The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1913
Page 2
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tt-(»«f«MlMIW1Wt*J m Vt^Ktffi :C - l» i · i · · W. WEAVER SON G. W. WEAVER SON OUR STOCK PRESENTS PMS^d Qift S^gestipias and Then Some For Father, Brother, Sis FGE MO fHER OR WIFE TABLE ^ TJlf^X ANTTNAPKINS ' - V.'e arc showing a beautiful'"line -of Table -Danjssk; r with' Napkins-«t6 match. You cannot go wrong to decide on a tabls 'e'Ksth p'-t ap in a Christinas box-- w:.h pr-css to suit all--75c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1-50 per yard. Napkins, to match $250,. $3.00, S4.GO, $5.00 per doz. 2lie.rceriz.ed Daniask with Napkins to match. S5c to 50c per yd. r Linen Damask Table Sets, 2 to 3 yds., cf fine Damask with 1 doz. Napkins to march, $i-00 and .$6.00. 'Linen L'unfch Cloths 4^4," 5'4, 6-4 at V Linen/ -·; Da-cask, ,L unch- Sets,. Hem Stitctierf and-Sca-ieb ^edges in 36 k 36 and- 45 x 45-1 doz. Napkins to match-;at $3.00, . iansn.'Sck^f^'". 5 ?. 12 ^^' and Centers, s f zes~fro7;i iydvYies to'36 x 36 Cloths. .embroid- cry, SOSKC "· ·*e- ::ii-bsaHtifal .eyelet round and scalloped edges, by Drawn Work, the piece or set. Mexican ClVnxvPl'auen'and Renr.aissance trinisned ^pieces. / . . ^ 6rci-l variety from special low prices to fine. Special Towels for Gift giving. TOWELS Scecial Linens for Gift Giving. DOWN COMFORTS LAMBS FLEECE COMFORTS COTTON FLEECE COMFORTS MARSAILLES, SATIN FIGURED OR CROCHET COUNTERPAINES With cut Corners or Square. All Splendid Suggestions. neStstOL-linens, we ^si" a^naif G 6r iwo^'cf our beautiful " · · Read tKis List From , v THE CARPET DEPARTMENT Offers a great manyyitems suitable for gift giving, for ifis'tance, how about replacing that old ca'rpet with a handsome 3 x 12 Axminster : Rugy $20.00 to $29.50; 9 x 12 Tapestry Rug, : $11.50 to $18.00. Smail Rugs in every size and price. A greater choice here than the combined stocks of-eny three or four stores in Adams county. To make housekeeping easy ' and life onger: A sterlin Vacuum Cleaner $9.00. Dantley Vacuum Cleaner $5.00, $S.OO End r SlQ.OO. Bissell r N£iibnal v Sweeaer5, $2.50 tp GLOVES ;. Everybody-_r .wants/ ^.Gloves;,-, especially Winter Gloves. Men's Lined, Silk Lined and Plash lined Tan and Grey Reindeer, $1;00. Men's Dress Moche and Cape Gloves 51.00, $1.25 and $1.50. Men's Wool Knit Gloves 25c and 50e. Men's Wool Gauntlets 50c. Boy's Leather Cowboy . and Scout Gauntlets 50c. Boy's Wool Lined Cape Gloves, 1 clasp, $1.00. Boy.'s. Cape, unlined, $1;00., . : . c- '····'· ; ; SHIRTS;;'";."..:;·""·.' " Correcl'Patterns, full made--and they t. r \ : ", : v ; -;';]:.- r ; : ,..^ ;: r .-..-.:. : .- M · 20 'styles'and patterns,,. MonarchTi'and voird'ale'at .$'1.01)1 . ,. .. ', ..-.-, "50 \tvles doat;and. Negligee EL .31. -*Fashion'' a Sl-00 'value at oOc. Blue sndiGrey JFlaimer ?siirts ? LOO and $1-25- , 20 stj-les Boys' R. M. Shirts, full cut, 50c- 10 styles Boy's Blouse Waists. 5Gc. Grey ; ahd,Scarlete;?---; - ' ;..-.'-.-.^ i';.-' 5 --"^ : :i "White. Grey and Plaid, full size, at every between ;i! Sewing Thread Warp, ' ' size; Wool, at $2.50, $3-00 ·:?Wool^Isap ! -;-iBlahkets, every thread cotton faB^s8 / 5roce§?ed,asJ;o,a.ppea7; I ,as ' a . Q u i | e as warni, , . I , $2.00 to' $3:oO l4mbJHe.ecg filled Comforts from $2.50 -^- r ^ Hii:i»mx-e. . Ohio Electric Cleaner, the mar- C-. is.c-aj' sr-ii "C ';;:·. ^.-?.ic5 .-.t»n :,'.;L' £O et. g2o.OO. " " . ' · ' ' ·-.--!·«. rfit?sriSi=-- f».'.----!. .^.vsrA-c-s ro «- ; Red Star D'ustless Mops, $1.39. ·i?:-^:- ni vvrt-rv - I.^izzard Dnstless Mops with 1 qt. can of . . . . _ . fc^.iz-es, $9.00 Wool.FibreJElugs, in carpet_siz y-.'.'^j,.-. «;;'.·-.; 5--- ;... c·,--:.-.. ·:-·...---£ to $11.00. = i u u - - , . Novelty, ^iz.ef...,., .._..-_, _.,.j|or;deres^beautiful Portieres--single and dfiuble" djoor, . Rope and Tapestry, -2/i5,tp,|i8-bo^. L,.,.. ^ce'jpartains." Over""80 stj'les' to select from, and at any_;price you wish^ to pay'"from 40c· to'"?6.50" pefpair. " : Couch Covers- Tapestrj; _and_ Kej "" " ;.v^y_es""ouc to" $5100. SHIRTS Men's Gating- and Muslin Night Shirts jOc, 7-5c and $1.00. ' Men's Madras and Outing Pajamas 1.00. . . s - r i f f -jv-TiK-'-nv · z-yz.G'1' A^C SOG 5ft-,- "Wbrkine Shirts, "-lumBo" bfafiS, 50, ·*-^*lii-~ -."·:·: x sodLnit L-;.:aa ffua ·.-?i«rjKirr 'Men's '"Coin "Purses. Folding ami Tight ,-...=· -;---, !-.rr£^.;;T--''S!.'q PtZf.iS-i' .MGlf.vei ' i l l Books, various shapes arid sizes, 2oc ap. Pre^derii"; Serise'*, 5 "Easy'' and "Sbirly;' Bands" : and Hose Supporters. gifCI'GJiHstmas boxes, 75c and Sl.OO- - : NECKWEAR " · JL3 '·;"!- *.'-fR" isii.W'A f.z~*r-^ sao- sriRA "Ove*"100 uafterns and styles newest -^sm .'-oii: ---'.I'-if-i' i o:«i : «. sue- TJawr sha'Des" New Flowing Ends and Straight -.*t-i '-M-'-i yU-U.S 1 .-.* W;-3 = pr.^i=t" l,; - ' "- . Fdttr-in-Hands, - - = . 25c'ahd 50c. W.H.TIPTON, Photographer, 20 22 : Chainbersbiu-g, Street - FORCHRISTMAS J IF IT'S A PHOTOGRAPH i you want, go to v TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic If you want a familiar Scene for an absent relative or friend, you can find it among our N A T U R E S E R I E S of the PICTURESQUE about Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. These a j. peal to the cultivated taste. Tale iniu consideration also ''Gettysburg: the Pictures and the Story' 7 New edition, over 500 V ews, 5Gc, by mail 60c- and : the new FOLDh R of 24 Cilor.-d Views, 15c. Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings etc. Picture Frames rnade to order. The very latest in Mouldings. W. H. TIPTON, Photographer,'» The Citizens Trust Company . r - Of Gettysburg I S : FRIDAY. D^pEMtJER 125ii.,. the ; Gitizea5 Tru^t, '·.) -nYiny" muled ""their handsome Christ-ir.-as : ;I-.ecks arnt-untin^ to over $15,000- -to the 597 {'ntri'n^ oE"ti:elr ClIRIST- . MAS SAVING FUND This vast sum of money Tras saved during the year by the people" of ·bar town depositing in the Trust Gompmy from one to five cents on each share every. : Sut-:ar«3ay daring tJie year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY has proved so beneficial to al recipients that the series for 1014 is now open ar;d those who deposit their pennies will "have the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask ail good citizens to help us. . HARRY L.SNYDER, Treasurer. of ValuaWe Real Estate and .^ -Personal Property. On SATURDAY; PECEMBEK 20,1913 the undersigned, will stll- at : public sale at 'the late residence of Mrs. George Kump, deceased, in Franklin { Township, Adams County, near .Wilr low Grove," the following personal property, to ·wit:--- · . ; Four beds and beddings, tfiree bu- reas, two corner cupboards,' three tables, two chests, dining room table, Xwalnut), ^ doz. cane-seated chairs, fivfer'rbcking chairs, one half doz..glanl^ bottom chairs, 20 yds. fag; *carp«t, gopjcook stoye,_ ten plat%-,stoye»,tubs* eir-iatensi!s, canned fruit, Vinegar, apples^ potatoes,-corn;' barrels,^ r t6wels,' table cloths, napkins, quilts, comforts, pillows, shovels, axes, saws, wedges, chains, e.; also lot of chickens, and two : hogs, crocks, lard, cans, pictures, two copper kettles, glassware, queens- waiv ^nd many other articles too numerous to mention. A credit of four m_6hths on all purchases of " $5.00 or over. At the same time and place the following real estate will be offered, vizi- All the Tract of land, kaown as the George Kump farm, situate, in Franklin Township, Adams County, Pa. near Willow Grove, about two miles from Cash to wn^ adjoining lands of Sharrah Bros., Wm. Forsythe, Peter Kump, Any Lochbaum farm, and others, containing about 62 acres more or less, improved with a two-story log weath- erboarded house, frame stable and put buildings. This property is located in the famous Apple Belt, with 175 bearing frees, (from which was sold §600.90 of apples" this year); also lot of other fruit trees, such as cherry, plums, pears c. in bearing condition. ·_ This property is nicely located, in fair state of cultivation", with plenty j jf good never-failing springs at buildings, and timber for fire wood. It is Convenient to church, school and mar- Set; and will make-a most desirable hoi|ie. Possession can be given at any time. Terms of sale; 25 per cent, on day of sale or purchaser's note with approved security, and balance. April Special Christmas Sale For Early Holiday Shoppers STUDY THIS LIST IN SELECTING Y O U R CHRISTMAS .GIFTS Suite For Men, Boys and Children . j ' - ,, - - , ' - · · , · ; ^~? :···:·;· -"\rrv--'-r--^^ :·!··- · '· Overcoats : ;".-.-, ^Biabbers^; ',-/, J Hats ,., Raincoats Shirts r * i : £ - Caps . Shoes (for everybody) Neckwear (in. fancy boxes) Suspenders '. Fency Vests Handkerchiefs Sweaters Umbrellas Gloves Underwear Felts Boots Gum Boots Arctics ; Do your shopping early and get the best selection O.H. LESTZ, Corner Square Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is the time to fill your books and get youself a ; gift. PUBLIC SALE of Personallproperty"; - ' 1st. 1914- Sale will begin at 10 o'clock following personal propertv to wit,-- " ' - - -' I -r%--tl i » _ f * _ l » ? - 1 _ . _ _ (tools, full set of butchering tools, -1 j coooer and iron kettle, wood saw, com-. Ibination vice, 1 work bench, washing . THURSDAY, DECE3IBER 18th, 1913 J machine, 2 pair stilliards, couch, fia; : " The undersigned ^si-ill sell at public i ^P desk sale at the residence of Mrs. M. F.!^3^?^ Rebert on Carlisle street extended, the LAWRENCE KUMP.. Rubber tire Falling top buggy, 1 1 set single harness, 2 sets fly nets, 1 . . . - ! heavv horse blanket, 2-1 horse culti- Atty-in-fact-fdr the heirs of George j va'cing plows, 1 horse spike tooth har- - 'and Katterine Kump, deceased, Big-! row, corn shelter, 90 bushels corn, ii«-;ii« T- | grind-stone, wheelbarrow, mousing i scythe, 2 sets ice tongnes full set of | carpenter tools, full set .of -. cement lerville. Pa. George Martz. Auctioneer. hanging brushes, seam rollers, gas; iron, lot of-carpet, 1 six foot table,extension table, buffet, sink, range and pipe, glass jars and dishes, and many other articles too numerous to mention. . Sale to commence at 1 o'clock \vnen_ terms will be made known bv C. H. REBERT, -, ' Ad*ninistrator.- I**-* 'Ml :mas ; Gifts FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN - · - ' '-. · · · ·' ' A - - · f -· .... - _ _ - . *·! - - . . . »-. .. : . __^._ ·;. · - - - . · i^xfc.-*; .tf-fftc-afar^a.:. ··#? .ft : ^.. . Everything to V/ear but Suits of Clothes PUBLIC SALE I mule. 7 head of cattle consisting of 3 S? i cows; 1 Holstein-was fresh in Ocip-'iH^ NECKWEAR An immense; line at 25 and 50 cents. Everj- 50 cent .Tie in a beautiful bore. - MUFFLERS Of Wool and Cotton with a snap button in front, at 25 and 5.0 cents. SILK MUFFLERS Folded or open, from 50 cents to $5.00 COLLAR BAGS Of Lsatner- from 50 cents to $3.00. : ;;. SUSPENDERS :: ; - - At 50 cents in single boxes- GLOVES .-Of every kind.from the cheapest heavy work glove to-the fine dress kid " ' glove, or the most expensive - . . - · . genuine fnr gloves. HANDKERCHIEF WALLETS Of "Leather, with three handkerchiefs : for $1.00- COAT SWEATERS From 50 cents to $6.00. FUR COLLARS T"cr the man who does winter driving. SUIT CASES AND BAGS An extensive line of imitation or genuine leather- FOR LADIES SHOES i i -Tie.ever practical gift--subject to ex~- change for anything else in the "!.. - store. . HOUSE SLD7PERS AND SHOES · "· - Of Kid or *Felt and''Indiair:Moccasins. PAJAIVL4S AND NIGHT ROBES A good assortment of light and --'heavy weights. · . ' _ ' . . ' RAINCOATS · - ^' At $5.00 to Sl-5.00. HANDKERCHIEFS . .. .Cotton, Linen or Silk. - COMBINATION SETS ·--- -Attractive combination sets in Christmas . " ·' "" Boxes--suspenders and garters-^ · ; . initial belts and garters--garters - - '-.-.. ; in fancy cartons, etc., - . - - . - /.- - e'cc. ' COMPLETE LINES OF Pocket Books Umbrellas Shirts Underwear "Hats Stick Pins Cuff Links Shoes Overgalters Arties Beits Collars Cuffs Indian Moccasins Boots . . . - Rubbers Hosiery Orrtanna to CashtowA about inidway - -, -«· fc-T V " · --- -*^-y vuv, «-. ««^.»A(i.JL Vttf^ '^ifff, other a Holstem bull calf. The above 3©-: . Holstem cattle are all New York pi Lambasted. A ne-w trainer ivas engaged for the circus an 1 was told to put a lioc and a lamb through an act. He seemed nervous, and the next his boss asked him how ha got along with the savage "'IsoB. "£ure f 'me much/' he said, "but that durnedj four hours of careless strumming at lamb butted the daylights out of mel" j the piece. . . . . . . I . · ! | Vetween the two places, about one Ajile southwest of Flohr s Church on ... , , .. ., - - H.nt for Young Mus.ctan*, )the John p Bntt farnl the fo u ow i ng: Begin your practice with entires- j 5 head of Corses and mules consist- lasm. Don't put your practice off be- j j ng o f one family mare in foal to cause you have "plaaty o* time." Yon j March's Jack. This mare is feariess of cannot know your piece too well, but all road objects and works wherever .v w ~ 6 .,.,,. w .»».~b~ remember that one hour "of steady.'hitched; one bay mare colt, three the lion didn't bother concentrated practice is better than years old; 1 black horse colt, two · - - · - - years old, bred from St. Julius and my driving mare; 1 black mule colt, seven months old, bred from the family marc mentioned above; 1 good work State bred. 8 fine young" sheep; ~6 shoats. Sale to commence at one o'clock when terms will be made known bv CURTIN McGLAUGHLIN GRAPE VINE Sunday School will ?i hold their Christmas entertainment on Monday evening, December 22nd. | IVIUFFLERS Silk and Wool. FOR BOYS GIRLS - CAPS Hockey Caps, 25 and 50 cents. Aero-. "' plane Caps, 50 cents. Caps "with ear protectors. GLOVES Leather and Wool. - S H O E S -_.^-High Top Shoes- House Slippers of - __Felt orXeather, Indian Moccasins. Various-Colors, from"od: ce'nts'to ? $1i§0.""" MISCELLANEOUS Canvas Leggings, Neckties, Rubber Boots, Mittens, High School Pen- nan'ts, Etc., Etc. EckertV Store "On the Square. Gettysburg, Pa. If inclement weather Tuesday evening. IJt^,^.^^^ NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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