The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 7, 1939 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 12
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TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hog Prices Fall 15 to 25 Cents in --.---- - M_ RECEIPTS ARE ABOVE FORECAST Cattle Market Less Active; Fat Lambs Steady to Strong CHICAGO, (/P)--Hog prices fel 15 to 25 cents Tuesday. Receipts that were larger than expected The cattle market was less activ due to increased receipts and fa lambs were active and steady to strong. (U. S. department agriculture) --Salable hogs 15,000; moderately active, 15 to mostly 25 cents lower than Monday's average; top 8.15; good and choice 170 to 220 Ibs., $8-8.15; 230 to 2GO Ibs., $7.708; 270 to 350 Ibs., $7.40-7.70; good 400 to 550 Ibs., packing sows $6.85-7.10; lighter weights up to 57.25. Salable cattle 7,000; salable calves 1,500; steers and yearling trade steady to 25 cents lower; medium to good grade steers with weight showing decline; yearlings v e r y scarce; general killing quality medium to good bulk steers $9 to $11.50; few well finished enough to pass $12; prospective top around $12.50; market less active than Monday due to moderately increased receipts; light heifer and mixed yearling and other she stock steady; cutter cows selling mostly at $4.50 to $5.65; beef cows $6.25-7; weight sausage bulls up to $7.50; on fully steady market; only selected veal- ers at $11.50; mainly $10-11; stockers and feeders scarce; fully steady at $8 to $9.50. Salable sheep 8,000; late Monday fat lambs; strong to 10 cents higher than Friday; spots more on heavier offerings; top $9.35; bulk 98 Ibs., down $99.25; 100 to 116 Ibs., $8.60-9.15; Tuesday's trade active; fat lambs steady to strong; bulk $9-9.25; best held $9.35 upward; sheep steady; good fed western ewes $4.75. Local Livestock MASON cmr--For Tuesday. HOGS Ten to 35 cents lower. Good light liehts 140-150 S6.15-C.25 Good light lights 150-1EO S6.65-6.75 Good light lights 160-110 S7.15-7.25 Good light lights ntt-180 S7.30-7.60 Good light butchers .. 180-200 $7.50-7.60 Good light butchers .. 200-220 S7.50-1.CO Good me. \vt. bulchtrs 220-250 ST.40-7.50 Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 S7.25-7.35 Good mo. wt. butchers 270-290 S7.10-7.20 Good me. vrt. Stitchers 290-325 S6.95-1.05 Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 $6.80-6.30 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 $6.65-6.75 Good packing sows ... £15-350 S6.55-6.65 Good sows ., 350-125 SG.45-6.55 Good sows 423-300 S6.35-6.45 Good sows 500-550 $6.33-6.45 (The above Is a 10:30 truck hog market lor good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy 510.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 3.50 Medium to good steers S. 7.50- 8.50 Fair to medium steers S 6.50-1.50 Plain to fair steers S 4.00-G.OO Choice to prime yearlings S 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... S 8.00- 3.00 Medium to good yearlings ... S 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers S 8.00- 9.00 Medium to good heifers S 7.00- B.OO Fair to medium heifers ...... $ 6.00- 7.00 PJain to fair heifers 5 4.00- 6.00 Good to choice cows, heavy .. s 5.75- 6.25 Medium to good cows 5 5.25- 5.75 Fair to medium cows 5 4.75- 3.25 Cutters S 4.00-4.7S Canners S 3.00- 4.00 Good to choice heavy bulls .. s 5.75- 6.50 Light bulls S 4.75-5.25 Calves, good to choice 130-130 S 7.00- a.OO Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 6.50- 1.00 Calves. Infer, to med. 130*190 $ 2.50 d'wn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, food to choice 10-90 S 7.50-B.OO Spring lambs, good to choice 70-90 S 8.00- 6.50 Spring lambs, medium to good 70-SO S 5.00- 5.50 Spring lambs, common S 4.00-5.00 Native ewes, good to choice 3 1.50- 2.25 Cull ewes £0cto$].00 Old bucks 50cloSlJX OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Tueidaj- Market) OMAHA, (*v-U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 6.500; opened slow, later moderately active. 15 to 25c lou-er; instances off more on good lightweights: top $7.75 for part Joad 182 Ibs.; 170 to 220 Jbs S7.50ffl7.65; 230 to 260 Ibs. $7.30«i1.50; 270 to 375 Ibs. S6.85ig7.30; stags S7 down. CATTLE 4,500: fed steers, yearlings steady: other killinc classes steady to strong: stockers, feeders steady; led steers yearlings S9gl2;-heifers $Sgl0.50; beef CO-M $657; cutter grades $4.5035.75: bulls S6.5QS7.23; top vealers $9.50^i 10: slockcrs, feeders S8.50R9.50: 2 loads yearlings S9.90; load stock calves $10.25 SHEEP 6.000: fat lambs slow, indications steady; asking stronger: other classes steady: bulk fed wooled lambs held: S3.50nJ8.90: best held above S9 slaughter ewes $4.50 do%-n; best feeding lambs held above $8.30; bred ewes 5 SOOTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (TncsdiT Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W}--Federal stat market service. CATTLE 3.500; slauRhler steers about steady: medium to good steers S85CK 9.75: she stock little changed; plain and choice fed heifers S6.50ft8.50: common to good cows S5.50ic7: low cutters and cutters S4-2S.25; bulls steady: hcav weights up to S7; stockers and fenders steady; medium to good stock steers $7 be S8.75; calves 3.000: vcalcrs steady: carlv top S10.50: bulk $10 down. * HOGS 5,500 salable: total 6.500; market not established: buyers talking l or more lower, but no bids. SHEEP 2.JOO; run largely slaucht lambs; early undertone steady to stron sellers asking higher; slaughter ewes and feeding lambs quotable fully steady- few native and Dakota feeding lambs $7 S7.I5; bulk good and choice slaughter lambs itonday $8.7559. StOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) SIOUX CITY, (fl--Sioux City livestock close: CATTLE, salable receipts 2.600; calves salable receipts 100; good and choice beef steers and ycariings fully steadv others little changed; car choice 1095 fb yearlings $11.25: few sales good medium ivcight beeves up to Sll; bulk medium 10 good $8.7o^9.»5: other classes firm- !oad lots, good light heifers around S9- bulk common to good cows So.75^7; small lots good light stock steers $99 25- strictly choice quoted around $10. HOGS, salable receipts 4.200; total receipts 4,700; moderately active, mostly 10 to 15e lower; shipping demand narrow; top $7.55 sparingly to Fhippers* good and choice 170 to 250 Ib. butchers $735 fl'.W; packers stopping at $7.50; 2oO to 290 Ib. weights $7.1067.35; 290 to 350 Ib heavies W.9087.10; good sows S6.60R 6.65; few light butcher kinds up to $6 75- feeder pigs *7.7iea. * * ' SHEEP, salable receipts 1.500: fat lambs mostly firm; some sales 10 to I5e higher- top S3 for 2 lots S3 to 89 Ib. average; bulk good and choice fed wooled $8,15 (33: 102 to 107 Ib. weights $8.75; package recently shorn 87 Ib. weights $8; load fall shorn 98 )b. fed yearlings and 2 year old weights §7.60; fat ewes steady; common and medium lots $; few choice.$1.00; feeder lambs scarce. KANSAS CITV UVESrOCK (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY, (£)--U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 1,600; uneven 10 to SSc lower than Monday's average; no shippers in; top $7.65; good to choice 170 to 250 Ibs. $7.4087.60; 260 to 325 Ibs. S7®7.40: sows $6.40 S 6.65. CATTLE 3.000; calves 500; killing classes moderately active, steady; vealers steady to 50c lower; stocker and feeder classes in demand, steady to strong; choice medium weight steers held upward to $11.50: medium and flood grades eligible to sell from $9610.50: shortfed heifers S8.35(j9.*0: beet cows $7.75; veal- crs up to $11: bidding downward from $10 on most lots: fleshy feeders $10.25. SHEEP 3.000; no early sales slaughter lambs; opening bids steady or down from S8.7S; asking higher; best held above $9. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS AUSTIK, Minn.--Ten to lac lower. 140 (p 150 Ibs. S6S6.30; 150 to ]#l Ibs. M.45 i6.75; 160 to 170 Ibs. S6.80®7.10: 170 lo 180 Jbs. S7.10iS7.-W; 180 to 220 Jbs. S7.30 01.60; 220 to ISO Ibs. S7.20S7.50: 250 to 270 Ibs. J7.05SI'7.35; 270 to 2M Ibs. ?C.6o (87.13; 290 to 325 Ibs. $6.7067; 323 to 350 Ibs. $S.55e6.85; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. $6.35g6.65; 350 to 425 Ibs. S6.25Q6.53; 425 to 550 Ibs. S6.15®6.45; 550 Jbs. and as S6.I38C.45. ALBERT LEA, ailun Fifteen, cents lower. HO to ISO Ibs. S6.2536.40; 150 to 160 Ibs. 56.6006.75; 160 to 170 Ibs. S7S 7.15; 170 to 1BO Ibs. S7.30S37.45: 130 to 220 Ibs. S7.-i5S-7.60: 220 to 250 Ibs. $7.2j G7.40; 250 to 270 Ibs. $7.1087.25: 270 to 290 Ibs. ?6.00®7.05; 290 to 325 Ibs. SS.75 S6.80; 325 to 350 Ibs. $6.603.6.75; 350 io 400 Jbs. S6.456tG.GO; sows 275 to 350 Ibs, S6-4530.GO; 350 to 425 Ibs. S6.30{J6.-!5; 525 to 500 Ibs. $Ui!S6.30; 500 la 550 Ibs. "@IU5; 500 to 600 Ibs. S5.85QC. CEDAIl BAPIDS--Good hoes HO to ISO Ibs. 5767.15; 150 to 160 Ibs. S7.20»J 7.35; 160 ti 170 Ibs. S7.30gT.-i5; 170 to 1BO Ibs. S7.4087.55; 180 to 220 Ibs. S7.S05J; 7.65; 220 to 230 Ibs. 57.40S7.55; 230 to 250 Ibs. 57.JOS7.45; 250 to 210 Ibs. S7.20Q 7.35: 270 to 290 Jbs. $7.0597.20; 290 tc 325 Ibs. S6.85©7; 325 to' 350 Ibs. 56.75© ·.90. Good packers 275 to 350 ibs. SG.45-: ·5.GO; 350 to 425 Ibf. S6.305i6.45; 425 to 550 ,bs. 56.15gO.30; 5M to 550 Ibs. 5630.15. Cattle steady. IVATEIU.OO--Hogs ISc lower. 160 to 180 Ibs. S7.407.GO; 160 to 220 Ibs. S7.00 S7.70; 220 to 250 Ibs. $7.5037.60; 250 to 270 Ibs. $7.35^7.45: 270 to 290 Ibs. 57.20 S7.30; 250 to 325 Ibs. 57.05fj7.15; 325 to 350 Ibs. S6.90K7; sacking sows 275 to 350 bs. 56.65(80.73; 350. to 425 Ibs. $5.50® ".GO; 425 to 550 Ifas. S6.40S6.50. Cattle: Tone steady. Steers good to choice $9.23®10.25; medium to good S1-15 £8.75; fair $S.25(S7; common 53JJ4; year- ings good to choice 59.25@IO.25: medium o goon SSftS; fair 56S7; common 54-g-s. OTTUJIWA--Hojis steady to 20e lower. 40 to 150 Ibs. 55.35as.65; 130 to 160 Ibs. S.70JP7; 160 to 170 Ibs. $6.90«i7.20; 170 O ISO Ibs ?7.20f£7,50; 180 to 220 ibs. $7.40 i7.70; 220 to 250 Ibs. 57.25fj7.55; 250 to 70 Ibs. S7.10S7.40; 270 to 230 Ibs. $5.95 rT7.25: 290 to 325 Ibs. S6.80S7.10- 325 to 330 Ibs. 56.65S6.95; 350 to 400 Ibs. 55.45@ .15. Packers 275 to 310 Ibs. S6.40'3G70- 10 to 330 Ibs. S6.MgO.70; 350 to 425 bs. S6.30Q0.60; 425 to 500 Ibs. SG.ISSJ .45; 500 to 550 Ibs. 55.95SC.25; 550 to 600 bs. 55.8066.10. . COJtBLVED HOG HECE1PTS (Tuesday 3Iart«t) DES MOINES. (^--U. s. department of agriculture. Combined receipts at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing plants ocateU in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota fot* the 24 hour period ended t B a. m. Tuesday were S0.900 compared vith 14,800 a week ago and 12,900 a year ISO. 10 to 20c lower; Joading shade lighter than Tuesday's 20,900. Barrows and gilts, gcod and choice 60 to ISO Ibs. S7.10'a7.G5; 1BO to 2'0 Ibj S7.35fJ7.75; 220 to 230 Ibs. «7.20( ( 7.65: 250 o 290 Ibs. S5.95O7.50: 230 to 350 Ibs. SE 75 «i-.20; packing soivs. good. 2T5 to 330 OS. S6.4096.80: 350 to 425 Ins 6.65; 425 to 550 Ibs. £G.10Sf.55. I.IVE5TOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, tn--Official estimated live- .tock receipts Wednesday: Cattle 8,000; hogs 9,000; sheep 7,000. Representative Sales REPRESENTATIVE SALES (Tuesday Jtatftcl) CHICAGO, (p--ReprosenUilive sales: HOGS Heavies-- | Medium-"I 232 7.65(42 20-1 815 =* 29" 7.60185 225 8.05 48 323 J.Mi'67 24! 795 hi-- (Light Lights-- 13T 8.15186 158 8.-X) 5? !8 1-JS! 20 145 TM CATILE Steers-- ; Heifers-- 2-« 1100 12.7518 B45 1075 13 1131 12.00J3: «60 w"oo IS 5SS i^!= a " a TM SHEEP Fat Lambs-- [Fall Shorn Lambs- 2=0 E5 0.25! 2S1 95 a 50 S2 O-'SIFrcsh Shorn Lambs 98 9.00'230 01 7 jo 192 113 HsotFat E»-e_ , 1230 117 4.75 151 113 3.00 Hides "°,1Z For »'»'iea 07 Woll Bros, lae. SOS Filth Slrm Southwest HorsehidM .,,, ·GREEN BEEF HIDES ' From 15 Ibs- up . *_ From 15 lbs_ down'..!.. !E Buu udes ........:'.""'.'.'.'.'. "BOSTON "WOOL (Tuesday Market) BOSTON. C.1-U. S. department of asrtcmturc. Scattered sales in a number cI lines of wool were closed on the Boston market Tuesday. Prices were steady to shchtlv lower than, the peak in the more active tradins a few weeks nco Spot original b.ics. Jinc territory won}/ were scIHriB around 70 cents, scourer! bask. f o r | o t, n lnnm[ . KOO(J Frtnch d staple combing lengths: around 63 ccnf. "Wired basis, for Rood French combine Icnslhs: around S7 to 63 cents, scoured basis, for average to short French comb- U12 lengths and around 62 to 64 cents Scoured basis, for bulk clolhine and inferior wools. Graded half-blood territory wools with staple and French combine lengths locelhcr brought around 08 cents scoured basis. · Twin Debaters Confusing CLEVELAND, Ohio, (U.R)--Just who was pro and who con, was a little confusing here when Phyllis Conner and her twin Doris argued about the "pump-priming'' p 0 ii m a debate at Western Reserve university. They are from Grove City college. Pa., and their appearances, if not their views, ; identical. SCHOOL IS REOPENED DUMONT -- The consolidated school reopened Monday morning after being closed since last Tuesday because of the storm and many cases of llu and mumps. WHEAT MARKET AGAIN IN RUT Prices Virtually Motionless With Unusually Slow Trade CHICAGO, (/?)-- The wheat market was in a rut again Tuesday, with prices virtually motionless in unusually slow trade. Most dealers continued to await developments in the international trade stalemate which has checked export business. Some selling reflected weakness at Liverpool. Wheat closed unchanged to Vt higher compared with Monday, May, 68% to 68%; July, 68% to 68%, while corn \yas unchanged to % off; May, 49;' July, 50% to 50%. Oats were unchanged to "P- CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. «v-Cash wheat No. 2 red lough. 73=ic: No. 3, 71c; sample grade hard 64c: No. 2 mixed 7Dl~g--lle. Corn, No. 3 mixed 48!404ae; No 2 yellow 49349i'c; No. 3 white 50?iS Oats No. 1 mixed 32c; sample grade mixed 28Kc; No. 1 white 34c. Barley, malting 48360C nom.; feed !®40c nom. . Soy beans, No. 2 yellow fuyc; timothy seed 52.B5S3.15 nom.; red clover 513«E16; red top S9.23S9.75 nom.; I-ard tierces Sff.SO nom.: loose 5627: bellies $10 nom. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 white oats 21V 2 No. 2 yellow corn 34c New ear corn 3Qc No. 2 soybeans 67c Barley 25-35c TUESDAY GKAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, (JPI-- XVHEAT- *** L ° W C1 ° SC Mar. 68si May 68?i .68*4 cssi-ir. July GBTi .C8',i Sept 59$i fi5V» CORN-- -- ~-~ Mar. 3JSJ May 49 )i .4511 '^ s ' J "ly 50!4 .50'i .5m-J'» Sept. ..... .olV4 .51 5i)/ a OATS-May ...... .29 .2ay« 29 July 2744 .27'i .·?«, Sept 56*1 .26Vi .26»i EOY BEANS-May 84 .82U .84 July 84 .82*1 .84 Oct. T8 , 4 RYE-- ilfiy ·.·.·.·.:: ·"* ·" ·£% Sept. ..... .471/1 .47 ; 4 7ii LARD-Slay 6.87 6.BO E.a5 Ju'.v 7.00 ff.95 s.9 T Sept 7.17 7.10 7.15 OMAHA GRAIN (Tuesaay Market) OMAHA. Kj--Wheat, hard No. 2, B7i4 "0tec; No. 3. 65®66c; No. 4, SUiSCSc- No. 5. 61Vig05c. Oats, feed No. 2. 26Vic; while No. 4, 26c; sample white 26C. Corn none. Hye none. Barley none. KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Tntsdar Mirki-l) KANSAS CITY, (iP)--Wheat. 29 cars- unchanged to y« cent lower: No. 2 dark -vard 70',4®19c; No. 3. 74%S75c: No. 2 lard 67'.fjz72'/3c; No. 3. 663i$t69 T ,-c* No 2 red nom. 67ii363c; No. 3 nom. BS^li! G7^c. Com, 14 cars; 'A cent lower to ^ cent ligher; No. 2 white nom 46^ft47'Ac- Wo. 3 nom. 45V4«l4Gi!; No. 2 yellow 47V«c: No. 3 nom. 45'/ 4 «46 : !»c: No. 2 nixed nom. 4Gy«£41Uc; No. 3 nom. 45 Oats. 2 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nom. 29 ] .3*!30c: No. 3 nom. 29Sl29! i .c. Mllo maize nom. 73^J80c. Kafir nom. 73SZ79c. Hyc nom. 44','a^f 45',2C. Barley nom. 34fg41c. SIINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (J) -- Wheat receipts Tuesday 147 cars; 29 a year ago; quotations unchanged. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark TM*cTM_TM-imr/,c: dark northern No. 1. 74*«ai6:«c: fanes- No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein TTjiiaTSr.c- No 1 2?, r ^?I!* ° r No - 1 hari1 Mon^na winter liifTJl 3 ;" 0 : har l amber durum No. 1. fa^Sai'lc: No. 1 red durum 62Hc. " Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. HI. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City G'/« 87 107' 25'4 Cent St El 6 pet pfd $23 par 6' 5e C n!st?I P T C 'Pf V S2 i P " ) 7 went 5t F L 7 net pfd ..... 5» Continental Gas i Elec pld.. 83 Creamery Package com ...... 19 Hearst Cons A .............. g Geo AHormol A pfd ........ I0 4 Cico A Hormel com ........ 24', Interstate Power 6 pet pfd.. 5 7 Interstate Power 7 pet pld . 6 8 Iowa Electric Co GVi pet ptd 30 32 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd.. 31 33 13 Elec Lt Fow G pet pfd 62 64 la Erec Lt Pow 6',i pel pfd E3 65 la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd 63 70 la Power i Licht 6 pet pid . . 102 104 '" P" w " «= LlRht 7 pet ptd.,104 106 la Public Sen-lee 6 pet pfd.. 03 100 la Public Service 6Vi pet Bid 93 101 la Public Service 7 pet pfd. .101 30.1 la South Util 6 pet pfd 2T 24 la South Util e'.i pet pfd .... 28 30 la South utll 7 net pid ...... 3o 32 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd.. 79 Si Minnesota P S: L 7 pet p f d . . 87 S3 Northern St Power fi pet pfd 63 65 Northern SI Power 7 pet pfd 68 73 NW St Portland Comcnt com 23 25 Rath Packing 5 pet pfd . . . 101 103 Sioux City Gas El 7 pet pfd 34 S6 onitcd Lt Power Class A.. 2}1 3'', United Lt i Power Class B.. 2!i 3 United Lt Power pfd ... . 3 5 37 United Lt Hys 6 pet pfd .... 81 S3 United Lt Bys 6,36 pet pld 82 84 b n l t c d Lt Rys 7 pet pfd.. 89 31 Western Grocer pld ...... 80 85 Western Grocer com ......... 4 e Italy to Commemorate Sicily's Famous Men ROME. (U.B-- This year will be Qcrticatcd to commemorating illustrious men o£ Sicily. The year 1938 was set aside to tributing the great men of Liguria. Two years ago Piedmontese were honored. This is a custom which Mussolini himself ordered for the first time in 1937. Its object is to help along the process of spiritual and political unification of all sections of Italy. What the Stoclc Market Has Done Since June, 1938 Upon Dow* Jonss Average* of 3Q Industrial Stocks 100 4 J A S O N 1938 Stock List NEW YOHK STOCKS (Tuesday Final Quotation!) By The Associated Press Air Reduction 57T's Kresge "3 Al Ch Dye 13114 Lambert 161's Allied Sirs lOVa Ubbey O F G 50 Am Can 03^i Loews 49 Am t For Po 3 Marsh Field UVi Am Loco 26 Maytag Am 8 St S 1614 llideont Pel 15?1 Am Roll Mill jaii Mont Ward 521'. Am Sm Ref 4EV» Morrell Be Co Am Stl Fdrs 35 Nash-Kelv BVt Am Sug Ref 19V4 Nail Bisc 26'A Am Tel i T 162 Nat! C He£ 24 Am Tob B 88Vi Nat Dairy Ero 151'» Am W Wks 13'A Nat-Distill ·!? Anaconda 3Hi Nat Lead 23»i Arm 111 5 Nat Po Lt fl Atch T It. S F 38Ki N Y Cent 20'/« All Hefin 21?l No Am Aviat I7=i Auburn Auto 4V* North Amer 257. Bait it Ohio 6»i Nor Pac 121i Bamsdali 17 Oliver Farm 27V, Bendlx Aviat 21 Otis Elevator 22V- Beth. Stl 73«i Otis Steel 12Vi Bocine Alrpl 23'/i Owens 111 Gl 6a'.i Borden 20V. Packard 4V a Bore-Warner 27Vi Farm Pict 10!', Bridgeport Br 14 Pcnick For 54 Budd Mfg 6Ti Penney 85V. Can D G Ale IBli Pcnn Ry 22Vi Can Pac 5 Phillips Pat 40 Caso SO Proct 'Gam 56ft Caterp Tract 52 Pullman 35»j Ches Ohio 3814 Pure Oil 9V. C it N W =1 Radio 8 C G W ... Kern Rand 15'i C M St P P 1, Renub Stl -l4l C R I P ... Rey Tob B 38y. Chrysler 8tt» Sears Roeb IS Coca Cola 131 Shell Union i:^ Col Gas E 8V, Simmons 29^ Com! Solv 12?i Socony Vac 1311 Comwlth «; So Hi Sou Pac 18»i Con Edkon 33»1 std Brands -,' Con Oil 85i std Oil Cal 28'A Con Can 40'.', Std Oil Ind 2T'A Con Oil Del 26=i Std Oil N J 49»i, Cora Prod 65:i Stew-Wamer 11' Curtiss-Wright 6}i Studebaker 8", Deere i Co 22;i Swift Co 19' D re Co pfd 24?i Texas Corp 43^i Douglas Air 70 Tex Gulf Sul 30 Du Pont l«ni Tim Roll B 48 tastrnan ... Transatnerica Gy, El Pov,- i Lt 11V, Un Carbide 84?5 Fairbanks-Mo 23!i Union Pae KJ2!i Firestone 24Vi Unit Air Lin 12V, Gen Elec 41Ji Unit Aire Cp 39V. Gen Foods 40U Unit Corp 3v" Gen Mills 77» Unit Drug si'. Gen Mot 50?4 U S Gypsum 103 Gillette 7K, U S Ind Al«, 22»i Good rich 22tt u s Rubber 49=i -joodycar 3«i u s 'Steel 63^ ; t Nor Ry pj 2BM. Walgreen ilomestake 65 Warner Pict 5ii Hudson 7i West Un Tel 23 Hupp Mot l^i West £1 iVf 113 111 Cent 171 Wilson t Co Vi : nt Harvest 64»l Woohvorth 4S'i nt t«ck Can 53 'A Wrigley Jr 73 "I Int Tel T 9 1 A Ycl Tr C 0 Johns-Many ... You sh To son Kennecott 39 '* U. S. BONDS (Tuesday Market) JiEW YORK, (j}_u. S. government bonds closed Tuesday: Treasury 331s 40-43 June 104.31 Treasury 4'/,s «-52 120.13. Treasury- 3s 51-55 108.24, Federal Farm Mtg. 3s 49 108.7. Home O\ynera Loan 2*ls 49 10216 Home Owners Loan 3s 52 108.2. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by I.AMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason Cilr Office in Bagley- Bech Building. Telephone No. 7 DOW JOSES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utils. ? ·· ............ -.143.37 32.80 25.57 Total sales ........................ 570(XW CHICAGO STOCKS Butter Bros a?i Marsh Field 14% NEW YOBK CURB Am Gas Sc El 40 Fold Mo Enff 4V1 Am Cyanarnid 25V« Lockheed 32 Am Eu Pow '.i Jfiag Hud Pow 8ii Ark Nat Gas A 2?i Un Gas Co 2»i Er^'V^ 1 '?;!? Un " Fow 2!i t.1 Bd Sh II 1 .NEW YOBK STOCKS Am Cry Bug 9Vi Mack Truck 23 Am C Fy 30 Hath Alk 2B^ Am Pow St Lt 6?i Minn Molinc. 5?i As Dry Goods 97. Motor Prod 15H Baldwin Loco 15Vi Ohio Qil 0 Brings MfE 27 Packard Mot 4Vi Bycrs A N UVi Park Utah ifc Cerro de Pas 42% pub Eer N J 37 Ches. Ohio 331, Pullman 35% Congolcum 28V, Purity Bakery 14A Curt-Wri Co 25Vi H K O 2V, Dist Corp Sen 20V. Reo Mot Pi Elec Auto LJ 34V. St Jo Lead 39,t- Erie R U 1% Simmons 23 *i Frecport Tex 22:i So. Cal Edison 27 ' Gen Am Tr 58Vi Sperry Corp 44*i Houston Oil IV, St G it E 3-1, Inspiration 13'i Tidewater 14 Indus Rayon 26'.'« Vanadium ZiH Kroscr 24 Union oil Cal 19 Lehigh Port C 24'i Un Gas ti Im 12'1 Lonllard 23*. , Worth Pump 20 Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Tnesday Market) CHICAGO. w-U. S. department ol aRriculture. Potatoes 65. on track 333 total V. S. shipments 703; old stock dull-' supplies liberal; demand slow- sacked per r.v-t.: Idaho Russet Bilrbanks U S No. 1. SI.05: North Dakota Bliss Triumphs SO per cent 17. s. No. 1 and better S1.37S Ci-l.fe: Minnesota Red River Valley section Cobblers 50 per cent U. S. No. 1 and better $1.17'.,; Hollamiale section Cobbler.! u. S. commercials few sales SI.IS; new stock about steady, supplies moderate: demand light; Florida Bliss Triumphs U. s. No. 1, bu. crates few sales $1.9562.05. NEW VORK SUGAR ITuesday Market) NEW YORK. US',--Domestic susar futures moved within an Irregular range Tuesday with prices around midday 2 hlRhcr to 1 lower. Cuban and local selling encountered support. July was down 1 at S1.90, while 1940 March traded 2 higher at 51.93. World futures were steadier bill quiet wilti prices »4 to IVi higher. September sold at 51.14. up 14 point, July was *1.!6. Up I *2. Raw sugars were quiet with duty frees oHwer! at 2.30 cents. Refined xvaj unchanged at 1.30 to 4.40 cents. STOCKS LOSE CLIMBING FORCE Gains Run to Point ' or So in Forenoon, Then Drift Lower NEW YORK, W)--Stocks ticked of£ a small rally in Tuesday's early market proceedings but lost climbing power in the Unal hour. Gains ran to a point or so in the forenoon for favored steels, motors, rubbers, aircrafts, rails and specialties. A lower drift came in after mid-day and top marks were reduced or erased in many cases at the close. Dealings were sluggish throughout, with transfers around 600 000 shares. Bond Market , . (fl-The bond market faltered in its forward stride Tuesday and as the session neared noon small gams and-losses were well balanced. u. S. government obligations, however, conUnued to display buoyant tendencies. Comparatively light demand lilted prices to an outside gala of 6-32ds of a point. Traders handled foreign dollar loans cautiously and aside from a 1-polnt rise in Italy 7s, price action was limited to fractions. Warner Bros, convertible 6s of '39 caught the market's fancy and tinder orisfc bidding moved up a major fraction. Backing up demand for this Issue, bond men said, were announcement of plans for bank credits totaling $6.000.000 to be used for retiring debentures and a favorable earnings report. Marked up modestly elsewhere were loans OE Illinois Central. Lehigh Coal and Navigation, Utilities Power and Light. National Dairy, Great Northern end Bethlehem. Steel. Interboro Rapid Transit refunding 5s recently a lively performer, dipped around a point and smaller losses were posted by Pennsylvania general 4!A S c t '65, Nickel Plate 4',is, Missouri-Kansas- Texas 5s of '62 and Santa Fe 4s of '95 Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Slorse Eggs, current receipts 13 C Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over'. .12c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs lOc Light hens, under 4 Ibs 8c Springs, heavy breeds .; !ll c Spring Leghorns g c Cocks, heavy . : g c Cocks, Leghorns 7 C Capons 18-24c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less. Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c* Eggs, cash 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand. ...32c Butter, Corn Country 30c Butter, Plymouth 32 C Butter, Very Best 3fl c Butter, Clear Lake .. . 30c Butter, Brookfield 30c Russet Potatoes, peck 3Bc Early Ohio Potatoes,' peck 32c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. (J)--Poultry live. 28 trucks- firm; Leghorn hens 17c; White Rock broilers 19c; Plymouth Bock springs 23c; White Hock 23c; Plymouth Rock fryers 2Ic; White Rock 2Ic; small colored ducks 16c; while IGc: other prices unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Totsday Market) NEW YORK. (iPJ-Ei-gs 25,198: firm. iixed colors extra fancy selections 19V* fil2tc: standards 18i.;{jlsVe; first rmc; seconds 17^c; mediums 17c; dirties Wo. 1, l"Sic; average checks 16gI6£*c. Butter 1.««.723; easy. Creamery higher than extra 26U{f27'/*c; extra 192 score) 26{j2G'/,c; firsts (83-91) 2JS4e26e; seconds (84-87) 2314S24C. Cheese, 303,555, steady. Prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tnextlaj- Market) CHICAGO, (.^V-Butter 783,597, steady; prices unchanged. Eggs 14.838. firm; fresh graded extra firsts local 17V.C. mis mic; firsts local I6 3 Ac; cars 16^c; current receipts I6c; storage pocJccd extras ISc, firsts 17^ic. CHICAGO FRODUCE FUTURES (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. (X^-- Butter futures, storage stds., close Nov. 22}ic. Egg futures, refri. stds.: Oct. 19\ic. storage packed firsts March ISc; April 18. Lomson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO--Wheat: There was a June scattered selling Tuesday morning, mostly by traders but as commission houses took July on resting orders the market held and later firmed, closing not far from Monday night's final quotations. Broomhall satd" there -was a continued absence of demand for cash wheat abroad and there \vos more pressure of Canadian Atlantic offers. Late In the session it was said that a cargo of Argentine wheat had been sold to the United Kingdom. May wheat in Chicago Tuesday sold about S cents premium over new Alay in Liverpool and about h cents premium over Winnipeg May. This is as wide as these price differences have been. There Is little change from day to day in the forcicn situation but the domestic price level for wheat appears to be readily maintained at outside selling pressure if o£ small proportions. Corn: Local traders sold com Tuesday morning but pressure on the u-hoTs -was of small proportions. There -was a little export business in American corn but mostly in the nature of parcel shipments. The Argentine weather, according to Broomhall. is favorable for the eariy harvest of com- PLAN SERVICES AT NORTHWOOD Mrs. F. W. Schmidt, 75, Dies at Home Following Illness NORTHWOOD -- Funeral s e r- vices for Mrs. F. W. Schmidt, 75, will be held Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the home and at 2 o'clock at the Bantist church with the Rev. Carl Spieke of Sac City, recent pastor here, officiating. Mrs. Schmidt died Tuesday morning at her home here following a lingering illness. She was a member of the Eastern Sta^ the D. A. R. and thi CONVICT'S DAUGHTER Continued From Comio Page info a summer dress and tidied up her disordered hair. Her eyes in (he mirror were circled, and she looked smail and very tired. In spite of the dizziness that reminded her she had been twenty- four hours without food, she almost ran down the corridor to the clicking elevator. He was standing, hatless, in the hotel lobby, his tall figure erect, his sturdy legs spread slightly apart, bracing him, giving him that indescribable outdoor air that seemed so much a part of him. At sight of her, the brown eyes crinkled into the little half smile she had recalled so often with longing in the past week. She had thought she could be calm v/hen she met him, but the sight of him standing there brought the tears back to her eyes, instantly he was at her side, and had gathered her into his big arms. "Why, girl!" He looked down at tier reproachfully. "You're crying. What's wrong? What have they done to you?" "Oh, Jim!" She sobbed in earnest, then, unmindful of the clerk's interested eyes. "I waited for you to call. All night I waited. I thought you were--like the rest. I couldn't bear it, Jim--" "Easy, girl! Easy . . ." His arms held her close. "You didn't think I'd let you down, did you?" He sounded hurt. "You didn't call, and I--I've lost my job, and my landlady p-put nie out, and I--I'm so hungry. Jim!" "Hungry! Why, you little goose!" He laughed at that, and in spite of her own tears she smiled with him. It did sound ridiculous, now that she was with him. "I couldn't eat," she told him, half shamed. "I was so upset." "We'll fix that right away." His arm on hers, he started her toward toe hotel dining room. 'Seems I'm always feeding you," le joked. "You're the hungriest woman I know . . Here, we'll sit back here in the corner, and you can tell me all about it over a plate of ham and eggs." He hadn't received her message until just an hour ago, he told her, gravely. Mrs. Peterman had stuffed it beneath his door and it had been pushed under the edge o£ the rug. It was only by accident that he noticed it when he lid. He had come immediately laying off work for the day. He scowled and his fists clenched as he listened to her story o f yesterday's happenings. He, too, had seen the headlines and the pictures in the papers, and they had angered him. "It's been rotten having to read the stuff they've been printing about you, knowing half of it wasn't true, and 'not being able to do anything about it," he burst out. I could take a punch at every reporter in the lot. I know what they were doing to you! I've seen it done before--" He broke off, and Lona had the impression that he was remembering something that bad nothing to do with her. He looked so disturbed that she had an absurd impulse to comfort him For what, she didn't know. "Don't feel Uiat way about it Jim" She put a hand out to his, across the itile. 'It couldn't be helped, I guess " ,. s FJ: n "= d to come, back to himsell uicn. 'People have no right to hound you 'hat!" he declared. "You've done lothins. Id like to meet up with your Mr. Sanders asam. Calls himself a man--" -He couldn't help It, Jim, if he feels that way. My landlady, cither. What worries me Is that I don't know what to do ~ " ji? 1 '.' i he thousht o£ hunting another .-- that bothers roe. Eotag Places, and having people recognize me . . . I feel as if I'd like to crawl Into a hole somewhere and never come out " "Poor little Bit!!" He put his big hand over hers on the table and his sympathy made the tears threaten to well again "U you'd have gone hack on roe. Jim, . a--I a nave died, I guess," she told him her eyes hurt. For a moment he sat there, strokinc ier hand in silence. Then he got to his :cct abruptly, and came to her side ol the elosed-in restaurant booth- ''Listen Eirl. there's a way out o£ this li you want to take It." he brought out. His voice was husky. "You could marry me if you can stand it." The suddenness o£ the thing robbed Lona of words. For a moment she just itared at him. "Jim! You mean--" She 3roke off, to stare again, "You're asking TVC--or, but I couldn't do that! Not just to_get out of things. It wouldn't be fair:" I love you, girl! You must know that t love you; .I'm not much account I juess, and it wouldn't be much of a life Tor you, moving around from lown to town the way I do. I guess I haven't any right to ask you, but we sort of--belong together, you and me ... both of us are drifters. Do you think you could maybe love me--enough--·· His eyes -were pleading. *'Oh, Jim!" she managed to bring out. Jim. I do love you! How cuold I help it? iou've been so good. But I couldn't you're last doing this to be kind--·· "Girl, don't! . . . I love you! This Is a break for me. Can't you understand?" His arms closed about her there in the seml-seclustort of the booth, and she could feel his heart pounding. She found herself clinging to him, suddenly straining against the rough surface of his coal that smcljcd of tobacco. A feeling of safeness enveloped her. She felt she could stay there always. "Jim. oh, Jim!" she whispered again "You'll do it, girl?" He lilted her head with a hand beneath her chin and made her look at him. "Ycs, Jim." she said, then, and tried to hide her eyes in sudden shyness. "If you're sure you want me--" "Want you? You're funny, girl." He kissed her, then, gently. His lips against hers were hard and strong, as she had known they would be. His kiss felt familiar, somehow, as il it were something that belonged to her, for which she had been waiting. (To Be Continued) ORGANIZE SIGNAL CORPS DES MOINES, (fP)--A signal corps o£ the Twenty-fourth division of the national guard will be organized at Sioux City April 1, Adjt. Gen- Charles H. Grahl announced. The unit will consist of three officers and 62 enlisted men and will be one of three units organized in Iowa under an expansion program of the guard. Delphian society. Her husband, who preceded her in death in 1936, was a pioneer merchant of Northwood. Surviving are a son, A. I/. Schmidt of Mason City, and a daughter, Mrs. Edith Thompto of Northwood. OBDINANCE NO. 823 An Ordinance A m e n d i n g Ordinance No. 277 of the Ordinances of the City of SUsOtt City, Iow», Providing for Inclusion of GoMs In Said Ordinance; Re- qulriti? Certain Tests for Bangs Vis- ease; Pasteurization of Certain Milk; 1'rovldine for Identification o( Vehicles D e l i v e r i n g Milk, or D u l r y Products; Mid the Supervision and Inspection ot Ice- Cream Factories-, Counter Freezers Bud a Fee Therefor. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF MASON CITY, IOWA: Arlicle 1. That Article 1. Subsection 1 of Ordinance No. 277 be amended by inserting after the word "cows" in the third line of said Subsection the following: "or one or more healthy goats." Article n. That Article 6, Section 3 of Ordinance Ka. 277 be amended by adding the fallowing Subsection: "(3) Tests for Bangs disease shall be made on all animals from which milk is obtained for consumption in the raw state." Article 111. That" Article 10 of Ordinance No. 217 be amended by adding the folio« r ing Subsection; "(20) All milk offered for resale must be pasteurized." Article IV- That Arlicle 8 of Ordinance No, 277 be amended by adding the following Subsection: "[31 The name of the dairy and the names of milk or milk products sold shall be painted on the delivery vehicles in letters three Inches In height or larger" Article V. That Article 4 of Ordinance No. 277 be amended by adding the following Subsection: "«) The City Health Officer of the City of Mason City. Iowa, shall require the InspecUon by such person or persons as he may designate for such purpose and at such times as he may direct, all business places who offer for sale or sell to the public, either wholesale or retail. Ice cream or other frozen milk products manufactured, processed or frozen upon the premises. Such designated Inspector shall have the power and authority to require all equipment used in the manufacture of said ice cream, or other frozen milk products to be In a clean and sanitary condition and to comply with all rules and regulations of the Board of Health of the City ot Mason -Ity, Iowa, and for the purpose of determining the quality and wholesomeness of any such product may make or cause to be made an examination of the same to determine whether or not said ice cream or other frozen milk products is fit for public consumption. A complete record of the conditions found, with the results of the analysis and inspection shall be kept in the office of the Board of Health and open to public inspection at Jill times. An inspection fee of not less than One Dollar (Sl.OO) nor more than Three Dollars (M.OO) shall be paid by LEGAL NOTICE Ihe owner or operator of any Ice cream factory or other place OE business that manufactures, processes or freezes ice cream or other milk products for each such inspection and analysis as may be made of said premises as herein con. templated. Article VL All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed and this ordinance shall be In full force and effect immediately upon its adoption and. its publication as provided by law. Proposed for adoption this 6th day ct March, 1939. H. C. BROWN. JOHN GAtLAGHEIt, CARL, GRUPP, A. J. MARSHAIA. BAY E. PAULEY, Councilmen. ATTEST: P.ENA B. HACK, · City Clerk. Adopted this Gth day of March, 1939. H. C. BROWN. . JOHN GALLAGHER, CABL GRUPP, A. J. MARSHALL, HAY E. PA17LEV, ATTEST: Councitaen. RENA B. HACK. City Clerk. Special Evangelist Meetings Launched by Minnesota Man SWALEDALE--T h e series of special Evangelistic meetings in the Swaledale churches got under way Sunday evening. Beginning Tuesday evening, the Hev. A. E. Berglund, of Bemidji, Minn., will do the preaching. The dates are March 7 to.22, inclusive. The song service starts at 7:45 and will consist ol Gospel hymns, choruses and s u c h special music as may be available. Dog Buried With Master _FORT WAYNE, Ind., -(U.PJ--A single grave at Lindenwood cemetery marks the burial spot of two" bodies--that of Herman S. Borhek, 69, and his pet toy Boston terrier. When Borhek died his will stipulated that the tiny dog "be put to sleep" and embalmed and buried with him. His will was carried out. HORSE AND LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALE THURSDAY, MARCH 9, AT 11:30 A. M. SHARP LUND SALES STABLES AND RENDERING CO. ON NO. 18--EAST OF MASON CITY ABOUT 40 HEAD OF HORSES Consisting of good work horses, farm mares and colts. Brine m any class of horses you have as we-will have buyers for them. O. Tarrant will he here for a load of horses--wants one pair of good mules. Can sell all the horses you can brine: also Killer horses. We can use all the killer horses, old males fistula poll evil or anything that can walk. ' 150 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 150 Consisting of cows, heifers, veal calves, some springer cows and heifers, several good Holstein and Guernsey springing heifers. Stocker steers and springer heifers. 100 feeding pigs. And some brood sows and breeding boars. 2 MANURE SPREADERS Brine Anylhin? You Have lo Sell Lunch on the Grounds Get Your Livestock in Early Sale Will Start at 11:3D Sharp WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND--TERMS CASH Stahles, 3758 -- PHONE -- Residence, 3836 JACK. DORSEY, Auctioneer LIVESTOCK SALE Sales Pavilion--Highways 18 and 69--Garner, la. THURSDAY, MARCH 9--1939 400 -- CATTLE -- 400 This Thursday's saje will include a good assortment of native and western stockers and feeders. You will probably find just what you need at Garner (his week. The following lots have been listed la advance: 50 Hereford steer calves (expected to arrive) weight 350 Ib" aO Hereford steer calves (expected to arrive) weight 400 !bs! 2o Shorthorn heifers, weight 550 Ibs. 25 Shorthorn and Angus steers, weight 700 Ibs. 50 Shorthorn and White Face steers, weight 650 to 850 Ibs. SPECIAI.--15 choice quality Angus cows (heavy with calf). This is a choice lot of yoimg breeding cows. Also pur usual good run of milk cows, springers veal calves breeding bulls, fat cows, fat heifers and fleshy steers. Also many smalj^Iots of stockers and feeders, all classes. 200 -- HOGS -- 200 Including feeding sJioats, bred sows aoid gilts. Practically all of these are long- time vaccinated. Have been selling a lot of bred sows and feeding pigs each week, but have a good demand and can sell a lot more of these classes than we have been re- cemng. If you have more bred sows than you need send (hem to Garner this Thursday. You will be satisfied with the returns. 200 -- SHEEP -- 200 Receipts will include bred ewes, feeding lambs and bucks fin* consignor will offer SO bred ewes (all good mouth-to Iamb the middle of April). Another consignor will send 80 bred ewes -iT 1 ?- l £ Ap , nl ^ J . f y ° U ncea eaaa cwcs hcavy with Jamb, you will find just what you want at Garner Thursday. We will sell these ewes in groups to suit the buyer. You can get any number you \v«int. 20 -- HORSES -- 20 -Have been selling from 20 to 25 horses each Thursday Demand tn^r? i m P K^ d ^ ' 1TC ^ Sc " any hin(1 of a ho"* yon^are to send in. Killer buyers are here at each sate. If yon need a work horse or two, plan to be here. in MR. CONSIGNOR: The big runs have let up, and we the best possible shape to give your consignment the* mSST w CI " y ° f (f °° fl Clea ." pcn s " 3Ce * Stable each Thursday. We can now guarantee to ret Yo GARNER SALES COMPANY, INC. Gamer, Phone 37 and IH and Klemme 73 dinner alter "which" t h e l a , Ch»rln 1. CStKT

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