The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, December 18, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XII .Xo. 67 Gettysburg, Pa^. Tfc:ir£!3y, December IStfc, 1913. Price TTTO Cent*, C h r i s t m a s N e c k t i e s FRANCIS SCHRIVER TAKEN BY DEATH HORSES RUN INTO YOUTH TOO MUCH FRUIT GROWERS MOVING TRAIN FOR HIS FATHER NOW IN SESSION. COUKTY TOWNS LETTERS FROM i. Town Business Man Succumbs to an, Team Dashes into Rapidly Moving i Illness of Less than a Week.! Freight Train and then Runs Rap- j Other Deaths in the County j idly Down the Tracks. Finally ] Stopped by Bumping Block. Hours for the Funerals. Ran Away from Paradise Protectory Adams County Orchardists Meeting j Correspondents scad in Uaqr Near Abbottstown Twice. Beats at Bendersvitle in their Annual j of Interesting Mews from his Father Home the Second Convention. Displays of Fruit and j Respective Town. Time. Chased by Schoolmates. Appliances. ! and Many Brief Hew. ECKERT'S STORE, -o n the Francis R- Schriver died on Wed- j Dashing full speed into a rapidly Because he was home-sick and did I nesday afternoon about four o'clock } moving freight train, the r.vo horse·-not l:ke the daily routine of the Pro- iat his home on York street, from the'team of Samuel Lou escaped serious jtectory near Abbottstown, Ellis, the "' " in a remarkable manner at the 10-year-old son of Harry Staub, of Railroad WALTER'S THEATRE "ESSANAY PATHE1'L\Y YIT.UJRAPII TELE HINDOO CHARM Vitagraph The p'ot to kiii Fails, bat arouses the love of an indifferent stepsrio;?;c-r, hrins- injr joy to herself and family. Featuring Maurice- Co?i»-ilo and Clara Kimball Young. A JUNGLE FLIRTATION Pathepiay Comedy TAHITA, THE PICTURESQUE Patheplay Travel LOVE LNCOGNITE Essanay Pplendid comeily =it.uation3 in this excellent feature. Minor \Vatson, Dolors? Ca=sinelii, Wallace Beery and SniiSing Bi! ! y Mason featured. Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. Coining Frfday De-er:;ber 10. ] effects of an attack of apoplexy re- injury i ee:ved last Thursday morning while i corner of Washington and j at his regular employment at the I. i streets on Wednesday. M. Reynolds store on Carlisle street, j 31 r. Lott had taken a load of tur- He never regained consciousness. He' keys to the Hollinger produce house was aged 51'years, S months and 2 j and went into the building, leaving che I cavs. ! norses on the north side of the old Sir.' Schriver was born in Hunting- j freight house. A heavy Western Maryton township on April 15, 18G2, a son i !and coa! train came along and the of Jacob and ElizabeVh Schriver. For j animals took fright, turned sharply a number of years he conducted a j about and started for Washington grocery store on Baltimore street in | street. There they turned south and the room now occupied by th* H B. j ^^ directly towards the train which Sefton barber shop. Later he-was in j wa s now crossing the street and mov- the employ of the People's Cash Store. | in £ at good speed. McSherrystown, ran away from that institution for the second time and returned to his home. The ninth annual convention of the Fruit Growers' Association of Adams County is now in session in their large and commodious hali at Bendersville. The sessions are well at-! tended, not only by the orchardists of; ABBOTTSTOWN Ab'oeustovra--John Grim moved his saw mill from the Pigeon Hills to Henry Shellenberger's in Holtzswarap where he will saw the lumber for a large barn; from there he will move I this county but also by manv from a into a tract of timber of Mr. Fause, The mother of the lad is dead, and j distance who are interested in 'die j after completing it he will move to The horses dashed . ! and then for two years was with the [ madly for the big freight cars and the " "THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS'' PRICES. 35. 50, 75. ?1.00- One -- Nipht -- Only Seat- on Sule ct People's lX-n£ tore, T«its!ay Decera'ier l!. THE GAKDEX AUDITORIUM Skating Wednesday and Satarday. Dancing, College Orchestra. Every T5»!r=day. P H O T O P L A Y | John C. Lower Co. More recently he| Eon S ue of *e ^agon broke sharply in | was clerking for Irwin M. Remolds at! ^o ^ £c struck, against 'he train. ' his grocery score on Carlisle street.! Thi s arrested the progress of the ?.Ir. Schriver v.-as generally known ior! a - inia!s for a brief moment and then YITAGRAPH EDLSOX KALEM JOHN TOBIX'S SWEETHEART .................................. Yltag-aph A comedy with HUGHFE MACK, JOHX BETXXY and FLORA FIXCH. Hughie is a sailor in love with Flora. He is ea=t up on an island, captured by the natives and forced to marry the princess. Flora waits ten years for her lover and marries Bonny thinking ttiat he is Ha 5 hie. THE BURGLAR AXD THE BABY ............................. Kalem Comedy Tne goodhearted husband loves t-o play with his ch3d. His wife accases him of laziness and chases him from the house. He becomes a burglar bat rn robbing stop= «" ofoy "wirfa. a baby aad gets caught. With Rath Roland and John Brencea- THE OXE BEST BET ................. - ............................ Kalem Comedy His wife sends Ins clothes containing his last week's pay to the tabors and causes tronole and excitement. With Rath Roland and John Breanea. THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. -. ....... - .............. .. .......... ------- Edison - The aetiaiL_center;» about the beu.side.of a^ dying cbpd. the Great Death an^'tne"ShSbherd apnear. " *" - - - -. "T * f f /" " · ·-* + ^ i^J * - - -'* " '' ' ~ " h:s Bleasant and courteous manner 1 the " turned east and galloped up Vhe and he had a host of friends in town | Erack 'towards Carlisle street. How and the county. ; far they would have gone or \\uzu, He was a member of the Reformed ! further damage would have resulted is two weeks ago Ellis and a younger j grea r business of fruit growing, brother, Rodney, were placed in the j The management of the convention orphanage near Abbottstown. After j secured specially fine lecturers this being there for about a week, the old-1 year on f ru i t a nd farm topics and the er boy became restless and told his j program from beginning to end is llctle brother he was going home. He jelled with matters of importance to ran away early in the morning and a j a ii county people. The evening enter- few hours later was at his home in j taiaments are also of exceptional McSherrystown. Later the father took Bigmount and saw the lumber for a" large barn for Samuel Mummert. Mrs. Alice Miller improved her dwelling house with a new roof. Mrs. J. J. Wolf, of this place, and Mrc. Chase Pitten'turff, of Heidlersburg, visited York Saturdav. Whfle his son back to the school The little fellow waited until his parent had left 'the institution when he again gave those having there they visited Chase Pittentorff, value. The first one Wednesday even- ] at the hospital, who underwent an op- ing by the Lyric Quartet xvas very well received. In addition to the actual work of the convention there is much interest him in charge the slip and started for in , he displays of apples and other Abbottstown. He was observed by sev- fruits _,- the j^n wfeile ex hjbits of the era! of the older boys, who gave him chase, buc Ellis outdistanced them what and continued op. to Hanover, then to a i so ; n charge of representatives of various appliances used in orchard cultivation, and of fruit packages are church and was one of its deacons ; the time of his death. He ivas also a a matter xor conjecture, a'tely the wagon caught out iortun- on the big member of Geltvs Lodge of Odd Fel- bumping block on the Reading siding lows and the Modern Woodmen of America- He leaves his wife whose maiden name was Alice Little, and one child, at the Isaac KaufriPan property and stopped them. InsBecnoa of the horses and wagon showed little damage to have been home in McSherrystown. After having walked half the distance between Abbottstown and Hanover, a farmer tok him in his wagon the various firms. The convention has come to be one of the county's most important events and this year's meetings will continue | don from an attack of diphtheria at her 1 of the animals and" the broken wagon home. Tvro children are dead- He also leaves two sisters. Mrs. Sidney Schriv- =*r and Miss Sadie Schriver, both of Elizabeth Schriver who is recovering ; one aside from some bruises to one tongue. ] 'his piace. » IT- 1 as far as Xew Baltimore- Ke arrived fuil y the standard set by the former home about 5:30 p. m., half an hour ann aal meetings. before his father reached there, as he! made several stops with friends along the way. When the father went into the house he was told the boy had oeaten him home and -was now in bed. TWO TAVERNS Two Taverns--33orn to Mr. and 3 Show starts 6.-3 t AdmFssiii DC to all. Funeral services will be held s.z tee i Addison Xewman a son. For Your Christinas} Reformed church on Friday afternoon at two o'clock. The body^will not be taken to the church- Immediately after these services interment will be made in Evergreen Cemetery. Both the church and cemetery services will be public. Dr. T. J. Barkley'and Rev.'.J. Charles Gardner will be the ofScia; clergymen. Clothes a j U |,HHHHHIH»!IlHHl!!HI!IIHI!!!!H!n!ll!l!HIHIUIII!n!iI!!!lniHmHH»lfHI!nnilH!!UHIIlHUHH, in ,ti I K O D A K S \ = FILMS C A R D S P A P E R S | ·2- " A = I Everj'thing needed by the Amateur Photographer s§ ' - ' our en tire stOLfc is of the standard | E a s t m a n Ma k e | Direct from the factor}-. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- ff ful attention to the development of films. H Mai! and Phone Orders Given Carefnl Attention. I H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E * ii MRS- TITUS S. ECKERT Mrs. Eliza C. L. Eckert. widow of ~ '"''I roe-late Titus S- Eckert, died at her ! home in Xew Oxford. Tuesday after- SELI6SIAX. tne leading tailor, "will i noon, aged SO years, i month and 4 a5"ocd-^-eu the most satisfaction. Our davs. stock cf Winter fabrics is exception- She was a daughter of the late Dr. ally fine in cheviots and -worsteds of .5. L. Swornistedr, of Westminster, most laking patterns and weaves. laid., and was married to Mr. Eckert, of Hanover in 1859. her husband being at that time editor of the "Hanover azette."' They resided there until 1862, -when they removed to West- j:ninster- In 1879 they removed to near White Hall, and six years later took up their residence in Xew Oxford- Mrs- Eckert is survived by one | daughter. Miss Margaret Augusta Eckert. and a son, Emerson I_ Eckert, both of Xew Oxford: two broth- The Quality Shop! WILL M. SELIGMAN TLe Cash Tailor H. P. Sentz lost a valuable horse by death recently, the animal falling dead on the road. The storm which passed o\er this section last Monday^ unroofed a portion of the barn of W. ~EL Kelly. Mrs-. W. J. Collins, and Mrs. Simon P. Miller are reported on the sick list- Eugene Keller, of Hanover, spent Sunday with Mr- and Mrs. C. A. Yoost. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy- Wickey. of Littlesrown, spent dSunday with 3Irs. Annie Wolf. Frank Miller has =-erected- a large chicken house. iS. J- Collins killed .a hog on Tuesday that tipped the beam at 393 rounds. DAVID SIPES alton Countj Ex-Sheriff Hurt. Dies from in David Sipes died at his home McConnellsbarg Wednesday morning following an injury received or. Frz- dav evening- On that evening Mr. Sipes. who was a man eighty years of aare, was about his bam on an erranc ers and two sisters, as follows: -J, S. j when he tripped and fell fracturing: Swormstedt, Dr. L. B. Swormstedt j his leg. The injury together with the and Miss Mary V. Swormstedt, of j shock was too much for his strength and death came as told. Mr. Sipes was 2. well-known resident of Fulton county and had served in the office of sheriff. He is survived by his widow and several children. WILL HAVE OPPONENTS Likely that Mr. Brodbecfc will have Lively Fight. A dispatch from Tork says: ''Congressman A. R- Brodbeck will have several contestants for the Democratic nomination to this office from "Fork county in 1914, in addition to the few who may reasonably oe expected to crop up in Adams county, The other half of the Twentieth district. James EAST BERUN East Berlin--J. M. Beitman and wife, of Harrisburg, were visitors at the home of E. E. Day and family over Sunday. William G. Leas and daughters,. Sarah and Beulah, of York. wei¥ among the Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and 3Irs. George Jacobs. Mrs. Hoffman, of Glenville. visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. JosepI; Bowser, over Sunday. ilrs. Elias Spahr, of Reading township, who has been on the sick list for some time is_improving. Miss^Mabelle Kauffman, ilr. Owing. Mr. Mummert, ,Mervin Kauffman. eration for appendicitis several weeks ago. He is doing well and expects to return home in a few days- Mrs. M. G. Nagle spent several days this week at York the gaeet of ner son, Charles, and family. The Carbaugh brickyard at Berlin Junction has closed for a while. Harry Lookenbaugh and family, Xew Oxford, were the guests of Daniel Lookenbaugh and family on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klinedinst, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Fischer, York, «-ere the guests of Nicholas Cams and family, Sunday. Mrs. John H. Freed is slowly recor- 2ring from her recent sickness. Some one unknown, sole two skunk aides and ten traps from Walter Hog- 2r, of Rogerville, Saturday. ' Charles Seidenstrickex has stored jis household goods and will leave aere this week for Waynesboro, where ie has procured employment. Cletos Chronister and family will move into J. Gerry, of. York,.at present Prothon- ! Y ?jk; ·.Messrs. Jlouck^ and; Geiselmaa; ctary, has announced himself as candidate, and friends -of S. Forry Laucks, of York, and Harry X. Gitt, of Hanover, predict "that they also will e in the race. Congressman Brodbeck will seek the customai. honor of a second nomination at thi hands of hio party, and it is regarded as extremely Hanover, were guests of Postmaster Kauffman and family on Sunday. Mrs. George-TT lJuttneit here on Saturday to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Benner, near Gettysburg. Miss Troxel. teacher in the Secondary school, visited at her home in Get- likely that D. F. Lafean, Republican cysburg^Saturday. ^ Congressman from this district for five terms, and defeated by Brodbeck for a sixth, will be the nominee of his party again one year hence" FOR MORE ROO3I 10 Enlarge Amusement Building at Pen Mar Park. = i Washington. D. C-, and Mrs. Mar= I garet L. Smith, of Westminster. 3IiL j There are also five grandch'Id'en. i Funeral Friday, Dec. IP- Fervices a'c the house at 1 p. m- Interment in the Xew Oxford cemetery. RAISE HOTEL RATES ·'High Cost" Figures at Leading Hotels- Carlisle's J. H. TtfCER. Druggist. = j i ;nunni»i»iniiimnnni;unnniBninmiiuincHni»iuiBUi"""=_ R. This Is The Semi-Annual Of all unsold Winter Overcoats, Suit and Trouser Materials. Come Early to Get a B A R G A I N . : : : : GEORGE W. FORD George vV. Ford, a veteran of the Civil War. died at the County Home on Wednesday evening aged 73 years. j 6 months and 12 days| He served in Company F. S7th Penn- jsylvania Infantry, and was a member of Corporal Skelly Post. He leaves his wife and six children, 1 will put the three leading hotels in Mrs. Rebecca J. Dittenhafer, of Ida- Carlisle, which have heretofore been §2 houses, in the 82.50 class. The pro- that they cannot make Declaring: that their reason is the high cost of living-, three hotels at Carlisle have announced a raise in rates to take effect on January 1. This O. D~ Sherley, of Hagerstown, who conducted the rolierdome at Pen Mar Park, last summer, is making some extensive improvements to his place, in preparation for next summer. That part of the building in which the restaurant was located, will be torn out and a dining- room partitioned off. Over the dining room, four bed rooms will be built for the people who are employed there. The four bowhng alleys below the skating rink will be moved back, thus eniarging the lobby at the front of the structure. There will be four new bowling alleys put down, two at the west side of the present alleys and two on the second! Poor, which will be designed especially ] John Anthony, of Peoria, III., was the guest of his nephe%v. John Anthony, and family, this place, the past week. Mr. Anthony left Adams count} a number of years ago. Mr. and Mrs. -Jacob Leib and twc children, of Astoria, 111., and Rufu: Hartman, wife and two daughters, ol Littlestown, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rebert, on Sunday. James Jacobs, wife and son of York, Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs Daniel Jacobs- Mrs. Paul Senft and son and Mrs. Hortense Sterner, of York, were ovei Sunday visitors in town. The following visited at the home e home Strieker- vacated by Mr. Seiden- of C- M- Reynold Sunday--Howard Wolf, wife, sou, Leonard and daughter. RutK York: C- W. Reynold. Washing- con Wolf. C. H. Pifer, Oscar Reynold and "wife. George and John Baker. BONNE AUVTLLE Bonneauville--William Troutman ind daughter, Catharine, of Yorfc, spent Saturday and Sunday with John Fleigle and-farnily. -- - ----^-v. ^_ I. A. Noefca'nd wife spent~Sunday in Vlidwaj- the _guests of Mr ."and Mrs. William Klurik. The trip was made^m E. L. Golden's auto. , '~, ~^ N. Grist Gebhart and. wife were visitors in Maryland on Saturday. Thomas Adams and wife, Paulina znd Raymond Oyler, of York; Conrad Lutter and wife, of Hanover, were quests of J. F. Miller and family on Sunday. Dr. Lindaman and wife and Theresa Solden transacted business in Hanovo in Friday. Harry Melhorn, of New Oxford, ^pent the past week with his brother, Sugene Melhorn. Eddie Weaver, of Littlestown, spent- Thursday at xhe home of Mrs. Ida. Wagner. Those who spent Thursday evening AC the home of Mrs. Jacob Wolford were, Leo Ruth, Edith Stransbauga, Katharine Staub. Annie Staub, Francis Smith, Luther Swope, Julia Jacoby, j Foseph and -John Staub. GETS BURGLAR William McGuigan Captures 3Ian in his Bed Room. for ladies. | i ilie; Mrs. W. R. Can-ens and \S imam of Aspers; Cnaries J. Ford, of prietors ^Ity; George and Atlee Ford.! both ends meet if they _ _ . dinners and have boosted the cost to i WINTER DANDELIONS A dispatch from York to the Phila- f deiphla Xorth American says: '·W'iS- ' liam A. McGuigan. a linotype operat- ! or, while ill in bed. cantured a burgiar serve 50-cent ]Sprinsr Flowers in December Latest j He was almost asleep when he heard day Result of Warm Weather. | some one crawl into the room. He | j" f ;jjiii er7 Ezra Hanr. and wife transactei jusiness in Harney, Tuesday. The body of Andrew Chambers was shipped from York to Gulden's Station Thursday and interment was made in 3t- Joseph's cemetery. Erma Wolford made a crip to Gettysburg SatHrday- E. L. Golden was a visitor in Mc- ^herrystown on Sunday. Mrs. John Melhorn, Mrs. Joseph Feity, Lena, Elizabeth and Joseph, Felty and Madaline McCadden, of Xew Oxford, were visitors at the faom» Harry Wagaman and -wife on Sun- J L I P P Y nerai services at. ten o'clock Sat- 7-5 cents for this meal. Lodging has · aiviay morning from his home a^ Kar.- jalso gone wp 25 cents. ' ersiown. Interment at the Presbyter-} charch. Hanterstown- I XO-FADE is the brand of our men"? , grappled with the man and called lor eet, | assistance. For Tour Horses, Use E)r. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. JOHN A. TROSTLE John A. Trestle, a highly respected i citizen of -tatimore townhip, died I Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock at his »home aged 68 years, 7 months and 27 I days; j He is survived by his wife, and eleven children: Ambrose and Ada, of j fanev madras shirt. It means if the ! color fades we will'give you a new may expect to have this early spnng Emairael Smith, of Carlisle brought, into The Times office a bou- j Mr. McGuigan is a son of David qaet of fully developed dandelions. | McGuigan, of Chambersburg street- With a little more encouragement we --- one for it. Best Sl.OO shirt made- A good Xmas gift. Dougherty and Hart- lev.--advercisement 1 Fresh Daily. CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N : Wormleysburg; Harvey, Clear 'Springs; Anna, Red Mount; Jesse, JEnoIa; Sallie, of Franklintown; Lucin- j da, Rebecca, Dorothy and Michael, of ] Bermudian, and John at home, j The funeral was held this Thursday forenoon, meeting at the house at 9 o'clock. Services and interment at the Latimore Meeting House, Ravs. G. L. Baker and W, G. Group officiating. FREE automobile service to and from the People's Drug Store. See display advertisement on another page. --advertisement 1 BE sure and get your entries in this week for the big poultry show.--advertisement 1 BIGLERVILLE poultry show. All entries for exhibiting poultry must be mailed by Saturday, December 20th.-- advertisement 1 wife and daughter, Mrs. Eugene Melhorn, and Miss Mary Miller, were Hanover visitors on Sat- ardav. Sower bioomirsg: all the year, round. INFORMATION WANTED Pays Subscription but Fails Jo Send SUIT CASE: our §3-00 fiber suit-j se i a wonder. Worth-$5.00. Adams! Cojnty Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 re- A remittance of 25 cents was ceived this morning from an Orrtanna subscriber, name not given. Proper CHRISTMAS: we are readv to sup- credit will be given as soon as we reply your wan'cs with a large stock. |ce*e the name of the supscnber. REDUCTION sale of winter siJits. overcoats and trouser materials. J. D. Lippy, tailor.--advertisement 1 A BIG ONE i Fairficld Fanner Reports Calf of AI[ most Record Breaking Weight/ 2 '; Qaincy Jacobs, of near FairSeld, reports a young calf that weighed 126 ooands at birth. Special low prices on ladies' and miss-! es' coats, ar.d on wool hats and caps." G. H. Knouse, Biglerville.--advertisement 1 FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as new. Call at Xo. 303 Balti- WANTED: several hundred bundles of fodder . Apply John Delap or tele-i ASK for Xo-Fade shirts for men. A useful Christinas gift. One in a Xmas box. Price Sl.OO. Dougherty and Hartlev.--advertisement 1 more street.--advertisement 1 phone 140 Y.--advertisement 1EWSP4PERS FREE automobile service to and from the People's Drug Store. See -display advertisement on another pages --advertisement 1 -IWSPAPFR!

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