The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1818
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POST. NUMBER 4910 TUESDAY MARCH. 10, 101C. NO. 42 . PINE - STREET. ' For Salt, frtigU or Charter, iffl. Tti Cut wiling brig SAILOR BOY", T J "j. Redman, matter ; uOw ready to receive cvni f 175 tons, aod will tarry about ijOO cub flaxseed. Apply on board, east side Fly Market wharf, or to ' , D. BETHUNE k CO. . mh8 WCH.ilip. lr FrtiflU or Charter, The tch'r. ADELINE, captain Tup - tier. A freight to Ooorto. Liibon. or tuuviiem port, would be preferred. Apply oa board, at Fly - market wharf, or to B. GILLESPIE, f?b 27 ' 112 Front - at for WIUVIXUTO, Jf.C. Thau - he Alin.lNK. PelefTuobei. .matter, will be dispatched immediately. . llXFrost - tt. Who often for tale, 100 bbU Ur, aod a parcel of W. O. hbd tar, received by said vessel Alio 200 bbls supf. Richmond flour 55 hhdi Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20. tierces rice ; 21 bales upland cotton 55 bhds molasses ; 200 bags coffee Red and white prt wine, in bhds and qr. Madeira ' do do casks Claret wine, ia boxes of 1 doxeo each A .a .11 tvtv.a fnfftAn lflrM ' An Invoice of Dutch roods, Counting of snuff . . , . i 1 1 it boxes, slaus, slate pencils, marines, jewcnei jv yiolms, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, be. feb 24 FOR AMSTERDAM, The staunch bri MARGAR ET. c p. :taia Funk. ha considerable part of tier cargo engaged, And will be dispatched without dclaj. For freight or passage, appy to No. 74 WasliintrtoB - street or to . C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf . No 72 Washington - street , For FREIGHT or CHARTUR, Ifj The fast sailing echr. SALEM, bur - y.ythen 1100 bbls. ban made but two voyage, and is mow in readiness to receive a cargo. For terms apply on board, at Pine - street wharf or to G. G. k 8. HOWL AND, feb 26 77 Washington - street . For sAi.E or CHAM'ER. - The valuable fust stiling brig AC - JWmNESS, Captain Harris, at Fly - market whart; two wars old, burthen 184 tone, will, tow apwards of 300 hhds. is in all respects in excellent order,' and be ready to receive a cargo In two days. Apply to N. k D. TALCO IT, feb 36 .64 .South - street FOH oALK At THE SHtt - VAlili OF THE SUBSCRIBER, A SLOOI. now building of tbe beat i material", about 100 tons; timbers of live .oak. locust and cedar; bottom plank Jersey white oak, built on purpose for the Alha - oytraJe. . v A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for y&Vftoy trade where dispatch, burthen,.eod 52ssWasy drift of watur is required. - A periagux SCHOONER, of 40 Urns, 44f will draw but little water, with a lee - TflWMirh"rJ through the centre of her keel, aud i xpected te sail very fat. All's a ir ot - JoutoM, cucowm .for a Mverpuol or London trader, (0v. ,can be finished to suit the purchaser.) X - " hpars, timber and pt - uik. Also, timber awed to bills for netie building. novO U (JHAKI..K9 HUOWNNE. tor Sale, Freight or Charter, . The brig MDNF.t, Crispin, 156 tons, 3ai&A staunch good vessel, lately put in good order for a veyago - For term apply to JA M ES D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - st 1200 NANKIN Pieces blue nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for sale at 77 Wxihineton - st Feb 18 . O. G. & S. ROWLAND. FLOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Richmond in pi". Flour 29 tihrii old end nw Tobacco, ISO kegt manufactured d6 It 8 hands to the lb. Forsaie at 106 Front - street, feb 13 I ROKES. UAVIDSON & CO CtLOTHM 2 cites fupettine uoudon ciothf, J 2 cam extra tfo. Jast received per Washington. att fnr s - le by HURlJ & SEW ALL, FebOT 63 Soutl: - st B HO W.N SHIRTI.GS.7 packages Lrown Shirtirejiui rrciv,d and lor by THE CVVMISSIO.Y i'D.VPJlAr. mh 2dkc 148 Pean - freeL SHfcET LEAU - saie hr Feb 28 ;:3 rolls fhet lead, lor HURD k SEWALU 65 Snutli - st J AWES U' WOLF, jr. 57 Frout - street, offers for sale ' 50 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp Runia duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brinwtoue, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers , do . Castile soap aod mould candles do . 1 case Leghorn hate do S cases cholets do ' 1 ca;e platillas ' Feb 10 3 U.M. 0 bhds. Molasse Rum, first proof, M., lor sale oy JACKSON k WOOLLEY, in1? 75WJI - st. OCALCU I TA GOODS. NF. hundred b:.les cnsisling o( p Bjftas, Luckipore, ChitUbully, Callipatty Cossahs, Chandpore, Comocolly, Johanna and I.Br St innro. . ' bannahs Jellalpore and Mow. hflMtii'l,,h"t Homals, sir. lor sale by CHS. L. OGDEN aurt AUT.M OGDEN, J1" Walwtnn - street. OX 61RAIT BRANDY, w oj Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debenture, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 WaJiiii - !fMi - tr..t . ;l?LOU K. 117 barrel Richmond inner fine : i mur. nranaeo w. t. ii. v j "om schr Monroe, and for sale br 1 L'l L . ... - . ureeK, landing WALSH & GALLAGHER, 1 febs7 66 Sopth - street REIlN'E TWINE, hles Seine Tr inr fttin 1 hall ernnf ftinanev IwitlL:... ... X Hv(i mm uumiviis runt liFT PKIC r..ka ar.inii.Jfci oc v;u. Jr87 92C.H. Slip, feb 23 JOSEPH OSBORN. 23 South - street. V, 0MBA2ETTS,a.rted colour, UO .11 1.1 1. eleby OTIS A SWAN, 17 fearl - ii. I .lOR SALE, tbe carroof Ute sfain Cririe. cd i? tain HamobreTS, Irom Calcelta, and now landing at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of r.ast laaia sugar Cotton fiinger: Block Tia Gam Shellack Gum Copal Goat Skins of a large sixe Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for sale, India Muslins of almost every description. A le, a small quantity of Rattans, and Odor of Roses. For tale I y ji7 ROBERT LENOX. op, prime, suitable lor KJ manufacturing, will commodate purchasers. I be sold in parcels to ac Also, a few bales of old crop. Enquire 148 rennirw i, up aiair. jan 8 rtLASUWARE 16 hhdi. n. Ghuaware. vj consisting o Wines and Tumblers, for sale Oy CtlAB. Lk UUUX.II AbK. UUic.n, Jan 22 - Washington - st. 17 OUR lliouiand Gunny Magi, forsaie by ? CEBRA CUMING, Jaa ?J 76 Pearl - street. fLASTER OF PARIS. CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of J. i. pans, in Darren, suiianie for uie soutnern market Orders left with Walter Nexsen. No. 174 Front street, corner of Burling slip, will be promptly attended to JOHN BYERS, Foot of Harrison - street, North - River. Jan 19 tf O rl F1HO IA Iji JOB.i CCU ti FIjOUH. oj 0 hruh old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUE3, MF.URON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Waihington - st QUICKSILVER. 20.0UO lb. Quicksilver forsaie by N. L.&G.GRI8WOLD, jan 21 M South - street CJtHlMtHFS, S.imjrETTit JlJVD A FEW cases blues, blacks and mixtures, of XI various kindn. inaoulactured lor a snuttiorn market, will be soki low ' for cash or approved pnper Also, at reduced i rices, several eases of blue. black and mixed broadcloths, among which are some of vYoicoil's supermen, at ine OM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street. feb 11 rpQBACCOit RIC:. 100 quintals firstqua. J. litySpaniih Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, per sclir. South Caroll na,forsaloby JONES St MEGRATII, feb 11 83 South - street. Superfine American GlAGH.iMS. 8caies fine gingham;, for sale low by The Commission 1'ompany, Feb 18 DtC 1 148 Pearl st 1MA.0 FORTE rOrt. hALK. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made bv one of (he best Loudon mHnuftctaren, and in complete order, wilt lie solJ cheap, as the Cedar - street, corner ol H. - .'adway. Jao3l rl BROWN, stuue seal engraver aud jewel - JL . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coats of aims, cre .ts, cyphers, &c. engraved on ti me. A handsome aworlment of fine gold teak. cham.', and other jewellery. Lad:es' teals enrvaved Willi coats ol arms, mottiM, and fancy derice. - i diamonds, ainethyJl, crystals, &c. bourht iu tbe rough tr cut to any form. t'ooks of hersldry kept with upwards of 60.(XO names. Jan 7 3m ."II OLASSES 4: COtTEK - 00 hhds. Hava na Moltt'itB new cron Z4 nnus. do k.odkii Landine at Old - slip Irom Briz Caroline, and for sole by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. leh 2 57 Fron - street HE iP, LEAD, PAINTS, be Russia hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 roils fhe - t lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 tasks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine English sail a'td seine twine 3 carkii Prmsian blue, 5 caslrs Vermillion 3 hhJ verdigris 50 caki French yellow ochre Dry while and red lead Sri) bnies tin For sale by PETER SCHERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - street. Alro, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, front 40 to 2500 vt. Cables and cordage, of all sites, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. ran 11 li aJ COFFEE, SUGAR, tec. t) bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish segars, superior quality 4 bbls St. Jago sugar 10 hhds New - Orleans do 200 lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Boston Rum J ust received and for sale by G. G. A 8. HOWLAND, feb 27 77 Washington - strict. UPLAND COTTON. 15 hales prime Up land Cotton, landing and forsaie by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street IN STORE, 43 bale Sea Island Cotton, for sale at above, jan 23 Ol VQTW.V. lOBACVO, iic. tad JL bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr nsuvau 20 bales New - Orltsoi cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tob:rco nancier IN STORE, 50 tons clean St. Petersburg! hemp Russia durk, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumbler 30 boxes Castile soap Writing aod wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Alro, jiut received, 16009 lb Havana coffee, in hhd. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. For sale by JAMES D'WOLF. jr. Feb 83 67 Front - . RICHMOND FLOUR. 150 bblt. landing this day from the schr. Emerald, for sale by . KUUKKT GILLESflb, feb 26 112 Front - street HARDWARE TOIIN WI1EKLEY has just received from fj . Liverpool, per ship Courier, and offers for sale, & rine - rtreet 8 and 10 link trace chxios Hand and cledge hammers Vices; spades aid shovels Fryiog - pant and nails. Feb 27 2w FOH. HALE. rpHE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138Fo: J. t'in - street, near Broadwav. coriitinc of oa extensive and choice collection of history, tra vels, voysgei, Morarmy, romances, tovtis, tales, pmys, reviews, mazarines, Cc. Catalogue may b exaniaed t the library, which is open tor subscribers, at aiuil. tth4lf . LINEN3. DIAPERS, lie. C. SU YD AM, hsvejuit received per brig lJ. rocabontat, from Dublin, and tlup i nomas Wilson, from Greenock, for tale ly the pacxagc 13 caset 4 - 4 Irish Linent t do 7 - K do do 5 do ' 3 - 4 brown Lineu and Lawnt 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diaper 1 do Utile do 7 boxes5 - 4 Irish Sbeeticgs t .do 9 - 8 do stout do t do Loci Lawns - 7 baletDrogliedas li Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. Alto. A reneral assortment of the above arti cles, opened for retail sales, at 61 Maiden - lane, on very lavorahie terms. leb 5 U X. RUM, 4c. J" puncheons Jamaica Rum. just arrived and landing Irom the brig David Richards, from r aimouin, (.Jam.; and lor tale by A. u. uvrr, 69 Washington - street Who hat for sale in store. L. P.Teneriffe Wine, f i'asley brand) inquar - lercasas, imporieuuiy, iuio Do do in hhds. and qr. casks, do August do Do do in pipes, bhds. and qr. casks, do Sep tember do 30 pipes, 100 hhilt and 280 qr. casks do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, sbip'd in 1813, irom me iape oi uooo nope, ana eou tied to debenture Fort and old Lisbon wine, in assorted caskt 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf mli MOLASSES FOR iwiLK. ttUU Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agnes, from Matantas. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - st. II AVENS DUCK. 101 pieces heavy Ravens JL DUCK, lor tale oy HURD & SEW ALL, feb 19 c5 South - street. OIL. ft CANDLES. RIPLF.Y k WELD, I9ii Front - street, have constantly n hand, at wholesale and rttail, . i e : winter ami summer ,iraiea cpirriiiaccti uu. Also. Tallow Mould Candles of superior ouali ty, from Winibip's Faciory, Charleston, Mau. it - n vj "r.NGLISII WHITE LEAD. kegs Eiig MlA lisll White Lead, CTound in Oil, landing from ship William, anrt tor tale by l c UAUKIC.B, feb 18 29 South street. CJ'I U.1PES 20 cam superior American blue KJ, stripes, f'lrsaia by the COMMi&ilON COMPANY, Frb If DXrC 148 Pearl - st J.J1" Qr. ;ptk Cfilmenar wine i:0 (r f.9'u aiid sKWhalf do dry Malaga do 5 do .'ind 14 half '.) tweet Malaga 1S) boxes Florn:r oil, 13 bottlM each 40 baid ltalia.1 writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do priutint; do letter 14 hh; E lglisti glassware, consisting of wines and tuml l.r - aisurted 100 buxes nt' - hivies and M) do olivet 1 box Fr - .tb kidflovet . 1 do ns'rich Iwi.bert, very rick '. 1 do '., . 9 cases felt bats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian rags, 500 marble mortars 23 cawe marble tUbt, raised and. statuary, assorted sixes 5 boxek Naples shaving toap 1 do watch glawet 3 caset manna in flaket 100 bale Calcutta goods, consisting of Baftas, putkah and callipatty cossahs Cbadpore, cbomocolly, johauna, luckipore and soogapore Bannahs, jullapore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillaba Madras pattern do Sootee and froctsoy romals, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, ant) ABRM. OGDEN, ' mch 6 Vahingtont JSi C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Pearl - st. hae jutt received 3 esses 4 - 4 l - ish Linent, assorted 2 do. Brown do. 8 do. Cunton Crapes 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchief 1 'do. Sewing Silks, assorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting 2 do. MaTtei'let QoMting, assorted 2 do. Cambric Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jeans 1 bale Rhode's Rombazetts 1 do. superfine Broad Clotht All very low charged, which they offer for sale at a small advance mh 3 lw Gk.0. G LIB'S MUSIC SCHOOL, If). 2G WaLL - ITKKET, IS established on his new and easy system of teachuuc roroposit on thorn' bass, preluding S established on his new and easy system of the art of fingering the piao - forte and singing, lie. Terms 3U dollars per quarter, nail i.i advance. From 4 to 7, Saturdays, P. M. the ara'lemy will be open, for the frieudt oC science and the amateurs of music to call and ini pect the establishment, and tiiev are requested to ! 'li e with thtm the first Eiimpeaa works on muic to ena ble them accvratt ly to appreciate the merits of this new improved system ui teaching;, ny HIV J.W V.. W.I U. ! 1 .MATURES IN A lNEW is I YLr. Bt i.Vl b. iHfi, raosi LotiBoa, at 6 . id up wirds. Specimens may lie seen at die T - mline Coffee House, the City Hotel, and at hi - paint ing room, lev Broadway, exactly opposite Jorm street mh b xw" TO bPORTSMEN. ' TTORsale, a very suiwrior double barrel Fow - V line Piece, bavins been used bat one year ratncR maker - uiipire at wis oroce. mbviw TRANSPARENT TRACING SLATES. COR copying wri'ines, drawings, &c. for I? teacbins children to write and draw cor rectly in a short time, by tracing exactly any copy, writing, drawing, landscape or pattern placed under it, with a pen and ink, blark lead or r mmun slate pencil , and may be esed as a common slate (br Arithmetic, Memorandums, &c. tc. Manufactured and sold wholesale and re'ail. by J. 120 D, oiD7 iwt rvo. 150 tnerry - si. new - iorit. NEW BOOK. IVs P".hJ"3d",H' forle I .' VA' rUiTpublinhed and for sain by ELI3 VA - t ut Nllt., 104 Broadway, Mtioor below Ll NTINE. 104 Broadway. Sdttoor below Pine - street, Rob Roy, by tbe author of Waverlv, Guy MarinerinK,' a d ' tlie Antiquary,' 2 vols, fine copies 2 dlt. coarse I ?i. Acowpuoxlium 91 iiei - gropn), containing, oe - sides t'e matter ufnal insucn works, ahort sys - tofl of Sacred Geography, by the Revrt. John t . Rudd, Rectm of St John's L'Lorrb. EniaDeth - town, (N. J) CorretponrWice lietweea a meUier and Iter daushter, by Mrs. Taylor and Jane Taylor. Accum s cneinical Amusement. 6 vols, of elegant exttacts, with engravings. Orders received for eiig ring. i'opper plate printinr o even description exe cuted with neatneit anJ despekh. X,r ANTED, a wck anl niaii o do tlm If waobiir of a larre fandy Enaiire at OPlCEiX 4 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, K - f , a nags Oo. Cloves . 3 do. do. Mace '5 sacks real Cevlon Cinnamon juai ree'd and for tale by feJ) 26 PETER REMSEN k CO. Iftliu LlNEN. 5 boxes 4 - 4 Irish Linen, for sale by W. t 8. CRAIG. MM3 IRfcll LINENS, DIAPERS, SHEETINGS, rpjlOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Depeyster - JL istreet bat just received ptr latest arrivals, a mttber assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, lone laws?, 6 - 4aht0liDgs, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 dowlas, do. drogbeda lioens, which with the following goods, told on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linent,' low anil fine atsortmentt 7 - 8 do in half piec'ee - lv 7 - 8 do haif bleached ttmng and fit for narrow sheetinKs, to average 13d t - 8 lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings to average S3d ' 3 - 4 coarse and fine brown linen. feb 24 w OPS. 2 bales Hope, wit rtceived lor sale by CAMBRELlNGfc PEARSON, feb 3 67 South - street TJOMESTIC! OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, VII Dutch and Enclith Gunny Bags, Popes tWds Crumb Bruihes Bellows, fancy common Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brashes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Ehoe il Scrubbing do ' J'aint B rushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cordt, Trace Ropes VVrou - ht and Cut Vaili and Brads and Do for Blacksmiths Hall ann Entry Mats rail and l uts Wheel - Burrows Fine Wire Sievet Do Hair do Whips of every de scription Seine, sewing, wrap ping, bnlcing and ball 1 wine Fish Lines Shoe k sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballao ces, tic. Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA & CUMING, - feb 26 76 Pearl - street. OLD JAMAICA RUM A FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum, L X, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIE3, 29 South street mh 3 46 Boxes, 1 hhd, 1 cask ARGOL, about H,500lhs, forsaie by Feb 20 R. b C. W. DAVENPORT fc CO. N. SMITH DA VIEe, Late conductor 0. the business of Mr. Nathaniel Smith. ??Ok OFFERS lor sale at bit Manufactory, No. Iw'6 Broadway, ut teni raJ and extensive an assortmnnt of pi rfumery Mini lancy articles as may li - (iiund in this city. Amon which are ' Vegetable transparent ahaviiur liquid, which makes a creamy lather and soltrnt tbe beard Oil antmuti lor culling, glossing, strengthening, aod pert onuug the hair, anH rin.vntinff ii iroin lurninc arev Fine cosmetic cold cream, for removing scurf, roughness, all manner of eruptions, and chaps IllilU IIIC .iu. . Carbfiric or charcoal dentifrice, chemically oreoared for nreservint; the teeth and corns Vegetable rouge, for giving a natural colour to Uiecompiexioo Pearl cosmetic, or face powder, for whitening the kin Uichly improved chemical cosmetic wtdi ball for soflninr, prctertinc, and beautifying the skin, and preventing it from chapping Buperune rose, vioiei, aim niaiu nair poworr i warranted to be pure and free from adultera tion Almond paste, for washing the skin Almond powder, for the tame purpose Chemical dentifrice tooth powder, warranted Balsamic lip salve of roses, forgiving a beau tiful coral red to the lips, curing roughness and chaps, an I leaving Uiem teaooin anu comioria - ble Celebrated Albion corn plaster, to well known to be au efficacious remedy for corns Highly improved chemical mim oi rotet, lor preserving the skin, clearing n irom scsn, redness, sunburn, and chaps, and lor the use of gentlemen after shaving Hivhly improved sweet tceniea nam ana ton pomatumt . Pommade de grasse, for ttreosthcnuig and promoting tbe growth of the hair, and preveot - 1UK II IfUUI CIIIUIIIK UUI Che cmical absteigent lotion, for tbe teeth and gums Aromatic toothpaste, for whitening and pre - se - vin the teeth and rums Purified Alpine shaving cakes, made on a chemical urineinle i and is so well known to he tu - perjor to most other soaps for softoing the beard ,nd nromotinr the oiieration of shavinr Highly improved violet shaving powder, which is particularly adapted to the ese of Travellers, beinz verv portable, and in all respecltaa excel lent article lur taaving ft! - Please be particular and observe, that all tlie foregoing articles of N. SMITH DA VIES manufacture, will have his name upon them in copper - plate or type. Al:ignum bonum, ne plus ultra, refined steel, concave, and a variety ol common raxors, in caset and single; bntannia metal and glass sha ving boxes of various uses, suitable lor snaving caes ; shaving boxes, wiin glass, orusn ana soap ; do with glass, brush, oap and hair brush, and a variety of common shaving boxes ; raior strops of various kinds, sites, and quality ; some very small and fine suitable for shaving cases; laries japnnni'ii uremnc; t:ne, lurni.ncii iir - furnmhed ; gentlemen's morocco and mahogany dressing cases, furnished in a superior style; la dies and gentlemen can have the drawers of por table desks and toilette glasses lined up lor o resting, ia a superior style ; a handsome assortment of ladies work boxes ; needle caes completely furnished with needles of tlie best quality ; a variety of pocket - books ; thread cases ; silt, plated and silk purges i ivory fine combt of all sizes, some extra superfine ; box wood fine enmos ; tortoise shelMvory, and born pocket combt : durable ink ,alt of lemons ; tongee tempers , tooth picks ; t wth pick caset and twerzert ; patent pe netratine hiir bruihet : by the sliehteft applica tion, they penetrate to tlie root of the thickest hair, cleansing from it all preferable nmlter a - rinng from eices or exercise, giving to the he.d and Tiiir a Feasibility of pleasantness not to be expected I run ine common Kino oi nair iiuii - . k.i. kmiti.1 . lntk.. kriMli.1 9 tAilfh hru.h esishavinz brushes, with or without cases : irnil hpi, . - s hril.w. . h,. hruhe. wbipker brushes, with glass ; plate brushes and Oesh brusn - et. These are rtaple articles, ni wiucn mere is an tssortnient on hard, equal, if not superior, to any in the United mates ; a very, elegant assori - me it of pen and pocket knives ; fine and common scisior ann scissor cans: Iruit knives; a variety of Cue fancy boxes aod snuff boats; bair pins ; bodkins and black pins : pencil cnx mtut hliu - k lead Deficits : fins swan and silk puffs : jK.wder boes and powder knives ; a variyof naniiue cat glass sutnicuorc nmun, ir wmu.., ntrklscet, c. with silver and go!d ri ; siwil - lint: bot'ltf, with volatiJa salts; aromatic snt of vinegar. ... . . fJ3" lange oeoocums mane n ennmrj w,, - keepen, who will fed it nvb to Ibeir tdvant3f;e l.k. i an aufirmen nf the arliclesof N. S'Dilh Davirs'mantirRCt'jre, as (Vy u re put up in tbe Irx and mad to snit any climate. - 1 tr ibe corner of Chapel and Jlurray - ttraeu. cbaiU will be tuppked trbulMtle for exporta - sbcIj6 1 tiw . LOOKING GLASSES, MIRRORS, TIN FOIL. &c 3 cases handsomely oratmenl - ed Minors 15 to 21 inches I caio Gilt Pier Glasses, with blark reeded frames, neatly ornamented with carved Tablets 3 do Dressing Boxes k Reverse Swings 4 do bilvered Plates in black reeded frames V do unsilvered do. . I do rich rut Glass Pant 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 3 1 inches, for sale by . PETER REMSEN U CO. mil 3 26 South - itieef. MO 1'IL.H. ft - All persons having claims agninit tbe aetata ofCapt William Taylor, decea ed are desired to present Uiem to the subscriber for settlement, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment without delay. JAJVU.S M'BUiur., feb 12 1m Administrator. NOTICE. frt The copartnership heretofore existinc lie - twei n the subscribers, under Die' firm of N. 8 Uavics Co. is this dav dissolved by mutual con sent The debts due and claims against sntd firm will be settled by N. S. Davit a. . js uavir.t, , A. W. THAPPAN, The bniinets will in future be fonducled by N. Smith Da ies, under tbe firm of N. SmiUi Da - vies & Co. teh 14 DOCK k SLIP Sealed proposals will be received at the comptroller oilier, unv nun, tin mommy the 9Ui of March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the public Docks and Slips for one year from the 1st May next, agreeably to the new ratee of wharfage establmlied by the Common Council on the 16th intt. the particulars of which may be seen at tbe Comptroller e Othce. fob 19 NOTICE. ftr - The subscribers havine received a eene rarasslgniutut of all the estate of John Murray &Srnt, for (he benefit of cteditors as exiircssed in the niiignment, hare authoried Peter Ludlow lolinuidate the unsettled accounts and to receive Davment of all debts due to the said firm or to the individual partners who will attend to the same atliit umce, io. 1 1 1 reari - sireei. WILLIAM BAYARD, feb 24 If IIF.NRV BARCLAY. llN CHANCEUV IN CHANCERY. N pursuance of a decretal order of this hnnorn - ble court will be told at public auction, at the Tontine Cotfie House, in the city of New - York, until r the direction ol the subscriber, one of the masters cf this court on Tuelay,tln 4tb day of March inst. at twelve o'clock in the forenoon of that day. ull (nut certain piece or pnrctl oi land, situate al Greenwich, in the llthward of the taid city of rtew - iork; beginning on the west sideo' tireenwich - street, lorty fivar feet t - n im.hes, nortlierly, irom the corner formed by the intersection ol Hammond aod Green wr h - ilrects; them e westerly on a right angle with Grcenwi li lt reel uimut cicMv five feet be tbe t.vnie more or less, until it strikes a line of forty - three feet, in the rear of the said ground ; thence noithwester - Iv until it strikes a coiner at - out twenty seven lect tix inches, lie the snme more or less ; them e easterly twenty four feet, tin me northwesterly thirty three feet six inches ; thence easterly fifty three teet iiucnre again easterly mmy iwo iwi four inches, to Greenwich - street ; thence south - ilv. alone Greenwich - street, seventy fie feet three inches, to the place of bearlnninr. Tngeth er with all and singular, the edifices buildings, rights, members, hereditaments and nppurtcnnn ces thereunto belonging or appertaining. On the above property are erected two substantial frame houses, each ahont twtnfy five feet (rnpl and rear, and thirty two feet drep, and alo a work shop. Dated Mew - York, March Z, IHIU. H. WK8TERVELT, Master in Ch.inrery. N. B. A map or sketch of tlie above may be seen by applying at my omce, rvo. i nanu street ' mh 2 lawzwdl w ' IN CHANCERY John Woods and Robert Warded,) tx'rt of James Woods, deceased r . John Bay. J Stole of Jfev'Yotk. n. I N purtuatceof an order of tits honorable conrt, 1 made in the above cause, will be told tt pub lic auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, on the 23d day of March next, at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction of the subscriber, all that certain messuage or dwelling house and lot of ground, situate in the town ol Claverack, in the county of Columbia and ttatc of New - York ; bounded southerly by land now or late of Jeremiah Fonda, westerly by the road leading to the city of Hudson, nortlierly h land now or lata of William II. Ludlow, and easterly by land now or late of Anthony Ten Broet k containing in ine wnoie m teen acres ; together with the hereditaments and anptirttnaci - ces to the same belonging or appertaining. Dated Feb. II, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON, fob 11 Inwtdt Muster in Chancery. At a court of Chancery held for the Statu of New - York, at thecilyof Albany, a the thirtieth day of 1)ecemberf in the year ol our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. Present The Hooorable Jamet Kent, Esquire, Chancellor. Nathaniel Pendleton,) IT appearing by affida. rt. f 1 vit to the satisfaction Henry C. Ilawley i of this court, that process 1 of sunptena to appear and answer in tbe above cause bath been regularly issued against Uie above named defendai.t, Henry C. Ilawley, hut that tlie said defendant could not, upon diligent search and enquiry made, intermediate Uie teste and return ol tlie said tub - pwnu, be found to lie served therewith And it further appearing by the said affidavit, that Uie said defendant has absconded from bis reiideoce, and gone into tbe state of Pennsylvania, or the state of Ohio, where be wat at the time such enquiry wat made On motion of Nathaniel Pendleton, Esquire, Uie complainant in person, it is ordered that the taid defendant, Hun - ry C. Ilawley, do cause his appearance lo be entered, and his answer to be tiled to the complainant bill of complaint in this cause, within four mould from Uie date of Uiit order, or in de - Jttllll IIIVIV'I. UI.I I.UIIII.B1IIWII. Will VI - " plaint be taken prn - confesso against him. And ' . . i i i . i . - . r .1.: - I. iv. 11 is lurwer iinirreu mat a l - t,'j ul,a "Kiev w published, within twenty days from the date ul Mils oraer, in ooe or mine t uw (luuui. ucti pert printed hi this state, for eight weeks sue cessively. once at least in every week. A Copr ISAAC L KIP, Jan 191aw8w Atiliuit Register. NOIICE. ft7 - The Creditors of 'A.MUEL ALLEN, andsAMUEL ALLEN k CO. arc hereby apprised that a divi - ion of their estate wu be m:lc on the 14th day of next mrtb, (March) at Onf - filh't, Hotel, in die vilLgeol t.enena. Forth. A.,.gne..,jo3Ki)li Gcnovt, 2dmo.l2Ui, isia. feb 1 l3w Lk C. bUYDAM, No. 61 Maideu - lune, bare justopned t boxes W - 8 and 5 - 4 wide new twdressed house wits stkUngs, at low prices AI.SO, btiut end fine lrili chettiogt InJi linens ; sang lawns Birds eye diapers ; table diaper Damask cloths and tiapkiot, susd Saperline Scutch linen bed - ticks. Also, for talc by U package, Irish linens, sheetings, dirpcrt Loog lawtw. black and bruwa Iinsof, auJ - o lied ticks, assorted - mu7 5t - i. of " t. Tothehnnorablo tbe judges and astistan justices of the court ol common pleat in T,. ad for Uie county ol OrMn - . HE petition of Geoige D Wickh..m of tbe town of Goshen, in tbe county of Orante, respectfully sbefteth That your niioner se , seised in lee nitple as tene.nt in common of one equal undivided moiety or half pait of nil that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate, iy - ' ins snd beins in the town of Warwick, in iha county of Orange, known and distinguished as kit number two, in the subdivision of grest runt tain lot Dumler lourtieo. in the oateutot L'haeta.. cocks, containing two hundred and sixteen acres of land, or thereabout. And your petitioner fur - titer shewetti, that he is seized as ulortwkl e.'one ' equal undivided moiety or half part of sll that certain other lot, tract, piece or pi. ml of Innd, situate, lying and bring in the said lowi, o Warwick, and known and (iistmggislied as lotntimVr three, in the taid subdivision of great mruatfin ' lot number fourteen, in Use taid p.ilent of LiMmmf . . ciKk, cniituiniogtwo hundred und thirty, acres oi i aim or tnrrraoouis. And your fur titer the weth. that somo pertou or persons, to your ietitioner uukuoHn, it or are seirfd afora . saui, oi the remaining equal unditilPd moidyor half part of enrbol the above - inentioned a i 'le - J' scribed lots, pieces or arcels of bind. And your ' pcuuoner iiiruiir siiewetli, uiat l.a is desirous la have partition made of the kioresaid lands tens " menu and hereditaments, bet weo your petitiott - i er nod the said person or persni.s unknot n as a Kirnain, according to in, several and icspecuv ' rights of the several parlies ufomaid, el, ini a ad ; to the tutor. - Whtrttore yourpetitiutier piays. that all and singular, ilia said lands, tenemrutt :. and berediluments, trethst wrUi tlie righttr J inemlier, privikgcs atid appurteoanccs lliircnn - to lieloiiging or in any wise apin rtninine, may le divided ty rnmniisMi ncrt, to be nppninted I y lliit Iwnqrelila curt, iu punuatice oi Hi pro - n iirinmof the act entitled an a t for the purttlioa of lands And yonr prtitiomr shall ever pray,'' be.. Dated this sixth day ot Febiuarj,one too. sand eiht hundrm mid eighteen t.EORGE D. WICKHAM. a John and Alex'r Due.r, Att'ies. . - . 1 Be pleased to tna tuilice thnt a petition, of ! which the above is a Copy, i bo priseut - . ed to the juds o) nMisunt iuitiiu ul thai cnurt ol coniiu in pleas in and lor the rrmily 1 rtf .,t M... ...... I........ :.. .1 ' ; ... .'iHii.i, a, ii'.uvc III WllllWII, Oil, the Inst Alonilay of May next, af ten o'clock, in the forenoon of, thai day, or as toon there - ' ' after as counsel enn he 'heard. And tin up - ' plicntin.i will thrreunon be made to the tatd court ' for the appointment of eomuiitsii'ner', to ninke partition of the lands, tenements and fx redlia - .. mentt nbovo desenhed, with ibe ippurtciiancet. according to t,o praver id'thti said netilMavand in pursiiiiiire of the art enti'l"! an act rir the pnrtitinn of hmds. J)at.:d 8ih Felnmry, 1818. We are, lie. jno. atfa'. num., Att'irs for thenbove 10 - ii'd pi filtuner. . ' Ti the iK non or l)Cinn - unlrnnwn. Intereiteil in Uie above dcscri'jc d lands or v. hon,rtyerelK ' K may concern. f - h .1'nwtiM in My 1 IN CHANCERY John 11. Murray, i vs. J Slate of New.York, tt Jamet T. Wilson, l i " . IN pursuance of a decretal order of this he - notirsble court, made in the above tause, sslll be ' said at publis aneiiiin, al tbe Toi.iini. Coflee House, in the city or .Mv - Yuil,, under the du reetlcm ut' lbs suhtriler, at cne of the nasttrt ol this tXHirt, nn I oesiUy the second dav ot Sep tember neit. atlaetse n'slook at noo , all that tract of land joining on the town of Lowville, and lying in the enuntv of Lewi,, in the stale afore said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Maeoml.'i purchase, and torn prises all the Intt knoan on a eeitsiii pltn or map mads by Dstid P ronton and B.White, in the year ltli, from No. US to M'i Inelnsise, containing together U,()Ot) anree . of land, with the appurtenances thereto belonging or say trisa appertaining. Dated JuneiU, 1.117. fCopy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy )l la4dtdt .taster In Chtncery. The tale oi the above ptoiH.ttvr put'Pitfied to the first dayol Mat mxt. at the tame hour and plare. DntedJan?, 18111. JAftlr,f n. II A l OJV, Jen24 lawlMyl Mastcriu i.h.incery. IN CliANCKd STATE OS MCW - TOKK, f Npurttitnce of a decretal order of this bonora - I Ine court, liearinif date the sixtetiilh day of October lasLwill be told at public auction, hi the I ontine s,ol7ee llouie, m tiw city oi new - 1 ork, - under the direction ) the subscriber, asnuc of the mattert of Uiil court on U'tdiuudau the tc tenth dny of January next, at twelve o'cI k, ai joon, . all that certain lot, trie of parcel oi land, Situated in the county of Deinware, in tli" ttate of New - York, and in Ev.ins' I'ntt nt, nnd'nownbr great lot tss rty four, aud bounded ns follows t he Kiniiingnl a stnke and hrapol nionrs near a beech tree, mnrked No. 34 nnd 7 ; heme the northeast corner of lotthirty seven jUience along (he urrtlt bound thereof s uth eighty nine degrees, irett one hundred and twenty eihl chains nnd rty sis linkt ton beech tree masked N. 3.1anl 34 t being the southeast corner ut lot (Nn. 33,) num - ( her Uiirty three ; thence ahaig the east boundt Uiereof, north three degrees, eest eighty one ' chains and twenty links to a beech tree marked No. 31 and 34 : thence nloiia the south hounds of lot (No. 311 iium'ier thirty one, sic i th eighty nine . degrees, east the distance of one hundred ami four chains, to a ttake. and heap of stones; thtnee touth thirty five i hiins nnd twenty four lir.'.is to beech bee narked No, 6 ; tl eni e north 'eifihty nine degrees, eat twenty chains to the west bound of lot thirty five ; thence urnng the ame south forty inurclutiiia and ninety six links to the lace of beginniiif, ; containing nine I undtd and ortv nine ncres an - l ttuce fourths of ac ai re of land, with the nppnrt"nnnf ct. And alsr. all that certain other lot, tract or parcel nflaud, situa ledintiie ci.unly of Dl;iware, in Uie sia'e of New York, in F.vai.s' - Patrn, aiid known by J.reat lot thirty seven, and it bounded a ftU. ows : llegitmin a a hemlock tree uwk - ed No. 37 and 40 Mri the northeast corner of lot No. (40) runiber forty t tlience along the bounds tivreof, soutn. e'eh - , ty nine digrees. west oi.e hin.dred end thirty. four chaiiit end ten linxt to beech snpling marked No. M k 37 I Ihrnce north three ne - grert, east seventy eight chains in a Bi ech tuo with stones round it ; ihrro - e on the south bounrtt of lot Uiirty four north eighty nine drjrre.s, last one hundred and thirty chains t.. a Birch tree marked UiHy seven arrf thirty - eigtJ ; thtnee oa the west bounds oflol thirl v - eig! t, south tevi nty - ei - ht chain to the place of beginning, containing one thousand and twnly - fuor arret and one fourUi of an acre of land with the appurtcutuxes. Doted, DeceiBlicr 2, 11117. ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 lawlildtt Matter in Chancery. (cy - The ink of the atiove proi - ert) b ".stpo - nedto the cishieenth dav of Februai v next al tbe same hour bad Oate.d Jan. 7, IHIR. Jan 7 ?iwtt Matter in Chancery. TI sale of tli above property it iiotrKiticd Its the 12th d.iv of May lext at the tame hour aad plare. Dated leb, IS, 1814. JAMES A. HAMILTON, feb 18 lawtdt Matter inCbam err. fSOi'lCL. fifT - The creditnrs ol Jolisr C leak ley. of Ibe city of New - Yor, insolvent, V" berrby notiAtd 1 .1 . i V. . . .T. it. . .... 1 - the te - id insolvent under tbe ert en.'uled sn act for givirg relief in eaes tt insolveis - cy," althr Law Buildings, No. I, office Pia, 3, situntc in N'Mtai - ttreet, in Uie city ol New - York, aFCcrtain and examine the nrcosmts nee so ttitm rcn ecUveiy, on the twenty Blin coy ot April nt x lief wren the boon of 10 A. M - and 3 P. M. A id the slid creditors arr further notlhed. the' a .livideml ol tv - estate I sadiosofvm wnm, be made by the suliMrihcr, a the place aturt - airi, and tir en Ute bourn thorr mentKed, oa the iwenfi - ttid.iy ol May ftsxt ew - Iork, Fb.4SlilJ. E2S0N SLOSSON, . fb51tTTj Atvignee,sic. t; .4 ' Jr. V I i t i ti. f'1 3 A i. r i n t Vl 1 ft

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