The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1818
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- t - LATEGLA&S. 450 sheets picture risss. ,."Je.?r . es Soatb - street Bib afHiJ o oooua. b - VV tweea Fulton ud Dey - slreetshsyejurt tiCMtf Crape Hdkft. 4 - 4 qure ' kan - r'.a:i CI...I. .,..1 HHbtV Black andcolur'd Ca'iton Crsrt arc Concan Whre and Macs: ana ssoriea rawis Infantine, plain acd fignr d; Florences Kembaxetts and Bomhaiin ;Thnlle Thread Laces, Edging and Footings Irish Linens,' Furniture Chin's UT. i:r - ... fit - ,. - Comprising general annrtiuent of fancy and staple nry goons. 1 - TEAS & SUGAR rU&T landed 50 chests hyson kkin tea. al Phoenn cargo. 15 hogshead Havana muscovado sugars for tale on reasonable terms c - y G. & T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Washington - street, , TO PHIMTEUS, rpWOor three PRESSMEN will find imme - X - diate and constant employment, 07 applying to D. FAN3HAW, Nos. 10 Cliff and 541 reed. mn IU M tiliJTlkV LAND PATENTS. OR SALE, an voselected lot of 70 land pa teots, located in the Illinois Territory, ani directly from the Soldier. ' Apply to KAflV I, oi. Uli1( mh 10 tf No. 39 Wall - street. WAITED, by the latter end of April, board for two person in a respectable private family, Where no outer ooarners are recenea. Two roomi will be required, which will be fur nitlwd bv (he advertiser, l'he situation not fur ther north than Chamber - street, letters ad dressed to E W. at the Office of this paper, nam inir situation, &c. tic. will be iminedintely at - tended to mb 10 3tt BOARD WANTED FROM TDK FIRST OF MAT RBXT. AGKNl LEMAN ind lady, with twochildrsn and "en ant, wish for board in a private family. Tliev will reauire two good rooms un furiui - hed, nad, if desirable to the family, they will only dine with them. A line addressed tc A. C. aod left attbi office, will meet with at tentioa mh 10 4t MILITARY BOUNTY LANDS. TMJE Subscriber will pay the highest price in JL rasb to the latu soldier for their bounty land. jAiit.a u. wauswuhih, No 26 Water - street. N. R. J. D. W purposing to leave therity for ine 1.1 nois 1 erriiory, requests an uiose wno employed hi in to obtain their patent", to call and take up Uie same, or receive cash lor them. Will taKe any agency, business to the Ills nois Territory, relative to Soldiers claims, &c. Apply as above. loch 10 DfcC 3wt FKTIT and FOUKHT J HKES. - Lm. ffc"7 - JAA1E3 BLOOUGOOD ., - .has lor sale at his Nurserv. at Flushing, (L I.) near Mew York, 1 inrgr assortment or the moit hi) lurovtd European aid A inn nun orts of Apjile, I'ear, Cherry, l'luioh, Pesrh, Apricot, Nctv rriard Uuitice lrees, vtithan assortment ' ( Koret i rees. A vers larsu asscrtmpnt of Peach Trees, pcr - fectlr healthi, and ol vigorous growths; catalogues of which may be U.I of THOMAS BLOODCinOD, JSo. 208 Kront - strttt. Where orders left will he particularly etUnded to, ami trees cmfully parked and delivered free of freight, at Crane vVliarf, New Y rk. Fnnted directions will be furnished thos who purchase pearb trees, which, it' attended to, will eoalilc (liciu to preserve a large proportion of ti'eir trees in a healthy state, - and to have peaches in as sreat plenty as formerly. n.hl0d&c3v ri0iO'iK:iVV will be ptitilishad and fnr sale J. by KIIIK ft MERCEI V, No. ft Wall - street, MARCUS ON BANKING, io answer lo th n port of Isaac Picrson, Esq. Chairman of the Ccmii.i'treof tlie House of Assembly, on the currency of this st. - te. mh 10 JO Lhl, A new two story house in Chamber - it. built in the most modern style ; the first story with mahogany and folding tloort, and elegant marble mantle chimney piece ; finished bedrooms in the garret : vaults in front and rear ; cistern and an excellent well of water ; with eve - (convenience that a genteel family ran desire; built iu a particular manner for the owner. Inquire of THEOD. FOWLER, mhlOlw No. 66 1 - 8 Liberty - street. FOU S.iLt, At J lie lease vi uie iivuiu oiiu ljui tv t Ti 1 r 1 1 11 . t v tf liar. iay street, 34 years unetpired, subject toa round n. nt of $ 1 50 per annum. The houte is two stnricihirh. filled lu with brick ; two rooms on the fir'l fluor, four on the second, and two bid rooujj in the g.trret ; a pantry and wood cellar, s gooJ cistern in the yard, an J a caoa way lead ing thereto. Also, a small stable in the rear of said lot. Enquire at Ho. 181 Water - street, mh 10 lw - PRIZE Ll&T, Medical Acience lottery No. 4. 45th days drawing. No. 8887, 500 ; 3440, f 100 ; 9545, $jQ 1065, tM. Bith - old at ALELN'S truly lucky office, .so. izToroauway. men iu 1 riACIK'S 45th drawiug : 0ti7, 500 ; 3440, 100 ; 1065, 9545, 50. Sold at GracieV mh 10 CALCUTTA GOODS, tc 150 bales Cal cutta Goods, viz. Gurrahs, Sannas, Cnssas, iaiias, Dauaannoes, mna 1 na Lungee uaais. 300,000 lb handsome Batavia Coffee 6000 piece long yellow Nankeen 60 tons Old Sable Russia Iron ' 8 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 38 bale Upland Cotton 40 ton Campeachy Logwood l pipe buil) Madeira Wine 11,000 Marirass and Calcutta Gnat Skins 150 boxes Chocolate, Ground Fustic Senna, Gum Copal. Mustard Seed Assatictida,CastorOil,GumTrajacanth eal Asnmuac, 4c. r or sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, Oih3 38 Konth - etreef. 13 UM, GIN, Ai.c - 20 bhds and 60 bbls. 1st JL a, proof new rum 40 bhls Country Gin 30 pipes Gray's Brandy, for sale hy JACKSON li WOOLEY, mh 3 75 Wall - street. WALSH ft GAuLAGHLU, 66 ioulh - it offer for sale 140 hhds prime old Richmond tobacco, nrin - eipally of mperior quality and in entire parcel (00 hhJs new do 40 do prime Kentucky do 300 kegs richmond manufactured do, various oranas and qualities 200 bbls Richmond flour j00 do Petersburg do IS6 bold Holland duck, 25 cask claret 30 crates earthenware, assorted 50 casks English dry white lead 3 butts best London porter S4 cask mustard, 5 puncheon bare skin wrsanis medium printing paper - - - v an ran .ln 1 X. 9 prew pa pen", &c mcb 3 13 FIAXShlkl, i, RVjSjVV hM. a .V r. V for sals by ,nu uu wniie DesLia, HENDERSON ft CAUINS, 81 Pine - st. Fth urn JL J q - t .' ia RLUE NANKI.NS - 3000 ns. for sale by fcbn KURD Jk rEW ALL, " . 65 Sooth - street. 4 s M.1JYJfA ItMATTS. Cases flukey manna 2 do manna ia sorts 12 bundle (aboat 600) small round mails, landing and for sale ry - G. G. k S. IIOWLAND, mch 9 " Washington - st. 171 KEN tH GOODS. A small invoice consist - J. injj of Merino Shawls. Lerantines, Gloves Silk Hose, arid Cambricks, received by the Eagle, from Havre for sale Dy F. b It SHELDON & CO. mh 9 lw 140 Pearl - street. l I OtiASSKS. 100 hhds. new crop Havana XT. I Molasses, lanuing irom ue ong nooert, east side ol trie uiu - ina. 1 or aaie uy mb 9 N. It D. TALCOTT. FRENCH GOODS. - Just received per brig Eagle, from Havre, 60 case French good, consisting 01 Figured and plain Lyons and D'avegnoo Flo rences Figured and plain Virginias and lerantines Black satins and satin pelongs Black and white tulle and elegant atin games Black uoreuunes, UJure hull Levantine and atin daran - k shawls Figured levantine and florence hdkfs Men sop. ribbed silk hose Men's and women's silk and kid gloves and ' silk armlets 8ewing silks and twit Thread laces, Black galloons . White crapes, Silk braid Elegant garniture and fringed and plain rib boos, lor sale by - BENJ'N. F.BABCOCK, mrh 9 1 w 13? Water - st. cor. Pine - it. - OUGAR. 131 hhds and IS bbls first quality kj muscovaaocugitr 15 boxes sup'r white do. for sale by N. L. k G. G HIS WOLD, mh 86 Sotill. - street. WUiEU, COT'IVjY, OIL., he. "ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Murray's wharf, offers M. for sale : Old Claret in cask's, fit for bottling, and enti tied to drawback Do do cases Madeira wine in pipes, some of superior qua lity Old L. P. Ten riffs wine,' ia hhds. and qr. casks, of a quality and flavor nearly equal to iaucira Sweet oil in bettics, and New - Orleans and Uplaud cotton, in lots to suit purchasers. mh 0 lw ALCU'I TA GOOD. - . A small invoice of Calcutta irnotls, consisting of Calcutta Checks, Mamoodjs Bufus. Sunns and Currahs will be landed this day, and for sale by G. G. & S. IIOWLAND, mh 9 77 Washington - street. C - iTALOMA & CULM&HAJi HLXE. (J8 pipes fjc alalouia wine 15 halfdo ) 50 half quarter wUs Colmennr wine ' Landing from schr Fair Tra.lrr from Savan nah for sale by POTT li M'KINNF, inli 9 56South - st. TOBACCO - 3 lilids. North Carolina Tuhac - L 10, lor sale hy k. j. w. it a v tnrufti k mh 9 CO 40 CUT7UA. Bales prime uplaud cotton, landing from schooner Fair Trader, for tale by GRIa WOLDS ft COATES, mrh 9 68 South st. BRIMSTONES Vt.KVjlLLlON 100 boxes roll brimstone, 5 cwt. Vermillion 5 hhds glue, just lauded from ship Garonne, from Trieste, for sale by U. b. 6iO. tlOWL.AIU, mch 9 77 Wahiugton - st. U7HISKEY. 40 hhds aod iiO hbls l en,. - sylvaniaRje Whiskey, landing irom ch. Express, at Old - slip. For sale by JACItSUiH St mh 9 3t 75 Wall - street. .11 OLASSE.S. h0 lilids MolHSses, landing 1 f L from scliooner Eiw. D. Douglass For sale hr JACKSON ft WOOLLKY. mn Jt 75 Wall - street. I NLllGO ocas b ngal, and 12 ccmous first i qeality Flotant Indieo.encHIrd to rlebentuie, (or sale hy JACKSON ft W OOLLEY, inli v aii - sireei RUSSIA HEMP sndFEATHEKa. 20tous clean St. Petersburg Hemp 40 bales geese feathers, for sale on favorsl'le term', at 67 South - street, by mh 9 3t CUNNINGHAM it BAVI.IU. KUaSlA iHEETlNGS brown and hal bleached Do. narrow diapers, for salo by the bale at 67 South - street, by mh93t CUNNINGHAM ft BAYLIES. CIOTTON ft RiCE iti bales prime Uplani Cot too and lit tierces prime Rice landiac from ship Mary Augusta, for sole hr GRIS WOLDS COATES, mh 9 68 South - street. a u k JI, hhria Oiiorrilrna Rnrlr. ol vfinr su I J nerior oualitv nrincipally J . T. Bray brand lust received ana lorsaie oy mh 9 77 Washiogtnn - Street. m ANUKACTURED TOBACCO 431 kegs IV 1 landing from the schr. Weymouth and Xsa live, from Richmond vix 118 keg branded J no. Endert, 8 hands No. 1 7 d do do 1 - 5 douu I rolls 15 60 74 108 54 do do do do do P. Miller ft Co. 8 hand No. I do J. G. Esre 8 hands No. 1 ft t In it. I'ftntor , do do do D. R. Rou do No. 1, t, ft 3 do do J. ft P. Lahhy 8 band CORNS. DUBOIS. For stile by mi, 5 tut TOTTON 84 bale of pnme new crop op landCottoo, from Augusta, for sale. Samples may be sesn at 148 Pearl - street, up stairs. Feb 17 siOTTON, DEER SKINS, ftc. - t bale Sea J Island lyotton 1 1 bundle Deer Skin I (ierr nrl I hhl. Fnrs 14200 Stave nnd Headine., afloat, and for ale by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO leb tl A it y 1 HJi lUl) I boxes bloom raisins $31 do Muscatel do 133 casks do 365 ceroons soft - shell almonds The cam of the schr Thomas Tenant from Gibraltar For tale by PAGE ft TRIPLETT, mh 5 lw 96 CofFse - Hoase slip f OGWOOD. 40 tons Campearhy logwood, 1J landing at pier An. 10, from orig recover, and for sale Tby JOSKPH OSBORN, mhS 18 South - street. N AVAL STORKS. COTTON, ftC. - 400 bhls. soft Terpentine, 300 do Tar 60 do ritcn, OO apiriis 1 arpeauo 11500 lbs. Argol, 15 baskets Tapioca 600 Ox Horns, 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce Fan, Otters, Miek, be. 9 bales 11. qaal. Sea Island Cotton 20 do do Upland do 1 tOHO hhd. Staves and Heading 100000 ti in. C. Shingles - for sale by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. febtS TOBACCO ft K1CE. - 100 qointals first qaa - hty Spanish Tobacco , 44 tierces nnsse Rice, per schr. aoain w - rxiiaa, for salt by Bh7 tJ fjath - strcst. ttrfrcitkt w ktrtr Jtr St. kusUUiA, St. TMt - r mi, er mnf wf At windictitd iilmUt, ' Ail The schr REVENGE, cant. RoUmts, V bnrih.n COO bbk ; is in compteU order or a voyage, and will lake frebt low. Apply on bjoard, at pier 40, or to mt 9 r. c. w. davenport i Co. SHIP 1'EklN. On Saturday, the 14th iuL will be sold at aoction, IMt &H1K rtitlN, 640 too register 1 has just delivered nearly 1000 tons of goods from India in perfect order. She is one of the strongest and best built ships in the U. State ; sail fast, is well found, and was newly sheathed in Liverpool the voyage previous to the last Will be sold on 6 months credit. Inventory can be seen, and the ship examined, by applying at No. 47 Central - wharf, Boston. mb 9 3t For nr. CHOIX, The ship SOUTH CAROLINA PACKET, Cartwright, master ; will positively sail on Thursday, the 12th instif me weatner permit, tor passage, apply on board at Pcck - ilip, or to mh 9 St Br.NJ. DE FOREST & CO. ' tVASTKD, Three or tour vessels from 800 to 1000 barrels burthen, to load at the souta - (or this port. A only to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, mch 9 81 Pine - st. tor JfEifRi, The rood, fast sailing ship MIR ROR, to sail in 6 divs. For freir'it ot 200 casks of seed or passage, hsving fine accommodationsapply on board, west side Bur - ling - slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 9 , 06 Eolith - street. Fr FHL1GU Tor CHAM LR, The ship ELiABETH, Morris A - dams inhster, burthen 21 tons, now ready 10 receive a cargo ; will carry about zoUO bbls. For terms apply to DIViE BETH I INE 8c CO. mh 7 92 C. H. Slip. tr'AA.VAH, 53iTho5. Swiuburn, matter, now lo.idiog at I'me - sirort wh.ilf, will m!et with immediate dis patch, having a ci - uidcrahlo part ol her cargo engaged. For freight of about 5.1)0 bbls. or p:i - i - .igw, having tiegant accommouations, apply ou board, or to GKlsVt UL.Ua U tUA I tiSt mh 7 bit S iiilh - st. fur Hale, Fremiti or Charter, The brig Fl N A N CI E U , G eo. Robinson, commander, a tine Philadelphia buik vcjtcl, burthen 3250 bMs. rails fa - l, is well lound, staunch and strong, and may tie tent to sea with little ex pence nhd without delay. For terms, apply to the captain on board or said brier, lying at east su'.e Fly - market docK, or at his lodging, corner Fulton nnd CI ff - streets. utu. KJl5l&u.. mh 7 lw FOli .SAI r., I he schr jKr'Fr.UMJA, tons, strong vessel, kiid in mid order. Apply to JOSEPH OSBOKyN, mil r an .oum - st. For Altxandnu, utorgrlouii, and If aihitig'on tjK The fine new schr. VALLOBIUS, H. J2ifcTa)lor, master, now ready to receive iKnla ul pier no. 10, and will he despatched in all next week. For freight or passage, apply ou board, or to DIVIE BETMUNE & Co. 1 mh 6 04 t.'nflee - bouse flip. For HA PA.YXA H, Tbe packet brie AURORA, Thorn - son, master, will sail on Sunday noxi r or frsiht or passage apply on board, caat side of Old slip, or to POTT ft M'KINNE, 56 South - st. Who offer For Sate, Old L. P. Madeira wine, in pipes, hhd'. and qr. cask. tn. h 5 For SaU, Freight or Charter, The good brig PI.AN1 EK, Irt7 lot. Xftfliborthen, one year old, stows 1500 bbl. i: a lery fast sailing vessel ami in coniplclr order to receive cargo. Apply on bowrd west side Burling slip, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, . mch 5 86 South - st. For BKLt'AST, 4Ai The brig N YA1PH, 170 tons burthen, JJfcJis first rate veseL tail fast and has good accommodations ; expected to sail in six Jays. For passage only, apply to N. L. ft U. UKISWULU, mch 5 86 south - st. Fur Sale. Freirht or Charter, Ak The ship LAGL'Ht , 260 tons bur - Vf lthen. stows 2600 bbls. ssits fast, is well found, and may be sent to sea with small ex. pense. Apply to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mh 5 86 South - street, Fr HAVANA, JM The brig MARY, Captain Brewster, AAla regular trader, and will hate imme diate dispatch. For freight of two or three hundred bbls. or passage for three, apply on board, at Fine - street wnart, or to mh 3 N. & D. TALCOTT. For MobtU and Blakelry, Tbe substantial, fast sailing packet sohoouer NASSAU, capt. Hitchcock, a regular trader, having two tnirds of her cargo engaged, will sail on the 15th iust. For freight or passage, having good acommodationt for ca bin and steerage passengers, apply to FETERS ft DERRICK, mh 3 29 Creutiet - rlip. For Hale, Freight or Chatter, A new pilot boat schooner, about 120 tons burthen, built in the best manner. copper lastened,and, in cosnplete order to receive a cargo. Appiyto Si. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mhS 86 South - street For Hale, freight or Charter, The ship MIRROR, 335 tou bur then, 1 3 ears old, lUft been hove out, and in complete order to receive a cargo is s first rate ship, and may be tent to sea with small ei pence. Apply on board, between r ly - .Mauket and Burling - slip, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, - mch 3 86 South - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, A new pilot boM built schooner, about 120 too burthen, built in the best man ucr ol good materials, and copper faittued, a very fast sailing vessel, and may De sent to sea at small rxpease .tf pp.y to . L. KUbKIVULU, mch 3 86 South - st. E TIARTULNWABE 71 crates aod cask blue painted dining setts A ssorted lost re ware Blue painted and Napoleon plates, for tale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRE.LF.NG ft ftARSOS. mch 4 rpUMULr K3. 30 small cues half - pint JL tumblers, for tale in lot tn suit purchas ers, by G. G.ftS. HOWLAND, mch 7 71 Washiotion - st. PAPfcR. 7 bale of a good qualus tor sal by CEBRA ft CUMING. mQ 4 id rnn - nrrm. OSNABCRG9 ft rArr.K. 1 Due srsna - burgs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale al 76 Fearl - sireet. ward it febU CUBAtTCi'iitnu TO EAKEB3. TUB Mbscriber affun 100 U1 of choice Howard - street tosr, the most spprovtd brands. , GEO. M.WILSON, mch T - 190 Water - st. VXTKAPHfttt rAPEK. A large supply of TV "reppsaej raperoi vanoos qsamies aoa sixes, for sale ia parcels to suit purchasers. Apply to G. G. ft 8. HOW LAND, mh 7 77 WasM net 00 - street. BACKGAMMON BOA K Da, Sic. A SMALL invoice ol Backgammon and Chess Boards, for sale hy ANDERSON ft SHEARER, At 131 Water - street. Also a few London made Pocket Book, Wallet and Ladies Work - Boaes. mh6tw F FLAXSEED 17 bhls. Flaxseed, lor sale by HENDEUSON ft CAIRNS, oih 5 81 Pine - street. 1 Q IRON. A7 Tons 8eedas iron 6 ton English flat Iron assorted sor sale by G. G.fcS. HOWLAND, mch 3 77 Washington - st. BOARDING An elderly lady also a gentleman, and his wife can be accommodated with apartments and Board in a private family and central situation, from the first of May next. Apply at this office. mh6 lw CHARLES SCHEKEH,Wo. 11 Warren - sl J Uttlvfrom Germans. Sfive LESSONS 00 the PIANO - FORTE. Reference, Uevd. F. C. bchaeffer, 210 Vi illiam street ; Thomas A.Ronalds, bookseller, 188 Pearl - street; T. A. Gutt - waldt, 44 MaideniLane. nih91w MAY BE HAD. From the 1st of May next, very elegant apartments, consisting of a drawing - room, back rnnni and nantries. suitable lor a small renieei family, or an elderly lady, on the second floor, which will be painted walls, and all in the best manner; they will be unfurnished ; board can be had in a small family where there are no children. The house is situated in one of the r - lesaanlest parts of Dty - treet, At present, erqiitre al uo. 60 Courtlandt - itreet. mh 9 3t A stable and roach - house to let in Park place. Enquire of JO Til A "VI s.11 1 n, mh 9 3t Broadway. rTA 'O Lr T. The three slory hrii k house No. 21 Wall ttict, (ext.rpting the ifms on ine urn nour Posiesiion given oa the fits' of April - J. 1'. I.KMOINE. mh 7 3t No. 5!7 W - i'l.str. et. Si TO Ll'.i, j.:.; A rnnvenifiii y - siorv rionte, in i rmi - . 1 r : aril, near Orunne - street. Inquire olM..IITMlM, I4K IVarl - sircet. innjjtw TO I.KV. UStil A twostory house, witn ai.arn nno me ... s . J Hires of land, situate ahuut two imn a 11:111 nine Irom the city, opimsite the - arsenal. T a person uhn ii in the Imliit of atli ndin: market nni M nilliiate tlie land as an early vegetable sarden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Ap - iilyat 3 Broadway. mh b tl JO J.f.T, A Tirrrn nnd Store in Kliishilie. at pre - tent orcuiiied by Mr. Win. Hiaw A;p!y to ml. 6 tf T. :ilillONS. TV LET, a 1 . I J . ...... ....... .I... ill 'a.ljfc. A OU lUlllieuiUlC Minffr.iu.i ... Iiusc No. 9 Pi - ail ttreet, together ih ttie sta l ie sud Coach House in the rear on IJridi:c - t. I'lie prt ii'isnare 111 complete repair iuiu nnve every co'iveiueiice ncesiuiy lor me arcoiuiuo diifon oi a family. For particulars apply 'to 4 pi )i if riv.i 'I'Tii. 1 RS. BROWN, le'riectfnlly revoiuinsuds to .l Ihe Ladin of Ou Civ, her moUinrt to tea - hing 11m: Systematical hand writing wr.icn has univ;laly presaited in England for Uie last seven yeaiS. I liese i.aaies sm with thi - ir preSPnl movie ol writing, lei ie evt - r so imnvrfact, will. n twelve le - s - ms write wnn neatmis awl dex'erity witlh.ut the troul.l of rul iiU tia.ii paper or the use ol lines. Ladies waned upon at iheir owo rusidence, and .irhnols attend - ed on application TERMS. Systematical writing, twelve Irssons, 10 Round hand do. for children, per quarter, B Pen making, taught ia one lesson, 1 mb 4 2w ' I SHE VMLr ORD ft OWH.O HOAt) LOT - I 1KRV. n which 70.0U) D)llar is the highest prise, will posit v ly cmnience drawing ou the 5lb Hav r.f Uy next. 'TIL KM S nsiir, In a variety of numbers, for sole st the Bookuore ar.d Lotterv Offii of ABRM. P. "B ROWER, No.t7 Maiden Lane, cori er of Nassau - street, at ths present. price 01 umimm . Prise Tick' t in wmer kittene taken iu pay "f general assortment of School Books and sta tinnary for sale as almv . 'h9 lw ,,.a iV HdVIl LOTTt.RY. And the next to be drswn, which will be tn a few WCeKS. MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. 4 UTHOKISED by the slates of New York and New - Jersey, rosmvej i cwniueiiu. drawineontho fifth of My next - io.isti uca eu only to be drawn in SO drawings. ... . nn , II. ' Price of ticaei mi uouui . 7o, - oo dollars" 3 dollar Kooo dollars .HIGHEST PRIZES. l,ono dollar 5,ooo dollars 5,000 dollarsj The Irst drawn number to be entitled to The first drawnon lh 5lh day . The first dr.iwn ou the 7th day The firsi drawn on the 1 1 h day ... il. - r. .l. - tvt, nnfl.ti lAln.lav t'AOO 5K)0 lO.OtlO 3ri,(X)0 7O.W0 rirL.t. - .. Ilnlvfl. Q - i ters, Liehths and Six tenths, f'Tsaleat Lottery and t.ic. - i,lce, N'o. 64 Maiden - I.ane. Where the Cash jaii he ohlsineJ for nil the Capiti.1 pii a s')on is (i. - awn. . Prises of other lotteries tihen in payment for tii kets, excepf thos .1 th W . Uss " Grand State Lottery," ns 't i - ailed, "Inch remnin unpaid at this m .m.r,., ... which was oo - whole year in drawing in P 'iiddr lphia mh 7 3t KF.W DhKS.SI.VG UOOM. A FRUMENTO, :. f Wall street, inst re - A t'inied from Italy, t.astlie honour to infi i i' the gentlemen, that he cuts and diessi htir in the latest style, and iu a it.hi ner s , to adopt to the phisi'.gnoniy. Hi has f r saleaq anti - tv of R AZOT.a of U CM qoiihty, if do not please on trial, li parchhser aie ut III ti's to return thero. nnd receive tl.em n y. Il. h. j - iicM - orured a vers IL.e h me. and en : 'e store razors to a very k een edge in - 1 sTi - mW thty not cut be wi'l re - Tire nr - reconiPence - ; - Those gentiemer. who my pi tse to honor bin. with tin ir patrci.agr, iusy dejiend oh the most particular and ri p;tfui alni Jance. IS. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter wi have their rarort ac. kept exclusively for them i!v - . P. ft. A .jod ioumrvaaa wanted. Apply (fir vtT, il. is ci . l - is 1 .1 sn A. ' " asabove. ' .K GRAND BALL At the City HotcL MR. CHARRUAUD has the honor tft a iom the irisdtee and Geatlesaeav that ea Wednetdsv sveaUi:. 1 Ith of March aexL his aav Unmi BtlL will take place as tte Asatav bly Room of the Crty - Hotef. la the coarse of the evcaiajr two ballets and several taacr dances in 1 I j 1 j I u 1 .. vwral of bis Mpiiss Tbe rooo will be elecsatly mil uvemiuustcu iin vimw vw nr. v.. ww - illuminated. - - Part 1 A pastoral divertiag Ballet. 1. March Lod"iska S. Fint entrance of the corpde ballet,, by It voiias - ladiee 3. Pu euf Allegretto by a your lady 4. College Hornpipe by a young feotlemaa 6. The Gavote ae VesUis by Mr. Charreaurl and a young lady. 6. Pas sue! andante by a young lady. 7. Pas da trois in tro by three young ladies. 8. Pas seel andantloo by a young lady. 9. Grand pas seul allegro by Mr. C. 10. Corp de ballat final by It yossng ladies. Fartt - Tbe ballet of Sabotier. or tbe Wood - ea Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Eaten a cake sellar Inst in th forest, t. ljtters Mr. Charruaud acting part of a clown 3. A pas seul by a yoanz lady. 4. Enters three Stbotiers and dance witn club and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. 5. A dance half comic oy Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dance , by S young ladies and . ayouug geotlema. 8. Grand solo with wooden shot by Mr. V 9. Final by the whole. Manager of the Ball. Mr. BiarL The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and Uie balluia ml 11 or. cisely. 1 icKenuiic uniinr, 10 nenauat mrs.ustion's 42 Broad tt. at Uie bar of ttie City HoUl, and at the door on that evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to daace in boots. mh 4 Ai GRA.SD BALL. MR. WHALE has He honor of making known to the Ladle mid Gentlemen, that U Grand annual Ball will lake plure ouTues day eveuing. the 10th rf Marcn. at the City As seinhly Room, City Hotel. In Uiucotirsu of tl evening a paatural ballot will be performed h) twenty of air. W's pupil, in which will be in troduced a varisty of elegant fanny dances, a J 1 . ..11 (. r...l.:....rTi. - .1 . I u. in cu a uio iuauiuimuie uawi ui jumiuw nnd Paris. 1. Le entree of the r.orps de ballet, by 16 young laairs ana 4 young genueraeu. t. Le luiure - conis de ballet 3. Minuet de Devonshire and Gavotte, as compared by Monsirm Veatris, by Master Whale and a young lady. ; ... 4. A pastorale p.K il trois, by 3 young ladies 5. A iiedtish ballet by 8 young ladies. 6. A rnssnue pas de ileux by Ihe Master Whales' 7. Minuet de la courand envntte, fa compo ed and danced by Monsisur and Madame Gardeh by 4 young ladle 8. Naval Hornpipe, by 4 young gentlemen 9. l.e shnv, I dam e, L v 2 voenx ladies 10 A Scotch thantruac, by s young lady 11 Gave tie de Vrstris, by 4 young ladir and 4 young geniioir.en 12 I'ruirrs Charlotte OjCWsles' Scotch itrath siiey iiiinuet, by 4 vouns ladies, 13 Cofsaune Hnrnnip - nv Master VV. Whale 14 Miuleue iii.lle Pnrisot's favorite hornpiH. by 3 J oung ladies 15 Allrniande frar.ruis, by three young ladies, t sij ic ni aniiuog luugnt ny ine most eminent professors in I london and Paris, peculiarly adopted for the elegance of personam! grace in carri.ige. 10 A grand pns sent, composed by Mr. W. nfler the style of Elder Vn.tns, by master Whale 17. Fiiiule by the corps de ballet Tirki Is, one dollar, to be had at the haroftht City Hotel, Mesir. Dubois, Wilson, Ac Devil's imiic stoie, and at ivli. bale's rtsuli nee, Mii, it nndcuater - slient. mar 3 lit FRUIT, rHEST IKKLS, 4 - c. 4fjJX3 13ENJAM1N PRINCE CO vnL!!!jVt - "ave lot sale at neir f?20ri,cr' Hushing Landing, (1 f iaUivi. near New York, tlieir usut ' i Si l" . ,, sen - , nnsiiins Lanome. (l.. I J l. near iew ior, iiieir usuainnu Ln, Zy'vH extensive variety ol Lurone Ajrn'fit and Auieiiian Fmlt sod Oni ma - stasrC? - " sa mental Tree. Also, a large col lection of 'iduHble Mirn'x 1'lunts ; they hive scvi - ral tlxm - nrd inoi.uiuieil Po.cit li - m Iii, ,i are in tin. lu - st healthy ititta - n' - l i"r? froiL any diitemi!, great attention has b. - .i vM t pieserre them frooi the yelLns, h';li ha dc - sti'oyed so many trees of Chut kind thro.houi the United States. Catulou l ef which i. aj had of Messrs hull, a, liiMvrsr.. i'j. 14c P.arl - streeL New York, or at their Nunnry. Orders forwarded toviihirnlacv will heunme diately attended to, and the Irtes, Kr. carefully and securely packed, so a to be sent to any part ot the nulled Mates, tvnn me are "en iuie tv. and deli veied at Crane wharf, New - York hv voter tree of fr. if 111. Also, for sale a tihoye, ILKK) beautiful Bulw of Gilead or Silver Fir T rees, they are a1m"t sure to lite when tranaolautpd. CO Al the grtit In ol Peach Tree by di ease, have de tared OirtiiV from planting them directions will be given to those who purchase them, whi' b if attended to, will enable them to preieivc their trees in a healthy state, and to have Peaches in a great plenty as in former year. N. B. Peach tree inoculated on Almond or Plum ttocks, is no prevent five against the dis - a, wncn ine renosyivania njrn:u lur.n ty, call the yellow. snn o uu,oi FRIUT and FQF.&HT THELS. 07 - WILLIAM PRINCE bai for ssie at ui nursery ai r lusniog. (I.. I.) near Wew - or, an exien sir assortment of European aoc American Fruit and Ornameo'al Trees and Shrubs. The Pearh Trees are ia the most healths statn and of good sise, many of them having produced fruit ia the nurwii tue lasi season. Catalogues ol the Nursery may be had at ine store or Messrs. T. ft J. SWORDS, No. ISO Pearl - street 1 Where orders left will be duly attended to, and the trees, ftc. carefully packed aad delivered, fr - e nr freight, at Crane Wharf. New - York. Printed diiections will be furnished those who nurrJinse rx - a.h trees, which if attended to. Will enable them to preserve a large proportion of their tree in a branny state, and to nave peacn e in as great plenty as formerly. mb 9 aKc oi GrJfTr.Kl. RojthlHXU. r7iRANKf.IV HOUSED Tliki new, spacious L snd snrMidi.l Build ing, situated in Bniad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the cny, at tne corner 01 ucy st will be opened by the subscriber on Ihe 1st Of May next, for the reception ot Hoarders. It i fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not suniusser!, f'r convenience sua eie gance, by rn.y p: ivate dwelling i - i the citv It occiipm the inot eligible situation, being rnniral n vir w f tlx - Hark and City Hall : tbe umier rartmeiit overlooking the whole town, commvnling a view of U.e dja - cnt countn for.circumf'.i cnceof :0 mile., incliininR jnr H,.W ,1, - V. inwi. and the Harhour 1 ana iru, believed that no House in the cotuitrv '.' Ifor IN it, either for elegance of sU uc 11 or ui - u:,ti.,nj and 110 esp nse iia - n i - - - cd lv the owner t - . nuke it cmnplfi. lor the pVpose, n every rcpret it will oT. r to . ' 1 . 1 !! iri.if 111V lilt city, tiiemosl genteel, pics,, - and Mired r.srtmcut Tne choicc - tofVV mend U'Vl . II he fiirnihhed. and no iroih,e - r expen: riis. - illll aTf'ltlCmnie IHI " P arid be spared to make Uie entei unw nt iJea - .at, rare and excellent. Tnis - a'ahl.slin.ent intended exclusively fr f.cnteel bo irding. MRS. HKNDeiliON. f 4 D tC tf L l' pi'i'islied ikI lur ..te ny T - m). ai.'O'.to. price 75 cents, au essay oaAosr - iican p':'ry, wiUi several uiii.lttntous piece a variety of subjects, sent 1 mi utal, d scripts? . mora, and palrioUc, by Suloin - a Brown, M. T i you, American ! the muse appeals ; For yon sue labours, and tor you she Iccls. mk it T. snd ll PUBLIC SALES. BY P. L. MILLS r Ctt , . Tbarsdsy ' . , A geaeral assortment of MRY GOOD8. . STJA M I1.IHXU im THE proprietor of th wuUet Burble qtnv - " rise, aear krs - Bridr - r. a - isa notice, thlt fh. - w K. - , - .7 - 1 :. - a . iinfi - antgt .Varbl, 14 Ie - 1 arcf, foot of Bsacli - atreet, oa th Hudion rirer. an sUiuive stock of marble lor bnildiag, of Use foUowiot; dm. CT11PJM, TU I Ashlar Coping FootKiition Stone Chimney - Pieces Faciogs , Coluinn W'aUrtabls Steps Platform fiills, LintaU Arches Also Lime of the best enality. 07 A constant sapply of Htm above eaaterials msv be calculntsu npoo; and those desirea of pdrclutsing, or BsklDg engagements, will apply . to EZRA L.UDLOW, Feb II : At Ur Yard. S'lREKT MASiLKE. Dr The contracts which are to be entered in to lor Ihe strswt manure, will rommcure oa the 1 1st of May next, lor I or 3 years, to be mention ed In the sealed proposal ; and the sweets are to be swept and cleaned, from th lt of March to the 1st of January, its every year. Feb 81 MECHANICS BANK. rr i be stor.noiders are ncreuy aounea tnat an slectiea for thirteen Directors will be heldoa the first TUtsday in April next, and that the poll will be opened at the Banking House ia Wall - street, al 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of the PtWmt and Directors. au.kS lv ruu r - ..k .... . , . V COFAKTIsEHfiHlP. " 07 The tubscrihers have formed a conaexiot', in business as Stock aart exctivaue Brokers, an ' ' derthe firm of LIVINGSTON ft! RACY.otfVcsj ' No. 29 Woll - street, laUly occupied by Davr port ft Tracy. VALENTINE N. MVINGSTOIf, VENRY D. TRACY. w LIUCUtS ANTHONY S I KEET . ' (P - tM Tuesday aext, 17th March, Mr. 31 ANISLA8, being wiabla) Irons the contracted slate of hi auuartmeuta. la Marhuir H.IL (mm .tl .1 I L : l 1 ui.h - inj, iiiv b i inurn lurca raceives, so 1 much n.piaose in Eatope, has taken, the circas . n - r a le - .v creaings, 10 order 10 bring lorward the celebrated ami so much admired Ne plus Ultra, .. or s'oiijuioT of White Magic. This surpriiiog. , and incoiuircheus.ble expeftwent, La esritsd public nduiiratiuu 111 Europe, and the Exhibitor , liunes it will meet with that armlause in thiiri. U, which was so liberally bestowed in Franc) ami England. Mr. 8. had the honor of present - ins Uiis surprising din every for the first line ia - 1HI2. before Ihe Kn, Dress at Vieiinii h - iiur conveyed his Pocket Handkerchief and VS sUh the dutance of 2 miles, titliDut leaving her pre . si nce, it rrvateif general salisinction throughout ' the Court, and strui k to forcibly oa the mind 0 ;. those rreseiit. that the v xave him tlieatinellatioa ol the kvonttrvjlM Age." t or furtfeer parti cula tee hills 01" the day. Mr. Medayer, la terpreter to the pcriorinancc. Door oiieo ai 6 o'clock Curtsins rise at 7. Tii ki t. Box 41 1 unmr boxes 75 cist nit SO rei.t ; children half prn'. ' mh W 8t 'I he pr - sent occepant of the house No. 3 w lure e - street, conreivi it her duty to apprise thegentlrnioo who ha hired i, that he cannot', hnv possession of it on the first of May, for reasons which she urcsuim lie will acknowledce perfectly satisfactory, if he will be so good ns to reea an interview wun fir. nose, atnu ouice, - at the corner of Gold and Fulton street bavins: .' ersnynd ia vain tndiscover who he 1 from tlw a - nilable owner, resort to tin medium as the last lr urre. mh 9 lw" ; , J llfDili.oiiwMr - i'Sfl. . ZERA1I IIAW1 y. llvtiiiao aod DoMM, . would iiilotm the inhat.itanti of Nsw - York, . that he ha taken un office at Ao. 31 Pearl - trret, wheie he will extract, than, jUi,tk and ut Ttth iu the raol apbiovrd manner, be will als - i prevent any irregularity ol the ec"odary tri h, i' upplicalinn Is made to him in season. He Gaiters hiniKlf, Irnai the s xptri - ac he baa Imii in his profession, that be shall be able to give , general taiislarlion. F' r character flit public are referred to Mr. . Geo. P. Shipinun, merrUnt, No. 63 Soath - itrecf, md uottor A. 1 vis, 0. zia l ean - streei. . ; Whom it may concern, (7 - Thi certifies, tbni Jr. Zttah Hawley Is regular bred ph slclan, and in good staniUng ' Willi his brethren lu Ibis place 1 thai he bat paid particular ultenliou to the art of Ventittry, baa studiud Uie best European woik ou the subject, snd has given very good satisiaction in thi branch. ,. to his customer, who are nennnsof tbe first re pectability in this city. VV Uierefore, witb en tire conGdtnce. recommend Dr. Hawley to the rltUeos of New Yort, as a dentist. Aaeas wiunson 1 cu ives Nathan Smith Jonathas Knight. Protestors of the Medical Institution of Y si CoJ College. New - Haven, Jaa ti, 1818; ash 3 tw IT T'LOUR. 2.00 bbls Flour, landing from schr. y Native, from Richmond, for su d, for Sble by VV. ft S.CrtAIO. mo 6 QFor StU, or Exthargt or proptrt) in Iht A FARM containing 60 acres, pleasantly situated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village of Newburgh The land is of an excellent quality, and with the exception of a few acres, has been .ceded with timothy and clover for mowing 1 it ia well watered by a . small brook that never fail the pluae abound. , with fruit of the choicest kind and in great va riety 1 the buildings are a house, bam snd o - thcr necesssry out houses 1 in point of pleas 1 snt n ess of situation and extensive prospect. Is not exceeded by any place on the Hudson river. The rapid growth of the village of Newburorh is renerallv known, the villsre Js . now bounded by the isrm on the north, and the first extension north (hich will probably take place in the course of a few years) brings it immediately on . to the farm 1 tbe advantages of such sn event speak for themselves. Also, within 2 miles of the farm, w scree of wood land 1 the wood is about 20 yeara growth and the Und U well covered with it 1 ' .a tlia lurifl niV tnis is a vaiiusoie acquisiison - the river. ... ' Alo, a farm in Coniiecticu 10 ine town os Guilford, at iachsmshead hart - or, ooniaioing between 60 and 70 acre. I n tano nisis excellent qui - htf, snJ the greatest part is Hi tt oiolhy grass. It is bounded on lures siaes uy ine a, wnica r.twnu otjiib ri,B ! - , saves mu' h fsucing. There it on tbe place bouse, bam and out - buudujgi. tutactenl for . inirposrsofths firm. For terms of Ui Newburrh properly, apvly Me - rs. t.u l. rowoi, ai mar place; aaa Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at Gu.llird 1 or fnr l.ti,, 'o the subscriber in Ncw - lork, at No. 181 Broadway. - IMKRY CALDWELL, ra. hC Daw4Cl4w , (O - WH EATON DA Vh, Fa:icy Cb - .tr Maii ifat - tuicrs. o. I') lfu!tjii - st ie. - opfw'te Pauls Cher ', oner for sale, wntei,s ai.d retail, a lrs and elegant - sortmesit ur Curhl Maple. flaia piii - ted aort oraanieut - d in aiiJ hjw nr, llsmuoo, I "hiu nd Gilt ba'S Hck - ing, "rewi - T,, and It M, Chairs, t ti", e - eee, Lonn;, MuMC Stools Ac. .. - rutasi rirdVrsfrrmany p,roMhecoiitiaeo executosj , ,th i,e - tiie.r and .disps'en. praajjeatej. . O! I Chairs repaired, paisite ana orsww - . . . Bib 9

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