The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1818
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ynjsryaBan P. NUMBER 4910 - - V: V, .; :V f r r' ' 1 ..'MONDAY, MARCH 9, 1018. . 'V TV' r ; " ' NQ42 PINETREEtHv 1 - - i i . JTiM Sab. eVriahl ar nrtr - Thn festailing brig SAILOR COY. , - T 1J. Rodman, muter ; be ready to rs - civ a cargo I 175 too, and will carry about 600 cun Saisaed. Apply on board, east aide m Mart wharf, or to - ' ' : " I); BETBUNE It CO. ' ! 82C. n.ilip. rer ST. VJlOiX. Jf . W - Tho mtbr fi - ading coppered, brig XiiiwiLLIAM - HENRT, to auil on the luuuiK. for iriht or puarajre, navmgi.a , xxoroiMOflWw. apply u , - .. , 4 . v . ; A RLADL t DE PEY5TER,' .phf lw., r, 31 Old - dip, ! ' F Freight r Charter. vfJT Thereby ADELINE, captain Tup - ,'. i pr. A freight to Oporto, Lisbon, or a too Ui era port, would pe preterrea. Apply en board, at jriy - marxet wnart, or to . - .; ' - ' '.. GILLESPIE. fb T 113 Front s. f 'llTltbo achr ADELINE, Prlef Tupper, 1 ' - ImasUr. will bt dispatched immoiliately. - for inrtght or passage apply to rr. tt. GILLESPIE, . - i - - 1 lltFroot - rt. Ai liiw Wfco offer for al. . ICO bblt tarr and a parcel of VT, O. hhd , itavrt, 1 - Bcolrea br $aid,reiel . . . , , AIo tOO bbU rapf. JUchmood flour is hhdi JjUclunoud soJ I'tUnburf tobacco 20 ticrca rici.21 bala upland cotton 'it. bkdtaMlane 200 bap eofleo ' ' ... j Aad and whit Bortwia, in hhdi aadqr, .., vMadtlra - ? do ' do " ' catkt Claret wlnt, ta boio of 1 doion each ' ' 4 traall boae cotioa lacei " " An iovotce of t)utch gvods, romisting of suuff boxes, uatei, tlate.pMcila, marble, jewellery, TMipt, lauiM'.wont Meet, cologne atr, K6 ;, Feb tin - u i" . ? f - .. : .Tiie iJanncbrie MARUARKT. cao - Ltaia Tank; bat coortdf ratil bartof ben taiKO eueaecdt eal will be diip&tcned witnooi JVWBWWW .... I. - ... .1 .delay, t or jif eight or iaMage appj w . ' Ko74 Watliin;ton rtreit, or to V - . s , J. C ZIMMERMAN, fe lfrlf ' ' No. 7S WaihliKtoo - atrcet. - ' Fil SIGHT 9r - JH.lHTHH, - Tbe fitt tuil'mtr achr. SALEM, bur V the 1100 bbU. has made but two or jei , and h n6w in Voidinrss to receive a cr - ro. v - For termeappry on board, at Pine - trcet vhirf'bf to' " ' t ' C. G. & 8. IIOWLAXO, ' ' " 77 Wathinffton - atreet. feb2tfM - 'For aLt, r - CUAHtt.K., . Tbe Valuable fant aailinc briir AG - ,KESS, captain Harris, at Fly - markM lirf, two years old, burthen 18 - 1 tons, will atoW tapwards of 300 Midrf. is in alt renpects in excellent order, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two data. .Apply to N. D. T LCOTT, feb26 - v " ":' " . . 64 ".South - itreet u TfiF. fiUSSCJilBKR, - . . : A SLOOP, now buildiog of th beat vf J yv material, abqnt 1 00 toaa;timberaoflive ' Aok. IocmH aaJ cadatj bottom plauk Jerwy wtu'U oak, built ea parpotoiar the. Atta - b trade. : " r .. - ? ;. : f lany tjrada wkera dispatch, burtben, and blmaw draft nl walar ia reovlrwd. t A pnrisurna BCHOOaER. of 40 tons, wiu draw bat little water, with lee - board throueh the centra) of bef keel. aud ia expected to tail vary fast. , Also, a SHIP of 360 tons, calculated y(iffor a Liverpool or London trader, (that "y"rah Anithed to aait thepurchaier.V - (Lr1 opart, timber and plank. Also, timber tawed to bills for houte building. nof U ' CHARLES BROWNNE. - Ft bmit, Frttght or CAorr, ' The brie eJD.NEY, Criipm, I5S torn, ,a atannch good vaaael, lately pal ia rood order lor a voyage For ter on apply to JMESD'JVOLrNjnnr.' Fab 13 - it t - t - ' - o7 Front - tt. 1 l III NANKUXi'. luUU Pieces blue nankins, of very m pe - rior quality, entitled to debenture, for tale at 77 Washington - at. : ' Frb 19 G. G. b S. ROWLAND. FIAHJR and TOBACCO. 500 bblt. ftkh - mond tunf. Flour 29 hhda old and new Tobacco. ' 1Z0 - kesjt manofactarad d 'i 6Uti handi to the lb. For tale at 106 Front - ttreet. feb 13 TROKE3. DAVIDSON A CO. rtLOTHS Xeaaea aapeihne Loudon clotha, J teases extra do ' Jost received per Washington, and for al by HURU & SEW ALL, Feb 58 65 South st BaOVVN SUlRTUUS - 7 packaicca orowo Shirting, just received and for aale by ' TH E COMJflSSlOJi COMl'AXft, rah fdkc " ' ' 148 Peari - atrtet." s ULET LEAD - i3 toll aheet lead, for aalebr - - - HUKU 4c SEW ALL, 61 Sonth - M. Feb $8 1 AMES L"WOLF. jr. 57 Front - alreet, oucra j . lor ku - - - . . - ; 50 tons clean SL Pe ten burg hemp , Rutiitf duck' - - 1 - 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhda. entitled to drawback ' '" Roll brimstone, German steel . .. do Writiug and wrapiang paper . do , 15 cases half - pint tumblers do s . ;) Castile soap and mould candles do 1 case LeghorahaU f do - Scaut cbolett . .' do 1 caae platillas Feb 10 O UMr - 40 hhda. MoUssae Hum, nra proof, JL. tut sua try - t . JACKSON k WOOLLEY, janl 75 Wall - st, CALCUTTA GOODS. r"VXE hundred bules conaiMine of W Cartas, Luckipore, CLiUabully, CalKpatty aidputka. - ' " r ., Chaudpora, Comocolly, Johanna and Sanaaba - r Jellalpore and Mow. ' ' , Cliecks Gillaht, Romala, fee for talebv CHS. L. OGDEN and A BUM OGDEM, )"" " Wathineton - alroet. 25 Pipea 61KAIVS BRANDY. . PiPea Celte Brandv. an tilled tn daban. we, kit sain by v - . . , a . i 1 . CIIA3. L. 1GDEN, and . ABRM.XK3DEN, JantT v' - WaOuaztoo - aireat." FLOUR, lis bairek. Rkhmoad taipei Hour, branded W. B. M. Creek, lam - wasachr Monroe, end for sale by, WALSH ti GALLAGHER, . - ., . 68 Socth - atr - SF:'f!.E.?WlJittc - ! Sne Tw Wl I hnla at - teiins'aa . . 1 r at,ip v , aahingtoo, from London, and fnt aale tAsn - P - BETHUNE k CO. . . Jgl, ; r )tC.H.Slip GSC - ,10 - 23.. bale, e and L.totacT ToWfo,f received US8 83 IsoathotmL FOR SALE, the cargo of On ship Crirte, captain liaaajbre7 talc at la, and now laadiog at the foot of Ltberty street, cooiitii2 of r Cotton . v, Giotjert Block Tin , ' Gam Sbeliack Oast Copal ! . . - lioat Skins of n large tin v . Seine Twine and Gaoav Baes '" - Also for tale, lodU Matlint of almott every bo, a tsaall qaantity of Rattans, and Odor of Rosea. Forenlel y jnT ' ROBERT LENOX. fiun vi ftew . tn rem, pniae, ill be sold ia ti suitable lor J taaaufacturina;, w oarcelatoac - conmodate pHrcbaaora. - Also, a law bale of old crop. Enquire 148 wnumi ft airv. jao v ji LAsaVVARE IS bbdt. or. Glaatware, v - connaimgoi wioea ana r. umbler. for sale a. . t a r - W An it nkt ...n oy ViiAo. I4. UUUtn AC Abtv. UulJLil, JanW ' . - Waaliington - at ITOUiC thoutaadunny Baea, loraale bv ' CEBUA . CUMING. Jan 13 76 PearUttreet. PLASTER OF PA Rid. A CONSTANT supply of groond plaster of xja. pans, in oarreia. auiiaDie lor ue aouinern market. Ordera left with Walter Neiaen, No. 174 f font - street, corner of Durlinr - aliD. will be promptly aTteotied to jvti uitna, T - . r 11 . . .r n r uoi oi fiamiou - meu, norw - tuver, Jan 19 tf . o ry nnu imA a oba cco ti flour. J f hluL old Vinrinla tobacco '55 do new crop do do , t 66 bbU fine flour . 15 do niddlinr do. For aale by VA8(UEa, MEURON ti CLF.EMAN, t tt 7 ti . fto. 72 Washinrton - et UlCKbil.VLK. - iO.000 lb. Quickailvei for tale by N. L. b G. GR13WOLD, C6 Soulh - atreet. janSt C.1 if oIMVHKS, S J TIJeiTTH AXD CASSlJfkTTS. ' FEVV caes blues, blacks and mitturet, of x - a. varioui Kinoa. nanuiaciurea lor a aouinrrn market, will be sold low for cash or approved par, , Also, at reduced bricet. several raaea nf hlu. black and mixed broadclntlit, among which are tome oi iroicoii't supernnet, ai ine . Ware - Uoute. 148 Pearl - street. feb 11 mOBACCO RICE. - I00 quintals first qua - X' litySpani'h Tobacco 44 tierce prime Rice, per achr. South Caroli na, for sale by JONES Si MKGRATH, - . feb 11. ... 83 South - etreet Superfine Watenam GlMOHAMS. 8caet flue giaghaaii, for aale low by 1 Tbe Comnuatioa Cotnpanr. Feb 18 DC 148 Pcari - at I IANO FORI E FOR bALrJ. A NEW and faaliionablainitrumcnt. made bv ZA. one of the lrtt London nanufirturert. and in complete order, will be told cheap, at the owner withes to leave the city.' Enquire at 31 Cedar - street, corner of HrotdwST. Jan3l rW liROWN, atone seal engraver and jewel' X . ler. No. 166 Crvadwav. i - . . Coala of anna, crests, ciphers, be.' engraved stooe.''.' ' " - - - j - A handaome ataortment of fine rold seals. chalna, 'and other jewellery."4 - ,w , LaJiej' ' seals engraved .with coats of arms, moltos, and fancy dvK. . , - niiiada, . wwUiriS cryttala, fch in the rough or cut to any forai. - ' Books of heraldry kept, with upwards of 60,000 names. . - :.. - . Jan 7 3m - I7LOUR and TOBACCO - t00 bbU super fine Virginia Floor 60 keca aecond oualitr, manuPd Tobacco, Landing from the achr flelvidere, and for sale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, 6(1 South - street feb 16 ptEER SKINS 6 bales fimt quality lor sue MS nV OAIIj AL.L.LI, fab 7 98 Piae - tlreet. I'lLOUR 100 bbls. Richmond (Mayomillt) . Flour, in store, for aale bv GUISWOLDi Si C0ATE5, feb 16 ' 86 South - street. CI A N OLES. 60 boxes eaatern mould candles J juat rectivert, for sale by feb 1 1 JOS. OSBORN, 63 South - st. 1 10TTON. - S4 bslt - a Prune Upland, for aale y at bo souin - street, by JanTI WALSH k GALLAGHER. s H AWLS. 4 trusses col'd and fnntced Cloth Shawls, handsomely assorted, received per Ann "nana. CAMBRELENG h PEARSON, ' Jan 9 67 South - street. QUERCITRON BARK. TpiFTYhlHls. and boxes of very fine quality, j. tor sate Dy u. u, iie. iiunbanu, Jan SB 7' Washington street. OLD JAMAICA RUM. 10 puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum, landing from aloop nnicaeroocaer, irom eermuua, can nu i eta. up. for sale by feb 53 29 South - afreet. ADEIKA W liNE. 3? pipes of sapenor i.tx quality, for sale alt) 7 boutn - sireet, oy CAMBRELENG 4: PEARSON, febt7 OLAbSES At COFFEE 90 hhda. Hava - IvX na M ol sites new crop . . 24 hbds. do CofiVa IandiDC at Old - alin from Brir Caroline, and for sale by . - . JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. feb S . 57 Froal - atreet. TTEMP, LEAD, PAINTS, tic Russia XX hemp, in lots to suit purchasers - B0 rolls heet lead, 3 l - S U 6 ' 8 ca - ka bar lead, 7 tona pig lead - 50 bales India twine English tad and seme twine 3 casks Frjisaiau blue, 5 casks yarmillion 3 bhdj verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre a Dry while and red lend SO boxes tinFor aale by PETER SCI1ERMERHORN & SONS, J43 Water - ttreet. Also, tOO anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to S500 wt. , Cables and cordage, of all sif - f, best quality, with the usual assortmeut of abip chaadlery. teb 11 tt 0 O bags fine green co7e 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish, segars, superior quality 4 bblt St. Jago sugar 10 hhdsNwOrlcaosdo ; 900 lbs turtle shell 1 3 hhd Bostoo Rum Just received and for tale by : . - . - ti. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, , fcbt7 :; 77 Wasbiaston - itreet; UPLAND COTTON 15 bales prima Up land Cottnn, landing and for sal by - . - . - - AUL ALLEY, 93 Pinetreet. - - IN STORE, - 42 bale S:a Island Cotton, fbr salt as above. LINEN3. DIAPtRS. br. LbC BUY DAM, have just received per brig . Pocahontas, from Dublin, and ahin Too. mas Wilson, from Greenock, for saw by the 13 cases 4 - 4 Irtah Linens j - t do 7 - 8 do do .5 do 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns ,. ,t do do black do . r3 do birds ey Diaper , - 1 do iable do '7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings . . t do 9 - 8 do af out do t do Lou, - Lawns ', 7 bales Droghcdas J. Ducks '.' . 5 do Linen Bedlicki. ' ' Also. A reneral assortment nffhit ahnva arti. do, opened for retail sales, at 6 1 Maiden - lano, vn - very lamraoie lerma. leb 5 tf 50 RUM, (c. Mncheons Jamaica Rnm. Inif and landing Irom the brig David Richards, from r aimoqiu, tn.; ana lor sale Dy ' ' A. D. DUFr, : ' v : 69 Washington - street. Who haa for sale in store. . . - - L. P.Tenerine Wine, ffasley brand) in quar icrvaui, unportvu VUiy, 1OI0 - i Do do in hhda. and qr.esks, do August do Do do in pipes, hhda. and qr. casks, do Sep. iruiuer uu 30 pipes, 100 hhda and 280 "qr - catkt do entitled to debenture 45 pipe Cape Madeira Wine, ahip'd in 1813, . - Irom the Cape ol Good Hope, and entitled to debenture . Tort and old Lkbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of cUret wine .' 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tr 266 Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agnes, irom fnatanzas. Apply to ISAAC rACKAKU, Feb 53 35 Front - tt 1 AVENS DUCK. 101 pieces heavy Havens Xt Duck, for sale by UURUic SEWALL, 65 South - street. ftb 19 OIL At CANDLES. RIPLEY k WELD, 193 Front - afreet, have constantly no hand, at wholesale and retail. winter ana summer strained bpermaceti Uii. Also, Tallow Mould Candles of superior Quali ty, from Winship's Factory, Charleston, Mas. ten l 17 NGLI3H WHITE LEAD j60 keea Enr JLA lUh White Lead, rround in Oil. Land in er Irora ship niiiiam. and lor sale by , TUCKER & LAUR1ES, , fel) IS . 29 South street. CJ TRIPES Socages superior W merican blue KJ itripeJ, Icrnle by Die COMMISSION COMPANY, Fcbl!) DbC MS Pearl st. 21 CUTJOJV, d OBA CCO, He. bulca brime Alabaiaa cotton, landing from achr Nassau 20 bales Ncw - Orleaoa cotton per brig Fi - 5 hbds Kentucky tobacco naacier . . . IN STORE, SO tons clean St. PeUraburgu hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cam tumblers I 30 boa Caaule soap - Writing and wrapping apr . , 1 case Leghorn hata. No. SO a 40 .Also, Just received. 16009 lb Havana coffee, in hhda. and A few hhds of rectified pom spmt, made from molatf . n"i"7 - - - JAMES D'WOLFJr. ' "TeblS ' 57 Fnmt - at. l USCOVADO SUGAR. 18 hbda.Muaco XV I vado Sugar, for sale by - feb 16 U. W. TALBOT, 55 fine - street. It1 UM & CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st, proof New Rum 30 boxes HUP Boston Chocolate YTo. 1 For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, fan 13 - 75 Wall - atreet. rA 1 HEHttl.VUri. LJt A boxes 1st tort, ) Herrings, now land. - 17? do td do f ng and for aale by jA3iHn& a - rr.Aiisu.i, Jan tt 67 Soutb - atreet 08NABUli.Ud. - y bales best Streletz Osna - burfrs, landintr from ship Thomas Wil son, from Greenock, for sale by feb 19 ' D. BETHCNE & CO. TflRGINIA HEMP. 15 tons Virginia Hemp, w a selected lot, landing, and lor ea.e ny GOODHUE h CO. feb 96 44 South - street. RICHMKNO FLOUR - 150 bbis. landing this day from the schr Emerald, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, febM 112 FronUtrect. HARDWARE "OHN WHEELEY has just received from . Liverpool, per ship Courier, and ofier for sale, 85 Fine - street . 8 and 10 uok trace cbams Hand and sledge hammer . Vices; spadaa and ahorsla Frying - pans and nails. Feb 17 tw IRON HOLLOW WARE. AN aaaortmont of the above article consisting of pots, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basons, spider, tea kettles, lie. per ton or piece, for sale by s LoKA It tu.vil.l, Jan 30 76Pearl - tt. ICH RIBBONS 4 cues No. S b 12 Ele gant Garniture Ribbons, of superior pat terns, for sale by MARCH b LOW, feb 26 210 Broadway. IAENTUCKY 1'OBACCO IU bhds. To - XV bacco. received bv the brbr Financier, will be landed to day. at Fly - narket - wharf, for aale by Lb KUJT, bAIAKU X tU febM rVHt.AlO.Va I ICH Oi.l I'MEA I". THE long and tocceaaful ate of this ointment is n sufficient recommendation, aa it haa been found to be a pleasant, sale aad certain re aiedy for that disagreeable disease ia an ita sia - es. . ti tor aaw in inc cut m ntw ttb, uj . A. at W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - street j I. b T. Clark, No. 65 Maiden - Lane n. H Stbiefltliaft Co. No. 193 Pearl street; Law. reace & Keet. No. 195 Pearl - etreH i Hall oowae, 14S f earl afreet ; K. B lx fn array, 313 PeaH - reet t J. M. Bradharat, 314 Pearl - treet ; John Penford, No. 4 FIttrher - ttreet ; Duryee b For. in Tearl - ttreet: Jnha C. Aiorntott, 1W GreeawH - h slrert: John P. Fisher. 106 Broad wav : Walter at beam a a. cornev or Chamber - aL and Broadway, and also iaChathanvetreet I and m abort it may be procured at snoat of the Drag Stores in thi ci'y AWo in Ptnladelphta, of S. Witherell k Boat : Georce Harrell .North b iio - rs, and alavnta - l the irafpats ia the principal towns a use Untie Mate, r - LIKKWItK. ; WH EATON'S JAUNDICE SITTERS a be had at the above places. IssSfa WANTED artnatioa ia a school or pri - . vM family, a Irraale of respecUhili - tv. who has been nccatttomed to teach srritnur. arithmetics reocrartrv. Ae, Aav lady a wast of Bcb a person, will find the advertiser worthy of notice, ben xag been ia V a Bore apacrry EoflajiH, aad en) produce satisfactory veferra - c - Tr farther rrticwJiBqairof the printer of this paper. 3 1 . fehtl ! S PICE 5 barrel 1st quality nutmegs, 5 ban do. Clove ' . - An a t ' 3 do. do. Mace 5 aack real Cevlon Cinnamon f..'wA ..1 , . ' jun rec o ana lor sale Dy Icdto FKTER REMSEN Xc CO. I RISU LINEN. - 5 beata 4 - 4 Irish Lmen7Urr . W.A8.CRA1G. reo is IRISH LINENS, DIAPERS. SHEETINGS. rrUiOMAS SUFFERN. No. 6 Denevatar. A " street, haa juat received per lateat arrivals, a farther assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, lorur lawns V4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 dowtaa, do. drogheda linens, which with the following gods, will be sold on reasonable terms, ana - nnenf, low and one assortments 7 - B aV inhalfpiecea . . - 7 - 8, 'do balf bleached strong and fit for nar - raw sneetings, to average im 7 8 lawn, 6 - 4 aheetinp to average 3d '. 3 - 4 coarse and fine brown linen. ' ' feb t4 tw HIH'S. - X bales Hops, just by; CAMBRELLNGi received lor aale b PEARSON, feb; 01 South - street. DOMESTIC At OTHER WARES. 'PI1E subscriber keep constantly on hand an A , extensive assortment of the following lluwing goods, vtt Dutch. and English Gunny Bags Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Broom - Duster. or Counter Brntiie Uellows, fancy and Hearth Brushes, fan common cy and uommoo . . lo for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry MaU lean , do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do While Wash do Shoo b Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and failt and 1 ubt , Wheel - Barrows Tine Wire Sieve Do Hair do '. Whip of every 'de criptioa Sash Toolt damp, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Red Cord. Clothe Seine, setting, wrap. ping, baieing and ball j wme Fish Lines Line Shoe it Sadler Thread Sash Cord. Trace Dearborn's Ballan Rope WroinrM and Cut cea, Ave. Nails nnd Brad Which they wdl sell hotetate or retail on li berat terms. CfiBRA tt CUMING. feb 9 76 Pearl - street. OLD JAMAICA RUM A FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum, x a. lor sale oy TUCKER b LAURIE8, mh a 29 South - street. A t Hoses, 1 hhd, I caek ARGOL, about "I U 1 l,500irw, for tale by Fb 20 R. b C. W. DAVENPORT b CO. N. SMITH DA VIES. Late conductor of the buainctt of Mr. Natha niel Smith, f OFFERS (or sale at J hit Manufactory, No. 136 Broadway, at general and extensive an assortment of perfumery and fancy articles as may be found in this city. Among which are ' ' Vegetable transparent shaving, liquid, which Miikee a creamy lather and aoflens tile beard Oil ftnitnuA femtnm. glossing, itrenglhenlns, and perfuming th hair. aad preventing it from taming grey Fine cosmetic cold cream, for removing scurf, roughness, all manner of eruptions, and chap b ume sain. . - 'rfcoaic or charcoal dentifrice, chemically ea - etable rouge, for giving n oatural cv - . the complexion , Pearl cosmetic, or face powder, for whitening the kio . , Hithly improved chemicaixotmetic wain nan for softniog, preserving, and beautifying the skin, and preventing it from chapping Superfine rose, violet and Plain bair powder ; wai ranted to be pure aud free from adultera tion Almond paate, for wathiog the tain Almond powder, lor the tame purpose Chemical dentifrice tooth powder, warranted RnUamic lin ih Ita nf rosea, foreivinca beau tiful coral red to the Hps, curing roughness and chaps, and leaving them tmoom ana comioria - ble ... Celebrated Albion corn platter, to well Known to be an efbeaciout remedy for corn Highly improved cliemi ui must oi rosea, ror preserving the skin, cleariim it from scurf, red nets, sunburn, nnd chaps, and for the use of gentlemen after shaving .... . Highly improved sweet sceniea nam ana son P0'P,U'. , ' i rommaae ae tjrassc, ior urcnj; promoting Ihe growth of th hair, and prevent. ing it from coming out Chemical abstergent lotion, tor toe leeui a bo gUTUa . . i . r - .4 m Aromatlb loom paite, tar wuikuiu .iu .. - tcrvios the teeth and gums Puntied Alpine shaving takes n.ade nn a chemical principle ; and is so well known to be superior to most other soap for aoftning the beard and promoting the Ofration of having tl Uniy improved vioiri rnaving iniwnci, " mn particularly adapted to the use of Travellers being very portable, nnd in all respect an axcel - lent article for having ftT - Ftease be particular and ohaerve, that all the foregoing article of N. SMITH DAVIES manni'sictore, will have hi name upon them in copper plate or type. ... Magnum booein, ne plu ultra, refined steel, concave, and a variety of common rsiorr, in ca va and eine e i knlannla metai ana tin" "Ha ving boxes of various tixet. suitable for shaving cases ; (having boxes with glass, brutb and soao : do with rlass. brush, soap and bnir brush, and a variety ol common snavinc uoici i atrcn ofvariou kinds, aitea, and quality tom very small and bee tuiUble for shaving case; aaiPt' japannen arening caao, immm lurnished ; genuemen'a morocco ana u"".j dressing caaes lunusbed la a superior aijie , ia die's and gentlemen can have lbr drawers ofpor l.hlr links and toilette e asset nueo bp ior am - sine, in a tuperior y le n handsome assortment ol ladies work boxes t iteedie care rompicwiy hmiaivd with Bcedlea of the belt Quality n va riety of pocket - book I thread cases : gift, plated and ailk nunea : rvorv fio comb of all sixes jom extra lupernae : oox wooa raw cmum . lUIVJiKmiii I . "I J , mw. . rable ink , tail of lemon ; tongue scrapers , tooth nir ka ; tooth mck case and tweeters ; patent pe vtrafjnr hair brashe 1 bv the llishted pplica tion, they penetrate to the root of the thickest bair, cleBnsing from it all prespirable matter a - nuiur from eaceta or eaerciae. riviox to the head and hair a aeoaihilirv of nleaaaolaea not to he vnril frin the common kind of bair brush r. . . . ..... . i - . ,u 1. ...k m t nmr onianea i cioinei mam i iwui vivii - s t shaving bruabes with or witliout caves : nail briiahe ; comb brabet nai orusnrs wnifBcr hmhM. tritb rlau : olate brashet Bad flesh brush - ta. These are staple articles of which there i an assortment on band, equal, u not tupenor. i aay in the United fltaie n very elegant assortment of pea nod pocket knives r fin and com mon acivoc auvt ciaaor caara iron nnmi a variety of fine fancy hoxe aad tnsff boxeat bair pins l bodkinsaad black pin : pewcil caa .4 a k&il mcili : die awan aad silk paCs: Dowrler boxes aad powder knives : a variety of iuutdsom cut glass mlniatar bottles or cbain, nacktaces Ac with edveraad gold cap 1 aael - kng botUes with volatile salts j aromauc of vinegar. ' frr lTT9 oeuucsioo wans keepers wbo will find it much to their ,advanta; tokeepannaaortaaentofthearticleaofN. SsmU - . r r uf anafk nan IK Uat'taanaiaciure, aa iney ' k beat style, and made to asut any climate. Mar - chaoU will pe tvppaed wholciak lor ex port a - - " GLASSES, MIRRORS, TIN 3 case handsoinalv ornament. JU FOIL, sc. - eu uiirrora io toai mcnea 1 cast) Gilt Pier Glasses "wifh black reeded frames neatly ornamented with carved Tab - j ' . . . . A. . - . sera ;, 3 do D rets ior Boxes & Reverse Swing 4 do bilrared Plate in blnck reeded frame 6 do unsitvered do. 1 do rich cut Giant Pans " . I do Tinfoil 1 1 to 3 1 inches, for sale by PETER REMSEN c CO. ah 3 t6 South - ttref. m UMOiM BANK, mtii February, lUIH. . .07 The ttockholdbrt are requested to attend at Tm banking house. No 17 Wall - ttreet, on Thursday, the Htb day of Marchpeit, to elect eleven directors for the ensuing year. Tbe poll "pen at ten oVIeck and abut at two. 11 ' . Tf tranafer book wiU be shut from 1st until 13th March. . . . , - - i , . By order of the board of directors feb 10 Ire JOHN LOW, Cashier. , isoricE. . . . ftj" All persofit having claim against the rotate of CapL William Taylor, dereaaed are de - sired to present them to tire subKriber for set - tUment, and those indebted to said estate are ra - queated to make payment without delay. ,. feb It 1m ' - - Adminittrator, NOTICE.. i i The copartnership heretofore existing be tween the subscribers, under tlia firm of N. H Davies 4r Co. is this day dissolved by mutual con - eni. i ne aenia uue ana claims against said urm wui Deaeiuea oy n. a. irama. N. S. DAVIFS, A. W. TRAPPAN. The business will in future be conducted, by . oDim Lavies unaer toe orra w r. emun ua vies ac .n leb 14 1MK KS & 8 LI PA . Sealel proposals will be received at the Comptroller's Otlice, City Hall, till Monday they lb or March, at 3 o clock, for rentinr the public Dock and 6 lips foroneyrar fivmthe 1st May ext. airreeably to the new rates o wharfage established by the Common Council on the 16th inst. the particular of which may oe seen at the comptroller' OUice. reo iv - ' NOTICE. . ' ffcT The subscn bets having received a gene. rai assignment oi an ine estate oi Jonn niurrav & Sons, for the benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Petur Ludlow to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said firm. or to the individual partners who will attend to me tame at nts omce, io. 1 1 t enri - ttreef. WILLIAM BAYARD,' feb 84 tf HENRY BARCLAY. UN CHANCE II Y. IN CHANCER Y. . State New - York, a. IN pursuanr of a decretal order of thi honor able court, will tie cold at public, auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the cify of New - York, under Ihe direction of Ihe snlnH - rilx - r. as one of the masters ol this court, on Friday, the t7th instant, at It o'clock at noon all those three certain lots of land, situate in the taulh ward of the city of N. York, and. distinguished on a certain map or the estate, late of James Delanry, r.tq made by Evert Bancker, by lota No. aia hundred and nneen,six hundred and oixteen, and six hundred aad seventeen, bounded westerly by Second iireci, ami conuiniog earn ?o ier( in Drraatn, and one hundred feet in depth, more or leas avitti me appunenancea. naiea reo. a, iuib JAIU9 A. MAIHIIIXI.'V, Maatcr in Chancery, bXlaj.3Y'UA,.. - .. the 10th day of March next, at th ama hour and place, renzv, mm. feb t7 lawtM3dt Matter in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. State of New - York, . IN ouriuance of a decretal order of this honor hie court, will be oId at public auction, at the tontine Coffee House, in Uie city of Ntw - York, under the direction of the aulifriber, a one ol the master of this court, oo Friday, the t7 ih in stant, at It o'clock, noon All those four certain lots of land, situate in the ninth wsrd of the t ity of New - Y ork, being part of the estate of John So - ' menonycK, late oi me aaiu i nj, uccraaeo, auu designated ia a certain map of the laid estate, mad by William Bridges, in November, 1808, by lot No. 8 and 9, and letter I and H. Tbe said lot, taken together, nre hounded westerly in front by. Hudson River, and contain twenty a - ere cf ground, more or less with the appurte - naucea. Dated Feb.Slh, 1018. . - JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master in Chancery. Notk For particulars, enquire at the Mas ter's Office, No. 3 Law Building, whore a map of Ihe premise may be ec. frb 6 lawSwfcdi The sal of the above property it postponed to the lOthdavnf March next, at the aam hour and place. Dated February t7. 1818. jaiiUA. nsmiiiu.i feb t7 lawtMhSdtt ' Matter ia Chancery. IN CHANCERY. State of New - York, a. Divie Bethune.J IN pursuance ol an order or n. r 1 this honorable court mad George Srriba.? in this cause the nineleeaih day y of January instant, will be told at public auction at the .Tontine iofJue iinnui ia the ritv of New - Tork. under Uie di rection of the sunAriber a one of the master of this honorable court on Wednesday the twenty fifth day of March next, at eleven o'clock in th fort - noon, the mortgngud premises mentioned and deacribed iu the compiuinant' bill of complain! m thit caute. whicb said oremisea are flescrineo follnwa via : all that certain tract or parrel of land situate lying and being on the eaMwardly side of the Uswegn river in ine town oi vniuey iu (hurnnntv of Oneida, now Ihe county of Oawe go, and State of New - York aforesaid, tiring Mil nrinmliin number seventeen in Scriba's patent, and usually known by the name or r red - ericksburgh, a the tame wat surveyed and laid out in tlie year one thousand seven hundred aad and ninety - eigbl, ny ueniamin vvngni, oegnt - aine at a tak standing on tbe bank of th Ot - wego river, twenty link north of aa Iron - wood tres thence on a course north eighty - seven degrees and thirty minutes east one hundred and thirty - five chains aad niaety links to a stske tee links west ol a maple tree, tiience norm iwoar Sreet and tniriy minutes wet. riguiy umm ve link to a Beach tree, tbeucn south eighty seven degrees and thirty minutes, west uglily chains and stventy five finks to a Hake twelve links north of a Hemlock tres thence north twenty - eight degreet and thirty minute, west fourchaias and tlirty - thr.e links to a Meo.lock tree, tbeoce sf - th eihty - eeren nVgree and thir - . . i. ..... .;ut. mm rhtmt to trie oann eid nver th several coarae. uw.. v' i thousand three hun - drtnd thirty five ecrl. of land, be tl me more nr less with Ihe arrpurteaaocea. Dated the tsrenty7orih day of January one thousand .ight bundled MitJ . PALMER, ' ! feb 9 Mlawfiw . " JdateriaChnnceiy. NOTICE. ' a - t - The abcriber intend to apply to the kxisfatore of tliis st ite, at tbe present session, for . art In incorporate thenajtelves aad their asso ciates by the nam of The New - York Se - uevoteat Society., r. - - New - York, SBUi tmuavyv 1818. 8. Gardapier . - AS. W. Patterson . John W.Forbes. .' 1 Abraham Sugg - James Turk. SafliL B. Romain. Jaa 29 lawlw : . ' . 1 OOKTNQ At a Court of Chancery held I tbe Ut . of New - Torn, at the city ui Alhaoy on the tenth day of January, ia Lb Tear of oar Lord oo ttwuaaad eight Present, uanuicu aou (iuicea, Th HonorabM Jama Rent, Etqalre, Chancellor. . . . . William Beget - ... . r. . ' ..... GeoiaChouiTwrt Alexander GVnais Job Cap - per, William iiruroi'K and joon Mi'cber . T appearing to the tatltfaction of Hut court, ' I by the affidavit of William N. Dvckraao. ru - nsor, th solicitor for the complainant, aad tbe af - dchivit oftha complainnot. - that process of 'tub. ' posna hat been reaulsrlv irtoel.'roairiarlhe de fendants Alexander GlennM, John Capper, .Wit - " liana lienlock nnd John Kitcher. to paAt' to and answer thc ameadtd hill of casnplaiat in tin cause, and that neither of the.aajii dradant Alexander Glennie. John .Capper, William Hee - lock and John llitcber, ha appeared, according : to the rule of thi court : and that Uie sid'de fendants Alexander Glennie, John Capper, Wil - Ham rieniocK and jotin Ritcher, revide without this state, to wit in Ihe city of LomMn. in the kinidotn of Great BriUio It is there - fore, on motion of Mr. Monro, of Coiasel frt the Complainaal, ordcied, thai each of 4he said ikfendants Alexandei Gltooie, John Cap - . yet, tiuuaiD neniocK ana Jonn Kitcher, caaae his appearance o be enteral and t is Boswtr filed to the said amendtd bill of coniptairt within nirm months from this date, and in default Ihereoif that the said amended bill of romrdaint be taken ' pro confess against the to the end that nch decree may bo (hereupon made ae akafl be jOW. And it is further ordered lhat within twenty day irom thi day a copy of thi order be published in a least two of the ouhlic aewaoniwwa minW '' Lin this Hate, and be continued thcrsin for the term of eigbt week luccesuvtly, one in each of uie aaia ween. A copy, Janrj lawRw ISAAC L. KIP, ' ' Astistant Regitter; IN CHANCERY. IN pursuance of a decretal order.f tbii honora - I ble court, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffr House, in the city of New - . York, under the direction ol ttm subsciiher. one Lof the masters of this court, on Tuesday, the ?4Ui aay oi .viarcn inst. nt twelve o'clock in to forenoon of that day. all Hint certuin niece or narcet of lund, titiirtt at Greenwich, in ths lh waid of the aaid city of New - York I bexiniurur nn ths west tide of Greenwich - street, fortv fi.ur fimt ten int bet, nonhrly, from Ihe corner lornitd by the intersection of Hammond and Green wkli - strretai - thnnc westerly on a rif - fi' angle w t h Grtenwkk street about eiehtv fiva hu t - be ttu - aama or less, until it strikes a Ine of forty - three feet, in the rear nf the said grouod tiience northwester, ly until it strikes a corner a'.oul twenty set an feet fix inches, he the miir more or l ss i thetMut easterly twenty four "eel, them corlhvf eater ly thirty three feet aix inches I thence easterly fifty three feet f thence agnin easterly thirty two ft four incbea, to Greenwich - street t theace sooth - uly.alonr Urveowich - strett, seventy five feet three inches, to the nitre nf hrrtnnlnv - Trth - er with all acl. singular, tlie edifi. is bailiiinaj, riirhts, members, htreditamentk and nonuTlenan. co tliercunto belonging cr appertaining - On 0m abov property are erertitd two tuhatantial Tram houses, each about twenty five feet front aud rear, and thirty two foet d - en. and alto a work shop. Dated New - Y ork, Mr'h t, IRIS. ' ' " St. wraXEKVCLT, 1 : ' " ' Mater U Chancery. N. B. A mop or sketch of the abova ana ha seen by applying at my oOW, Mo. 1 Nataan - street. mh t lawtwdlw . T Veasurv Drnartment. lllh June. 117. - (gr NOTICE I hereby given, that tt a meet - ' tag of ht Commissioner of the Hinkuig Fund, hekl on the I4ih day of March. 1817, it was de - term ned that the provisions ui the act entitled " An act to provide for the rdi rnntioo of fiia tOtl:, - rfV,M..AjeUh U dow of Man h. ame might be practicable and tlut, in pursue ance of the (aid resolution, Lynda Catlin, cash er or tbe nmce oi oim ount and deposit at new v. .i. i... u . . i u . - ....l... IK. . I Ult, ! UWII n'fUIIIU U n1Tii. unwi .mi. wm perintendance of Ihe secretary of the treasury, to make pun buses of stock of the United - State witllin the hunt proscribed by law i nnd to whoa II nerion desirous tf dJspotinjr of their stock will make application - VILiL.lAVI n. LKAWfUHU, Secretary of the Treasury. Office of Discount and Deposit, . New - York. June 18, 1817. S . 4 Information Is hetisby given, that in pur' - ' suanc of the preciajng nouc and auiuotity.uui suhw riber i ready to receive propxxaji and to - treat with any person for the purchase of Fonded Debt of tbe United Slate wittun th hiaitt pra te' n bed by tli art nbovi referred to. .. ; JL.YNDE CATLIN, Cashier. Jel7 dIJI Atlawsr . - - I'O CREDITORS. - - "v rtAKE Notice that I have applied to th court. I of common plea of Luzerne County, i'enn. forth lnefit of the laws for the r 'lief tf Insolvent dm. tors nd that the aaid court has appoint" . rd Monday, the sixth diy of April nex', at ten nVKk, A. M. to bear me and my cirdilnrs, at the court bouse ia Wilkttnarre, la th count aforesaid. WilUesbarre. Pa. eb. SI, IHl. mhAlaw3w ArSTIIUlT nuuwt.ic. Byulltontyoftiu mmtet f.vese - 7srry and ' jvewior. rflHE MILFORD b OWEGO ROAD LOT - TERY, for tacilitatiiig the intercourae tweenlbe western parts of 0h Stat ol New - York and tbe tjity ot fsew'tors, tnruugu um Statr of Pennsy Ivani an - t New - Jarary. .. cv nr. rir . . t i I 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS I 33,000 DOLLAR . . . - t t ' 10,000 DOLLARS , ' t 6,OtO IXLLAR9 ' 10 1,000 DOLLARS ' T 30 - ' tm DO. .LARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3 W0 ; 30 DOLLARS .' JOT6 Prire - not two Blank to a Prft ! '." 10,0i)0 Tic kel . , ,.f Part of Uie Priret will bedelerminedaifollowi I, First 1000 Blanks. Thirty Dolfvt each. . First drawn No. lit day, will be entitled ia AWlVVW " .tva. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 500' 1000 - 500 5004 500 loooo 500V 1WXI ' 600 SMIOO htm loot 50 70)00. ton 1000 60)1 .JO0O - td A ad do 4lb da 6th do ; Cth d 7fh do lllh do 9th do 10th ' do ' ' lllh de ' ICth do 13th . h dt 14th do 15th do 16th . do. - 17th do . 18th - do 19th . do do SCO Thi lottery will drawing at the ity of Jersey, oath first Tuesday ia Msy next. and wl'I no cotaMetad in rwenty m rowings, t aw prise i wri no paw at ine union oaoa, n i ty of New - York, sixty days titer the drawing will be nnisDed, Mbeci to aooacua. t r" cent. - CUAS. KISSfcT, I . . D. STUART, Cotaisioner JNO. LINN. j Tickets 30 dollars each. . ' Adventurer and Dealer can b wopl - ed a ci a r fz ii. I lb V. tPDiicatH te - .ioviv. v.rr..:. j ta Txt oiu i ... 48 Wall - ttreet BOMbAZETT, atturUd eofanari d aH Hark , do twUMaJ, aiasrteJ coloers bwt re - ' 50th . do '4.P ' t ,( t I !.'. I i : 1 ii it V : '.Vv. : - i '.!.! I ' , , i.t. i ! 1 L - ; t w: ! W I . Pi li ' t i 1 i V i I

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