The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 9, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1818
Page 3
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4a hm Is aorta i - llbondJs (abdnt 000) niIl 'round DUtU, '7odjtnaioreai y , - ach 9 . r ' - . - 77 Washington - - . 'TMRENCH GOODS - A small invoice conait - 32 in of "r Merino 8havls, Levmtinei, Glove ' Silk Hose, and Cambrick, received by the . Earl, fro Havre for ale by . . mh fit F. ft H. 6H ELDON & CO. MOLASSES 100 hbd. sew crop Havana Molasses, I an ding from the brig Robert, , it tide of th Old - lip. For sal by ' mh 9 N. ft D. TALCOTT. CL lHARLEd &CHERER, No. JlWarren - st lately from German), give LESSONS oa ,be PIANO - FORTE. Aefrreoces, Revd. F. C. chaefir,210 WiHiam street: Thomas A. Ro - mdoa, hankseller, 188 Pearl street T. A. Cutt - waklt, 44 Maiden - Lane. - mh 9 1w Q , " . MAY BE HAD, , Frost (be 1st of May next, very elegant apaiuntrts, ronsiatiog of a drawing - room, back room aoJ paatrie. raitabU for a small genteel tmi)y, or aa eklarly lady, on the second floor, which (rift be painted vails and all in the beat . - manner I they will toe unfuroiehed : board can b had n a small family where there are do children, - The houe it situated in one of the tileaaanUst parU of Dey - etreet. At present, enquire at Bo. 60 Courtlaodt - treeL : mh9 3' .' . A ttable anfl coach - house to let iu Park - place. Enquire of JUtlJW smith, mh 9 3t ' . " 223 Broadway. IN CHANCERY - Mate of New - York, u. IN pursuance of an erderof thin honorable cour', bearing date tlie third day of March, imt will 'be old at public auction, at the Tontine CofcVo . ' House, in the rity or .xev rri, under tue i roction of the subscriber n one of tlie matters "f this court, on Tuesdays! 3it day of March, instant, at 12 o'clock atnon - All those certuin fit lots of around f whereof luth'Miv Leapenuid, of the city of New York, Esq the father of Leonard Leioenard. waa aeutdin fee eitnii'e'at the " time of bit decease, and which upon a diviiinn of tbe estate of the said Anlhr.r.y, fell to (he share - and portion of the taid Leonard,) situate lying and being in tbe eighth ward, of the city or new - York, aud arc known and diatineuiihed in a cor tniainap or chart niade of the estate of the laid . Anthony Lespenard, deceased, ny idi nuianert three hundred and ciehty (wo. three hundred and i - tity foar, three hundred . and right v - thrce, three huud - ed and flftv - seven. aud three hondu - r and fifty - eight, and taken together 'e honored and rootain at follows, to wit, north westerly on Thompson - at. one hundred aod thirty feet more or sets, aoutnenatcny on ioi numocr inree nun' died and fifty - six, aiaty feet more or leaa, north eaaterly on tut number three hundred and right one of the said leonard Leanenard. one hundrrc fret more or leia, and anuthweaterly hv land of tlie an id Leonard Letpenard appropriaud for the con - ' tiouationor Vratry alreet, onehanrind feet more or leu aud alao all thoae four certain lota, pie ea or parcel! oi ground, eiiuate, lying, and ben s in ( uw riiuu waru ui iw ciiy oi iiew - loriBl lie - ing part of the land which on a diviaion of the et - tate ot Anthony Liapi oard, deceased, nmone hia heira. by Commiaainera appointed bj the May - or'a court oftheaaid citj.traa aetofflotheeaid Leotmrd, and are known and dirtinguiahed on a niipoftbeaaid diviaion mud - ! by the aaid cona - tuixaionera hy tbe numbers three hundred aud eighty fite, three hundied and eighty ri, four humlred and twelve, four hundred and thirteen, and taken together are bounded and contain aa foll.iws, to ait : aoutlitarferly on Thompaon - afreet, aeventy two ft:et j southerly on a line, which if Veatry afreet were continued eaatward Of Sullivan at reel, would he nnrlhrl y aide thereof nortliweaterl by ground of Alexander L. Bt!Wrt, and darah hiwifj, one huudred aod eighteen feet i ami nurtheaaterly by a line to be drawn parallel with Brootne - atreet. (Rroorue - at. beirnr, fifty fret wide) ntid dUtant thateircm four heodred sod aeventy Cve let, one hundred it 'A bein; of the aiid dimenaiona more or lets ; and alau all tbe ground lying between the a lid four lota nbove ileacntied, and the gronnd of Viller nod Raker, and bounded likew ne by thr aaid aonlheaaterly and northweaterly bound arieo wbataoever the aame m il cmtaii.; lofti er with tbe appurtenances.. Dated Maich 7, 1813. JAMES A. HAMILTON, snh 9 Uwt - ailla Master In Chancery. JUsl' puliUed and tor sale) y T a VVOllDa. price 73 ceota, an raaay on American poetry, with several nuacellanvona pieces on a variety of subjects, sentimental, deerrip - tire, laoraland patriotic; br SoJoiaan Brown,' A. M. - . j " To you, Americans ! the muse appeals ; H Fur you she labours, and foryoitihe feels. mh9 . ! Gl llAClil'a Liat of t'risea, 44tii dayr drawing, f 4,57 100 dls ; 2J.M0, 6906, 638,50 dls bold nt Grariei. tab 9 Hh iliLKOKU AiOWLGO KOAOLOT - 1 1 KIIY, in which 70,000 Dollars it the aichest prize, will positively commence drawing sa tbs 5th day of May next. TICKETS & SHARES. In a variety of numbers, for sale at the Bookstore ani i.ouery umoe or ABKM. P. BROWER. . .Yo.S7 Maiden Lane, corner of Nassan - street, nt the present price of 30 Dollars each. Prise Tickets informer lotteries token in nav - inent. A general assortment of School Books and s'a - tionary lor snle as above. mh 9 1 w atHE History of England, fro m the earliest times to the death of George Sd, by Oliver Goldsmith, M. B. 1'a continuation from the com mencement of the rein of George 3d to the Peace of Amiens in 1801 by the llevd. Manly Wood, A. M. with a summnrv of events to the year 1815. t vols. 8ro. ; price" 6 dollars, juat received and for sale bj - VV. B. lilLLKY, mb 9 92 Broadway. . FR1UT and FOHEUT THEES. - s VZT vv n.1.1 am rm.'vcK has tfor sale at bia nursery at Flushing, k(L. I.) near New - York, an exten - Vat Uvtv v"iveionnieni oi t.uropean ana JjriJi American Fruit and Ornamental n Tree and Shrubs. The Pearb Ji Trees are in the most healtliv - JV3s state and of rood site, manv of urcin d ving prooucea irun in Hie r.ursery the iasiaason. i.atai aesof the fturserv mav be had al the store of Messrs. T. ft J. 8 WORDS, No. 160 Tenrl atn.l Wbew orders left will be duly attended to, and the trees, ftc. carefully nicked and delivered, . "J rnnn "iinri, rsew - York. i nniea uuecuora wniii lumished thoae who Mrchase petuh trees, which ii&ttmiw in. win able tbern to preserve litres proportion of wr utn m anrunuj naie, ana lonave pcaco - in aa great plenty aa formerly. - r mh 9 6t ,rp5r WHEATON A DAVIS, Faocr C'bair Manufac turert, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St Pauls Church, otfer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, pluin painted and ornamented in'oldtt bmnse, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Kock - f"J tw I tag. Sewing, and Coaversv I ' xion Ubatrs. bolsa. Settees, 7' Muiic Etoolh kr. urot rs from any part of the continent executed hJ?lMaiJdiai.ach. w Chaira repaired, painted and omaaneated J bsodlea Deer Skins Itinn a. bbi. rars hv Jt,n ,nd Hendine;, afloat fche,11110' VY.DAVENPOJ and for sale DAVENPORT ft CO. V nOVSX.WIFK SHEETINGS. LA C UYUAM, Mo. 61 Maiden - lane, bajM inet opened . ' - i boaea U - and 5 - 4 wide new adrtsscd bonse wuesbeetipga, atlowpms - - Stout and Got Iriih Sheetings - ; Inah lineoa ; long lawns " ' Birda eye diapers table diapers ' " 4 ' Damask cloths and napkins, and " " Sopernne Bcotcb linen bed - ticks. , ' Alao, for aaie by the package, Irifb lineoa, abeetiiuta, diapers Loog lawns, black and brown linens, and Linen bed ticks, asaotted. anhTSt TObAKEKa. THE aabscriber fiffers 100 bbls of choice fioward - itreet flour, the moat approved oranui. , . utU. ttl. WILSON, men 7 . 130Wtr - it. WKAfl'l.NU f A Pt. ft. - A large aupplyor Wrapping Paper of various qualities and wn - w, iiir saw in parceia 10 suupurrnaaera. Ap yiy vi U.U.KMlUtVLAHi;, mn 7 77 Washingtnn - atrert. UACK.AM,VI(l HiUUhfl 1) SMALL invoice of Backgammon and Chess AiNDEKSON ft SHEARER, Af 111 Wil.Mlr.rf Alio a few T nniinn mnH Pnrkol Hnnlta. W1 lets and L.adies Work - rioxea. ibh t w GEKMAM LLNKNS ."7 ILL be aold nt Philudelpbia, at the store V ofMesm. BUCK A KKUvlBHAAIl. No. 144 South - fhi'd - stn et. for aiinroved endor - aed notes, at 4. 6 and H montlia, on Monday, the loin of wnti - n instant, 46U packages ol tieruiao iineiii, t. - i nH - uns OI 8..1 i.iecee Creaa 193 do Coutila .'UN) do Cittarillos 350 do Kouana 60 do H - iiaiiJ I02l do!'.a Ui 1 Ct Brown Ilol land 507.1 ds l l.itillas K48 do White Roll 5 do List;, dot 107 do IlouieapuiiLi' liOO do Clitt ka .o. ! U96 do l.tpilUa QjH) do Britnnniua )30 d. hook linen nena W8 do Baggin? lOGO do Oil cloths Alao, at tint aauie lime and claee. ' 10 naics v, ouia and uaaninerea. 'I be good to be viewed tivo days previous to vie sale, i o dp sold ny SILAS K. WEIR,' Auctioneer. mh C3t J.sJvf Qr. casks colmcnar wioe 130 qr catka aud 2n0lialf do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do aweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottle each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do f letter ' 14 hbds English glastware, coojiftinjof winer and tiininiers assorted ' 1 00 boxes anchovies and 50 do olives ' 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich . 1 do cDraWugs 9 ca;es felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian rags, 600 marble mortars S3 casea marble slabs, veined and statuary, astoneu sizes 5 boxes Naples ahavin soap I do watch glaaaea 3 caaea manna in flakca 100 bales Calcutta goods, cooiiMing of Baft a putkah and rallip.itty coeaaha Cbadpore, chomocollyjohauna, lackijvn - e ana soo;Aioro Sacnahs, jullapore and mow ' . Checks, white, red and blue gillahs . Madras pattern do Sootee and froctroy romals, for aale by ' CHAS. L. OGDES, and ABUM. OGDF.N, Wahingtoo - sL mch 6 FLAXSEED 17 bbla. Flaxseed, lor aale by HEMDEKfeON & CAIRNS, mh 5 l Pine - alacet. m . IKON. Tons Sweedea iron 0 tons English flat iron aworted for sale by G. G, b d. HOWLAND, mrh 3 . 77 Washington st. 1."IKE - M imported Linens, just receiv'd and opening, for sale very cheap, by the sin. pie piece, orpackagc, at 172 Fulton, late Par - luon - atreet, nearly opposite Church street, mh 3 Iw 1 '1 A.MJi AC'l UKL1) IXJBACCO 43. keKa iVX Irtoding lrm tlte achr. Weymouth and iNo - tive, from Richmond vil 118 kega brand' d J no, Enders, 8 bands Net, 7 do do do 1 - S pound rolls 15 0 72 108 54 do do do d do P. Miller & Co. b hand No. 1 do i. G. Eee fi bands No. 1 Si t do R. Cantor do do do D. R. Kosa ' d No. 1, 2, & 3 do J.& P. LahbyUband CORNS. DUBOIS. do For Sitl by mh 5 KM 4iJ tf L boxes bloom raisins 232 do Muscatel do 133 casks do ' 3C5 ceroons so ft - shell almonds The of the schr Thomas Tenant from Gibraltar For aale by PAGE ft TRIPLETT, . mh 5 Iw 86 Coffee - House slip. J& C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Pearl - aL have iuat received ' ' 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens, assorted 2 do Brown do. S do. Canton Crape 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchief 1 do. Searing Silks, assorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting ' 2 do. Marseilles Quilting, assorted 2 do. Cambria Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jeans - , 1 bale Rhode's Bombazett v 1 do. superfine Broad Cloth' All very low charged, which they offer foe sale at a small advance. mh 3 Iw . PAPER, 7 bales of a good quality, lor sale by CEBRA ot CUMI.XG, mh 4 76 Pearl - street - ISNAULRGSft PAPER. 1 bale Osna - V - F burgs, and 1 do Italian Paper, (or aale at 76 Pearl - al re et. febll CEBR A ft CUMINO. aflOTTON. S4 bales of prime new crop up land Cotton, from Augusta, tor sale. Sample may be seen at 148 Pearl - street, op tlairs. Feb 17 TVTAVAL 8TORE5, COTTON, tc. - 400 i.1 bbls. soft Turpentine, 300 do Tar 50 do Pitch, & do Spirits Turpentine 11500 lbs. Argol, 15 baskets Tapioca 600 Ox Horns, 10 bundles Deer Skin 1 tierce Fort, Otters, Mink, ftc. 2 bales 1st. qoal. Sea Island Cotton SO do do Upland do 14O00 hhd. Slaves and Heading 100000 22 in. C. Shingles for sale br R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. feb 26 - Stalt oA'tn - ToHt, . IN pursuance of aa order of this honourable court aaade in the above cause, will be sold at public auction, at Hunt's Hotel, In the village of Nwbajrgh,oa the sixteenth day of April aext, at twelve o'clock at noon, ander tbe direction of the ubcrioer : All that certain tract of land sit - oate, lying and being at Little Britain, in tbe town of New - Windsor, county of Orange, and state of New - York, and is bounded a follows oa the east by the lands of th bars of John Welling, deceased, oa the north by tbe land of Robert K. Burnet, oa the west by tbe lands of gen - ernl J antes CHoUms, and ea the soarh by the land of the heirs of Samuel J. L. Norton, decea - ed, containing three bead red and tea acre of Und. be the saoa aaora or kaa. with the here ditament aad apparteaaace to the beinng tax or aa aay wva appertaining. . uated r ecr jj 17, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON, , . fcb X8 UwtApldt JSrtCTiaUtsucerr. ' IrL. f FREIGHT CHAATE ' wt f , Thai ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - 1 dam . SBMtnr. burthen Z37 tons, now reauy to receive a cargo will carry about S600 ODt. I or tsrtaa nppiy to D1V1E BETBUNE as CO. . rah 7 ' MCH. SUp. The packet ahip RISING STATES, Thoa. 8 winburn, matter; now loading at rkuextreet wharf, will meet with immediate dispatch, having considerable part of her cargo engaged. For freight of about 200 bbls. or passage, having elegaut actonimodatioar, apply on board, or to ' GRI3W0LDS ft COATES, . mh 7 68 8onth - t r or Halt, r'rtinht or Charter, The brig FINANCIER, Geo. Robin - son, commander, a Cue Philadelphia budt veascl, burthen 3250 bbla. aaiSt feat, is well found, stauuch ami strong, und may be sent to sen with little expenceahd without delay. For terms, apply to the captain on board of said brii;, Ivinsf at eaat aiile ly - market docK, or at his lodging, corner Fulton and Cliff - streets. GEO. K3BLNS0N. mh 7 lw fOli t.1 t,K, The schr JEFFERSON, I02 tons, strong vessel, and in pood order. JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 .Vouth - at. lMa Apply to mh o i'tr Hale, i'rtiglU or I karttr. The brig RECOVER, Buruham, .master, S4'i tout, a substantial rood vea - m ues ai pier, iu. Appiy io JObfcPH OiBORN, tnh 6 3t 28 Snath - street. for slUzatulna, Utvrgtlvun, and tyaihaigum The fine new schr. VALLORIUS, R Taylor, master, now ready to receive goods at pier no. 10, and will be despatched in all next week. . For freight or paaaage, apply ou ooard, or to DIV IE BETHUTSE ft Co. mh 6 02 Colfee - houte slip The packet brig AURORA, tlil'm - son, master, will fail on Sunday next l or ireulitor passage apply ou board, euat tide of Old slip, or to rO I T SI M'KI.NP 56 Soutb - st. IV ho offer For Hale, Old L. P. Madeira wine, in'pipes., hhd. aed qr. casks. mrh 5 t or Sale, tVeizht or ( kmler. The good brig PLAN I ER, 1H7 tons burthen, one year old, atowa IMwbbls is a very ian sailing vewei ana in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply ou bo.rd west aide But ling - alip, or to H. L. ft G. GHISWOLD, toih 5 l!6 South - at. for lit.Lt.ii I, The brig NYMPH, 170 tons burthen, Mi a a first rale vewel. sails fast and hat good accommodations expected to sail in six jays. For patsage only, applv to ti. L. ft G. GHISWOLD, mch 5 " (iCnouth - st. For Salt, f'mght or Charier, The ship LtGl'IKA, '.'60 tons burthen, stows 2600 bb:s. sails fast, is well mud, and may be sent to sea with small ex pense. Apply to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mh 5 86 South - street. Ar' l..l..l. W f Jh The fast aaUing packet achr. MARIA, IJyLZP. Latham, master, havlug 3 - 4tha ol her cargo engaged, will sail on the Cth inst. For Irsight or pasaajre, having excellent accom modations, apply on board, at Steven's wharf, or to jUiHtts at mr.uKA 1 11, - mh4 C3 Jouth - atreet. For HAVAM, The brig MARY, Captain Brewster, a regular trader, and will have imme - laie dispatch, ror neiirht ol two or three hundred bbls. or passage for three, apply on board, at Pine - tired wharf, or to mh3 N. & D. TALt OTT. For Mobile and Blakeiry, The' substantial, fast aailing packet sohoooer NASSAU, cant. Hitchcock, a regular trader, having two thirds of her cargo engaged, will sail on the 15th imt. For freight or passage, having good accommodation for ca bin and steerage passengers, apply to FETERS ft HKRRICK, mh 3 29 Ccenlie slip, , . For Hale, Freight or CJtarter, yfrV A new pilot boat schooner, about 120 Vi ft1"" burthen, built in the beat manner, diaper fastened, and in conlele order lo receive a cargo. Apply 10 N. L. A G. GRISWOLD, rah 3 H6 South - street For Hate, F right or Charter, The ahip MIRROR, 335 tons bur then, 2 year old, just been hove out. aud 111 complete order to receive a cargo ia a first rate ahip, and may b aent to tea with entail expence. Apply on board, between Fly - Market and Burling - shp, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 86 South - st. inr Snlr. Freirhl or Charter. A nw pilot boat built schooner, about ivn ium hnrihun. nuiit in uia um man - n r - rj wm1 viafanultt. and ftniiner faitafiad. a very last aailing vowel, and may be aent to ea at smau 1 xpense jippiy 10 N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 86 Pouth - st. FT ARTHEN WARE 71 crate and casks Mil bin painted dining tts 4aarted lustre ware Blue painted and Napoleon plat, for sal at 67 Soalls - atrMt, by CAMBRELENO ft PEARSON, mch 4 'llUMbLLRS. 30 small caaa balf - puil 1 tambleraaor ml iu lot to suit purchas er, by mch 7 G. G.ftS. HOWLAND, 77 WahiiHlno - st. MiMMOTH LUrthHi And tbe next to be draw, which will, be in a lew weea. Ml I. FORI) and OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY a UTHOR1SED bv the slates of New - Yora i. and New Jeraey. Positively to commence rfrawinroatha fifth ofMsv next 10.000 trck - et onl v - to be drawn ia 20 drawing. Price of j tickets 3U rioiiars 7o,ioo dollars 35,ooo dollars 1o,ooo dollar la,ooo - dollar 6.000 dollar HIGHEST PklZ3. K.nna dollar J The first drawa number to be entitled to 15000 The first drawn oa the aw aay Tlie first drawa oa tbe 7th day otsw 10.000 The first drawa on the I Iu day 35,000 70.000 And the first drawa 00 th 15th 7. Ticket, Halve. Qaaiiert, Eighth aad Six - iceaiuia, m was jminnB'G. Lottery aad Lacbaax utcc, No. 64 Maidea - Labe. - ' Where tbe Cash may he obtained for al tb Capital prise aa soon aa drawn. - PriMniather sotterse laxea w mjmm m tVketa, except thoa af the 3d etaae Grand State Lattery,' a it as called, wmca naid at tfaia atoayeat, aad wkscb wa aoe who! year hi drawing ia fmlktraiia. - man A ' - . ntirnttr. triar fTIRAHKLIJI HOUSE. This new. spacious 1. . and splendid Building, situated in Broad way, at great and lakh ion able street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dcv st will b opened by the subscriber on tlie 1st of May next, for the reception of Boarders. , : 'It is fitted, and will be furnished in a ntan - iter not surpassed, for convenience and ele g - any private dwelling in the citv. It occupies the most eligible situation, being centi al, in view of tin Park and - City - Hall i the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour i and it is believed that no House in'the country ex. cells) it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no expense having been spared by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will otief to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors Will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be makthe entertainment plea sant, rare ana exceuciu. s nis rsiaoiisnnieni is intended exclusively tor Genteel Boarding:. . AIK3. HCiUKKSU. fcbS4 DftCtf A - flF DttESSISfO ROOM. A FRUMK.NTO. No. I Wail - atrevt. juat re - X . turned from Italy, baa the honour to inform tlie gentlemen, that he cote and dresses hair in tlie latest style, nnd in a inatner sn as to sutopi it to the phiio"iininv. He boa for sale a quanti ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do noi pieaae on trial, the purchasers aie at liberty to return them, and receive the money. He hns likewise procured a very fine hone, and engiges to icstore miors to a very keen edge and should tiiiy noi cut he will receive no recoinjience. Those gentlemen who may please to honor him with their patronage, may Je;ieiid oo the most purui - aiiar ami respeciiui anenoance. N. B. Gentlemen wlio subscribe brtlieauar lea will have their razors, Ac. kept excluMvely lor themselves. P. 8. A good journeyman wanted. Apply ns anove. mn o ti TV I f I T Tlie three atorv brick house No. SI Wall ireei, (excepting the rooms on tbe nrst uoor; roistssioo given oo the nst oi April. i. r. i - r.wnnifc. mh 7 3t No. 17 Wall - stn - et. to Ltr, A convenient J - storv House, in Leon ard, near Uranice - atreet. Inquire olM. in I .viis, tin rean - arreet. mil J ?w TO LET, A two atorv house, with a barn nnd live acres of land, ailuate about two and a half mile trom the city, opposite tbe arsenal. To a person uli'i i in tbe habit of attending market nnd would cultivate tbe land aa an early vegetable is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Apply at 3 Broadway. mh 6 tf ansrl A Tavern and Store in Flualiing, at pre sent occupied br Mr. Wm. Sbaw. Apply to mh 6 ti s . uiDnii )NS. VO LKT, And immediate poaseaaton given, the house No. 9 Pen rl - afreet. togetlier th tlie sta hi jnad Coach House in the rear on Bridir - - The Memises are in complete repair unu nave e - ery convenience necessary for the accoinmo datioo of a family. For particular apply to net 28 L. BRAUISH. GEO. GEib'S MUSIC SCHOOL. MO. 20 WALL - ITEKET. TS established on his new and easy system of 1 teaching composition thoro' bass, preluding the art of fingering the piano forte and singing, fto. - Terms 30 dollars per quarter, half ia advance. From 4 to 7, Saturdays, P. M. the arndemy will be open, for the friends of science and the amateurs of music to call and inspect the establishment, and they are requested lo bring with Uiem tlie first European works on music, to eoa hie them accurately to appreciate the merit of this new improved ayatem of teaching, by mh6w G. GEIR. " 1 iNIAIUKES IN A NEW bTYLF T lVI ti. nsavK, tboii Loaooar, at $6 and upwards. Eperimena may be aeea at tbe Tontine Cuff." House, the City Hotel, and at hia painting room, 189 Broadway, exactly opposite John stieet. mh 6 2w A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, lately arrived in this city, who ia well acquainted with all tlie lancaagni, modern and ancient, and whoa present teaches a eieci class in ine r renrn, opa nish. Latin and Greek, would wish to lake ai boarders one or two - young gentlemen, not under 12 years or age, who would wish to be intracted ia an v of tlie above named language. Tbe class which at Dresent attenda him. from 4 o'clock till 7. everv evenimr, be would wiah to eocreaae to theouinberof 12. For further particular en quire at No. 18 Uourlland - atreei. nih2eod3t : TO SPO RTaMEN.' FOR. aale, very auperior double barrel Fowling Piece, having been used but one year Patrick niaxer - unjuire ai mis omc. mh7 Iw , AN 'l KD, a room suitable for ao orhce, V V and board in a private family in or near Hudson - street. Apply at On office. mil 7 3teod TRaVPARf "V TRACING SLATES. flUR coDvinc writinca. drawinzk ftc. for ft laarhinr rhilHr Sn write and draw COT rarllw in a ahort tiflae. hv tracinai exattlv anV copy, writing, drawing, landscape or p Hern placed onaer 11, wiui a pen aaa in a, oit wau or common siaie pmicii , auto uibj w common slate for Arithmetic Memorandums, Manufactured and aold wholesale nd retail. oy mhT lwt No. 166 Cherry - st New - York. f FI HE Emicrani't Guide to th wtrn and X so alb. - western slates and Ucri lories, com. prising a geographical and (tatisticaJ description nt the state of Louisiana. Mississippi, Trooes - ae. Kantnck. Ohio The tern tones af Alaba ma, Missouri, Illinois, and tbe western parts of I Virginia, rennylvama, aoa tvew - iora. c - compaoied by a map of th United State, in - clnihur LouHana. projected and engraved x - nraasly for this work, by Wm. Darby, price 43. juat received and for aale by COLLINS ft HANNAY, mch 7 230 Peart t. ' NEW - BOOKS. KIRKft MERCE1N.22 Wll - tret, have just received aad for sale, . kob Kuy. Pbila. no editina i do common do Maodeville, a tale ef (he 17th century, by Wm Goodwin MMra. a fflnv.I NamiiMsfaVovari in the ship Attest to tbe seilow oea, araiix urn win w vi, by Jot. M'Cleod, aargeoa of the Alcesta. ' Tina lv is Mbhshed. the Enua - raaf Gaide, to th westera aod eonUs western ute aad Urrtnrtes, with a cowered swap, clduw Loeissaasu Alabaara, Blake ty, etc bound, 3 tWIar. bosi, Jt 50. ' 7 ri - KJBACCO ft RICE. - 100 qwioUla first qmv I ntv eoaaiab ;loboca f: AZ7mo Rice, Pef echr. Boeth Cav rcaa,otraWby - Btf - - 13 wtavtrt Irrfci raaW . i t t a ai I IU City Uotel. ; , I bas lb honor to iV flTK. CHAKRUAUD form th Ladies aad Geadeataa. tbat aa Wednesday veaune;, i Kb oi Harca next, sua aa neat! Grand BolL will take place in tba Aaaaanv Wy Room of tbe City - Hotel. . la tba coarse of the eveainr two ballet aad several (aacy ataice win uc eauiiMicu wm ramitcn vj nr. w mi ra tt - ol of bis pupil. ,Tb room will b aleganllj illuminated. - - .n t Part 1 A pastoral divertiag Ballet 1. March Lodoiaka ; 2. First eouance of tbe corpde balletr Tjy .lt young iaH4 3. Pas Seal Allegretto ' by yoajnc lady 4. Colltee Horaoioa v bv a vouna arentleman a). Tbo Gavote d Vestris by Mr. Ctorraaud ana a young iany 6. Pa auel andante , . . Ly ayoaac lady 7. Paadetroiaiatro' by three you (ladies. 8. Pas seal aodunttno ' ay a young lady. 9. Grand pas seul allegro - by Mr. C. 10. Corp de ballat final ' by If young Kdies. Pait 2 - r - Tb ballet of Sabotier. or the Wood - ea ShiM:mkaf'a Cnllan. - I. Eater a cake sollar Inst iatlialbresL,' ' 2. Enters Mr.Cbarruaud acting part ofa clown 3. A pas seul hy a yoon t lady. 4. Enters three Sbotiers and dance with club and wdun, shoes by 3 young geatle men. 5. A dance half comic by Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dance . by 5 young ladies and v 6 young geatlemta. 8. Grand olo with woodeo shoe 1irlr. C ' iaal by the whole. Manager of the Ball, Mr. Biart. The BaU lo commence at 7 o'clock, end tbe ballet at 9 precisely. . Ticket One Dollar, to be bad at Mr. GastonS 42 Broad - it. at the bar of Um City Hotel, aad at the door oa that evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boot. mil 4 6f GRAND TlAl.L. lY R. WHALE ha the honor of making it L knowu In tlie Ladies and Gentlemen, that his Grand auuuul Ball will lake place on Tors day evening, ll.e 10th ol Marcn, at th Citv Aa lembly Ko nj.City Hotel, in tlie course of tbe evening a paatoral ballet will be performed by twenty of Mr. W'a pupita, in which w ill be Introduced a variety of elugnnt fancy (Iuim ea, a danced in tJI tlie fashionable circle of London and rana. 1. Le entree of the enrp de ballet, by 16 Luting lathe and 4 young xeiiUeuien. e figure corps de ballet 3. minuet de ijevonsiure and Gavotte, aa compared by Monsieur Vestris, by Master ' Whale and a young lady, 4. A paatorale paa de Iroia. by 3 young ladiea 5. A Scottish ballot by 8 voun2 ladies. 6. A cossaque pas de deux by the Master v halea' 7. Minuet de la cour and tavotte. fa comim aed and danced by Monsieur and .Madame uarueii ny 4 young ladies 8. Naval Hornpipe, by 4 young gentlemen 9. Le ahnwl dance, by 2young ludies 10 A Scotch abantruse, by a young Indy '' 1 1 Gavotte d Vestris, by 4 young ladies and 4 young gentlemen 12 Pnncta CharMte of Wales' Scotch strathspey annuel, by 4 young Indies. 13 Cossaque Hornpipe by Master W. Whale. 14 Mademoiselle Parisol'i favorite hornpipe, by 3 young ladies 15 Allemande frnncois, by three young ladiea, (a style of dancing taught by the most eminent protestors io London and Pnns, pecu liarly adapted for the elegance ol person and grace in carriage. 10 A grand pa seul, composed by Mr. W. alter th style oitider Vestris, by master Whale 17. Finale br the corns da ballet - Tickets, one dollar, to be had al lh haroflba City Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, ft Hewil'a muic sinres, ana si nr. vv naie'S reaiuence, no. SiVandewater - atreet. mar3 8t For Halt, or JurcAorg for property in the citv. FARM oontaininr 60 acre, pleasantly it uated on th Hudson river, and adjuinine A, VI I I ml . uic village 01 ivewourgn lueianu 1 ot an excellent quality, and with th excentinn ml rew acres, ns lieen seeded with timothy an clover for mowing 1 it ia well watered by small bi 00k that never fail the place abound with fruit ot the choicest kind ami in great va riety 1 the building are a houae, barn and o titer necessary out liou. in point of plea antnes of situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded by any place on the Hudson river. The rapid growth of tlie village of Aewourgii 1 generally Known, the village 1 now bounded by the farm on the north, and the first extension north (which will probably take place in the course of a few years) bring it immediately on to the farm 1 tbe advantages of such an event speak for themselves. Also, within 2 miles of tlie farm, 50 acre of wood land (the wood i about 20 year growth and the land i well covered with it 1 tht it a valuable acquisition to th farm on the river. Alao, a farm in Connecticut, In the town of Guilford, at oachemahead harbor, containing between 60 and 70 acres. Tbe land i of an excel lent quality, and the gratt part ia m ti. molhy gras. It it bounded oa thro aid by th sea, which affords ample eeurca of manure, and save much lancing. There ia on the place a bouse, barn and out - building;, lofficient for ail purpose 01 tp larm. For term af th Nawborgh property, apply to Messrs. J. ft T. Powl, at that place 1 and for th Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at Uuillord or lor both, to th subscriber in Nw. York, at No. 181 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, mch 6 D2aw4wClaw4w FRUIT. FOREST TREES. Ar'" fM. TJENJAMIN PRINCE A CO. i . , ? S,. MJ have for sale at their Nor - scry, Flushing Landinc. fL. 1 near New - York, their usual and Tj extensive variety of European a and Ameikan r ruit and Urn mental Tree. Alao, a lares col lection of valuable Shrub and . Plant t they have eeveraJ thou. and inoculated Peach tree. which are in lb moat healthy tt and free from .i.,nnr. ereat attenhoa has been paid to preserve them from the yellows, which baa destroyed o many treea of tbat kind throe - ghost the United State. Catalog of which may he l7.VofMee.ra HULL ft BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street, New - York, or at their Najrsery. Onlera forwarded to either place will be laara diately attended to, and th trees, ftc. carefally and aecorely parked, ao a lo be mat to any fiart of tbe United owes, wim in areaws aaie - r. and delivered at Crane wharf. New York, by water ire i inaani. ..,,, Also, for sale above, 1000 beaatiful Balm ofGilead or Silver Fir Tree. lhy are aimost awretohvewheatronapianted. 1V7 - A tbe great lose of Peach Tree by di ! Ari.rr.A miuiv from Dlantir.a them, direction will be given to those who purchaae .1 i.i. k ir.n.i.i tn. will eaahle them lo preserve their treea io a health lte, d have Teacbej io aa greet plenty as ia lormer ye?.rL . . 1.1 rm aimflad or - I, a. reacn ireev - - , .. Plum .locks, iVJl. ease, wnicn in rsaair. - - . - - - - - .,.. M ...tT"TT77lu wiaswaii tl ! macUnrtbnvstemaal .b, ha aniversaliy prevailed m Englaad for Ui last "'Kjjrr:ar - w TwntYwitb aeatisaM aaddextenty withoat the trouble of raj. iV. .i...rr nr ihe a se of lines. Ladies waited ml their owe residence, and schools elteod - 1 r ,. I jjjaa sV . v n a m ivwa - aM TERMS. gyatemah'cal writing, twelve lessow, $10 Roaad haoddn. fw tisiWrea, prrqvarUr, 8 Pewmakwg.tougbtacMtetma, " mh4 2w ' ' - FLOUR - toO bbfs Floar, tending from at nr. Nara, from Ri6hmoal,for 7. , ' asks) VT.SB.vjwiiv. - gALLAltUCit: in ar a f .'ii i vit r: MAKBL& FOX ZWLJJiAli, ' I TH E proprietora af the soother aorbU qaa - rta. near KloeVBrklre: rlv aotica, that they haro oa band, aad are reccif jig, at the Auir - Bnft JUartV awaf .tsac - lartf, tool et beach - strut. 00 la Hadaon rivar.aa exutuiva) stock of aoartil ior buUng, of lh (ullowiog da scrfptiooa, vis 1 ;., .. , ,, if wsuanabM . s Stop J.' " PlatiorsM v - Bills, Lintels Arch " n roaadatiea bum ChisaiMy - ritCM ' '" Facinp 1 ' " Column yT'l Alao Lime of the , A constant supply of tbe abyv materiale may beYsJcalaled npoa and thea detiroo of purohaing, or anaking angagraaeanvwit) sppry to r - w EZRA LUDLOW, ' . Fb J1 ... - t Attn Yard. ' . bTheet in a hu he. . . OT The contract which ere to be rnterad into lor tbe street manure, will comcdcc oa tba IsS of May aext, for 1 or tyeara, to be mention ed in the lealed proposal 1 aad the streets are to be 1 wept aad slesoed, from th . 1st of M arch ta the 1st of January, in every year. ' . Feb 21 MECFJ aNICoi BANK. - trj The stockholder ar hereby notifled Oat an alactian lor thirteen Diractor will be held ea the first Tuesday m April next, and that the poll will be opened at the Banking House b WaU atrt, at 10 o'clock A, M. and closwd ai o'clock F. M. , ., .' ' ! By order of the President and Directors, a - t aacha W. FISH,Csh'r. - A CARD. , . ST Mr. CHARRU ADD respectfully SrJbrme th ladies and gentlemen, that, a h could net procure m uai tana br his grand ball en Thursday, lttbiMLh la obliged to give the ball day aoooer, wbitb will take place on Wednesday veningnext, 1 1th but. ia the Aaaearbly Roosa of the City Hotel. mb 3t COPARTNERSHIP. (TT The subscribers have formed a coniiexioa in business a 8t k and Exchange Broker, aa dcrthe Arm of LIVINGSTON ft TRACY, office No, 29 VVall - ttreet, lately occupied by Dva - portft Tracy. ' valentine n. Livingston, v' henry d. tracy. - mhdaw v. - ' v - r,i": NOI ICE. . rrr Th auWriber having takes the MEH CHANTS HOTEL in WalLatreet. lately 00 cupied by bis brother, Solomon D. Gibson, re sper tfully solicit the palrooitge of the public. mch 4 U - K B.GIBSON. s JjH. MAHlJAH CHUHCU. , OCT re w no. 61, in O.e Middle Able, will b sold at the 1 ontine Coffee Houae. an tuaadaj next, at 12 o'clock, by Frankbn ft Minturn. mh 7 it !, Jo the ttitMrnio Atwiori. ZERAH HAWLEY Ihvsiciaa and Dentist, would inforiu the inhabitant of Nw - York, that he La taken an office at No. 321 Pearl - street, where be will extract, ekan, JUt,JU and irl I erlh ia the moat approved meaner. He will nlsn prevent ny irregularity of tbe eonodary teeth, If application ia msdr to him ia tvasua. , lie Dattera himaeir. iTom the experience be baa had in bi i rofeasion. that be shall be able to civ general satisfaction. t or character the public are referred u alt Geo. P. bhipman. merchant. No. 63 Soum - atreet.' aud Doctor A. Ives, No. Sag Pearl - street , , Whom it majftontem. ' " ' , Thl cartifles, that Dr. Zerah Hew!? la. regular bred physician, and in good atandiog with hi brethren in thiiplac that be hat paid particular attention to the art tADmliUry, hat studied the best European work oa th ubject. and ha given vary good satisfaction ia this branch to hi customer, who are person of tht first re spectaniiity in tats city. W therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawtay to the nea Muoaoa ' V" - d:.B - llU - . Nathan Smith Jonatlma Knight. Proleaaor of th Medical InaUtutionof YaleCoJ . College.. New - Haven, Jsn 22,1818;. , ' mb 3 Iwe - GRAND LOTTERY. GRACIE'S, 146 Broadway, have lh ptsaaov. of t.resentinr. a ar.hem if the MILFOHD and OYVy.UQ ROAD LOTThRY, to their friends and patron", which cootain only 10,000 . ticket 1 present price 30 dollai. Less ihaa lvr 1 blank to a prii 1 prise payable at the Union Bank, in the citv of New York. 60 day after tbediawing is finished, aod cash advanced (or ' uriua by the GRACIE'S as sooa a drawa. Btnamri, 1 prim of 70,000 - dollar 1 , of 35,000 dollar . - - t of 10,000 dollar ... ' of 6,000 dohara . 10 of 1,000 dollar '. . .30 of 500 dollar .140 of 100 dollar 3200 of 30 dollar This lottery will commenc drawing on tbs 6tb May next, aad to be finished ia twenty day drawing. '"( Adveatarer ar advised to make early par chase ia this lottery, a it i believed 10,000 . , tickets will soon d disposed of Order rereiv . ' ed for ticket in thitaod all other popular ktte ne. rrise 1 icau in tn meoicai outnc l.oi terv now drawing, wanted. mh 6 B' OARD1NU An elderly lady also a geolle - man and bi wife caa be accommodated . with apartment and Board in a private family nd central aituatioa, from the Arit of May aext, Applv at thi office. mh i 1w NEW BOOKS. JUiT published and for sal by ELIA8 VA LENl'INE. 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, Rob Roy. by the uthor of Waver ry, a Gey Maiwcring,1 and ' tbe Aatiquary, I vol, iaav copies t dls. coorse 1 75. A compendium of G aography, containing, b sides tli matter usual ia such works, a abort sy lorn of Sacred lieograpfty, by lb nerd, iona Rudd, Reclos of 8C JobV Charch, ERmbeth town, (N J) - t CtrreDondtjce betweea a mataer aad her daughter, by Mr. Taylor and Jaaa 1 ylor. Arcum a coemicai Amaaemcau 6 vol. oflegnt extract, with eognvingt. Orders received for engraviog. ' Copper plate printing or every deacrfphoa es Copper f lte n ceted with oeatm ana oeipsn w - WAN! ED, a cook and oma 10 a im wahinrnf a tarrt family - Enqair at the corner of Chapel aad Morray - atmt. CSv r ui iuin aj tons Caaatwachv Lorwood, Li Uadinr at pier No. IO, Irom brig Recover atfXk'by 9 JOSEPH OSbORJi. , j avo (Araj'iraiicwts i a 1 "vi Al rE'S Liat of Prise an the Medical I f lium lvnVrv. No. Mih dav No. tlv440. floatlsK capitaL ,b day - o?546a, 664ft, 8833, 100. . 4l.tdy No.t11,05. $100 4td day No. tl6.77, $OQ 20,949, flOO 43d day No. t72UO, floating prise, f 1000 t All sold by JtOBEKT WAITE, Jua. 138 Broadway being more Prise in oae week diawing, than ever wa told at aay other ctaca' Broadway, lam same prnoo. s m ' . tWH SAUL. . BaaiBtmmBmBmnmsBmaassaiBaamBmasaBsaMiaM Iiu5 A very profitable FARM, of 110 acre, ' twu thirds amder catUvation, the reside wood , lead, sitaato on the sea above, a quarter ef a asilej below tbe aarrowt, ea tba SUtea Islaad aid and . ' ahnet rioW irna the teasn boat ferrv htceiag ltna - ryeteftlveviewretheseaden. . virao of New - Tor x.wUhia the Narrow, aad of handy Hoe aad Ihe ncwaFer twosiwct to qaaJWd by now. The tit to amswtioahla. Two third of th prcba asoasry msyremasi Karrdvpthe laoat Appt U A. V.Ii.lo - . tai. oa lb. prem. to 0ltmwkiL - TO LET, a.roaveasw.1 JT" d.ii - c theaters, with e f ! acre of r.i. It term FPJ M bT mhJaodtf m ' : i. v. A ' : 4 ' : v 1 ' 1 . 1 S l CMS - 1 M 1 ' V 1. i 1 1 1 t .' ". t f u ;v b : 1 r -

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