The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 9, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1818
Page 4
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n - rlWALLK pnOPZRTT. fores', tie Dover !rr !fior;'Climr ' l.,iltil. cow, w - .., B..4 ' r' v - J"sci s roeaistinf e araiiiog Bid - fr A lit rood, V k.oiMUi l .l.rsapd cutu;rs alers,C ail at the WUM ' . fc.i, ,.i.U Kith two dretBAd PM ' t. .mart ie repntf ,oc fecal and ere "p. hand, .Mt to snake fifty tons of iron . tot r fc7 x P"r ' tWiewt lo employ thirty men, and may be ' tui in mio m htmdred more I a brad crt , tint machine asm A Ut! furnace ia good repair cH,.e!::ifitoUo works is a store end a Bomber f komM tor the acrotBmodatton ef hmiih v excellent stabling for teems that miIw neces - aary U keep for the as of tbe mUbiishment J al ; ' to, orchards, pasture and meadow Ws fliatSTT BOJOlUUJg (DO WWII, WIlB aj - .y ijuantity, aot exceeding two thousand 6v 'hundred ecree, witbia three mile of said work, t.. "n.. . t ukafinM am.miBtCUlt"at the r : aMdbyckaMNM kM rase morn than tte ttitodi lhs tract, aad twee muses eremiw sJromwhsch tbe fhrgee are - "PP11' "Ji mm may Im opened and ore raised to "PP' v wnrkt to any e stent s the mint. are, witpiB t.iles ofaia.WWka,Mdoodroad, w 4htb ete cs - a be raised end onveredkt(the re at ' twoend a belfdoilars petto... - ., . The above detcrjbed work ,ef jtorkawey Jliver. Weight '".fT Mom twenty are mdea irom Wl"VTft iooO turnpike roads foadw - t. osb hcmkhr eiteattoB, and Icnait tnunries wunus r'""V - - , - ' Wbn toaai ilhia two ulei M aid p"CO. . TWi tod JoreoltecUaf bar iroa tor tM auc - Ikw aiM ar wr tomwanJing, hert being aoarly ' mi aarMlMd forgo firea ia ii cojmty moat of .MaaaMMIIMMnimi BDOIB lSUr BUM u nvM l Naw.Tark ibaikat. cm coaTB - L,,,ti tiM ihnaa worki. Al thiiBtll frciueatly auriMinrhariraahava bwa Hit and bundled cato nail and rpike todt in adajr, ad pwrdi of aaa ImdrtoMOfaaiU tie neea made in a vcar ' M Urge aatoaot of good aiay be eold at . llMeWlmoCftaagloroariroa.protariuB aup iu: Mi.. Tkon era valaable Kitet both a bore at below o4 ttti traclroa which more worki ' ,r i - . ALBOl i. A m . T raJuahle wt U kaowa Aim, Mi , 1 lawMbili - ai iUadolpo, Iwe I? - ver. aoJ fix auiee Iroaa Morriatowo, wrthia - Jiutriri anllcoi thaUnios teranko road, pear Vieaaaat valley, called U Piatilfcry Farm, ' ' coatainiBg about thror - boixirM acrea, auoai owe fWrtk fwrt ef which i ecelhrat laeadow, one fourth nart plough and pasture land, aad tha re - itailMr. a nonaidaralile Dart of (be tun - ' . kef iaot the origiaal growth, aad ia raitaM for eawtw, IM otter pari ninny wt u"i lima itaaao4waatv vaan rrowUi. - There - are - oe takd arm epwania of uxTj uml red apple tree. IB oua rar, vignt wirca jcarawxi, "' - of them of grafitdfmil, aad more thaa liulf oi Um Uarfooa apple, ad (anoai forctder. Tbe . ajekdow are fiat and free from ttooey through a, Lick rrmr two kaei traaau ef water, aod near tr lb whole may be watered. One of the Jmm ia raSrieai - lor a critt - mill or other wotki i there are taw mill, a grut - iaill, a fek ' mIM tad oil 0.1U, oo tbe Mute it ream. Oa aid fara are two valuable Kitet for water - workii a coavraieot cheap place to erect a abort , Jam, aad rail a cciideruble pood, with twelve or filtoen licet head ttewwiw uw water . twtaked into a race, and in leu tlmo twenty chaioa, on good flrro ground, it more thaa twenty fcet fall. In thfo way the water can be worked twice over with the epwie of only one dam. - - There ii oa aaid fartu ao extenwve eider mill with fburpreite and ciiternt, houied and well IWoped with Irpa. eolBctei.t to huld twelve boa - dred barreU of cider. Connected to the cider work ie tbe fcll - boue, m convr uieutly titoated that the whole operation b completed without poraping, Tbe water for coodeiuing the apiriti from a aever failini iprintt. within HE mAm nfthai Wliil hnilW. Blld hat lafflCICnt head tO tna ioto the cititmi. The buUdinga coniUt ol ' fratar dwelllnci. one Kuod frame bam, 64 feet for. by 28 foot wide, under a part of which ia a good cellar i there are alto bay houie, ' cow areas c . ALSO, ,Vwood, In the lowo - ahip of Jeflnrton, sia miles irom Dover, on the , .awaik,braach of Kocluway Hirer, consisting of a ery valuable forge, with Iwo Ores aod one ham ater abundance ot water the whole year, a large pood, aad a very worm situation, and for tifteeu Jean paal has maduat mocb iroa as aoy two fires I the cwirrty. The ore M within four miles, aad aenrt of the road turnoiked. The several tracts connected with this eal)lihmrat amount alto gether to about tourtotm huodreracres, the greater part timber, to make a durable supply of coal forlbeforge. Immediately adjoiiiiug the forge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient for three fat as of one hundred acres each, with Kaaaea. erclianl and bams, beside several cood dwtlliajrs for the families that may be employed ia working the forge. Tbe whole or env part of this very valuable property will be sold at such piices and credit as . will make it worthy the attention or any person withiac to purchase. For further information eaouiieof JACOB, L03EY. at Dover. ISRAEL CA.NFiELD. at Merristown. ' BLACKWELLh M'r ARLAN, alts. York fctuukur - 0,j freaDia i . A house of tyro stories, - with rpiassa in freutJia cood repair roataintac about thirty four acias, situate on JThrogs Neck, and near to the farm M .AluJi nammona ne lana oeuig highly iaiproved, and containing a great variety of tne Deal enemas, appies, pears ana peacoe ia errat abundance and in full bearine; the ad ioinin waters affordinr ample sumiJiee of fish, shell and scale, which at a small expeoce nay be led from a creek to the upland, aod detained in a pond tor daily use a mackerel and bass ieht'f being also attached thereto, and whereat one drantht of a aieall seine have been taken mackerel which sold the next d for on baa dred aad twenty dollars ia point af prospect, health aod profit this site is no where facetted diMaace irom new - 1 or aoom roaneeB miies. Abo. tour lots of land near ths above two ly isr oa tbe Sound, containine forty live acres. ajKLboondcd oa two sides with waters land of aa excellent quality, with aa orchard of four hun dred apple trace, tnriudMig ins oest sorts tor ta bleaee t aad for cyder, tbe Virginian crab. Enr bah bagfoecrab, white styre, coccaiee, fox whelp andwlate soec, with eighty cherry trees the black tartariaa recomawoded by Forsyth being one. ia front ot tnese lots are tasea bass, black 0th. perch, mullett msnat - fish, plaice, soles, mack erel. porrr. pike, smelt, whitmg,eels, and occa sioWly slieepthead aad shad, with weak - flih and saanhaddea is vast abuadaacei beds of oyster, euoerior ia aualitv to ear marketed in the citv, lie rare aear their shores, with craha and clams. whiht the adjoining bay aad creeks in the winter , atasos abound m black ducks and broad bills, aad some times are seen the carmse back and wild geese tbe land afiurvliiif woodcock, quail aad snipe. Tbe utuaboa caaaot foil to please in every respect I aad the land may always he kept ta nign oroer, at a inning expense by sedge and wan aaeaoowi Buacnea uereto, and sea weed utr vea its shores. Also, two other fott. one containing tea aad the other fiitetu acres. These lots commaad aa ex - termye.viewu laadand water are altogethw auitabU for amen rertl rctieata; sod ol the best quality; and coataia about one hundred and fifty cherry trees, best sorts, said four hundred apple trees, most approved Icr table and cyder, alffo full beanog . and to each of the lots will be attached five acres of salt meadow if wanted. Also elot, containing fifty three acres i about right la wood.. This lot is about fourth .X from the city, and one irom the church of the w w. ti uwanora property it aotduposedef before wedoasdsy, tliifiretofA - pntjiett the eameaa that dav wiU u .i pubtic auction, at tbe Tontine Coffre House, at twelve o'clock, accomesodatUg terms, as to i"J""" a ann caaei. r or ferlnpr varorma. toaaDMvro rKEncRir.K tie scvutl u Eatf.Ve. t4 Broad atrert, er aear tbe premises! ta toe ubaeriber, - fob tit Apl v PHILIP I. LIVINGSTON. Q - . - - TO LET, I Tbe fhreeetory brick dwelling, 7 Nor - astracEnquire of " ' Tsfitt" it, - !.: v; (SsYaU - at n TO LT JT DLOOMVfODJLE, - ' Tt't booee and grotsadt btoit - iftf to the ei c.f .iabhaw,eUuaU 4H ti,teiith m. Oa tie - preiiM!a are, aa excellent tfouwe h a etai,:?, coach aodk e fcotue, who ewrr tiiinvalMtiuuitatbrtucheaeaUbliu'ineat. H ia preaiMaed urr etbef rteacrifrtiuB i anneceea - ( ry, at inoee incuaea wo reni ww iw - ; V l Mw. i. - . ,,m rmrJ ot ia tha rearof it ..j Ve p JL t wUre there ie for ale eome old Madera Wiae. by the Wmioba - ForfaTtheTpartKalara,apr - rw , Ja . " ' " " fearl - atreet f L jTwoetory Imckhoeeaa aad lotatrtiuw ta4Noe,37Veer7 - areat. ' - aw a hMa aad lot N, 11 Bowery, ar atreet ChIJiaavoare, 44 feet fc - oot by lt5 (Wp. All ea aoetawmedatiog teraae; ror particolart ajv ptt at Ho. SMGreeawicfc - rt. Jaa 15 tf 1. 1 . Tke brick etora Mo. t GoaveraearS llZm. aext door to Water - etreet. It baa tbar toon, beaiJe e large cellar aad garret, foteee - fioaajayiproMOljl tm naaprevioae ioin ii Aiay. ireipiirod. Anplv kMMhraet - leh III iUcaLHHbaunir.B, . TO LKT. ' C A '' k la ire coarenient modem built boaae, jai hhoeM and imnrovementi. fwith or without an etteruve kitcben rarrtea and oaca tot) iroro the Bret of Mar next ; aituaUd oa the corner ol the Trit Avenue and fTnt - itrtwt, near the corner of Hor to aad Allen - atreeta, and about one mile rora tne Uity ,11 ail The aiuiauoa is ewvaieo aad healthy, aad ia every retpett euitable for a gentenlfaouly. Oa the pn - muut it a well of moat eaceiieoi water. APPy 10 v ' COU5ELIUS DUBOIS, Febltf . .. No. M Front - etrect. 'i e be ijet. Lttutd. ar Soli. The kpecioua A atory brick HOUSE, no. - lit wnernocraireci, navine: "tt cuiito - mrncelor a lartre family, andawrii of excel lent water in tbe yard. Its proximity to vu Squttt Ultly opined, fives anew of Hudon - treet from tne rear ot the aotue, and r. mi era the situation airy and pleasant. - For terms ap ply to ' JOHN a MUBRAY k SON, feb 6 V 113 Pearl - street Or OR BALK, (Or exchanged for property in this citv) A neat country )Imie in the vicinity of Ell zabethtown. fN. J.) beautifully situated on the Post - road ' at present in the occupation of IJocL Grant, it conuina eiem rooms wun a Ipiana in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - Mtouse, milkodm, and cellar i were u aiao, a coach - li.Hue, stable tor two norses, ana outer convenient out buildings, all jo good repair, about an acre of land. Ukl out in a handsome irarden and orchard, which sflbrd a variety of choice tiuit, atparagus, c ana a weu oi ex. cellenf water, with a good pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to ' ... JACKSON k WOOLLEY, ' feb 83 75 Wall - street . ' TO LET, y ' Two aeat aew, t story brick front build - hurt, situate ia Allen - street next to tbe ball - al ley. They are fiuirhed ia handsome style with cisterns in the yards, and every other convenience to render them pleasant and desirable tenement". , Adjoining the ground oa which tbe buildings stand are several vacant lots which will alaobelet for a rardeato tbe person or Per sons who shall hire the nooses. Apply to J A IVIES KNOX, the ball - alley ( or at his house, Z5 Orchard - street. " eb U. ' OFFICE TO LET. , A pleamntlv eituated and ipacirmi Often, earl street, a few doors above Peck - slip - Apply to " k. a. a ere W a 1?1M ftATA eem OL. aW - . k. w. vv utiuruui n iv. feb U - 35 Peck - slip. The house and lotfio. tO Cedar staeet, conlainlncsia rooms with fire places, besides the kitchen, paatries, vaults, tic. and a wen oi gooa water. , ,. ' - 4 . For sale, the aneiDu - ed term, rleven years, of tne lot no. ea murray - sueet, in uw occupauoa of William Patterson, on lease from the Episco pal Uduicd du ot. Mpnt. Inquire or . J. W. It W. U. MUtMUA. - V, febt$dtf No. 44 Pine - atreet ' KOll SALEOUTOLKAeE, liiu - il On accommodating terms, a number ef water and building lots, asar and adjoining . the navy - yard, at Brooklyn.. J or particular, eu quire oi OAMU&U tVA.IS, jan tt tf Brooklyn. FOR HALE. The two - story Jjrick front Uousa and Lot No733 Cherry - streat For terms, Ate. apply at 78 fearl - ttreet mar 3 - TO LET. Tha handsome three story brick house, No. 150 Greenwich - street, next to the corner ot Courtlandt street, finished in the best manner, and the lower rooms contnnnicate by folding doors, It will be lound a very convenient residence for a respectable private family. Apply to ar. civ ovisK.iinc.iiu un.i a ovhit, fehSO 104 813 Water - street TO LKT, The followlne Hounut, via: rhenouse No. Oft John - street The house No. 17 do The boute aod store No. 395 Pearl - street The house aad store No. til Cherrv - street Tbe house No. Z8 Courtland - ttreet Apply to frhtl No. 6 Bowery, HUILDIAGS. TwoofljcLsin Law Buildings No, 3,lo he rtnted. AjHly on the premises, to JAMES A. HAWILTU.V, I bq.oratNo.69 roadway leb T5dtt TO LET, From the first May next the store no, 79 touth - strect For terms, apply, to L. LKPFF.KT?, Jun. Cfebr 28 William street e JO LET, From the first of May next a front count in room ou the second floor, together with the upper mils. Laquire no. 107 reaii street .io4 tf i t) LET, The tie brick Store no. 62 Stone - st Apply to - T.& J. SWOKDS. Feb 14 f tX)H HALE OR TO LEASE. a.J) Lots in the 6. 6, 8, and 10 Wards ; many of which are oa regulated and paved streets. No money win oe required ender tea years, 11 sold, interest excepted. Beveral two and three story homes, on which a great part 01 me inooey remain on monrasc, . . 1 . n t m ... r. - .. - .. - Aa excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wban, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLE MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 4tf acres or tana, and a aerer failing stream, upoa which 40 mills may be erecieo, wiia a eumciency cm waierroreacn. Apply at - rio. x uraeowicb - street jaatitf . f '10 LET. Aas4 From the first f May next, the three story bnck house. No. 310 Broadway to he put ie complete repair, painted, papered, Arc. Keid l5 aes wimttabcoach - h'mse.Atc. $13(10 sort th, taxes. Apply at HudsonH IntelU - u - . aaa z xw Thetwabeuses. No. Ad mA sn FtmljaM. '."r "Ptaly aniahed aad deUvered eotae a tout April aext. Ar - rtyto . , . - . - , J03N bUDELL ft CO. , ; ,aB89 ..KfcMBroaAray; roa. BiLt A roaTseftfQt t - story brick froat LQUE )T. No. U AoA - ttraet, - On the r rratwai there Is aiso A cooJortable back bonding, with 3 rooms barog tra - placea, and I elaer aparv BMOUi and m tha rear of tbe whole, is a car - palri ehoy, about 50 feet ia length. Tkisfot, which is S8 bet t tads ia width, aad ISO fcet m depth, woedd be very saitabU for aianufactar - er, a carpeater, a UverysUbU keeper, ar aay txuioen tnat reqami a rooa an u roo Tor terms, apply at no. 17 Borlmf - eup. r ao ti u HAAWiJiL'tk mi URLKAHUJU. TobaleLthebouacaadKrounds froatise the late Samuel Mtlhgaa, and at preeeat ocea - pied by air. uavid uy. f - or carticalars eaouire of JOHN M'KEF, lamber avercbaai, foot of N. Mooiw - etseet, or of T, f KiAULt, m ue rsaaa oinew - iorK. rabzutr , Q the foul To let aod poateesioa fint of May aext, bur store fire proof store, Wo. 34 booth - ft between Coeaties and Old - slips. Enquire ol the ubKnber, No. 1 Murray,or 45 CDamber - atreti. feD V U Da l.lsr1IUs a .... 10 Lt.T. Theitore No. 20 VaJi - stet. Apply at Uie store. lroi ti t1 bo subacriber will lae or sell the lot U.ll aad hause in which he now lives ta Xau reos - streab It is a pretty comfortable boose for us ail moderate family, having a stone kitchea aad cellar, two'rooms on each floor and a bed chamber ia the garret v Across the rear of the noue Uiere is a pieamnt man, ouui. scarcely three years ago it has a neat little garden about 0 feet deep, and a small liable, leading to which there is a gangway from tbe street Apply to A. D. Dnfll So. 9 Waahingtoo - rtreet. Feht tf " JAMES TILLARY. !" OH SALE, ..... . aa ai rabriaiT is to city or rkw - tork. OA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowery STABLE In the rear togeth - er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, aod IK feet oa each side. ' MOUSE and LOT No. 37 Veiey - strett , and Houm and Lot No. 39 Vesr - r - strret. A VONU and MORTUAQE for 1200 dollars, do - and do for 750 do do; - and ' do : for 460 do On valuable property in the city of Mew - York. The iotereat has always been pnnetuaHy paid. For particulars inuuiie nt the office of UTEWIEN P. LAM01NE, . dr 10 If No. n Wall - street. 1 q Lane, Tbe fire proof store No. f Gouvemeur'i ..... 11 - .1... .l..lA I. l, frnna Id M next It bat four stones, besides a large cellar 1, luv.l . .111.1.1 mm . . vh. . j and a very commodious garret. Being detached from other buihlincs. tliere is no risk from fire. 1'ossessioa may probably he had, if required, be - 1 fore the 1st May. Apply at ?9 South street to I febt TUCKER A LAUB1ES. f TO LET, From the 1st May next, the three - story buck house No. 18 Court land - street, with or without the stable in the rear Apply to J. k lURENWIUh., Feb S - 86 WashingtoB - et. Houit, Stable, Garden, tit. i GreeawtcA, JU L.K.T. The subscriber will let or lease, for a tenu of years, b's house at Grteowich. It is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to DIV1E BETH USE, ; J an JU " aii - sireei. Tbe house and lot of eroMil No. 18 Hose - tidrt t the lot is 26 fuet front and rear, and 100 feet deep : the bouse a brick front, sides and rear ailed in wun one x, ana duui in tna most sun - stantial manner. For furtberparticulars enquireJ or A. eiix?itiAta, feb 19 3w ' No. S34 Broadway. S'1'OK.AGK. L; j 2 Storage may be had on the first floor of the store No. S9 South - street, which will save tbe txpense of hoisting. ' ' dec So stm A VALUABLE FARM, tilnill ' FOR SALE, in the town of Flushing, Queens couoty, Long - Island, situated on Bay side, 14 miles from New - York, and ZI'S from Fluthina landing; from whence packet boats and stages duily ply to and from New - York. Said farm contains about 170 acres, 60 of which is wood land of various khidt of timber and tbril - ty growtli, with two apple orchards, onefold, the other not moire than SO years old, and con - lams 250 grafted trees, all in full bearing and of the choicest kinds of truit and great variety ; there is about XO grafted pear trees, jutt ia the prima of life, consisting in part of the choicest kinds of vargaluss, St. Germains, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 English cherry - trees, which are Jutt beginning to bear. The remainder is suitably divkkd into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed m substantial Jence and un der good improvement The mansion house is 30 by 44 feet built m modern style, of the best materials, and finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and is situated on an eminence, commandiug an extensive view of the bay aud adjacent country . The court - yard and garden contains a great vanety of fruit - trees and shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp berries, gooseberries, ana currants in abundance, Attached is a large barn, sheds, carnage house, crib, hen house, smoke house, and .many other useful and convenient buildings, all new and in good repair. The premitet belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combines numerous advantages, of which it deemed unnecessary to euter ioto a detail, as it is presumed no penoo will purchase without first viewing tbe premises. For particulars and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to tha subscribers, ou the premitet, who will give 1 : ..i.i - . - ii... al ma rouupuutuie una 10 uirn. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix. J05IIUA CORNWALL, ' - Executor. Bay - Side, Flushing, Feb. 23, 1818. Fbt3 - 1m TO BE LET. And possession to be fria immediately or on the 1st May next, tlie elegant house No 43 wan - street, or any part thereof, separately, lot onicct vr lainiiies. enquire im ISRAEL FOOTE, mh 3 No. 41 Wall - street, """"I FoR SALE JtT AUCJlOf, iluLl By Mcurs. BLEECKER k BIB BY. tt the Tontine Coffee House, on the 18th day of Marcbtinstaat at IX o'clock, tbe house and lot of ground, the late residence of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, situated at the corner ol Greenwich and Liberty - streets, with the office appertaining to it in Liberty - street. - Tbe bouse and office are in complete repair, and may be examined by persons desirous of purchasing, between the hours of twelve and two, every day before the sale. Thirteen thousand dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. For further particulars apply at tbe auction mom. - mh 3 dts MUNCE3 BRUCE. iO LET, . Tha stir aad cellar under the main building of the house No. 223 Pearl street, and a tnree siory nr - proi store m the rear, now occupied by the subscriber ; possession to be given on the 1st of May next Also, his stable aad coach - house, situated oa Gold - street, in the rear of his aforesaid premises, powstsion af which can be had immediately. ' Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. G TO LET, . - : From the 1st of Mv aext tha fewer cuaii ling room of No. &4 South - street. - . ALSO, - r ... The upper coaatrae; rooca, No. 71' Soath - st. - - Applyto MMCSD'WOLF, Jr, . , 1 ral a to m a a ieb IS . - " c 57 Froat - strtet' - n ' . YALUAfLE PROPimTiV - . The rubeenber offers for sale a valuable fcJJT J3 auiee from New - York, lymt 1 miles outi of roughkeepue, ee th waWoad, withm - 4 otamileMta aaiua em ummwoi " i'i - - nrv - Cxota, sou m u anpwuww - - UUri frooi which iloope aail weakly. Itcoa - iame UO acres of level, fertile land, with a young orchard of grafted irait, wood sufficient for fuel, aad all as gees) Saetce. fa autcii mmww - rooms, has a good bam, and all ia aclleat rxiair. lb sitaaiioa beior oa an elevated plain, raiders tbe place not ooly healthy, but pfeseata from tbe dwelling a delightful inland prospect n another Li of 40 acres, coaliruoos to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Watrpinrer'i - CreeK. I ua tana is leruie, m u - celleat fonce, aad of easy cultivation. What readers tha property valuable, - to, tnat k may oe ado a place of celebrity. There is already - rmedAd on the fails a saw - mill of rreat capacity, carding - pill, which enjoys tbe custom of tbe aeighbbrboud, betides Several other scites for foctories, unocenpied.' ' The whole force of the creek can be diverted with a little expence so at drive k range of mill on a level plot ef ground fust below the falb, aod acceniLle by an eary navigation; where factories of every description, with every facility of power and transportation can be constructed. Aim, a flour - mill, of the first class. The mill - house is larre. with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated for 0, with uew machinery for - iniifacturinr wheat &c. with an elevator for raiaiiur grain frcm versets into the upper loft of the mill, tonnccted wun tne mm is a iarg tore hoote for storing wheat aod flour. With the mill will be Sold 53 acres of excellent land, oo which is situated five dwelling bouter, large, barn, bay boose, carnage nouse, com cribs, bovelt, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated foi 20 hanJi. Two of the homes are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command view of the river, with a beautiful intervale landicape formed by the meandering of tbe creek immediately in front There are few ulaees which associate so avany accommodating qualifications for the merchant mechanic or farmer. If uolsoldat private sale before Tuei'lhe 21st April, it will on Uiat day be offered at auc - iia. - ? ' '. t or terms, Sc appsy to 1't i z.n . 23 Beaver - street. Feb tO ABRAHAM ME8IF.R. rf TO J.if. UlUfl From the first of May next three story brick house in Greetiwicb - street between Libert and Lburtlandt - streeU. Inquire at 137 tireenwicn - streeu miisu ilANTOM bILKS. cases Levanbnes, L twilled Sersnets, Satius and fotgees lor sale at 67 Bouth - strent by feb28 JAMKKh,LK.Nl K fKAIvSU. llUbfiK'b PATtIT WAVIOABr - B AA FT BOATS, AID' FLOAT! ISO TIDE MILL. T1HE Navigable Raft - Boat is shaped like the .a common borse - boat 1 is lormea 01 a casing of enuared Pino timber, pitched aod filled ia solid with round logs, unstnppru of nam 1 ine wnoie fixed together with live - oak piaa, and iron Lolts at the ancles. It is propelled by a water wheel, with upright bucket., operating within gWier wr rmctvay, aainniiiia. iwvwi nuuv ivutih of that of ordinary horse - boats, including all the machinery. There is a great surface 01 oeca, which nuv be covered with frame work, to re ceive passengers and freight 1 and only half thej number 01 norses used on board ooais 01 equal dimensions, are necessary to carry ibis rapidly throuehthe water. , The Navigable Raft - Boat is instantaneously transformed into a poweriuu tiue - miu, ny cast' ine anennr. ana amxine a moveauie noDDer raoum or nare, to eacn euu 01 ine racewvy, nna may be profitably employed la mat. capacity. wrien not in use as a conveyance. Persons desirous 01 adopting tins laventtun, which is peculiarly fitted to all the American wa lert, are invited 10 view a moaei, aune omr.e 01 C. A. BU3BY, Architect and Engineer, 2 Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New - York. P. 8 A Navieahle Raft - Boat mar be built complete in a mouth, including all the macbioery. (ty 1 be ecticor 01 trie uoiton raiiadium. Al - bnuy Argus, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal aod Democratic Press, Baltimore Gexelte, Charles - Ion Courier,' and Richmond Koquirer, are requested to insert the above twice a week for one month, and forward their accounts tothe adverti ser, ten I3tr TO FARMERS. THE subscriber can furokh the fanner of the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Paris in any quantity, on the shortest notice, in bant Is or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Harrison - st. N. R. MthSKS. WH EATON Al DAVl, No. 153 Fultoo - tt. opposite St Paul's Church. offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Corl'd and birds eye maple Ubairs, withcanr aud hair cloth seats, ylaia, gilt, and richly ornamented Painted Chairs, plain gilt and ornaments!, in eold, and brons'd Conversation. Sewinrr. Rockine and Children's Chairs and Stools Curl'd Maple and Fainted Ioungees, Sores, Settees, Music, he. plain, gilt and oraameuted, in eokj ana oronz a. uruers irom any pan 01 the continent exeru, ted with despatch. mh 23 , FOR SALE, rPHE CIRCULATING LIBRARY. 138 Ful .L ton - street, near Broadway, consisting of aa ex least ve and choice collection of history, tra vels, voyages, tyograpny, romances, novels, tales, plays, reviews, magarines, ftc. . - Catalogues may be examined at the library, wnicn is open ior suoscnoers, as nsaai. mh4tfr WANTLD. A MAN and hit WIFE, (who have ao children) to take charge of a farm, a few miles from tbe city. The man must understand the manage - mentor a farm and kitchen garden. The woman to attend a small dairy aod do the washing of the family. Aa the best recoaimendntions will h required, it is requested no applications may he maoe uniesa tuco can oe produced. Anply at leaxo sui ito. X43 water - ttreet SPRI.YGSTREET IfOTJCK. NOTICE is hereby given to all persona in - terested, that the Commixioner of Estimate and Assessment appointed by the Su - prcnic MNirt 01 judicature 01 tne stale or New - York, to perform certain duties relative to th enlarging - of Spring - street, between Thompson, street and Wooster - street, in the eight ward of the said city, have completed their estimate and assessment as well of the loss and dumage sustained over and above the benefit and ad. vantage received by the owners of the lands and premises required for the said enlarging and improving Sprinr - street as aforesaid, as also of the benefit and advantage received by die owners and parks interested of and in certain lands and premises not required fur said improvement And that we the said Commissioners have deposited a true copy of such es timate and sssessment in the Clerks office on the eity or New - York for the inspection iiwouiicr i sua concernana notice is hereby further given, that the report of estimate and assessment will b presented to tbe Supreme Court of Judicature, of the atat nf New - York, at the City - Hall of the city of .New - York, on Monday the fourth dy of May next at the opening f the aaid Court en that dsv, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - York, March 8. 1818 PETER HAWfcd, 1 - " :HERS ;. Commissioners 4uii.i laautt. Blb4 14t WHXAT - 1300 bbb southern wheat afloat, aad for sale by 1 - IU C. W. DAYENrOUT V CO. by ' on 6 on w 01 "v.s i 1 f05T COACH LI ?lE "o PHILADiXPHLi v ' a wif rewxxa - Bov , , ; lataOlTAJIT TO IAMXSS1M. w. - - - i,h iv,. nat rhaite line, PARTNERbHIP DISSOLVED AND OFPO - Biliun ntviviw" - A NEW Line of Post Coaches with every coa X. veeieare for passengers ana dirwj on Bprmgs - IHROU&H IS ONE DAY. TbJ Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 CourUand - sireet, n. loia.erj Ki,fu4m.irmti,l at 1 - f cast 6 o'cIoca, way of Newark, fcew - BMWick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadel phia the same evening. VL. B,m llo.l lAnl IXDUSTRY. will start front New - York every morniwc (sun - days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in tr eteam oo Atstsota, irom ite norui siue vi lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Pbdadelphia irnitH States Mail Coach, with a runrd, with every convenience for passengers and beggagn, springs. Th U. 8. mailcoach will start Irm the coacb ouice, oio no. 1 iyuimin"i"i York, every day at l o'clock, r. m. ana tm at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only passengers admitted. - ' For seats in the attoverjamed Lines, epp'T to TIIOS. W IIITFIELU', at the out tstui nsueo rih Kin en nrf Ri,flm Boat cflice. nt Ue old No. 1 Uourllandl - SHeti, 'tie secoiio - Broadway, Ntw - York;to ISAAC BRCjvvw, 11. 1 VV..l,ir,lrn - trpt : or to A. 1. IjUULT' RICH Al CO. No 124 Broadway, comer of Ce - frT - All roods unci barrsce at ine ma owner. justntMUfl,"'."; V sa . - .. - ..a, . .1(1 rAVa ff , ST'S" 1 N. B - laprostes sent to any pan 01 uie yu - linem, oy .1 "V FOR P II IT, ADELFIUA The POST CHAISE, with evtry coBywuence for Passengers and their bDtsKge(lhronc.h in one day) will leave the Post Chaise OJirc, 1 18 Broad way, opposite the City Hotel every day (.sun tv ri)tn at half oatt fiolork in the room inr, by way 01 Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia ' ' ' ., The MAIL PILOT, ia opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Pas - wneers and their natrCBKe. ant irare.ine aiiiue place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I O'CIOCA I . in. will prucetru ueiure uicmnn, ouu nottuhiect to' the inconvenience ol stopping nt tlie numerous Tost Offices on the" road, but every arrommodalion nrovided for the traveller, nnrt arrive some liours before the Mail at Philad phia. Fare 7 duUmrt. OCT All goods and baggage at the risque the owner. ' . ' JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GITLICK il SONS. Princeton, Of STOCKTON ti HOWELL, PhiluoVfirtiia A". B. Erpreiirt tent t ant part of iht Vnittd Store Mf l. iSAKr.n. vw. U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA WITH A GUARD. The public are assured that Ihis line is eaual to anv in tlie u. a. ior tne convenience ana comfort of tbe traveller. With the addition of the guard, the passenger may rest secure as to his hatreaee and n rtonxt tatety the roach nt - yer being Wt whilst changing at tlie post ofliteS, without a person on the box. The way 11, ail Is put in separate bags and changed in the l.uro. pean style. The U. S. Mail Coach will start from tbe coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - stvet. New lork every day at x o'cioca r. ni. ana arrive ai ruiianeilHiia ncainii'niius u u uw.i vuir nntwnrpn arlmitted in thia coach. sor acaitaoMV 10 inua. w n 1 1 r 1 iLtU. ai the old Coach and Stnce Office, old No. I. second olfke from Broadway in Courtlandt - ttreet or to A. T. GOODRICH K Co. lo. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street New - York. N. B. All roods and baggage at the risk of tbe owners. J. LYON ft EONS, Fowles Hook. WILLIAM GULIC K ft CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY. Philadelphia. Expresses sent to any part of the Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. SOUiND STr.AM BOAT LI&E. , rTHE line will commence I on Mondav. tbe. 9th inst. when the Connecticut, I Cart. Bunker, will leave New - ork lor .Vew - Have n, at 8 o'elnck, A. M. The Fulton, Cnpt. Law, will leave New - London for New - Haven at tbe same hour ; both boats will leave New - 11 area at 7 o'clock P. M. ov Monday The Fulton, Captain Law, for New - London, and tbe Connecticut, Captain Bunker, for New - York. They will contiaae to ruh during the season, every Monday, Wednesday snd Friday. . ? ; ft - Notice will be given when the Fulton wiUccmmence running as far as iNorwicb. , 1 1 mh 4 WILLIAM HOOKER, .No. v. ari - r - tt. corner of Fultoo - street, New - Yoik, hav - ins received a large supply of (be real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day ft Martin, 07 Hi - h Hoi - born, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, tor exportation, or homu consumption, on terms tbe most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with half the a tual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black. fully equal to Jhe highest japan varnish t afford' peculiar nourishment to the leather it will not sod the finest linen t it prnfectly free from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertihle proof of tho'rnpericr excellence ot this blackins, it bat stood the test and commanded tlie most txtentive tale in all quarters of the globe, for np wards of half a ceo tarr. Feb 16 . NEW MUSIC!. rUST published hT WM. DUBOIS. - M hi ' piano rone aad music store, No. Ico Broad . - . - 1 Bar. , . firaham's celebrated Polacca, arranged at a Rondo, by SteiUlt Knii 1 cDcuan ur, suTaogeir as A rondo, byLatnsr raoay u'uarroii, with vanalions for the piano iurie, oj r. tk. morun. 80NG9. ' - O softly sWp my&ahy Boy . The Last Token, or wmembef me. - Also, all Mr. Philippe' Soars to be bed e a - aove., - feb 17 10, OLD JAMAICA HUM. - puncbeoathizh proof old Jasmins Rum. will be landed this day from sloop Knickerbocker, from Bernrudj, east aide of Peck - sltp, and t'UoT ClMloE "awaaasaaasjawjaaw - tsa lqaaamsasAy - aKpaawam a """sot. ifcviktri B LAURlEiS " , 4 . - '" : ; jsottth - at. - AtlisexriJcgpah&rifiewlMwtoe . DOCTOa HORNE, forarhj of the city ef London, a4 BMrnuer ot ine ucuny 01 phy tit and surgery there, rlaerni it his dss. ty to repeat aomewBuaesvationi ca toe abuse of MERCURlff - a ' rash, ioditjcruBinats, and aaquaU. fied use thereof, pal beea productive of in finite sBischief. "lw sands are ana a ally mercshalixad out - of exiit - voce.. 1 he disease we have to view owee lit h. . tal results chiefly to tills source. What a pity that a young man, the hopes of his ceuatry, aJ tbe darling of bis parents, should be snitched a way arum tui uie prospecrs ana enjoyments 0 hie by Uie cocseouesces of ooe ungtarded mourot snd by a tlisvuse net ia its owa nature fatal, aa ' wikhonly proves so from aeglect or iatprooer ureatmeat" A genllemar, (Jate J)y. il, r. tient)'now peTfectly Uary aad well, had bet under physicians Of genei J practice, sixyeaii. Dr. H. (by 0 seotleman of tiiis citv. hit were carious, and bis flesh dropping iroa (hem lis friuidt declared he could not possibly forvivi ihd uioimia lunger. - iiuuBoitut earJcrimeuudl kaow with what ease aad srwtty Dr. H. eradi. catos tbe severest canes, and confitms the cotiifj. tution. Tbe I'octor't plan .(advertiting) it ot, ceuary to guard the public against the abuse ef mercurj, anu outer mm vuiuaHwa, mid fcrig Persons, thercfoie. Layiax contracd .L: vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison, at. , anirouiMiiCU nut iu (uiuiicr nJUl tneir COfittiui - tion, or conceal the disorJcr, till Dart recA... ry ; others having the remains of aft old case - or otlier impurities of the blood, as well u other coniplaints of a delicate nature, ia titL, sex. should remmler posterity aad do justice to their - consciences, by making appucatiea to Dr. II. at his old ar.d itspcttaLle establishment No. C4 Water - street, four homes west ' of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt kitittauce a - ione i iiiTTcnvuiauuaiire. Aod hera let me claim vour serious attention K.... , superficial cure is ao cure at all 1 aolest the La - siiietsu rnuMJBiiv uune, ywu. will certainly have tlie disorder break out again with redonUed ms ' Crnity: at some future eriod ; perhni then, win . be too lateor rcoi:dy. - lXdi't you olen meet is tlie, streets miserable, mulileU J beings, wiOmsl even a hit of nose on their fate i .1 "aha Wnmin. nr. trt. uiaracur lor sum aad stubborn lute - ' ' xrf .y being untvi - rtany knuwn in thit city, tines l'!04, putitiils.tHai delicacy an, - crecy hitherto unknown, and Uavinc conCiut t t. prntiiu; jor jews ia, exclusively to Uie cureoi dieascs of the blood tystai,Auey may safely cij. - culbte oii the most decided advantages in coa - , .. . . 1. 1 ' ' - - . . i:.t..i 1 - . . ,1 . . wn j lauikawu iu mc ; ot uirce - weexx. Strictures removed without irougiesor any other instruniL'ut : and alb - dcbihtiea 1 likewfU .h old hkxtatiomv fistula's Aiu - . ,. A plurality oi offices are prortded, and so sit. ;.ted Uiat pauciiti are not exosed toeachotber1 - il - aerj6tion. Open till half past 0 ia the e venine. , All )eisi)M concerned are invited to he free 1 railing, and speaking with Dr.U. whkh h'm 01 cosu Ana ntre uie xjoctor cannot avoid th expression of ctatitnde for innumerahlat meodatlons, and for the decided Dieferenr rii u presumed with just cause) Juog given him by i . judicious public . - .. . ., . 4 : i,i . a . v. ah leusrs must oe post paid i 11 . Dr. Buchaaan. i, Aug 27 lv . . , , v . ' . ' hEllHF.R QLJLKtlik1 St OR JJfi - oiV . rn - vr . . . Tiojr. EVAS suDeriel DR. me. r method ofcurini a cr n tain Disease, it now universally acknowledged in this City 5 hit mode oftreatmeat - is perfectly mild, safe, x . leditious. aod his thargrs - reasonaoie. in every instance he warrants a cere. - and will rtturn tbe pay ifoe dura not perform asreeabla The strictest secrecy always observed. ' There are many persons in this eity and its vt - cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the arethrtu bladder and kidnies, old coutplicaXed rnianhiBitr of a ccrteia nature , bilious aad other obatruc " tions, rheumatism, Ac. which tbey contiler iocu' ranie, tney can cenaioir oe cured Cm genertll ', hvar uie at vi. x. v a o - a aiediral btore. No, . 9. Peck - tliD, havinr practised in mrtn.m hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the first Surgeons and Physicians ia the world, aad mado those obstinate diseases his constant study for SO stars. . - Oct it f HUE public is respect - X. fully inl'orBMd that the ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. 290 Broad war, will positive ly be removed oa or a - bout the 1st April aext 1'hose that wish to rati fy their curiosity, by viewing ' the wonderful works of nature, will do well to embrace this opportunity. Admittance 25 cents. , ' mhSif . " . - Jl i'fwl 7 AYU UttnM TV. 1 ST V . ' A pleasant and convenient Coontirtr Rooui In store No. 29 South - street, from 1st Mar next. Apply to .TUCKER ft LAURIES. fob 3 .; , - ! 1 1 VCP The subscriber ha via? recent returned from England with n important Improvement ok' the artificial spring LEG, he takes thia metbol of informing bit friends and the public, that all' those who are to unfortunate as to be to want of . lf 01 or arm, they caa be accommodated by sp - ' r"7' ' " artiay - su - eei, new - lorx. , Jmzz. ' WM. PURVIS.; 'gm 0tMt"i l it; Tna Mi ii 1 1 11 1 in 1 LEE'S ITCH OINTMENT, WARRANTED an Infallible remedy atone . . application, maye used with'Mrfett". safety on infants a week old, notcontam'ng a : particle ot mrrcury,or any dangerous higredieat whatever, and not accompanied with that effex ', siva smell which attends the application of other remedies. . ..... ., . ,. . " The a bore medicines are prepared and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maidn - Lanv and sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton aad. Drugsists and country store - krepers sopyfica . on liberal terms. ' ' '; Jant9, - ' NOilCE." , w LLL persons indebted to the eitate of Roggls.. HubbariL esquire, lata sheriff of the city.. and county of New - York, or thtrijf, at requested to make payment .to James "J. esquire, present shcrilfof the city and county .ew - York, oa or before the rt day ot next or after that period the bias remaiuioj a paid will be put In suit. : ,l " . " ; CATHERINE HUBtfARDf Feb 11 ftwtl May . : . Administratny - PRIVATE LODGINGS. A smgle gentle m. - n can be accommodated, with ""'j - two rooms, jder the first of May next, llB? without board, tbe rooms furnished of not " . a genteel and small family, the house' r neat and pleasant, ami in a healthy part of the about ten mmtitea walk - fron. Wall - street. - - For further information Inquire at TK - 2 Broadway. - . . ' - - ' feb S3 ' - NEW - YORK : PELVTED AXIX pUBtlSUlD X1QUAET. URSBAMj( CO. . No. 42 i'lfK - STaxkt. .

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