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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, March 9, 1818
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V 1 as in the dicUoo oi It conmiMioaert an - h aik triu U af l'i treat of Cheat, t Tetho senate ted lorn of reprwuttlivu eUui - United OTales. The coaabatoMTi of the two govwreoute wader the 4th article of to treaty of (.bent, harm OMH to tUdWoa UpOO UM OMlttON abmittad to theta, I by before congrats copies ctbsidvscisua, together with coptu of aw ae - Uruou fcgaod and reported by the cwwnHmoB en to no kovotmmoC ,, JAMES MONROE. Wadunrton. Feb. SS. 181IL : peclsioa of (bo oaBtBuMoaort ueder the 4th er - aT Ik Iraki af Gheat. ' By Thomas t arc! ay ad John Holm, eaq'ri. . . a a - .a - - .a., taa.aaawfl't 7 : T ' . ' . ,. I itiifcuouers, sppoiulml 0 Tina w aructotlbe treaty of V,? - T2lmm ammion. c Ax. W Jn" Boiioraa ana mron w - '"r. .i. - tworontroctioff pwtUo to too - Ma v 7 - oot.ral UlMad, m ttto Bf .of "W" - " . - . fk. ff rJ fttMir. ua l ' - MZllL U ihooiiJ fitr oraDUrf CIO - rofproly boloo& In fSi - of cn toooowd or t""4 ''.V - v ; tMtWMK bio mi.t BriUani ond. Uio - ' Wo, tbo owd BmcUt ond John lTJa, cowmianoo", br"1J ;. - ,m.wm iaiMrtiall to oxanMM oud docido vpoa tbo J cUimf, occorduit to w oridebco u jfcouU bo hud bofcro on Iho rt of dm on - .taaaiommjottr, to. tbo United EUtoo, fwpoo - ' tiwly, boo docUed tod do dlo, tbot Momo - . lihod, LtoJJey UUwI, nJ rredotick UUnd, io 5, tbo Bit of PaosmowqooMy, which it port of tbo f . B.yofFoody,do,aiiaoachrumuotii., . oatboUaitod Slatef of Aownc.t owl wo ho oiiOdocidfdOAddo docldo, that HI tho other ' bUwh, uu) ach, tod otory lftho, to tho nid Bay of faaiUMqaoddy, ohlcb it port of tbo Bay roody, d the Hw4 of Gruod Meuao, m y tho old Hay of Fuody, 4 bl.f to l ' Bn - ' f - j.niniftUJv. iacMifarmilV Wllh UiO UdO iU - ' toot of tho 4 rocoo - J oitiela of tfaty of oa Ihounud oyee huodrod cif ay - wren. Infailh mtwI laa - iUMMIT bf reoC W hl0 Ittt - oar faaadi and e I our at Ilia cily of .york, in (be Ue of New - York, m iiu ' UolUd StoUo, thutwwty fcu.Ui day of Sov. m - ' bor, hi tho year of oor LorJ one thootand eijbl .iiBodrodoMoofonteoa. ... v . - ,' - ' - '' - ' ' John lioimei, ; ,j - ';: p "; . f . r". - TbooiHi Barclay. : ' - Wttaoaa, ' ' . Jmm T. Aartln, afenti U. 3. A. , J; oth. Barclay, lecretary. ' .Dodaratioa of tho eoamntioner uuder the . . Jourth article of tbo treaty of lihr nt. 'I .... . Nw Tork, Xo. 4, 1818 . Sir ThaoodenirneiLcommUfioDoraatipoinl. 'od by rirtuo of the fourth arUclu of tbo tre.ty of . uorul. oavo ojieoueu vt uia u e" M ' ' them i and have decided that Moote hlaud. Dud - kf Idiod, and Frederick blsnd, in be hoy of PnavsiauaxxUr. whlcb U oart of Iho bar ofFua dy, do oacli of ibom belooc to tho Uaitcd btatet of Aaiorka, aad that all the other flood in the bay of faaeamaqaod'ly, and tho hlanJ of tiraad lUn m the buy of Fuody, do each of them be - . kmj 10 bli Britannic majmty, intonfomity w'.th lhe trae intool of the tecood article of tho tri - aly of peace of one Ibouia&d mtoo bondrod aad ' 1 aitfj.y - three. Tbo coanfamuoore Have tho he - nor to oucloeo herewith their decntoo. InBakin thit decbiotu it became oecewary, ht each of tho commUiaoaen ihould :M a nart of bn Indhrldual onioloa 8eral rooif kductd th. aa to ados thio munre, one xf Which wutbo baprsMion an4 belief ilmt the ha - tlerblo water of the hay of PaoiamaquoJdy, ' whtfh. bt tho tratT of Cbont. I M to bo Port of the bay of Faod - iy, arecoaimon to both par. ttei for the porpme of a'J lawful hhJ direct cota - bo aDdcnbroed have tho honor to bo, with perfuct reipoct, air, your obedieut aad humble orraat, John Holme, Tho rclay Tb hon. J. Q. Adam, aocre'.ai y of rt tto. NKir.YukK irrjrixn pysr. MOfllMT. MARCH 9. An A atenoM ciiiMn. We perceire by the National Intell (oncer, that a petition from Phi ladelphia, igned by Wm. Jonet and other, hat boon proooated in behalf of R. W. Meade, an - AaMricaa dtiaen, wroujfUUy confined in a Spa miaa dunpoa by order of tho Bpanith roirera eaeat la andoot time, tho word, I mm Ro - , mmm citism, ware a talitana to tho ipeaker of hem bt any part of tbo world, aad (ball, the . aUiia, mm .foxrK - o eihsex bo ditre - iwded with impuoitj f I hope not. How much obould wo hare been pWaoad, in common with tho root of tbo community, to bare aeon that tlma derated to tho ca,e of Meade, which wa ccoujad on that of John Aadonoo. ' Goorraii wulitim tlaimTht bill tot the pay. meat for earricai rendered by the Georgia, militia during; the late war, wajon a third reading, tho Voaoe of repreomUtiro, but Tbunday, rejected. For tbo bill, 70 j iriioit it, 00. Extract of a letter from the Poot - Maater at Granbiuh,to General Baily, Poit - mSster in thio City, dated March S. " Th pUoe ha eapcrieacod a flood lurpas - ting any thiat; we hare had befuro within our rccoilcetioet. On Tuesday but it commenced raininf ,and continued until Sunday niifht. On Monday the ice broke up to the distance of four mile below thu village, carrying with it a aumber of torc and dwelling, from thio and the ad ioinint; place. The 'people were obliged to Ieare their habitation in waggon, boata,&e. to die high land. At aretent, aome of them are unable to return. The water roae hijrher at this place by 19 inches, than in 1814 iouts in oaste. 8. T. VA5 DE&ZEB, P. M. Eitract ef Utter from pntUmaa la Gibraltar, to the owner of the brig Joseph 8. Lew - it, capt. Kexmot, dated m Gibraltar, Jan, 8, 1818. ',. y TVsr?.v toform yoa of the diaarter .Tx a M J0V '. (the J. K Uv 7 ni !!e riven thro' the Btrarts on th lit of December m a boary gale, and when lying to behind lhe Rock. Wat b. Spauish brig of war, bad her bows broken m, and was forced . go ,, c. thagena, where the arrived on the 19th olu A VT. f ha amraU b d afcrdtthui information. W. eijt ber every - i fnm $ BtUimert TekgrttjA, Math I Capuin MitcbeL the roaster of th e piratical echooner mentioned under the Norfolk head in yesterday paper, came to tliticity laat Fridav ana omcer iaa sloup winch put nto Carta' Ot k) and wis imnMsiatdy ajre - ted by avery riffilant mKU - trate. faanuel Cole, em in.1 . ..7 , for further cxa - nmadon. On AWay afternoon lh !2?P arrived a - hh the armament, crew and offioen of the sea. The officers were committed to prison, by tha aiWeeaid raie. . We,' end oloop tike pouiMiwl efhy iptafc 1r r,f th Ralumor iic emie Cutter. ' ny circumstance have treMpirrd w itrrttoe - thc belief thettha tclic wae fitted ratlcU potpoaea. It boo "TT w uia J . L & dew. from . fitter out to Alod.i ftrlfr L SS - J? - - : If ik.. rumor DO tftlO It really t rerun as hav been tho. early arrested in their career. The tMovwf mm - r Mitchell' irartrucUon T; .. . .. . iMHd and of aattrwctioa to i i MifalL hii oOren aad crow, oo hoard i tea - oner Harriot, of Norfolk, whereof tu - i4 MttrAll io of PTOIOIII Btwr. man owi M a croico M l patriot pnraMtr noaoro ibwiui lO UU IN B1M f Mak tMDart that thrr mot ih. . and than fat auk. nroMr acknoorledff matt 'doiof4bt - oWorty toko, to bo dl tided io the fallowiaermaajior. that i to aay, half to the ewaor or owner of the prirataar. 14 bare to capt. Mitchell, okht aharea to hie BrM officer, soree aharot to hi second officer, aad o oa la proportion tha taUors ooch two hare. If cah taken, to bo dimlcd on beam a above. The owner ihare held safo rntl! a favorable op - portonHy to ship it homo to Philadelphia, or No w Vork, or Halumore, or Norfolk, with letter, c. to me Uirected to the care of Wm. Seyuore, Norfolk, and. Maadoa ft Bunker, PliiUdalphia, and Briscoe It Prtrilrr, bi Baltimore, and Backley 4i Abbott hi New - York, - (should you get a valuable prise you will accompany Iter off the, wape of f lelaware or VirzixuL tend a lelUr athore by a pilot boat, making them declare to. crony on the occaaion, and the bufioet ihall un - metuately be attended to by mo or my friend above named at the different placet of their re - idence.i If you liave on board, keep it onlil you hear from me or my fritiJ. who will attend to it rufe Conveyance on aliore. Should you take a vetel that suite better for a privateer, ok a change and keep tha Harriot as tender, or let her go for hertelr. Tho craite will con tinue a long at may best tuit on all cid4, iv not longer than six mouthtthe owuer not to be at any mom cotit or expenses after leaving this port. rou will bo particular to write to hie to Wil mington in tbo Mat of Delaware, if you have an oi poi (unity after you get off the W, I. or on your cruiwig ground, giving tome account of your crniM, ice. Wikbing you he dth and good luck, af return, sc. I reoiain your. Christopher L. Brnnet, Owner.') Feb.M, 1818 5 Ahould you full in wiJi the Conirrett f. i - gate U. 8. in your eri'ise and she u like to de tain you, let my friend Canar A. Rodney, one of our ciitiifninicmeis on board, see your in struct ion and Inform him she iou a fiur crube. that I am interest e1, Vc. - N B Should M. Rodney not be on board. Dr. Baldwin, the surgeon on board, is alto my particular friend " , W are aalhoriied by the late house of Buck ley it Abbott to stale that they have no know ledge whatever of tha above transartiou, and their names ha v been used without their con sent. Ed. E. Post. from lit fiallunore ftdtral Republican, Mch.S. A denial In the alleged letter of instruction? of capt. Viichell already yubllibeil, we fiuJ the mnins of the gentlemen wbo have subscribed the certificate meuliooed below, a bi agent in Baltimore. It will he remembered that Mitchell, arrested in I Hi city 'n Today eveninir last, and aow coo fined iu prison, wa commander of the Harriot which ailed from the port of Norfolk, a it ,U4 poted without a regular clearance, bound on iOBIuajj 1 6 ifui.' who know tho character Mtfrs. ttristoe and Portrhlee. any denial their part wu unucceaiary but we were not at liberty to alter the instruction of capt. Mitchell in whicc Uic bunes of thote gentlemen were un ccremoruuily introduoed. Tbis is not the first time refpeciwMe names have been mentioned by miu, w raroun over mimes oi incur own maau tactur. Metsrv. Fdilorv, Uevtlenien An article ba appeared in your paper of th ' mor&lnr. which eenu to be going lb robndi in all th papers in which our uiamei are aisuciatcu with Urate of Chrutejher u. ueoueii, owner, anu J. i. Mitchell, captain of the iclir Harriot ol Norfolk, intendad as a crui ser, and raid to be furnished with a lawful B uenoe Ayreao Oommmion. We deem it orouer to da dare our total ignorance of that transaction, and I. . a ... umi oar nanet nare peen UMJ Wilhoutour au inority or knowled,. BrUcoe k Partridge, Baltimore, 4th March, 1818. rem the A'orvich Courier if March 4. Frtthtt The warm weather, tnrether with the ram on Sunday nirht. Droduced a vera n,t. den and nnespecled rise of water. accomDaniad with the breaking up of the ice, in the various nvers in trut neightKirhoou. Grsat damage has oeen suiuuneu, particularly m tn loss of bridges. The old Shetucket bridge, entirely iySpt a - way the new Shetucket brid? hat luttainad couMderable damag Lord's bridge, oo the road to Scotland, swept away LoveU's bridge, ou uie roaa w vanieroury, on hall iwepl away the bridge between Canterbury and Plainffeld swept away the bridge at Jewell's City, swept away i Manning! bridge, on the road to Wind'. nam, swept away tho two bridge above Man ning's, between lbanon and Windham, both swept away ; the bridge near Clark and Gray's milli, swept away j tha bridge at col. Fitch's iron works Box rah, rendered impassable t the bridge ovsrthe Little River, m this town, on the road to New - London, commonly called the Paper Mill bridre, three Quarter iwent mm i lrrf'. Iiridge, on th road .from the Conrt Houio to New - London, swept away; many other bndm m,w iwauij rarneu away, me qnanuly ot timber floated down the Shetuckstii much great - or than usual. The Thames know unimpeded with ice, the navigation free, and we hope toon to see encreas - ed activity on our wharves. Fnm the Cattkiil Retorier, Manh 4. FrrtJirt. The late rains bavins - raised tlie streams in this vicinity, to a considerable aeiirlit. the toe in tlie Catskill broke uo on Monday, and with rich Sure a to occasion considerable injury. The west end of the Cats - kill brtdre wa carried off. and it is now im passible. The lower stories of the ware bouse on our wharfs were under water, and more or lea damaged. Vom At JOtttig Daiig AdoertiKT, March 6 Eunice ChMwraxn. The Senate. Yesterday morning, went into consideration of the ohjec - uone of ine itonoraoie ine uouncilot Kevuion to the bilt for divorcinr this Lad v. Mesa. a. Young, Skinner and Bates, spoke in faror of passing me act, we object mti of ti.e Council to the contrary notwithstanding and Mr. Van Veciiten tpoke upon the opposite ide The question ws taken and carried in the afflrma - Ure,20to6. . SswiotvroiT, March e.. t rttht. From the imtnen.e body of enow on the ground, and th bidden thaw on Saturday we were apprel.enjiy, of damage lo mills, hndgea, to. Our fears have Sot p - ovMi trouadlei ; the river Memauck vru iwoUen I to an uuiua! drgrea. and k if ukl the ke broken ap 10 rwlee above Haverhill the eaa - sequcoce hs been that A adorer bridge and the new and elegant bridge opposite Hater - hill ilia, bare been eonsiderablr rtiored one of the pier of the Utter 1 started, but it is not rendered ienpasiibla i the water rose a - baut IS feet biirher than usual at Haverhill, aad besides ih dcetrueUon of some anicle of merchandise in exposed situations, we.nndew stand a new thip on the stocks, belonging to Pickering Dodge, esq. wa entirely, ranovan from her bear intra. Rocks Bridre, several miles below, is ruined j two of the archee are entirely carried away, aad a third removed i the wa'ter at this place flowed up to the second floors of the houses on the margin of the river, a number of small building on the bank of the river have shared in tlie general calamity. The ice pasted down ye.terdsT in torrents, aad of unusual thickness. We shall probably get further particular for our next paper - ' "A Portland paper state that the tnow wu lour feet deep on a level before the late thaw i and anticipates much damage to mills, in that part of tlie country. P ML A DELPHI A. March 1. Bank mf At United StattuOo. Tuesday lant, in the house af representative of ttyi slate, th biH for taxing the bank of tbo United Stat, wa taken op, and after a warm discuttioo, a nvrtioe was mad and carried to recommend said bill to the attention of the next legislature. HAaTVeie, MarchS. The Superior Court which had "been in session in thia city leventeen days, adjourned sin dl on Thursday of last evcek. The court, as nuai, were occupied most or tne time on the hearhir of jury trial i some of which were or tne tint importance, butn as respect the magnitude of tlie sums in controversy, and the leading questions adjudicated One question concerning negoeiabie notes, which l as in this state long remained in an unsettled situation, we are gUd to see brought up and that was, whether those notesoftlii description net payable ml a bank, are entitled to day of grace i the court decided they were not. This cause it is understood is to be carried to the Court of Rrrors. The State vs. Daniel l.avrenct charged with avaeLaKr. wu the other. The iurv returned a verdict nf guilty, and the Court (this being a second offence.) sentenced him to Newgate for six years. 1'iis person was discbarred from that prison, on his former commitment, by the last legislature. He lef t there on the 1st of December, on the 3d, he committed the a - bove burglary in Wethc sfield in hi fliirht. stole a horie and carriage in Berlin, waa apprehended before he got out ot the state tried and found guilty of the theft, at the County Court then in session, whipt for t aling the riage, and sentrneed to Newgate for the Uoise stealing ( where he wai safely lodged le(bre the expiration of the month. His term of serv ce for the burglary will not, of course, commence until after the fulfilment of that for horse stealing. POUGI1KEEPSIE, March 4. Th late rain. The rain which commencad on Sunday alternooo UuL continued with little inlnrmuaioo, until Moods r evsninr. This larre fall of rain, aided by the melting of tho snow. ba raised the water in the creek ia this vicinity, higher than it has been known for many years. " a ouuenianu inai ma onag oeiooging to the Dutchess turnpike company over WaoDsnrer't creek at Heesant Valley, was swept off early on 'lonuay morning, very mocato the relief of the inhabitants in its immediate vicinity, who in cou - lequenceof the damning np of the water, ecca tiooeu oy ine ice lodging against the bridge, were threatened with th general mundatiou of the dwelling. We also lesrn thai tha haMr SleaM - oriugi ieiamgWsbgethar with - n mill, th bridge at Meser and the draw brklge at th mouth of Wapprnger' creek, are all entirely destroyed. W may expect to hear wikh hws in uincrent t'arti of the country ' m. wwiu vi uii - uaau, onuges, etc c. . After th above was Intone, Matai ih. following from a friend who reiides at Pleasant vaiiey. Kxtract of a letter dated Pleasant Valley, March 3,1818. "fr. Potter Yesterdav We eTnAnaneaif th greatest frehet that has been known in this place - ui men among at. la the sprioaTof 1 Hi lT a. U - L. .1 ' i ' " uu a ry nurn one! Dut Lha ar ter rote yetterdav nearlv two fai hio4ia - y - did tUen, which, if you take intn n.LUi;,. the great space ever which the water hows at this place, is yery extraordinary. About nine o'clock io the morning the bridge went off. The body of the ice iu ho mill - pond did not move uoui uiai iinie. it wa, a tight the most noble ever iiehold the mo f mint of a body of ice of .ymy.m ten arret ; i - .i aasiiingand breaking t..iu ujuiaci wunuie OnJ je; the crashing of planks and timbers tlie tumbling of abut, meots ; the tremblinc of the biidu - a "I,"" wiuw i anu iu nnHi movement all con ipireu io nil ine mind with terror and to render the scene grand, beyond mv ability to describe, dome of the houses on the north Inn hi.l ntA. on their floors to tho depth of two feeti aid it was out of our power to remove tome of their uinauianu, who were in the greatest apprehension, ths ice frequently striking them with treat .!uisuv.. .nun, umaira nau na inn twespiug ff ftncei, c but on th whole: we feel ourselves well off, as w auticipat damages w alum p.ur caieot iu many other places." SPRINGFIELD, f Mats. !tfrrh s Sprincield ondet in ruini On Snailaa 1t ma wcaiuer uacamo warm. With ra n. ahM coutinned till Monday evening, and occaiiooed an onutuai nonu at thu tune of the rear. Oo Tuesday morning, the Connecticut rirerhad ri. ten to a great height, and about 8 o'clock the ic above the bridge, which wu from one to two leel WICK, Benin lo more, and in 30 of th piers wu dcuotiibe l, aial a part of th bridge fell into the river with a tremendous many of Ui pir were considerably in - lurcu, ami one appeared lo De breed entire at least three feet from its original bad t In a r. iw BiuBicuu, uia sirengui oi the pier stopped tlie ice, and some bnpet were fettered for the remainder of the bridge i but the river contioa d to rise till half part S o'clock, the ice again iirimi, anu m les mau ooe hour, almost the whole of that beautiful and commodious struc ture was entirely demolUhed - Sol'theaew piers are hut in tbe flood, and but two on the west tide with a small part of the brvlrt remain nuinlnrw eu. i nut iu uie tnort space of two hours, bai ... . . : j ine wore oi many nil man natui for two ytan, been deitroyed by th hand of omnipotence. Chicopee bridre it to fardestmred. that it - rill oa nacenary to ixoniin it trom lb foundation. Putt't brid?, on Chioopee river, ia stamlm. a a - a s . . . allhyujh considerably injured. aeveral mll erul;e in this vicinity have been rriod off or partially detioyed t and the road much cut up. Such a flod at this season, hat oot been known by the oldest iohabitaotr.and we fear the damage yet to be learnt, will prove lamentable to an axtrem d gree. Since writing tho above, we learn, that tha bridge across the Connecticut at Sander laud, has oeen swepi away. We leara from Buenos Ayr, br the arrival of the Globe, that the force finder gen. Artrra iu uwaw, naa reoeueq Srucst their leader, and that 1000 troops had embarked from Bneom fw ta tid the mutmeers. Two briK two iirs. and two franiiwrtt. bad arrird fmea Mt. Valeo, aad wart at aachor eX(h towi, Crea - II 7 Saa iJartia was on b'a march to Lima, havicf I - 1.,. IkaAMoriAilt I hltt. ywwimnm wmwwm , - K sale at Baeao Ayr for Amencaa pro - due. The Glob tailed from the ptw en we Slat Dee. and the river oa the Z&uu ? The schr Mary - Ann, Baker, from the City of ot. Dceainst for nsw - Iorv, oeioocmr u sa - trirk, Aymar ft C. was cast awaytat atarwagat on Wednetday eight. The captain and one maa were laven the mate ana lour men wars urn iiar cargo consisted of manor aay and coffee. Th mahorany wa saved, but we uooerruna to cofle was pulaged Jfi T. Oaa. - r "ALBANY. March 6 - The find - We learn from Herkimer, that the splendid and costly (tone bridge, erected near that villare a few year since, over th Wet Canada creek, eras carried a war oa Tuesday Tae etesraot bridee known by tlie name of Brainmrd's Bridge, nt.a Nassaa, (Renuelaer cnoatv.l wa likaarua Iran was aweot off. When this paper went to press, no mail had been received irons the south. , LEGI3LATUREOF NEW - YORK. UOUSK OtASStJtBLT, March 3. Mr. Sharps from the committee to whom was referred tho petition of Gideon Leo ana etnert. of New - Yet, and Jfenry Guest, Jua. and others of Albany, reported a bill entitled "an act an - ttiorissng the appointment otguager anu mspecv ors of bah oils." Head twice and cammittea, Mr. Oakley, from the committee to whom was referred the out to to corporate the urana inp - ter of tbJs state, reported the same with amend meats. (Thi bill wu rabssaueatly patssd in committee of the whole, without a divuien.1 The bill from the senate entitled " an act to incorporate the Franklin Life Insarance Company," - ware severally read a third time and passed. Mr. Oakley gave notice that to - morrow morning at half past 1 1 o'clock, be should more'for a call or the member of the bouse. . March 4. A message wa received from the boa. the senate, Informing that the senate had passed a bill, enhlled an act reviving the act relative to In corporations for manufacturing purposes,'' in which bill they request the concurrence of tbe home, Tb bill wat read a first and second time, and referred to Messrs. Fenton, Waite aad Powell. The bill " to amend an act, entitled an act for giving relief in case of insolvency ,n were re turned from the senate without amendment. Tbe following bill wu read a third time aad passed: An act to incorporate the Grand Chapter of the state or New - York. I A division wu called oo the final paieare of this bill ayu 70, hoes SC. On motion of Mr. Duer, Resolved, That the Secretary be and he is hereby required to report to tins house whether anv. and what auantitv of land has been granted to Lt. Col. Msrinus Willett, late commandant of the 5th regiment of the line of thu state, in tbe service of the United States, du ring the war of the revolution i and if any pa tent ha issued for Mid land to tlie said Mari na Willett i Out the aid Secretary state when the same issued, and under the autbon ty of wbat act or resolution of the Legislature. . Resolved, That the Secretary be, and be is hereby required to lay before the bouse, the tereral minutes and proceed in rs of the Council of appointment of officers under the authority of the act entitled an act for raising two regi - mcnis ior uic ucicnce oi una stair, on oouniies of unappropriated lands," pused & larch 30, 1701. DIED, Suddenly at Oytferbay, oa tbe 3d lost. Wil linm M'Coun, Ltq. io the 68th yett of bis are. At Northampton, (Msts.i on the Ifilb ultimo, Mr. Lewi Butler, ton of Mr. Si neon Cutler, ared 18ioatbe 19th ult. Mr. Mar WrirbL Tigea 64. A th was crossing the highway, an umht uw whu over narv aha a tauUc ed by the lad, who wu drirlug the Uam, until U wu toe lato to ratcae her. At Detroit, oa the ltth tort. Capt Thontu naasnana, a painoT as a eotdier. tia wa " w. . m a via. ana wnt wnaajra UJ the nme espiotioo which depri ed America of one oi ner larome son. Alter his recoverv. he erved under Com. Perry, io the capacity of master armourer, and was on board the Lawrence m lhe battle ol Lake tne, where be wu again wounded. At Albanv. on tha 5th initant. in tha at.t mr of his age, (mac Hants, esq. of that city. AeJVLVCr POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. . Brig Amelia, Nele, Europ F. fiahhard Schr Mary, Miner, Plymouth, N C cmiiy. White, Savasnah Tell - Tale. Churchward. Norfolk Sloop Hiram, Evans, Baltimore J Htilr C.U 7'ifs tX)REm)UJi Sch Resolve, Watrous, 9 days from Haiti more, and 4 from the Capes, with flaxseed, flour, tea, tobacco, hop, ftc. to Robertson Kelan, W Agnew, J Osbora, G ft T Meyer, Wilson ft Thomson, J Johnson, Smith ft Bailey, Lockman, and W W ft J H Todd. On Wednesday 4th, at half put 1 1 A. M. in Hamp ton Koada, parted our best bower cable arid put to sea under bare pules, blowing a tre mendous heavy rale Irom W. W. Left at anchor, 3 scbrs. bound to the northward. On 1 hursday Jih, at 6 P. M. Cape Henlopen bear ngN. w. oy N. io miles dil anoke br ur Ma ry ft Sarah Ann, Smith, from Philadelphia, bound to Charleston, had severe cold blowing wcauicr on me pussge. "?ch Fair Trader, Osbora, 11 days frora Sa vannan, wiui co'.ton and wine, to L'llommed vn C Hrown, Pott ft M'Kinne, Griswolds and uoates U H Wickham, and J H ft A J Hun tington. bailed the day after the thip Mary. nuirusia, anu wu on tne nook durino - the rale .w. " o jKiac willing. Sloop Jacob Jones, Hickman, 4 day from onuw run, wiui com, to ine muter. sen M.lo, Lory. 8 days from Ocracock. with stsves and naval stores, to Blount ft Jackson. . . i i, . , ...... . au rcuwtu a. i iiorne - bailed in co. with scu Aimira. uunbert. On Tuesday but, off tne uiesupeake, spoke a large French ship imui luift cn ucracocK bar. the Mi In trv.k a gale at S. 8. E. which chooned round ia N W. blew very heavy and carried awav her fore vupiliaai. Jbe bnr Ladr - Moarae. from Rnttanlam bound to a port in tha U S. put into Bridgetown tU .4. iL. w t v viiriuwuii if in iuuU7 ia wikQtorpr i as Ha Th brig Thomas, of New - York. caoL Rich. wataaised at Turk' Itlaad oo tbe 7th of Feb. I he chr Miio, 3 iMrt from New - York for Sa. rannah, wat tpoken off Charte - too br tith ult. ARRIVH1) SINCE OCR LAST. Ship Globe, (of Bidt.inorr) Harrisou, 75 dart from Buenos Ajrres,with hides, to J. Mark, J. W. Schmidt b Co. P. Srheraaerbaro 41 Co. f . Shepherd, Bait. J. Goodwin of do. Left, ship Peate, waiiiiur freirht : thin M atihaltan .f Km. .,JU,ar. . tcDcrau - KM, lor Bait more, load - mr : srbr. Deantw. frost ew Vnrk Ahgiutut, of Philad (br Si. Bans ia ft dayt ;'brir - - , Ree, front Ball, jmt sr. in 100 daw : sc. PlaUsburr, Port low. frnadA iaa. ' - i. 1 .aniao - prises io tne rarrtots bad arrived four ma unia - aM to ue nio Oe la Plau, on tbe Gen. San Martin Ta Pri.ata. i. denci sailed 6 dtys before on n eraisc, aaomiiic tuns aod carrvuia 1UD mm ta Pr - n J tnePoutre Down, wet ready lor a cruiar, with 96 - - . i.,nig aneD ana it runs Bng Rebecca Aon, HiUiard, from Philadelphia, r. "Fi a aw. onirer, leatbar. , 5S' aTi, v. unpsn, llor - bHawxhuist, W UuUyiM - r, ByrearimWeb )a n. a. .aa Araruige. 3 - 4 freta the Cape au co, with ships Jne, Svaapwaa, and biir rlrrt for Liverpool ; bnr Uniak tor Havre. aariir mrataai aat rna Ka.u. . - - i. L . 3 for t, cn of Ste for riAnaC Kuh,'l dayi from Savojmaii, and 7 from the bar, with "T rT.C. Butler, ir A.U O. WWtnev, sad CambrekweU reanow. Vv ".""Tl. Matt; for N. York to S - dayi J U", Thayer, for Mary - Passela, to I. Brig Active, for Lirrrpool, sailea ia co. n - 1. d.l v . IK Java frtha Harana. rTTzJzJr tiH: Rrarfr. - of Keimenit.0UKh.; liricMilo.Froet, mi do. loading for PhuaeT. aad several others not reoTCelu.. U.m ml Pnrl.nafMlth. N. H. 7 days from Norfolk, with floor, to Vasqwes, Meuron b Co. Passengers, U M'Kennr and Mr. Kmght, of the U. 8. wary. The ship PocahootM, for Lis bon ; schr. Gen.. ScoU,for do. ; scar. - P'"'' for Bottoo ; Br. brir Robert, for Jaaiaica.nd brig Woodland Castle, for Barbadoes, aU sailed from the Roads in co. - , Schr. Waiiam tMary, Keene, I8davi ifr. , Pprt - ao - Prinre, wilh coffee and specie, to H. HartecX, W. R. Dvckman. O. S. Muinforrt, Haaiinl ti Wil liams, X - Clark, A. Otis, J. Hrfferman, J. Slideu, J. White, FUdi, Goodwin ft Co, and the Capt. Passenger, caps. R. Pike. Left, Feb. 15, schr. Attractive, for N. York, ancer.; bnr Elisa, Brown. Kermebunk, in 10; bnr George, Kellogg, (or Wilmington, in 6 ; schr. Minerva, Atkins, lor Boston, in 3; brig Arrow, Gilmore, thsrleston, 15; sloop lUinois, Kates, N. York, for Njplet , un - cer. ; sloop Sally, Briggs, N. .York, for U. lalsod, in 10, undcrroiui repairs ; briri&ipee, from Bait, for Turks - Uland, in 4 ; br.Thoinu, Thomas, for do. !0th March ; schr. rrooor b Amrr, ingall, for N.York, in W. Spoke, March 5, off Baraegai, schr. Mary - Ann, from St. Domingo, for N. York Coffee very scarce, price 40 sous very little ex. pected m market, u the crop wu nearly in. More foreign vessels in port snpplied wilh funds to pur - chase than could be supplied at almoit any price. Two millions of pounds had aweady been paid for in advance, by agents for vessels from the Baltic, I' - ncland, France and Germany. " , Schi oner Frank, Cole, 10 dayt from Danen, with timber and tlavet, lo C. R. Duffie. In Sa - pelo Sound, saw a brig from Turks Island, Mb lots of main - top - msst, standing in. Schr. Coaster, Van Name, 2 days from Little York, wilh oyttert. Schr. Coquette, 6 days from Boston, with mer chandise, to W. R. Hitchcock b Co. D. t. Hubbard, Goodhue ft Co. J. L. Dial, Rogers b Pott, H. B. Chapman, P. Remten b Co. D. Lord, G. G. fc S. Howland, Smith b Nicoll, J. Givao, H. W. Field, Boorrnan b Johnston, U. w. iiudoii, ana others. Schr. Eriw. D. Dourlus. DourfftU, 4 days from Philadelnliiu. wllh rin. molattet. flour, nuts, rin ger, tac. lo Jackson b Woolley, Stebbini t Couch and Hoffman bGlat. On Weduetday latt,intide Cape May, near the Brown, saw a schr. at anchor arith her fnrematt rone. ' Schr. Express, Webb, 4day from Philadelphia, with flour, whiskey, naukeeni, to L'Hommedieu and Brown, and others. Sloop Manilla, Bulkley, 1 asys irom dostoUi itb beef,sugsr, rum, pepper,duck, leather, glass ware, be. to J. M. Uradhurit, smitn si imcoii, Fish b Urinneil, f aloian b lorrey, Hogers u rosi. Benscbolen b Swan, G. Lee, J Lorillard, and others. Off Cspe Cod, saw three large ship standing into tlie Bay. faloop Jeanette, Buddinjtoo, iz noors irom new Haven, with nroduce. to Fitch b Goodwin. . Sloop Victor, Mayo, from Murfreesboro; 7 dayt irom tne ifav, witu wheat, naval stores, ftc. to Warinr ft Kimberlv. sauea ut co. .!l.j' iniuerir, bihi na - a. iiuaa with a schr. for N. York. Oo Wed nesday, off Cape May, spoke tcbr. Lucy, from N. xora, lor iHurireetnoro . PORT OF BOSTON. March 4. Ar. brir El - ni. IUHZ) Iran vmniw. V. .1, ?,u iiraw, 13d. andMadru, 31st, with sugar, asal'celida, gun - oy bags, chain, cotton, indigo, senna, silk and cotton goods, coffee, gum copal, block tin, bdkfs. hide be. Left at Calcutta, shins Cadmus, i : . riiAu . it a - .. j tri.j. Dait. for Bottoo, Noseoiber 16 1 Athens, Brom ley, Madras and New York, November 16th Cruttendrn, Turner, New - York, Dec. lit ; Holo - fdorf, Cathell, Baltimore, Dec. In. The thip 8a - lus, Harrod, for Salem, saned from sand rleaat, Uct. XI. Ship Columbus, Kobbins, ISO days Irom Boston, was at the lwer apit Buoy, oouno up. Spoke Feb. 19, lat. 37, long. 63, 45, ship Atlss, Ureen. 22 davt from New - Orleant for Gibraltar. Brig Metsenerr, Peterson, 24 dayt from St. John't, N. F. Wat detained I dayt in the' river by the ice. This tube vettel watch carried the , i a rm wic ciosros or uin iowo iu us .111 - atrars by fir at St. John. Caar uitoi, March 17. Arrived, th in Ma delina, (of N York) Merry, Point retre, Goad 27 day, and 10 from Turk Island. Feb L off the Island of St Bartholomews, epoke sloop Hannah, Todd, of Bath, from Portland, bonnd to N York, blown of the coast estppJi - ed her with provisions and water, and took out a Mr. Jakent, wife and 3 children, passengers. lBth, Ut 25, 32, long 74, lost tbe main top mast, sprung aleak, and received considerable injury in a gale, 20th, the leak enci eased so badly as to oblige ut to keep both pumps go ing, hove 4 puncheons of water, the best bower anchor, and scout 3000 bushels of salt over - ooara. un the 24th. at 11 P. M. (tract: on a shoal off Beaufort, and got off without damage. Untisn sch Friendship, Willey, Kingston - Jam. ISaday.' British t,ch Henry ft Robert, Johnson, Nas sau, 8 day, with 15000 spene dollars. Sloop New bury port, Goodrich, Newbury - port tj oays. Cleared, ship Telegraph, Fanning, P? York. NoaroLK, March 3. Arrived, British bii cuzaociu et tuirr, vascy, I uaysirom Bermuda. British ch Venus. Dortey. 21 dart' from I rimaacl. Sch Clarissa, Wilkinson. 12 days from St Eustatia. At 13 o'clock on Monday laat, Cape nenry bearing . W. distant about 80 miles. pused close alongside the wreck of a vessel keel up, apparently of 80 to 90 ton burthen. could utcrtain nothing further. British ship City of Edinburgh. Goodbv. 43 oays irom uvenada. British sch Chart, DounlL 17 dav from Barbadoes. Scbr. Juliet. Latourette. from - Petersburs - I . a w, i . " I oouiKa vn new - 1 oik. THEATRE. Tbe public If retpectfullr infonnefJ. that in i.wcvucB.(i m 1ASTJ waJUtis - yj IIHIlBDOtHIOn Ol CUT PHILIPPS,th opera of THE CABINET, ad - vera'ted for this evening is unavoidably changed IU UJV I III UT VI TOWII ft COUNTRY. Reuben Cleoroy, Air. Robertson lo which Will be added. fowia - a. ov Toiouaot, or tbe fatal snow storm. - uwina Mrs. Bum CIRCUS. AN'l HONY - Stkl T.T."" rr - T On Tnrday next 10th eMarch. Mr. rANISLAb, beine auab e Irom the Haw oi ni aitrtmeht. in .Merhaaie Hall, from ditplaying til those wonder, which received so co i applause u curope, bit taken the circat a few eve inn. in order tn hrin hiaui th. ititiimcea soo tr mucn admued Me plrs Ultra, erCMiHiroror White Magic. Thi surpruiog. and incomprehemibte experiment, has excited public admiration in Europe, and tt!e Exhibitor nojies ii win tare i with trial applause in this ci - which was to lib - xly bestowed in f ranee sou MRia on. nr. o. Dad the honor or present - rvr this aurprbing j; coy ry for the firit lime io ioix, oe'cre iw ti prt at Vienna baring - veyed hi Pocket HamUerchief and WatcE umaiax wuct, wiuioui leaving ner pre - eace. it created ceneral lAluiiu - tinn theCoart, andrtrackso forcibly on the minds of I loose preteni, inat u,y gave turn tieeppellatio the Wonder tfth Age." For further parti - r, are - Jiiie w ine aay. air. AleittTar, n. terpreter to lbs performances. - a... - ml J. uoor open at o'clock Curtain rise at 7. tiraeu. pox i; tpper boxes 7a ctt: pit SO cents t . l.lidre hall' prie. rh9 4t . ftrfnhterehrnltrftrUruttatubt. T - wuu, er ,.3 tf IhtirmmemrdiilmnAx, Tb.ohr REVENGE, capt. Roll ns, ambartbs 900 bMs I h in enmr.lata A.rfa. avwyae. - 0d will takafrairW U si.i. oabiawd,at - - :y40jorto , k 1 (or just fflB 9 jv. 4 C. W. D ATCSTOalT ft Co. . White ttrost. conceiTe it berthity to aorjriai ttogMrfleaaaawbohei hired it, that he caanat hav poteesetaa oitaa th arst of Msy, for ret. tou whfeb the presutne ha will ackaowledr. parftctly satwractory, af be will be so good m to seek aa iotcrvtow with Mr. Roe,, at his offic. at ih comer of Gold and F vJ toa - treet b r esaydia vain to discover who. Iu to from thsa. miable owner, resort to this medium a the hit resoorce. ash 9 la PAUPERISM. - . , 7 0 A report of tbe Committee aa the ash. jec of paaperiam, bating beea aoasa tia ka. for the public, thee ciliseoo wbo - approve af th principle ahcrein contained, are r4ue,Udto meet at the City Hotel, thia eveaiar, atterea o'clock, precrsely, to adopt a CoortituUoa, tad to organW the eociety. - Signed io behalf the Committee. J. GR1SCOU. Clmiraaa. Jsmkj EAtTBoaa, Sec'ry. ; . . . mh 9 It k MIUTIA FINES For 181. At anumer04iaoetingcdciti2ens,wbo have pakl, or are now subject to Militia Fines, Imposed by the court martial, of which Ceal Steddifordwaa President, and Hugh Maxwell, esq. Judge Advocate, m thoyear. 1814. held at the Hank Coffee House, . - . It waa unanimously reeolved. that a com. mittee be appointed to take proper advice up. on the lubjeet, and report thereon ;; . All ciifxena who feel thenwelvea aggrieved by the imposition of the (aid fine, are request, ed to attend at tbe Bank Coffee House tbis evening at 7 o'clock, to hear the report of the committee. ... - : mh 9 ... cii.ppEk'iN. , On Saturday, the 14th Inst, will ha sold at auction, ' THE bHIP PEKIN. ' ! 640 tons register ha just delivered nearly 1000 urn oi goiHis (run, jiiuib a ijcucvi oruer. BM is one of the ttrouaett and best built ihipt in the U. States t saus fast, is well found, aad was newly theathed in Liverpool the voyage pre - iout to tlie tost Will be tahl on 6 monthi credit. Inventory can be teen, aod tha ship examined, by applying at lie, 47 Leatial - wtmrf, o o - ton. - , - . - - mh 9 3t .... W Si". CAOX, . .fffv The hip SOUTH CAROLTlfA llliiPACBXT. Cattwright, matter i wfli poa, lively tail on Thursday, the 12lh init if tbe weather permit. For ptsuge, appUga board at Feck - slip, or to ... ,' mh 9 8t BEN J. DB FOREST ft CO." , rVAMTUD, - Three er fear vessels from 800 it 1000 . .barrels burthen, to load at the tsuta - ward for this port. Apply to ' inch 9 - 81 Pine - etl - rer JfEtVHY, The good, fast sailiiur shJa kttt - ROR, to sail in 6 dayt, For freight ot 0y cask of teed or passage, bavin; fine accommodation apply on board, west side Bur A. U B U. UKISWULJJ, i mb9 88 South - street . FRENCH GOODS. Jast revived per brig Eaila, irom Havre, OO catet Freach coodi, cotuiitmgof .... ; v f igured and puin Lyon and U'avegnoa ie i rencu . ' Figured and plain vlrgjoiu andUraaUnei ,. - Black latin aod tatia peloogt ', Black and whit toll and elegant ssdiagaasu Black florentines, Gaua hdkla '. Levantine and satin damask t bawls ' - 1 '' Figured levantine and fiorauc hdkfk Men's tup. ribbed silk hare - ' : , Man' and womtn't tilk and kid glotaj ml silk armlet - , Sewiog tilk and twist ' V''.;'k Thread laces, Black galloou White crap, Silk braids , Elegant garniture and fringed aad plain ru ' boot, for tale by ' - ., BENJ'lV.r.BABCOCK, : mch9 tw mWatar - eCCoT. Pfae - sft s UUAR. IJ1 burls aad 15bbl first oualitv MoscovadoSurar io poxes up - r wniieao. lorsaw dt . a. l cr. GKiswoLD, mh9 - 86 South - ttreet . rVijtus, cotton; oil, ftc. ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Murray 'a wharf, offers for tale t ' , . - .. Old Claret iaraiks fit for bottling, andenU - tied to drawback ' ' - " - . - Do do cases .. . , v Madeira wine in pipes, some of superior quality , . - ... Old L. P. Tenerine wino, in hhde.'aad or. casks, of a guality and flavor aearty equal to. Madeira : Sweet oil in betties, ami , New - Orleane aad Upland cotton, to lew to suit purchasers. . ' aah 9 Iw CALCU I TA GOODo. - A am all invoice of Calcutu iroods. contistinr of r Calcutta Checks. Matnoodyt BaAas, Sauna and Gurrahs will be laaded this day, and for sale by G. G. C 8. HOWLAND, ' mh 9 - 77 Wasliington - street. V CATALOG I A ft CQLM&XAR rFIA, J g g pipe ) mlM 15 half do ) 68 half quarter cult Colmenar win ' , ' . LanJin? from tcbr Fair Trader from 8stie iiah for sale by POTT ft M'KINNE, mn S8ontb - tt.; 'pOBACCO - 3 kfids. North Carohaa Tobac - L co, for sale by R. 41 C. W. DAVENPORT h CO. mh 9 i . 40 COTlVJf. - Balu prime upland cotton, landinf frost tchoaner Fair Trader, for sale by tilUaWOLDS ft COATES. 7 mch 9 68 South - it v BKI.VISTONCA VfcRVHLUON loOboin' roll brinwtone, 6 cwt. verm ill iaa . ' 6 hbJs gin, jast landed from ship Garooae, - from Trieste, for tale by . . mch 9 ' . 77 Washiagtoo - st. (HlSBLt.lf. 40 bhdaaadSS bbr frtav; V V tvlvtnia Rve Whisker. Undine - from tea - - Express, at Old - slip. For ale by jAiaaui at wuuLLiii, . . mh9 3t . - . 75 VVaU - arret MOIAcSLS 50 Molasee. luttingk from acbooner Edw. D. Douelats Fof. sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, mh9 3t . 7S Wall - ltreet INDIGO 6 tatet Bengal, aud li ccrooasint Quality Flotant Inoico.eoiitler' to eheotare, tale by . JACK&N ft WOOLLEY, - not 7 wail - wreeu , TJL'siU HEMP as FKATHEKaV - eOM: AVav clean St. Petanbun - Hint 40 bales gees leathers, for sale oa nvorable . Urms, at 67 South - street, ry smh 9 St CUNMNGHA street, rr MNGHAM ft BAYLIES. RUSSIA SriEKIINGS - hrowa ami kauv bleached ' - - ' J. aarrav diapers, for rd by the bale t - South street, fcw " mh9 3t CUNNijHAM ft BATLlt ClOT ltiN ft RlC'i ii) bcot prirtiO L'piaod t Cotton and - - - 1 IT tietces prime Rice landing (rota shij Mary A a. est a, for sale bt . aIU3rVUlaUJ V VMU th9 C6 Bowt - i - street BARK 40 ribds Quercitron Bark, ofverv - ptrior quUiry puncipailv 1. T. Bray brao rtceivad aad iot sale o : Q.Q. B.mWLAND,,.. it 9 .' 77 Wastpgt - aW - ti I 1

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