The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1913
Page 5
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"Which are the alum taking powders; how czs. Lavoid theiiiinless they are named?" asks a housekeeper. Here is 020 \vay: take the can of a low- priced powder i» yo-jr hand and read the * *· t 1 * 1 1 * 1 ""T^ff ingrecieat ciaiH^ upes £ae back iaoei. i ae law requires that ii tr.e powder contain'alum that fact Eo:st be there slated. If you find cne cf lh ingredients saaied alum, or sul- pnzite cf aiunmun-, you nave found an aiam baking posccer. There is another and a better ivay. Yon don't have to kncv/ lise unties of the alum pov.-ders. Use Royal Baking Powder only; that assures you a 'crease of tartar powder, and the purest and most healdblul ba^in? powder beyond qtiorLoi VILLA ALL F8BEIQK IIS. inlerventiofl Sild l Me! Will! ALL 8J1EF AT TMIPIOOJ yj*3*7£+?^JK®'^-^~^^ y- B * ?t I i B | § ft | «i = w 'er "-X v; e I JH i i I e iS © I @ ^5 -2 e I .» ·:* ·~TX · e ® ^ I ® S 5? I I r o i #-? / - *?-''^ Cm ON-- and Small Musical Instru- i « i ments auring the g I Victor ialking Machines 3 '·£. i I and Records. I 1 i i A Piano or Victor Talking Machine is a joy to any nome. We sell them at prices and terms that you Can afford one, Call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere _e_ « S ·"· 9 a © Spangle/s Gettysburg, Pa. 9 s Has" Been Resumed and thej Refugees on Bo'ird Warships WH1 Return to the City. OE, Dee. IT.--Through rep resentations to General Villa by American Consul!ur at (?hihuaht:a, and through conveyed by the American Heoaosillo to General Veaiistiano Cor ranza, the United Suites has int rcei- el sueeessmliy 22 Lehaif of t-a Spaniards Tvbo complained of lilien Chihuahua was occupied by the Mexican rebels. All advices to Uie state say forc-Isae^s generally, with t~e exception, of the Spaniards, have been r^epected, and this govemmeit, a?~u tie request, of 'he S^aaish a' dor, has une"er:a!:ei to see tlzii Sva:i ish subjects are induced ia the prj tectioa' given to foreigners. Infereaces that by appealing to General Carranza, the United" 3ia:es isn-J recognized Uie CoasutauoaaUsfs r-^ri pronounced false by Secretary of Stale Brvan, "who pointed cat tiat it.5 Ua.i ed States, from tune to time, had dealt with the military authorities ia con trol of various sections- After the dispatch of Bryan's demand to Villa insisting upon fall treatment, ci all foreigners, word was received by the state department that General Carranza, leader 01 t^e revolutionists, iad seat Fe'is Summer field, a friend ot the revol^tio-isrs, tc Villa, -with instructions that the Ia ter bow to the wishes of tag United States. Normal conditions nave beea restored at Taspico v.-Jch the wl h drav--al of the rebels under Villarasl Castro and Ag^iilar, accorling to a d:S patch received at the ca\y department from Admiral Fletcher. camm?ndin! Leader of Rebels In Northern Part of Mexico. C If yam calmrsmpenor satsce Catarrh Christmas Gifts ean Yields To H o m e i the American waters^ struadrori in Mexican IS MUROEI pi ul Kan Sentenced For Lira is Lynched Fra Bridga \ViUiston, X. IX, Dec. IT.--Cleve CnL- bertson, recently convicted of murdering t-ree members of the Dilion faniiiy at Ray, X. D-, was taken from tfcs ft'ilhanis county fail by a mob and hanged from a bridge near here. The l}'nehins party, '.vnich consisted of a iar^e number ol masked men, battered down the tloors 01 the jail ·s~th a heavy iron nipe. Dss"iie the -warnings o: ShenS Erlcksoa, the men rushed into the jail, tore tie door irom the ceil occupied by the prisoner and dragged him cnt- to^the Lliddle iluld;-- i-a half from Do not let this ^erious disease cs- 1 tend along the delicate mucous mevn-i, gradually going froni the nose 1 EO the throat, thence into the b-opcb:^l j tubes and dov.-jiivard i:sto the lungs, j There is no other treatment for _a- [ "tarrh that is like Hyoniei or just as · e i People's Drug; Store -vvill refund your | g monev if you are not satisfied. ! ~ Begin using: Hyor"si now--to-day--i · and see how quickly the drcppi-igs into j g the "throat, the discharge from tl^e; jc nose, snifriing and all other symptoms} · of catarrh are overcome; and remem-j ^ her--no stomach drugging--you i ~i breathe it. The complete outfit ccn-j · taining inhaler and bottle of liquid i J , , costs o-z Sl-00. Extra bottles of liquid I fjje rO osl Girl in the World if later needed, 50 cents. j · Music Cabtcet Dresser Petl-stol V/riting Desk \Yh«hw voa =pcn.l liK'.e or much for Xm:t5 it L, iaiportint that your jiife ha\c !a-tin-i \alue. Chri-nsas prices here are mostly lower than at ot'.^r se.isoiis bfca«.-e of r«ur iar^e urchasc~- The rnraHrv of everything in thi* store makes ir a worthy jriit wneth- J er the price you pay 5= large or small. 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AUnsira letcher seems to be of the opinion tna.1 shcuts'of te by tie to inter fere and \vere ba5iy beaten. f_ Cu!bertso:i, VILLA CONFISCATES PBGPERTlf Estate In Chihuahua of General s Se«rsci by-Rebels. - ~; "_ sx.^Dec. IT. -- Fanchc Villa, Crenel comma naer" in_jicrt!i£rr llezico,' issued a decree con£sr=.tfn;- all the property O F General Luis Ter razas, Eantcue Cree* and Juan Creel- personal and real. General Terrazas is now a refugee in El ?asc. His son, Louis, Jr.. Is a prisoner 01 Villa in Chihuahua. Tae ·women me:ubers of the fatally are all in Ciiiimaliaa. General Terrazas is the richest iand ovrner in ^Mexico, and his estates comprise half the state cf Cni huahua. BEGGAR SAVED 8200-000 Blind Man and Wife Arrrsstea In Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Dec. 17. -- Prevailing cpon the sympathy of Christmas shot pers for alms, "Al" Bernstein, a blind man, vrro is reputed to be the "richest be?gar in the ^orld." ·was arrested Tvith his -pafe as they --ere grinding a hand oigan at Twelfth and iiarket streets. Tae TngTT Tvas recognized or a r\e York social -worker., ivho told tlte police the mendicant cad been driven oat of Xe^r York six years ago by the charitable societles. It is estimated that Bernstein is ·?ron.h at least S20».oOO anJ is the otfner of tenement houses and otte: real estate ia Xew York city- Bernstein and his -wife, Yetta, -were held under $300 bail each for a fur taer hearing A social worker is going to ^Ce~ York to ascertain hotr much property the beggar owns and ^ many times he has been helped by charitable institwtlons- Tae blind man made a plea to iiaTe his wife discharged when they be.ea ; jirippssst-'tQitL- threats of inE; ^ere freely, made. Victims ol the murder -ere M their daugater. llrs. Dii'on E3ective_Xovember 15, l£'13. Mil A-^M^-Dally .Except Sunday fc; ; Baltimore, Hanover, York ard ' IntefineSiate Points. ' f ~- .- i «vo Colored col orecS ris ·were lyn'Led b: a mob at Blanca^rd. La. T-ey hati confessed to MH : ag Calxia Dallarvi. whose body ^vas hacicetl to p.sces ia Ms store on Sa: nrds.v morning. BACHELOR WANTS WIFE Rich Fgrrrsr Tcurs T\wo Courties Search cf Spouse, .mo' in. Pa., Dec. IT. -- Pe: W. Ta- 10:28 A. il- Daily for TVaynesborOe _ HancocK, "Cumberland, 'Pi*\s=~. |i ""faufgh'aad Chicago also-SikvnE. - f r - JanE,. ;i j 12:25 P. M- for Highfield and Iniv.-rir.e- j diate stations- 2:55 P. il- for York, Baltimore and J Intermediate Points. [ 5:'JG P. iL Daily except Sunday fc-r'. B. and H. Bi-.islon Points to! Highfield, also Hagersroivn, j Waynesboro, Chaiabersbur?: and | \ Shippensbarg. C-lj Xe~ Oxford. Harsover, and intermediate stations. kricwri lines v/bich we fcave dis-cnrinvied. W. H. Douglas $3,50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.93. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48- C. B, Kitzmffler Ivooas. a fcrt"-*1ve-year-old bachelor; living in De-v Creek Valley, ii : r . search of a -sife. He Is reputed to be ^-orth S03,-"'0 to 330.000 and tills .lib Enlisting "the conipanionship of fci.-- co"sci. "!" rles Kooss, Tvho li^es near hln, Koons spea; the iast two v.ecs? 5 S"auyi:nn and } laad counties to nad a -srcmaa to^T his recaircments. They called on sev era! l srldo j ws ana girls, bat Kooas de cide-J Uist none came up to the re Quireraents. He wants a small ·s' !ie sajs. IL. For Sale A S i x R o o m FRAME HOUSE -.vitli j^aii). In-t wilier li^.l anil othco- fon\onioiwes. Located ^a -ith Mreer, BJJT- lenllle, Aj«ly to S. G. B I G H A M , BliclervIIle. Pa- ] ELECTION NOTICE j Police i= hereby given that an election 03 seven Jirectors of DJglcrville'Nationa} \\iil be held at the banlcing in Tuesday, January · the hor:rs of one ant! m. E. D. HEIGUES. Cashier.7, i o'clock p. Rel.cved la o== S3i-;=to ;£ it fans. Gee a 25c or 50a tcb« 01 Catssrlsal JeHy XJse it Q=:C".C. For chroaic nasal ca- tarrlvdrv catarrh, sore noss.coasrhs. sncezii-r. nose bleed, etc. \vrtte for free sainpie. The l.rst drop used ·wui a. Ast eroffgists. FbR SALE House Store Property , ! on Chambersburg street cp- posite the Pitzer House; and one lio'ise in the row on West Middle street. J. A. Tawney. FOR SALE BY THE PEOPLE'S DRtTCJ STORE SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant United Phcne.-- advertisement arraigned. Suffragettes Burn a Church. Liverpool. Eng_ Dec. 17.--The police blaxaed militant saSragettes for a fire ia St. Anae's church. The incendiaries entered through a window. The charch pews were destroyed, the pioe organ was dasaaged and tie entire interior disfigured. The Ksual suffragette literature was found scattered about the place. President Pardcts Dr. f,:orton. Washington, Dec- 17. -- Prefideat "xVilsca has pardoned ,Dr Jlorton, toe physician convicted Tr.tb .Tnlian Hawoiorne for use of the n-2il.- to defra id. and xrho conipletea i:5s term ia the Atlanta penitentiary in October. It TFZS stated at the depin saent of justice teat the pardon issued. a f ter Morten had complet3: his term, in order that he might again be eligible to. practice .onedicuie. Governor Taylor Reprieves Murderer.) Trenton, N. J., Dec. 17.--Acting Gov- j ernor Taylor xeprieved John Bolas, an | Essex county wife murderer, under] sentence of death, until Feb. 7. Dolan, was sentenced to die Dec. 28. Thej reprieve was granted In order to allow the condemned man to carry his case to tne higher courts. No Doubt About That. "I -wouldn't say she Is pretty," said the Simple Mug, as "the HgKt-uaired woman of doubtful age handed her money to the conductor, "but she is } passing fare." i " " " - - . _ ' . - , . WEATHER EVERYWHERE, j | j-.^ Q^^^g ii^ BendersioHe, December, 17,18,19. Observations of United State- 1 ·weather bureaus taken at S p. m yestsrday follow: Tamp. ·Weather. Albany ........ ~3S Atlantic C:ty. . . '. ^S Boston ......... ^2 Buffalo ......... ,42 Chicago ........ f32 Xew Orleans ---- ^3S~ Xew York ...... 44 Philadelphia. ..: ""44 St-T-ouis ........ 42 Washington 48 CIo:dv. Cloudy- Cloudy. Cloacy. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Lectures aad discussions each day on fruit Growing, Cattle and Ho- Raisic-, Cori^ Improvement and General Farm Topics. Day Sessions Free. - Everyone \\ eteome. , | Evening Entertainmeiits | ·tcfl. Ad mission 25c. Reserved Seats 4Cc. Season Tickets V $!.CC^ Tlie iest .so far alt The Weather. Fair today and probably tomorrow; light west winds'. Genuine "Mi. and Mrs. Whitfer never have any ai-gumenfcl"' t- How does that happen?' _ "Mr, Whiffec ' won't argue." "Tae poor woman!"--Birmmgaam Age-Herald. ____ Wedne; cay Evening 17tb, The Famous Lyric Quartette Thursday Evening 18th, The Morphets, Magicians and Entertainers Friday Evening 19th, Illastratsd Lecture, Mexico, Beautifully Colored Slides and Motion Pictures. Mr. Henry Qslrander, Noted Traveler and Lecturer. Nothing better on the Lyceum Platform. Do Not Miss One of These Evenings LWSPAPLR lEWSPAPJLJRl

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