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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, March 10, 1818
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fsir.voKK ErsttixQ post. ( TUESDAY, MARCH 10. Steam . - - W have just perused a pampb Ut lately published by Webster k Stunners, Albany, eutitled M A Viodie - aU, by Cadwalla - der D. Colden, of the EUao boa) right, granted by th ttat of Nw - York, io th form rfuu rwer to the latter of Mr. Duer? addressed to r BIr. CoMea, p. p. 178. Having formerly no - tic! that letter in a favorabi maimer, without however entering far into the merits of the prin cipal question, but which, I an aware, might have bean a meant of bereaving tt circalatioo, faimea requires that I should aot ia silence pan orer thi an wt It ia certainly a vary able productioo, writtea with tpWt awl ardor, but, axceptiDf dow and than, whao from the fulness of hii heart the author become eloquent, ia a ' (lain, bst correct, buiineevlike tyta, which - gty directly to iU object, witboitt itoppio; to study U ecproaMO. We rtaewledge thai we have eeUom rtfl a pamphlet witk greater rati. taction, On the maia quail of tb rteam - boat right, we have do difficult ia confessing that we are con vinced by tbia am wer wa hare bean under rery auttakea impressions ae to fart, and consequently have formed errwoaoot coudoaioa. Ta whole subject b browgbt forward, and placed to ao Jwst a point of riew, that he that root any read tad attderyUad, and if he does, I tee bo room for any difference of trplotoo. The author frankly admits, that he experica - cai a degree of fcaUagoa tin twbjact, without which be tay he can either write nor ipt&k He express) biewelf ia the fcBowiag aJecting I tare oo uMpowtioB, ( Mr. Colden, in mMil wiv Amen imiimi.iI fciiarast In (be mat. tor la oeulrovei - rf; Upee the faith of the lawt cHotiaf aad roKDnnhig the exciutiva right, I bare embarked all I am worth Id the world. When these tow, (!' eootiuuet,) had received the tucUoo of pre iiinereut legulaturet ; wneu tney bad been approved both a Jut ana couiu - t'lUooal by ami of our moit distinguished ttautaioa and J a rati, nod when, Dually, Iney had recciTed the annnieteui Judgment of the bignr niDunai la our state, 1 Invested in ln property they professed to grant, ana to protect all tha fruits of (ire and twenty yean of the most unremitted application to a laborious profession At a time of hie, and with acooititu - tioo, which assure me that I could not io long pursue my accustomed nam's of application at to be ru to make any ne w prormon tor an advanced tge, or the Aunily I might hare, it mutt be axrected that ny present interest will influence aiy fi llings." After thi brief and intnreftuig account of hi circumstance and cinotionii, he undertake to shew that the comaiiUeo were jujlly chargeable Vihthe partiality and prejudice hr bad imputed to thsm in hr Life rf t'uUvn. He thn Coutidcr the various otni - clions v:h;ta wen maJe by tre vomiiiUteo to tha law granting in FultuO aud bit heir the ex.iuiie riivilge U navigate the iratcn of tlu'i ttatc by, and Wl.i h are enomrnted under tbo fsllowiug head " K!rt, that the jr.i - t a ioi:"i!iUc,iu. - umatli ai it wae Uiv grant ol a mjtioiuy. heuuidly, h if wae mi In in derogation oi tMngnteot John i itrh Uii Artt law in vorot blr. L.riijji'un lian.ij prrvioui to the rfnr'ioh of the tim he which a like rx - clti'ive ngtit lad been gr&nteJ to t Itch by a iiorr.iw. Th.'rJly, that the flrt law in far or of Mr. Li - vui(cUu, wai pawd on repreienlnt:ont to the lcgidalure "not tmeln TmI:" That, conir. qutiitly, no) only that, bnt all th luhtequeni law patted b rlli.o to tb tame mttter, ma) be repealed cnniintrntly Willi the fith, honor and lattice of the stale. Fourthly, that tho Mate, aftrr the adoption of the federal coortitulioo, had no powrr to make turn an excintire rrant ; or tr it hail, that it canns interfere with the rithtt whiih a paten tee acaoirei under the Inwi and onoftituliou oi the Uutrl dutei, or with the powen which congreu b.e to rtgtilate commerce." - f bare neither time nor room to fire fu ther extract), but whoever feeli an iaterrt'. . iaclinalioa to tee the above objection! ably eaa - minrd and mtlifactorny d!poeed It, are relerred to tho pamphlet haclf. The writer, it will br aten, hai descended to the mvetu - ation of hu subject with great patience and pcrterefaoce, but tha ooorkxioo a mitt rroaiice on every mind, will well reward ha labor. Upon my own, which I coofet. wai under a etmig biai o pintt him, he dm made a. lasting upreetoa, and removed irery doubt resficitiug the Justice, le gality, propriety mad expedience of the grant in OjUeetioa. It ie my belief, that Dotblng hai had to mnch and fO injurious an effect in exciting and keeping alii public pt ejudicet against ttcam - btwiti, ai tho iuca hich is generaUj prevalent, and which it, I fancy, craftily k.etit alive with no imall de groa of industry, that their profits to the owners are iaameeta, and beyond the bounds of reason. On thie pjint, uke tho following extract from the answer before us : ' The receipt of a s team - boat are rery great, by, tha cxpeocet, indeuenlent of the inlfrat of the capital, aie eoonoou. I will venture to tay t'vtt oe rtraia boat on any of the water of Uu tate (unless it be ;ovrrooi' t';acn's or om other ferry - lat) hai ever given cue - third of the ro receiits as net prtnU. The consequence is, hat if the receipts be not very larje, the boats mutt he run at a ruinous lex. It mutt be rrcoUeclcit, that the ariml. capital employed io e?uiMmi a nont entirely sunk erery Ave or six year, ; in I m oflcn as that term comes ronnd Uicre mart be an adtaore of from eighty to a hundred uMusand doilart t r a new boat. The Uslhoat built on the north riser, Tht Chmnctl - Ur Lirin$H.i, cot on hundred and twenty tbouMnd dollars. You my, vrrth your wooted csaxJor an t arcurary, that tho proceeds are im - IDu. Witlwut culerinK into any calculation or. subject, lo flvir buw preiuJiced and er - joa are, nov offer to tetl my tUe sn - trrttt in tht nor h rutr OMtt, Is a y ent ecrrrf - mblr H thtrttt eiV nmptnt, vhi v,( THk pr,nr,pi, .l m"rr$t, frm the tan ad Iht ramat, Kkieh if ebuif lira And proprirtor lit this city, wbuin I hars ha . an "pjionunlly of convenor with sinca I have hew Ure, will rla hy part with all his in - rrm on we ame term1 I sospect no part of ibis pamphlet will create greater iurpri thin the panaee just quoted, and . Pee, we are ofopinion, will have a greater of - fi - ct ia diaaSalinr the strong prejudices which ar Hill entertained hy many agauist the grant ia qiwtira. H tha c&rr here made obtains cre - ienc which there is ao room to doubt, fer tr end to all atute application to the kgWatore hostile to the proprietorf. f I Io answer to aa opinion expressed by Sir. iuer that the legielatare ought again to open the door oflitigatioa, andbypassiut' aa express law tor that purpose admit certain person, petitioners from another state, to coo test the right of the proprietor of the steam - boat grant, Mr. Celden aiks with much force whether the legislature of of this sty outfit to admit tranger to in - trade opoo those who have relied on it authority and good faith, to the certain rum of the latter, by oodles and expensive Uw wilt, and by a suspension, io t fleet, of the exclusive right, while the rail are depending. Ton would o - blige our citixen (my be) who have embarked their property aader tha sanction of our own laws, and the Jadgment of our own courts, to give security to the person that may hereafter volunteer in a contest a to the constitutionality of these statute. And If It were possible yon could be right if the law should be determined to be uucoajtilottfoal our own citixen would be the victim of their reliance upon tht acta of oar own legislature. A to the law which the committee oa the pe tition of Aaroo Ogden reported to the legtsla. ture, and which, Mr. Colden says, would have been In effect a repeal of the grant to Fulton and Livingston, and which, he contends, wai laying the grounds of a litigation that met inevitably have been ruinous to them, he expresses himself ia the following terms, with which w conclude our extract: M Wa this a law which it wa consistent with the saith, honor and Joitice of the state to pas .' Alter Meetrs. Livingston and Fulton had so frequently had the encouragement of the state to expend their money in improving and making their establishments on the Hudson t when Mr. Fulton bad devoted hit whole meant oo the faith of this encouragement : when many relying on the security that the state had held out by re peated act;, and after a solemn decision of the highest tribunal in support of these acts, had in - rested their funds ia the property which tbey bad reason to think was thus protected, would it have been consistent with faith, honor and jus - tire, to pas a law which would have been as destructive of the property to which it related as if it bad been an act or confiscation ."" , We conclude by again recommending to tltose who are desirous of understanding the merits of this great controversy thoroughly, the perusal of the two pamphlets which lie before us. One word more. - Tha writers on both sides, it will be teen, occasionally, have used a quickness of language not quite recondleable te those gentle rulrs of moderation which some persons affect to believe should always strictly prevail in all rases whatsoever. " But (remarks a great wri ter) let Die gentlest of my reader reflect that such a manner b unavoidable, from the nature and circumstances of th controversy. .411 con - roversy it in the literary world, what all war is in the political, an evil necesnarily incident to ilia wretchedness of our present state. In war such acts are lawful as would be criminal out of it. Blows and wounds (Am become licenced outrages. Just so it is in controversy. A tart net? of remark, a harshness of reprehension, and a provoking puintedness of triumph, are alias lawful as blows and wounds in war War caa - i.ut subsist without these : controversy without thoso. And to flgbt fairly without wounding, or to controvert fairly without hurting, is equally impossible." Let It be remrmhered these are the observa tions of a pious and eminent divine. It b understood aa application to the present legislature for a similar act is to be renewed in behalf of a Mr. Sullivan of Doston, who, very couj!stently,allege the unconstitutionality of the grant to Livinfton and Fulton by the state of .New York, while he holds ia lib hand a similar rrant under which he claims a simitar privilege t ho state of Massachusetts to himself I Sound sltam - honti, We are pleated to find that this line has rommenced. T,h Connect! cut, capt. Dunker, arrived this morning from N. Haven, having performed her first trip for th season. For th present moment, tbia must be i great facility to traveller ; to many bridge having been destroyed. GrtenuVA Mtmorial.Yfa invite the parti cntar atteaf on of the public to the ropy of tbe following msmorial, the original of which bas la'ely been tent to the legislature. It is, as will he seen, signtd by some of our most respectable isihabitanU, who feel themselves aggrieved and oppressed by an interference of tha corporation with their property, contrary to reason and jus lice, and also, in their opinion, contrary to the spirit and intention of our laws. Those who must be supposed perfectly conversant with the ubject, who are compcteat to judge, sxd inca pable of misrepresentation, here assert, that the measure has been botfly adopted without any adequate causa and when the public good did not require it. We refer the reader for parti culars to the, Memorial itself. 7h tt hunirablt tht Ugtilnlure tJ the ilale of JtK J or. The memorial of the subscribers, proprietors of lots and parrrlsof land, situate in th village of Greenwich, in the vicinity of the city of J ew - lort, Respectfully sheweth, that by existing laws relating io lite cay of new - Tort, tl,o corpora tion of the said city have very treat and ex tensive powers in oiieuingandrrgnlating streets aod property in the said city, whic h powers. treat as ther are, have been esemsed in way and to an extent not contemplated by the legis lature when the grant of them was ma Je, and have also, as your memorialists respectfully contend, been so used as to produce great invasion of, sum dertruciioo to private property, and been extremely burdensome to individuals without any correypouding advantage to the corpora tior at the community ; of this clasa your me - mortaints with confidence cit the following casn: tsU CinM street. For the making of which, thnogh last than a rude ia extent, more than 19,000 lots have bcea attested and an awossnaeat f more than 159,000 dollar has been collected, allhMgh the plan of the street is aot yet defiui - l Uvely settled, and the practicability of the pro - Tbe abet of lot U probablv rreater than it hor1d be t the precise quality of land chartt - IcJ srith tha Casal - street assessment i 600 acre ; it it impossible to aarertaia tbe pracitt number ntUiia fcnfil arhth 11 ka V. J I JcVityfrTmiUi; U.wt WS.ctaxflyt!ptie - "' ' ' poatd pita doubted by every reSoctiag person, yet the oorporuttoo, 'without any considerable work oo the street, nave asea au inetr umjeuL. to collect th tyeosmeot. td. Th corporation have opened ' several avenues of one hundred feet ia width, the whole extent of the bland, daftroymghoases, gardens, (sec. Jkc for mile ia their coarse, and com pelling the neighbouring property to pay for them, while it was evident to evtry'tody that there were at the time sufficient roads opoo the Island, and that if it wa proper to open the ave nue at all, they onght, in th first instance, to have been made narrower ana of ie exietn, and then continued widened and extended from time to time, a the population and wealth of the city, for the time being, would warrantor justi fy, instead of which those avenue nave oeaa opened in their full extent and in tbo most destructive manner. 3d, la ordering at time whole blocke, and at other time part of block of rateable buildings in the citr of New - York te be taken down at enormous expense to th neighbouring property, in tome case without any advantage and in other cam where the advantage was at most very doubtful of this class was the taking down part of the block at the intersection of Pearl and Cheer) streets and other place. Your memorialist could cite manr other hi' stances in which the corooration have exercised their power to aa extent not contemplated by the legislature and very injurious to the citixen. Butthev bee - leave rarticularir to solicit the at tention of the legislature to the case hereinafter mentioned, in which your memonaiMis are cu - rectly and deeply interested, and which, if the contemplated plan of tbo corporation is permitted to proceed, will produce the most ruinous aod destructive consequences to your memorial istt ther allude to th plan adopted by th cor po ration on the twelfth day of August last, for regulating the village of Greenwich and certain street belonging to U. The village of Greenwic h is situate on the North or Hudsons river, in the immediate virini ty of the state prison, about a mile from the im proved part of the city, and comprising an ex tent of more than two hundred acre, all level or flat land under a hirh state of cultivation. supplying, in a mat degree, the New - York market with vegetables yet, notwithstanding ii uinaoce irom ute city ana its naving no immediate communication by buildlnp with It, the corporation have undertaken to regulate it as a part of tbo city, noon a plan not practicable m iisais, ruinous io your memorialists, ana ex tremely injurious to the city of New - York. The plan adopted by the corpora'jon and now in progress, change th face of the whole village, requiring certain part to be dor down from Ave to seven feet, and e'ier and much greater part to be oiled op to the heieht of several aod often nine feet. This plan is not practicable, because th immense quantity of dirt requisite for this purpose te not to be bad, or if to be had at all it mutt be from a great distance, and its high price would prevent it being purchased It is also ruinous to your memorialist because seme, nay, many of their house will be, by the present plan, sunk 8 feet under ground, while outer are raised as much above it, and if the lots are to be filled up to correspond with the street each lot would cost as much again at it would sell for. Tbe expense of filling; up a lot twenty five by one hundred feet, seven feet deep, estimating dirt at two shillings per load being about five hundred dollars, when the lot itself, wneu niied up, would not, at any time, produce more than two hundred and fifty dollars it costs therefore twice as much to improve tbe lot upon Hi adopted plan as they would be worth whoa improved. In addition to this, hundreds of the inhabitants have not the means, even if they had the disposition, to make such expensive l.nprove - mentt ; their all, therefore, becomes forfeited to tne corporation for non - compliance and them elves turned naked upon th world. In other instance infant and minors bold large parcels of this property, and there a bo law authorising their guardians to expand their estates upon such speculative improvements. In other pacts, church and burying place long erected and used, are now to be. df? down or covered over. In other parts individuals rather than incur the additional expense of filling op or digging out, as required by the corporation, nave abandoned vary large parcels of the said land, valued at thousands of dollars. It would also be injurious to the city generally because it market would, for many year to come, be deprived of the vegetable product of two hundred acre, aow almost exclusively in garden. These detail of injury and ruin might be increased, but your Memorialist persuade themselves that they have already ta - ted a cae which will entitle them to relief and to the interference of your honorable bo - by m their behalf, and thev bee leave most respectfully to refer your honorable body to the delegation from New - York, to the map, surveys and profit,' hereto annexed, and to John Kandell, esq. at present of the city of AI bsnv, and heretofore one of the city surveyors of New - York, who ha carr fully examined the wnciie ground. ior vie truui oi tueir ajiega tion in the premise. There is alto this further objection in prin ciple to the place adopted by the corporation for the regulation of the village of Greenwich. If it be nerestniy to regulate it at all upon the plan now in operation, which your memorial Ut respectfully deny, yet in asmucli a the improvement is to benefit the city of New - York, and is beside to destructive to the private proper'y of your memorialists, your me - innriaiuiu cuncenu mai u snouict oe made at the expense of the city gent - rally, in order mat your memorialists may receive tome com pensation for their land thus to be sacrificed for the public good. Your memorialists further say, that they have caused application to be made to the corporation to be informed why the plan now in operation has been adopted, and have received for answer that the same was necessary in or der to carry off the - water t thi position i denied, and your memorialist contend ami they refer with confidence to the annexed plans and profiles to shew that the water can he carried ort in a manner different from that adopted by the corporation, and which will be free from most, if nut all the objections nrrein aoove eniimrraiea. Your memorialists therefore respectfully so licit irom ) our honorable body relier in the premises, and that an art may h - passed prohibiting the corporation of the city of New - York from furtlier proceeding upon the plan adopted by them for the regulation of the village of Greenwich and its vicinity, and to al ter or modify what they have already done in Atvlum - ttreet. and that if your honorable bo at should deem it at all necessary to regulate the taid village at the present time, tli it the tame may be regulated upon the plan now pro posed by your memorialist, and aa in dutv bound ire. Signed by A. HAMMOND, W.M. BAYARD, DOCTR. RODCERS, C!lKLES WILKES, R. WHILE, fcc. ac. &c, Including a large number of our mt re - nec uble citixen. mh 19 It Wear authorised to tute, that the name of Masden fc - Bunker, of Philadelphia, were made use of by C. L. Bennett, m hit instrue tkm 10 capt. Mitchell, (published in the Eve - ning Pott but evening) without their knowl - . " edge ar content. ' r ir ferrnit ma to notice, through your Mi. rtrrnlatad oaner. a oracttce. which car 4.. rfh It indumitv on the whole corps of Go vernor's Guards: I mean the practice of individual of that body, offering publicly lor tale th; mmtttiW nniform. Tki rcriment has always been held in the kU4u aitimation bv the public, but a continu ance of sech mean practice will certainly have a tendency to destroy ail claim to respeciaomiy Irmp,re,pectfuny,AcmzEi - Vm Aa Hmhimrrt Patriot. Yesterday, John Aisquith, Eq. one of the Coroner of thi city, held an inquest over the body of a colored boy about fix or even year old, ftund dead in the houe occupied by Michael M 'Bride in North Charlet - treef The jury, after examining the body and hearing the testimony oi two rcspeccaoie nciguum - ., usuu - ed on oath, tliat the aaid Mulatto died of the effort nfeniel treatment and most barbarous whippine." M'Bride, to whom the boy bad been bound as an indented servant, had been een to dracr him into the carden the day be fore hi death, having a cowikin whip in his hand ; and the boy wa ot ten lately neara io cream violently bv nerson who were near the house, and who at the same time heard blow a of whipping, and M'Bride talking angrily to him M'Bride ua aDsconueu. SALEM, March 6 - Melancholy event We are informed that Mr, Richardson, of I.ynnfield, crossing Sbawshiue river, in Andover, witn a lady, irom i.ooaonuer - rr, in a sleigh, they were both swept away by the flood, and drowned. FaTtrrxvttt, Feb. 26. Rlbert.K very extraordinary plot, inge niously concerted, bv a clan of robber asso ciated in this town, wa discovered a few day ince. and on the 22d and 53d int. three of the parties were arrested, and on examination be fore David Ochiatleand J. Y. i lllinghasi, esq, were committed to jail on a charge of Larceny. In the possession of these villians, were found more than one hundred iron keys, of dif ferent size, beside many . wooden models of kev and imnreasion made on clay. Some of the iron key were newly made, and some in a rough and unfinished state. Many of the keys were w axed for the purpose ot ascertaining me inner construction of lock. The name by which the accused now in prison have passed, since n this place, are Thoma Moor, Benjamin Grayer, and John B. Stubbs, all of them, by profession, mechanic. The former a house carpenter, and the two latter millrights, and emigrated to this place within the last twelve month. It i more than probable that Graver is an assumed name ; that his real name I Benjamin Gray the tame man, who tome year ago by mean of false ke) entered the vault of the old V. States' Bank in Charleston, and robbed therefrom a quantity of gold. A similar plan, these daring villians had devised here to rob the vaulta of tbe Cape Fear Bank. They htil obtained mo - deb of the key of the outer and second lock of the door of the - of the entrance way to the vault room, and had a key for tbe lock of the second door nearly in a state to suit the lock. Tbe leading circumstances of their design on the Cape Fear Bank, where in possession of the officers of the bank, for some time before made known to the public, and but for the circumstances of two robberies being committed the one en the atore of Mr. John Mullin, two weeka agn, and the other on Mr. John Baxter's shop, on Saturday night last, in wl icb last Moore was taken in the act, and which on Ins examination, a disclosure of their whole de. signs was made public, the officer of the bank would, it i more than probable, have succeed ed in ensnaring them in the act of entering th vaults of the bank. One of the men in prison ha since hi con fine m ent, made considerable disclosures, de veloping the whole of their detigni, of which it I (teemed improper now to trive publi city. ' Moo; e, appears to be about thirty five years old Grayer, to be fifty or more, and says he is a native of South Carolina. Stubbs appears to be about forty or forty - five, and sayt he is an Englishman, by birth, and has resided in the United States about five years, ami I; mled at Charleston when be first arrived In Una coun try. , Borrow. March 8. From the CorreiponJenl of W II. Arte $ Hoom. UiaaiLTaa, Jan. 10. t he Washington, 74, &c. aailed from Algezira about the 18th Dec. for Syracuse The brig Spark, sailed to d.iy to join the being ordered to wait until the Utli for the Franklin. The Alert it at Marseilles, and our letter from that pUce says "lr. Eustis, U.S. Ambassador to llol land is' here. Brig Mary, llotrhkiss, of New. buryport, ar. on the 1st inst. 101 day from N Orleans, 30 which she ha been back of the Kock; she passed in a violent blow from the West not being able to work in. She has lost some of her crew by sickness and fatigue, !av Ing only two men on deck when she ar. her Capt. Nicholson, of the park, tent hit boat a I oogside, as she was standing in, with men to bring her to anchor, who have remained on board I ill to day. when she wa admitted to pratique, trig Standard, of balem, baa arrived at Cadii Irou uristol, ; brig rerseverance, Uate wood, of R. I. sailed from Cadi about the 37th ult for s. America. The enclosed prices current will shew the ac tual state of tha market, which it rather dull at this moment. Money very scarce. Dutch gov ernment bills, ou days, at par, at 54d ; private, 30 days, 54d 3 - 4, passed as quoted. Spanish dollars vary scare at 3 1 - 2 per cent premium. SAVANNAH, Teb. 56. Indian murder A gentleman, from Wayne county, arrived in this city yesterday evening, furni'hetut with th following particular of a recent massacre by the savages on our southern frontier. Soon altar the murder ol Dykes' family, most of the inhabitants exposed to Indian depredation sought safety by rafinog to thickly peopled settlements. 6ix men,' whose affairs aud the situation of thrir wives would not war - rant them to follow the prudent example of their neigiinor. associated tnemwdvc together for mutual satrty in one bouse, about 14 miles below the bridge on th Great SatiUa. On the evenins of the 14th instant, five of them went out for tba purpose of calling op thrir swme, but before Ihry had got out of si - rht of the houvs an ambus cade of Indiaus fired on and killed lour of them Joseph StaQbnl an I three brothers named Os - teens were shin John Moore escaped to he house, which the savages had, fortunately, pot the coorage to anaiL otherwise every soul must have been destroyod. The woman, children and two sunri ving men have sidce safely reached our rettlemants. The same gentleman also informs us, that it was currently repnred lhatafamily of the name of Grantham, coosiitiug of nine iwraons, aud Is - ing about ten miles above Blackthcar's road, near tha source of tha Satilla, baL without tbe exception of a single life, hcen butchered. CHARLESTON, March 1. Report of actual sale for tbe week pvt : Cotton Sea - island, &5 a 58 c ent per pouud Short staple, 3 la 33 cents Rica Prime, f 6 1 - 4. Second qnility, 5 3 - 4 Flour Catudftn, (sup.) 12 Philadelphia, IS Dry Good, The stock of teasonabl rwdc b 'T"7mucn reuueea. noens uwns aa.i cottou .goods m general, cell readily at aa advance oo recent mice. , Crocrie - - Brandy, Holland gin, aad rum, particularly the two former, ar acarce and ri sing. Molasses has aavaocca since r Cofioa and sugar remain at iax ween m. - - uanTh stock ob hand of uplands i very snil aale heavv : but holders do not ap pear willing to give way. One large sale was effected at 3J cents. .Sea - Islands r - main oomi natlv Die same : very few sales making. - " - r - Fraizhts Are exceedingly dull there it a nnmru - r of vessels in port: and although there it plenty of produce at hand to lod them. yet price ar so mgn at to acier pnraiw. - going extensively into tne muraei The bridge over the Suquehanna at M'Cali's rerry, wa carnea oj me jse iu lire imc PRE'rKJfTinjr of pauperism. Forsuant to public nojice, a large and respectable meetin? of citizens convened at the City Hotel on Monday evening the Oih of March, lor th purpose of organizing a society for the prevention of pauperism. Gen. Matthew Clark - son was called to the chair, and Mr. Zcchariah Lewis was appohited secretary. The object of tbe meeting having been briefly stated by Mr. unscom, tne report nuu consuiu - tion, prepared and published by a committee previously appointed, were read; whereupon. On motion by the Rev. Dr. Mason, and se conded bv col. Few. .Resolved, That the constitution just read be adopted. On motion by Mr. James Eattburn, aud se conded br Mr. John Griscom, Resolved, That a committee of five members be appointed to form a nomination of the first board of managers. The following gentlemen war appointed on that committee : Messr. John Adams, Dr. Neil - son, John Griscom, Dine Bethune and John Low. The committee reported the lollowing nomi nation; whereupon, Resolved, That the gentlemen named therein constitute the board of managers for the first year, viz : Matthew Clarksoa John R. Murray ' Samuel Boyd John Wetbington Joseph Smith George V. thipmu F. C. ohaefler William Few R - n - tlaer Haven Joseph Curti Isaac Lawrence Elisha W. King , Andiew Morris William B. Crosby Najah Taylor Thomas C. Taylor John Griscom Brockholst Livingston Charles Wilkes John Murray, jun William Johnson Garritt N. Blcecker Thoma Eddy Cave Jooe Divie Bethune James Eattburn John Anthon Zechariah Lewis Dr. Watt John E. Hyde Resolved, That the board of managers bold their first meeting at the hospital, at 7 o'clock, on Tuesday evening, the 10th instant. ay order, M. CL A RKSON, chairman. Z. LEWIS, secretary. The city inspector reports the death of fifty tevea persons, trom tne znth. nay oi ret), to tne vtn of March, of the following diseases : Annulexv 3 1 consumption 16 , convulsion 3 ; dinnhcea I ; dropsy in the chest I ; dropsy iu the head 1 ; drowned 1 ; fever, puerperal I ; fever typhus t ; hemorrhage I : hives or croup 3 ; iiiflnmaiatioa of the chest 3 I intemperance t i old age 1 1 palsey I ; nleuiisy 1 ; pneumonia ty - phodut t ; small pox 3 : sore throat 1 : still - boru 4 ; strangury I ; tudden death t ; tabes mesenle - rica i i ununown i. GEORGE CUMING, City Intp. DIED, On Sundnv mornin?. of the consumntion. Mr. S'Mithwick fi. Moore, Printer, in the 24th year oi nis age, lamrmea ny nil wno Knew mm. Last evening, alter a short sickness, Mr. Peter A.Caminan, ait tliu 44th year of his age. His Iriends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral, to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clocl;, trom his late resic!i - n.e, 40 r rauklin - street, with out furtlier invitation On the 2 2d Februnry last, in the faith and hope of the trospfl, at I he house ol his step - (atlier, the Rev. Sir. Forrest, hnm - ville, Delaware County, John I'hamson, acd 18, sonof the late Mr. Jo se nil Ttorusjii, m' this city. At Philadelphia, Mr. Jean Dobson, wife of! 1 nomas Dobson, bookseller. At Albany, Mr Mosqs Lrne, Printer. At Louisville, Ken. General George. Rogers CU. EKEJYJVO. rOST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Pradence, Field, Wcitport, (Ireland) J Buckley Brig Seucca, Clark, Sailor Boy, Riddcll Canton J J Astor V Son Belfast D. Bethune & Co Levant, Wood, Elizabeth, Sears, SchrCnity, Van Name, Union, Drinkwatcr, Savannah Charleston Norfolk Darien AH Hlf El) THIS '0AX)OJV. Brig Mary, Wad worth, 18 dtyt from St. Eu; tatia, with rum, sugar and molasses, to G Smith R F Mul'er and F St D Giraud. Passengers, E. W. Warin? and James Waterburv. Left. brig Tom, brown, for Caitine in SO days : brig Oliver, Cowrn, lor Kenntbunk in 20 days ; brig Greyhound, Watson, of N. York, discharging ; ig rortuna, need, ot fluladelphia, for fat Croix in a few days ; schr Betsey, Barnes, for ftCarolina, soon; schr 1 hree outers, roilard. bound to windward for a market : brig Leo, of i lastine, uncertain. fcchr. Carpenters cons, Eldn'zr, 15 days from Edeoton, with naval stores and ftth to War ing 11 Kimberly Sailed from the bar in co. Willi schr. Andrew Jackson, lor Ixew - york, and sev ral other vessel name unknown Spoke no ising, Schr. Archer, Butler, 13 day from Havana, with molasses and sugar to Ualuh Burkley. Feb. 23, sailed in co. with schr. Enterprise, Lewis, for Yorksburey ; March , spoke her in lat. 35, au, lo. 74, 30. v ewels left at llavan ua, schr. Phoenix, Sage, of Hartford, uncertain ; schr. Concern, 1aw, or .e w - York, from Era - sib, with jirk beef, nnlotding ; brie CameL Per - cival, of Boston, loading fordo March 4, in lat. 3d, M, Ion. 74, W, spok Br. (loop George, of Barbados, irom M. suits, 7 days out, bound to ortolk,out ol tire, supplied her. Schr. Juliet, Latourett, from Fetersbursh. 5 days A, in Norfolk, with flour and tobacco to Wilson if Thompson and r . Thompson. Moop Amy s i'ollT, insh, 10 davs from Rich - mood 4 from the roads, with flour aud naval stores R FreeUnd, jr. T Irvine, Trokes, Davidson Co. Saw a ship at anchor in Hampton roades, bound to sea. Spok nothing. Sloop New - York, Brown, 4 day from Provi dence, with domestic goods and lime, tosucdries. Moop i air American, Reynolds, from New Haven, with produce, bound to Norfolk. Sloop Augusta, Hemmineway. Sdsvsfrom N Haven, with gin, to Fitch It Goodwyn, Strung I iiaveus ana v it dock. sloop Ann fe Sarah, Howard. 3C hours from NLoodon, with molasses, to Hazard ft William. below, I (hip. Savaasaa, Feb 27 Arrived, brie Hero. Chase, Boston 1 days. She ha on board 10,000 dollars in spec e, for the Planter's Bank. On the 7th inst the Hero in a tral of wind from northwest, sprung aleak, and could not be freed fur 12 hou s, with both go n consequence or wtucn was ot lii - el to i.rive overocara a partot her cargo, to keepl f . . . f . . ; ' r i. gning tinwn, anu o nna out the leal, which wa fiund an:! stopped. On the 6th inst poke the brig Peggy, from Bos' on fr Charleston, in a le - kyc .rsaition, having sp.ang altak the day before The Hero kept compa ny with the Peggy through the night, next! dv spoke her, ird was informed the leak liaUj abated, patted company with her that day Tbe tch Minerva tailed the tame day with the Hero, for thi port Saw a hip on Tuesday evening hut to the northward of Tyhee, under jury maintepmast, standing to the northward and eastward. . . : , Cleared, ships Good Return, Sands, Liver! pool : JEolus, Howland, .Amsterdam i British brir Keif ick Wood, Fisher, Liverpool bri Amelia. Mott, N York. - - - - " - " CuABLXaTuw, Maich 1. Arrived, tch Jane, JnLnson, Baltimore 44 days, and 35 from New Point Comfort. About 12 days ago. lat 32 30, long 72, spoke a ship, capt Price, from Savan. nah bound to Liverpool. Sloop Susan, Bassott, Philadelphia 27 days. On Thursday last, off Uatteras, saw a ship standing to the northward and Eastward, sup. posed to be the Pennsylvania: On Friday, off the bar, spoke 8ch Milo, 3 day from N York, bom d to Savannah. ' .. ' Cleared, ship Martha, Clover, Liverpool,.' sch Mary Ann, llonnell, Gibraltar. Tbe sch Little - Emily, Vincent, from Savannah) arrived here on Thursday night last, after having been driven to the .northward a far as Frying Pan fchnals, in a gale of wind. On Sun - day, 23d ult oft Cape t ear, spoke sch General . ' , i r .. I a . n jacason, i uay ironi oumuii, iwuna io oavan. nah, and supplied her with some water, to. WiisnaoToir, w. c Arrived ship Martha, Joy, NYork.' British brig Robert Neilon, Jacob, from Turks Island. British brig James Stewart, Hamilton, from Demerar. Prig Forest, Perkins, from Guadalotipe. ' Brig Harriet, Purrington, fi - om St. Thomas. Brig Telegraph, Lithgow(from St Mary. Sch Margaret, Patten, f . - cm Martinique. Cleared, brig Janus, Smith, for Rot erdam ; Eliza, Dundee, for Jamaica ; Comet, Hunt, for St. Eustatia, - Mason's Daughter, Mayberrv for Martinico s sclirs. Combine, Higgtns, for Martinique ; Ocean, Kent, for Boston t Beisev li Poll), lUwi, for Boston ; Mechanic, Knight, for St. Lucie ; .Milo, A i 1 in, for tit. Croix sloop Retrieve, Norton, for West Indies. BsLTiaoax, March 7. Arrived, sch Dels.' ware. Marshall. 12 davS from Havana. I.ft sch Archer, Hutier, for N Yorx, ready for sea, waiting for the Moro Pass. Feb. 23, was boarded by the Buenos Ayi ean brig Indcpen - dencia, Lt. Com Juan S Gr.inahh, treated politely she left Buenos Ayre.t lTUi Dec. with dispatches for the coa.t of Braids. Left Kits lin.!ivi7lt, Inn TK Rrtttwl, SvA ipun CK B - lisbury. with Admiral Doughlass i.nd family - on boa id, bound to England, arrived at Hava na trom Jamaica a lew days before the D. sailed. The ship Temperance, from Bremen u in' the Hay. ' ai tisi rsi.t w - si Fourth mght of Mr. fbilipp' tsgageaseat. On Wedoetdav Evening, March 1 1, will be pr - toted, tne Comic Opera of tha CAtJimtf. Prince Orlando. Mr. PhitiriM In which chacacter be will ting " Evelern's Bower," 'l he Beautiful Ma - d,' No more by sorrow chas'd,' tbe duet with Mr. Darlcy of 1 With a friend and a wife,' and the bird duet wilh Miss Johnson. To which will he added, ' vv THE FOLLIES OF A DAY : ' Figaro, Mr. Pritchard Performance to commence at seven o'clock precisely. ftj - The receipt of i.'47 18 cents, collected in the Brick Church, on Sundat evenine, is . grattfully acknowledged by tlie " association for uie rcneioi respciaDte ago! indigent lemale ;" , and also the sum of 258 dollars 50 cents, collect - H h Mr n.l Mr. MU'.. mh 10 It A. CHURCH, Sec'rv. Ly. UOk, UA YARD Be CO. HxTer f.,r siJ - ' Choppri, luiee, dnren aod sistersoy romals, Bancianoe s. seersucker ''' Striped and plain company persiaa . . j Madras hlikls. manillu gingham .Puttah putty Mkf Jalalpore, tandah, Rurumgltur, gurrah, sba - zaapore, aapaul aod Joanpor sawn Company and heerhoom gurrah ' Chitti.'jui'y, fine and cnllapatty baftas Chaunpore, cUi'pore anil adabad cossas Alial ad niamoodies, India mud mull , . FI lnt:nes, (ilk stockings Tlaid lufftn and plain satin ribbeai g Crapes, thulle veils and shawl ' : ,' , Silk gl jves, cambric , Cambiic enuze and lawn . Meriii'i sliav.'ls tuspcneler , Fine and super fine French cloth Superfine English do ' . Linen handaKcs for wound 1 English flat and bolt iron Pig lead, block tin Sheathing Copper, 16 lo 3?oz. Oil of vitriol, peruvinn bnrk Bleaching and stnir,ii.g smalt India market ur.d L. P. 1 enerifle wine L. P. Madeira and Rhenish do . Cordials, (r.nts in brhiidv Goat skins, Russia bristle Beaver and felt tuts, with drawback Boots and shoes do French clocks, violin strings ' Dessert aod tea sets of porrwlaine Superior, French, good French, Spanish, Russian. Austrian and Prussian Muskets Cartouch boxes and belts Cannon and musket powder nti - atfhtion Composition ', Mill stones. mh 10 - T 'OBACCO. 0 hheU. Geo. Tobacco, supe rior quality, landine this da from on board brig Aurilla, from Savannah, for tale by tAMtiUbLLAUt: rKAKPUH, mh 10 67 South - street BRANDY. 5 pip.tof finely flavor.d 4(k proof Bordeaux Brandy, entitled to deben ture. For sale by mh 10 130 Water - street HOPS. 9 hales 1st sort Hops, growth of 1817, jeit received and for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. - mhlO 67 south - street l5 aeenurkcr 8 bale blue baft as, entitled to debenture, for sale by P. REM SEN a CO. mn iu HERRINGS CHOCOLATE. 6V0 boxes 1st tort Herring , 40 do No. 2 Chocolate. Just received ad lor lale by CAMBRELENG & TEARSON, mh 10 67 South - street. IMLOT11S, KOMBAZETT5, HAiS, W 4 (.ate Londoa Superfine Cloth ' ; 2 do do Cat - imc. - c - t 2 do Cassimere ?hr.wls 2 hale PtliM? CMht 2 do Yorkshire t - )erfine Cloth 4 do Black Bomhatettt 10 caset nicn't best fine Londoa HaU 10 do do Wool Hats . ' 10 hhdt. best London Glee. Forsalaby D. OAKEI, mh 10 Iw 61 villim - "w. V MLBk RTS iS sacks Filbert, landii day and for s.ite hy CAMBRELENG PEARSON, mh 10 67 ierti - tres. 'UKa f0 prirg Musk lUt Skip of P - nrr . - inilifv. for in !iT IO SUIT ihih vn at N. 190 w aler street. nh iJ St llAilikW.Mkll. l.i takf chrtr Jt T kitclx ucardiMi neur tiiecitr, Applv v tvhitfgi(n - - - ti!tt , mh I" CtUl' !'. - Jlr.a.n .rime t'plud O''" t a selected parct I, Isodisi; fcom acbrtair - Traier, from Savainah, for ! by , THOa. M. HUN T INU1 " mh 10 8) Peirt - itrrrt afy A ma ma ffmrftl tinrititir lit Ik T, for sal b) Afk. BhlO tJOPeri - tt,

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