Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 19
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APRIL 5 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NINETEEN Ml. m 'it BUILDING SHOW DRAWS CROWDS To Open Thursday Evening and Friday Afternoon and Night. The second day of the building and home furnishing show in the high school gymnasium drew another large crowd Thursday, as the displays of building materials, the latest in new equipment and newest to furnishinga attracted further attention. The show was scheduled to remain open until 10 o'clock Thursday evening, as well as Friday afternoon and evening, giving residents of Mason City and surrounding territory art opportunity to see the exhibits. That the exhibits this year surpass those of the initial show last year is the consensus among those in attendance. Exhibitors have given more attention than ever to the appearance and the interest provoking aspects of their booths. Eldora Man Injured as Truck Hits Ditch North of Mason City B. W. Albright, Eldora, received minor cuts about the head and bruises on the body when the truck which he was driving, left the highway as he attempted to pass another car north of Mason City on highway No. 65. His companion was uninjured. The pair were returning from Austin, Minn., where they had taken a load of cattle. The accident occurred about 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. Thursday Mr. Albright was dismissed from the Park hospital where he was taken following the accident. Painful Piles Go Quick--"So Cutting--No Salves If you think an operation is always the only way to escape the misery of torturing Piles, it's because you haven't heard of Hem- Roid. the harmless internal medicine discovered by a western phy- sioia-\ After years of study Dr. J. S. Leer"-;'( was convinced that the cav ' Piles was internal--bad air M °f blood in the lower bov. ''2 hemorrhoidal veins filled ·· i scajrnant blood--and that (he i'-;": and safe way to get freedom tram Pile agony was to remove the c£".-2 with an internal medicine. Immed'atcly the doctor set to work "to find the remedy. He succeeded and called his prescription HEM- ROID. Pile sufferers everywhere are benefiting by Dr. Leonhardt's dis- coverv, so why doubt or delay longer when Michael Drug Co. and all druggists say, "No matter what kind of Piles you have, one bottle of HEM-ROID tablets must show you the safe clean way to get rid of your-pile misery or money-back." DICK SEE says "They're Just Bolting Houses Together "I just read where they are puttin' houses together now with nuts and bolts and a half dozen rivets. They make 'em-from stee' and glass. Might he all right bu' I'd want to he durn sure I had reliable window shades. The work moves, though, and I suppose it won't be very long before we'll be callin' up the boys at one- of our lumber yards and sayin' 'Send me over a new sittin' room. The wife'." goin' to have sewing circle so I wan you to bolt it on before noon. 1 "That's all right for the futun but right now you ought to be doin some repair work around home There's plenty of things that ough to be done and we've got a lot o good carpenters, masons and othe skilled workmen who can do th job right and it won't cost yoi much either. Get In touch witt your building man and let him fig ure with you. "That's one thing about Dixi Gas. We keep our product right uj to the latest specifications. That' why it goes farther and cost les i.n the long run." Log Cabin Oil Co The Home of High-Test Gas at Low-Test, Price 100% HOME OWNED Anna Hagelee, 28, Is Sentenced to 15 Days on Shop-Lifting Charge Anna Hagelee, 28, Charles City, /as sentenced to 15 days in the ounty jail Thursday by M. C. oughlon. justice of the peace, on a harge of shop-lifting. She was ar- ested Wednesday afternoon after is had taken small articles from be Kresge store, a dress from 'amon's store and a pocketbook rom Merkels. She confessed to taking a coat rom the J. C. Penney store in De- ember, leaving her old coat In ace of it. The merchandise was re- urned. She stated she was a widow nd was receiving a widow's pension. RETURNS HOME AFTER 7 YEARS Joy Who Disppeared From La Crosse at Age of 16 Regains Memory. TARBORO, N. Car., April 5. Wl-\ boy who disappeared from his ome in Wisconsin at the age of 16 ad been returned today to his par- nts in La Crosse after seven years f wandering. Giving his name as Earl Kunert, e was committed to the Edge- ombe county jail last November ·hen carnival authorities with ·horn he worked turned him over o Tarboro officers because he ap- eared to be insane. Dr. R. E. Broadway, Edgecomb ealth officer, questioned the boy t length and, from correspondence esulting from his answers, learned iiat his reau name was Elmer Hoeth of La Crosse. When he in- ormed the body of his identity, Hoeth improved rapidly and was ble to recall facts about his family, 3r. Broadway said. Miss Eioise Hoeth, sister of Elmer who recognized him readily as er missing brother, came to Tar- oro and took the boy to Wisconsin. She said he wrecked his father's utomobile in 1927 and disappeared few days later. Hoeth said he traveled over United States and Canada and suf- ered injury in a Canadian coal mine. Apparently he was suffering rom amnesia when he was handed ver to Edgecombe authorities, Dr. 'roadway said. DEMPSEYLOSER IN RING BATTLE 95 Pound Wife of "Texas" Rassler Forces Jack to Beat Retreat. ALEXANDRIA, La., April 5. (/PI --Jack Dempsey lost a ring battle .ere last night. Worse than that, ;e was forced into ignominous re- reat from the scene of contest. It all happened as the ex-heavy cham- jion was refereeing a heavyweight vrestling match and the 95 pound vife of one of the participants limbed into the roped square and ook a hand in the proceedings. Dempsey lost his shirt and a good deal of hair before it was all over. Mrs. Johnny Plummer, whose hus- nd was tying up with Bruce No- and, Newton, Iowa, in the feature if a mat card, gave the fans the un- :xpected extra thrill when she chal- enged the former pugilistic king and won at least a temporary victory. Started With Warning. It all started when Dempsey warned Plummer that he would not allow any kicking of Noland when .he latter was on the floor. One .hing led to another and Referee 3empsey closed the argument by delivering three quick upper-cuts to :he chin, which ended the evening's entertainment for Plummer. But not for Mrs. Plummer. She was through the ropes from her ringside seat in a second and goinj after Dempsey's shirt and his hair jefore anybody could do anythin; about it. Dempsey retreated as far as the ropes would allow and stooe iiere for a while, proving he coulc still take it without raising a hand in defense. When Mrs. Plumme. really got organized, however Dempsey slipped through thi ropes and retreated into the crowd. Promoter Cuts In. By that time, promoter Miki Mule was in the ring trying to maki everyone listen to reason, but when Mrs. Plummer turned her attention to him, he quickly pinned her arm behind her and held them thu while Dempsey slipped back into th ring and raised Noland's arm in token of victory by default on foul. There was lots of excitement, bu little damage to anyone. 11 Bulgarians Slain by Frontier Guards Along Greek Borde SOFIA, Bulgaria, April 5. OB-Eleven Bulgarian Mohammedan were killed today by frontier guard as they attempted to cross int Greece under Daridere. Guards said the Mohammedan fired first after ignoring many or ders to halt. The victims belong to a grou called "Pomaks" aad were said t have been incited to leave Bulgari secretly through propaganda con ducted recently by "certain Turkis groups." Mountain police, who patrol th Austro-German frontier on ski have been rounding up smugglers, IRE SUFERERS' MEASURE KILLED hipstead and Hoidale Fail to Get House to Pass Minnesota Aid. WASHINGTON, April 5. UP)-'or the second time the house re- ected today the Shipstead-Hoidale re sufferers' bill and thereby illed the measure for the session f congress. The vote was 123 to 99. The measure was rejected late esterday, but revived by a point f order. Supporters, however, were nable to muster sufficient strength vernight to obtain passage. The bill carried claims of between ight and nine ' million dollars gainst the government for losses jffered in a northern Minnesota ire in 1918 caused by sparks from government operated locomotive. Government responsibility was jted by the courts after more than 5 000 suits were filed in Minneota. More than 7,000 claims were ontained in the bill which would ave authorized the treasury to re- nburse the balance of claims not Iready adjudicated. Part settle- lent was made by the government everal years ago. Representative Blanton (D. Texas) led the fight against the bill yesterday, -contending there was no eason for further payments. The bill was passed by the sen- te with little opposition. The fire resulted in the loss of .undreds of lives and destroyed the jty of Cloquet, Minn. MENCKEN MAKES "SMART CRACKS" 'amous Cynic Returns From Mediterranean Cruise Refreshed. By MORRIS WATSON NEW YORK, April 5. (5")--Henry ,. Mencken, the sage of Baltimore .nd most famous cynic in America, eturned from a Mediterranean ruise today sufficiently refreshed o take right smart cracks at the ollowingr (1) The new deal. (.2) Insull. (3) The veterans. ( 4 1 Clergymen. Coming up the bay on the liner luropa in bright sunshine, Mr. lencken was pleasantly gloomy about almost everything. He said he was for a planned 'conomy, "if you can find some- ody to plan it.'' But as to the new deal, he referred to it as the running of a ship by the ship's barbers. Big Smash Coming. "My private opinion is that the big smash is going to come next year when the tax bills come in when the people learn that the bills have to be paid," he said. He shook his head, "it's going to be a sad awakening." Mencken visited Athens just aft- T Samuel Insull, fugitive, left :bere. He sighed. "Athens is ruined," he said. "It has forgotten Socrates, and now it has only Insull, and he sn't there any more." He referred to recent exposes of power utilities influence upon legis- atures as "sport," and averred that jrosperity had returned because, he said, "the thieves are getting back --all the bogus war veterans are on the rolls again." "Can't Be Done." He said that during the cruise in the Mediterranean he tried to convert several clergymen to Christianity, but, "it can't be done." He predicted that in another 20 years there would be "another big rumpus which will end with a man on horseback." "America," he said, "is headed "or something new and worse than fascism. In fact, fascism will look -ike a Boy Scout movement in comparison with what we will get. WeT ;nd, too, with a man on horseback.' In his opinion the man on horse- oack won't be anybody in Europe oecause there is nobody there "fi ·o guard a crossing on a railroad.' Alas! The magazines that guarantee the wares of their advertisers aren't the ones that print liquor ads. -Davenport limes. Two Plays to Be Given Friday Evening at Elma ELMA, April 5.--Two one act )lays, "Dreams" and "Luncheon for Six," will be presented at the high school auditorium Friday evening. The latter was used in the one act )lay contest at Riceville about a month ago, and placed third. The ast in "Dreams'' is Williard Peter-en, Ava Beth Mealy, Helen Mannetter and Albert Billington. Those in "Luncheon for Six" are Vilbur Weers, Jean Mahoney. Ralph 2ook. Georgene Evans, Marcella Bloom and Fae Tate. ijornson to Give First of Recitals at Waldorf FOREST CITY, April 5.--Bjarne Bjornson, bass, will be presented in a voice recital at Waldorf college Friday evening at 8 o'clok. Mr. Sjornson is a pupil of Prof. Odvin Jagen. Miss Vernila Baker of Kiester, pianist, and the Ambassador male quartet will assist. This is he first of a series of recitals to e presented by the music department of Waldorf college. SEE DANGER TO 7 DAM PROJECTS Mississippi River Reaches High Stage and Keeps on Rising. WINONA, Minn., April 5. I/I')-Seven of the nine foot channel projects on the upper Mississippi river were endangered today when the Mississippi river reached a high stage and continued to rise. A six foot stage was reached at Winona at 9 a. m., and a rise of three feet was forecast in the next 24 hours. The Winona locks, being built by the McCarthy Improvement company of Davenport, will flood at a 10 foot stage, engineers said. Merritt, Chapman and Whitney, contractors for the Fountain City dam, stopped pumping operations today and said a continued rise will cause tremendous damage if the water goes over the Coffer dam and flood forms and recently poured concrete. The Alma dam also is threatened, as are locks at Trcmpleau, Onalaska, Geneoa, and Lynxvillc. Police Court Light · ° Thursday; / Grenier Fined $25 and Costs Elmer Grenier, 817 Washington avenue southwest, was fined $25 and costs on a charge of intoxication Thursday morning by John C. Shipley, police judge. Grenier was arrested about 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at his home. Preliminary hearing for Kenneth Lehman, 508 Fourth street southeast, was set for Monday. Lehman was arrested about 8 o'clock Wednesday evening on East State street on a charge of speeding. H. F. Ladwig, Minneapolis, reported that a gladstone bag was stolen from his car while it was parked in the 300 block on South Federal avenue Wednesday evening. Iowa Convention of Elks Will Be Held at Oelwein m June KEOKUII, April 5. (/I')--The state convention of the Iowa association of Elks will be held at Oelwein on June 19, 20 and 21 it was announced here today by Harry C. Phillips, state association president. President Phillips says that the associa- ' lion is planning an old fashioned convention. It is easier to see tne sinful character of a thing if some other fellow is getting all of the profit.-Cedar Rapids Gazette. Gall Stone Colic Avoid operation If possible. Treat the cause in H sensible, piilnlc-HS. Inexpensive way nt home. Write Home DTUR Co , 18-r7 No. Fourth St.. 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Quickly absorbed. Delightful to ·use. Highly praised by users, many doctors ana nurses. Time-tested for over (10 years. Millions or bottles sold. Try It tonlsht. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend. The Bradflcld Co., Atlanta, Ga. Mother's Friend -- I c a a o n s the pain WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back Pep ., .Vigor .. .Vitality Medical authorities agree that your kidneys contain 15 MILES of tiny tubes or filters which help to purify the blood and keep you healthy. They should pour out thru the bladder S pints of fluid a day which contains 4 pounds of waste matter. If you have trouble with too frequent bladder passages with scanty amount causing burning and discomfort, the 15 MILES of kidney tubes need washing: put. This danger signal may be the beginning: of naireinff backache, lee pains, loss of pep and vitality, getting up nights, lumbago, swollen feet and ankles, rheumatic pains and dizziness. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints every day and get rid of 4 pounds of waste matter, your body will take up these poisons causing serious trouble. It may knock you out and lay you up for many months. Don't wait. Ask yo«r druggist for DOAN'S PILLS .-» . a doctor's prescription . · . which has been used successfully by millions of kidney sufferers for over 40 years. They give quick relief and will help to wash out the 15 MILES of kidney tubes. But don't take chances with strong drues or so-called "kidney cures" that claim to fix you up In 15 minutes. Your common sense will tell you that this is impossible. Treatments of this nature may seriously injure and irritate delicate tissues* Insist on DOAN'S PILLS ... the old reliable relief that contain no "dope" or habit-forminK drugs. Be sure you get DOAN'S PILLS at your druggist. © 1934, Foster-Mil burn Co. FOR RCATING CW* fr Vflt»T| -- ·nr 7^ ARSENATE OF LEAD ·"* WHAIH ASPIRIN TABLETS PIOM SALTS FOR S P R A Y I N G PACKED IN MOISTURE PROOF CARTONS. ALCOHOL PINT B7 24« .29e .23c .73e] .19e 77 c AROMATIC CASCARA 35c Aromatic Cascara SOc Cascara Pills 100's. 1 Ib. Psyllium Seed Dark 35cHlnkles Pills 100's.. TOO Soda Mint Tablets. 25c Chocolate Laxative. $1.25 Beef Iron Wine 75c Digesto Tablets · 49c $1.25 Vlnkola Remedy For Stomach Relief.. .89e Epsom Salts 5 lb$ 23e 3Oc Laxative Cold Pills... 19c 3Oc GrovesBromoQuin!ne21c .PSYLLIUM SEED 3 POUNDS DACXK 69c A OZ. UFEBUO STOPS BODYOM 6 RtMDIS/ 25c Anacin Tablets 17c| SOc NeophenPillsforPain 29c 30c GrovesBromoQuinine21 c $1. Quick Liniment 47c 60c Balsine ThroatGarg.44c 30c Laxative Cold Pills... 19c 45c Tincture Benzoin 2 ox. 26c 1OO Aspirin 5 Grains ,37c 6Oc RedCherryCoughSyr.37c $1.25 Creosote Emulsion . 87c $1.25 Vitalex Tonic 39c 25c Castor Oil 3 Ozs 18c SOc Glycerine 1O Ozs. . ..29c 45c. 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