The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 7, 1939 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

ILL WAKE ft CEW . vjnu ^^ ly.'. IE YOULI. PUT K6 ON FOF. GROCERIES 6NO , t L\_ to i*,£ you ^ v ER AWO GIVE VOU 6. MALT-CUT ON AL\_ RSS5.IM" PURSES vpu SIGN (AEUPFOU 4.1MT KNOWN IN TVHS ' "1 By GENE AHERN 1 V tr! Of A HAW IN TU6 SWOWWSAN , , WELL DROP TH£ BKAWLISH TITL£ OF BOfABEP. ^Al\_tY'' ANDVOLfLL BE BILLED as' THE A\AN PRO)/, * -~VOUU_ WEAR ft. QU FRIGHTENING HOOD: -B {---- -AND BEPORE EACH N\i.TCH, YOoXL BREA PtclAL TMJV4, The Oceans and Ocean Life ,,, II--SALT. IN THE SEA Many tests have been made imd out how much salt there is i ocean water.'The.average amoui is about three parts'of salt in 1C parts of water. In one cubic mile of ocea water, there is enough salt t form dozens of pyramids as lare ss the Great Pyramid of Gizah -·-«-·.« found in two drops of ooze piofeed np in different park of^ ocean bottom. (Greatly magni- could ,be Jken oM and poured evenly on North America, it would cover our continent with a deep ·layer. This layer would rise to morejhan five times the height of the Empire State building ' Those notes give us some idea of the vast amount of salt in the sea. Scientists have found that rivers keep taking more salt to the oceans. We call river . With thousands of rivers pour ing water into the oceans, water more than river water? i n 6 ° hie f answe r « t o b e found in the work of sunshine. The sun keeps turning ocean water into vapor, and the vapor ris^s into toe r',rl 0rming mist an d Clouds van^'J), 0063 ?.^' 61 ' is turne d into vapor, the salt is left behind. Salt does not rise in the air. The water by Efforts have been udge the age of the ferM^ °^l alt in " wa e rate at which rivers carry the alt is known rather closely, also the total amount in the oceans On ^asis, the age has been esti- ated at about 70,000,000 years There are troubles with that way of judging. I n past ages riv- * not take 'i *»lt to ve in the ocean _-. ..,,. O t the greatest depths' Sunshine reaches down hardly a rS Th a mile v an 1 below that point, the sea bottom has no plants growing in it. -. Bits o£ soft mud and known as "ooze," have Tought up from deep parts of the ottom. Samples of this dark sub- £S C ?j£r*J! een . stud ^ wltt . - t h e microscope. In a rf P £ f OOZe there mav be animals. Some kinds of ooze iv ^ ^^ Jo£ tiny P lan *s """' and died near-the your 1 -- --·- Ji-ihi,i. ailliA. LU (For Nature section «rapbook.) A leaflet called "Famous Mn- c Meters" may be had by sen d- L St ? m -P ed - returned envel- to me In care of this paper. / DAILY, CROSSWORD PUZZLE CONVICT^ DAUGHTER READ THIS FIRST- Summoned to the state penitentiary where her father lies near aeaih, Lona Ackerman is dis- hTr ye H "he " he fails 4o "cognize her. He is serving a life sentence for a murder which occurred when' he sought to avenge his daughter s honor. Finding- a friend In Jim waridge, Lona had just begun to ake a new interest in life when tne prison warden telegraphed her ot ner father's illness. Alone in the world, she had spent months, finding jobs, then losing them when it became known she was a convict's daughter. Finally Jim had found her a new position, saw more and raore of her, until they fell In love. The prison warden takes Loua to his home. As they enter, two convicts confront them with guns, in the warden's car, the con.---, slue the warden and dump him out, then attempt a mad getaway with Lona in the front seat EveniuaKy she pretends to faint then lurches for the steering- wheel. Then they crash. Only slightly injured, Lona recovers in the prison hospital and finds her father has *";?· }"? she takes her father's body to their old home for burial, she finds herself the object of all eyes, due to the wide publicity that followed the attempted prison break. Back in the city, her land- tl y "",?,? her to leave because of the publicity. At her office she Unas a strange girl at her desk Finding that her job is gone, she goes to the hotel to fry to locate Jim. (NOW'GO ON WITH THE STOET) CHAPTER NINETEEN ~ ~" A LONG time after she had telephoned Jim's boarding house and learned that he had received her message and had not come to her, Lona paced the floor of her hotel room trying to control her despair. What was she going to do now, she asked herself? She was alone, friendless, without a lob- back where she had been the night when he had rescued her from the Why hadn't he passed her up, her heart cried out, now, in mad- i* J i g ^ paill? Why hadtllt h e al- idlved her to go her own way? It would have been all over by now. She would have been at rest, somehow In the river,' probably Instead, he had snatched her back, taught her what friendship meant shown her how sweet living could oe, and now. . . . She couldn't bear it! Sobbinjr suddenly, with the uncontrollable sobs of utter exhaustion and hopeless despair she flung herself p headhng on the bexl and buried her ? neaa in the pillow. It had been S±±, *^L°15TM ??« ** MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE tiST.peoteeC HMJ! NOT BA£ * 'S4 VJHEVO'. SPCWT JUMP IsiTO -S6S TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 1939 ^ WHAT CAM WE DO GOt I OUNMO'! VS. MIGHT TRV WRlTIN' , YOUR . CONGRESSMAN ^^WHWS IN^ T TOE BAG? i_epT. 7rp ^ · LOOK Ti-lOPr.'? 1 « t«® i * I'M GOllvJG TO TR.V I-T- MVTMEL.P ! "V y^s k-"^S* THIS · IMr^y ftS * · AW SEABAO" To CARRY ' ' . S*fV!/THAT SLVESTS\E AN IDEAU · 1 -*TO CARRy A\V KS. OVER BeWND TlJ? pM^^g^rrS-^^- »sigsaA» L r THAT SSS lU ·;' S S" W EAR THS UNiiFotSCv In sS?*/ WVEA WAIT, GUVS! wEE 3 gAx,"^ c !SF-J,«TT J ;«J' 1 -i- eer '· CAN CARRY IN A t ^ J SMi^l 4fe ·A a A JUST AN W43EL f c-** '**. Kgtr« -·n V.Wvl*. IK . V.'Hhd 1^*1 · ·KCUtHY 15 NOW. P Fsn · rt t week. She knew now. Always he ^ ^ Jn the back of her mind. ne had Known he would be waiting and was comforted. It couldn't be true! Jim couldn't be like all t^e others. She couldn't believe The hands on the clock passed TObl ° Ur as she la there sobbing. She slept, finally, in a fit- h i T. of way ' a Doubled sleep broken by thoughts of Jim. Once far into the night, she started to her feet, certain that she had he «rd knocking at her door. She sobbed again as she realized it was only a dream. The cold gray of AWY KIND OF MAGICIAN 15 ALLERGIC ' *i* XVWi.T .^i» .Q / I'M WTHE , CHIPS J GO SOU* wetje i »\t»'* ·/'/ii' OO TOME- IF HE SHOULD FINPMOf?LIN'5 G4STLE/ £S THERE'S THE SHIP WHICH WILL TAKE US TO ENGLAND; 1--Every *--Disease of plants »--Mischief (colloq.) 11--Organ of hearine 12--Monk U--Indefinite ; article 15--Pronoun IS--Nape.of the neck 18--Small bed 20--A state (abbr.) 21--Transport ,,, JT ' 22--Many times 39 --The sun 26--A. roll of -tobacco 27--365 '· tion 29--Covered part of a motor truck 30--Calm 3t--Conjunc- tion 35--Exclamation to attract attention 36--Of greater age 21 - « -Prod 21-- Note of the 31-- Choke up ^ 32 ~ Inactive Aniwcr lo previous puzzle (India) ·40--Bricktay. er'stool --Microbe Down 8-- Shreds I--A sprite 2 -- Smart 3-Whitewlth , » £ « . , 5~A petal i etter «-- Man's name 17-- Note of the ' -1 TM scale ,. "^' m -" she called, rousing a the beat of the porter's footstec outside her door. Then realization possessed her brain, realization that it was a new day and that she must face it alone. She lay for a long time staring at the light creeping so hopefully in through the shaded windows. A new day! HOW would she ever go through with it, and with the endless, pointless succession of days to come? What use trying to go through them, something deep withm her cried out and, finding a little comfort in the very strength of her despair, she turned over on her side and slept again soundly this time, her breath coming quickly now and then in little sobbing gasps like that of a child who has cried itself to sleep * * * "' It was almost nine o'clock -when she awoke again to the shrill, insistent ringing of her room phone Trembling suddenly, she picked up the receiver and breathed a hesitant "Hello!" "Hello, girl." It was Jim's drawl that came back to her. For a moment she couldn't answer. "Oh, Jim! Jim!" she cried then. ' ''Why, girl, what's the matter?" i he tears in her voice must have Car -, I H ecl over the wir e- "Ave you up? he demanded. " C a n I see you?" see ,."TM be rl 'ght down," she told him. "Watt in the lobby." It was the quickest dressing she had ever done in her life. Discarding her rumpled suit, she supped WHO re me aMf fume/I MAY3MASH · - TJfffff OIMIHKL KULE - Of A - AKILLEK 7T HMtfSH · Tii£ MASKED 3-f '^ ;«? 'Z-9- * ^^ I VLt PRACTISED SEVERAL K1ND5 Of MAGIC MYSELF- BLACK, WHITE AND " -- , PINK ^ 1-7 SOMETHWS fELLS ME ·you Dorj'r e=LE\E i OEAULV AM PEIATED ""^""'^OLD"' * 1 Traser HAS ; A FEW 4 MONKEYS! =/ -TXK-\ ^OP 5H-H-H/I HEARDA FOOTSTEP/ MAYBE OAKY 15 BACK/ --i ; ^a .L. j*^. ,. . VirflCTtf · S^Sm- FIRSTSMOTGOTHirH.BUT 1 LL MAKESUHE' ^J»j»TT,,Ar. . *» «!«l" ! « , . J MOPUN/ 4 a\ .""·'· LOOK HOW BRICK-BUT OUR FRIEND", OLD FUNNV-FACE, IS *-- JUST BEHIND ^ **" C . v /N 4 ~jy- ·xl OON'T W3RRV, NQTHIM6 CAN L SEPARATE \)$~ ASAlM: ixesmcf MOUETOM/IKE CCSTAIM UF ' ·££%3FS^i^ s »' ls ?TM P WB.V.-I WAS JUST 7WINK1N6- UNCLE PUIU WILL. BE RBTUgNWS SOOH--SUPPOSE ME REFUSES TO S1SM (Due QUAEOlAKtS 1 '" CWEE TO /HE * i i; Atl, StiUCKS - ME WOUUDM'T THAT, 1 ffi"W NCEONTOeWEBRED IJHc LOME RflMSER 15 DEAD! . £He£6 THERES ' CASH. AND ( DO RAD/ LETfe HOPE NOT -^BU SEE, I'M /MERELY LOQKIM6 OUT FOj? YOUR IKfTEPESTS.' EiZ-rtlOTHES. WOULD HAVE WAWTED . IT -WAT WAY "?.v JUST fOK THE FUN OF IT HUH? WHY, suppose wE^VSo'^ /^-i-^ 5 COI1PT A00.1T rr _ I I ' ^ L GU £S5 COURT ABOUT IT -- WOULD TtlU-uH--TESTIFY AQfllNST VHO.E PHIL, FOR fffc AND /MOTHER? · WOULD , » n* 4. r. sa c..j,. !,,, l'/ -O"T ^ v^ ' -rul R f^ fl V.^ vr °- Rt " JD UPA l-THE STEMMEPS, ONE By ONE- AN LOCK. 'EM UP SOMEPLACE . --· -G£T SOW- ^x/lSA ^, -'ST OF VDU co\^/Boys COME -\. ' il ·»«St i?). -- fc^ -a». /is ,v ,^a r, TXE LOVELIEST WEDCXNG PRESENT OP ALL, AUNT JENHy. " (TO HERSELF: '"BUT i oor/r LIKE* JH/S coffes.' ' HETHEt DOES , 7TM1 JUDGING BY THAT LOOK)} p A " -^d^m '"·· r -- *sr*rnrr/ KMKI (JK . ALL.' CANY EXPECT TO HAVE GOOD COFFEE WITH THAT WEAK FLAVORED BRAND OP VOURS. YOLPVe GCFT TO HAVE FLAVOR-MO PLENTY OF IT- TO START VWTH.' -/3 *r**\ rrrrf LA^ti MOUNTAIN ,' GROWING /V.AKE SO MUCH DIFFERENCE ? 'CAUSE CERTAIN HOVHTAmS SEEM TO 6E NATURE'S c^^s^ sq £rT 0G 3Sag3fSS, IN ACTUALLY USE 4 CESS AND STILL GET HONEV.. mtsis 1 WHAT I CALL REAL COFFEE.' , M31/RE (MORVELOUS A ri PRAISE AUNT JENNY, NOT ME, OARLING' SWf TDLD /ME E12St? STTC1 S.' I SAW RIGHT AWAY ffOiXjat^ WAS WHAT YOU LOVE ' BIRDS NEEDED .'THAT , fAOUNTAJfl GOWJV FLAVORS BEEN KEEPING My JEPF KAPPY AT BREAKfiOST FOR NIGH s CWTO 5O YEARS/ ^^ VfefJ

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