The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 27, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

; ; "SKID ROW" LOYAL UM Ancele*, (^J--"Skid Row" s a (Street of cheap hotels, res- :ue missions and shabby pan- handlers, but its bond booth has sold over $2,000 worth of bonds and stamps in the fourth war loan drive; . · . What Light Biscuits! Bakiai pewtat biscuits: Sift flour. Measure 2 cups and resift with 2 tsps." baking powder, 1 tsp. salt. Cut in 4 tbsps. lard until mixture is consistency of coarse corn meal. Add Jj to % c. milk. Stir with fork until dough clings in a ball. Knead lightly on Hgh'tly floured board Y± min. Pat or roll }j in. thick; cut with biscuit cutter, dipped in flour. Bake on baking sheet in hot oven (450°F.) for 12-15 min. USE LARD--save poults, MVC money. Lard goes further--very high shortening power. Easy to use. Digestible. Pure, wholesome, rich in energy (ijiore than 4000 calories per I'D.) Tkis Seal mtans thai all nutjilioial slaltt · mode lit tkis odrfrtistmtnl are acceptable to the Council on Foods and Nutrition of lite American Medical Association. Recognition for Those Serving on Draft Boards Is Proposed Washington, UJ.PJ -- The local draft board member, as anonymous an individual as ever served the republic, would sort of like a little recognition. He ' doesn't want any money, mind you. He has been working tidy house 3-WAY CLEANSER D«c«uie iteitJyloi Only RATION POINTS PER POUND 2 AMERICAN MEAT INSTITUT'E · CHICAGO .t... ird .1. -.1, Ow rf *· u* ^otty tUf HMU rra*Ktt«r« !-W«y C[«««itr P.i.ttJ Surf.t. ClMir Sil»«f P.liik Mwl Flml Tidy lluuse KGLO Tues.. Thnra., ; without pay since 1940, and he's used to it by now. Still and all, Representative Samuel Weiss (D., Pa.,) ' said Thursday, the local draft board member would be grateful tor some small token of his country's appreciation. Weiss said he had talked to many board members, most of them veterans pf the last war, and that they wanted army status in connection with this one. So he suggested, in a house bill, that draft board officials be given "inactive commissions," starting with a second lieutenancy for members with one year of service. They would be automatically stepped up to a grade each year to lieutenant colonel after 5 years. No draft board officers, however, would be eligible for army pay, allowances, pensions, mustering-out pay or other service remuneration, but at the end of the war they would be given at least 30 days in active status without pay. Thus they would be eligible for membership in World War II veterans' organizations. In the meantime, they could wear their uniforms, complete with bars or oak leaves. 1,000 JAPS DROWN Chungking, (iP) -- About, 1,000 Japanese were drowned on Jan. 19 when a medium-sized Japa- 'nese warship sank near Kweichio, Yangtze river port in Anhwci province, when it struck Chinese- laid mines, the Central ..China news agency said Thursday. on Hie Air E v t r A S K F O R MISS MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC WORKS BLUEPRINTED Could Be Launched 30 Days After War Victory Washington, (A 1 ) -- Secretary Ickes told President Roosevelt Thursday {he interior department has blueprinted a vast public work program, much dt which could be launched within 30 days alter the victory is won. ' In his annual report, Ickes said power and irrigation projects planned by the-department would keep 480,000 war veterans employed for 3 years--225,000 o£ them at construction sites and 255,000 in the plants and factories that would provide materials loi the jobs. He said these projects upon completion, would open farm settlement opportunities to 165,000 families. The secretary listed war activities of his department for the fiscal year ending June 30, including development of hydro-electric power, discovery of mineral ores production of radio insulators am helium, production oC. more fooc iu the west, and the drawing o maps. In post-war planning, Ickes sai the department had wrestled wit the problem of keeping the huge new factories of the Pacific northwest busy when peace comes. "What shall they manufacture and to whom shall they sell it when! the last war contract is finished?" the secretary asked, and said the Bonneville power administration, which distributes low- cost power to these plants, had '"searched diligently lor the answer during the year with some encouraging results, and the search continues." Stating the department has kept n mind "the huge contribution which the United States will have to make to replenish the world's ivar-depleted larder," Ickes said " is prepared to extend irrigation to 6,000,000 additional acres, and to supplement the water supply which now irrigates 9,000,000 acres. Auto of Mail Carrier Stolen From Dooryard Leland--The V-8 car belonging to H. O. Haagenson, mail carrier, vas stolen from his dopryard re- ently. The car was equipped with radio and had recently had a new motor installed. The theft vas immediately reported, but to iate no trace has been found. American Indians boiled milkweed flowers and ate them as greens." 4 Subs Launched at Portsmouth Navy Yard Portsmouth, N. H., (U.R)--For the first time in U. S. naval history, 4 submarines were launched simultaneously at Portsmouth navy yard Thursday. The Razorback, Redfish, and Ronquil \yere floated from the dry basins where they were built, while the Scab- bardfish slid down the ways into the Piscataqua river. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. GKAIN DEALERS ELECT ; Fort Dodce. ()--The Farmers Grain Dealers association of Iowa has re-elected Oscar Heline of Marcus as president. The Farmers Thursday, Jan. 27, 1944 17 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Elevator Service company, an association affiliate, renamed R. W. Jurgens of West Bend president. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stumps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. MrsClarks SALAD DRESSING DIAMOND BROS. 30 EAST STATE STREET -- ACROSS FROM SEARS, ROEBUCK COFFEE HIGH GRADE AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES Diamond's Best . 30c Moca Bean ... 21c Brilliant ,,... 21c SAVE at RAIZES! WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS 2 CAKES MACA Yeast. ARGO CORN 2 BOXES 5c OXES Starch .. 15c G LB. BOX Crackers. 36c 3 BARS TOILET SOAP Palmolive 21c 6 GIANT BARS CRYSTAL WHITE 28c 3 Ib. Con Diamond's Best SHORTENING. . 67c 15 POINTS Fancy, in Heavy Syrup PEACHES, 2 No. 2Vi Cons. 27 POINTS PER CAN 8-P1ECE FIRE-KING Ovenware Set 98c 2 LARGE BOXES 45c SWEET WRINKLED Peas 3 NO. 2 CANS 36c WOMEN Get Your Ration Free SHOES NOW! O, I*. A. has announced Feb. 5 as the last ·ay for the sale of Ration Free Shoes. Shop NOW While the Selection Is GOOD! SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT Men's and Boys' Overcoats. Sheepskin lined coat and all winter merchandise AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES SPECIAL MEN'S AND BOYS' 4-BUCKLE, ALL-RUBBER OVERSHOES , This shipment has Just been received. GET YOURS NOW! FRESH MEATS ·Corn Country or Swat's . . . BUTTER BACON JOWLS PICNIC HAMS 45c FRUITS S VEC No. 1 Idaho RUSSET , Smoked Only 1 Pt., Ib. 2 Points Per Pound. 29c 2-LB. BOX f*Ul|'Ii'Gf? WISCONSIN AMERICAN RATH'S Mulberry DECKER'S Snow Brand BACON LARD LONGHORN Only 1 Point ..... Ib. ARMOUR'S TREET or RATH'S LUNCHEON MEAT 12-«. ConJSC OYSTERS -- TAILS -- NECK BONES BROWN STAMPS R, S, T and U EXPIRE THIS WEEK POTATOES Me^TaJ 49c ORANGES DO, 25c r»; 49c CABBAGE I b 6c LETTUCE, CELERY, PEPPERS, CARROTS CRANBERRIES 35c POTATOES'...,s, b p eck 39c Calif. Ndrel New Solid EAT- MOR Red Triumph FLOUR Milk 3 SI 25c California SARDINES.. Tall Can Spry M br 69c Salmon RED PINK MAZOLA PINTS - QUARTS - GALLONS i» Points Per Pint Crisco ^ 69c SWANSDOWN CERTAINTY . MOTHER'S BEST SEAL OF MINNESOTA 50 Ibs. PILLSBURY'S SNO- SHEEN CAKE FLOUR Pkg. Van Camp's TENDERONI 3 if',, 25c Sun-Maid RAISINS, Box. 15c Linal or Spark SOAP CHIPS GB r69c Baker's CHOCOLATE, Bar. 20c Libby's Deluxe Plums, No. 2Vi In Heavy Syrup. . . . Can 23c GINGERBREAD MIX, Ib 19c| CHEERIOATS, 12c FLUF-TEX PUDDING MIX 3 Pkgs. 25c Cudohy's or Libby's CHILI CON CARNE, 1-lb. Can POSTUM CEREAL, 25c Pkg. far May Simply Tax Through' Raising Levy Washington. (/P)--Tax simplification may be the peg upon which the treasury will hang another whopping demand lor added revenues next spring. Department officials pointed significantly Thursday to President Roosevelt's recent budget message in which the chief executive urged upon congress the "need for additional revenue beyond that provided in the bill now pending." Although capilol hill at tirst expected any new recommenaa- .tions to be confined to administrative matters--primarily simplification--in all probability they will embrace a revenue demand only slightly less encompassing than last Octobers $10,500,000,000 which, under senate and house trimming, now has shrunk to $2,275,600,000. This bill now is in a senate-house conlerence committee and may reach, the white house next Monday or Tuesday. One i of the bases for the expected treasury requests is its dispute with both senate and house estimates ol the potential yield o£ the pending bill. It takes the view that by halting the scheduled automatic doubling o£ the social security rates--a step that woufd have yielded $1,400,000,000 more cash--congress cut the bill's net yield to little more than 5800,000,000. The department probably will contend that hich taxes need not be synonymous with complicated forms, offering specific suggestions for reducinx the taxpayers' paper work and at the same time, suggestions for stepping "P rates. One step toward simplification has been taken in the current measure by eliminating the 10 per cent earned income credit, thereby permitting a single tax base without the necessity of computing both normal tax and surtax net incomes. In addition to repeal of the victory tax--already considered but rejected--the proposals probably will call for sharply increased and graduated withholding rates to replace the present flat 20 per cent levy after exemptions. 15 POINTS PER CAN SUGAR 5 Pou,d Pk 9 - O O , Granulated ^ ^1 Gold Medal Whole Kernel Corn 2 No. 2 Cans . .25c 13 POINTS PER CAN 4-BAR DEAL FAIRY 20C Paper Shell Pecans Pound-29c Sal Soda. Uc 5 Boxes Bar-B-Kubes Dog Food 25c 2Sc Baking CHOCOLATE, Bar. DIAMOND'S BEST Rolled Oats, lg. hot 18c GRAHAM OR WHOLE WHEAT 5 LB. BAG Flour 22c Hermox Cleanser Use in Place of Ammonia Does More and Better Work 32 oz. Bottle 15e Yellow Split Peas. 2 Ib. Pkg. . 23c Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 46c Strictly Fresh EGGS doz.33c STALEY'S GOLDEN 5 LB. JAR Soap 1 Lb. Jar P Preserves 26c Syrup,.. 33c POWDERED 2 LBS. 1 Lb. Jar Peach and Cherry 8 POINTS 2 Lai'ge Boxes Post Bran Flakes . . 27c LADY LINN TOMATO Juice 46 OZ. CAN . . 20C 6 POINTS Burry's Cocktail BOX Crackers. 25c CORTEZ CAN Tuna . . . 28c 19c PEACHES LARGE STOCK TO CHOOSE PEARS JACK SPRAT PORK AND BEANS 15V2-OX. Cans 25c WHEATIES, 10C| GRAPE-NUTS, Pkg , 13c Mother Hubbard PANCAKE FLOUR 5-lb. Box 35c Del Monte Extra Fancy COFFEE jtr 29c RICE 2 b 21c Whole or Strained CRANBERRY SAUCE. ISc SANDWICH SPREAD or Salad DRESSING, 3--)0c Jars Campbell's PORK BEANS, 23-o». Con MOTT'S OLD-FASHIONED CIDER, '/2 Gallon Jug Ammonia Q , 14c Report Health of Mussolini Is Worse Bern. Switzerland. (/P)--Benito Mussolini's health has worsenec in the last few weeks and several specialists have visited him at a villa near Como, La Suisse of Geneva said Thursday. The specialists advised against an operation because of his genrcal condition. 6 POINTS SUN RIPE I PRUNE JUICE, qt. 25c 3 POINTS HY-GENE TOILET 6 ROLLS Tissue . . 25c S 1 /** Lb. Bag Reputation Pancake FLOUR . 19c 40-OZ. BOX . Bisquick. 33c Large Box SUPER SUDS ARGO GLOSS 2 Large Boxes Grape Nuls Flakes . . 27c SUNBRITE 4 CANS ',i Lb. Pkg. . 34c Cleanser. I9c FANCY BLACK Tea .. Plymouth Roc'k 2 Boxes Gelatine. 24c Mop and Handle Complete SPEEDY MOP 48c Sugar... ISc SUPER COLOSSAL Ripe Olives, pt. can 29c Loose Wiles Butler Crackers Hi-Ho. Baby Lima Beans. BOX ·i Lb. Pkg. . 23c 4 POINTS PER LB. 3 Lb. Box Starch.. 19c 2 LBS. 23c DURKEE'S BEST Oleo;. G POINTS PER LB. Fine Cake Flour BOX Soitasilk. 25c Royal Baking G Oz. Can Powder.. 25c WATER SOFTENER AND CLEANER .BOX VITAMIN ENRICHED FLOUR Diamond's Best $1.98 Reputation $1.85 RIDER'S TOMATO 5 CANS Soup . . . 25c 4 POINTS PER CAN CRISCO '£ 69c PILLSBURY'S BEST 50-LB. BAG Quorr Gallon 10c QUAKER WHITE CORN MEAL, Box 9c ll Night Club Destroyed by Fire Near Creston Creston, (iff--Tiie Chicken Inn. night club 2'.i miles southwest ot here, was destroyed by fire of unknown origin Thursday. Owner Harold Collings estimated the loss at S20.000, which he said was partially covered by insurance. BUY MORE WAR BONDS SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE Phone 434 We Re»er»a Right to Limit 301 So. Fed. FARMERS! WE PAY 3 t c FOR EGGS Liberia Declares War on Germany, Japan London, (£)--The British foreign office received word Thursday that Liberio. the Negro republic on the west coast of Africa, declared war on Germany and Japan Wednesday. Sofwash . 22c Blue Ribbon Large Jar' Malt.... 55c 2?c 2 Boxes GRAPE-NUTS Flour ..$249 FLEISCHMANN'S FAST RISING DRY YEAST 3c Acts Fast! Stays Fresh! Pkg.. Hy-Power Brand All-Meat Chili Con Carne . 25c NO. 1 CANS e;i and Pen-in 35c Bottle Sauce . . . 29c KIRK'S HARDWATER CASTILE SOAP B a r . . . . . . 5c IVORY SOAP Bars Camay Soap 21C DUZ 2Jc M B« lOc OXYDOL Large Box Box P. G. LAUNDRY SOAP 28c Bars 2 Tall Cans Extra Fancy Pork and Beans 23c 14 POINTS IMITATION 8 OZ. BTL. Vanilla.. lOc 2" BOXES KRAFT'S CHEESE DINNER I9fe 1 POINT PER BOX JONATHAN APPLES 3 Ibs. for. 33c 42c . $2.75 19c 2$c IDAHO RUSSETS, Peek 100-lb. Bag Head LETTUCE, 2 for. Pascal . · · . s · CELERY, 2 for. MARSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit 10 Ibs.... 39c Wisconsin CABBAGE, 4 Ibs.. RUTABAGAS or TURNIPS, 5 Ibs.. California Oranges 3 Ibs. for. 25c

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