lumps 1 Morton's is also a full-strength salt, and thus goes farther because you use less. Plain or iodized--lOc. WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS Don't ask for salt--ask for Morton's! Steps to Health DIAMOND ALL-BUTTER MASON CITY BAKING CO. MRS. MURPHY, 73, DIES AT MANLY Rites to Be at Sacred Heart Church Friday; Burial to Be at Manly. Mrs. William Murphy, 73, died at er farm home one and one-half mile southeast of Manly, about 6:15 clock Wednesday evening. She had esided near Manly since 1917. Mary Ann Lynch was born at tica, N. Y., March 25, 1861. At an arly age she moved to Chebanse, 1., with her parents. She was tarried there to William Murphy an. 15, 1883. She came to Iowa in 913, when the family moved to ohrville. In 1917 the family moved o a farm near Manly, where she esided until the time of her death. Surviving Mrs. Murphy are her usband and four sons, W. J. Mur- hy, Mason City, Louis A. Murphy f Churdan, Iowa and Bernard J. id Frank L. Murphy, and one sis- er, Mrs. Vance Reiadl, of Manly. Funeral services will be held at he Sacred Heart church of Manly t 9:30 o'clock Friday morning, 'he Rev. Gus Ehl, pastor of the hurch, will be in charge of the ser- vices. Burial will be at the Sacred Heart cemetery. Thursday the body was taken from the Meyer funeral home to the home at Manly, where it will lie in state until the time o£ the services. Alabama Coal Mines Ordered Shut Down BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 5. t/B --Alabama commercial coal operators today decided to shut down operations, pending a hearing on protests of the increase in wages ordered by the NRA on March 31. The shutdown, effective tomorrow, it was estimated, would throw ap- proximately 15,000 workers out ot employment. China shipped 450,000 pounds of tungsten ore to the United States last year, compared with none in the preceding 12. months. CRESCENT TUNE IN FRIDAY WR HO CHOP SUEY"CHOW MEIN you eon call your own! MAKE Chop Sucy or Chow Mcin at home. The real Chinese ingredients are not expensive. Ask for La Choy Vegetables.. A complete one-dish meal in ten minntcs. Easyto-follow recipes printed on every label of La Choy Products. Sold by all good grocers. DIAMOND BROS. Where Thrift Begins 205 North Federal Ave. Blackberries, Peaches or Bartlett Pears, No. 10 Can 39c 47c BLACKBERRIES, 3 No. 2 cans -SUGAR, 10 Ib. pkg QUEEN OLIVES, O"7 quart jar fci I C GINGERALE, 2 large bottles... PEAS, 3 No. 2 cans PUFFED WHEAT, 3 pkgs .25c PEACHES, 2 No. 2'/2 cans Hershey's Chocolate, j/2-lb. bar WALNUTS (large) perlb HERSHEY'S COCOA, Q · '/z-Ib. can «/L STOCK SALT, 100-lb. bag . SALAD OIL, 1 C 20-oz. bottle i«*»- 65c 27c 18c FRESH EGGS, 2 dozen DATES, 2-lb. pkg RED CHERRIES, No. 10 can COD FISH, 1 Q- Mb. box !*'«- FINE SAGO, 3 Ibs CHILI SAUCE, 17 12-oz. bottle A · l* Bartlett Pears or Apricots, 2 No. 21 Cans 29c FANCY HOPS, per pkg Luncheon PICKLES, 2 pintjars HOMINY GRITS, 3 Ibs HAMBURG, 4 Ibs California FIGS, 3 Ibs OIL SARDINES, 6 cans 15c OC £«Jt CORN MEAL, 10-lb. bag PRETZELS, 2 Ibs Fancy LOBSTERS, No. 1 flat can... Powdered SUGAR, 3-lb. pkg - . . MALTO MEAL, per pkg TOMATOES, No. 10 can 19c 25c 25c 19c 19c 39c Sweet POTATOES, 2 large cans.. DRIED BEEF, per Ib CHILI CON CARNE, «T per can · ** PUFFED RICE, per box Sliced PINEAPPLE, No. 10 can Oregon PRUNES, No. 10 can...... 25c 29c .12c 63c 33c Corn, Carrots or Pumpkin, 4 No. 2 Cans 27c SPECIAL SALE 1 Ib Upton's Yellow 7Q,, Label Tea for / 3 C Six Cup Earthenware Teapot Free! COFFEE "Fancy Peaberry" 3 Ib. pkg 45c "Diamond's Best" 1 Ib. can 29c GOLD DUST POWDER Large pkg ISc GOLD DUST CLEANSER 3 cans l' c LAUNDRY SOAP (\Vliite) 10 bars W SHINOLA (Shoe Polish) 2-10c cans ^ic JELLO, per box C - POSXUM CEREAL, -|Q r 18 oz. pkg 131 PRUNES Large size (40x50) 9Q- -3 Ibs .............. iiJ/L Extra large size (20x30) 2 Ibs Campbell's Soup [All Varieties] 2 Cans . . . . . . 15c GREEN CUT BEANS, 3 No. 2 cans CRUSHED PINEAPPLE, (In No. 2 cans) 2 for WINDSOR SLICED BACON, per Ib PALMOLIVE SOAP, 6 bars GOLDEN BARLEY MALT, large can PURE CHERRY PRESERVES, 2-lb. jar "SUNKIST" BISCUIT FLOUR, 2i/2-lb. pkg HOLLAND HERRING, per keg 23c 25c 17c 25c 39c 29c 21c 83c SALAD DRESSING, quart SODA OR GRAHAM CRACKERS, 2-lb. box CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP CHIPS. 3 large boxes HOLLYWOOD TOILET SOAP, 6 bars · M. J. B. COFFEE, 1-lb. can VAN CAMP'S SPAGHETTI, 3 cans PURE SORGHUM, 5-lb. pail 29c; 10-lb. pail GOLDEN STAR SYRUP, No. 5 can 19c 19c 25c lOc 29c 20c 55c 19c Pancake Flour, "Reputation", in 3i Ib. bags-Plain 15c; Buckweat 19c HEAD FLORIDA ORANGES FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT, 4 and 6 for BANANAS, Sr , extra o r* 35c 9C.» iC ?,5c POTATOES For Table or Seed Hollandale Cobblers Per pk. 31c; 100 Ib. bag S1.9.J N. D. CHIOS Per pk. 31c; 100 Ib. bag $1.9o IDAHO RUSSETS Per pk SOc- 100 Ib. bag $1.83 Extra fancy WINE- SAPS, 5 Ibs NEW CABBAGE, 7 Ibs NEW CARROTS. ASPARAGUS, 4 bunches 25c 25c 5c 25c Reputation Brand, 49 Ib. bag.. $1.65 Diamond's Best, 49 .75

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