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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 11, 1818
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F.W.IoliK ErEffLKQ POST. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11. " ftr Ihe film - fork turning Pott. "' GOVERNOR'S BPEECH - No, 6 ti LtuL Mr. Coleman, ' I bay stated my doubts of th juttnett of hit excellency' urn objection t tbe um of to - . rettra manufactures, viz : that it " it paying lax . tt for th rapport of foreign governments," and bar given the reason of snv doubt. Tbe second objection, that he who adopt the fabric of ot tier nation, participate in undermining on of the main pillar of our domestic industry," twaiaim to be considered. I do not lorgei, " that I am Indebted to your courtesy for room, which might be better occupied, and, therefore, I hare no tun lor details. I mutt leave ail ine Wiistratioos which wight be derived rom coon - daring the eilin profutou lor we enaurg - meat of cor manufactures, to be Ujeited by the good ene of my reader. The great o) tiou I hare to tbe auertiou of hi excellency i tbatitUtooiweepingtobetroe. W ihould not hare expected to bear a oe - nied that in estimating Hi expedJency of eocour - ajinr manufacture in preference to agriculture, i wnM consideration i due to the producuveue of labor in eoe or the otherof hee eaiploymen ; and eom regard a to be bad (o thetrcueral tate of the country. I mention agriculture a the competitor of manufacture for the patronage of mrernment : there it in fact no other. All com merce which i not u)ported by the one it maintained by the other. There are certain general principle relating to Uii subject, about which most or ui would a tree I the difficulty lie in their application. It teems cleir that it i a primary object to render the country entirely independent :u re gird to article of necessity, and those required lor difenee. Tbi U a very popular topic, and juitljr to, bat let it not be preued beyond it rigtitfiil Douimh. Aructet 01 necessity are ukjc - which are Ant manufactured in every country there are none worth tpeaking of with which we have not tdfbcient meant for tuppiying ourteivi Within a hort period a any circumt:ne will require. A to those for d'fence, w ought doubt leta to be a independent in regard to their ' (apply, a w once made ourtelvei by tneir us. Putting aside Ihe? two classes of manufacture, which do not enter into the head of those who art meet active and wxt iutereited at this moment In thi tubjectj I ihould lay it down a proportion unirerjally true, with the exception hereafter mentioned, that it it for the Miter - eft of the whole community to allow each individual, uninfluenced by artificial embarrassments, or encouragement, to teek ucb employment a hi interest dictate. Thai under the nilluence Of unrestrained an 1 universal competition, each individual endeavoring to do that which i best for himself out only in the employment of hi own labor, hut of that of every other individual, the gr. - atrst aggregate of wealth nod prosperity Biut be produced. The exception to thi are two. It hat heroine the rooted policy of ether Datum to discourage the trade and manufacturer of each other, by variout prohibition and penalties; and to force an unnatural growth of theii own, not only by those prohibitions, hut by boun tie, premiums, Ac. This i nothing else but the government's telling th people what it in beat for each one of them to do. Now, however unwise this .ny he, apd it hat been always deplored by eouii'l Uteimu, to long a thingi remain In tbi condition, we are obliged In telf - defcrice to coDnteract the provision, and urolect ourtelvei by similar measures. But if this policy be on wise in itself, by going one step beyond the limit of counteraction and d - fence, wo must in jure ourlves i it i ea - y for men practl ally ac quainted with thi aubject to diicorer where the limit are. It may surprise tome men, to And that I am supported iu my general proposition above stated, by the authority of the man who understood this tuhrrct better than any o ther person, and who was a tralou friend ol manufactures. If, says Hamilton, In hi cele brated report on manufacture, "thesyrm f ferfut lunrty to industry and eotnmcrec, were the ftrtuiling lytttin of nations, the arguments which dissuade a country in the predicament ot th United States from th zealous pursuit ofma - nnfUriuritft. wnulil donhllniu hava rreat forr. It will not be affirmed that they might not be permitted with few exception, to serve a rule of natumat conduct " I he two principal argu - meal to which Hamilton referred, were that de rived from the effect of competition, and that from the territory and toil of th United Slates The second exception to the universality of the aropntition above stated, it to he found in the fa ciliti for tuppiying the national revenue thro1 the medium of imposts. The extent of encour agement thus given indirectly to our own manu fact uret, must be limited to the necessities of the government, and th encouragement itself will im ipvtn wiui uui rcnru ui uio warns aou coil ditionol the country. Due respect should be had to those fundamen tal principles ; and thtre are tome strong - consi derations to shew that the government ought to keep strictly within their limits. 1 he consuni ers of manufacture who are not tmmufjelurtrt Ihenuelces, are a numerous and important class of the community, whose interests, to say nothing of their rights, deserve notice. But in truth, the manufacturer themselves, to the whole ex teutol all they contume, are as much interested a any body else in confining prohibitions, dutiex, bounties, be. within reasonable limit. Considering the extreme division of labour, they may lose more at consumer than they gaiu a manulactuter. Tony that we will make every thing we use, at home, would be as wise a foi each farmer to make every thing in his own hous. lu young countries the division of labour cannot profitably be ro minute as as in old ones. Contft'joently to'iio very fine fabric, or those of Winch jri - eat quantities are njt wanted, cannot b mid to advantage. It mar well be greater cheapness of la bourapd accjmulnlion of capital abroad will, i.i many instance, enable us to get what w waul more advantageously there than weposibly can at borne. Kvery extraordinary eucouragcine:it to any particular uanufactnr operates as a tat ono.i all the coiisomer 'of itif a rcamablr tax for Sf y tu' h purpose has been tried an l found not t procure an adequate supply of the arti' le, it is a com l ive proof that it is made at a lot. A it has been aaid coarse manufacture are always Cut made, but little improvement in ikilt or macliinerv, com prat ivelv speak - iug, i rerjuired in itl itum to them; an 1 if tucb go. - 0, have for a Imj time been found tore. ju ire aheaiy du'y for I'm ir protection, thrn encouragement be d tiraHe. regani to many poodj ol rerjjm. Ti.tfily, or those ofrurt vte, It i probble, mppo - ing we were to give tbe utmost enrour t;inrrit in our power to manufctiiirfs, Uiat sncb ;xvloulit to t none of it, berause it could betUr be euiuloyed on coarser one. A?a., bow woulj the syem rei - ommended uTct agriculture' First, in regard to those Siaanftclures of which we raie the raw mt - nal ; XJ. m regard to others? Under the first oca, nit ce; mi lr an exampl. : if hd Craw. sir re chargej with a hi n the manufan ure cf Itiat which thry c - usimie, (be value of th wh.di b diroiu.shrj, k.A t cultivatimi ilnr..,i. ragd. Idonotetvp to notke the injutice ufj 0 wdinciu n uio e m m ?imn to - ;ua thru - cotton op Uert to get it mannfactU' - cd. As to othr r m - nuiVtnr their pnrt u iu - rm - d to tht ' j firmer, ind the Kunt time Me erire o Au omnmodU 'i a diminu - d - tor Mrelf if we do o. omtuaie aav fireiju mannfaclure, foreign counlne caones liuyour pmv'itiont. but to re - xnedr thie Ta, the fovernor rwxxnmenJ. eet. w " t' omvifjcttu - ing inltrat, sod thru I ft fumith a market to tbe fcrmef elote Vy, for - f I . . r. lkM Inn fl ail be can not cootume mostu. b - will thi take There are but cxtain number of mouth and bodies in the country I tflete are all filled and clethed now; and the farmer ba till much to par s and thwly way u prr - rent this execs i to torn on half of the cultivator of the oU into nufacturer - - bul tbe mischief of tbi i that the demano w.i. r - - - Ihe same if you pleate, while the oufily it di - flmy'gr - t change T. to be introd need into a moment use worm j ".. . T. nir - H for IU accompluhment. Audden displacements of great captal, and party to force new channel, for it, always oc - r J rreat lorn. , Beeid - , the difficulty of ob - .troctinr tbe natural carrent of trade i not ea - - ul.ted. Let it bo recoliec led in ai ii. force broke through ev.ry embankment that the tyranny of Napoleon could erect and that we live in a commoniiy wnere u un w ueool must alway max toe law. UUi 8 IUSI1' VUSH VI M WWy , mmm COMMUNICATION. Exhibition Ball. We were highly gratified in witnessing the exhibition of Mr. Whale's pupils, at the nsiemblr - room, in the City - Hotel, last evening. The fancy dance were happily designed and admirably executed. The perfor mer were agile and graceiui tn i netr movements, and tasteful in their costume. We have seldom teen an euuallr interestinr erouo. Mr. Henry Whale danced a grand pis teul, alter ine style ol Vettris; ia which he displayed great natural and acquired activitv and grace. The eveuing was closed with (Otillioot aud cootra - danre, in which th company muigled. Mr. Whale deserves mucfacrtdit for the proficiency of hi scholars, and for the propriety with which be conducted tbe entertainments. Mr. Editor, Among other are the following error of the pre is, in ine punucauou w iiomo iu your rai - unlay's paer, which please to correct. Line St, lor tttabluhta m his essays," read txhilntrd in hit essays" j and in line 25 a 28, for " tony" read " uroitg a a christian and teresig as a lawyer." At the commencement or Ihe third paragraph. instead of " one law will not give him this right." read - our law wilt no." In the last paragraph insert the letter " " before believe. In tho last line, for " last of op - preuion" read "tort of oppression.1' Extract of a Idler to the Editors of the United btatrJ (iuietlr, dated PORT DEPOSIT, March 6. I with yea to publish the following, the great er part of which cam under my own immediate observation. On Monday the 2d March the ice in the Sus quehanna river broke up and began to move. hat iiortion ol it which lay below the Mary land line paxrd off into the Bay without dome the smallest injury : but on Monday met the river bejau to rise, and continued rising U next diy and the day following with aston. - ning rapi dity. 1 he night or the descending water was gr attr than ever before known by the oldest inhabitants of the place. The ice floated in vast quantities and twept with destructive ravages a) most every thing before it. Una of the finest piece of architecture of the kind in America, perbapt in the world, ' was totally destroyed by the water and it . The beautiful bridge buill by Theodore Burr over the fiiisquthanua, at MWl's rcrry, and hut lately finished, was on I in nlay evening cnmplcti ly demolished. In that narrow part of the river, confined by high aud rocky banks, the w iter and ire rose tn an unnrecidi tiled height, said to lie nearly eighty feet perpendicular. The bridge did not move till the' ice begin to shoot over the lop of the roof, when born upwards off the abutments aud pier it wits carried With irresistible force down the current. One of the arches entire lodged on an Mind near lV.ich - bottioi ferry ; the otlv about II or 12 o'clock oa Tuesday night passed undur one of the arches of Koclc - run bndj;', and now lie on the Flats below Havre do Grace. Marks of con. - iderahle violence appear on that arch undnr which the wreck passed, but no in jury was dune to the suptrstru''tura. In passing under the arch the fragment of M'Call's brid 'e struck on the ice breaker of Rock - run bridge in a lateial direction, and drove out a quantity of tton from the side wail, which was the oulv damage the Km k - ruo bridge (Ustained. The canal ha suffered heavy damages. Houics, cattle and an immense quantity of lumber passed down the river with the ice. The total damage tustainid by companies aud individuals from the breaking up of tho fcusquo hanna this season can not yet be ascertained ; it will, no doubt, be fouud to be astonishingly great, From the .Vatiotial Intelligencer, Melt. 7. It hi .pears from the communication transmit ted by the Governor of South - Carolina to tht President, and by him laid before tha Homo oi Representatives, that an amendment to the Con titution, pascd by two - thirds of both Houses ol Cungrcst, ond it was supiioic I ronrured in by the requisite majority of the state, was not in fact Concurred in. but was r ii - ctecl tv the Stale nf South - Cnrolinn, who hadbeen supposed to nave rnuneil it, and mat without her vote, the propositi in did not receive the annrtinn nf tiv.i thirds ol the stud s. The amendment referred to hat been printed with the late editions, as a part of the Constitution, and in the following w rds : ' Kesotved, by the Senate and llonto or Kip nrtentntivet iftfir. United State of Annricn. in Congress nssrinhkd, two - thirds of both Houses concurring, that the Inlawing section I'l'mut - ltd to the l - ici - laturesol 'the s tt ite, nlm I when rs'ili d hy the ligj.lature ol tliten - lourths ol the slates, shall lie vahn and I'liuling as a part ol the constitution ol me united btatts ii nnr cilisen of the Unilnd Slnte shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title nl nolnlity or honor, or shall, without the content nf Congress, accept and retain any present, iensnn, omen or rqin luincnt, nf any kind whatever, Irvin any empo ror, king, prince, or foreign Hwer, suh person diall ceae to be a cituen of the Undid Ma'es, and shall be iucnjmhle of hoUline any ollice ol trmt or profit under Hum or cither ol them." It ought to be generallv known, as it is now asci rrsio d, that litis amendment was not ratified by three - fourths of the state, and therefore it not a part of the constitution. From tlie Js'orfolk Bracm. nncxisic occcmumck. To the sympathy whii b wc yesterday expressed in the bereavement nf an amiahle lamili, nllu lid hv thi death of Mr. William M. Rice, we have to add our sincere regret for an evtut winch has civi n increased ignnncy to a wound which nought but theoimviovjs band ol time could cicatrix. On Wednesday nu;'it, about 9 oM' - 'i, while a number of cnt.'ciU' n who had asiemhlc l at Col. Maznien't, in Portiin ut!i, to olfcr tiirir cond - .ence with the famny, and assist in the last s id ' m e to Uirir deceased 1 1 lend, were tit'inj ia an ad jani'ng apartment, the chimney toolc tire, and inu tew minutes, hurst in the roam where the Uioilv had ri - tired to rest. The violenre with whii h it sundered was u b as to force out ihe front of the house in the third ftory, which e - iusi - d U - who'e of the roof on the north tide t fall in. Tlie hricktfHm the rhimn - y w;'re d. - i - vtn with suc h violenre through the. room, thsit one winch tirtM k tl, wife of the d - ceaed aad her dau - li er, who lay ia . hod in one corner, shork - ef ine.m everely. A female f iend a'o, who wi in tlie same room, was considerable oruised The fire being tcatteuil thruh the room, com - ru'iMi.nte I to the funnluie and ih house iu many p'a es, and in a few miuute a scene of tlie nt - m tit horror ensued. The corpse was moved ti a r.. ignrinr's bouse, and but for th exrtiont of me geniKwafirsf present an l a number nfriti - rns who were drawn to their assistance hy the cry of fire, Ibe hov - e ot Col M. nnj doubtless the anole tqus - e ad mmr t, w iuld bar Iseen cm - touKd. Though much of the furniture wa sated, rnaay article were tott - and It it bttitTwd that ft thousand dollar would not repair the damage. . 'from Ihe Philadelphia fratiUinOaitetle. n't. I Tl. Aia Arih InnkrUDt bill ha crraUdso much iuUrctt in th commerctal commumty, that w are induced to giv to our reader tbe following caicuiajionoiiii voes the houee. in referenc to th etate, whkh th members represent. Against the bill forme iiii Maitarhusett 11 4 , t 4 ' 0 , ' 3 t 0 IS . .5 0 3 10 8 0 5 2 2 19 1 10 S 4 1 ' 5 3 S 0 5 1 8 O I 0 . 1 1 0 New - IlampiUir Connecticut Vermont Rhode - Island New - York New - Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Virginia North - Carolina. South - Carolina Georgia Ohio Tennessee ' Kentucky Louit.aa Indiana Miiiisiippi TotaL 70 82 By thit ttatement it appear, that tn states voted against the bill, and eight for it. Mr. thilippiDuriaz this gentleman1 late engagement at the rmiadcipbia theatre, he re ceived an invitation from the citien of Trenton, (N. J.) to itop at that place, on hi journey to iNeW'Xork, and lavour them with an exhibition of hi mnical power. lie accordingly gave a concert there, on Thursday evening last, assist' ed by Messrs. Bloodenu and hverdell. The au dience heard, with great satisfaction, those ex quisite tongi and airs, of ' 'Ti but fancy's ketch;"" Knbin Adair;" and the ballad of " Eveleen' Bower," written by Moore, and a - dapted by tir John Steventon to the Irish melody of " The pretty eirl of Derby, O !" Mr. Thi lipps' performance excite uui venal applause wherever he it seen ; and in this city, his talent and exertions were liberally rewarded. At Mr, Ulondcau't concert, at Washibgton - llall, he irew $1434 I at Irenton, upwards ol t)0: and huj proportion ol their houses, added to the profits or hit theatneal engagement of sixteen uights, it it taid will amount to more than six thousand dollart. From the Boston Intelligencer. Mr. Pliilipp, the performer i again an nounced to appear in New - York. We have heard with pleasure that he? intends to visit lloiton, before hi return to Knglund. in which case we can assure him he will receive a rich harvest of money and applause. From tlie rf'citchetter Herald of March 10, Croton ritcr Tha rapid thaw ou Saturday the 211th ult. and the succeeding day, attended with heavy rain, occasioned the Croton river to rise tn a considerable height, and floated down ponderous shoal of ice. Among the disaster it h:u occasioned, we have to regret the damage done to the two merchant mills owned by uen. Coitlandt, lit iated on that river. One of them was removed some feet from it bate, the water wheel destroyed, and tome hundred of barrels stove in ; the floor on the second story was carried away, and upwards of one thousand bushel ol leed destroyed. A law - mill on the tame race way was also twept away. The other mill, we are happy to learn, received but little damage I he whole loss is estimated at upwards ol $3000. From Me Albany Daily Advertiser, March 7. After a little time spent in the house of As sembly yesterday upon the bill for extending the jurisdiction nf jodices of tho peac e, tho commit tee rose, and the same was made the order of the day for Tuesday next. Lien. Koors bill concerning the appointment of commi - sioners tn take the acknowledgment nf deeds, and to restrict tha number of ma - ters in chancery, finally passed in committee of the whole, alter considerable debate. The committee of the whole were afterwards engaged for some time upon Mr. Duel's bill to ameud the act for suppressing vice and immorality, and for other purposes. The committee rose and reported, aud on motion of Mr. Duct, (several amendments having been proposed, the committee were di 'charged from the further consideration thereof, and the same was referred to Messrs. Oakley, - Williams and Lyndc. On motion of gen. Root, the bill for the relief ol r.umce Chapman, and the objections ot the council of reviaion therein, were mado the spe cial older of th day for Wednecdav next. Fire ! lletweeu 12 and 1 o'clock yesterday, a nouso ou the Hats, uear the aisrnal, in the part of His city, took fire, and before assistance coulj be procured, was burnt to the ground. The house, we are informed, belonged to the estate of Stephen Fondey, deceased, and had been occupied by the families of .Wrs. Van fler gen acd Mr. M'Lcod, previous to the late flood, during which they were obliged to leave it. The fire wa accidental ; and we regret that the principal part of the furniture was destroyed. Tho houe was completely insulated by ice. which rendered it impossible to approach near ii won me rngiiies. Two mails from the south, arrived yesterday There were two more due la:t night. I.F.GISLATURK OF NEW - YORK. 1IOL&K OF ASSEMBLY, March 5. The petition of Richard Piatt, late commissary, and assistant rommissury of military stores, relative to certain unadjusted accounts. Refer red to the committee of laiins. A communication was received from his cx crlluney, enclosing a li tter Iroui the Chiefs and Warriors of Ihe second christian party of the Oneida Indians, in relation tn the. fundi for building their contemplated church. The Chiefs appear lo no very tjoliciloiis upon tho sublet t. which certainly shows that the humane attentions oi our state government towards lliiipeoplo. and our emlcavoi i to improve and civilize tiiem, l Ji'semsuln.illiig amongst them the blessed lights ot Christianity, iiavc not been without ffi:ct. The message and document were referred lo the (o.mnittre on Indian aff tirs. A rcp.Tt wa received from the Secretary of ome, in pur uan. eoi ine resolutions nl the H use r - ialive to grants nf land to M innas WilMt, iiC - Referred to the committee nl Hie whole when on the hill I r granting bounty lands to M annus Wilh ttnn l J.'ti.di Siiinner From thi report ii appears mai mp t; inoiimi(i .teres oi land bate already been granted liOl Willett.l On mcti. n i f Mr. Ui'shoelRr, from the commit tee on state prisons llesolve i, I bhl fbc committee heretofore a - - ninted on tout pntt cf the (icvernor't tps e h retted to stale prisons, be discharged from the fur ther roniti ration th rcuf. Reolved, flfthe Hon. the Semteconcu' here in) That a mint c i.mnittre nf the (senate and As - seiiiWy, be anointed on that part of tbe ;ieeeh of his excellency the liovcruur, relative to State Prisons. Ordered, (If the Senate concur,) That Messrs. Ulirhoeffcr, Ferris Woodruff, Weils, and Van Cleef, Ik) a committee a tV part iftiut h.iujc. MaivbC. The remonsinnce of l aac Wriit vul others, of the city of New - York, nia'n.l thff petition heretofore presented fi" the rt lu tiou of Hit frei of tlie haebor - m vtees. Referred to the members from New - Yurie. The petition of Johj M. Croue, rnp - rsenlirs that he hat disrovtre.l a re - nedj f. r the nad wolve, il mosn'of eraJli - ating and de stmyln t'w CanitJi thiclle. Kelerred to the joiut commiltee on agriculture. in Nirinmin '.f rrevious notice. MrvMuKntr' brought iu a bill eiiliUed " a act to amend the set entitled an act to rejuiaie in ure i firk'mt." and for other purpose. Read the first und tecond time and committed lo committee nfih wlicle.' " - Mr. VanClcef, frtm tlieromnniie to wnom rat referred th tetRi;u of the inhabitants oi Gravesend. relative to fishing iu the llutbk'ii Pa ver, reported favorably thereon, and lejtve being given, brought ui a bill pursuant to ir.o prayer ui the petitioners, which received lis lira ana i cond reading, and wa referred to a committee of the whole. Mr. Osboro, from the committee to whom wa referred the petition of F.. Sagv and olhcrt, ofthenortof Esrff - Harbor. reported a bill fa vorably to the petitioners, which wo read the Brat and second time. A message wa received from the hon. the Senate, inform mrg that they have concurred in the resolution of tin house, of I hursday, reu uve to the appointment of a joint committee on the Rubiect of tate prisons, and nave ap nointed Messrs. Bowne, Uos and Tibbita, as iM committee on the partot the senate, i ne Senate have concurred in the resolution of I thi home of the 4tli inst. relative to the sup blv bill. A message was received from hi excellency the Governor, enclosing a communication trom the Comptroller relative to the accommoua tions for the state nr'uon guard. Head and re ferred to Meters. Uamow, UlahoefTer and Clark. Satijh, Feb. 26 It is said that the Mexican frigate' Congret, with Aury on board, from Amelia Hand, was lying to off Tybee bur last evening. The Bhenos'Ayrean brig of war, Stafford, commander, dropped down to Tybee island last evening. The United State brig Prometheus, captain Finch, went to a tin morning. Paper Making Machine The following thort notice of a very vauable impro? 'inent in pnper - mnking, it copied from a letter jutt received from agentltman near Wilmington, (Del) which i a - nolher evidence of the progress of American ge - jiiu. The Mestr. tiilpins, who have their paper mlllt on Brandy wine, near Wilmington, have to far completed thit valuable machinery that it makct tliiee ream per hour. The person who attend the machine, nut in the rags, which are not touched agnin by man until lie lay hold of the perfect paper, at th? opposite side, to direct the end of it to the receiving reel where it srindt oo with great velocity what may be termed one endlet sheet. The sheet which vas thu winding in my presence was thirty inches wide ; he can reduce the width at pleasure, and can cut the sheet at any length. The paper thus made, from th finest bank paper to coarie printing, come out of the roller a smooth as sattin. At common speed this machine makes, attended by two men and one boy, at much at the old machinery by twelve men and tix boys. With all common paper, tuch at for printing, all the time for pressing, ic. it saved. Thit improvement will save the Gilpin 6 to $12,000 a year in wages only they will, of courte, pre pare an increased number ol engine to prepare the pulp. The legislature of Massachusetts have patted an art, prohibiting any person from practising Physic in that state, unless he hat received a medical degree from tome college or university, or college of physician. Three physician are to he appointed in each county of the (tale, with power to examine candidates, and give licenses. Latett from London. - The British packet Swiflsure, with the January mail, arrived this forenoon in 54 day from Falmouth, via Ber mudasailed from Falmouth the 18th Janua ry, By her we have received from our Cor respondent Ijondon l'apers and Shipping List from December 30th to 13th January, inclusive. Extract fol.low. The President' Message toCongreet wat re - ceitvd and published in London on the tth Jao. The Morning Chronicle remarks upon it" From a pret of matter, wc can merely allude to tltii very important Slate Paper. While tlie finances of all the governmtntt of Europe are more or less disordered, and the tuhjectt are every where ground down with heavy taxet we find trie head oflheie republican, at the close of an expensive war, proposing the repeal of all tlie internal tsiet," ic. The London Gazette of Jan. 10, state the average price of Corn and Wheat in England and Wales as follow WThcat, 64s. 4 ; Rye, 50. 9. Major General Maiiland, it appointed Lieu tenant Governor of Upper Canada LONDON, Jan. 10. .4mertan tlocksSew six per ccntr, 104. LONDON, Jan. Ii. Prices of Corn and Grain. Foreign wheat, Danlzic, 72 a 103; Englim wheat, 53 a 93; rye, 44 a 43; Sour, per sack of S 1 - 8 cwt. 75 a 80. Price of Sugar. The average price of brown or Muscovado sugar, computed from the returns made in the wetk ending Jan. 7, is 43s.03 4d. per cwt. LONDON, January 13. I'ricei of Stocks. Bank slock, 292 1 1 - 2 3 per cent, reduced, 81 5 - 8 1 - 4 ti; 3 per cut consols hO 7 B I 2 58 cx. div. ; 4 per cent, coo - sols 99 1 - 4 3 - 3 l - . Bullion, (per .) L. S. D. Portugal gold in coin 0 0 0 Foreign gold in ban 0 0 0 New doubloons 4 0 0 New dollar 0 0 0 Slveriu bars standarJ 0 5 3 I - ? Newcastle Arrived, 67 ship on the 7th, 8Ui ind 9th inst. Tho Marcom, Schorel, from New - Orleans to snistrrdam, iu proceeding from the Vlie, ran on shore nea tlie Vlie, but was got off, by assistance ol in tun f boats, wi'h lo - - sof an anchor and cable. and 16 a - ks of tobacco thrown overboard, and carried into ew U;ep. I rrt no;n with On the 9th ult. in lat. 3. 31, N. long, ti, fi, W. American ship Volunteer, licnucb, from Boston, round Cap Horn, all well. Deal, Jan 6 Came down from the river. Miarl. - t, wrt, lor Savannah. tir.ivesrnd.Jtii 6. bailed, Sir Joseph Banks, Wnni. - rson, for Boston. Liveriieol. Jan. 5. A'Hrcd. Milo. B ronton. Irom Charleston ; l.ion, Co!loroe, from Roston Jan. 3 bailed, Alexander. Watt for cnnriLtTon Jim. 3. Sailed. Amphinn. Little. Virginia: Alexander. Martin, N.Orleans. Gr. - .veseiid. Jan 1 Arrived. William. Coffin. from NYork I iverpool, Jan 3 - Arrived, Factor, Hamilton. ?avauiian Kiini'g vte. Jan 4 Arrived, Geo Little, South - wick, i' T Rotterdam, losl anchor andca'de Mocklon, Jan. 3. Arrived. Ceres. Stsne - honse, from B.ton Texel. Dec 28 Arrived. Ohio. Carman, from .Yorit Cowet, Jan. 0. Arrived, Hope. Bang, i 36 davt from Button. Deal. Jan 8. Came down from the river. Sir j f'pn nanus, v amierton, lor Motion. . . ... I.iverpw', Jan i. A i rived, Minerva, Sketch - ley, from iN'ew - York ; Vulcan, Read, hum Si - rai.nih. Holvhend, Jan. 3. Arrived, Ranger. Caire, f. - om America. Ams'erdam, Dec 31. Arrived, SUpleton, CrifRihs, from Baltimore. . FluBhuir, Dec 23. Arrired, Hunter, pavis. from Viiginix; 30th, Jiuigston, uaicbeio., from Bdfcton. i , " ' Havre, Dec 29. Arrived, Jane, LAmuc;, r - ..m X VnrW Helvoet, Jan 2. Sailed, fcdwara uuruin, Ross, for B.dt more Texel, December SO Arrived, Commerce, Crowdliiil, from Alexandria. . Hyde, Jro. 7. Arrived, Helen, Moore, 40 days from Charleston. Grave nd, Jan. 11. Arrived, Avcrick, Mou - love, Virginia. . Liverpool, Jan. 9. Arrived, Casket, Mott, Savannah; Jane, ,do; Heart of Oak, Jen - kinsnn, Baltimore ; Scipio, (Jrummond, Virg u'u j Warren, Keale, .Maranhsm. 10th, Suffolk, Sleightholm, NOrleant, tailed 18th Oct. and from Havana 13ih No'. The Frederick, Collins, hence for Botton, has put back. Amsterdam, Dec. 31. Arrived, Hunter, Da - vies, Norfolk. Havre, Jan. 5. Arrived, Arioslo, Barry, Savannah. Terchtlling, Dec. 29. Arrived, Vaterland - sliebe, Hazewiukel, Philadelphia. Texel, Dec. 31. Arrived, Medford, Meyer, Baltimore. Jan. 1 William Ic Jane, Miller, of NYork, Canton. London, Jan. 8 The Romulus, Peters, loadiug for Virginia. Clyde, Jan. 6 Arrived, Sarah, Field, New - York. Cork, Jan. 5 Arrived, Alexander, Winslow, Virginia. Dover, Jan. 9 Arrived, Brilliant, Hayes, N Orleans. Gravetend, Jan. 9 Arrived, Robt. Edwards, Sherburn, N York. Liverpool, Jan. 8 Arrived, Spartan, Coffin, Savannah ; Octavia, Wilton, Charleston. Portsmouth, Jan. 8 Pasted by from Boston, the Ualeo, Tracey, for Loadon. w Falmouth, Dec. 5 Arrived Lady Wellington Packet, irom America, sailed Dec. 6th. Falmouth, Dec. 31 Sailed, Neptune, Byrne, Savannah. Portsmouth, Jan 1 Arrived, Lively, Brookf, Boston. Weymouth, Jan. 1 Arrived, Wm. & Mary, Mason, Boston. Cowes, Dec. 31 Sailed, Norelius, , Bal timore. Dover, Dec. 30 Arrived, John Little, South well, Boston Portsmouth, Dec 31 bailed, Bcbey, Taylor, Charleston. Hamburgh, Dec 2fJ Arrived, Rebecca and Sally, Griffin, Philadelphia. Havre, Dec. Arrived, en as, Charles ton. Cowes, Jan. 1 Sailed, Christian Louisa, No relius, Baltimore; Daxlalus, Bossc, do. Dover, Jan, 1 Arrived, Kingston, Bacheiior, Boston. - ' Gravetend, Jan. 1 Sailed, Charles, ' West, Savannah. Antwerp, Dec. 28 Arrived, Coromandel, Day, from Philadelphia. Texel, Dec 22 Arrived, Sttipleton, Griffith, from Baltimore. Royan, Dec. 23. The Lewis, (American) it on shore two leagues from Cape Ferret. She hat the cargo of the r rent h ship t ora, lost in th Mississippi. Crew saved. The cargo of the Lewis, will be partly saved. On the 22d Dec. in Int. 4j, long. 55, tbe An drew Jackson, of NYork, for Hull, wax tpoke by the Catket, arrived at Liverpool. 1 he Johu.&ilcork, from Boston to rortinioutb. wa towed into Dover yesterday, with lot id ryntlt, tails, and rigging, inconsequence other chain platet breakii g. l tie Harrier, ueir.nace. irom Mrxauiv in Charletton.e xperirnred a heavy cule on 11th Oct. in lat 31, font; 59. and being obliged to cut awav tier mast she wa abandoned on tho 17th. The crew saved by the William, from Portland, and landed nt Cowet. The Triton, Bullock, fiom Hamburg to New - York, it returned to Cuvhauen, having been on on more, and mutt unload lo repair. Tha. American thip Augutlaitad Helena, for Bordeaux, have put into Pi rtuits. The Rebecca, Turner, from NOrleant to Bor deaux, after toting hT anchor and cablet, hat been driven on snore at Acquilton. Tho Mary, of and Iron Boston for the Isle of Wight, out 23 days, wa spokrn in lat 49, 44, by the John Carr, arrived at Plymouth from Prince Ldward's Island. BERMUDA, Feb. 28. I he Packet with the January Mail, arrived yesterday at St. George's and will proceed direct lo New - York, on her homeward route. London ruper have come to band a late a he 16th January. Feb. 54 Cleared, brie Planter, Lane, for Alexandria; brig iliberoia, Manton, fur Wil - uiincton. Arrived at St. Georce' yesterday, the Ameri can schooner, Lorenzo, J. Spoul, 14 days from Say brook, at tbe mouth of Connecticut Kiver. FROM OVR L0RRESP0XOF.AT. Freeman's Journal Office, ? Philadelp'oa. March 10. ) Schr Mary, Baker, of and fnr N. York, from St - Domingo, was cast away on Barnegat, in the gale of tlie 4tli inst. and 4 men lo - t the vesstl lost, mahogany saved, coffee plundered by the wrecker. Sloop Trvphenia, Clark, of Philadelphia, from N York, for Norfolk, was cast away on Cape May, in the gale of 4th inst. her cargo of beef, fish, iron, ic. with one fenule and 3 men lost ; the captain, 1 man, and a boy, drifted ashore on the quarter deck, and wa saved. Arrived, sloop Eliza, Hutchinson, 4 day from N York. e XVLVG POST MAUUfE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Thames, Packard, Bordeaux JLDias Thame, White, bligo diaries Buck Schr. Riling States, Winans, Richmond Blakely, Coffin, Wilmington, N C ARM ED TMX FOHEiVUUA. British Packet Swiftsure, Caddy, 54 day from Falmouth, with the January mail, via Bermuda. 8 day. A thip from Philadelphia bound to F.uiope, and a brig belonging to New - York, bound to Martinique, had both put inU Bermuda leakr. Left Fiumouth on the 18th January. Spoke nothing. senr. ih ret, i amieii, o cayt irom rorumouth, NH. with flaxseed and shook to J. White k Co. March L Benson, and the roaster Sailed in co. with schr. Macdonongh and brig Jane, both for Phi Ind. On tlie bth inst. 25 miles S W of Mon - taug Point, tpoke s'lip Globe, Page, from Hava na lor Boston, 14 day out. siliRIl r.O LAST F.VKJflXQ. Ship Rolls, Morrison, 16 day from St. Pierrs, Martinique, with coffee, to Barker it llopbin. hailed in companv with nhooner Antelope, lor Savannah. Lett schr. Fanny, Andrews, for S Inn, in b days; shin Reunion, of Bath, ditrbarf; - inc ; brie James, 1'itkin.ol iew Haven, waiting careo j srhr. Siren, Parsons, for Boston, iu 15 ; brij Re hard, Eiliot, lor 10 ; khoom r .iruirantv, lor M.iein, in lo ; nnr Ann 4i Mary, Darn, nf Gloucester, uncertain ; schr. Eliia, Da - meiill, of Portsmouth, uuceitain ; schooner Bee, Wie, Boston. diiiharsriuf, brig , Harvey, fur Salein, unc - rtani ; brie rroM - cl, of Sew lork for Turks Island: blip. Over, for Castine, um - ertaiii ; chr. Kuza - Ann, bnow, ew Yolk, UM arr. from Plimouilu N.C. : brie William &t Nan cy, Carey. NanliM kel, uncertain ; barque fticliard, B irtli lt, Ph mouth, in 6 or 8 ; brig Richmond, jarvis, lor I i ilatl. Ipliia, m a ; schr. . Holmes, Diixlmry, in A ; brit; , Chandler, Baltimore, in 20 : slii . Iterrrson, ,M - tm York in ft Spoke notions - . Markeu dull. Cfl 17 dollar. hlp aintoii, lonMav, Iri - m Calcutta, via ew - pott, with sugar, saltpetre and ginger, to Goodhue 61 Co. , Brit - Amelia, Mott. 7 davt from Savannah, with rnfton and tobacco, lo T. Phelps and Co. P. G. Hsrt, tt diets k Lis'rocc, Kirk ii Mercrin. R. M. U I. Rusrll, S. St.rT. - m, and A. Weyman. Sailed inoimpany with bug Nancy, cbr. Mary f - mc'u - , r J 'k!cof RcaW, nB for New York : (; Crt.od Pet urn, for l.ive:T!ln'i and brig Ctii - p.0i for H;dtiir - . Sriioner Vilo, Beetle, and'tijtr - Andrcw Jettfu.n, had both arrived from nrk,orie i'i ihe oilier 6 day; schr. Geocal l;i.)wn, m .M iv lora, ran ar. uom new Uin, SI ip Lifile Cl - nili, M - Kcever, from Liverpool' niu! ic!"onea Miiierre, from Boston, ar. day before. , - . Bi'i? Commerce, Fe'ham, of Boston, Sdavsfr St. Marvs, with plunk and timber, to W. Ji c Porler.' . liiig Twins, Nichols, from Havre, via Newnoit R. I. with plaster m - d dry goods, to J. H. How. land, otliers. Bi iff RisiiiR ei"!i, l.o - ie, bound to Alexandria, relumed on peronnt of hed winds. Schooner Widiain, Harris, from Havana, i "Vi'ti port, with sut iir and mola ses, lo S. iMHr,h fc Biooks, Stevens k Mhi lier, P. liimsen St Co. and Po'l U M'Kinne. Ploip Alonro,U'ecott, rdays from Providence with merchandise, lo snndrie. ' Sloo Aurors, Hull, 2 day from Newport, with rum and lime, to O. Madron. Sloop Mry, Stoe, lb hours from Milford, iia, lo )eioi - .'st i Son. Sloop President, Slit 'den, 2 days from Bridgeport, with flour, lo Iird.bii.s Ik Frost. Sloop Mary Ann, Brooks, 1 day from Bridgporf, with Dork and I'our. Savakmah, March 2 Arrived, thip Little Cherub. M'Kcvrr, Liverpool 61 days, with a full ca: go of dry goads, hardware, glass md porter. Br g Cossack, Walker, Turks - Island. 8 day. lft no shipping there. Salt was selling t SO ce nts per bushel, dull. Sch Milo, Beetle, N York, 4 days. Sch Gen Drown, Whelden, New Orleans, 13 davs. Sch Pliilo, More, Boston 23 days. Sch Minerva, Haw. s, Boston 23 days. . loop Antelope, Stephen, N York, 12 days. The Antelope, spoke on the ICth inst. a sloop oil' Bui'iiagat, on her beam ends, with four men en her. Captain Steplieim understood from them, that no lives had been lost, but it blow, ing very fresh the Antelope could not learn any Anther particulars, t'upt S. intended to have hove to for the purpose of taking nfTtlte men on the wrerk ; but saw a brigand schr. to windward standing for tlie wreck, who no doubt received the men. Below, at 5 fathoms British brig Neptune, Burns, Liverp:ol 84 days, (bound up ) j also, dutch brig from Oil end, loaded with gin and bricks, waiting for orders. Cleared, br gs 'amoet, Bartlett, Hamburg 5 David Mafictt, Havre j Jiancy, Packard, New - York. , CHARLESTON, Feb. 28 Arrived yesterday, hermaphrodite brig Peggy, PanoDs, Botton 22 dart On the 8th inst. lat 39, long 72, Sokt brig Hero and tch Miuerva in co from Boston, bound to e'avaun - ah. 1 1 tlx inst about lat 37 aud long 70, spoke fhip Mary - Ann, from Sumatra for Sulem. . eh Cataarine, Rith, Wilmington, N. C. 36 hours. At daylight yesterday morning, whii laying too off the Bar, picked up a large fhip't long - boat, half full of water, with Adamnot, of London,' on the stern, and ' Jotm Low, master,' on the ihside. Sch Geo. Waihincton, Shannon, Wilmington, (N C) 22 hour. Came over W ilmington bar iu company wilhdiip Columbia, of N Verk, bound to Furope. Sloop Harmooy, Jewelt, N London 11 day. 61oop Fame, Barton, Wilmington, N C 2dayt. Four brigs aud a thip tailed from Wilrointod oa Thursday, bound to Europe and the West - Indict. Several tail got ashore on the bar, by attempting to go out. Sloop Ackley, Chadwick, Edcnton 10 days On the 18lh inst in lat 34, 20, on the inner edge ofthe Gulf, fell in with the wreck of the sch Dorcas ti Sabry, capt. Chaplin, from Ocracock bound to this port, having been upset in a gal of wind took the captain, mate and one teaman from the wreck, who had with much difficulty" supported themselves on the bottom ofthe vesselone man, benumbed with cold, was washed off and perished a few hours before th Ackley fell in with her. Thre days since, , off Cap Look - out, tpoke sloop Rose - in - Bloom, 2 day from Savannah, bound to North Carolina, and put capt. Chaplin and ere w on board her. Next day, spoke the brig Janus, ou day out from Cap Fear, bouud to Rotterdam, who supplied captain Chadwick with tome water and provisions. Cleared, tchooner HeralJ, Swanton, Boston ; New - Orlean, Smith, N York H. Wheeler and Co ; Hettcy, Fitch, New - I.oudon. NofroLx, March 3. In Hampton Roads yesterday afternoon The ship Geo. Watson; Foster, from up James River, bound to sea the ship Drummond, and 2 British schrs one of them the Chart, tupposed from St. Lucia. A ship bound into the Roads, got aground off Willoughby' Point yesterday, but got off sgain in about half an hour, and anchored - she probably came into the Koads last eveninp. Philadklpiia, March 10. Arrived, ship London Trader, Harrison, Banton llOdays. Brig Lovely Lydia, Hodgdon, St. Domingo, via N York. Brig Olive Branch, Anderson, Havana? day. Sch Hannah & Elizabeth, Hand, N York days. Sch Josephine, Kitts, La Guira, via N Ysrk. SchLingiinCookjl2v2" T14KATKE Fourth night of Mr. PhilippV engagement. , On Wednesday Evening. March 11. will be presented, the Comic Opera of the CABINET. Prince Orlando, Mr. Philipr In which character he will ting " Eveleeo't Bower," The Beautiful Maid,' No more by orrow chat'd,' the duet with Mr. Darley ' With a friend and a wife,' and the bird duct with Miss Johnson. To which will be added, THE FOLLIES OF A DAY ; Figaro, . Mr. Pritchard Performance to commence at seven o'clock precisely. PASSAUE for LIVERPOOL, The well known ship NESTOR, csp. tain Sterling; can accommodate a fe mure passenger. Apply on board at aiur - rayVwbarf, or to JONATHAN OGDEN, mh LI 3t No. 4 State - treet it Tlie good, ship MIRROR, to tJafl ' vs. For freirht ot 200 cask seed or passage, having fine accommodations - ' apply on board, west side Buriing - slip, or to N. L. tt G. GRI3WOLD, mhll . 86 South - street For bate, Frttghlor Charter , Th.J.In I.JtClllltt. 2601001. wm ns - r, lli. i.... I. .. hnr. Allt. i 2aaow uvu uois. juak kcu . uow iu complete order to receiv a cargo, and may be sent to tea witn imall xpenti - well, and has large accommodation for patten - gert. Apply to N. L, k G. GRI3WOLD, mhll . 86 South - street For SAVAXSAH, . vf n Th packet brig AURORA, Tbo - YVy.on. matr, will sail to - morrow, tor irhl or passage, havuig'tuperior atmmoaa - lioos, aptdy on board, east tide of Old slip, or w POTT & M'KINNE, mhll 56Souh - ftv NARKATIV 1. of a voyage ia hi J". ' late sh.p Alcete, to tht ellow Sea, ai" the coast ol CoTea, and through lis numerou ditcovered Uloiis, to the itl - nd of Le2IaTts will) an account oi uer tn'pwrrva. i - of Caspar; by John M'Lcod, iUr8e?n,' p ates ; price xi a;iu )uonncy - - - - - by Vetera. MEsiER. mhll3t No. M Wall - street -

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