The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1931 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MARCH 9 1931 JANUARY SHOWS SLIGHT DROP IN EEGTRIC POWER " pa Public Utility Plant I Operated by Fuels in / Most Cases. By BADFORD E.'MOBILE* Staff Correspondent. ,.^ASHINGTON, Mar * ,9---Th todnction of electric power V pub ·my power plants ' in low r,,.p«i J ° £ Januar y under that"ctf th pievious month, according to tie -ires made public here todty by th ireolosnrm survey of the int * r , o * dne MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE GOVERNOR PARTIAL TO PIPE ' ' kllowat electnc power was- pro ducec! during January 1931 in low as compared with 120,313,000 th production during December, 1930 ihe production during last Novem h ° e The January production is a si uar VCe i n ^n e ° reaSe fl '° m that of Jan uary 1930, compared with the De ceraber figure, which is a six pe cent increase · over production o electric power during the corre s-ponding month of 1929. Operated by Fuels. c ,T {! e . ? reater majority of Iowa's electric power is produced in utilitv plants operated by fuels, the geo -7?nTM , s " rve y showing- that 78,- o77,000 kilowatt hours were pro duced in January by the use of fuels as compared ,with only 39,342 000 kilowatt hours produced by means of water power. The production of electric powe in Iowa by water power increased very Slightly, however, it being' shown that the amount produce- By, this means in December of las year was 39,021,000 kilowatt hours Jaauary 1031 ' n was ' · Fuel Types Vary. The types of fuels consumed by electric public utility power plants in the production of e)ectricitv varv according to. natural resources in the state, interior department officials pointing- out that Iowa depends for the most part on the use of coal. Fuels used. by. Iowa power plants m January -included 92,043 short tons of coal, and 6,994 barrels of fuel oil. The December consumption was '94,948 tons of coal, and 7 523 barrels of fuel oil. ' Iowa Livestock Is ;in Good Condition Following Winter 9. UK thru the ivre- "· ' ^ JQES MOINES, March , Ipwaki:Iiv'estpck has come Jt9°^%n.'it »s ah'bwn^by report *?. lv .f^" b y tte weather and crop bureu of the Iowa department of agriculture, Ur^usually mild weather reduced feed'requirements to a minimum tne-bu.'eau was advised. Corn stalk fields were grazed .much , more thoroly than usual. . . . . . . Young pigs and chicks which nave appeared were reported to be thriving. The warm spell also was credited with flooding the markets with... eggs and consequently depressing egg prices to what was believed to be the lowest level in more than.- 40 years. Case of lowan Killed by Mexican Rebels in 1912 Up for Hearing MEXICO CITY, March 9. UP)-!. The' case of Hubert L. Russell lowan killed by Mexican rebels iii 1B12, .was the first scheduled to be heard by the Mexican-American special; claims commission as it resumed its sessions today after a re- l cess of more than four years. Heirs of Russell are asking $50,000. Russell was manager of the - San Juan de Michi's ranch in the (.ate of Dnrango at the time of his r ath - . n-m m ° re than " !e governorship to make Gov. William fa B11) Murray of Oklahoma, relinquish his corncob pipe Photo shews him in the ciipitol at Oklahoma City, a corncob Rri^ped between his teeth, as he ponders a problem of state. Cancer Not Incurable According to Service Warning Against Quacks I * ghould , therefore, know somelFITe Voiced; Cause of Dis ease Stated. WASHINGTON, March 0.--Can cer is not hopelessly incurable, ac cording to information released b he United States Public Health ser /ice. It is not catching and it is no hereditary, the information stated and added that thousands of ind viduals now well and happy hav jeen cured ofs cancer by the appli cation of modern methods of treat ment. 'It is commonly said that we d not know the cause of cancer," th nformation said. "This means w [p not know just what .makes ,th fH^ft;iSiriall -;cell^or.; group".,of · cells change their chacter'ahd 'take p :hat extraordinary power of ma ignant growth, but something i cnown, and far more than peopl ealize, about the conditions which eem to favor this change. W mow for instance, that cancer maj ollow prolonged irritation of an; particular part of the body. Th onstant irritation of cancer cell 'hich may be lying dormant cause. t to take on rapid growth with con equent development of the disease Especially do we know that cancel ften arises after continued local ir itationg of various kinds and in nd about growths and ulcerations dancer may develop on the lips o :ie pipe smoker from the constan light burning by the hot steam f the pipe. Cancer may occur on 10 tongue due to constant irrita- ons of snags of teeth. Cancer may ccur in the throat, of one who mokes constantly. Should Know Symptoms. "The most dangerous thing about oncer is the fact that its onset is requently painless and insidious : cancer at its beginning caused s much pain as does ordinary jothache or earache people would ake warning and most cases would e taken care of without fatal de- ay. .In -most cases of cancer, how- 'er, pain, that blessing in dis- uise, is not usually observed. You THE R O B O T AT THE HELM H ERE is- a struggle of intense interest to all music lovers, if the Robot of Canned Music wrests the helm from the Muse, passengers aboard the good ship Musical Culture may- well echo the offer oF Gonzalo to trade "a thousand furlonga of aea for an acre of ground." Arc you content to face a limitless expanse of "sound" without a sign of music? Monotony in. the theatre--cor- m^^^^r^^f-^^ic^^fc^^~^^ ruption of taste destruction of American Federation of Musicians art. These must inevitably follow " 4C Bro *dway, New York, N. Y. . . . r 1 ' 1 - _Ceil - l i BniB ? : Without further «bligallon for living music. -..Millions of Music Defense ffamc League member* cordially invite ... t f slaar you to join them In putting the Robot in his place. Just sign and mail th my part, plta-so enroll my name In the Muilo Cafcirio Leaguo m ono who |i opposed ta tha eUralnaliim «f Living Huilo from tfio Theatre. City State.. coupon. -THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS (Comprising 140,000 professional musicians in ttia United States and Canada JOSEPH N. WEBER, Preiidcnt, 1440 Broadway, New York, N. Y. commonest symptoms or danger signals of the most important types of the disease. "You must remember these signals do.not necessarily mean cancer but they should lead to a prompt consultation with a good physician or surgeon. Remember also that no really competent doctor will treat a condition that might mean cancer without making a careful examination. ".One or the most common forms of cancer. 1 is cancer of the breast. This is one df the most curable forms because early discovery of the disease, that is, early diagnosis, is comparatively easy. Nevertheless the · disease spreads rapidly from this --locality -and -immediate treatment Is "imperative. "Cancer on the lip in the beginning resembles the common cold sore. Cancer of the tongue has been frequently traced to badly fitting and broken sets of false teeth and dental plates, jagged or decayed teeth. Cancer of the tongue spreads rapidly, necessitating a severe and dangerous operation and only if tiie case is seen early and promptly treated is there even a fair chance of permanent cure. "Cancer of the skin frequently originates in lumps or ulcerations: Most warts and moles are untm: pprtant but those which change in irritation -~ -_ -,,,,--,,,,,, ,,.,,,, suspicion. Their removal may prevent cancer. Are Formidable Types "Cancer of the stomach, liver and ntestines are frequent and formidable types of the disease. Cancer of these organs can be successfuHy removed if the diagnosis is made early enough. This statement does not apply td cancer of the liver since the diseased tissue cannot be removed from that organ. "The public should constantlv be on guard against the misleading and dangerous quack remedies and reatments so frequently advertised "or the cure of cancer. The United States Public Health Service wishes you to hnow that all cancer cures rad advertisements are swindles Turthermore, the United States Health Service wishes you to know :here is no medicine known at the resent time that will cure cancers, and while drugs offered for this mrpose may be harmless they are vorse than valueless, for their use ausea the loss of vitally important ime during which the cancer is developing beyond the operative state. "Early removal of the growth, together with the surrounding tissue ty a surgeon furnishes the surest way we have at the present-time Radium and the X-ray are valuable dditions to the treatment of cancer tit do not in themselves form n ufficiently sure method of bringing bout a cure except jn certain types f cancer. It is probable that these gencies will even be developed to he point where other forms of caner can be cured by their use." acuity Standards of Living to Be Studied AMES, March 9. OP)--Standards f living of faculty families on the owa State college campus are to be tudicd by the department of home management. Funds for the survey vcre granted by the research coun- II. Miss Viola C. Meintz will con- uct the study. Information gained vill be used for a new course in amily finance to be required of all ophomore home economic students ext year. Reducing armaments won't do it The important thing is to adopt hls- ories that tell the same lies.--Kes- ingcr's Review. SOVIET LUMBER ON WAY TOILS, Russian Shipment Provides Test Case on Convict Labor Rule. MOSCOW, March 9. (^P)--The steamer Anvorsoie sailed from Leningrad Friday for New York loaded with lumber for tl:» Amtorg trading corporation, soviet trade organization in the United States. On Feb. 10 Secretary Mellon placed an embargo on Russian-lumber and wood pulp from northern Russia, holding that convict labor was used in-their production. Advices from Russia' thereafter said the soviet government, thru the lumber trust would aend a shipment of lumber to the United States to provide a test case of the treasury department ruling. Secretary Mellon's finding places the burden of proof on the importer to show that goods are not produced by convict; labor. To land the- cargo here, the. Amtorg would have to prove that only free labor entered into production, loading or transportation. Three Held in Vice Ka!d SIOUX CITY, March 9. UP)-Charges of maintaining a liquor nuisance and keeping a disorderly house were filed against three persons after week-end raids on two night clubs and two alleged liquor resorts. Twenty-four arrests were made. BAIL WITHDRAWN AS FAYETTE MAN GOES WITH OTHER WOMAN WEST'UNION, March 9.--William Provoznyk is in the Fayetto county jail as the outcome of a peculiar set of circumstances, illustrating that love may be blind with some persons but .not with others. Provoznyk was charged some weeks ago with liquor selling:, and was bound over to the April grand jury. To procure, his liberty on bail, his fiancee, ·. West Union young woman went to another town in Fayette county and induced her father and brother to come to West Union and sign his bond. While at liberty by reason of bail furnished by nig fiancee's relatives, Provoznyk too* another West Union, woman to a dance at Elkader. Within a few days after the Elkader visit the two bondsmen had been notified, and appeared at the sheriff's office in West Union, withdrawing their signatures from the bail bond tot the assigned reason that the defendant's "conduct was unsatisfactory." Provoznyk has been unable to provide new bondsmen. Treasurer, Deputy of , Butler Are Honored ALLISON, March 9.--Officials of the courthouse, their wives and deputies gave Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Shirer a party at their home near Clarksville Friday evening. Mr. Shirer held the office of county treasurer here for several years and Mrs. Shirer was deputy. He was not a candidate for re-election when the last election was held. There were 27 present. FOUR BILLS ARE POCKET VETOED Minor Measures Go Way. of Disapproved Wagner Jobless Bill. WASHINGTON, March 9. (.$-President Hoover today cleared his desk of bills sent him by the last congress by giving four minor bills a pocket veto along with the Wagner unemployment bill. The Wagner bill went into the president's pocket Saturday after he had issued a statement saying he could not sign it because in providing for state employment agencies subsidized by the ernment it completely wrecked the department of labor's 'employment service. Two of the bills the president vetoed today were minor claim measures. The other two were bills providing for changes in free mailing privileges and in the financial setup covering village letter carriers. -4- Lawyers Sum Up Case in Trial of Kirkland VALPARAISO, Ind., March 9. UP) --Evidence gave way to oratory today as rival counsel began to sum up testimony which the state of Indiana relies upon to send Virgil Kirkland to the Michigan City prison electric chair for the death of Arlene Draves, his 18 year old sweetheart. LAST "VICTIM" OF HOLDUP MAN TURNS OUT "TOUGH GUY" ST. JOSEPH, Mo., March 9. (/TV- Frank Alexander, 27, was in the city jail here today, bruised and battered, and the victims of three sandwich shop robberies were awaiting an accounting. Police said Alexander, traveling In a stolen taxicab, was Just leaving the last shop when Gene Gary, a mechanic, entered. "Get in here," the robber shouted, "and stick 'em up." "Up they go," returned Gary as he sent a hard right to the robber's Jaw. WJth the gunman on the floor, six customers dropped their hands^one throwing a sugar bowl and another a vinegar jug. The others hurled themselves upon the robber and held him until police arrived. 11 Automobiles Burned MISSOURI VALLEY, March 9. UP)--Eleven automobiles and $1,200 in accessories, were burned as fire destroyed the Homer Jones garage. Fire Destroys Farm Home WATERLOO, March 9. (I?)--Fire destroyed the farm home of Charles Burk, 10 miles northwest of Waterloo. COP CURBS COUCH Gets quick relief thru Triple Action "Duringareoent blUaard I caught a beauty. What a cough 1 I was miserable. The druggist · on my beat gavo me a bottle of Smith Brothers' Cough Syrup. In lesathannotime-- - M fler e fint swallow-- I began to get better. .The soreness in my head, nose and throat disappeared-- and very BOOH I stopped coughing altogether. Smith Brothers' is great stuff tbt coughs and colds all rightl" J. V. Ahlquiat, Rockford, HI. SMITH BROTHERS COUGH SYRUP ENDS COUGHS THE M E D I C A L WfkV Fv i % ''- ,''" Vr k^;*tfrf: ·;: ..i iv V'-xK T^: /-t^ ·*· «. ^ ,. . ;** ·* ood Hat is worth Good Care and Marshall Swift Have Recently Installed NEW FACTORY EQUIPMENT For the Finishing of Your Hat. It restores the Body, Luster and Finish Your Ha£ New Again. 3 L 5 ;ty Ua ill ty r ,ie lit Makes HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW SPRING FURS, JACKETTES AND SCARFS which Our Fur Department is Showing? Come in and Look at Them. 1 CLEANS AND BLOCKS YOUR HAT Clover Leaf Quar- 'tet on WMT. TONIGHT, 6:30 -· .9-i- ·^KU^UVHWt : /V*»i~^ll^TM

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